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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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his official residence here in the capital since president might recall a sara saying a fire in i'm suspending parliament on friday i'm sure. the president has been making the electoral mandate to strengthen democracy by trying to seize more executive power as we went and now it. presidents are saying or a sworn in the hindu rajapaksa as prime minister former president rajapaksa lost the election three years ago which was called after he scrapped the two term limit for the presidency. protesters on the palm and speak say there's been a constitutional two prime minister they say should be chosen by palm and not the president i think everyone is really surprised by what. everyone. everyone. to figure out how we can stop this. happening not. by citizens by the people of the right to. the.
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well posters of rajapaksa have started appearing nationwide before the president hasn't yet spoken publicly about his new appoint. remains closed this evening the country's constitution was changed a couple of years ago to take power away from the president and give it. presidents are saying it says he's not breaking the law but his critics will say he's going against the spirit of the constitutional amendment which was made to strengthen democratic institutions. al-jazeera. the united nations says conditions in myanmar as rakhine state are not conducive for the refugees to return well this new development comes as bangladesh reached a deal to start returning the migrants by the middle of next month fifteen million mar government delegates are in the bangladeshi capital dhaka there are due to visit overcrowded refugee camps and cox's bazaar around three quarters of a million fled the military crackdown in rakhine state last year. has more from.
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both bangladesh and man martin sounded very optimistic they said there is a political will to repatriate the refugees the foreign secretary offered me on maher in a press briefing say they have the necessary facilitate to repair their own refuges he also went to. train the police and security personnel through against discrimination. there. will be repaired. we'll have the probation to complain and sig justice for any kind of discrimination or repression this is sound optimistic obviates contradictory to what the u.n. says in its recent investigative report genocide is still continuing in myanmar there are people still coming into bangladesh thousands of them we spoke to spoke about atrocities being committed still allow international human rights bodies and u.n. agencies are also saying then vironment is still not right. a return back to their
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homeland more importantly their own concern their side then basic without recognition of citizenship and timing. and without having a third party to assure the security and willing to go under this circumstance back to me and my will have to say they've diplomatic brinkmanship are they're serious about taking back this refugees by bat starting from made them but this year still ahead on al-jazeera beefing up the border migrants arrive in mexico as five thousand american reinforcements arrive. why many voters who live in poverty in brazil are unsure of what their new president will bring them.
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hello it's been raining recently in around and afghanistan i suspect that rain is welcome particular afghanistan i was the right time of the year for however it's not staying in one place it's a frontal system so it will move through wednesday suggests a decent amount of rain in north and northeast and afghanistan north of grasses course and as the ground rises it falls a snow tensional multi will drop it's a cold front after all down to three but only get couples going down to sixty but the sun has come out of that it's a fine looking picture skies are full of sunshine that's back. it was the mediterranean coast but we have seen a lot of cloud recently as some pretty effective thunderstorms throughout the arabian peninsula they are focusing on the western side of saudi for wednesday and probably thursday but you cannot rule out the idea them up if you to the east through possibly bahrain and qatar more likely the u.a.e. mostly course is still going to be a dry picture use the rain has been falling recently in south africa and it's developing again this is a system moving from west to east and as it moves east it will develop and become
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slow moving so for the suit to east and south to her and probably something mozambique that rain could be persistent maybe for more than one day. arts.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president says he believes some sort of game is being played over the murder of. an order to protect someone sources have told al jazeera that the saudis side has handed over testimonies of eighteen suspects being held in the kingdom to turkey a majority of m.p.'s have signed a letter to the president asking for parliament to reconvene the call is being backed by supporters of the ousted prime minister rania wickramasinghe who's refused to leave the prime minister's official residence the president has replaced him with the former president by head to russia pot saw he's also suspended parliament the united nations says conditions in me and mines were kind stayed are not yet conducive for the refugees to return these comments come after the me and
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maher government agreed to begin repatriating refugees by the middle of next month rights groups say their return to rakhine state must be voluntary and dignified around three quarters of a million fled the military crackdown last year. the united states is deploying more than five thousand troops to its border with mexico to stop a migrant caravan from entering the u.s. president has ordered the military to harden entry points along the crossings in arizona texas and california donald trump tweeted their arrival would be a quote invasion of our country more than four thousand latin american migrants are walking towards the u.s. while another three thousand remain at the mexico guatemala border many of them say they're fleeing violence poverty and political instability at home john holeman is joining us from the border of mexico and guatemala where john there was
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a second caravan of migrants who are trying to cross the border into mexico what's happened to them now. i cannot tell you a bit with that they've now crossed over the city up the river which is just behind me here and they've actually made it into mexico and they've been walking along today they've arrived at quite a big buddhist city tapachula so really what seems to be happening is the same as the first caravan that people first will try and get across the border bridge which you can't see which is just a bit further along from me that's the official put a dent tree they were opposed by the police and then instead they just go on the informal rovs that you might be able to see over there now these guys just take people across the river all day just normally so they've been taking like routes across there's actually mexican navy personnel in the middle of the river but they haven't been stopping people from going across so there's now two separate caravans that have made it into mexico and starting to begin the long months to the u.s.
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and there's actually another caravan of migrants from el salvador people from mosul the dogs that we've been talking to that here in guatemala talking about a real ritual effect here people in central america getting the message mostly through facebook social media and starting their own march north and why are they telling you john the. they are so willing to embark on this some would say treacherous journey sometimes what are their reasons. to get tricked receives exactly the right word for it in mexico especially you're talking about gangs. even kill migrants you're talking about migration authorities at a very strict usually in mexico and sometimes take advantage of people so you've got to be desperate to try and do this now the people that we were seeing earlier and and last week from honduras it was mainly poverty economic issues forty two percent of that country suffers from extreme poverty they were trying to escape that now talking to people from el salvador earlier on today they said that for
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them it's mostly organized crime now two gangs of martyrs is what they call them a very prevalent in both of those countries they kill they also explore i was talking to one lady who'd left the shop the small shop which was all she had she said in the end i was paying more in extortion than i was making a profit i was losing money on it so i just had to shut it up and i started walking here on my own another man that we were talking to he was taking his young son because he said that he's young son was in danger he'd been threatened and he was just going to take him as far as mexico and then just leave him to go on his way and get back to el salvador so desperate sort of situations in both cases all right john holmes and thank you. chile the united states and israel are the first foreign trips planned by brazil's new president at home many are worried about joe you're both so narrow and his controversial comments about women as well was a gay black and indigenous brazilians from rio de janeiro here is terrorism.
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i didn't know that lives in the largest slum in general people living here have to deal with poverty and insecurity every day but now that jade was when i was elected president many are not sure of what's coming next. because we have seen a war here between drug traffickers and that affects our economy and scientists many shops had to close because they couldn't make it or fings or change. in education that's missing here. we wouldn't have so many kids involved in drug trafficking was also not who has promised to fight the crime wave that is killing thousands every year and to reinvigorate brazil's economy for years those who live in the five a less have voted for the center left workers' party but it was different this time even though when i know in solitude in the past black people and minorities and
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could pass laws that would end up hurting the poor he has managed to get involved in favelas like this one the main reason is because he represents change johnny says that the economy is his main priority. of. the economy it has lost investors with the crisis but also not a lot about security of corruption but he hasn't talked much about the economy. also not a has promised to liberalize the economy privatized state companies and reduce the deficit he has also said that brazil will be closer to the united states and israel he's expected to be more aggressive with china. but analysts say it won't be easy for him to put into practice many of his campaign promises i would not get me going to be so difficult for so to do whatever trump does because trump. him quite china because it united states have
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a budget that high deficits in trade balance in china brazil has very high there was a trade balance and so it's not the same in china it's a much more important problem for brazil they are still china it's not quite big about anger towards the political class has helped to win the presidency but even though his violently toric scares many brazil there are those who want their daily lives to change. rio de janiero well deep sea divers are searching for the black box recorders from the second worst plane crash in indonesia's history one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew are on board the lion air flights it's the low cost carriers eleventh major accidents in sixteen years and government has ordered the inspection of all boeing seven three seven planes following that crash when he reports from jakarta. piece by piece search and rescue teams bring back what the found floating on the job to see id cards passports and other personal
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items belonging to some of the one hundred eighty nine people on board are being sorted. body parts are being taken to a nearby hospital where relatives have the harrowing task of making identifications but that was about how deep they might be a family still hoping she survives we still have a big hope for that but if she did not survive we pray that her remains can quickly be discovered so we can take a home to be buried. finding out what happened in the final moments of lion air flight six one zero and why it crashed into the sea soon after takeoff is likely to take a long time. my father was on board but we still don't know we're still hoping for the best because there hasn't been an official statement from lion air so we are still hoping for the best but increasingly speculation is turning to a problem with the instruments in the cockpit giving false readings lion air has confirmed there was a technical problem with the plane before it took off from bali to jakarta on
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sunday it says the issue was fixed but during that flight the pilot reported problems with the flight control system and satellite data collected by independent flight monitoring websites shows unusual fluctuations in speed and altitude soon after it took off from bali the situation stabilized in lyon is says the problem was fixed again when it landed in jakarta and it was cleared to take off on monday morning it crashed some twelve minutes after it left the indonesian capital small pieces of debris being found but the search for the main wreckage continues how the new area today we've adjusted our calculations and widened our search areas to eighteen point five kilometers on the java sea more than eight hundred people are involved in the search for debris bodies and clues to what happened to lion air flight six one zero wayne hay al jazeera jakarta some of australia's best loved
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animals are losing their homes as trees are cut down the koala is in crisis as andrew thomas reports from port stephens. they're one of two animals australia is known for but unlike kangaroos koala numbers of pulling fast cars kill them as do dogs and disease but the central cause one that lies behind all those threats is human destruction of the places koalas live forcing them closer to people and each other it all comes back to habitat loss if quality has lost habitat they have to come down search for habitat which then makes them have to cross the road so this is that the boat being hit by cars and attacked by dogs as well north of sydney this small rehabilitation center is about to be transformed into a full koala hospital costing two million dollars the state governments of new south wales will pay for it but that's the same government say campaigners which is allowing even encouraging the destruction of koala habitat we are incredibly
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appreciative that we're getting this hospital we need this hospital but the laws that allow the habitat clearing and it's give on one hand on the other last year new south wales relaxed laws controlling the amount of land farmers can clear of trees as a result of the report lange clearing rates have tripled those behind the report say that if current trends continue while it's could be extinct in the wild in new south wales by twenty fifty it's really shocking and it's certainly within our power to stop but if we don't stop habitat destruction we will be the ones that will save these animals in the few in the wild for the last time you south wales environment minister turned down a request for an interview but the state government says old lang clearing laws were too restrictive bombing and development does not need to threaten koalas but this patch of wet and forest north of sydney illustrates the subjective nature of the decisions its own by the education department of the state government which
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doesn't need it for a school so two years ago sold it to a developer after environmentalist start. petitions and campaigns the state government said it made a mistake and is now trying to buy the land back for more than it was sold one part of government doesn't communicate with the other before any government department floods off land this post to. other government departments and ask if you want it nobody asked the department of environment as far as we know do you want this land the more land the disappears the more animals hospitals will be needed andrew thomas al-jazeera paul stevens australia. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's president says he believes some sort of game is being played over the murders in order to protect someone. and also says he's spoken to the leaders of germany and france and briefed them on new
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details about the killing of the saudi journalist sources have told al jazeera that the saudi side has handed over testimonies of haiti and suspects being held in the kingdom to turkey it seems obvious that the turkish authorities believe that the saudis are not coming out candidly about the circumstances surrounding the killing of the metal hustles you know they are saying that the the testimonies that were turned over to them by the saudi prosecutor certainly. don't any value to the investigation is a different way of saying that what they have been presenting to us has absolutely nothing to do with the evidences that we do have a majority of m.p.'s in sri lanka have signed a letter to the president asking for parliament to reconvene the call is being backed by supporters of the ousted prime minister running a worker missing a who's refused to leave the prime minister's official residence president has
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replaced him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa and suspended parliament. the united nations says conditions in rakhine state are not yet conducive for the refugees to return this new development comes as bangladesh reached a deal to start returning to migrants by the middle of next month fifteen government delegates are in the bangladeshi capital dhaka and their visit overcrowded refugee camps and caucuses bizarre around three quarters of a million fled the military crackdown in rakhine state last year the united states is deploying more than five thousand troops to its border with mexico to stop a migrant caravan from entering the u.s. president has ordered the military to harden entry points along the crossings in arizona texas and california donald trump tweeted their rival would be an invasion of our country more than four thousand latin american migrants are walking towards the u.s. while another three thousand remain at the mexico guatemala border those are the headlines inside story with imran khan is coming up next on. with us.
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the need is playing a game to protect the killing of jamal khashoggi he's president and says the kingdom's investigation must reveal as the u.s. considers its options and the european union faces further. this.
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hello and welcome to the program. turkey's president is accusing saudi arabia of stalling the investigation into the killing of jamal khashoggi red chip type of the one says the aim is to protect someone is ramping up the pressure and wants to know where the journalist body is saudi arabia's chief prosecutor metis turkish counterpart for a second time in istanbul after what turkish sources called an un satisfactory first meeting on monday sources say the site is finally handed over the testimonies of eighteen suspects being held in the kingdom where the suspect should be tried is being argued over turkey is calling for their extradition and the saudis insist they'll be tried at home. before we get to our guests let's hear what president of the one had to say. we can't leave this case unsolved revealing who killed is a humanitarian and ethical duty is also a judicial and political duty there's no point in putting illogical obstacles
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there's no point in stalling in order to save someone. the white house says it's continuing to consider its options the president met last week with cia director gina haskell after having gathered additional intelligence on her overseas trip and the administration is weighing different options will make an announcement about what the decision of that action. austria's foreign minister is backing calls for the european union to stop saudi cells karen could also told the german newspaper developed the halt in arms deliveries proposed by chancellor merkel would be a correct signal the horrible war in yemen and the cat's a crisis should be reason enough for the european union members to adopt a common stone source saudi arabia if we all the entire european union would stop the reason saudi arabia this can contribute to ending those conflicts.
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let's introduce our panel in birmingham scott lucas a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham and a specialist in u.s. relations with the middle east in istanbul via skype andrew finkel a foreign correspondent in istanbul and co-founder of p twenty four an initiative to promote independent journalism a welcome to you all would like to bring in with you andrew if and call in istanbul president or the one they're referring to the protection of someone who is he referring to who's he alluding to that well he is. clearly turkey has several aims in this in this exercise it's he's they're trying to. see that justice should be done. and of course at the same time they are playing a geostrategic game so they're very giving we're big regional politics and at the same time they really want to see that. justice for this
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for mr kershaw is done and seen to be done and often these two objectives they're really showing size we all seeing a change of tone in president are the ones rhetoric he seems to be ramping up the rhetoric he began this crisis very diplomatic and then as the leaks came out he took ownership of those leaks and he was very angry towards the saudis in their cooperation is this a measured approach or a sense that he's just simply frustrated and wants to get to the bottom of all of this. well i think you know he as i say he's playing a very serious game here he's you know taking a very large economy of the saudi tiger by the challenge trying to shake it he seems to be at the other very very sweet thought that he was intent on really causing not so much regime change but but trying to if not actually bring down
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the crown prince of saudi arabia at least to diminish is authority. dramatically now it could be that he's engaging in a very serious game of law that there's high stakes here that we may not even know about negotiations behind the scenes that turkey is trying to extract benefits and privileges from this turn of events or it could be as you say simply is fed up and wants to see once the saudis to bring the culprits the justice let's bring scott in you had what president of the one had to say that he feels that someone is being protected is that some want the crown prince mohammed bin solomon do you think. you've got it in one. it's interesting though that aired on it won't name the crown prince and he has refused to do so in speeches over the past couple weeks the one person he will name is king solomon he'll talk about the king very
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respectfully as the guardian of the two holy places in saudi arabia his majesty and at that level i think carol once again is you know king we like you but you need to do something about your boy now whether that doing something about the crown prince is to remove the crown prince or really to contain him to limit his ambitions that's one question the second is what turkey wants beyond the crown prince is it really just a case of getting justice for her so she is murder or is turkey trying to get leverage against saudi on regional issues for example the saudi led blockade of qatar saudi involvement in other areas such as iraq and syria or even some would say the most ambitious goal of being seen as the leader of the sunni muslim world but all of those things have been discussed over the last few weeks but the turkish president hasn't made any demoed certainly publicly as of yet has he. well because you don't put all your cards on the table at the start i mean anders absolutely
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right that this is a very high stakes game and you keep cards in your hand and again you do this at two levels one is that the turks and this is at the root of their disagreement with the saudi prosecutor who's just visited as they are holding back some of the evidence that they have they're not revealing the exact extent of what they've got that's to keep the saudis guessing and secondly when it comes to your aims you don't immediately play your cards and say we want a b. and c. you watch to see how the other side moves and i think right now we're still at that first stage we're still at that stage i think where accuracy deciding how vulnerable mohammed bin solomon is they're looking at other parts of the world and interestingly enough not just the u.s. not just europe but remember most arab countries have backed the saudis it's not just u.a.e. it's countries like jordan and egypt so if everyone makes a move in the region he's got to make sure that those countries won't come fully to the defense of the saudis if he isn't deciding on a confrontation and you've been reporting on this story for
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a while now the saudi prosecutor met his take his counterparts the first meeting certainly the say at least was disappointing the second meeting allowed them to get access to the statements from the eighteen suspects what's the next move what did that what's the next kind of investigative diplomatic move between the saudi state prosecutor and his turkish counterpart do you think. well. on the surface it would look like the next move is found maybe but turkey is very keen on having me the eighteen suspects repatriated to turkey where they would stand trial and i think the chances of that happening are very slim so they're clearly you know they're there as part of this evade survivor game or a legal process that we have yet to decide but you know what the next move is there will be make this very serious the matter and that new justice be seen to be done and be seen to be done at the scene of the crime which is the boat where this
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murder to write is. still the case i'm bumming him took he doesn't have a great record on human rights has been criticized by by thomas to international and human rights watch for arrest without charge for cracking down on journalists for cracking down on blog is unsettling in some parts of the u.s. we've heard that there is fair that they will not get a fair trial in either saudi arabia or turkey so this idea that perhaps the trial should take place internationally where do you land on this wendy what do you think do you think there is a potential for an international trial or is this about turkey and saudi arabia and the trial taking place in one of those countries. well first you're right to mention that no one comes into this with clean hands and given that turkey is the largest detainer of journalist per capita and given the purge of many thousands of people from the turkish system teachers students lawyers the military since the failed coup july two thousand and six taint this case isn't being pursued by president erdogan in the name of human rights that said the real gap is we have no
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international legal authority that i think can step in here remember that this murder took place on saudi soil technically because it was within the const the consulate in istanbul and we have no you know the international criminal court enter paul whose head is detained in china coincidentally right now there's no one that can step in so i think the most likely outcome if i was to bet on it right now would be that turkey will not get the eight hundred suspects they will try them instead in absentia in a turkish court that way they can reveal their evidence and if they decide to name the crown prince almost as an unindicted coconspirator they have that option that seems a very dramatic move it will certainly ratchet up tensions between turkey and saudi arabia if they are tried in absentia where does that idea come from is certainly the first time i've heard. well i think the idea is simply that you have the option of how far you want to go politically and it is politics not the law that runs here
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which is you can make the argument that because the eighteen moved outside of the consulate for elements of this murder for example of course they had to get from the consulate to the airport to get out of the country because they moved vehicles around that are supposedly tied to the murder you can make the case that they have broken turkish law as i said trying the nose sencha it is an option it is not one which has been often used for defendants from another country but it is just very much of how much air no one himself wants to go in terms of embarrassment at one level and two i think in making demands of the saudis which is a right perhaps we won't take this all the way in terms of trying to send up sencha if for example you give me a b. and c. the question is as we've just discussed what are a b. and c. going to be. a trial in absentia do you think that could even fly with a in certain circles will is this just another option on the table. well it's
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a i suppose it's a partial option of the way the checkers judicial system works it's like a french investigative magisterial and best investigation they could begin a case they could present their their evidence if it's legal examination as opposed to a trial that begins on monday and ends on a friday so they could certainly initiate criminal proceedings. and of course a consulate is different from an embassy as far as i know that it's not all of the consular premises have that extra territorial status that embassy would have so we do it would be possible to say that perhaps we don't know in which wound in the consulate this the murder is meant to have taken place but it may be possible to claim that indeed it did take place and. school the symbol of and you're an expert and u.s. relations with the middle east we had the white house spokesperson there say that
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the white house is considering its options what all its options. well that depends on what part of the administration you talk to there are some agencies within the u.s. government notably the cia and the state department who are very agitated by the fact that this murder took place at the very least it's an embarrassment given the u.s. has close links with saudi arabia many congressman legislators are agitated some are demanding action but the bottom line still here is that donald trump and perhaps a rare moment of a moment of honesty said from the very start that his priority is that one hundred ten billion dollars of arms sales that was announced last year during his visit to riyadh and in addition to that priority on the arms sales the point man who has been in contact with the home of insolvent is trump son in law jared questioner and he is saying we don't break any links with the saudis so i think a lot of the congressional pressure really ratchets up and that's not going to
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happen in the next few weeks before an election or unless there's an unexpected development in this case i think at the end of the day the u.s. maintains its arms sales the crown prince stays and both washington and riyadh hopes that the controversy will go away in a few weeks or a few months time. scully because there is a another element to all of this this seems to be a disconnect between some elements of colin gross on both sides of the aisle and well the trump and rudisha race in the trump white house won't there's a little tougher language coming from some parts of congress against the crown prince by how had been silent and that is coming from the u.s. administration the white house. yes and remember there's a backdrop to this which goes all the way back to nine eleven because fifteen of the nineteen attackers were saudi there have been congressman who have long agitated for action against the saudis the whole furor over the classified portion of the nine eleven report which is about saudi arabia in recent years there have
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been some congressman relative few who have been agitated by the saudi led intervention in the yemen civil war and so there have been recurrent calls to hold up arms sales to saudi and indeed a small amount of arms has been put on hold even before the murder but you balance that sentiment in congress with a nother factor and that is that the trepan ministration has put its cards all in for regime change in iran and you cannot pursue regime change in iran which turns especially upon economic measures unless the saudis support you because you need saudi oil to cover the shortfall of iranian oil being basically curbed by sanctions so saudi still has a leverage as long as the trumpet ministration wants to go against iran wants regime change the saudis can come back to washington and say look are you going to choose the iranians are you going to choose us well let's bring in washington d.c. right now we have joel rubin joining us president of the washington strategy group
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deputy assistant secretary of state we're discussing the options that the white house has when it comes to saudi arabia one of the options that you think that they have when it comes to the crown prince when it comes to saudi arabia over the crucial. well thank you for having me and there are a variety of options that the white house has had its disposal they could first and foremost prevent him from traveling states they could implement sanctions route from the bank act the white house could do with holding of military transfers withdraw support for saudi's air war into yemen so there's a variety of measures but really the question is the political will for doing it and right now it doesn't seem like the white house has much will in that space they certainly queerly now want to have an investigation go forward but they don't want it appears to have the investigation go to the level where it touches mohamed bin
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sell money and so congress is going to get additionally frustrated and look for measures and ways to put pressure on the white house to take some real actual concrete action why is joe rubin why is the white house seemingly so wedded to the crown prince. they really have invested their middle east policy in the bilateral relationship with saudi arabia a bit as the previous speaker was saying related to iran and the desire to have a loyal that would cover the losses from iran when iran sanctions kick in in about a week or two isolate iran more through gulf partnerships as well as looking to saudi arabia to put pressure on the palestinians related to middle east peace and so there's a significant investment we also don't know what is happening behind the scenes with jericho shinar and other senior officials in the white house and certainly if
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the democrats take a chamber of congress they're going to look into that but right now the white house has leverage deeply into the relationship with saudi arabia and is very loath to weaken that. jill rubin just one more question to you before we move on to the rest of august koran is very much on the cards on the table has been for a very long time but in the last four weeks we've heard about pressure being put on saudi arabia pressure being put on the crown prince himself is the trumpet ministrations iranian strategy in tatters right. i wouldn't say it's in tatters but it's under duress there is certainly a lot of questioning here in washington to keep the washington perspective on this there's a lot of questioning about the wisdom in following a saudi lead on iran or from the perspective of the us foreign policy to make it all about iran when we see that saudi arabia has behaved like they did in turkey with the killing of jamal khashoggi so there's
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a lot of questioning but in tatters no not not yet the department is continuing to execute sanctions the state department continuing to engage diplomatically in the pressure track and there really is no alternative diplomatic track yet that they've created but that's not different from the past year of engagement with iran but certainly there are a lot more questions now about the wisdom of this strategy and it doesn't appear that this can hold in this manner for an ending amount of time there will be a point at which the child ministration is going to have to come up with an alternative way of dealing with iran than it currently is doing let's bring in andrew finkel in a stumble right now president of the on his advisors his team must be taking a look at everything that the u.s. is doing when it comes to saudi arabia and iran what would be the turkish strategy right now what's the what's the next move when it comes to regional politics and
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particular iran. well turkey has several layers i mean you have on one level as your speakers have already said that turkey is vying with saudi for a moral leadership in the region and it sees this current crisis an opportunity to be one up on the saudis certainly but of course the turkish economy is not like the iranian or they or the saudi economy they don't have oil maybe to buy oil and they're very nervous about the effect of iranian sanctions on the price of oil the jaegers economy i mean it's sort of running on fumes and they really do need not to be isolated they're insulated from the rest of the world so what they would be looking for from america certainly is a waiver on being able to purchase iranian oil that may not be coming but they certainly don't want to be in a position where the united states for example imposes a major fine on one of those they don't charge banks. which was deemed to be in
2:42 am
violation of the iranian sanctions which busted iranian sanctions some time ago so they're looking for some sort of economic easy ride from the united states they don't want to be put under pressure and i suppose that possibly one of the reasons why they're upping the rhetoric and in order to make their bargaining position stronger. and so that they know at the end of the day will not embarrass the united states policy let's talk about you know i say his policy is called make us let's bring you and hair does the relationship between the trumpet ministration and mohamed bin salman rather than saudi arabia need to be reset in the wake of this and why isn't the trumpet ministration really looking at that it seems to me that it's almost protect the crown prince at all costs. well because this administration at one level when we talk about donald trump inner
2:43 am
circle they don't function as a normal bureaucracy they function very much on personal ties amongst a small elite which drawl ruben was talking about and the fact is even before donald trump took office there were back channel meetings between his inner circle not to jerry not just jared kirshner but someone named erik prince the founder of blackwater the mercenary group with officials from saudi and importantly from the u.a.e. who have played probably an underestimated role in all of this and those personal ties are what the trumpet ministration was using rather than say working through the state department through the military up to the point where they initially backed the saudis when they blockaded qatar back in two thousand and seventeen now the question is one of the agencies the state department in particular are going to say look we need to use this episode to row this back a bit i don't think by going after trump regarding saying you've got to get rid of the crown prince but for example what i expect washington to be possibly urging is
2:44 am
a reconciliation among skull countries in other words let's urge the saudis to make peace with qatar to end the blockade and let's turn therefore the negative of the fair into a positive which is the u.s. gets a stable relationship with not only the saudis but with qatar where they have a major base and the rest of the gulf countries as they try to put pressure on iran jill rubin let me bring you in the head we've heard that it is time to perhaps reset the relationship maybe bring in the gulf countries a bit law and not to rely solely on saudi arabia is there any way you can see that happening. absolutely can and i believe that ministration is going to face continual calls for why it's pursuing a saudi centric foreign policy in the middle east in particular when we have longstanding allies such as cutters such as kuwait. such as oman in their in the region the emirates these countries all have had strong relationships with the
2:45 am
united states and it's to our strategic advantage to engage all of them and not rely on one in the lead in our foreign policy but that it's going to take real work and the president did try to lean in to resolve the gulf crisis last year it seems to have some dissipation but it's not resolved in any clear way and so that has to be a priority for this administration if it wants to get its foreign policy straight going forward we are out of time and thanks to all our guests because andrew finkel and joel rubin and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website which is there dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story for me imran khan and the whole team life and.
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caledonia. november on al-jazeera radicalized youth a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites out we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger at sea who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. in south career around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition taken off the main want to when used investigates korean dog. food on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. swear every. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia hands over suspects testimonies in the murder as turkey makes accusations off game playing these so-called migrant cura fans
2:49 am
continue their treacherous journey from south america towards the u.s. border where thousands of troops are deployed going nowhere sri lanka's ousted prime minister rally supporters outside the official residence he's refusing to leave. them to go to sports fro madrid's interim coach something he says the players are hurting following the second of the that and more they threw in the program. hello the un human rights chief has urged saudi arabia to reveal the whereabouts of journalist. body michelle batchelor a is calling for an independent international investigation into his murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul four weeks ago turkey's president says
2:50 am
a game is being played to protect someone involved in these murder alan fischer reports from istanbul. arriving at the scene of the crime so the rebias top prosecutor on his second day in istanbul came to the consulate which jamal khashoggi was killed earlier. went in for a second day of talks with the prosecutor in istanbul the two met on monday but both sides left unhappy at the level of detail each other was providing to ongoing investigations the saudis wanted any audio and video recordings that the trucks made in the building behind me at the time of jamal khashoggi is murder the tox refused an exchange they requested the statements of the eighteen people come they being held in saudi arabia in connection with jamal khashoggi is murder to be handed over and then surely the saudis said no but after consulting with senior officials in the saudi government overnight they returned to a second we think on tuesday and handed the documents over. speaking in ankara
2:51 am
turkey president said the saudis were doing what they could to protect senior figures linked to the killing to murder although. it is obvious that these eighteen people are involved in this killing you have to shed light on this and you will secondly your foreign minister made a statement what was that we delivered the body to a local cooperator therefore both the saudi foreign minister and other officials should reveal this local cooperate or on the facts about these eighteen people let us know whoever this person is and we will find them. the chief prosecutor spent more than ninety minutes in the consulate he's no seen where the writer was killed but he says continued pressure here in turkey and internationally to reveal what was done with the body alan fischer al-jazeera is. somehow better joining us from istanbul so clearly erdogan is keeping up the pressure on the saudis to reveal who ordered the killing of. indeed the
2:52 am
they are in no way or another convinced the saudis are not genuine about full cooperation because now they're saying that they've gone through the testimonies that were handed over to them by these tandy general prosecutor and the joint any value to what they know so it's a different way of saying that they don't match up a tool with the evidence is that the turkish government house they said that they had clear questions to the saudi prosecutor about the whereabouts of the remains of their mother and that they got no answer from the saudis about who gave the order to kills about the identity of the local corporator who was given the remains of them out of the house this explains why we're seeing now the turkish government hate being pressure on the saudi government to try to they are now trying to tell them it's about time you give us srong evidence for us to be able to move forward otherwise just going to be two separate investigations going under way but if the
2:53 am
turks continue to feel unsatisfied hashim by the saudi arabian response what cards do they have to play. what president. said a few days ago that the government has some evidence that would show to the international community when times when time comes and i think this is one of the reasons why they are putting more pressure on the saudi government they seem to have strong material that the can that shows them exactly what happened during the killing of the matter how and. if it doesn't work then i think the second option would be definitely either the international community will have to step in or this explains why now today the united nations high commissioner for your wife michelle was there was looking about the need to have international
2:54 am
experts to be involved in this particular case. all right some how about giving us the update from istanbul thank you well another prominent u.s. voice is condemning mohamed bin said a man for killing saying the saudi crown prince should go susan rice was national security adviser under president barack obama she's delivered her scathing opinion in the new york times in which she said the young prince is almost certain culpability in mr hostilities killing underscores his extreme recklessness and immorality while exposing him as a dangerous and unreliable partner for the united states it should be u.s. policy to sideline the crown prince in order to increase pressure on the royal family to find a steadier replacements are white house correspondent kelly hawkeye joining us from washington d.c. so really damning comments from susan rice securely. given her status as the national security advisor under the obama administration it carries a lot of weight and we should point out that her comments are on the heels of other
2:55 am
heavyweights like former cia director john brennan former cia director michael hayden essentially the argument that all have been making is that washington has long known but turned a blind eye to some of the more erratic decisions that have been made in recent months and years by the crown prince mohammed bin salomon including the mounting casualties in terms of the saudi led coalition's war on yemen the locking up of activists the kidnapping of the lebanese prime minister the blockade on qatar the list continues to grow and as a result the argument being made it is time for the united states to rein in and re-evaluate the u.s. saudi relationship not only the halting of arms sales the blocking there of sort of military support for the u.s. or rather the saudi led effort in yemen but also susan rice is calling for donald
2:56 am
trump rather critically to end what she calls his infatuation with the saudi crown prince in order to she says to protect u.s. interests but practically what do we expect the us to do going forward when it comes to this case seeing the longstanding and important relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. right one that's been in place since the early one nine hundred thirty s. and for a long time due to saudi lobbying of u.s. congress members there's been this blind eye that's been turned to some of the sort of i'm pleasant realities that have existed as long as the oil has kept flowing and as long as the arms sales have continued to create u.s. jobs members of congress have largely ignored some of the things they didn't like about what saudi arabia was doing but that seems to be changing we've got pressure from the u.s. congress on this white house the u.s. as congress members are reevaluating their decision to support saudi arabia but at
2:57 am
the same time we've seen this before and it's the question now is whether or not this is the tipping point with regard to the case involving the murder of. because a new report that outlines lobbying by saudi arabia through firms that have been in turn meeting with members of congress shows that they have been spending in the last year almost twenty seven million dollars sometimes the firms representing saudi arabia will meet with members of congress in at least twelve instances and then immediately hand over campaign contributions in terms of how so this is saudi arabia is sort of a longstanding practice of buying influence to steer foreign policy in the united states it's always been kind of an open secret in washington but now it's been catapulted to the headlines and it appears not only could that potentially be curtailed but we could see according to this white house some punitive action as early as the end of this year or even into the new year the white house is
2:58 am
promising that it is still weighing all its options all right. so as the trumpet administration works with congress to determine a response to. the lobbyists in washington are under greater spotlight as kimberly was just saying the kingdom has sprung millions of dollars to buy influence on capitol hill oh. over the year and that's according to the center for international policy it says last year riyadh spent twenty seven million dollars through two dozen lobbying and p.r. firms but since she's murder at least four of those firms have dumped the kingdom of clients meanwhile its ally the united arab emirates also spends a lot on influence more than twenty one million dollars last year its golf rival qatar spends more than eighteen million dollars on lobbying and media campaigns by comparison a variety of pro israel groups including a pac spent more than five million dollars on lobbying last year ben freeman is the director of the foreign influence transparency initiative at the center for
2:59 am
international policy which produced this report and he made some startling revelations. what we did was we took everything that the saudi lobby reported doing in two thousand and seventeen that's every single member of congress that they contacted it's every single media organization that they contacted all in all we had twenty five hundred different political activities that they reported and we also had almost two thousand campaign contributions reported by those for their lobbyist totaling more than two million in campaign spending by these firms and these lobbyist and then what we did we said well i wonder if there's any overlap there and we found there's considerable overlap about four hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions went to members of congress the saudi lobbyist i contacted and we found in fact twelve instances on the very same day a member of congress was contacted by a saudi lobbyist they received a campaign contribution from that exact same for if you look at the arms sales
3:00 am
which president trump loves to tout we're talking tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to saudi arabia and let's be honest about these arms sales saudi arabia relies on them to stay strong in the middle east and without them they would seriously struggle with security and so this investment this lobbying that they do is to make sure that those arms sales that they keep flowing and that the u.s. continues to stay involved in the war in yemen more than a thousand people desperate to flee poverty and violence back home have started arriving in southern mexico it's the second of the so-called migrant caravan that's trying to make its way to the u.s. and meanwhile the u.s. is deploying more than five thousand troops at the border in a bid to stop the migrant caravan marching from central america president donald trump has ordered the military to harden entry points along the crossing in arizona texas and california john homan is joining us from the suits you have to river that's on the border of mexico and guatemala just give us a sense of.


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