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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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right now all the shops are closed and it was really a shock for people you know they were waiting and looking forward to hear what is going on you know it was not clear at the beginning and then they started to get you know now you know based on the you know the number of casualties because the latest report we're getting is that nine people eight of them policemen have been injured is that what you're hearing when according to the ministry of interior statement there are there are no no conscience you so far only eight one did among these eight people if there is a civilian there are. a lot of policeman and got back you know the is big business the lady was getting. the armored forces why is it that the armed forces would be targeted well you know how people get very very sensitive area in the capital of the capital and these. checkpoints.
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that caught the officer. there was a bit more patient here in doing from the ministry of interior i mean. it's an attack you know i don't know what but what the ok. are not and we thank you for giving us the update from tunis and you're looking at the i think jurors from the avenue where suicide attack took place a short time ago nine people including a policeman wounded in that attack in tunis. internees in authorities meanwhile have given up hope of finding any survivors after a plane plunged into the sea on monday the lion air flight had one hundred eighty nine people on board when it crashed just minutes after taking off so here's what we know the flight j.t. six ten took off at six twenty one am local time bound for. about three minutes
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into the flights the pilot requested permission to return to the capital air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane ten minutes later and the tugboat crew say they saw the boeing seven three seven max come down into the water the search zone is three hundred eighty eight square kilometers and rescue crews have found or oil slicks as well as debris the waters where it sank or up to thirty five meters deep when haye is in jakarta sent this reports. the paintwork confirmed the first pieces of debris recovered from the crash site were from lion air flight six one zero it's believed to have crashed around thirty five kilometers off the coast just minutes after takeoff from jakarta there were early signs that the chances of finding survivors would be slim. but i. i think there were no survivors because we found body parts on the surface of the water now it is already several hours after the incident so i think there were no survivors. this was the
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flight path of the boeing seven three seven max eight reconstructed by the flight radar twenty four website using satellite data it took off at six twenty local time on monday morning for what was supposed to be a one hour flight north according to the transportation ministry the pilot asked to turn the plane around two to three minutes after takeoff contact was lost soon after. at the airports in jakarta and the flight's destination punk family members gathered to wait for details about the plane's fate. i waited until after eight am but there was still no news so i asked an official then he said the flight had lost contact indonesian president joko widodo offered his support and said the search will continue around the clock. so. we understand the concern of the families but we hope the family members can be patient to wait for the search and rescue teams they're working very hard at the location of the crash in tunisia has
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a poor transport safety record and at times its airlines have been banned from us in european air space is because of concerns over safety standards has been involved in several incidents since it began operating eighteen years ago but nothing as serious as this. several people were injured in two thousand and thirteen when a rookie lion air pilot landed a boeing seven three seven in the water while approaching bali's denpasar airport the plane involved in monday's crash was new considering boeing's track record and this new generous talk we had about it doesn't look like any mechanical failure or something around those lines but there will be further questions about a fault that was discovered before its preceding flight from bali to jakarta the plane was cleared to fly but lying there hasn't said what the fault was a al-jazeera jakarta or let's take a closer look at the plane and the airline involved the aircraft was a boeing seven three seven max the model had been in commercial use since twenty
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seventeen. it's the fastest selling plane in boeing's history the aircraft that crossed was built this year and had only been operating since august and sony's is heavily reliant on air travel but many of its airlines have poor safety records in two thousand and four twenty five people were killed when a lion air flight from jakarta as a solo city broke up on landing then in twenty thirteen another lion air flight crashed into the sea on landing at bali all a hundred eight people on board survived let's bring in keith mackey in in florida via skype he's an aviation consultant accident investigator as well as a pilot thanks very much for speaking to us so what we know is that the pilots requested to return to base sort lee before losing contact on that flight does that tell you anything at all about what could have happened well i think we're going to be looking very carefully at what the maintenance procedures were done to the aircraft before the flight i understand that it has some maintenance done and then
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was flown to jakarta. so we're going to look very carefully at that and from the radar track it would appear that. there could be a flight control or a flight instrument problem things like that will certainly be under scrutiny very carefully as the investigators proceed it could have been something very simple it was not done properly but i think we'll know in a relatively short period of easy to recover the cockpit voice recorder and of course we've already got good radar tracks with a lot of information on the house so do you think that this is more if an issue a fly in the air or specifically in what's considered its poor safety record or or the region as a whole we know that indonesia specifically has had problems as a whole. well the whole region is a very densely populated area and a naisi is made up with
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a number of iowans so the only practical way to get around is by air transportation and the airline industry has grown a great deal over the last say twenty years and that part of the world and these countries don't have large air forces the trained pilots so it's difficult for them to get experience to qualify pilots so that coupled with the made for growing transportation does exacerbate the situation we do have to keep an eye on it carefully because it's easy for things to deteriorate and we have safety issues so events in the some moments ago about the investigation we know that the the investigation is going on they're still searching for the recorders as you say what would you be looking out for let me just give you an example of another similar accident that happened a number of years ago when the airplane landed and have some of supposedly minor
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maintenance done and the maintenance people put pieces of masking tape over the static ports on the side of the air plying and they forgot to remove them and their plane took off and as it climbed out the flight instruments and flight control computers became less and less accurate and eventually the pilots lost control of the airplane and crashed in the ocean so it could be something simple like that that was done improperly that's probably the first place to start to look i'm not saying that's what happened but that was a similar circumstance of another accident all right we'll wait and see what happens for the time being keith mackey we thank you for speaking to us from florida you're very welcome while you can follow the developments of this particular story online at so our home page al-jazeera dot com and you'll find this article and read all the latest updates. the far right former army captain joe year balsa narrow has promised to take brazil in
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a radically new direction not after winning a bitterly fought presidential runoff vote he says he wants to visit israel after going to chile and the united states an arrow had earlier vowed to follow donald trump's lead by moving the brazilian embassy in israel to jerusalem there is a boat joining us from rio de janeiro so when he says he wants to take brazil in a radically different direction what's his first order of business for the president elect's. well it's a radical move towards the right in this country to be after being ruled by the workers' party by the left for sixteen years there's lots of and certainty among many year in brazil especially those who they say they voted for the least worst candidate in this election there's lots of a man among those who voted for those two not zero but there's lots of despair among the workers party supporters who are fearing political persecution let me
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show you a bit of what we're seeing here this are the newspapers from this morning and there's a lot of talk about democracy there is volatile and i don't swear it's for god to respect democracy promises government that constitutional and democratic democracy has said yes to both so mad and the reason why this is important is because in the past he has said that he's an admirer of brazil dictatorship he also said one of his sons said that the only thing needed to shut down the supreme court was a soldier and a corporate logos where striking comments that he made tend the other things that's important that's been going on here is the market the market has been on the rise board for not all is good for business he has promised to liberalize the economy reduce the deficit privatizing many of brazil's states companies he has made chief advice gaddis who's. an economist from the university of chicago so definitely there's lots of changes happening here in brazil and president michel tamar has
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said that the transition will begin immediately and international reaction has come into razor with the u.s. saying the u.s. parts of the giving its seal of approval with trump himself congratulating both sonar and saying they agree to work together on trade military and everything else and what kind of relationships do we expect them to have with countries like the united states. well it's certainly going to be a priority that something bad wolf and i have said repeatedly that he's an admirer of donald trump following the steps of the united states we're expecting to see for example brazil to get tougher on venezuela to requestion for example a regional trade bloc like medical hold it we're going to see him going to israel he has already said that he's planning to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem at one point he even said why is palestinian if not a state why do they have an embassy here in brazil so many are wondering whether
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he's going to shut that embassy down so definitely. is going to have very very close ties with the united states and. tourism both thank you both. joins a growing list of populist far right politicians who have risen to power over the past two years like balsa narrow many of them are outsiders who tapped into voter resentment with the political establishment so let's take a look at some of them late last year austrians elected sebastian curt's a thirty two year old anti immigration hardliner to lead the country its european neighbor italy has also shifted to the far rights earlier this year giuseppe conte was picked was picked to lead a government determined to restrict the flow of refugees from reaching italy then of course there is donald trump who shocked the establishment with his election two years ago he's also tough on immigration and has introduced a raft of policies that have drastically reduce the numbers in latin america chile
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has moved to the rights with the election of billionaire sebastian pinera earlier this year colombia has swung further to the right this year as well if i was elected on a promise that he would rewrite a peace deal that he says is too lenient on fark rebels finally there is your ball son arab who some commentators have described as the most extreme right wing leader the continent has seen in the history of democratic elect. since they're so let's speak to carlos i say though in london he's a lot in america specialist based at i.h.s. market thanks for speaking to us so clearly though a bore about so narrow has won the selection in brazil so he has managed to appeal to voters beyond his right wing base what is it that's ringing true with them when it comes to balsa narrow when i think there were a couple of main bribers here. we now realize that there was a very is thrown un t.p.t.
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. sentiment in in brazil you might remember. we were right we called the rejection rate and it was quite remarkable that how does in her presentation of the beat the how the how. rejection rate done bush for not who initially was the other way around but actually i think and then brazilian population and these new me that is that they measure over the last ten years the briefly has sung good time didn't they look government now is blaming the p.t. for money or the economy so that does one another to fuck because which david assyrians are really fed up we've run the second one is corruption or not oh road but he went on these promises to eradicate
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corruption in brazil. on finally criminology crime in particular in rio the young aide on the north is reaching record levels and he promised to other the very hard line on dot i didn't post the factors together where he used betty effectively by virtue not only through social media people who were asking where looking for something different and so not all was the man john cho on the right time and he copied the lies and does so it may not in any way will he say that it was either reach a word this election are known as a side i think i think in many ways. happening in many cup is him in some ways and need to be different in rugby is happening globally when you're mentioned . yet does in in chile well yes he's on the way when prescient but these are
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differing kind of raw you win. government the same maki in argentina even duke it in in colombia we're talking about a moderate of right but so not only is a different kind of politician and actually that he doesn't hunt they send expedience us colombians or the chileans in fabrics are not on has never done anything and does one of the main concepts some of the their work has a bit of political situation have whether he had the expertise that extended tea to actually keep together a very complicated political fructan a congress where he needs a lot of negotiation his kids to be able to do anything so he won the election but congress is there finally decided that he and he in he doesn't necessarily have a majority to the dull congress he will lead to war but he had to secure done by
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unity all right we thank you very much for joining us al-jazeera giving us your thoughts. well both so narrow is name has been used in more than a million tweets that's every day for weeks now and a bigger search after the election results and absolutely durian both n.r.o. has featured in more than three million tweets and just the past twenty four hours but we took a look and many of these mentions as you'll see in this map here are coming from outside of brazil take for example the hash tag he's not my president it was trending worldwide just as brazilians were starting to wake up today but it's largely fueled by europeans who are tweeting solidarity with both scenarios opponents and sharing concerns for brazilians but also both scenarios impacts on the world meteorologist eric holder house for one he's warning that plans to privatized the amazon rain forest amount to what he calls a planetary suicide at the amazon is often referred to as the lungs of the earth
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and sixty percent of it is in brazil the government has long promised to stop cutting down trees in the amazon and when brazil signed that paris climate agreement in twenty sixteen it was considered a big victory for environmentalists but deforestation has picked up in recent years and it's widely assumed that both scenario will only accelerate that further he's promised to slash environmental regulations and remove remove protections on some parts of the rainforest. critics say his policies on the amazon not only hurt the environment but also the indigenous communities who live there as farm land and mining industries grow around the rain forests those communities lose their homes indigenous people make up one of brazil's smallest minorities at just point four percent of the population. now a lot of a lot of the online conversation in brazil has focused on how other minority groups might be affected by a bull sonars victory giago here says both scenarios win is
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a victory for hatred racism and intolerance brazil he says has lost but clearly a majority of voters disagree with him since both sonora won this user here says that anyone posting he's not my president should get up and move to venezuela so what do you think of both scenarios victory let us know connect with us on twitter using the hash tag it is good well if you haven't checked out al-jazeera newest podcast you can head online and the latest episode host imtiaz taia breaks down the elections with al-jazeera as latin america editor of the syria newman new episodes of the show come out every friday and you can also subscribe to the take on apple podcasts google play or wherever you listen and also follow the take on twitter act at the take underscore pod or on the show's facebook page and if you have any comments or questions do get in touch with us here at the news grid you can send them through to any one of our online platforms on twitter use the hash
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tag a.j. newsgroup and use the handle a.j. inglis we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or send us a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine if you're watching us on facebook we have a story coming up for you of one moroccan tribe that's paying homage to its dark mystery still ahead on the news grid germany's chancellor angela merkel is to quit as leader of the ruling christian democratic union party after its abysmal showing in a regional election details coming up. however we do still have some right in the forecast across parts of the middle east clouds and wetter weather just making its way out of iran towards afghanistan easing over towards to many stan and is back to star bright skies come back in behind you can
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see the line of sherry rain just nudging its way up towards the eastern side of the region further west it's generally five android now settle conditions coming back in beirut at twenty seven degrees celsius over the next couple of days similar picture as we go on into wednesday before the race look how that rain really gathers across a good part of afghanistan snow over the high ground to the north of that we've got that mix of rain state and snow temperatures in our mattie and in tashkent getting up to around eleven degrees celsius could do well with across pakistan fine and dry temperatures at thirty four degrees celsius we have got some disturbed weather still across the right in front into however us here in qatar should be largely settled over the next couple of days i'm optimistic that the clouds and the rain is now in the process of pushing away but further west certain parts of saudi arabia the western side of saudi arabia over towards the red sea could see some heavy rain over the next couple days that comes with it the risk of some flooding then southern parts of africa generally dry and warm johannesburg twenty nine.
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a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james gunn and expose his family's legacy of slave ownership you know like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some over so scar we even scared to speak out because a soprano the. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers out there knowing anti-riot. we are challenging the
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forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. yeah yeah. yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah.
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the headlines on al-jazeera these are the most read articles on al-jazeera dot com right now in the top spot in fact the top two spots on turkey urging saudi arabia to reveal the whole truth when it comes to the. murder so read about those stories by heading to al-jazeera dot com. you may have seen our last headline it was on the german chancellor angela merkel and what she's done is she's announced that she's stepping down as leader of her ruling christian democratic union party merkel says she will stay on as chancellor until the next election but won't run in three years time merkel has led the c.d.u. party for the last eighteen years and is the first female german chancellor her party as well as a governing coalition partner the center left s.p.d. have been losing national support both suffered heavy losses at the polls in the german state of hess at the weekends and
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a month ago in bev area merkel and her party have faced growing backlash from the german right over migration and refugee policies that allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees to enter the country the s.p.d. have given merkel an ultimatum to approve results or they will pull the plug on the partnership. that could see the wounded some mostly at the next cd a party called was december and hamburg i would not put myself forward again as candidate for the cd secondly the school term has been lost his job a job at the federal election twenty twenty one i would not start again as chancellor candidate nor as a candidate for the bundestag and for the sake of protocol i want to seek any further political offices or earlier we spoke to matthew course rupie is engler merkel's biographer and he thinks that merkel is stepping down as party leader before she could be pushed out he's resigning mainly because it's becoming almost on tenable for her to stay on she had to do something and this is the next call she
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can play she was she appointed a new secretary general of her party in january when things were getting halting up a bit and they had the election result in a very a couple of weeks ago and more catastrophic leigh perhaps for the election defeat and hasn't been in over the weekend and they've suffered so massive losses so i think she's stepping down from her post as a policy chairman before she's pushed frankly she's had to climb in votes in her party she's still relatively popular in the country as a whole it's about almost fifty percent right to support. policies and support her and in some ways it's a bit of a paradox because the green party that did really well in those renaud collections is a party that's defended the immigration policies but internally in the c.d.u. party she needed to do something and this is the things she's and. because a new prime minister has officially started work after his sudden appointment
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triggered a political crisis the former president's mahinda rajapaksa is replacing wickremasinghe who has refused to leave the official residence he says that he still enjoys majority support but is unable to prove it as president sarah sent a suspended parliament and meanwhile the ousted oil minister are jus not run to go has been released on bail over the shooting incident that killed one person and injured two others on sunday speak to burn it smith is joining us from colombo so will serious and his decision to appoint a new prime minister actually survive. well during the armies the presidency is executive offices and at the moment. the presidents are saying a is appointing a new members of the cabinet you're going to see. roger packs for the moment it stands it stands because parliament's been suspended so we're on
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a single the former prime minister is not able to say to prove that he has this parliamentary support behind him he could apply appeal to the supremes court for a ruling we are missing hasn't done that yet there are tensions of course in supporters from both sides but neither side has yet sort of gone as far as calling it supporters out onto the streets because they seem to be waiting to see how this political process plays out very interesting leigh the chinese ambassador was the first to offer congratulations to mahinda rajapaksa in his new appointment of prime minister it was rajapaksa who bought in billions of dollars of chinese investment after the twenty six year long civil war here in sri lanka while on the other side the european union the united states and the indian government have said well hang on a minute presence there is a should be respect in the constitution the indians of course very worried about
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spreading chinese influence in this strategically important part of the indian ocean there in all rights burn a smith the update from colombo thank you we have an interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com and the author here argues that sri lanka is tamils are at imminent risk after rajapaksa is richer and he's calling on the international community to take urgent action to protect tamils after the former president's return you can read his analysis on the home page of al-jazeera dot com. israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian man and injured twenty five others during protests at the gaza border fence a day earlier three palestinian teenage boys were killed by an israeli drone drone strike that is in gaza hundreds of mourners have gathered to lay them to rest as you can see the israeli army says the boys were trying to plant explosives near the border fence with israel but their families insist they had no connections to armed groups harry fawcett reports from gaza. inside this mosque the funerals for.
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i will die her mohamed al satterlee who are both thirteen and fourteen year old khaled abu sayyid are taking place also inside the most senior leader of hamas which controls the gaza strip is a male and near now israel concerns that it was striking a terrorist cell what it calls a terrorist cell on this southern area very close to the perimeter fence that separates gaza and israeli territory the army saying that that there was a suspicion at least that there were explosives being planted there the story here is entirely different these are young children and people around here say that they may be trying to catch birds in an area which is very close to their homes just a few hundred meters between their homes and the border fence earlier at the hospital we spoke to the father of the hamid i woulda had a plan i would not and i just got up because i believe that these two young boys plenty explosives which they had. the bodies of the three boys are now being
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taken to the cemetery there are many in this crowd many around gaza who are advocating are not venturing these deaths what is being called under has not secured that as children this is a lot of political pressure. on the leadership of hamas for some kind of response there is also pressure on the israeli side as well but it could pressure after months ago to protest reaches of the fence in century devices being flowed into israeli territory we've heard calls from israeli defense minister for war toughened military action and indeed israel has recently suffered a druze when gage went over such incidences of course that makes incidents such as this all the more possible taken all together it's a very dangerous brew and at the center of it all today a family three families grieving for the deaths of three young boys let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and. members of
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the jewish community in pittsburgh have called on president trump to do more to condemn white nationalism after a saturday synagogue shooting a minute's silence has been held to remember the eleven victims the open letter says the president won't be welcome in the city unless he stops targeting minorities a forty six year old man accused of the shootings has arrived at the courthouse and gallagher has more from pittsburgh. well rob about was the suspected shooter in saturday morning's horrendous hate crime is due to appear in court later on monday he's now been released from hospital and of course faces twenty nine charges eleven of which are related to those eleven people that were killed on saturday morning thirteen of which are related to hate crimes he now faces the potential of the death penalty meanwhile here at the jewish community center close to the tree of life synagogue the flag is at hof staff as it is at the white house it will remain that way until at least wednesday and all throughout the past couple of days members of this community have been coming to lay flowers on the steps of the
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jewish community center and all the synagogues in this one of the oldest jewish communities in the united states this is a city that's determined to come together the sign hate has no home here is appearing all across pittsburgh even the local sports teams are flying those kinds of signs at the moment this is a city determined not to be defined by what happened on saturday morning but to be defined by a city that's coming together in the face of a horrible tragedy and what's likely to be the world's newest and now biggest airport has officially been opened in turkey it will be called istanbul airport it will take over from the old ataturk airport in the city which is closing president reza playing a bird developments will continue until twenty twenty eight by which time it's expected to be serving more than one hundred fifty million passengers a year. what a stunning turnaround mexican voters have decided to scrap their thirteen billion dollar new airport even though it's partially built and what's going on there so
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during your looking at the largest project of the outgoing mexican president enrique pena nieto and his administration and it would have been the world's third largest airport now a third of the new mexico city international airport at to cocoa on the outskirts of the capital is complete but now a divisive referendum result may stop this whole project now it's been under construction on the drains lake bed east of mexico city since two thousand and fifteen and the newly elected president andres manuel lopez obrador to argue during the election campaign that this new airport was a quote bottomless pit marred by corruption it's faced widespread opposition from local residents and environmental groups now the vote to cancel the project has added a new interesting layer of controversy here lopez obrador strands dition team organized the vote without the national election authority and while seventy percent voted against the airport projects only around a million people voted that's just one percent of the mexican electorate still the
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incoming president says that the vote was clean and that he will respect the result but the current president's party tweeted this that the vote is terrible news and had they been able to it and illegal referendum they've even started their own hash tag they're consulting a lego now it's evident that there was manipulation in favor of an alternate plan according to the president's party that plans to add runways to a nearby military base and instead now many mexicans have seen this video which went viral which appears to show someone voting more than once or twice just voting a lot as you can see there no cancelling this projects will cost believe it or not six billion dollars and this vote has sent shock waves through mexican markets and cause the peso it's a slide guillermo barba he's not an economist who says that we shouldn't be fooled . if the president elect does cancel this project he says he'll be declaring war on investors in the markets and only showing the world that the only opinion that matters is his own so we'll we'll keep watching to see what actually happens with
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this project once lopez obrador takes office on december first if you're in mexico let us know what you think you can get in touch is in the hash tag. and are stand by for a moment because we're going to take a look at a story that's off the grid and that's also trending high on our websites royal weddings that are often the stuff off fairy tales but japan's princess io co turned that norm on its head on monday and years back tell us about that certainly one of our favorite stories from the editorial meeting today many fairy tales typically end with the prince and princess living in a castle maybe one like this happily ever after but in this case they'll figure to vly be kicked out of the castle that's because twenty eight year old princess i chose to marry someone who is not a royal or a member of the nobility her groom kate morea works for a shipping company in japan and in choosing him the princess loses her royal status now she is simply i echo many of the people attending the wedding supported her
12:37 am
decision to marry for love. that's coconino mean and i think you know their relationship is so wonderful that it makes all japanese nationals also happy. i truly hope that they will be able to create a lovely family i have called some of the prettiest i it is a very bright and lively person and not yet it's a very kind and calm place and so i think this combination makes them perfect for each other but now in japanese tradition a prince can marry a non-royal and retain his status in fact his wife would join the royal family emperor akihito was the first crown prince to marry a non-royal who then became the empress michiko but there are different rules for female members of the royal household and there is a push to change that because there's concerns about how japan's shrinking royal family will handle its many public duties and on a more fundamental level there is worry that the family is simply running out of male errors the crown prince knew he'd so will take over next year when emperor
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akihito steps down after him there are only three male heirs left and one of them is in his eighty's so that's led to a push that we've seen today especially to change japan's succession laws and allow women to ascend to the throne that's an idea that's had a strong pushback from the country the country's conservatives but we'll have to see what happens there let us know what you think about japan's royal laws you know how to get in touch as i said earlier using the hash tag it in its growth interesting off the grid story andrew thank you for that well coming up we have a story for our facebook viewers about a hospital train treating patients across rural india and then when we come back home will be here he'll join us with the sports news as the boston red sox found celebrate their team winning the world series.
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hello again paul is what people are talking about in sports today and what's the top story it's all about baseball the world series. the top trending sports story over the past few hours all about the boston red sox after they won the world series by dominating the los angeles dodgers just as much of the. fourth world series title in fifteen seasons this after they didn't win it for eighty six years and till two thousand and four. well a team of been sharing their locker room celebrations with their fans on social media including plenty of extremely beautiful singing.
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the. last you might expect the fans have been partying into the night these were the scenes on the streets of boston into the early hours the show to be even bigger crowds when the team go back east for the trophy parade on wednesday. of more or less where can i go to l.a. and speak to money a country and he was covering the series with a live updates and reports for the guardian newspaper. in terms of results this look like a very one sided series but to the book schools hide a different story you know it all it really was a one sided series the boston red sox went out dominated the dodgers throughout the entire bible games the dodgers our friends really didn't show up with their bats. the red sox dominated all phases of the game whether it was with the pitching the
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ball and with time we had this or the dodgers pass just went cold for really long stretches. in the series and it ended up being there really feel like the end now until two thousand and four the red sox went eighty six years without a world series title they've now got four in the past fifteen seasons that they left a curse or something. well yeah i mean the curse of the bambino act has been well written and documented throughout the red sox history and you know ever since the two thousand and four season with the with the teams that the u.s. team built with manny ramirez and david ortiz and that motley crew it's they've really had a successful stretch here it's they've had four championships in the last fifteen years. and they're doing it with an entirely new unit right now general manager dave dombrowski has really brought in the right pieces set to m.v.p.
12:43 am
candidates this year who key bats and njt martinez and frankly david price showed up out of. the pitfalls of his peers career performance and the playoffs and really shine this series he went to an o. the one nine hundred eighty are a and he he was the winning pitcher last night and he pitched seven spectacular innings only limited the dodgers three heads and it's really when you have the highest payroll in all of baseball as the red sox do you're expected to win every year and. the cases that's the case for the dodgers as well but this is two years now in a row that they've come up short in the world series and have to see the opposition celebrate on their own. i think a company in los angeles thank you very much fionnuala says that thank you paul.
12:44 am
lewis hamilton has revealed that his formula one world championship triumph in mexico came just a few days after the death of his grandfather hamilton's fifth title put simply level with argentina's nine hundred fifty s. legend juan manuel fangio and to behind michael schumacher it's a journey that began when his father bought him a radio controlled car at the age of six this week is definitely been difficult i work up thursday morning and i was my grandad was in hospital and i work up and the first thing of all my as i haven't heard from my dad and how he's doing is a message my dad and would as i call me call my dad and find out he died like an hour before called him so no one since i'm so sad burned on the sense of really happy for him because he was he was fighting dementia and he didn't that he can even recognize his son in this you know i never want to have that with my dad and it will be close to my dad because i really want to continue to nurture that relationship because he would any we only have a certain amount of time together on this earth. but also just my dad always tried to make his dad proud and i was trying to me and my dad proud so to get this fifth
12:45 am
i think is. just a testament to to to to my family because they believed in me from day one well in the last couple of hours leicester city players have joined hundreds of fans at their home stadium it's pay tribute to the owner who died in a helicopter crash that goalkeeper. witness saturday's crash which claimed the lime life of which i did on a problem two of his stuff on the two pilots earlier monday schmeichel part of the heartfelt tributes on his twitter page saying that sri was on a problem had made his dreams come true. well the owner's wife and son also laid a wreath and said plays his son i what's reviewed on a problem is the club's vice chairman the family's been praise for bringing high values to leicester. well pates will be back with more at eight hundred jan say for now back to during paul thank you and that'll do it for this news greg you can keep
12:46 am
in touch with us on social media use the hostile news grid all the other ways to connects are right there and we will see you back here in studio fourteen or fifteen g.m.t. on tuesday thanks for watching but i. divorce rates in taiwan are soaring and as a marriage consultant helen knows this only too well. but as the sixtieth wedding anniversary approaches own parents are looking moans rather than alms let out today
12:47 am
. cannot daughterly love and professional expertise make them see eye to eye. my father my mother part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. what makes this moment we're living through something. we haven't seen the president this unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid bodily function that is
12:48 am
a perfect formula for authoritarianism and tyranny or me into the light so. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out this is the two state solution no up front. on knowledge is era new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. a meeting with saudi arabia's chief prosecutor to discuss the killing of journalist among ashaji leaves turkish prosecutors unsatisfied. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program rescuers find remains but no survivors after an indonesian plane
12:49 am
with one hundred eighty nine people on board crashes into the sea minutes after taking off from jakarta. brazil's far right president elect signals who is international allies will be announcing trips abroad to chile the u.s. and israel and after yet another election blow angela merkel confirms she will not seek reelection as german chancellor in twenty twenty one. sources in turkey have told al-jazeera the turkish prosecutor's office was unsatisfied after talks with saudi officials to discuss the murder of journalist. saudi arabia's chief prosecutor met turkish investigators earlier after arriving in istanbul on sunday night both countries are trying to retain control of the investigation saudi officials have reportedly requested that all evidence
12:50 am
statements and footage be handed over to them meanwhile turkey has repeated its requests for ria to extradite eighteen suspects in the case arguing that the alleged involvement of a local collaborator is a legitimate reason for them to face trial on turkish soil cross live now to house in istanbul i mean obviously this is all getting a little bit complicated and there's a real tension between saudi arabia and turkey for control of this investigation i mean ultimately who would you say does have control right now. well bubble of the turkish authorities had high hopes that the presence of the top saudi prosecutor certainly been of the manager with true a corporation between two countries when it comes to is about the probe that didn't happen the turkish investigators are now going down the scope of the investigation to three major issues they wanted to testimony of the eighteen suspects that were
12:51 am
arrested is saudi arabia they didn't get any answer from the sa the top prosecutor they wanted to know was the body of the model has no answer from the saudi prosecutor and they wanted to know who gave the order to kill them and. if i think this still cautious at this particular moment because their whole issue has we showed very critical juncture this explains i think why the turkish prosecutor was trying to get more clarity from the saudis and we wanted them to come out openly and share some of the critical information they have and this is something which is definitely going to further strain relations between saudi arabia and turkey i don't know whether this particular moment we're going to see another meeting between the two top prosecutors or that the saudi prosecutor will have to fly back to saudi arabia and for further consultation with the political leadership
12:52 am
in the kingdom on hashem obviously turkey has been at the heart of this because it happened there in the saudi consulate in istanbul so no surprises there but if saudi arabia doesn't l'abri the way that turkey would like it to what avenues are left to turkey when it comes to the investigation. i wouldn't be surprised if the turkish authorities. said this stream of leaks once again to the international media like they did in the past to. push put more pressure on the saudis and there was a very efficient to the point where the saudis. against the backdrop of the international condemnation of those leaks the truth of the dish to change their narrative from a brawl that went terribly wrong get into admitting that this was premeditated killing and then arresting eighteen suspects and saying that they would be coming forth more openly with the turkish authorities but as you know they seized there
12:53 am
are two levels here the judicial corp of the political we're talking about a context where relations between the two countries were strained for really quite some time saudi arabia accuses turkey of being the. baby back of the political islam and particularly for groups affiliated with the muslim brotherhood they've been accusing turkey of trying to destabilize countries like the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and till you get those countries set aside those differences. is we made to be seen whether the two countries would be able to come forward in a time soon to try to solve this problem but this is something which is definitely at this particular moment going to further strained relations between the saudis and the turks. with the latest there from istanbul hashem thank you.
12:54 am
and woman has blown herself up in central tunis killing herself and wounding nine people eight policemen are among the injured the tunisian interior minister has described it as a terrorist explosion the country has been under a state of emergency since two thousand and fifteen when dozens of people were killed in a series of attacks claimed by. in the knees in search and rescue teams say there is no sign of survivors after a plane plunged into the sea carrying a hundred and eighty nine people on board. the boeing seven three seven by the low cost airline lion there was headed from the capital jakarta to the western city of bank. but it crashed into the java sea just minutes after taking health when he reports. the paintwork confirmed the first pieces of debris recovered from the crash site were from lion air flight six one zero it's believed to have crashed around thirty five kilometers off the coast just minutes after takeoff from jakarta
12:55 am
there were early signs that the chances of finding survivors would be slim and. we have found flights from the plane and also parts of bodies which have been handed over to the medical team we will keep searching for the main section of the plane this was the flight path of the boeing seven three seven max eight reconstructed by the flight radar twenty four website using satellite data it took off at six twenty local time on monday morning for what was supposed to be a one hour flight north according to the transportation ministry the pilot asked to turn the plane around two to three minutes after takeoff contact was lost soon after. at the airports in jakarta and the flight's destination punk family members gathered to wait for details about the plane's fate. i waited until after eight am but there was still no news so i asked an official then he said the flight had lost contact indonesian president joko widodo offered his support and said the search
12:56 am
will continue around the clock. so we understand the concern of families but we hope the family members can be patient to wait for the search and rescue teams they're working very hard at the location of the crash. indonesia has a poor transport safety record and at times its airlines have been banned from u.s. and european airspace is because of concerns over safety standards has been involved in several incidents since it began operating eighteen years ago but nothing as serious as this. several people were injured in two thousand and thirteen when a rookie lion air pilot landed a boeing seven three seven in the water while approaching bali's denpasar airport the plane involved in monday's crash was new considering boeing's track record and this new general we have got it doesn't look like any mechanical failure or something around those lines but there will be further questions about a fault that was discovered before its preceding flight from bali to jakarta the
12:57 am
plane was cleared to fly but lying there hasn't said what the fault was wayne hey al jazeera jakarta. brazil's new president show you both so not all has announced this first foreign trip abroad will be to chile followed by the u.s. and israel the former army officer won fifty five percent of the vote in sunday's bitterly fought presidential run off the spot offending many with remarks considered mr john istic racist and homophobic also mara tapped into voter anger over corruption crime and economic problems traceable reports now from rio de janeiro. until a few months ago. chances of making it to the presidency were slim now he supporters call him the myth and knife attack last month and the general disenchantment with the political class have propelled him to the presidency georgia that we are for you see here was britain go finally we will put our beloved brazil above all else this government will be one of constitution democracy and
12:58 am
freedom this is a pledge not of a party it's not the vain empty words of a man but it's a promise to god freedom will make us a great nation what happened today in the polling places was not the victory of a party but rather the celebration of a country. a former army paratrooper and an admirer of brazil's military dictatorship he said that a good criminal is a dead criminal and has promised to clean the country of what he calls the red communist threat he supporters say he is the man brazil needs. the poor people he's very simple. everybody. hundreds of people have gathered outside i am also not only apartment they're chanting the national anthem and celebrating they say they want order and progress that's written in the brazilian flag but there are many who fear that selection is
12:59 am
a threat to democracy. i know told us he celebrates every election in brazil because he was banned from voting for twenty seven years during brazil's military rule. i cherish every election because it's our way of expressing l. selves and this election is more important than ever because of what's at stake and what's at stake. this is the first defeat of the workers' party in sixteen years when former president won the presidency. what we saw was an awakening of people as to what was at play in the selection precipice being put to the test we had twenty sixty one president dilma was being a beached we had the un for a present of president the failure to follow the un resolution we will forward with courage to take our listeners to all corners of this country democracy is of value above all of us. has vowed to appoint former members of the
1:00 am
military in cabinet and that he run the country with an iron fist analysts believe his election represents a challenge do the brazilians the capacity to defend themselves against a. democrat. we're doing things right and what we've seen i think from the. electoral college and some of the other instances makes me worry that perhaps not more so narrow will take office in january he says job then will be to fulfill his promise to kick start brazil's economy and the crime wave that has already left thousands of people day. well i suppose joins me now from rio de janeiro it seems another let's call him colorful character to join other leaders that have been elected in the past few years it could be termed you know right far right populist also different words but certainly a lot of sin.


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