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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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bombs sent to high profile people the past few days these are not hoax devices the suspect cesar say uk appeared to be a supporter of president donald trump on the site of a van connected to him that authorities confiscated were stickers praising the president and other stickers of opposing while makers through the scope of a gun on friday before the suspect was arrested mail bombs were directed at democratic senator cory booker and the former director of national intelligence james clapper previous day's mail bombs have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama as well as prominent trump critics such as george soros actor robert de niro and john brennan the former head of the cia all the devices looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early
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voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet democratic lawmaker debbie wassermann schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you when people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words particularly at the highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly well i think i've been toned down you want to know that i could really cut it out because as you know the media has been extremely unfair to me and to the republican party with the pipe bomb suspect now off the streets a sigh of relief that nobody was hurt but still worry that unless a heated political rhetoric is halted next time things could be different gabriels
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on. new york. a later in a campaign rally trump can dandy parcel bombs as political violence but also blame the media for trying to polarize society political violence was never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it but the media is constant unfair coverage deep hostility. and negative attacks you know that only serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate for example we have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the city's through actions of one individual to score political points against me and the republican party. m i can has more now from washington five federal charges have been laid against
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the fifty six year old suspect in a manhattan court among the charges threats against former presidents assaults against former and present federal officials and mailing explosives across state lines the prosecutor's not talking much about motives at this particular stage it tourney general jeff sessions saying that it does appear that the suspect was partners and in his approach so motive is one of the things being investigated president trump has distanced himself from any engagement with the suspect insisting that the urge to be at fault and are using this event to pursue him and the republican party but prosecutors note that is one common trend among all those who receive the pipe bombs and that is that they have been the subject of disparaging tweets by president trump in recent months. still ahead on al-jazeera
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the front runner in brazil's presidential election is still far ahead of his opponent but there is some bad news for. reopen for business a popular tourist destination in the philippines is back up and running but it won't be business as usual. denise being skanks by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we've got lots of dangerous weather across parts of the middle east at the moment we've seen a lot of very heavy downpours with that flooding in jordan flooding in the southwestern parts of russia and for us in turkey we've seen a lot of wintery weather now to particularly in the east now that system responsible is continuing its journey east as we head through the next few days in the still some pockets of very heavy downpours and mixed in with that we'll see
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more heavy rains as we head through the next few days i think for saturday will be stretching its way down through parts of iran and it will be around the caspian sea and towards the northern parts of the gulf where we see the wettest of the weather here in fact this system here looks particularly know if that will then think its way southwards breaking up a bit as it does say but still for some of us around the arabian peninsula there's going to be some fairly lifea showers as we head through the day on sunday so a bit closer then here is that very wet weather just to the southwest in parts of iran but since its way southwards and then it's line here as we head through sunday so doha is likely to see more thunderstorms and perhaps we'll see some in riyadh as well meanwhile towards the southern parts of africa largely fine and dry for many of us here on ten and a revokes getting away with a warm day about twenty seven degrees and further west they should also be plenty of warm sunshine to enjoy as well cape town should get away with a nice day twenty eight. the waiver sponsored by qatar and greece.
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getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human crime in the twenty first century and they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities what whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of your clan and hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. again you're watching idea of mine or of our top stories this hour show g.'s fiance has given her first television interview more than three weeks after the saudi
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journalist murder in istanbul. was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she has rejected an invitation from president donald trump to visit the white house. is dan balz prosecutors demanded the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia for the killing pressure also mounting on riyadh to reveal the location of the show gives body turkey's president ford saudi explanation so far comical and childish. a supporter of donald trump has been arrested on suspicion of sending at least thirteen pipe bombs to a high profile critics of the u.s. president fifty six year old says us aoki is facing five federal charges after he was arrested in florida. least twenty one people have died from flash floods in jordan most of the victims were children on a school outing near the dead sea what are the homemade reports from the scene.
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search and rescue operations started after daybreak several people were still missing rescuers shores of the dead sea resort area while. the water but with every hour that passed hopes to find anyone alive became dimmer. sat patiently staring at the horizon wondering where his son could be. i came here with my success we were having a picnic all of a sudden we saw the floods rushing down my son saw the children in the water they went to rescue them i was swept away to one died two were taken to hospital and one is still missing the count find him anywhere it happened when sudden heavy rains sent water surging from higher grounds in the jordan valley to school children were at a camping site near some hot springs furder behind that range of mountains now they were caught by surprise and the force of the water swept them away over several kilometers according to the civil defense on the valley and some of the bodies were
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found in the dead sea a bridge that leads to this site with the schoolchildren where when do water started surgeon collapse so drills were also used to search to rocky slopes and deep canyons surrounding the dead sea. we divided the work into tang groups do continue searching drones are also searching searching the show and the mountains. heavy rains and strong winds were expected in the area they had already hit the capital in previous days we did see is an arid region the lowest point on earth at some four hundred thirty meters below sea level and is prone to flash floods to school day trip was initially due to happen in another part of the country it's not clear why plans change to school decided to take to children to do one area authorities had warned against. by late afternoon still had no news about his son
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he walked away overwhelmed with grief redemptive hammy the edges here at the dead sea in jordan israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a surprise visit to the gulf state of a man he met a man's ruler. to discuss the middle east peace process the last time an israeli leader visited the country was in one thousand nine hundred ninety six netanyahu his visit comes just days after palestinian president mahmoud on bass made a three day trip to the sultanate. armand's foreign minister says his government is not officially mediating there. because when it comes to many issues we are not mediate we don't mediate between parties who are capable of achieving what they agree on we are facilitators in many situations that can help convince opposing parties on how to reach an agreement when it comes to the palestinian issue we believe the media to that has to play a new role is the u.s.
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and particularly president trump. the u.k. based charity oxfam has again called on the u.s. the u.k. and other governments to stop supplying arms to saudi arabia which is leading a coalition against yemen's hooty rebels oxfam says one civilian has died every three hours since august more than five hundred yemenis were killed in fighting between the saudi led coalition and hooty rebels between august first and october fifteenth many blame the war for a cholera epidemic which has killed two thousand people in the past eighteen months and yemen's economy is in tatters spiraling inflation as hard incomes and nearly double the cost of feeding a family but of smith has more. doctors have told us he needs to buy a course of three injections to treat his daughter the diarrhea and inflammation but it can only afford one course because of soaring inflation and the collapse of again many real. moments in the past year before one injection cost two
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dollars now it's three dollars and sixty cents she needs three but they can only afford one we're suffering because of the high price of medicines and even children's milk prices have gone up in a crazy meaningless way. children end up in hospital because parents can't afford enough nutritional foods the cost of basics such as flour rice salt oil and sugar has nearly doubled since the war began. three and a half years ago pharmacies are running out of medicine in the besieged port of a data gathered about some drug companies have increased prices by fifty to sixty percent and there was a radio price hike two or three months ago sales have dropped because patients are only buying a quarter of what they need and that affects their health. data is yemen's major port and controlled by hoofy rebels yemenis who live here are in the middle of a battle for control between the who thieves and the saudi u.a.e.
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led coalition fighting alongside yemeni government forces months of fighting his call severe shortages and soaring inflation that's compounding the nationwide humanitarian crisis. with guns and then within their behinds the price of bread has doubled now if we have we ate and if we don't have we don't eat we don't ask for help from anyone we drink when we can afford to buy water if not well can we do that now my. were hit by the exchange rate we don't make any profit sell something for a certain price then you go back to the wholesaler and are shocked to find the same thing cost more than i just sold it for some of it and. save the children says ten million people risk slipping into preform in conditions by the end of the year if the conflict continues bernard smith al-jazeera. sri lanka's president has sacked the prime minister and replaced with his one time rival former president mahinda
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rajapaksa was sworn in as prime minister on friday he replaces. says he is still in office and little decision to remove him is illegal. brazil's two presidential candidates wrapping up their campaigns before the run a photo on sunday far right candidate jr seen his commanding lead over rival for nanda had bad for six percentage points in the past week fanning hopes of a stunning turnaround from a leftist candidate that i suppose has more from rio de janiero. we're hearing. at an event held by the workers party. the workers party presidential candidate is currently in northeastern brazil trying to gather as many votes that they can that's the stronghold of the workers' party there he attacked. one out all saying the brazil doesn't deserve a president like him and that he's a threat to democracy on the other hand it was not extreme right candidate he's
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here. he has asked his followers to remain quiet until election day but he also attacked by that on twitter saying that he's being run by a man that is currently in prison referring to former president we see. right now there's a twelve point difference between both candidates tonight who has lost around six point since the last polled and in the last few days he has moderated in a way his discourse saying that for example there won't be a war with venezuela that he's ready to work with the united nations in the past he said that brazil would leave the organization saying that it's field with communists both candidates were supposed to have a debate this friday but it was canceled because well so that has said that he won't attend that this is the first time that something like this happened since brazil returned to. pretty in nine hundred eighty five. a popular tourist island is
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welcoming holidaymakers again six months after it was branded a cesspool boracay island in the philippines about two million visitors a year in the us. has more this is supposed to be a new dawn for an island dubbed one of the world's most beautiful for the last six months only residents and local workers have been allowed on baraka i now they're preparing to welcome visitors once again. this is an island rebranded with its rehabilitation some of its newest attractions upgraded sewer lines and drainage and an improved transport system that rains been hampering construction efforts or thirty's of bulldozed illegal structures and shut down the island's three casinos and there have been other sacrifices tens of thousands left unemployed people here say they're desperate for life to return to normal. vehicle photos here like
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a war zone what a ghost town who lost their jobs had to go home to where provinces and white for six months before we could work again. in this new baraka fewer than twenty thousand tourists will be allowed on the island at any one time that's less than half its previous peak capacity back in germany as you heard that this island will be closed he said wow that's a good thing to really close the whole environment that nature is like can rest assure a second. in april rule sewage was being pipes directly into the sea and the island's landfill was overwhelmed by more than ninety tons of rubbish daily the government said half businesses were violating environmental rules and decided to close it for a six month cleanup i will prove. what up there is says. despite being criticized for an abrupt decision and disregarding livelihoods dorothy's pressed ahead with the shutdown. of the funeral to tourists replaced on
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the beaches by riot police trails and trash collection teams the twenty five meter us five meter east misses the record that's basically what we wanted from the very start there's no temporary structures of there and the beach should be really full of tourists who like to enjoy the island now there's a slew of new rules for its fresh the pristine beaches no drinking no smoking and no vendors so no more of its multi day parties then nor its famous photo op sandcastles and while with r.t. is admit it will take longer than six months to clean up erica they say this has been a good start the study tayo al-jazeera. this is a jail that's going to round up of the top stories turkish prosecutors are demanding
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the extradition of eighteen saudis accused of killing jamal khashoggi they've sent the request to the foreign ministry turkey's president says the suspects should face justice in turkey he disk he called official saudi explanations comical and childish. fiances given a first television interview had spoke of her anguish and revealed why she rejected an invitation to the white house. comment i like about the one little trump invited me to the united states during the first days of the process but his statements had very short time periods in between and they were contradictory i perceived it as a statement to win the sympathy of the public like a man from florida has been charged on suspicion of sending mail bombs to prominent critics of us president donald trump says our site ok is accused of sending fourteen devices to figures including for president barack obama the f.b.i. is warning war packages could be found. these terrorist actions must be prosecuted
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and punished to the fullest extent of the law we all know. and i want to applaud the f.b.i. the secret service and all say local federal officials for their incredible work in this investigation i mean they did a credible job. and this is finding truly a needle in a haystack when you think about it. israeli forces have killed at least five garzon protesters thousands gathered for a weekly protest to demand palestinian rights more than two hundred gazans have been killed since march israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a surprise visit to amman it is the first by an israeli leader in more than twenty years sri lanka's president has sacked the prime minister and replaced him with his predecessor mahinda rajapaksa he was sworn in on friday and replaces iranian with
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them seeing those the headlines talked engineer is next. michael the. world is going on the. sea. is it real. the design of online games have reached a new level of sophistication appealing to a lot of people according to the world health organization
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a new disease has occurred as a result it's called gaming disorder it's defined as quote a pattern of behavior characterized by impaired control over gaming with increasing priority given to gaming over other activities and goals and it says it comes after the development of treatment programs but what does the disease really mean and how could it actually be treated. today on talk to al-jazeera a conversation with dr richard graham as a car interest who treats people addicted to online games. graham thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera can you start by describing what happens inside the brain the kind of mental chemical process that goes on when you are immersed in a video game what happens when we're immersed in
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a video game is that the brain starts to activate the sort of exciting reward systems neurological pathways that are associated with excitement impressionable activities and of course it makes us want to keep doing that more more and so game designers and perhaps social media platforms have learned how to activate those systems to keep us in an on screen for as long as possible and obviously all cases . confidential but just give us some idea where all of the patients that you treat and how they are affected by excessive gaming or just obsessive behavior with technology the most common type of problems that are found to my work is we're usually a parent sometimes a school makes contact a young man usually run fourteen to fifteen years is starting to attend school
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less and perhaps do less well in subjects. they've often products of that point being very able and on the whole find my work that most of the young people i work with are extremely bright and offer with quarter good few arguments to bring to their appointments to about why i'm wrong but it's that sort of concern that starts to kick in around the mid teens where of course we're also seeing that time in life where perhaps for the first time you're going to be assessed with say g.c.s.e. exams and then later a levels in a much more public way and we know from other studies that young people are feeling really stressed by school and one of the ways they cope is through technology but of course that can become a really sort of unhelpfully positive escape that means they keep going back to it when perhaps attending to some of the offline challenges would also be helpful but
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doesn't that show that gaming isn't perhaps an addiction or disorder in and of itself that it is coping met mechanism used to deal with an underlying problem whether it be depression or anxiety or stress and something else that might be happening in in life the results of ways that we can start to do something that in a sense originally is a coping strategy to help with what might be the ordinary pressures of life sometimes more extreme maybe bullying or family pressures conflicts between parents that can be all sorts of reasons. but then i think where we start to move into the territory of addiction is what much of what one point being almost a healthy way of trying to cope with some stresses starts to have a grip of it so and that person is no longer able to have quite the control over their use that they feel compelled to keep increasing the amount of whatever it is again a substance or gaming so this is about the loss of control the loss of control is
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absolutely key to an addiction but also when they do try to stop they do get that withdrawal reaction which is quite hard to understand from a behavior but it's very real for any games out to a gambling addict that they just feel so terrible when they try to stop but it kind of nurtures them again to go back to where they were before you mentioning drugs and alcohol that that those are very different types of addictions and they with gaming it it's it's something that is based around an activity it's not as though you are injecting anything it's not as though you are drinking any toxic substances i think is really important to remember that when we do ingest a drug or take some outhaul that is modifying our brain chemistry and there are behaviors that will also modify brain chemistry somebody might go for a long run because they release endorphins
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a sort of stress hormones that again can give a bit of a high some some euphoric feelings that make them want to keep going now there's nothing injected during that but the impact on the brain may not be so different from somebody who is using drugs so we have to remember that all processes whether it's something you do or something you take will have some impact on brain chemistry is it just about environment or a particular set of circumstances in life or might there also be a biological underpinning to. the sort of person that might be more susceptible to extreme behavior i think we can certainly see that there might be certain personality characteristics somebody who's more impulsive might struggle to control themselves more than others but i have to say in my work i have yet to see such a clear personality profiles that might have a genetic basis to them that i can say definitely pre-tape predispose someone to an
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addiction but then what about the other factors at play because of course it is the job of software developers game make is to keep you hooked on on what it is that they are producing how do they suggest the player into into staying with it. i think if i knew all the mechanisms that would keep people in the game i could probably make more money than i do as a psychiatrist however there are some fundamental things the sort of principle of persuasive design. is i think both unhelpful for the digital economy in the long term because it's a sort of race to get people more moral screen to the point where it will affect everyone's health more day to just simple factors like the game that you're not allowed to pause and save where you've got to live for young people it's incredibly
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distressing to get to a certain point in the game and then their parents say it's time to eat and they just don't want to stop because it want to lose all of that on the simple piece of functionality would actually make a huge difference if they could pause i think the fact that they can't pause the game means that they're kind of stuck there but it's a feature that sounds as though it's deliberately designed to stop you from well you know taking a break into the toilet getting something to that something is going to keep you that but. i was also going to ask about the concern over video game addiction has been around for years hasn't it been intended and thinks it's been around since the eighty's space invaders this then but then has something changed in recent years that perhaps makes it more addictive now than it used to be i think when we're thinking about videogames addiction now what we have to remember is that we're seeing a convergence of many different desires and rewards that come together in the experience of game play and for me there was
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a real step change when i was working with young people and they started moving from multiplayer games which they could now play online with people around the world gives a halo i think one of the first ones that came to my attention and that was kind of exciting and buzzy but when they started playing the massive multiplayer games one then gets into a large group for crowd experiences that i think amplified those trends even more on the bars of being part of something that's massive and online. i think is a significant part of what goes on one only has to look at the phenomenon of fortnight which train digital global level in the most massive way and it to the point where one might be more worried about someone who wasn't playing it for the young people that were because they were all swept along and some astonishing crowd like process to be online in the game for as much of the times they could i suppose
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the other factor. the other point is that you don't need an expensive computer or a console to play games we carry screens around in our pockets. you know a lot of these video games start out for free so really you can play anytime anywhere does that build addiction by stealth i think there's a principle the lore accessible something is. the more possibilities for problematic use an addiction to occur we see it say without the whole around the pricing of the alcohol all around licensing laws and when you can get hold of it. now when we migrate to the world of technology we're now in a world of internet everywhere it's possible for a young person to move through their environment without have a been disconnected they certainly wouldn't switch their phone off and devices are becoming cheaper it's possible to buy
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a tablet almost for less than it would take to cost to take a family out for a day and so of course with free games and low priced technology. public why fight all sorts of factors we're making it possible to keep home with those experiences whether it's mobile gaming or something more sort of extensive in fact in a city like london i've known gamers just living in parts of the city where they can whole county public wife i don't even need a broadband connection in the home and that's quite a challenge than to do with it then again now is gaming any different to the other parts of our modern interconnected lives facebook instagram tweets have a number of friends a number of like the notifications all this is just as addictive isn't it i think we can see the similar sort of processes of addiction with social media in the way you describe it. but there is something i think about the competitiveness that
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particularly comes with gaming that it can maybe one of those additional drivers to just give it a try on social media in terms of. keeping you wanting to go back to improve your rank how then do you treat this type of addiction when we started out. at night and go to hospital and the approach to treating a young person was often to start with a digital detox. i think the level of immersion was so great that it was very difficult for that young person to even think about a world beyond the game because there was so inside it and so compelled to keep playing when we tried to do the offline as outpatients. there were sometimes extreme reactions sometimes such as the station aggression the police could be called violence could erupt this is if it stopped gaming it stopped altogether you got caltech and the cold turkey was extremely difficult for families
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to bear the young person themselves modules would become because distressed and panic and sometimes place themselves at risk of harm to themselves and that was scary and so the service was set up to provide a safe space to support people but i was also learning from the families i was working with that sometimes they would do something spontaneous that might involve the family members almost have an intervention where they talked about how they were going to stop the access to the cave or even the internet which is often easier and they would do something sometimes they would go for a holiday somewhere without internet. sometimes they would go camping something where the old person with them be immersed in all sorts of activities and sort of interesting things to do that didn't involve. blood did it work or that was the problem it did. what i found was that. the patients i was working with or their
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families are often coming back from those times but you can't be on holiday all the time oh maybe you can i think well the interesting thing is that once you take that step you sort of wake up to the fact that something else is going on around you and they're actually might be some impact on your life props you're missing friends no longer come and knock to see whether you want to join them in a trip to the cinema or whatever or that you realise that you're going to have to repeat your year at school because you've missed so much and those sorts of impacts of course can drive you back into the game as if being aware of what you've lost is too painful but with the right support readjustment enables a different conversation to start about how you might strike a different balance maybe for a while you can't game you've just got too much to do it's too risky but you were just describing some very good stream forms of behavior when it is when the
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player is separated from being able to do as they wish is that have you seen a role then for pharmaceutical intervention is that something that could happen do you have a prescribed drugs for this back in the early days of my work i did think gaming at times seemed to be associated with depression of mood and on a few occasions prescribed antidepressants. i think somewhat to my shame later i thought the digital detox had a more powerful and beneficial impact on someone's mood for those that can and to take prolonged periods of perhaps even a month the sort of recovery of the brain and improvement of the mood was so fish better than anything i had been able to achieve before that it made me think as we can see if someone's abusing stimulant drugs into the brain just becomes exhausted and if they take a break from that the mood in the brain recover quite naturally what the nice
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eighty. one who might be watching this who has a family member spending too much time in front of a screen or a video game i think walks any from issue to is firstly not take a church mental position one of the first steps over take to do is just try and reduce the conflicts about the game because it's that level of heated argument and sometimes physical aggression that it can often leads the young person to feel under certain circumstances or they stop that activity and so you sort of tap into the rebelliousness that might also be a driver and they came in. let's turn to the question of responsibility as artificial intelligence virtual reality technology becomes more pervasive what role do social media and gaming companies play in prevention of unhealthy behavior is.
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i think for all developers of technology you know they need to embrace the possibility of unintended consequences. not to acknowledge for the purposes of litigation the need to sort of defend themselves against inappropriate. complaints that the games or whatever technology has had adverse effects but that we need to move towards a world of transparency in ethical design which i know everyone's going to be anxious about. because of course all game designers all producers of technology themselves are in a highly competitive arms race with each other trying to produce those products that are going to be added to the fortnight of the next season this is exactly it the these companies design and build business models applications software
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to keep you there and to keep you there for as long as possible that's not going to change i think if we continue to mine the business model that we perhaps drifted into some ten years ago when the social media companies were looking at how to sustain businesses. we have ended up in a world of persuasive design by keeping people on screen for as long as possible so they see those advertisement so they make those in a purchases that it can sustain the businesses it's going to be exhausting of of us all but also of the business model and so at some point there needs to be a reappraisal of how we sustain the good aspects of technology maintaining the ethics that keep person able to think and able to live well apple and google recently came out with some new tools and managing screen time you can check how often you looked at your phone off to bed time or how long you've spent on
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instagram and these sort of technological change is a positive thing or will they really not make much difference unless you sell. regulate i think we need to go further i think we need to embrace a model of digital world being where we're starting to be a bit more precise about how we can use the technology in a way that enhances our health and wellbeing or at least doesn't damage it so that we can actually not just say it's fine to game or it's not find a game or use social media or not social media but how to use it and in that sense i still think the research that facebook commissioned from i think michigan university about the use of social media last year was really helpful so people who were just passively scrolling and kind of not deciding how they were using the social media good friend of just going with the flow seem to have a more negative impact on their mood than those people that used it meaningfully to
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connect with the people that they wanted to respond by posting and of course you could argue that facebook is still saying. you're using facebook and that's a good thing but i do think if we use it well we could avoid a lot of these problems but. would you say that there might be a need to go one step further is that government intervention or legislation needed here i think you fully seriously consider the industry is struggling in its ability to understand the unintended consequences of a business model that may once have been quite reasonable of a level of global competition that is making everyone anxious and driven to to keep going and at this point i think it's worth remembering that even a company like netflix where there's a subscription model. the c.e.o. last year was still able to say that his competitor was asleep. so being the
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biggest the trillion dollar company whatever it is that is driving these companies does need to be recognized for what it is and if the users of services are paying the price for unbridled competition and regulation to step in an issue of this sort of well being of uses the safety of. happiness and future health i think that's a good try to but that isn't something many of these companies are taking into consideration now or about schools what about education what can be done that to raise awareness about the way we relate and interact with technology to mean to say that it should be it should happen in a in a smart and balanced way. i think schools can do a great deal in terms of helping this have a positive relationship with technology establishing healthy habits early in life is a fantastic way of being able to support their maintenance later on so getting it right
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as early as possible is a really good idea and that's why i don't necessarily go along with the idea of no screen time under two years because i think learning how to be on screen but also step off screen as early as possible learning good habits and being able to manage that self-control is great schools can do a great deal they can teach us about well being i know some schools teach their pupils now about sleep and about it sort of almost miraculous quality of being able to refresh and replenish the body and support happiness and all sorts of cognitive developments i mean i recently learned and i feel ashamed that when you sleep well you release growth hormone you're actually literally grow better when you sleep well and so then looking at how social media will gaming can disrupt your sleep i think in people who are always interested in neuroscience start to understand the
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why where they get frustrated is being told don't do something without having an explanation. had teachers in this country are also starting to support parents in setting good bed time sort of habits of no screen after a certain time and they say to children when they start at the schools they expect them to. manage that some schools are running token systems where you have to earn the number of tokens to get time to play games like fortnight so there are lots and lots of ways that school starting to embrace that looking to the future and the way video games might we shape our lives you have realistic depictions of life in virtual reality you have these in massive complex three dimensional experiences going on will it be possible for those that choose to do so to live their life completely in a virtual reality without it being seen as negative or addictive but something that
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does become normalized i think it's entirely possible that we will be conducting more or more of our lives in virtual spaces under gaming would certainly be one of those areas especially if you will one of the sort of hugely successful pro gamers that was streaming the game play and making a fortune out of that so i think we will be recognizing that games like offline sports of today or the olympics might be a way that people succeed and i'm sure will be seen the equivalent of you tube in virtual spaces to dr richard graham thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the saudi's narrative contradicts the information that
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turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with detailed coverage this whole flocks area of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards. the diagnosis he has been sick for a long six months now the challenge ahead there was one of these ninety six could be a new cure for the basis of a new cures for colors are there an illness or disability al-jazeera examines pyar meaning treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot appearing revisited on al-jazeera.
1:47 pm
with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. fluent in world news on the cost the killing of. focus the spotlight on saudi arabia for that much child is the kingdom really we'll go to the global economy we'll look at. plus the dynamic between the world of tech investments and saudi cash. found in the costs just see of our. lives in fear constantly looking over his shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked the home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and. we can't let the men we need to continue
1:48 pm
they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us learned ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. wanted man istanbul's prosecutor demands the extradition of saudi suspects for the murder of journalist. after ten i was continuously watching to see who emerged from the consulate we were both laurie's. fiance reveals her fears and why she snubbed an invitation from the u.s. president.
1:49 pm
alone has him speak of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i heard it was a person referred to your brother's a trump supporter arrested charged with sending pipe bombs to the president's opponents. and a shock in sri lankan politics a move no one was expecting the ex-president sworn in as prime minister. has revealed how worried she was about his ill fated visit to the saudi consulate in istanbul in her first interview with turkish t.v. since the journalist was murdered more than three weeks ago she says she was reassured by he didn't believe authorities would day interrogate or arrest him in
1:50 pm
a foreign country and stumbles prosecutor is now demanding the extradition of eighteen suspects from saudi arabia for killing charles stratford with the latest developments. you sound this is a journey. can't you what happened on october the second says the turkish t.v. graphic walt with their last words together why was jamal khashoggi worried. gave her first t.v. interview since her fiance was killed in the saudi consulate on october the second . economic about the he was very happy indeed on the basis that he was writing them because his close friends including other journalists on intellectuals are now in prison so there was a certain moral responsibility he had to take on he used to say the fact that i'm in america isn't just about me writing for the washington post i'm writing things my friends on table two in terms of details there was little in the interview we don't already know but i did you did mention that although they were both nervous
1:51 pm
about the show she's appointment on october the second she said that he had told her consulate staff had treated him well during a previous visit on september the twenty eight so by winning coach shows his confidence had a trap been said it's been more than three weeks since jamal khashoggi was last seen alive and turkish president. is ratcheting up the pressure at a meeting with ruling party members he said he believed that at least someone among the eighteen men arrested in saudi arabia implicated in the killing of must know where the body is he mocked and sweat and the saudi leadership blaming them so he says for not cooperating with the investigation enough to be the bush cut of course there's other information and evidence we're holding that will be used when the time comes but no need to rush because saudi officials have to say who killed. they
1:52 pm
made certain announcements which gave us considerable concern their explanations were quite comical but child this excuses do not befit a responsible state or responsible statesmanship. the saudi prosecution said on thursday that on the basis of information shared by the turks it is now investigating. the saudis say they don't know where these body is and insists the crown prince muhammad bin solomon had no role in his death saudi arabia's chief prosecutor is jew in turkey on sunday but on friday evening after president had repeatedly called the saudi suspects to be tried in turkey the country's justice ministry submitted an extradition request to saudi arabia for the eighteen arrested men the senior turkish officials told their this was requested because jamal khashoggi was murdered in turkey by saudi nationals who travel to turkey for
1:53 pm
this specific purpose in his speech earlier earlier ones message was clear he said if you can't make them talk then send them to turkey and we will put them on trial here charles stratford al jazeera you stumble a more on that interview with a shrug his fiance on turkish television had t.j. jingoists was critical of how the u.s. has handled the case she turned down an invitation from president trump to visit the white house. trump invited me to the united states during the first days of the process but his statements had very short time periods in between and they were contradictory i perceived it as a statement to win the sympathy of the public. is live for us now in ankara so soon and whether things stand now in this investigation. doesn't this investigation is getting more complicated every day because we are
1:54 pm
hearing that there are more details more evidence is that haven't been revealed by the prosecutor's office as the investigation file has not been completed but of course the saudis are reluctant corporation or let's say so-called cooperation really annoys turks this is for sure you can understand that from the way prisons are gone speaks and he said yesterday he said ok you pointed out you admitted that he was killed first you said in a fistfight and then you start this murder was premeditated then where is the body because as long as the bodies that found has them in the prosecutor's office the investigation they're conducting will go nowhere because they have to find the body to prove that died or was killed murdered in order to file an indictment against the perpetrators but however the saudis the spite they they admitted a partial truth they don't say where the body is that bothers to
1:55 pm
a kid that bothers turkish persecutors because it's not only of course turkey is after justice but also there's a there's a pressure. on the justice ministry on prisons are done because it's really a draw a lot of attention from the turkish society it's not the politicians who want this case to be clarified but turkish citizens as well as an election as local election is coming up in early two thousand nine hundred of course this is a very important detail that the opposition can use against presidents are dons ruling party of party that's why they have to clarify it also this also because this has also become as a matter as an honor that one of the partial fishel stated last last week. was also a friend of presents are don so he is pushing this process hard to saudis. the security is officially request that. the saudi prosecutor is coming to turkey and
1:56 pm
xo the ship is off issue the requested but until now it even though there is a corporation between is saudi and turkish officials no nothing was heard regarding the investigation ongoing in saudi arabia for instance they say ok we arrested those eighteen people but there is no information regarding the your statements after the questioning so turkey is going to ask to see the statement records of those eighteen people when the saudi prosecutor comes to turkey because turkey wants to know and they say the spot the general consulate was a saudi territory it happened in turkey and they should be those eighteen people also those eighteen people should be tried in turkey according to turkish law and i must admit the turks believe the investigation and the judicial process in saudi arabia regarding those eighteen people will not be fair and transparent that's why
1:57 pm
they demand the extradition of those people but one of the other the other most important question is that who gave the order turkey is still asking the same question to saudi officials who gave the order to comment that murder to those eighteen people it was saudi arabia apply this question it seems like it will take even if they prefer to give an answer to this best and important question it will take some time saudi arabia is trying to play with the ball in the field and turkey is trying to use as much as leverage as possible but if saudi arabia continues to gain time and keep the turkish officials occupied we might see some more leaks some more evidences leaked to the media international media that would put saudi arabia into a corner much harsher. sinan thank you cynic
1:58 pm
a solo in anchorage a supporter of donald trump could spend the rest of his life in jail after being accused of sending at least fourteen pipe bombs to a high profile critics of the u.s. president he was arrested in florida on friday fifty six year old says our say ok is facing five federal charges and the f.b.i. is warning it could be more explosive devices gebre elizondo reports from new york . after an intense nationwide manhunt the arrest of a florida man who authorities believe is connected to numerous mail bombs sent to high profile people the past few days these are not hoax devices the suspect caesar say och appeared to be a supporter of president donald trump on the site of a van connected to him that authorities confiscated were stickers praising the president and other stickers of opposing wall makers through the scope of a gun on friday before the suspect was arrested mail bombs were directed at
1:59 pm
democratic senator cory booker and the former director of national intelligence james clapper previous day's mail bombs have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama as well as prominent trump critics such as george soros actor robert de niro and john brennan the former head of the cia all the devices looked like this but none detonated early friday trump seemed to cast doubt on the seriousness of the bomb threat saying the news coverage of it was taking away from the upcoming congressional midterm elections republicans are doing so well in early voting and at the polls and now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows news not talking politics read part of the tweet democratic lawmaker debbie wassermann schultz who received a pipe bomb said the president should bear some responsibility when you would people into a frenzy when you carelessly not think about what the impact of your words
2:00 pm
particularly at the highest level of office in this country then you you are acting grossly irresponsibly well i think i've been toned down you want to know that i could really cut it out because as you know the media has been extremely unfair to me and the republican party with the pipe bomb suspect now off the streets a sigh of relief that nobody was hurt but still worry that unless a heated political rhetoric is halted next time things could be different gabriels on. new york. a later at a campaign rally condemned the parcel bombs as political violence but he also blamed the media for trying to polarize society. political violence.


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