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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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straight it plays in five matches and pakistan plays in three plays from other teams carried out spot fixes in one match. in some cases both teams to live up to fix historically england australians first be sixty lashes and that will. stop. the cricketing world. has another game. where the now appears to have both teams fixed for him. is just mind blowing it is been exposed in such detail. and the game so i wrote to. the now story starts in and about the largest city in the indian state of gujarat.
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he will taint the cooling to a small c one the notorious bookmaker now is unaware that the recording is plenty. of room on our i love i am not a on one doubt a grown up. when our supplies informational match fixing to the bookmaker who then places bets a makes money on pre-arranged outcomes . they begin. the book make it was dinesh kalki a well known local gangster operated for more than two decades from good to right. by his daughter who used to work for him. i don't mind what i would not go and sana not orders or not will go as i was but we're going to some public opinion if you want the government to go. one slips your isu
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dhamma resort where kalki run a lucrative gambling and match fixing operation is now locked and deserves it. but for many it was the hub of an ancient criminal operation. the city's police chief was aware of calgary's activities. him and his a cult who knows. they were marketing a fair. air directly to. the betting business was run from a series of rooms hidden from the public. or door. parted out dugouts up was cup outside going to connecticut are not good that is going to move them into. this cal he was arrested many times but always bounced back. they were right and the cops short given him to the other shows that he has all that up to this with debt
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are good cops are your tricks. you can found one. who through their eyes in half an hour. do you know who this man. is common will know what party without the media agency the money sort of memento but it's going to cut a deal closer to the budget of the we're going to a look settlement look at about a fifth of it. kalki install software to record cold some countless placing bets this prevented all humans over who owed him money. he also recorded in the no calling in details of the fixed matches a cache of these recordings has been obtained by zero zero. zero zero zero zero are. more novel to do it for pakistan you know it's enough of the valueless. what some of the metrics up what
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a messed up. thought that. are laid out. the door to super fire or the ability to carry any of us company if you know if you tell us me yeah you know how to cut costs on me you know scum but was to watch this . war because clearly got my tent up. subnets congress has come because it has because of them but. today finish come back dk is wanted by the indian police i just believe to be still involved in match fixing. meth man will not approve will not part of the base meth man setting what anyway one order or dramatic thing kjell stuff raw i love to not.
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know which may mean faulty what is known as spot fixing manipulating a small part of a match. he favored session fixes a type of spot fix in which players underperformed during a specific period of overs this session to focus can be at any point during a team's innings and has not to terms of the overall result. says any factor because more and more fastest. one is six balls to live with on. the spot fixing session is usually six eight or ten overs just i'm done means either a loose score in the session or a maximum of two runs in the last of the fixed session. maddalena black. block gotten not a. bookmakers give alts on how many runs will be schooled by the end of a set. for example cookie say forty eight to fifty runs were scored during an eight
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of a session. punters placed bets on the team scoring on the low forty eight all about fifty people. then. went out on monday. an hour would tell the bookmakers to passively alist school being under forty eight because he knew the session to be fixed. it's very easy for them to underperform and not score as many always want to get out and make it look very natural. to watch them play thirteen times that india just criticized players for accepting bribes. some players are but the feeling that if i just fix a spot or i don't score in the normal i'm not doing something wrong because i'm not fixing a match. one player is being investigated by the i.c.c. full session six he said when it doesn't affect results or not so i was
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a problem. come so come the sort of move after there was result to some not me a lot of them are due to not be the well was going to go to go down the other night but by then that the are do you got them to. or no i don't know because both of them were not but i've come as a put on the lot of comments that there. were no other metrics yet but that i thought that we had one guy a guy says i'm coming with the america. the first fix contained in them and all files is the ground the calls itself the home of cricket. matches between two of the world's leading international teams.
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and alcoves to come back to the saddam resort in india says the fix is for a tenth of a session. due to the gravity of the accusations and the prospect of criminal investigations we are not at the present naming the fixed sessions in any of the fifteen matches because that would identify the batsman suspected of fixing. this. guy not inviting you. to the betting grid open with a particular how many runs the batsman school during the ten to assess. an hour says the number of runs scored will be munda the low of the market prediction and in a second element of the fix the last move of the session will be a made no bones will be school. for now. are.
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we showing them in our files to sports corruption investigators. crissy has worked that into paul. and he talks about the guy named a specific session a specific time the specific outcome. even ends up talking about the farm life will be a mighty. holds both elements of the fix went down exactly as manalo had predicted. we have the alleged back fix up coming out was a pretty low market right to fold this hand over bracket and sure enough it comes in one run below that. she'll barry has been to more test matches than any other cricket writer. he also said. that the tenth of
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this bracket would be a major. behold there was a made. no effort to prevent. if i don't know if you go up i think the book up to. the moment of. the massacre. messed up because. it's very difficult the full cost of the made over is good to be bold because the best when do these really just on the edge of the level. so just go no way of accounting for it. and this is advised the international cricket council we showed him the full monella files including the names of those back to enjoying a fix names that for now we are withholding. any time surprising to me
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one definitely wasn't because i know in the i.c.c. best of gates and before and adam in an interview room for several hours. a couple of names i'm not entirely surprised about isaac but that's. probably because that's some crossover with some of the information i'm saying here that i've. been privy to in the past so it's not hugely surprising. betty is illegal in india yet there are more than one hundred thousand bookmakers across the country in the betting markets has been valued at more than sixty billion u.s. dollars even schoolboys in india are seen with their book is number on the mobile phones. it's become a lot of the system has become a people feel good about it. this illegal cookie. operation is only known about by
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word of mouth. if you want to place a bet in india you go to a friend who will introduce you. and you have an account set up. behind. the favoring tyranny. of the bookies get all its on the team scoring under or over a certain number of runs during a session of overs or hear. that cellphone did or rather than placed over the internet. no money pastas hands additionally when the bet is laid the messenger brings you your money will collect so money it's all based on trust and knowing where you live if you don't cough up. there to be very very america very. some bookmakers wept with max fixing syndicates to create a market for sessions betting. they have created these session betting because to
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fix up or to imagine a team's orders was to be impossible you got the well with junk up as with you and you cannot control that. but there are enough fixing is only want to build as one of the glue that that point is very easy. global television coverage has helped to match fix the spread the influence all over the well. in our coles calgary's book made is that the saddam resort in indiana to tell them the fix has been arranged for a test match in south africa. in a scumbags called dk the man running calgary's cricket betting operation takes the cold. hearted.
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following his usual pattern the now calls again after the captains of tossed a coin to see who blinks first if the fixing to and not but first the fix what happened when it was the turn to pan. you know i don't. know and among. the women now is predicting how he runs the school in particular over its suggests it has so well embedded with play as it should dictate scoring right. now says the batsman will score low amanda below the market prediction by the end
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of the fixed session meaning he gets it right. there are some names there which will just blow people out also. but some of the others named. i've only heard whispers about them and nothing really particularly concrete so it's a little bit eyebrow raising for me to see the names this is here. i have seen everest born the day my b. match fixing at the lower levels of this world but it doesn't touch the delayed us that this is clearly provably wrong. we have evidence of key players such as hansie cronje for instance and others recruited. in two thousand and six received a life baton for taking both and a hundred thousand dollars for match fixes in india. then hunsicker on the episode happened those are the loot is open. coming in and trying
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to influence players. was the captain of the south african team i was not honest and i apologize unreasonably. as well since captain spain solved in match fixing international as it currently being the most famous of all. more recently a mammoth ashes whole form bangladesh captain was banned. and the shots of the other well it's a ghastly you have on me but i've been to finding some of that is that they haven't i wasn't going to see anybody. was the mccrum one of pakistan's greatest players was another captain tainted by match fixing allegations as was india's former captain muhammad as a routine. in two thousand and ten three pakistan internationals accepted two hundred thousand dollars to underperform in a test match in england. four years later lou vincent the new zealand
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batsman admitted fixing matches are the views my position as a professional sportsman but choosing to accept money in fixing. any player who's out there no matter how strong is no matter how righteous he is is always open at a weak point to be approached and people will keep on praying to your managers to your friends because they feel that they can it was a bit of time you have players in every national team. in part to win all calls an unnamed english cricket a. lot or don't we think. and further evidence of menow is wrote in fixing international cricket you've got a large chunk of the history of the gang. pushed me question. a journey of person does. my great grandfather he was the slave of the lead
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property al-jazeera as james gannon explores his family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family status and wealth as benefiting from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some over soul skaro even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debts the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expensive now poor people will come to us and actually share information with the al-jazeera team and trap them. oh i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the top stories now the u.s. president all trump says a shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue is an evil anti sematic act city officials have confirmed
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that at least eleven people died in the attack which happened during a baby naming ceremony in the neighborhood of squirrel hill six others including four police officers were injured the f.b.i. says it believes the suspect was acting alone and wasn't known to authorities beforehand this week it act of mass murder is pure evil. hard to believe. and frankly something that is on imaginable our nation and the world are shocked and stunned by the grief. this was an asymmetric act you wouldn't think this would be possible in this day and age but we just don't seem to learn from the past. the german chancellor angela merkel says she and the french president are considering a common the e.u. position on selling arms to saudi arabia after the murder of journalist marcus shoji earlier speaking in bahrain saudi arabia's foreign minister dismiss what he
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described as hysteria in the media over the death and refuse call sex drive the suspects saying they'll be prosecuted inside the kingdom the u.s. defense secretary was also at that event and criticized casualties killing as a ruthless act which would undermine regional stability. meanwhile the leaders of france germany turkey and russia of hell talks to try and find a way to end the war in syria speaking at a major summit in istanbul they call for syrians to lead the way in establishing peace and ensuring a new constitution israel has launched as strikes hitting more than one thousand locations in gaza after it says rockets were fired from there into southern israel israel says the airstrikes targeted hamas and islamic jihad tensions escalated after five protesters were killed by israeli fire along gaza's border on friday and a major search and rescue operation is continuing in jordan where flash floods of killed at least twenty one people most of the dead are school children whose boss
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was swept away during their day trip or you are up to date on all of our top stories much more coming up in the news hour in twenty five minutes time do join me then now cricket's match fixes continues stay with us. the manaul files shed light on the role of organized crime in cricket match fixing . an hour describe the people who work for us in the company. of me standing in almost. all war. there is some schools offer us the phone six zero zero zero company no one on one of the no have you guys to see our secrets how are we any of these this. deep sharma is an indian detective tasked with fighting organized crime. days after
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the broadcast of our first investigation sharma confirmed the identity of the now us company. get arrested six people in a city near by they've been charged with organized crime offenses including illegal betting. among them was a high profile match fixing. the mood on the book your person from whom or the order. in the biggest group you normally. differently there would be three. the rate under interrogations of the truth of information before in mobile is some cars left. here this is a number from i'm going to stop but just on the way to leah learned. john's
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arrest also exposed the links between illegal betting and bollywood stars. actor khan was arrested after he admitted betting on the indian premier league the world's most popular cricket tournament. interrogation of july also revealed a link to our investigation. who got on board us you're also one person right. now we're. hearing regularly. on the name of the knowledge company was confirmed by july through the uncertainty of knows when our new goals will inform us that is connected to. if you look softer the bidding syndicate of. the company is named after. one of the world's most wanted men. who salute you. and many more.
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they're over on behalf of the. company and much success of training. but they're also the most powerful and organized crime network probably the world has ever seen and their own touch. the indian authorities claim that de company is not just a criminal syndicate but also a militant organization that serves india's regional rival pakistan. is supposed to be in pakistan the pakistani authorities know exactly where he is. if the indian government really went after company. is a powder keg situation for the range of. the company has expanded from its roots in india. india is the absolute hub to buy in
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recent years has got really really big. is said to be trains and running around to buy you a. so he is protected to go about his business as no doubt about that. it was in dubai and. two thousand and sixteen that we first met my knowledge he told us the scale of the match fixing he was involved in. there is more subservient not in all matters. it is then. going to blood it is stated in at least six match for the no revealed few personal details that did say that he travelled extensively. he showed us a selfie taken as a cricket ground it's very blah you must let this. people know this is you. despite living in india is what's up just shows an allegiance to pakistan. also paid to spend much of his time in dubai.
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a lot of the syndicate heads lost the match fixes are based to buy and that's where the orders are coming from. cricket's popularity is growing in the u.a.e. and so are the opportunities for the match fixes base that. the no files include evidence of several fixes in the emirates they were carried out during a series of test matches between england and pakistan. as usual and all calls the bookmaker beforehand. it's a fix first session of ten overs. i don't know.
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the score will be below the market prediction for the fixed ten of a session and he adds a second part of the fix. thought of going on. the last of the. will be a maid with no runs scored an hour's predictions our actors. said exactly as he suggests this is clearly somebody else since the evidence the cannot reject. the next test match is in abu dhabi. to get the details. but.
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it's a fix for a ten over session. they will score below the market prediction and no more than two rounds will be scored in the last over of the session. such changes in the pace of the game all subtle and for spectators unnoticeable during a much lost in five days. ninety i was in and. so up. won all two i was here all that. and. the ten thousand as we cannot actually scoring runs probably would even think is match fixing. now calls the bookmaker again for a second fix during the same test match. now just before the start of the innings. you're not allowed.
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it's a repeat of the previous fakes a tenth of a session low score last over amanda. the fix is to retain. the full mean i there often involving sign play as. the third test of the series is back in two by. the noddings in yet another fix. the pattern is familiar fix sessions of ten overs the score below the market
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prediction and the last of the ten it was. once again in the now as information is correct. and you've got to fix is in the same gang. and the six nations three test matches. which is rather stunning. because test matches are not supposed to be vulnerable to match faces us while the i.c.c. always told us. test cricket is pure it's pedestal tainted by corruption. in. the finals include photographs as well as odeo recordings. on the night of the fakes in the third test in the following a member of the pakistan squad was in the lobby of the ground tires hotel. he met a month described by all souls who was in the hotel at the time as a d.
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company associate of menow. is seen as a table talking to the man acknowledged the mound then get up and walk to another table or a second to save his of menow is waiting. shakes the second man's hand and. given a bag. then pee is into the bag to inspect its contents. the photographs do not show whether he left with the bag. acknowledge did not respond to our request for comment. the pages of meeting. they know. they look suspicious. rings around bells for painfully about six. in two thousand and eighteen acknowledgement that he'd been offered two hundred thousand dollars to carry out sports fix an offer he said he refused the i.c.c.
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is investigating. in two thousand and twelve three lanka close to the twenty twenty will cup where each team goals twenty overs per match. the well's top teams were staying in hotels in the capital colombo. so women now antisocial. men are is seen alongside some of the world's most celebrated cricket stands. there is no suggestion that any of the plays in these photographs are involved in corrupt activities. and she was in the background until such time as you guys in a conversation this is a tactic that's very well nine. pages and now misses here is where the top level players. here are.
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probably the greatest player. it is disturbing that the most famous for playing cricket there are clearly should have been the reason they exist. bernie. annealed no of. course got. the extra india captain who got down sammy of the. we've got chris go up the explosive his character. and now be targeting senior players. because the health crisis when addressing his own thought what that team's going to do in a match particularly batting players who potentially can. significantly. alter run rights during matches. is
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a very high price for people and then top it off we have n.d. visualize the destroying coach and a selector. and he bickles said he was completely unaware of man hours identity and that no approach was made to the idea that he to test match fixing and the way it's infiltrated cricket. is no evidence that any of those players will captains are new i come from watch marginal but that was when else intention was if you can control the field apply the central fix. the i.c.c. is anti corruption unit deploys undercover officials to watch out for match fixes at major tournament it's. now is behaving suspiciously and that is something which is i.c.c. sports and should be able to. notice and challenge you know. why is that allowed to happen why the i.c.c. say allowing somebody to the hague suspiciously around players.
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our investigation suggests that some players of the twenty twenty well were involved in corruption. the recordings reveal that minoa gave finished his bookie operation details of at least three fixes during the tone of. one was a match in the group stages. and now is right yet again. we hear and try to school this is the session this is the betting market. he predicts absolutely vietcong
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accurately the outcome. the manana follow show that match fixing does not be an old formats of cricket including one day internationals. in which each side goes fifty over this. idea as a puppy as a six because as huge t.v. audience says here is amount of punters is very soon it's a twenty twenty also runs a space to be scored. run races have gone through the roof in recent years again and all the punters are expecting those runs. in two thousand and eleven the o.d.i. will comp is held in sri lanka bangladesh and india. the files contain the recording of a phone call made by minako to an unnamed player just before the world cup's dogs. are going to. and. then on.
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a forensic speech scientists examined the recording which appears to show the now is sending money to an england player. the analysis concluded that the recording had not been tampered with. enough. that it. is that it. even. in all. getting a vote but i am. getting it or.
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you. want me ok. al-jazeera approached the player believed to be speaking with the now he denied that the conversation took place and suggested the recording was a fabrication. the recordings include evidence of fixes in five matches during the two thousand and eleven o.d.i. will cup one involved england and south africa. i've not. been a. letter. to you i'm out of time and i will be more neither. are you. in the now as particular as accuracy. even the full costs of the
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tent over of one of these brackets is going to be banned so it is only one run off and. that's the disturbing the. prophecy has been fulfilled exactly is this person is a. branch back out again are the details of the fix is always a range of the last moment there but it isn't a bucket of ice they are. no matter where you are why years after that now you know. there's no fix being arranged now cools calgary's bookmakers in the morning to let them know. we did. it. that not all of an hour's fixing work turns out as planned.
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them in our files also show that another fix was planned during england's series against pakistan in the u.a.e. . for them. that. i thought of. the were in the event the session fix did not happen because the batsman scored one run too many. that could happen i suppose human error or the best guess for calcified heads when he's trying to defend. but even that was just what brought out it's quite extraordinary. the man our files describe fixes in fifteen international
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matches six test matches six one day internationals and three t twenty world cup games suggests endemic widespread corruption in the game across all formats of the game and our correctly predicted twenty five to twenty six outcomes in fifteen matches. who has got a large chunk of the history of the gang wishes to be questioned. we took them in our files to a u.k. based company specializing in sports betting analysis. after examining the statistics it concluded that the chances of the scores predicted by menow are happening without fixing the matches. would be nine point two million to one. what is going on how on earth do you account for these. eventuality is all coming out exactly as for. nine point two million to one. that is mind
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blowing. the analysis took into consideration the weather. condition of the wickets and previous head to head encounters at the same venue. for it to be . defies belief really. we also took the manaul files to another sports betting consultancy. its calculation was based solely on statistical probabilities. it concluded that the of minnows for cost comes. with a thirty three million to one. for these outcomes to being fulfilled exactly as full cost is crucial to winning the lottery it's. almost miraculous is it possible that the petitions could come true without the
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complicity of the player as. it is almost impossible to believe. that's now as a crystal ball or is some sort of time travel. reality problems for aziz all of them if you have money you will do anything. the cricket world has and not about match fixing when as a match fixing story breaks. don't ride says the administration and x. plaza very quick to try and stem to outside rubbish. and i think that's a huge problem because if you're not listening to the evidence then you've got no chance of actually cutting out as serious credibility threats the guy. due to the seriousness of the allegations al jazeera has uncovered it is planning to provide interpol with a copy of the manalo files. this is
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a matter of systemic criminality and it deserves something far more serious than to be denied with or without rights scientists are not up and i want to support. an investigation involving global obama's crime and global sport betting nice to have a coordinated law enforcement response. mcgregor's their money. in my view the first documentary has put so much of a break on the rails i took these two sides to the millions of people who watch cricket innocently but that doesn't mean he hasn't been replaced doesn't mean there's another one out there right now two or three of them analyse out their own . book or going to the game.
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we've got some bits and pieces of right pushing into central parts of australia at the moment he's out of the country but can find advice warm sunshine braised been getting up to thirty degrees celsius sunday afternoon high teens to sydney for melbourne and also for adelaide but getting into the mid twenty's there once again in perth as it was the weather moving across south australia through the body easing the ace would strive of the coming in behind twenty one celsius the path will see a little cloud rolling in little more cloud to the top ten to twenty one that also for sydney as we go on into monday but looking lousy dry little cold with the breeze but by this date with temperatures at around twenty three degrees not
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a cloud moving across the tasman sea heading towards these aliens but the most of any dry weather that you do have at the moment the cloud will increase as we go on through sunday in places a class and maybe some showers there and north out of this well o'loghlin could also see some of that wetter weather monday look to the west today still lots of just where the temperatures at around fifteen or sixteen celsius in the cloud and in the brain there is some cloud in right to into northern parts of japan over the next day or so southern areas do generally stay dry little bit of wet weather just around the korean peninsula and possible south korea heavenly father race where it's as we go through monday.
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thank. you stan the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the. al-jazeera i've i've . zero. zero zero zero i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up
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police confirm eleven people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a pittsburgh synagogue u.s. president to the attack an act of pure evil. saudi arabia pushes back against turkey's extradition demands saying those suspected of killing jamal khashoggi must be tried in riyadh the leaders of turkey russia france and germany joined forces on syria calling for a ceasefire around rebel held to be preserved and far right candidate. for victory in brazil's ronald's vote could rival fernando dad stage a dramatic comeback. with the sport not for the first time in his career christiane or not the produce is something special to send event is further clear at the top of the italian league.
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u.s. president says a shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue is an evil and acts city officials have confirmed at least eleven people died in the attack which happened during a baby naming ceremony in the neighborhood of squirrel hill six of those including four police officers were injured. my heart breaks for the members of the jewish community. today pennsylvania mourns with you. similar to some has absolutely no place in our commonwealth any attack on one community of pennsylvania is an attack against every community in pennsylvania and i want the jewish community across the commonwealth and across the country to know that we stand in support of you as we together mourning this senseless violence. well joining me now i want house correspondent kimberly whole kit and kimberly vera
5:51 am
the details emerging to paint a clearer picture of the sequence of events when this synagogue was attacked. local officials have been briefing reporters the public as they continue to try and figure out what happened and how this baby naming ceremony went so horribly wrong the latest death toll now to eleven fatalities six injured including police officers that we understand were engaged in some sort of a firefight with the suspect who of course now is in custody i can tell you that the president donald trump has been briefed he has been receiving record of the white house regular updates from the director of counterterrorism mike burnett the president for his part making it clear that this is an act of hades in which america will not tolerate such acts take a listen to this wicked act of mass murder is pure
5:52 am
evil. hard to believe. frankly something that is imaginable our nation and the world are shocked and stunned by the grief. this was an asymmetric act you wouldn't think this would be possible in this day and age but we just don't seem to learn from the past. oh the f.b.i. have also been briefing reporters than they have said that they believe the gunman was acting alone we learn more about the suspects. well we are continuing to learn about the suspect including the fact that prior to this shooting we do believe that he posted on social media denouncing jewish nonprofit groups that protect refugees this is something that has come to
5:53 am
light as well as the fact that he may have been inside the synagogue for at least twenty minutes before he opened fire with what we believe was a long gun the sort of recalling of the situation and what they have seen is something that has been very painful for the police officers who have been inside and as these details emerge so too are the pronouncements or rather denouncements of hate coming from the political leaders in this country not limited to just the president's family including a vodka trump who we know is a practicing orthodox jew she did issue a statement saying that america is stronger than acts of a deprived bigot and anti-semite all good americans stand with the jewish people to oppose acts of terror and share the horror over the massacre in pittsburgh but certainly there is noting from not just civil rights groups human rights groups but also increasingly politicians sending out statements saying in fact that well this
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is certainly incident that is catching the media's attention it is by no means isolated and there are smaller acts that are under reported that occur daily in the united states and so there are now is this focus on congressional responsibility and political leaders in terms of what they can do to try and make sure that this is something that is not only contained but potentially and hopefully even eradicated in the united states for now thank you very much for the latest on this story from washington kimberly. well joining me now is max abrams an assistant professor of political science and will cease and universe. he joins me of a skype from boston thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us what are your initial thoughts your initial thoughts on the circumstances of this horrific attack in pittsburgh and indeed what motivates an attack like this.
5:55 am
well terrorism by its very definition it's not a political tactic but what exactly the political fallout is is often not entirely clear you know there are all sorts of different kinds of terrorism in the world including in the united states and they seem tobe different affects so for example when it's in islam mr track when it's a jihad and maybe somebody affiliated with isis for example the political right in the united states tends to benefit i think that one of the main reasons for trump success was he was able to reassure the american public that in the in the face of this isis threat that there was going to be a strong hand to the executive however then there was that spate of mail bombings and it looks like that the c.e.o. is some right wing lunatic who is actually pro crop at least on his vehicle he had
5:56 am
clone trump insignia and it it's hard to imagine that that kind of a scare. by ten pep quite the opposite it would probably have the opposite effect and they could have the same face the medic incident in pittsburgh and it is not entirely clear what you know what the immediate political implications are i think that needs to be careful about not saying something that will get criticized for example after there was an attack in charlottesville virginia james field judge wrote job a car into a crowd of trump and a t.v. and said that you know there were people at that credit you know print testers political activists some good some bad habit he was widely criticized as essentially being too pro all right and so now i think that trump really needs to appear to be above the fray and act as a unifier not just
5:57 am
a leader. the republican party well and that might be something that proves a challenge for him but you mentioned the the mail bombing suspects as are say are can we've been learning more about his past he has been described as an angry individual someone who had racist misawa genest anti semitic opinions what is it that possibly triggers or causes an individual like say arc to become a threat to himself and to others you know i wish i could give the audience a really simple answer for that's honestly no progress because they should works there is a correlation between those who have very extreme political views and those who are more inclined to turn to violence however the parts of somebody with extreme political views becoming violent is still exceedingly small and so that's what makes carter terrorism so difficult is it big it's really obvious in retrospect
5:58 am
when you connect the dots when you look at somebodies digital footprint and you see that they've seen all said all sorts of extreme things but again that doesn't necessarily trip on law enforcement to indicate reliably if there's a high likelihood that this person will become violent and so frankly academics need to do a better job of really trying to figure out how people make that jump between extreme ideas and extreme action well thank you very much for your thoughts on this max abrams assistant professor of the school science that joining us from northeastern university. the german chancellor angela merkel says she and the french president and considering a common european union position on selling arms to saudi arabia following the
5:59 am
murder of john. early a speaking in bahrain saudi arabia's foreign minister dismissed what he described as hysteria in the media over the death and refused calls to extradite suspects saying they will be prosecuted inside the kingdom turkey's president wants the eighteen suspects to be sent back to turkey and he said saudi arabia must provide on says as to what happened to the veteran journalists. who sent to those people to turkey that's a question that needs to be answered by the saudi officials another statement from the higher authorities in saudi arabia stated that the body of jamal khashoggi was turned into a local collaborator in turkey or they had some collaboration with a local accomplice so who is the local accomplice they say these individuals will be charged or will be prosecuted and will be sentenced but this crime took place in istanbul. well the u.s. defense secretary jim mattis meanwhile described. as a ruthless action that had undermined regional stability fifty nine year old jamal
6:00 am
khashoggi disappeared after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second it gone there to pick up paperwork for his impending marriage to his turkish failed say well alan fisher is outside the saudi consulates in istanbul and joins us now and allan we were just hearing those comments from a present type on continuing to pressure the saudis and specifically demanding to know where body is. exactly the chief prosecutor from saudi arabia will be arriving here in istanbul in the coming hours he will outline the case against the eighteen people that connally being held in saudi arabia in connection with the khashoggi killing but he can under pressure when he sits stone face to face with his turkish counterpart to extradite these people know when the saudi foreign minister says that there's been hysteria over the coverage of the death of jamal khashoggi that really begins to greet with
6:01 am
turkey because as far as they can see what happened was in a place that is meant to be a diplomatic mission in the center of the biggest city in turkey someone was murdered this earlier.


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