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this is a horrible beast that has this lifecycle where asked to cause excruciating pain that's diabolical i'm a curator in the division of invertebrates here at the american museum of natural history in new york city guinea worm is one of those parasites that fascinated me is a graduate student or never seen it alive i've never seen it in the wild and it's been with humanity for thousands of years. and there are some very interesting questions that need to be answered why is this need a lawyer parasite painless for up to a year living inside somebodies leg or arm or other tissue and then only when it needs to only when the parasite means to finish the cycle and get back back into the water and release its laurie only then is it create this excruciating blister. in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when little was known about anyone even in
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countries where it was prevalent the disease was brought to the attention of former us president jimmy carter. this was a terrible vacuum in the health care for literally hundreds of millions of people so we decided that we would take it on as a project not knowing the extent of it not knowing where it was not knowing. how to address the problem. when his philanthropic organization set out to measure the extent of the disease it found three and a half million cases occurring every year amongst the world's most remote and neglected people guinea worm was found in pakistan india and yemen but it was an m belt across sub-saharan africa that had had the greatest impact.
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because guinea when is water born having safe drinking water is essential to eradicating it. the process of getting what that flu really will behold is a long process it is possible but it is a long process the most difficult but we can do something much easier and we can protect ourself a good one. and the thirst step to providing protection is to let people see for themselves what swims in the water they drink. and numerous and they have the typical chickie movement doesn't seem to seems to be all you. good on clothes on a lot of them look at them not tell me. that here because he is refusing to do this with his reviews because all those what i've least there how did it people don fisher do what i didn't do i did drink the whole thing you said just what are you
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all going to be and what i need to know when you're. good and soulful ones are going different but i might be. there in your in my they are with it so why have it if you think the whole it isn't just because they have said this like that and so what he does what he's bringing to them good or bad is exactly what they were not if they don't use fear and just. a reed with a membrane stretched across one and was the inspiration for the pipe. an idea that came from the twitter ignore mads of north africa who had been using it for years. and a norwegian government made us nine million of these pipes realtors were set to pipe builders into saucer their. pipe filters were ideal for no magic people but longer lasting cloth was needed for filling buckets and jerry cans. president
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approach to manufacture of parachutes for money what he got was more than what. they gave six million square meters. filter cloth and that was a basis on which we went into the villages and taught them but because a disease had told them if they would strain every drink of water through that filter cloth and that they could get rid of guinea worm. filtering in drinking water to remove guinea when carrying water phonies became a mainstay of the eradication program. over three decades guinea worm was eliminated developed language and country by country. nineteen
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area and ghana which had recorded the highest number of cases in the world complete elimination by twenty eleven. it's quite possible that two years from now i won't be able to get one of these worms in fact with any luck that'll be the case so this is one of the last opportunities that anyone will have that i will certainly have in order to get one of these parasites live and to preserve it in a way that can be done. the extinction of any species should give us some cause for concern but quite frankly when it comes to the scourges of humanity i'm all for it but i think we should study them while we get the.
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south sudan is the world's youngest country born out of decades of conflict with its northern neighbor. this was followed by internal strife which still threatens the work of the guinea worm program. dr monks adel has joined mccoy in south sudan it will take two days of hard driving under god from the capital to reach magos only two hundred and thirty kilometers away. my country is very bust you just saw five period in the city of us under development and i didn't exist when i was made so i do this with i'm one of the whitest creatures in the world.
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the body of classified to mixed very difficult to get to the mall at the videos which happen to be the most open and i'm especially in the rainy season when access is stored difficult about to dust and that you have to step over definitions. the reason we're going in the rainy season is because of the life cycle of water fleas come out and when there's water. the water is central to the life cycle. beyond the collapsed bridges and washed out road lies muggles it is no coincidence that guinea worm has made its last stand in this inaccessible and isolated part of the world.
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these a really communities that are the most neglected they don't have access to any services right here done no schools or not has granted it's not like i was. didn't have a voice event to advocate for services. and begin on program because the entry point for them to have a connection or a means of communicating with people make decisions and that's why we need to get on program look at arsenal as advocates for those coming to as a voice for these communities yeah. this is where it's going to end this is the place right here where it's going to and these are the people who are going to solve this problem once and for all just
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like the nigerian saw that in nigeria and the gandhian solved it in ghana and it takes the people in the community to do it and to see how we have a community of people coming together to interrupt a parasite life cycle and solve it without vaccines without drugs is just fascinating and really. uplifting to see humanity be able to accomplish this across such a huge geography and huge cultural diversity. when it's about the cause of the disease must be universal across endemic areas. people have lived with guinea worm for thousands of years and understand it's good with a certain thing to listen to. those who know how to guard. you know this you know how. i don't know about over the other would have been a long long long ago not worth that. room believe that it is associated to water and if the link transmission to any source
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of water it is a very sketchy sort of link so the bottom line is to ensure that the communities that don't understand that link between fact to pass an. uncertain source you know what to look out are go up or down only more river. tara brand has spent six years under mccoy's leadership working for the guinea worm eradication program in some of south sudan's remotest regions does she know how does she know how she got to get me when i ask are there she know where guinea worm comes from. maybe. that is going to india a lot we've got to. so i want to ask her how did they get a worm get and qusay. you don't know when you know so so she does not know how guinea worm gets into the water the
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a teacher or the community this is a problem for most are invariably they are always seen it year in year out time immemorial so sometimes the a teacher general. there is always something we're going to suffer can they show us how to use their filter could be a lot about me now or you know when did they get the energy. it's through meticulous attention to every single detail that villages are brought around to protecting themselves and each other from infection. she needs to first read this with the clean nate dogg. not that we want to don don i like you know what i do a duty i think we distributed this one last week so. he's ok close. but talk on. us.
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in this endgame with anyone confining people in a camp away from any water source is proving to be effective in mongrels. what happens here is that if somebody presents with a blister in their community they're brought here and then they're treated until the worm emerges and so we know that this particular strategy works if you just get people to number one filter the water they drink number two they don't go back to water when they've got a warm coming out you've now broken the cycle in two different places and you don't have a circle you have to have circles it's not complete. we know that if there is here being treated they're not going to into water because we're providing water for washing and all of those things. will keep them until they're worms in march maybe they go in and have multiple worms and so we have to keep them here until all of
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the swims have emerged have been removed and into all of their wounds hill. there are seven confirmed and fifteen suspect cases of guinea worm at the containment center. one confirmed case is nine year old. were arrived here by himself more than two weeks ago and. she's never been kept away from her family before. everyone is trying to make her feel comfortable but you just can't take away the pain that she has gone through and is going to continue to go through until those warm is removed. that alone is just heartbreaking. this unbelievable pain has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years if not a million years across an enormous landscape with children and adults and mothers and brothers and sons and it's all about pain is just
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unbelievably tragic. no cause worm has already taken weeks team and it could take a monthly even longer to remove it completely. each day as it is drawn centimeter by painful centimeter it is wrapped around a lot of coolness for millennia the worms will wound around a stick. so i wasn't prepared for the fact that it really took this amount of time day after day painfully extracting a very long one from behind her knee. we had nurses in case containment center managers who are trained to treat all the cases and all of the suspects. we provide three meals a day. if the mother is a suspect or a case then she is allowed to go to the case content center with the children. we
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have sheets and bed mats they try to make it nice for them so that the want to stay their. cattle are critical to survival here but this season i need to find fresh grazing complicates the work of the program. we moved to get at the cattle i mean i've been doing the transmission i didn't think someone there skunks. mccoy receives news that a cattle raid by one clan on another to the north of marcos has left one hundred
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and twenty casualties. getting all but that's something to be a good a very good buy if it is possible for any person to their guns and when people are running for safety it is not going to use more force. decides where the population goes i'm going to go so difficult would have killed him for a truck has been put on only when they are lies. november on al jazeera radicalized you a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of
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militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger at sea who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al jazeera. he was malaysia's prime minister the nine me until his government was thrown out of the scandals and allegations of corruption in an exclusive interview one no one name speaks with. on al-jazeera. divorce rates in taiwan a soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this unli too well. but as the sixtieth wedding
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anniversary approaches own parents are looking moans rather than alms. cannot daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my father my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. alarm has him sleeping with the headlines on a turkey says a meeting with saudi arabia's top prosecutor over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi was unsatisfactory turkey's foreign ministry says saudi arabia admitted the murder was premeditated so old in march it didn't submit interviews from the eighteen suspects arrested in saudi arabia but he says seven of them have admitted
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involvement in a holder has more from istanbul that meeting did not go well saudi arabia did not for example provide the testimonies of the eighteen saudis suspects who have been detained in saudi arabia men who turkey believes was were involved in the killing and that the saudi team did not provide any answers to turkey's questions answers for example where is the questions like where is the body where the body parts who is this local collaborator in the saudi narrative these these fifteen men killed she it was a mistake and they hired a local collaborator to get rid of the body so no word on who this local collaborator is so what we understand is that that meeting did not go well yes the turkish foreign minister did say that saudi arabian top prosecutor admitted to premeditated murder he didn't really elaborate but it is unlikely that he was referring to that meeting this morning one hundred eighty nine people who are
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missing feared dead after a plane crashed into the sea of indonesia's coast air traffic controllers lost contact with the lion air flight thirteen minutes after takeoff after a request from the pilot to turn back to jakarta german chancellor angela merkel has decided not to run again as the leader of the christian democratic union party merkel says she will stay on as chancellor until the next election in three years time but both major parties in germany's governing coalition suffered heavy losses in sunday's regional election merkel has called the results disappointing. former army captain jay airball son otto has promised to take brazil in a radically new direction after winning a bitterly for presidential runoff vote despite upsetting many would remarks considered this saw guinness racist and homophobic also narrow tapped into voter frustration over corruption and economic problems those are the headlines now it's
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back to life lines the quest for global health how to slay a dragon. the . the south sudan is on a countdown to ending guinea worm a disease which causes excruciating pain as a metre long one emerges from an affected person. but a war and a population constantly on the move threaten to wipe out recent gains. there is a way fairly is not an option is because it can be. takes the whole effort down to a square one. and is like climbing up a very stupid on just that point if you slip. you come down running to the
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bottom and crashing down to the bottom dutch is not what anyone in this program wanted to see happening at this moment in the whole world we have one hundred twenty places and we know every person on earth that now has a guinea worm i don't want to die and if you're going to believe i'm going at the height of the program in two thousand and nine it took a network of twenty six thousand technical advisors and volunteers to monitor every case in every village and cattle camp across south sudan. tara brunt helps mccoy maintain and on me a fun in tears. you're all one big team so even though they're from these communities that you're working in with them they are there for the same reason that you're there and you're all feeling the same pressure because you're trying to eradicate this disease. it's a good how are you. currently a marriage and cordon it or supervising other technical advisers so i'm there to
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help make sure things are going well in their areas and then out of our own little i would. we have come with supplies so we work with here today to go see some households with cases. for people who work voluntary. it has to be someone that the community trust someone that they know would do a good job. but i think a lot of applicants apply not realizing the amount of work that is actually involved so this year this is a copy of the contract. the volunteers are not receiving a salary they're just working for the benefit of the community. we know it and i didn't just go and do a lot on his first year and one and two years well says fully interrupted transmission on villagers will always try to missions we keep them stand ok
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this this we will fill with we try to build up the t. was so that no matter where they go that they still are asking questions trying to see if people know anyone with guinea worm and if they see someone limping immediately we'll ask that person why are you limping do you have any swelling so you're constantly asking these questions so that you don't miss this something happening. vigilant fun intel has spotted a limping into marco's from a cattle camp and brought him to the containment center. no school no crying is reluctant to stay here even though one is emerging from his first. he answers evasiveness when asked about the rivers and pond he has crossed on his journey. where obama laurie. allen no one would let on that i'm going to and then little.
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guy would mean. in there at all government. was. very worried because this is the first case from a village where we least expect cases to appear. secondly the case was not detected before it was me much our own i got on when a weary. when you were really a month ago or. a man a guy named what all of the. what. you matter you got me you made and i. obey. when i got out i. want to be i don't know we want to you know we you can you.
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is. no com insists he must leave the camp to buy a goat to make a sacrifice but if he contaminated water source he will put others in danger. his family are said to live in a village near where he was found mccoy needs to talk to them. we ordered because he has not been that cooperative to put my dressing information and we fear that it might contaminate the water source and that's why we need real down doing this to get me here that will enable us to make an informed guess where he probably got infected. a lot of what the team does is detection work and i believe the last few areas where we're having a problem is due to the mobility of the people because you may find someone with guinea worm today and overnight he has left to go to
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a cattle camp. what is the connection between. the two this is the god of the call and the calm of this year and you know we get to these two ladies walk moderated by people these feelings. will go well i will get it. sometimes you really need to get the information from different people to see the gaps and try to determine what makes sense. to me you know not you. know. after hours of discussion it tends to the women are not from the comms family at all in fact they don't even know who he is. so it's back to square one for the team but mccoy betrays no sign of frustration. one thing that i did have a direct influence on my life. is that i realised that working with this community. i didn't have
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a reason to complain we're going to have nothing. and so it's really hard for me to be able to be content that we deliver that house because. many many out there who doesn't have any. guinea worm is a disease of poverty that keeps people in poverty. more than fifty percent of the cases are men female and in these communities here women are really did great we are. they turned their gardens all their i need in one of them regain immobilize you know this is going to lose that. short of the cultivation season and that will have to shear it like in the famine.
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and then maybe the other thing that i need to know is whether according to him rain starts early this year or last year in starts much mccoy now has to identify every single pond where people with guinea when this year may have drunk contaminated water the year before. it seems an impossible task but technical advisor james number has been painstakingly recording crucial data over the course of the well with when and where looking at the game it seems like these villages here somehow have connection with that location where we had the object last year between march and i will be one of the only way to find out is to start walking. down a mile long underlining the beginning. so what the other people had going on last against funding the reality of what. sort it is or what it's all that they're
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using so i'd listen we know. it and. the people from. from voters farms are using just cream the kids are so interested tall order stricter to do people who are farming on their sunday ok now will determine. what the sauce is that might be used on the plate and write those coming from the other side when every detail in the landscape can be read as a narrative. of what are the next in this depression may not have people use it because it is along a path but this one is right and i want to bounce his understanding is these waterloo's strictly used those were coming up going by piecing together local information tries to home in on every possible contamination point of excellence. what was this i want to be able to know. when you are.
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so when you drink from dinner with water so if this one feels so do you sometimes drink from it is no i wasn't going to leave is nearby were done before but we did this depressions can be a real problem so it's good that you are picking up the possible sources of what transmission especially when they're filled up with water so you are doing a very good job because at least you are making sure that you don't limit your surveillance activities on a debility level. but. it's not just last us pounds that are a problem it's the location of the recent contaminations that must be edge into the identify. when we're able to detect where the patient was when there were merged and then we go to that area and make sure everyone has their filters in that case the patient has entered the water with
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daniel and because we don't want any surprises. for you. one. because this. is. she had her comical filter. so it's good that she's been using it but there's a really large hole in it so basically all of the water in here could be contaminated so i've asked surtees this filter which is which is good in which. she could just take this water and here so she doesn't have to fetch more from the well . we try to emphasize every time before they use their filter to hold it up to the sun and check for holes but this hole is really big and anytime we find filters with holes we destroy them and when we don't give them back
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. what i don't know yet. i don't know what to look. at all you have to do is change human behavior now that doesn't make it easy but it makes it definable and then it's just a matter of creating the will and finding the right culturally sensitive ways to encourage people to change behavior about filtering water about what to do if you have the symptoms for example not go into the water and to bring a lot of peer pressure really to bear because it is as we know peer pressure can be a powerful thing and using peer pressure is really community pressure.
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know what i was going to get. what did she say. i mean if you know what the law of the arts went over to the waters over here. oh it's a move away from the i don't want to know what are you. going to want to. do. that one. well. ok. i'll try one more time. but you know. now move away. my mother.
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is not far enough ok. it's been calculated that since one thousand nine hundred eighty six the year the guinea worm eradication program began eighty million cases have been affected. you get a situation where you find small kids going up to goats and then you see that they are wearing it by feet there. this is. if you actually give you a confirmation even at a point when you're exhausted and you're thirsty and if you satisfaction the sacrifice that people have made. when you have. frequent i think that oh we used to be so many people thinking well
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now he's not going to. sure i think it's the pace of. change happening. you know where. those who did. any time very. hurt and i'm going to take longer to come not that kind of thing. so when i get that believe. it or not you know. we don't want to. have. it broken.
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if it stops pulling you have to stop and wait the next day. when they break because the part that breaks. so we have to make sure every day we. spent on it doesn't become infected. we tried to engage in different people to interact with that young man so that our police were able to compare the information we're getting from different people. is
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very strange you have already information. and then it leaves you we did feeling that probably you're not getting the whole truth. if you can use this stream to cool his burning glister the wormwood released its lobby into the water that will only become infectious once they have been eaten by the water these. this is accurate history. it is a race against time in the sense that we need to be able to gather as much information as possible for us to determine if this person and what i mean with a sauce way that what a sauce because days in that window of one week see neutralize any damage as a result of one time when there isn't a lot of cell phones but. people have to cross over this tree and
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the risk is very hard that risk exposes the whole community because baze no way they will access their guidance. i left the cross for this trip. the first thing that we are doing about is to make sure that we detect all the cases that would require support from the community the second thing we do is make sure that is what the source is treated only every twenty eight days is treated with the added. bait makes another break in the cycle of the disease it's a chemical which kills the water flea host of the guinea worm but leaves the water safe for people and animals to drink.
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with your daughters also there were using that letter last year yeah. in simplest situation this kind of things will help them sell if they're given the opportunity to know what needs to be done and how the country yet. again. in the containment center home has finally come around to accepting treatment and to acknowledge how he came to be infected and i go about my gay marriage thing i would rather not bug. my. well you know but i did yoga and i'm going to live it out yet again the yet. to. go on and you knew don't we don't we're going to need gene and i'm going to
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ruin a little. many times when we had patients who are stubborn and maybe they don't want to be bandaged maybe they head for a must or a week or two obviously we have to work with them even more closely because these are the most dangerous and typically it's those who are the most stubborn and that at the end of it a lot of times those are the ones who end up being the best advocates for getting our education. in the most optimistic person if we are able to detect those last cases and put in place a nursery going to measure we've done all the celebrate twelve you're going to fourteen. but it is not just remarkable how many people are prepared to steer well what are good marching we believe that these are a mystery bird and of course it is a marker of life and death people are suffering. so i am. on
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a boat. so. it's a quest. majak a magic i don't. know. where. it took us. so he was bandaged when we were here and saturday. went when was he last bandage. yesterday ok but not yet today. kind of have to make this wall so that you're not always affected by it in motion only but there are patients that you do come across that are suffering so bad that
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you can't help but to really hurt with them to really feel bad for them if you want to. and those are times that the job is most rewarding because you know this is what you're here for you're here to help stop this from happening to these communities was. maybe nine years old i know i'm still in good health but we're down two hundred tortoises cases and so i think i can see now. the hope there will be. bit of guinea worm during my lifetime.
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it's day sixteen of no colors treatment every day twice a day she knows the ordeal she must face. the same. food somehow you have to continue to hope so that would give us the energy every morning and read up on tried to continue pushing on the farm those last cases. i cannot wait to think about that day. the day that there will be no kisses and saucer and the end. of the evening news you tube mean. to. eat.
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in many countries pregnancy and childbirth a still extremely dangerous for mothers and babies most of the mothers where dying from the infection three being they were dying from trisha algis eva travels to malawi and looks at how google communities a challenge and traditions in order to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health very well at all save a life is too strong life lines between life and death on al-jazeera.
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the usual scattering a shallow crust brazil at the moment a lot of cloud on the right also making its way towards northern parts of just slipping out sort of chilly see that cloud pushing ever towards want to sarah's unable or not just wait for the north which is be going on through the next couple of days as they say for the remainder of monday some wet weather just pushing into the river plate as we go on through the day twenty five celsius full want to say as little colder than four santiago that's a disturbance just touches its way further north east was full cheese day said turkey increased the wet southern parts of a year ago i was saying some of that rain cloud i'm right so into eastern brazil further west generally try a few showers there into peru and to ecuador pushing up towards colombia and venezuela scattering of showers to across the caribbean but not too bad but looking
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fine in trying glorious for pickle sunshine coming through the thick of cloud is across the western side of the caribbean that's where the a lively is shall still be as we go on through the next couple of days but you could catch some wet weather into jamaica hunch shoes day maybe seven positive people also seeing a little bit of rain from time to time and plenty of sunshine by this sunshine too soon north america at present increasing tablets but it's way in from the west as we go through the next couple of days. the killing of. focus the spotlight on saudi arabia now much milder is the kingdom really we'll go to the global economy will look. plus the dynamic between the world of tech investments and saudi cash. found in the costs. we have a news gathering team here. they're all over the world and they do
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a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view i understand and make sense of it. this is al jazeera. has i'm speaking of this is the news hour live from doha coming up the turkish prosecutor's office says it is on saturday fired over its meeting with a senior saudi official after the testimonies of the eighteen suspects were not
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handed over. indonesia gives up any hope of finding survivors from a plane that crashed into the sea with one hundred eighty nine people on board. after more than a decade dominated european politics the end of an era beckons for german chancellor angela merkel. jubilation and anger in brazil as far right candidate. wins a divisive election. with the spoils of the boston red sox win their fourth world series in fifteen years after a five one victory over the los angeles dodgers all the action later this hour. i'm. sources of told the turkish prosecutor's office was unsatisfied about its meeting
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with saudi officials they talked about the killing of journalist inside the kingdom's consulate in istanbul on october second top saudi prosecutors. had been expected to provide testimonies from the eighteen suspects being held in saudi arabia but did not neither side turned over their dossiers of evidence turkey again pushed for the suspects to be extradited from saudi arabia it said their alleged use of a local collaborator in the crime is a legitimate reason for them to face trial on turkish soil saudi arabia though once them tried in the kingdom meanwhile the turkish foreign minister says the saudi prosecutor admitted the murder was premeditated. hoda is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul where the show was killed. you know about i mean. well what we understand is that turkey is frustrated because of the lack of cooperation according to turkish officials that. told the outcome of that meeting
9:51 pm
really nothing was achieved this morning saudi's top prosecutor went to the courthouse in istanbul sat down with the chief prosecutor the man who has been leading this and investigation into. murder what we understand is that the saudi side did not present the testimonies of the eighteen saudi men these suspects who are now detained in saudi arabia and what turkey really wanted was answers even the president of turkey asked those questions to saudi arabia where is the body of she or his body parts or well or where is this a local operator who was reportedly hired by this hit squad to get rid of the body so turkey is not being forced me saudi arabia has not been forthcoming with any evidence so even the turkish foreign minister referring to the need for cooperation we know that turkish officials in the past have criticized saudi arabia for delays
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for slowing down the process i can give you just one example and that is turkish investigators wanted to search a well in the garden of the saudi consul general's residence and that has still not happened and if so and as far as the turkish side of things obviously they're not satisfied with how all of this went but is there still a sense that they have evidence that they are going to release at a time of their choosing. well yes turkey has been releasing evidence over the past three or so weeks leaking evidence to the media as part of a strive to try to pressure saudi arabia putting saudi arabia and into a corner i mean it took three weeks for saudi arabia to actually admit that a murder actually happened inside that consulate when at the beginning they were saying this is baseless lies she left the consulate we even heard from president or the guard just a few days ago saying we have evidence and we are going to reveal this evidence at
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the right time so maybe this is going to be the right time to even pressure saudi arabia to cooperate because there was really hope that the saudi top prosecutors visit to istanbul would get things rolling we heard the turkish foreign minister stressed again on the need to close this file to end this investigation but so far this fire has not been closed zain to hold a line in istanbul or let's bring in international lawyer stephen in washington now for so so thanks for being with us what do you make of this situation now and where this sort of lines of jurisdiction for here. well i think the jurisdiction over the crime assuming that it was as we all believe committed within the consulate in istanbul the jurisdiction will lie with the with the sending state in this case with with saudi arabia. and however i don't i don't know that the discussion ends there i think the more complicated question is
9:54 pm
is there any kind of overlapping jurisdiction what about this alleged accomplice did that does that make a difference and what about the transportation of either car shoji or curfews body between the consulate presumably a protected place and the consuls residence presumably a protected place but they have to traverse the streets of istanbul which are of course within turkish jurisdiction yes so the turks are saying that this alleged collaborator who they say helped dispose of the body. that fact alone makes it a turkish crime and so they should be tried on texas soil from that from the legal standpoint is that is that a legitimate argument. no i don't think it is it seems to me that certainly the turkish collaborator if he or she can be identified can be prosecuted in turkey that goes without saying but i'm not certain i understand why the fact that turkish
9:55 pm
collaborator was used confers jurisdiction on the turks for events that took place it diplomatically or in this case a consular protected residence or office i don't i don't see where that makes a difference any more than using the turkish telephone lines or turkish mail would would would matter it seems to me that again the turkish defendant can be prosecuted in turkey surely and the others could be presumably could be prosecuted in turkey for acts that they might have committed on soil of which turkey has jurisdiction but even then only if they can be extradited to stand trial in turkey and only if the evidence can be collected in turkey given that there is so much politics involved in a from some from both countries what do you think of the idea of some sort of international sponsored independent investigation taking over here is that something that would be more well violent. if the parties agree i think it would be
9:56 pm
a very good solution to have some sort of international investigation conducted with both sides conceding that they would defer to whatever the findings of that international body were whether it was interpol or perhaps some ad hoc organization that would be commissioned for this purpose but of course that assumes that the saudis in particular would be willing to accept in advance the outcome of an investigation and it's very hard to see why as a matter of law they could be required to do that or as a matter of diplomacy what they would be inclined to do that. i want to ask you as well how does it make you feel then that this is all happening over the murder of someone who was a journalist at that there was all of this i mean i know you're not a politician but there was all of this political maneuvering going on over what by all accounts was was a pretty grisly murder someone. who indeed he certainly was and
9:57 pm
the political maneuvering they will continue this this is an event that has been in a sense falling through the legal cracks and perhaps wouldn't be the height of cynicism to be suggesting this perhaps that is the very reason why those who wanted to do away with with jamal khashoggi chose to do so in a place that is protected from local jurisdiction by international law so if there's to be a solution here it seems to me that it will have to be one that comes about politically and diplomatically perhaps there are kinds of pressure that could be brought to bear on the saudi regime to accept international investigation international monitoring or even international adjudication but unfortunately for those seeking justice for pressure at the end of the day those will always depend on an act of will from the saudi government which which may or may not be willing
9:58 pm
to undertake could speak to you stephen thank you search and rescue crews in indonesia say they found no sign of survivors after a plane with one hundred eighty people on board crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from jakarta the lion air jet was barely a few minutes into its journey into punk how and when the pilot requested to time back then dropped off radar screens and websites that display flight data show the plane speeding up before it suddenly lost altitude. the boeing seven three seven max which is a new type of aircraft plunged into the water leaving behind fuel slicks and debris on the surface. my prediction is no one survived because we only managed to retrieve body parts that are incomplete and it has been a few hours since the crash so it's possible all a hundred eighty nine people were killed. or shortly will go live to jakarta after
9:59 pm
this report from florence lloyd this is the flight path for lyon ajay eighty six one zero reconstructed by flight radar twenty four using satellite data it left jakarta around six twenty in the morning with one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew on board and was due to arrive in punk on the island of bangkok an hour later that the pilot asked to turn back then lost contact only thirty minutes into the flight rescue divers have retrieved some body parts and recovered life jackets and some personal belongings including mobile phones and bags workers from perth ameena the state owned oil company also found what's believed to be debris from the plane near one of its offshore refining facilities the cause of the crash is still not known and a top priority will be finding the black box. somewhere we will send in divers to
10:00 pm
find the position of the black box hopefully we can get the black box under the flight wreckage the plane was a boeing seven three seven eight a new model introduced into service only last year it was delivered to lyon in august and had completed eight hundred flight hours there are a few areas where. this marks seventy seven was going to mentoring flight level and so on but considering boeing's track record and this new units that we have got it doesn't look like any mechanical failure or something around those lines. indonesia relies heavily on air transport to connect all its islands but its aviation safety record is patchy in two thousand and fourteen and air asia crash killed more than one hundred sixty people ryan is one of indonesia's youngest and largest airlines it was removed from the european union's safety blacklist in june two thousand and sixteen.


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