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a client's its ally the united arab emirates also spends a lot on influence more than twenty million dollars last year while its goal for rival qatar spent more than eighteen million dollars on lobbying and media campaigns and by comparison a variety of pro israel groups including a pac spends more than five million dollars on lobbying just last year let's make to bend freeman he is the director of the foreign influence transparency initiative at the center for international policy which have produced this report and ben is joining us from washington d.c. thanks for speaking to us so the report that you put out just shows just how much money and influence have become entrenched in washington politics tell us first how you collated this information and what surprised you the most from the findings what we did was we took everything that the saudi lobby reported doing in two thousand and seventeen that's every single member of congress that they contacted it's every single media organization that they contacted all in all we had twenty
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five hundred different political activities that they reported and we also had almost two thousand campaign contributions reported by those firms and their lobbyist totaling more than two million in campaign spending by these firms and these lobbyist and then what we did we said well i wonder if there's any overlap there and we found there's considerable overlap about four hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions went to members of congress the saudi lobbyist i contacted and we found in fact twelve instances on the very same day a member of congress was contacted by a saudi lobbyist they received a campaign contribution from that exact same firm so when you say that there is a direct correlation between political contributions and key congressional events does that mean that it's possible to actually quantify the impact the money is spent has had on steering us foreign policy. i think there absolutely is if you look at the arms sales which president trump loves to tout we're talking tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to saudi arabia and let's be honest about
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these arms sales saudi arabia relies on them to stay strong in the middle east and without them they would seriously struggle with security and so this investment is lobbying that they do is to make sure that those arms sales that they keep flowing and that the u.s. continues to stay involved in the war in yemen and in the wake of the hussle g. murder we did see some p.r. as well as lobbying firms sever their ties with saudi arabia does that mean that this has put a dent in their efforts or has it dramatically increased attempts at lobbying no i think what that shows is just that some firms grew a conscience in they saw this horrific accident and they said they're no longer willing to work for a regime that would do something that despicable however another firm agreed to sign with the saudis after this event happened and they're still more than two dozen lobbying and public relations firms that are on the saudi payroll right now in d.c. weeks after this event happened so the idea that the saudi lobby is somehow broken
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after jamal khashoggi well that's just not true all right ben freeman we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera so as you were hearing israel is another country that lobbies heavily in the u.s. and in this past up front episode that matthew has done he and his guests debates the influence of the israel lobby in the u.s. so you can check it out on al-jazeera dot com. and you can also get in touch with us here at the news grid we'd like to hear from you from on these stories you can send your comments to any one of our online platforms were on twitter just use the hash tag news grid our handle is aging list we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al jazeera and you can send us a whatsapp or telegram up plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine we are getting a lot of comments on the story via facebook in fact one of our viewers saying the international community should put more pressure on saudi arabia after this assassination and someone else saying the saudis are trying to buy time in turkey
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so keep your comments and questions coming to us right here at the news grid indonesia's government has ordered inspections of all a brand new boeing seven three seven jets of the same type involved in monday's crash one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew were killed in the second worst air disaster in indonesia's history well this is also the eleventh major accident in sixteen years for the low cost carrier lion air when he reports from jakarta. piece by piece. bring back what the found floating on the java sea id cards possible woods and other personal items belonging to some of the one hundred eighty nine people on board a being sorted. body parts are being taken to a nearby hospital where relatives have the harrowing task of making identifications but that was about how out of the many. families still hoping she survives we still have a big hope for that but if she did not survive we pray that her remains can quickly
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be discovered so we can take a home to be buried. finding out what happened in the final moments of lie in the air flight six one zero and why it crashed into the sea soon after takeoff is likely to take a long time a lot of us. my father was on board but we still don't know we're still hoping for the best because there hasn't been an official statement from lion air so we are still hoping for the best but increasingly speculation is turning to a problem with the instruments in the cockpits giving false readings lion air has confirmed there was a technical problem with the plane before it took off from bali to jakarta on sunday it says the issue was fixed but during that flight the pilot reported problems with the flight control system and satellite data collected by independent flight monitoring websites shows unusual fluctuations in speed and altitude soon after it took off from bali the situation stabilized in lyon is says the problem was fixed again when it landed in jakarta and it was cleared to take off on monday
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morning it crashed some twelve minutes after it left the indonesian capital small pieces of debris being found but the search for the main wreckage continues how the new area today we've adjusted our calculations and widened our search areas to eighteen point five kilometers on the java sea more than eight hundred people are involved in the search for debris bodies and clues to what happened to lion air flight six one zero wayne hey al jazeera jakarta. well the pentagon is sending more than five thousand troops to america's southern border with mexico the u.s. president donald trump ordered the military operation to stop several migrant caravans that are continuing to march through central america in search of a better life in america with just a week before the u.s. midterm elections this is what trump tweeted this warning this is an invasion of our country and our military is waiting for you you can see that tweet towards the
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ends so let me show you. where these migrant caravans are right now the closest to america with around four thousand people is crossing the state of a haka in mexico that's around sixteen hundred kilometers from the nearest u.s. border crossing at macallan texas there's a second caravan of around three thousand people who've arrived at the border of guatemala and mexico over the weekend and despite clashing with mexican authorities they have now crossed into the country there is a third group of around three hundred people who left el salvador on sunday they're also headed for the u.s. border. is in hong douras are there more migrants who are still leaving honduras well give us an idea of the numbers. legal observers here in hundreds have told us that anywhere between one hundred fifty and two hundred individual migrant hundred migrants are making their way across into the bottom ball in the border every single every single day now i spoke to one police officer
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earlier today that told me that every day there's about three buses full of migrants that are dropped off here on the honduran side of the border and they'll make their way to the honduran checkpoint there enter their names into a system then they'll come outside the media each other get a sense of where they're all going and then travel together across the border into into guatemala now as far as any new migrant caravans forming the way it works in hunters is that there's migrants migrant groups that form all over the country and then they make their way to this specific border crossing in. the southwestern part of the country where they where they come together and they make their way as a group there's a sense that there's safety in numbers traveling together as a migrant group into guatemala making their way toward the bottom of the mexico border and then of course making joining either a larger caravan or track deciding to travel as individuals making their way across the border and toward the united states but the way it works generally is that the
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migrants will make their way to this border crossing here this is where they meet this is where the larger groups converge this is where the caravans become that large group and that's when they start making their way toward the united states and what's been the response of by the honduran government to the threats by president trump who's said he's going to end foreign aid to honduras because of this. the honduran government had initially closed down this specific border crossing when the united states had initially made those threats when the pressure from president was first put in place saying that one hundred government should stop any migrants from crossing this border crossing was shut down and clashes and confrontations took place between migrants and hundred police as you can see this border is now open once once again but one hundred president of one of london and this has vowed recently to invest heavily in new economic policies that would create as many as twelve thousand new jobs that are considering leaving the country and urging and asking migrants that have already
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left in recent weeks to return promising promising them new jobs but the that doesn't really seem to be dissuading migrants from leaving we're hearing from residents that a lot of the migrants that make their way to this specific border crossing don't register or don't register with the government building and instead hire guides to take them into the coffee plantations in the outside in the surrounding areas and then make their way illegally into guatemala well that will form a larger group and then make their way toward the guatemala mexico border and of course make their way toward the united states' rights and all right paula thank you for that update well while this story develops official statistics point to an uptick in a rests of people attempting to cross the u.s. border with mexico in september alone u.s. border forces arrested seventeen thousand people which is more than a thirty percent increase over the previous month so you can read more about that. thought com. let's take a look at some of the other news making headlines right around the world and on the
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road bangladesh and man maher have agreed to begin repatriating rohinton refugees by the middle of next month fifteen million more government delegates are in the bangladeshi capital dhaka there are due to visit refugee camps and cox's bazar around three quarters of a million in just led the military crackdown in rakhine state last year and rights groups say there which are and must be voluntary and dignified in bangladesh a five year jail sentence for the opposition leader has been doubled to ten years she was sentenced in february for stealing money from an orphanage when she was prime minister then she was convicted on monday for misappropriating three hundred thousand dollars from a charity zia who plans to run in the general election in december says all charges are aimed at keeping her out of politics in tunisia at least twenty people have been wounded after a suicide bomber blew herself up in the capital tunis fifteen policemen are among
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the injured the country has been under a state of emergency since twenty fifteen when dozens of people were killed in a series of attacks by isis. more than one hundred fifty activists have gathered in paris for the human rights defenders summit they say activists are increasingly becoming the targets of intimidation violence and censorship the talk about law has more it's really apparent the what unites movie human rights defenders here at this hour a summit is this real sense of moral duty obligation to try and help others even knowing that means that they often put their own lives at risk because there are governments of openness and critics who want to try to silence them and stop them from doing the work they do our mission on mission to speak of truth to power and to try to remind everybody with the rule of law we don't have power per se but we have our moral authority as the human rights defenders as people who believe in
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justice and justice for the victims we spoke to american egyptian activist i hear jossy now she was released from a kyra jail in twenty seventeen where she spent nearly three years egyptian authorities accused her falsely of trying to traffic children and despite her terrible ordeal she still works fighting for people's rights people like me and the very brave activists who are still working inside of egypt and who have families arrested and murdered. very are there are roadblocks to mort's or any and there's always more tyranny there isn't there isn't an end to hot evil people are willing to be and so all those who are speaking there they're actually making we are making progress or campaigners say that this is a really valuable forum for them to come together to share ideas and experiences strategies for the future and really send a message to world leaders that more needs to be done to protect the rights of
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human rights defenders all storms in italy have killed at least nine people heavy rains and strong winds have been hitting much of the country for the past three days farmland is flooded and some tourist spots have suffered serious damage in venice water levels have risen to a ten year high officials say they can also be is now seventy five percent under water. a japanese still company has been ordered to compensate for south koreans for their forced labor during world war two south korea's supreme court ruled nippon steel must pay each eighty seven thousand dollars company has called the ruling regrettable japan occupied south korea from one nine hundred ten to one thousand nine hundred five and is accused of never fully apologizing or paying repatriations to koreans who were forced to work without pay if you're watching us on facebook live we have a story for you that's coming up about finland's iron. and going nowhere else the prime minister rally supporters outside the official residence he's refusing to
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leave stories coming up right after this very short break. hello it's been raining recently in iran and and afghanistan i suspect that rain is welcome particularly afghanistan i was the right time the year for however is not staying in one place is a frontal system so it will move through wednesday suggests a decent amount of rain in northern and northeast and afghanistan north of that is course and as the ground rises it falls a snow temps now marty will drop its occult front after all down to three but only get thirty eight couples going that are sixty but the sun has come out west of that it's a fine looking pictures skies are full of sunshine that's back towards the mediterranean coast but we have seen a lot of cloud recently has some pretty effective thunderstorms throughout the arabian peninsula they're focusing on the western side of saturday for wednesday
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and probably thursday but you cannot rule out the idea the map if you to the east through possibly bahrain and qatar more likely the u.a.e. mostly course is still going to be a dry picture you saw rain has been falling recently in south africa and is developing again this is a system moving from west to east and as it moves east it will develop and become slow moving so felicity to east and south and probably southern mozambique that rain could be persistent maybe for more than one day. eighty percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment . and where there was a will there is a way from a state of the altos spectrum covering over seventy seven countries probably to have these patients be since in fact every roll and in pakistan one man's passion
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provides a flea treatment for over one million patients and yet the cure revisited which is iraq. zero. where everyone. gets into the heart of the matter plus three big challenges facing human problems in the twenty first century and they are nuclear war climate change and technological disruption facing realities whatever it is they have to free up is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera .
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those are the headlines on our visitor a these are the most read articles right now on a website al-jazeera dog all the latest the live updates from the word are case from istanbul. no point in texan culprits that's what he said as if i had to al-jazeera dot com to read more about that story and in the second trump planning to terminate birthright citizenship that is a story that's developing right now out of the us and head to our website to read more about that. the majority of. have signed
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a letter to the president asking for parliament to reconvene so the call is backed by supporters of the ousted prime minister running were who's refused to leave the prime minister's official residence president's house replaced him with the former president mahinda rajapakse up so let's remind ourselves house ended up in this crisis and who the main players are first the sacked prime minister raila recruit a single there he is he was dismissed on friday but refuses to accept it he believes he still commands a parliamentary majority but can't prove that because the man who fired him that man right there the president my three policy recenter spend at parliament's service center says he decided to get rid of wickramasinghe because one of his cabinet ministers was involved in an assassination plots of the president replace worker missing go with this man he's the former president mahinda rajapaksa he has a strong reputation having been in power when the government ended the decades long
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civil war in two thousand and nine here's bernard smith with an update from colombo . these are fouls and fouls of protesters and the speaker i'm sure lanka's parliament are calling on president by for a policy or a saner to recall parliament so that it can vote on whether the man holed up in the prime minister's official residence at the end of that road is still in fact prime minister on friday president serious a fired prime minister from a single he came out spoke to the crowds earlier he told them he's still the lawful prime minister of sri lanka and he called on people to continue to protest to protect because democracy. presidents are removed the prime minister from cindy and replaced him with former president mahinda rajapaksa many people here especially the protesters say that it was unconstitutional i think everyone is really surprised by what happened everyone
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should be shocked but everyone in the feels like they need to figure out how we can stop this because this happened not on our watch we are hoping that approaches protests of this nature by citizens by the people of sri lanka will the right tool for the government to follow the democratic process the president says he's acted constitutionally but for lanka's constitution has changed a couple of years ago taking powers away from the president and giving it to parliament the prime minister is the one who should come out and the parliamentary majority that is why people say what's happened recently is unconstitutional and they feel a threat to sri lanka's democracy well human rights watch has released a statement calling thailand's criminal investigation against a music band baseless and one said to drop the case sara horowitz is here with more on the story sara well exactly i mean rap against dictatorship is the name of the band and its song profit kumi hasn't gone down too well with thailand's military
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government the song which means what my country has got has actually gone viral. but. it's there it's like my country points a gun at your right to confront nepotism human rights abuse poor health care and a lack of freedom of speech but the ruling gentle and police have accused the group of presenting false information causing a national security threat and jeopardizing thailand's reputation now an investigation is under way and prosecuting the right group for serious criminal offenses including violation of the top computer related crime act and violating the thai gentles ban on a political activity and also criticism of its military rule now people who share the song or the music video on social media platforms in thailand are also facing being arrested but if you actually scroll down on the rap against
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dictatorship a youtube page just there you'll see they've written notes in english and they're saying that they've had to consult their own lawyer the lawyers rather about that seventy plus comments that have now been disabled about it says it had to do that after seeking that legal advice and the reasons why they have done so is because they say these comments are quite risky and could and i quote affect us in the future now senior research so now i opposed took. a human rights watch in bangkok told al jazeera that suppression of freedom of speech in thailand needs to end soon since the coup we made two thousand and fourteen that i wouldn't see p.l.u. restricted freedom of expression art or fundamental rights any criticism of military rule any report of human rights violations in thailand could be prosecuted
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under sedition act and the complete crimes and when that ban on. political opinions now they are going after a popular rap groups that has more than twenty million we will send you to your need to stop repressing free speech they need to allow an open space so that high land can return to a democratic society as everyone in the country is now looking forward to. passo is referring to next year's general election in february and the timing of this song is important as discontent especially amongst high youth is on the rise but the minute she government is trying to win popular support in the build up to thailand's first election in eight is even though it took over in a queue it now intends to run as a legitimate political party in the polls now the songs popularity has made it impossible for the military to prevent being shared online but in
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a very unusual move on monday the police backed off actually from this and sort of major general store chats deputy director of the technology crime center posted publicly on his facebook its entire that declaring that no one could be stopped from expressing opinions and that very same day even the time prime minister responded to the allegations in the song he also is life really that oppressive am i so dictatorial don't let anyone distort the facts those were his was in thailand has very strict laws on defamation of the royal family and political campaigning is still banned there but new political parties have been allowed to register in recent weeks ahead of that election next year now as kim here has put it on switzer's been a few comments there with of course the hashtag you can see rub against dictatorship but she says with the general election just around the corner the provisional military government must learn to familiarize itself with on ring the
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will or at least listen to the voices of the people who will soon be supposed to will soon soon be serving rather so if you are close that story you have any similar stories where you are do you get in touch the hash tag is a.j. news grid. well more than fifty thousand troops are taking part in nato's biggest military exercises since the end of the cold war the event is a show of strength to deter any would be aggressor it's attracted the criticism though a fresh which has announced its own exercises in retaliation topless reports i'm here at the media day the trying junction military exercises being held here in central norway we have static displays set up for distinguished visitors and we'll have more complete b.s. landings and fly by aircraft these exercises a really about are about instilling confidence in nervous alliance partners nervous g two russian military activity has increased on their borders over the past here
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and pointing case the russians have just announced that their navy will conduct life missile drills of the course of the next two days. well donald trump is due to visit pittsburgh later on shoes they that's the first funerals are held for eleven people killed during a shooting in a synagogue there but members of the jewish community have written an open letter to trump saying he's not welcome unless he fully did on says white supremacy and he gallagher reports from pittsburgh. at the tree of life synagogue in squirrel hill people from across the city continue to lay tributes for the eleven victims that were killed on saturday morning the attorney general called the shooting an attack on all people of faith one survivor described the moments after the first shots rang out i tried to see if i could go back to get the eight remaining people who were in the back of the congregation but i could tell the gun it was gunfire was getting louder it was coming up the stairs and i couldn't
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a can save those eight people the suspected shooter robert bowers appeared in court on monday the forty six year old faces twenty nine separate charges and could face the death penalty in another development a group of jewish leaders has published an open letter to president trump telling him he should stay away one exit reads president trump you are not welcome in pittsburgh until you fully denounce the white nationalism the president is jew in pittsburgh on tuesday we have no use for him. he's calling himself a nationalist the last political group that i heard of the call themselves nationalists were nazis and the white house briefing the president's press secretary told reporters don't trump has made his feelings on hate crimes clear that the president has denounced racism hatred and bigotry in all forms on a number of occasions will continue to do that i'm doing it here today and i would also say at the same time that some individuals they're grieving they're hurting
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the president wants to be there to show the support of this administration for the jewish community the rabbi said that he is welcome as well as this community continues to mourn the eleven people that were killed on saturday morning the first funerals a jew to take place on tuesday two brothers who were killed in what's described as the worst attack on the jewish community in u.s. history will take place meanwhile the phrase hate has no home here is springing up all across the city and the gallacher al-jazeera pittsburgh pennsylvania environmentalists are outraged over china's decision to reverse a ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horns sara talk us through what's happening the wild wild life fund is warning that us humans have wiped out sixty percent of the animal population and that's just since the nineteen seventies earth is raising biodiversity it's a rate seen only jury in mass extinction and if that wasn't enough china has
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decided to partially lift is twenty five year ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhino horn now both are endangered species but on monday china said parts from captive animals have been authorized for to cause special circumstance well why are they in those offices and to fit medical and cultural purposes but wildlife experts worry that this will increase demand for the animals and jeopardize efforts to protect them in the wilds. now china has defended its decision by highlighting the trade will be strictly controlled through the no cd i'm going to want more china has established a series of strict regulations enhanced law enforcement and has guided its citizens to fight against illegal acts. china had prohibited the trade in one thousand nine hundred ninety three after a global push to protect foss disappearing endangered species critics are now condemning the rule change and they say it's a significant setback for efforts to protect the animals from extinction and would further threaten the thirty thousand less rather thirty thousand then thirty
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thousand rhinos and three thousand nine hundred tigers still in the wild now greenpeace says it's a big step in the wrong direction and the world wildlife fund says the move to overturn the ban is likely to have devastating consequences globally and i quote not only could this lead to the risk of leaving legal trade providing cover its illegal trade this policy will also stimulate demand the other what had otherwise declined since the ban was put in place no reason was given for the sudden if sting of the ban so far however tiger bones and rhino horns are mainly used in traditional chinese medicine which is valued at more than one hundred billion dollars now one person who's a doctor lauren. devastated devastating china reverses twenty five years of tiger bone rhino horn ban legalising use of captive bred tiger bone and rhino horns in hospital we seem to be actually going rapidly backwards rather than forwards as
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always we want to hear from you in any of the stories that we cover especially on newsgroups to do get in such minds which handle is. so thank you and let's not speak to iris hoshi's a spokeswoman for humane society international she is joining us from washington d.c. thanks for speaking to was so why do you think that china is reversing the ban now . it's absolutely a shocking and devastating decision to assess up essentially a laundering scheme for illegal tiger parts and rhino horns to enter the marketplace and pushing them furder to extinction and the tiger and rhino pharma industry has been for years to pressure the government to reopen their trade and their answer their prayers have been answered unfortunately at the devastating expense of tigers and write novels can the strains be strictly controlled in any way as china is saying it will be i mean we have seen
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the experience of regulated elephant ivory markets with china and it was a devastating failure the tigers and rhino should not be brett for commercial commercial gains i mean these for a while species and they are beloved by citizens around the world including citizens in china and therefore by opening up their trade china is pushing a demand for these parts and furder pushing these species to extinction when we see the outrage from environmentalists and groups such as yours but one people power is ignored what sort of pressure can realistically put be put on politicians and governments i mean tigers in rhinos d.s.r. to rarest animals on earth we cannot gamble on the species extinction and animal cruelty this is a risk that we cannot afford to take and this is definitely not a fight that we can afford to afford to lose and we will be contacting and
12:34 am
writing the choose the chinese government and urging them to reconsider a decision and this has devastating consequences for animals and also for conservation advocates around the world what kind of consequences give an idea give us an idea of how devastating this actually is going to be. yeah i mean we have no less than four thousand tigers in the wild and less than thirty thousand rhinos andal in the wild and having reopened this trade with perpetuates the demand for tiger bones and rhino horns and also will complicate forstmann efforts so come back to illegal wildlife trade and furthermore is just going to increase poaching pressure on animals in the wild all right so we thank you very much for speaking to us from washington giving us your point of view thank you know some of
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australia's best loved animals are losing their homes as trees are cut down three million hectares of forest on the east coast is expected to be felt in the next fifteen years putting the koala bear in crisis and thomas reports from port stephens. they're one of two animals australia is known for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers of fulling fast cars kill them as do dogs and disease but the central cause one that lies behind all those threats is human destruction of the places koalas live forcing them closer to people and each other it all comes back to habitat loss if quality has lost habitat they have to come down search for habitat which then makes them have to cross the road so this is set to both being hit by cars and attacked by dogs as well north of sydney this small rehabilitation center is about to be transformed into a full koala hospital costing two million dollars the state governments of new
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south wales will pay for it but that's the same government say campaigners which is allowing even encouraging the destruction of koala habitat we are incredibly appreciative that we're getting this hospital we need this hospital but the laws that allow the habitat clearing and it's give on one hand on the other last year new south wales relaxed laws controlling the amount of land farmers can clear of trees as a result of the new report lang clearing rates have tripled those behind the report say that if current trends continue while it could be extinct in the wild in new south wales by twenty fifty it's really shocking and it's certainly within our power to stop but if we don't stop habitat destruction we will be the ones that will save these animals in the few in the wild for the last time you south wales environment minister turned down a request for an interview but the state government says old lang clearing laws were too restrictive bombing and development does not need to threaten koalas but
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this patch of wetland forest north of sydney illustrates the subjective nature of the decisions its own by the education department of the state government which doesn't need it for a school so two years ago sold it to a developer after environmentalist start. petitions and campaigns the state government said it made a mistake and is now trying to buy the land back for more than it was sold one part of government doesn't communicate with the other before any government common floods of land they're supposed to. other government departments and ask if you want it nobody asked the department of environment as far as we know do you want this land the more land the disappears the more animal hospitals will be needed under thomas al-jazeera paul stevens australia for viewers watching us on facebook so we have a video for you coming up up about how pittsburgh's the jewish community is coming together after that mass shooting we've been telling you about at
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a synagogue that took place earlier this week and then in just a moment santa will join us with a sports news and we'll see what's next for real madrid after they sacked their coach will end up taking just three months into the job in a moment. hello
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again wilson is here now with the sports news and trouble brewing with europeans football's champion son i went to the area i mean they lost their best football and now they've been left without a coach real madrid have been hunting for a new head coach after they sacked hootin just three months into his first season in charge all need took over in the summer but made the worst thought to a season of any coach in the last seven to get this sunday's five one thrashing up by rivals barcelona and el classico is their fifth defeat in seven games and left them ninth in the spanish league where you all have not won the league for more than a month something the fans are also blaming on the play is. why there is no more that we have very comfortable players in a lot of money and don't have feeling for the badge sometimes this is no longer
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real madrid it's more players from all over the world it is more business than football and i don't see a complex team there because there's ton of dollars that i think they are fed up of victories and money i think that if they are fed up of victories they have to go somewhere else and others with more eagerness should come i don't see a team with hugs on the coach love to take he wasn't able to give them hope either . correspond that he weddings has been following developments at three allen said replacing the taking my depends on the wishes of the players and that the new coach may already be under their noses. well they've definitely been lining up and consider hasn't been work since he left chelsea but the reports within spike in his demands are high whether it's the money the terms and conditions and some of the senior players haven't made the right noises about wanting him on board so it's not certain that they will be able to get antonio concert even though he remains the favorite what it does mean is that santiago steps up from the rama did they like
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that progression it's the progression that dominate and he has a very encouraging one of fixtures easier fixtures coming up so he could make a good start and could make a big climb for that job so extraordinary situation is no there has to be a lot of faith. because he was given this chance to manage a car the head of no there's no bigger job in comp football than being the manager of rome which would he done very well in house buying and qualified there are very strong going into that world cup and his professionalism should possibly have carried him through for a good world cup for spain but of course he was sacked just two days before term all the spanish team out there didn't recover from he certainly hasn't recovered because going to run with it under all this pressure he hasn't settled down does it make him a really bad coach no of course it doesn't and the way football works he will be snapped up eventually by another car parks even a big club but it's just been
12:43 am
a terrible and unforgettable few months for him now man just a night his paul pogba has felt fine to himself following his lengthy penalty of run up against everton he tweeted this video making his way to his car his run up at the weekend to colombo the new symbol runs at the one hundred metres he missed it scored at the rebound in a two one win for united. well there's a lot of chatter online that rinaldo is the partially ventas in the summer left without a goal scorer or some pointing out though that ryall lost five nil to barcelona with ronaldo so sunday's a five one result is actually good progress and bleacher report compare reales stats after rinaldo with the cleveland cavaliers stats after the bron james left the cavs coached at tyrone and was also sacked as day before look pretty good
12:44 am
spokeo what well it's halloween after all. and the world gymnastics championship the qatar show casting a some of the planet's best athletes foremost among them the u.s. is small bias but it's also part of the country's attempt to promote sport in the region and make a big events so is there for us. a news group this is the home i like coming to you from sports city in doha where there's a huge amount of excitement can't really tell right now because there's no one really here where i am just with us all the fountain just behind me in that blues looking building that's called this by a dome and they're watching the women's team finals with the jena six expecting to see simone balls pick up a gold in that vent along with team usa and i just want to remind you just not the only big event happening in qatar qatar's got a lot of things going on over the next two years and you got major finals major championships happening none bigger than the world cup and some the match is only
12:45 am
taking place in that building there that is the khalifa stadium like selena messi played in the past strong denio and now the biggest stars of the world of football and be coming back there for the world cup in twenty twenty two that is not all you want just let x. world championships happening next year with the muhammad pharo looking to race in the marathon and so huge things happening in doha but right now the spotlight is you know on the gymnasts and kick use mobiles and not building on the get back in there and see whether she can seal the first goal for team usa well to the firm while cell was filming his set take their bodies didn't get that gold some athletes who get a bit of help against a gravity in their quest for medals this is the end of skydiving wall cup also known as body flight a wind tunnel training began as an aid for skydivers a but has become a professional sport. peter will have more at eight hundred g.m.t.
12:46 am
but now hands you back to during summer thank you for that update and thanks for watching the news grid on. do it for this show remember you can keep in touch with us also so media use the hash tag a.j. news grid we will see you back here in studio fourteen at fifteen g.m.t. on wednesday thanks for watching. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal to hopefully
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a. person or team dynamic just. short documentaries from around the world about those who won't give up their fight for justice. al jazeera selects justice. turkey says the visiting saudi public prosecutor is no censoring questions about web jamal khashoggi is. no i'm maryanne demasi and london you're with al-jazeera also coming on myanmar and bangladesh agreed to start returning hundreds of thousands of rango refugees next
12:49 am
month. divers in indonesia retrieve the belongings of those lost with the lion f like six want to search for the flight recorders goes on and how human passions of consumption are destroying natural habitats and causing a massive drop in animal no less. the u.n. human rights chief is a saudi arabia to reveal the whereabouts of jamal khashoggi. calling for an independent international investigation into the journalist mudda in the saudi consulate in istanbul four weeks ago turkish and. saudi prosecutors have now met for a second time to discuss the case but turkish sources say the saudis are not being helpful alan fisher has long. arriving at the scene of the crime so
12:50 am
to rebias top prosecutor on his second day in istanbul came to the consulate were jamal khashoggi was killed earlier side went in for a second day of talks with the prosecutor in istanbul the two met on monday but both sides left unhappy at the level of detail each other was providing to ongoing investigations the saudis wanted any audio and video recordings that the turks made in the building behind me at the time of jamal khashoggi is murder the tox refused an exchange they requested the statements of the eighteen people come they being held in saudi arabia in connection with jamal khashoggi is murder to be handed over and then surely the saudis said no but after consulting with senior officials in the saudi government overnight they returned to a second we think on tuesday and handed the documents over. speaking in ankara turkey president said the saudis were doing what they could to protect senior figures linked to the killing the tumor although. it is obvious that these eighteen
12:51 am
people are involved in this killing you have to shed light on this and you will secondly your foreign minister made a statement what was that we delivered the body to a local cooperator therefore both the saudi foreign minister and other officials should reveal this local cooperate or and the facts about these eighteen people let us know whoever this person is and we will find them the chief prosecutor spent more than ninety minutes in the consulate is no scene where the writer was killed but if he says continuing pressure here in turkey and internationally to reveal what was done with the body alan fischer al-jazeera istanbul. we'll bring you much more on how things are progressing their latest developments will be in istanbul a bit later on but saudi arabia has amassed one of the largest and well funded influence operations in the u.s. this according to the center for international policy the kingdom has pumped
12:52 am
millions of dollars to buy influence on capitol hill in two thousand and seventeen riyadh spent twenty seven million dollars on two dozen lobbying and payoff some of those organizations and now severing ties with saudi arabia in the wake of the control the sea surrounding. well let's go live now to kimberly how in washington what more we learn from this report kimberly. well it helps us understand perhaps why in the face of overwhelming condemnation and questioning of the saudi narrative with regard to the death of jim boeheim shows you why the united states given the fact that he was a u.s. resident has not acted more swiftly in terms of some sort of punitive measure the u.s. congress in the congress has been very vocal that they would like to take sanctions they would like to impose sanctions or take some action in the form of ending perhaps arms sales or military support but we haven't actually seen any legislation and a lot of that has to do with the lobbying effort that is taking place in washington
12:53 am
behind the scenes as you pointed out there very much the saudi government has been paying millions of dollars according to a new report for not just years but decades in order to steer foreign policy in the united states so it's entrenched with an army of lobbyists in washington the report outlines the fact that there have been more than two million political campaign contributions the report also outlines that in these outreaches that are taking place often on a daily or even weekly basis sometimes the point of contact and the cash contribution is at least twelve instances happened on the very same day so we know that this lobbying effort continues as we speak right now there is this effort to influence members of congress to make sure that legislation to put in place some sort of punitive measure against saudi arabia does not happen that's right we have seen in congress and senior political figures being much more vocal than the white
12:54 am
house on what the khashoggi case could mean for u.s. saudi relations. exactly and that's why of many sort of ordinary folks around the world are left scratching their head sort of trying to understand why action isn't taking place but even as that is occurring we have increasing numbers of high profile politicians not just currently on capitol hill but also members of the prior obama administration making the case that there needs to be something done that this is the tipping point for example susan rice has just authored an op ed in the new york times where she makes the argument that mohammed bin selman has been calling the shots for a very long time and his impulsive actions the nature have been revealed long ago and this is a reason that congress needs to act she cites the war in yemen in the melting civilian casualties the locking up of activists the kidnapping of the lebanese
12:55 am
prime minister the blockade of qatar the list goes on and it's not just susan rice saying this we've had the former cia director john brennan michael hayden and the argument she's making is that the king of saudi arabia is not reigning in his son the united states needs to act she says not only do the arm cells need to be blocked the does the end need to happen for the military support in yemen but she also says that she's very critical of the current administration donald trump needs to end quote his infatuation with the crown prince in order to protect u.s. interests it's scathing editorial and certainly this is adding to the pressure on congress to act even as that lobby effort continues by saudi arabia all right thank you very much can really help in washington let's now speak he is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul and joins us and we know the president has been extremely critical of the saudi depiction of what is alleged to have taken place what do we know about this second meeting now between saudi and turkish prosecutors.
12:56 am
it didn't go according to sources in the office of the turkish general prosecutor who said basically you were not happy with the testimonies turned over by the saudis. don't anything to their own investigation million this absolutely nothing you in one of the got from the saudis also they didn't get any answers about the three main questions the whereabouts of the remains of. who gave the order to kill to battle and also the local the identity of the local corporator they said also didn't get any answer from the saudi prosecutor about the need to extradite the eighteen suspects detained now in saudi arabia quite interesting how the story moves fast from a stalemate yesterday and then earlier today reports over positive progress with
12:57 am
the saudis handing over the testimonies to the turkish prosecutor no just a while ago the turkish prosecutor saying basically that they're not satisfied a tool with this. support in terms of this case that's right in figures in turkey continuing to call for access to witnesses and evidence in this case added today added to that now these comments from u.n. human rights chief michel bashful a calling for an international investigation into what happened. and this definitely would be quite an interesting development if we get any positive reaction particularly from the saudis of the turks about the need to have the involvement of international independent experts i have to say versus the beginning of this crisis international human rights organizations were calling for a fair thar all investigation conducted by independent experts because they were
12:58 am
pretty much concerned that this goes case could further evolve into a political bargaining between the saudis. and the turks but it remains to be seen whether saudi arabia will accept that because the moment you have the international mechanism stepping in the leverage for both countries to take into account any political way out of this crisis is going to dramatically diminish i think one of the biggest concerns from the saudis is that basically of an international investigation is taken into account and then they find out that there were cases over torture in the killing of the model. the findings could come out with some dramatic. repercussions on the saudi government syria means to be seen whether the saudis and the turks will accept the presence of international investigators into this particular case for now thank you very much in istanbul.
12:59 am
bangladesh in myanmar agreed to start returning rangle refugees by the middle of next month officials from myanmar planned to visit rangle refugee camps in bangladesh around three quarters of a million fled across the border after a military crackdown that the u.n. described as genocide investigators want atrocities are continuing and say refugees only return on a mole and trade basis chadri has more now from dhaka. both bangladesh and man martin sounded very optimistic they said there is a political will to repatriate the refugees the foreign secretary offered me on my or in a press briefing say they have set up the necessary facilitate to rip rip their own refugees he also went i have to say that they have trained the police and security personnel to shop against discrimination he also say the rohingya as refugees will
1:00 am
be repaired it will have the provision to complain and sick justice for any kind of discrimination or repression this is sound optimistic operates contradictory to what the u.n. says in its recent investigative report it's a genocide is still continuing in myanmar there are people still coming into bangladesh. we spoke during the refugees who spoke about atrocities being committed still now international human rights bodies and agencies are also saying then vironment is still not right or wrong just a return back to their homeland more importantly their own concerns this side then basic without recognition of citizenship and timing them. and without having a part body to assure the security and willing to go under this circumstance back to me and we'll have to see if this diplomatic brinkmanship or they're serious about taking back this refugees by bat.


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