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the scientific studies they teach by the scientists that predicts that the earth can be made essentially uninhabitable from nuclear war the scientists have been baking the a bomb and straight while they were inside baking but they've made multiple requests to meet with them discuss these predictions because they're peer reviewed studies and they've been turned down over and over again they've been peripherally told that well we don't think the long term environmental consequences are nuclear war all that important if the immediate effects of nuclear are don't stop it but the long term environmental consequences of a nuclear or a liable to wipe out the human race in one exchange uclear exchange between the u.s. and china. could be the consequences well let me just give you an example of what
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one chinese for five megaton warhead would do to a city in the united states forgot through. the detonation of that weapon over a city would instantly ignite about six or seven hundred square miles on fire. and within twenty to thirty minutes all those fires would colas into a single gigantic firestorm or be no escape from it so all the people there would perish so the u.s. with say hundreds of. nuclear weapons on chinese cities well when you combine all the smoke from these nuclear weapons detonating it actually creates millions of tons of black carbon spoke all rise above club level into the stratosphere it's heated by the sun and sacks like a solar collector and that's smoke because of that will say there for ten years or longer and what the smoke does is it blocks forming sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth. and it becomes so cold in a matter of just
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a couple weeks that will the temperatures will fall below freezing every day for one to three years. and it will become too cold to grow food crops for at least ten years or longer. i mean this is like a total disconnect with the changing world you have a giant rising power in this case china. why would you expect the giant rising power to not want to have more control over its destiny what we should be doing in my view is trying to cultivate a sense of friendship and cooperation and we can have our differences with them if we think they're doing something in trade that we don't like let's have it out with them but this saber rattling is the worst thing we could possibly do was the time
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to show the all world that america is back bigger and better ads sure that nabbed her before our earlier we don't have victories anymore we used to have victorious but we don't have them when was the last time anybody saw us speeding let's say china. in a trade deal they kill us we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing it's thick greatest theft in the history of the world was the new president donald trump has a problem with china you the question now is was will trump continue with the provocations revealed in this room and taken sole to the. wall
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was. there never have been two countries more into dependent on each other than china and the us in history. and china is the largest trading nation in the world and in history so china's economy and their society their lives are linked to the entire world including america the west and i love the other countries so i think interdependence between these two countries and among all the nations of the world. speak to peace.
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we don't have to accept the word of voters who can drop threats and fall sanam is justified the business and profit of war if we recognize there is another superpower and that's us ordinary people everywhere like the people of iraq on. the marshall islands china the united states by speaking out they deliver a warning to all of us can we really afford to be silent. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience
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sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal a healthier world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. hello there we've got a fair amount of rain that's falling over the central parts of australia at the moment is showing up on the satellite picture this area of clouds here and you can see it gradually toppling its way eastwards for some of us in the northern territory and across south australia giving some fairly heavy full there's likely
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to be a fair amount of disruption to that before it gradually fizzled out as the edges its way eastwards i think as we head through sunday there is going to be alarmed the south coast of south australia where we see some of the wettest of the weather for the eastern parts looks like it should be fine and dry just not that warm we're looking at eighteen as a maximum in both melbourne and sydney and over towards new zealand then we've got this area of trav that's working its way towards us and that's giving some fairly heavy outbreaks of rain so for the north island and for the northern parts of the south island we are going to cease a very wet weather that will eventually begin to fizzle out as it moves away on sunday behind it it will be a bit brighter than christchurch should make it to around seventeen degrees for the northern parts of asia is turning increasingly autumnal i'm wintery here now you can see a little bit of snow a notch up there for saturday and also for a you know over many parts of japan as that system clears away behind it we're going to see a few more al breaks of wet weather most of that will be wintery you can see some
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remember will go here and some towards north korea. on counting the cost the killing of jews focus the spotlight on saudi arabia but how much child is the kingdom really wield of the global economy we'll look at the oil game plus the dynamic between the world of tech investments and saudi cash. found in the costs on i'll just see about. sudan is one of the last places on earth to ha beginning when disease a gruesome affliction that is affected millions as a centuries to stand out in the world as the only country we do almost all the cases from below it is a huge response with no vaccine and know that this disease be on the verge of
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extinction we know where the problem we know what needs to be done if you don't know what the being lifelines have to say and drag it on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes istanbul's prosecutor demands the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia over the murder of john list jamal khashoggi. i did have first television interview fiance reveals the journalist state of mind the day he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul. and our other top story this hour a fifty six year old says our sale is charged in connection with more than
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a dozen possible bombs sent to prominent critics of the u.s. president. of all the sports including. those that u.t.a. finals campaign ends in tears u.s. open champion retired due to injury in her concert match with to keep britain. assembled prosecutors demanded the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi pressure is mounting on riyadh to reveal the location of ulti a journalist vanished off to entering the saudi consulate in istanbul more than three weeks ago well it's president. called on saudi arabia to come clean labeling its only explanations childish and comical he also urged the kingdom to reveal the identity of its local cooperator you saudi officials say helped dispose of body
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also one that touch investigators will be revealing more evidence related to the killing jamal khashoggi fiance has also spoken publicly in her first television interview since the murder took place traffic reports. so on this is a journey should. be cagey what happened on october the second says the turkish t.v. graphic walt with their last words together why was jim. gave her first t.v. interview since her fiance was killed in the saudi consulate on october the second . eggnog a bunch that he was very happy indeed on the basis that he was writing there because his close friends including other journalists and intellectuals and now in prison so there was a certain moral responsibility he had taken on he used to say the fact that i'm an
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american isn't just about me writing for the washington post i'm rushing things my friends and table too. in terms of details there was little in the interview we don't already know but i did you did mention that although they were both nervous about the show she's appointment on october the second she said that he had told her consulate staff had treated him well during a previous visit on september the twenty eight so by winning because shows he's confidence had a trap been set it's been more than three weeks since jamal khashoggi was last seen alive in turkish president rajeev dhawan is ratcheting up the pressure at a meeting with ruling party members he said he believed that at least someone among the eighteen men arrested in saudi arabia implicated in the killing of the shorty must know where the body is he mocked and sweat and the saudi leadership blaming them so he says for not cooperating with the investigation enough to be. pushed
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up of course there's other information and evidence we're holding that will be used when the time comes but no need to rush because saudi officials have to say who killed. they made certain announcements which gave us considerable concern their explanations were quite comical but childish excuses do not befit a responsible state or responsible statesmanship. the saudi prosecution said on thursday that on the basis of information shared by the turks it is now investigating. the saudis say they don't know where these body is and insists the crown prince muhammad bin solomon had no role in his death saudi arabia's chief prosecutor is jew in turkey on sunday but on friday evening off the president had repeatedly called for saudi suspects to be tried in turkey the country's justice ministry submitted an extradition request to saudi arabia for the eighteen
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arrested men the senior turkish official told their this was requested because jamal khashoggi was murdered in turkey by saudi nationals who travel to turkey for this specific purpose in his speech earlier earlier ones message was clear he said if you can't make them talk then send them to turkey and we will put them on trial here charles stratford al jazeera is stumble well alan fischer joins us now from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul and allan a number of things happening today we heard from. fiance for the first time there's been this extradition demand and he was saying that there might be more evidence to reveal in the case what's likely to happen next. well who knows i mean that's the obvious answer we don't know what's going to happen next but we keep an eye on what president do one said when he says we have more
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information that we can release particularly given that the saudi prosecutors heading this way and you in the country on sunday it wouldn't be against turkish ideas to push show some information over the next forty eight hours that would put pressure on him and also increase pressure globally and so that's something we need to keep an eye on over the next forty eight hours certainly president the one has never been quite so strong to see that what the saudis had said over the disappearance of jamal khashoggi was comical was very strong indeed and clearly he is upset with saudi arabia because he believes that they're blocking part of the investigation we've heard that before particularly over the last forty eight hours or so that when the turks have wanted to investigate a car or the well in the consul general's garden or even the garden itself the saudis have complained of put up red tape that made things difficult and so while they're telling the world that they're cooperating with the turks the turks are
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actually seeing a lot of obstacles being placed in their way as charles was saying i don't think the fact that jamal khashoggi is fiancee said anything that we didn't already know but the fact that she was ready to face the cameras and give her side of the story quite emotionally times as well well i don't usually put even more of turkey's feeling on her side and that of the government as well so it's going to be an interesting forty eight hours we know that the justice ministry has compiled the extradition request it's been handed over to the foreign ministry here in turkey that then will be passed on to the saudis and they will demand that the people are handed over so that they could go on trial the reason for that the turks simply don't believe that when the prosecutor comes here he's going to present strong enough evidence that would allow them to charge eighteen people instead the turks believe that they should go on trial here and they've said there will be enter national observers to make sure that the world sees that the trial is fear and justice is done and out thank you very much and fresh air with all the latest from
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a sound lol. now and other stories are following the u.k. based charity oxfam has repeated its calls for the u.s. u.k. and other governments to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia which is leading a coalition against yemen's heathy rebels oxfam says one civilian has died every three hours since august more than five hundred yemenis were killed in fighting between the saudi led coalition in the who sees between august first and october fifteenth the war has spawned a cholera epidemic which has killed two thousand people in the past eighteen months and yemen's economy lies in tatters spiraling inflation as hard incomes and nearly double the cost of feeding a family bunnet smith has mall. doctors have told us he needs to buy a course of three injections to treat his daughter for diarrhea and inflammation but he can only afford one course because of soaring inflation and the collapse of again many real. lives in the past month before one injection cost two
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dollars now it's three dollars and sixty cents she needs three but they can only afford one we're suffering because of the high price of medicines and even children's milk prices have gone up in a crazy meaningless way. children end up in hospital because parents can't afford enough nutritional foods the cost of basics such as flour rice salt oil and sugar has nearly doubled since the war began three and a half years ago pharmacies are running out of medicine in the besieged port of her data rather she got it about some drug companies have increased prices by fifty to sixty percent and there was a radio price hike two or three months ago sales have dropped because patients are only buying a quarter of what they need and that affects their health. data is yemen's major port and controlled by hoofy rebels yemenis who live here are in the middle of a battle for control between the who thinks the saudi u.a.e.
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led coalition fighting alongside yemeni government forces months of fighting a school severe shortages and soaring inflation that's compounding the nationwide humanitarian crisis. luke and i'm losing their behinds the price of bread has doubled now if we have we eat and if we don't have we don't eat we don't ask for help from anyone we drink when we can afford to buy water if not what can we do that. were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing costs more than it just sold it for. so if the children says ten million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues bernard smith al-jazeera. much more still ahead in this news hour show lanka's former strongman makes a dramatic return to power also going to tell you why many sudanese of finding it
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difficult to bank on their economy and there's a close call for the bolton celtics in the n.b.a. santa will round up the action force in sport. the f.b.i. is warning that it could be more possible bombs that haven't yet been discovered following the interception of thirteen explosive packages sent a high profile critics of president donald trump law enforcement officers have arrested fifty six year old says our sales in florida charging him on five counts gabriel elizondo has more from new york. after an intense nationwide manhunt the arrest of a florida man who authorities believe is connected to numerous mail bombs sent to high profile people the past few days these are not hoax devices the suspect cesar say och appeared to be a supporter of president donald trump on the site of
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a van connected to him that authorities confiscated were stickers praising the president and other stickers of opposing watchmakers through the scope of a gun on friday before the suspect was arrested mail bombs were directed at democratic senator cory booker and the former director of national intelligence james clapper previous day's mail bombs have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama as well as prominent trump critics such as george soros actor robert de niro and john brennan the former head of the cia all the devices looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly
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slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet later in the day he took a different tone we must never allow political violence to take root in america but democratic lawmaker debbie wasserman schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you went to people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words particularly at the highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly with the pipe bomb suspect now off the streets a sigh of relief that nobody was hurt but still worry that unless the heated political rhetoric is halted next time things could be different gabriels on how does it new york. well mike hanna joins us live now from washington and mike how has the u.s.
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president been reacting to news that the suspect was a supporter well he's been fielding questions about it throughout the day and has remained totally unapologetic refusing to see any connection between his sometimes fiery rhetoric at his campaign rallies for example refusing to make a connection to the fact that every one of those who's received a pipe bomb has at some stage in the last few months been tweeted about disparagingly by president trump and he also says that he didn't see his face as he puts it on the side of that van belonging to the suspect this is what he had to say . i did that i did not see were those of the. ira he was the person. the over others but i did see that. he was asked directly at one stage where the his stolen at these campaign rallies is in some way contribute to this type of acts of violence and he said no actually i'd
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keep to after kept it turned down i could tone it up if necessary and then he went on to repeat what has been a mantra for him and that is it is the media he says the media has been exceedingly unfair to him exceedingly unfair to the republicans so no sense from president trumpet all of any connect between this man who's a declared supporter of the president it would appear will certainly from the signs on that van which the police allege respond to belong to him no connection by president trump between what he says and between what other people may do all right thank you mike hanna in washington search and rescue operations are still underway near the dead sea in jordan after flash floods there killed at least twenty one people most of the victims were children on a school outing harder until i meet sent this report from the scene. search and rescue operations started after daybreak several people were still missing rescuers
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shores of the dead sea resort area while. the water but with every hour that passed hopes to find anyone alive became dimmer. patiently staring at the horizon wondering where his son could be. i came here with my success we were having a picnic all of a sudden we saw the floods rushing down my son saw the children in the water they went to rescue them i was swept away to one died two were taken to hospital and one is still missing account find him anywhere it happened when suddenly heavy rains sent water surging from higher grounds in the jordan valley to school children were at a camping site near some hot springs furder in that range of mountains now they were caught by surprise and the force of the water swept them away over several kilometers according to the civil defense on the valley and some of the bodies were found in the dead sea
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a bridge that leads to schoolchildren where went to water started seargent collapse so drills were also used to search to rocky slopes and deep canyons surrounding the dead sea. divided the work into tang groups to continue searching drones are also searching searching the show and the mountains. heavy rains and strong winds were expected in the area they had already hit the capital in previous days we did see is an arid region the lowest point on earth at some four hundred thirty meters below sea level and is prone to flash floods to school day trip was initially due to happen in another part of the country it's not clear why plans change to school decided to take to children to do one area authorities had warned against. by late afternoon still had no news about his son he walked away overwhelmed with grief.
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at the dead sea in jordan. a political battle is brewing in sri lanka after the president sacked his prime minister and replace him with a former strongman manda rajapaksa was sworn in on friday and replaces ronnell with crime a singer but a singer insists he is still in power and alpha and is has more now from columbus. developments here in sri lanka giving the freeze never seen never one almost completely different twist the former president mahinda rajapaksa now sworn in his new prime minister now the swearing in of this development coming as a board from the blue no one here with the be in political circles in general day to day life expected it what we're hearing from the president's media division was that the president might have policy to say in a war in the former president now this is not something that many people expect they were almost sworn enemies after serious in the defeated rajapaksa at the last
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presidential election now running victor missing heard the prime minister that walked with serious enough to set up the coalition government essential claiming that he's still prime minister he says that he has the seats the votes and the support in parliament and he says that this entire swearing in is illegal so it will come to the coming hours tomorrow as things unfold when it becomes a bit clearer as to who has what support and what kind of support base that will see what exactly will be sri lanka's political future. several rockets have been fired from gaza into israel after at least five protest as were killed by israeli fire along the palestinian border around sixteen thousand people had gathered along gaza's frontier with israel for friday's protest israeli military spokesman said forces were retaliating at demonstrators who were throwing rocks at the soldiers israel also launched as strikes on three hundred targets in the gaza strip
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meanwhile benjamin netanyahu has made the first state visit to amman by an israeli leader in twenty four years as a yahoo in the amani leaders sultan qaboos discussed ways to advance the middle east peace process the israeli prime minister as was invited to muscat after a lengthy behind the scenes contact. and news of his visit only imagined after he had for tent israel visit comes just days after the palestinian president mahmoud abbas also made a three day trip to the sultanate. i keep al-douri says senior columnist for the news website he says publishing the photos of the two leaders meeting in amman is significant i think we have to look at the true. love those of. us of the our peace initiative from two thousand and two members of the arab league and neighbors of the saudi arabia to take a small lead of the process mahmoud abbas and hamas and the mind recently
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and. both parties have mentioned oman as a potential for severe day of the peace process the other thing is the the fact that dollars from talks about the of the century you know the ultimate deal when he talks about it he means that there will be new partners. if you look at the netanyahu has a speech at the u.n. in september you will find that he said thanks to iran our countries have been keeping far from a. distance from his we're a now getting closer and closer because we have a mutual enemy so if you put together all these elements maybe you get a nice. united nations says syria is blocking efforts to draft
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a new constitution that is key to ending the civil war but u.n. envoy savannah mistery says he still hopes high level meetings over the next few weeks well less and get the constitutional process started before he steps down next month our diplomatic edison james base reports. on a video link to the security council from beirut the man who's making one last push at the end of his four year mission for peace in syria special envoy stefan de mistura his efforts for most of this year have been narrowed to focus on getting a committee together to draw up a new constitution for syria mr de mistura travel to damascus in recent days because the syrian government has been repeatedly objecting to names on the list for the committee but when he met syrian deputy prime minister walid muallem things went backwards even further with the syrians now even questioning mr demas stories of thirty to draw up the list we do have
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a theater challenge that betray it is like danger to nowhere for your growth challenge for the coming week back because during or from some council members directed not just to the syrian government but also to its russian ally either russia has given the un and this council assurances it has proved too weak to deliver or it was all the cynical smic scream designed to dine at attention and energy while russia syria and iran prosecuted the military campaign western nations are hoping that at the istanbul summit pressure can be put on president putin to force the syrian government to reengage with the united nations they want the constitutional committee to be formed before mr de mistura finishes in his job at the end of november james zira at the united nations
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japan's prime minister says his country is standing at a historic turning point with china shinzo abbes paid a rare visit to beijing way he held talks with china's top leadership despite growing trade ties in recent decades japan and china had a strained relationship since the end of the second world war. brown reports from beijing. a red carpet welcome for a japanese prime minister in beijing would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago but now the leaders of asia's two most powerful economies are talking rather than threatening each other in discussions with china's premier league a chunk shinzo abbay said he wanted to lift relations to a new level. to also find out from competition to cooperation relations between japan and china that is in the process of entering a new era china is japan's biggest trading partner the volume of two way trade could grow even further given the number of business deal signed here this is
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a relationship marked by historical hostility and rivalry but both sides agreed to work towards easing tensions in the east china sea where japan and china claim sovereignty over a cluster of tiny uninhabited islands. that dispute led to a wave of anti japanese riots in china six years ago but on friday all that was forgotten. china is awaiting to further strengthen the positive interactions as to pan yan she learn from history and the face forward to was the future. the present was also on our mind during his talks he said japan was paying close attention to human rights in china increasing uncertainties in the two countries respective ties with the united states are pushing japan and china closer shinzo are the worries about the united states declining presence in the region while president xi jinping hopes that japan can help ease the impact of china's
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escalating trade war with the united states japan is looking at both the united states and china and trying to figure out what's the best balance between these two states depends biggest trading partner today is china and that relationship will continue to be important but japan's a security partner without comparison is the united states.


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