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which they follow. is you can you can judge by his does whatever he is doing and he has nothing to do with ultra right parties that's one people and other never look it up for themselves it's not just a speaker of your paula but no it's to get your government interior minister your company colleague also an advocate of who has close ties to the out of battalion which is a new nazi militia that uses symbols borrowed from the waffen s.s. he even appointed an odds of commanders police chief of the key region which was condemned by the chief rabbi of ukraine i am ok with the police chief in kiev with the police chief in ukraine who are providing for a secure organisation of pride's which we've been having every single year for a couple of years in the role and they are growing in their in their numbers i am ok with them providing value would be ourselves but ali and one of the strongest militias i. know that the militia of their professional work on the work
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of people voice and the prime minister are you ok with you know that you are talian that does not have anything to do with any political affiliation i think that we are making sure that people who have been. accused of and who have been actually doing have been seen as doing something wrong they would be brought to justice and. given uniforms that the book's called the national militia your government has brought in a bunch of militias into the military security services you know that i think it's you know quite a few of of our international observers were so dissatisfied and so concerned with the fact that ukrainians first were fighting the war against russian federation with the with the help of volunteer battalions and now and then there was a request and there was a clear willingness also from the ukrainian side to ensure that those volunteer battalions would become parts of the. whoever wants to continue serving would
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become parts of the armed forces all the police and and therefore whoever was. serving well and whoever wanted to even if they're from here at all actually groups like the house of bally they i'm not talking about as of the tell you last several times about the hours of battalion why with all of us here do you know i'm sitting here. to be a white supremacist near nazi group because their members wear swastikas their founder talks about the white supremacy and white pride do you consider the us of battalion to be a neo nazi group in every single in every single country you would have different people at all at all if they were also about the could be all you will have i'm of the notion of the as all that was one of the ukraine's biggest wish any to be a nearly all of this state are you going on slashing has nothing to do with any true of the us of the time it was linked to the state so there is a little thing to pay as you know there is no linkage of the of the as of but
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talent to the state no so should we even easier for you to disown them do you consider them to be a neo nazi group i do not think that they are neo nazi group but they do and they are not connected to the state and that's why the red line is and when amnesty international says the ukrainian state is rapidly losing its monopoly on violence pointed to all these militias that now control the streets in agreement with your interior ministry that doesn't worry you you want to be a liberal democracy join the e.u. and you have these militias basically attacking l g b t protests attacking gatherings of roma supporters. you know the one the government that is speaking out with great concern and. and less necessity to react by law enforcement whenever such cases a happening and i think it would be wrong to just close the eyes if something of that type is happening but again you have to understand that quite
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a few cases that are being portrayed or being reported initially as some intolerant cases of attacks then it turns out later on that it turns out that quite a few of them do have the russian russian. trace in it where you see to show russia when human rights watch talks about brutal attacks on roma people people rights activists when i'm the she says the same thing when freedom house or the senate is not all russian conspiracy no but partially it is that's one thing and the other yes yes there are there are there are cases where russia is working unfortunately very actively also inside ukraine that's one thing and another thing is that whenever these cases are happening we are reacting fiercely against them and the law enforcement is taking care of that but i know your marriage education about your chance that and where you know i would also want to see more. professional approach back home but i think when you are rebuilding the whole
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institution sometimes it takes time to rebuild them and it takes time for them to to react properly so yes we do have separate cases and i was very concerned for example with what has happened with roma people definitely you know i'm one of those that is speaking out at the governmental level at the national level in order to ensure that this is not happening anymore next year you're going to have presidential elections in ukraine in march twenty nine thousand is president poroshenko going to run again in the election do you think he should run again he's been dogged with all sorts of allegations about corruption in central. i think that president carter center has done incredible job of uniting the nation and leading its against their aggression and also working very closely with all the international allies and i think that he should run because right now we do have you know quite a ground for populism in ukraine and the other forces that are raising their hands
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are not as genuine as they are trying to portray themselves unfortunately vice prime minister is inside so we'll have to leave it there thank you for joining me on up front thank you. on october twenty eighth brazilians will head to the polls with far right can the ball sonora expected to win the presidency he's an ex army captain who makes trump and do turn to look like moderates he's known for praising torture telling a female congresswoman she was too ugly for him to rape her and saying he'd rather his son die than come out as gay so what's behind the sudden rise of an inflammatory figure like paul sonora who threatens violence against his opponent and the yearns for military dictatorship and is the world's fourth largest democracy under threat if he wins joining me to discuss this are david miranda a city councilman from rio de janiero from the socialism and liberty party who run for a congressional seat earlier this month and balika a professor of international relations at the catholic university of rio we also did reach out to several boston our supporters who all declined our invitation
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david monica thank you both for joining me on outfront monocle why a brazilians voting in such huge numbers for a man who suggested brazil should return to a military regime has threatened his opponents what has happened to millions of brazilians the world is wondering i think that there are processes that are peculiar to brazil and some of this processes are more international and there is a huge feeling of exclusivity exclusion from social and economic life but also exclusion from political life and people are reacting with indignation and they. found and this candidate channel chewed express their indignation because he is so different from all the other political parties and particular political leaders that we have had so it is indeed to have very sad no other political party or political leader was able to
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channel just feeling of indignation but we are waiting for the results and there is a huge amount of a captive audience of a society in reaction to the terrible things that he has been saying and defending and on the terrible things he's been saying monica and the international media of called him brazil's trump but in many ways he's far more extreme than donald trump isn't and yes i think that it's quite different actually it's it's related but it's quite different the way he talks about violence as a solution for internal problems is quite different from donald trump there are similarities in terms of that kind of capitalism up for from the right but in fact it is quite different and more extreme i totally agree with you david what do you make of the comparisons between both tomorrow and trump yeah i think. right i think
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he's walked close to do for the president. to detain or ship we can say like the way he expressed so much hate speech has already have a riyadh since he wants the first turn bursts into the streets so he's just used people's fear and. he can be deported who can break the system they desperately need to be buried and yeah he's nothing like your party you'll pay . to the both a neurosurgeon the very left wing socialism of liberty party won just five feet in the lower house it's one of the reasons you get elected to parliament yourself the center left workers' party the p.t. despite governing brazil for fourteen years trailed both sora by seventeen percent in the first round of the election so it's a lot of his success to do with the family is of the brazilian left yes we have
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a untied p.t. move mandir is growing since the two thousand and thirteen. grew so much. it's it's in a prison now the former in the breeze and he try to win this election and that was a mistake b t. two so there was a split between the lofton like a lot of now and a circle around we are all united together nevertheless just have to say beattie has made a lot of mistakes along the years so the part of the criticize bt for i think other candidates would be able to compete. like we would see and am i right in saying monica he doesn't have corruption allegations against him which helps him in a country where a lot of politicians are corrupt i think i think that it had that the but brazilian political system is actually at very much prone to corruption this is
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a huge problem it came out during the workers' party tenure because they actually allowed to to come out and they allowed it to be investigated so they are of course to blame for their involvement and the people that were involved in corruption but it is not true that other parties and both sonando and the people close to him were not involved in corruption these investigations have been very much focused on key and the other part that's true been and let it all happen yet been uncovered no that's true just to give him a chance like we. trump let me ask you this monica how worried should we be the rest of the world and brazilians themselves that brazil the world's fourth largest democracy could head back into an era of military rule both sonora has praised the former military dictator he's praised the colonels who tortured people he has for him and he's also for a celebration of the military dictator he wanted to i think you want to mark the
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fiftieth anniversary of brazil's military dictatorship a few years ago how worried should we be that military rule is is on the horizon again in brazil well that depends on what you ask how military rule i don't think there's going to be a clue i think that the military are going to be absolutely essential government if also not who is elected i think they see this process as you know their ability to acquire over government and state david let me ask you this david can brazilian democracy survive a both an aura presidency in your view. we have a we are talking about a young democracy where we are talking about. country and there is a lot of people fighting for but i want to just go back to like the part of the us about the corruption. it is true do we have because asians did he use money
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for diesel action to use is spread fake news true companies now do we are not allowed to use the company names for money for anything number zero so he's nom like the good guy there is not corrupt he is corrupt he just gnostic is corrupt in the eyes of the people because of like how he's trying to present himself he is so but going back to the democracy i think we're going to have a resistance there is going to be a resistance everywhere like the artist is already journalists speak. going for a job unlike people online because the resistance in the us which does represent the majority of americans in brazil it looks like the majority of brazilians according to the polls according to what we're looking for the second round do support both sonora suddenly if. they do. it it's for forty percent of the brazilian population does not support him and would not vote for for
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him in any ist instance so let's leave that was right that still leaves him with a majority of monica let me put this to you do you think brazilian democracy can survive a both in our presidency i think. electro prosess can survive i think there are many of the rights that the one thousand nine hundred eight constitution created are in danger but you know rights we lose rights and then we update and we get back to them last question for you both. david you're a high profile gay leftist monica you're a female academic do both of you worry about your personal safety or security in a brazil led by both sonora and i think they're. worried about our security in terms of the level of violence that is already happening in the
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streets because he's asking people to be file and because the motto is violent but for sure are people that are on the left that are gay and that are indigenous indigenous population we will suffer enormously for sure the people that live in the poor parents of the country the people that suffer from racist discrimination all these people need that law ought to be protected david are you worried. yeah and i'm very worried. shot four times i had a kilo she was elected official and there is no answer for her killing this year also not just say chu weeks ago day he wants every police hold kills when they're using the uniform not be persecuted so he's giving our why card to every police to kill in this city and they going to hunt down del ready hunting down.
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people in the favelas but people slaughter we repeat we're going to be in a front line we don't want to be going to be got shouting for us obviously we're afraid obviously but fight for democracy is the only way we'll keep forward even if he is elected you will be a resistance and the country is going to pass for a hard hard time but i think the country will have you new we will prevail remember we have such a young democracy we have thirty years old of democracy so it's hard for people to remember what democracy is when this is such a small thing and this generation don't even know what to give a value to it david monaco would have to leave it there thank you both for joining me on out front that's our show from moving back next to.
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i'm his story say for the people every week the news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the man see the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the saudis
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narrative contradicts the information about turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with detailed coverage this whole fluff area of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards. on counting the cost the killing of do is focus the spotlight on saudi arabia without much proud as the kingdom really wield over the global economy will look. plus the dynamic between the world of tech investments and saudi cash. found in the costs on i'll just see a. hello
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i'm in london a quick look at the top stories this hour istanbul's prosecutor has demanded the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia over the murder of jon lester marcus shoji vanished after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul more than three weeks ago turkey's president has called on saudi arabia to come clean when the investigators have more evidence related to the killing. the bush that of course there is other information and evidence that we are holding and they will be used when the time comes but there's no need to rush because in the first instance the saudi officials have to explain who killed. or monday they sent the chief prosecutor to stumble. they will meets with chief prosecutor and have discussions where jamal khashoggi his fiance has spoken publicly for the first time since his death i d.j. agenda says she waited outside walk ashaji went into the saudi consulate is some of
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what she told television don't you think you know of envisioning the as he into the consulate he was a bit worried he really was worried in fact i was more worried than him because they didn't allow me in and not only did they not allow me in the consulate wasn't the sort of place where you could just pop in and see what's happened to your friend this is the security offices another security beyond that so it was just simply impossible for me to go in there after he winton i was continuously watching to see who emerged from the consulate we were both lorries. strafford has more now from istanbul. turkey's justice ministry saying the reason why this request for the extradition of the eighteen men arrested in saudi arabia is because mr coo shows he was murdered in turkey by saudi nationals who traveled specifically here to to commit that murder that's what the justice ministry is saying is also saying
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that any court appearance or any trial would be open to international observers so that the ministry says to ensure maximum amount of transparency it's fair to say that the kind of language that the president or the one today was using the strongest yet since this crisis seemingly in order to try and pressure the saudis in order to cooperate more in this investigation we know that the saudi prosecutor is jew here in the next couple of days and there are rumors already beginning to circulate amongst the press the suggest one of the reasons why this extradition was called for today is because there is such a lack of trust and there's a feeling amongst the turkish officials that this saudi saudi prosecutor is not going to be forthcoming with the kind of information that that he has received or gonnet from those eighteen men and all the top stories this hour u.s.
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prosecutors have charged a man of woman and doesn't possible bombs that was sent to a high profile critics of president ronald tran at the six year old says our sale was detained outside an ocean plantation florida that is targeted included the former president barack obama is vice president joe biden and trump democratic opponents the twenty sixteen election campaign hillary clinton. and i want to remind everyone that the defendant in this case as in every case is innocent until proven guilty he has been charged today with five federal crimes including kansas state transportation been explosive illegal mailing of explosives threats against former presidents and certain other persons threatening interstate communications and assaulting current and former federal officers. and a search and rescue operation is underway any of the dead sea in jordan after
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deadly flash floods at least twenty one people were killed thirteen of whom with children on a school last saying they were caught out when sudden heavy rains sent waters surging from higher ground in the jordan valley next out we take a look at how two of the world's greatest military powers may be on course to a full blown war a coming war on china is our program next see a bit later on life now. these american bases form a giant news encircling china with missiles bombers warships. if you're in beijing looking out he stood on the tallest building in beijing and
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looked out at the pacific ocean you'd see american warships you'd see guam is about to sink because there's so many missiles pointed at china you look up the korean see american armaments pointing at china the chinese two thousand years ago built the great wall to keep the barbarians out of nothing they'd be a game of this film is to break a silence the united states and china may well be on a path toward a nuclear war is no longer unthinkable. shanghaied today is a prosperous international city still wrong by the communists at least in name.
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yes there are issues with human rights especially the right to speak against the state and challenge its power i had a range to see professor zion way way a close aide to the late things out paying the man who changed china your old boss things have presided over the bloodshed and tear them square what would you say to the survivors. of tiananmen square because so many of those did fight for what very saw as democratic change in china. in one thousand eight hundred nine there were two political force one was those reprise any by the chinese students their hero was of me high gorbachev who happened to be eighty one there slogan was silly unions today china's to more
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than so the idea was political reform first other reform second otherwise charnel be hopeless and messy which opposite he saw. it he sought you know china must have economic reform first as a reform second this priority must be set clear. unfortunately at that particular moment in ninety nine the two political forces could not reach a compromise so definitely a tragedy occurred. it was more than a tragedy it was a massacre. of which the memory remains a raw presence in modern china. why does the chinese state still fear the few. the few who speak out and i'm thinking of. that place i mean the man won the
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nobel peace prize. and he's in prison he's a violent the child is a low. margin so. pretty free of expression similar views by many people but he really couldn't to dijkstra. challenge the government to implement democratic reforms and spent a total of thirteen years in prison. why can't a confident china except a criticism like. peace committing makes huge mistake the oh the chinese an explanation if you cross a line course you're violent constitution uveitis so many laws you should be punished. were. and yet in china today the spirit of protest time dissent lives on in different
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forms. in two thousand and fifteen strikes and community protests and activism reach record levels this resistance is seldom reported in the west. so there are also protests in china. typically for example land being grap by officials to for commercial development and the farmers are not being compensated to properly and the farmers now are no more wary of their rights and their protest all young workers from the factory they demand a better wage a better working condition but many of the protests their economic driven not political driven they are not not national light so this kind of things or unlikely into a real movement or so-called you call that revolution. so the most revolution was the last regulation. and what i meant was there never.
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the japanese island of okinawa is occupied by thirty two military installations from here the united states is attacked korea vietnam cambodia afghanistan iraq. the scars full of planes some helicopters. wherever people go they are fenced in and told to keep out. is the frontline of a beckoning war with china. and
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h a t seven from a kosher my book is one of the leaders of a nonviolent resistance let's challenging washington's pivot to asia. that. they might. add it up and that was. fun so. i. can put it that hard i mean i still to some extent some of those felt like such. a.
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chance on me don't they had to make it like. this some of them anyway let's just. if you did not know us we got to do is just to get money enough someone who would soon as you look at. me i am. always a survivor. a quarter of the civilians on the island were killed in the american invasion in one thousand nine hundred forty five and a fear of war has been passed through the generations. today those who witness these horrors live in the place something extraordinary beauty surrounded by coring if so and a unique marine life. it
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was here in her know kobe that the survivors of world war two soldiers refuse and it's this the now fighting to say. it's an epic struggle the pits the zeile and people against the greatest military power on earth. this is the office of a former governor of all. otoh my second day what he has done is create not some awesome museum bought an appeal to the outside world to understand the resistance and to understand the suffering. to read its hidden history it begins in nineteen forty five when the americans invaded here's
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general macarthur arriving in okinawa. been a second invasion happened ten years later in what became known as the bulldozers the beignets campaign american forces seize prime agricultural land and farmhouse lose and kill livestock the dispossessed people of iraq are now on march the length of japan appealing for help this fall is devoted to a resistance in okinawa that never ceases everywhere people go on the island they're confronted by this sign it tells them they must not go ponce this fence tall with bob while these fences run like great ribbons across the island and the bases them souls cups ways across all canal but all around the people
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with this continuing demonstration this continuing resistance. and i have a message it's people of the world. from the u.s. during don't force the bases cannot. be. fixed up at all. i mean. i mean again we can only question. their temple i mean you don't want only people that you want today you. got that i became i said and i understand you could do you mean you are very nice this woman you want to do bonuses that's going to. do all.
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this and. you're going to do when you want to give us. that so that the good looking it is to do good to you. in this way. all this will be lost where much of the berry becomes concrete runways for bombers.


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