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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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also me there are many other countries who have an interest in not holding authoritarian regimes accountable for killing their dissidents journalists thank you very much for speaking to us satirizes professor of law at rutgers university thank you for your thoughts. sound eurabia has amassed one of the knowledge and well funded lobbying operations in the united states the kingdom has spent millions of dollars to buy influence in washington but in the wake of the scandal some p.r. firms are dropping riyadh as a client a white house correspondent kimberly hockett has this report. for decades congressional support for saudi arabia has been broad and bipartisan but the conflict in yemen has many in congress questioning the u.s. saudi relationship. despite outrage over attacks on civilians death and suffering from a humanitarian crisis there's been no congressional action to end u.s. support for saudi arabia's targeting of who the rebels in yemen here's why the
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saudis are arguably one of the most influential lobbies in all d.c. a new report shows the saudi government spent ten million on lobbying in twenty sixteen. by twenty seventeen year donald trump was sworn in as president that number ballooned to almost twenty seven million contributions to political campaigns were also up and in a dozen cases firms representing saudi arabia met with and made cash contributions to u.s. politicians to buy influence all in a single day it's the thousands of times their lobbyists have contacted members of congress it's the four hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions that we saw going from lobbying firms representing the saudis to members of congress in spite of that sort of spending the killing of. by saudi agents in turkey has lawmakers reevaluating the relationship this puts the white house under tremendous
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pressure to take action and congress is not going to forget about this the pressure will probably increase on congress to take swift action or will it twenty sixteen many argue saudi lobbying led president broccoli. bamma to veto a law that would have allowed riyadh to be sued for its alleged role in the nine eleven attacks those working in the white house defended the veto the united states government u.s. service members u.s. diplomats and even potentially u.s. companies are risk of being hauled into court in countries all around the world still a top obama official feels the trumpet ministrations relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has gone too far president inexplicable infatuation with prince mohammed must end former national security adviser susan rice wrote in the new york times and he must recalibrate american policy so that it serves our national interests not his personal interests or those of the crown
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prince the white house says it's weighing its options and has not ruled out sanctions against the saudi government at the highest levels for the death of jim. can really help at al-jazeera the white house. and former u.s. president barack obama's former national security advisor has condemned mohammed bin simon for killing susan the rise delivered a scathing opinion piece in the new york times saying the saudi crown prince should go she wrote the young prince is almost certain culpability in mr skilling underscores he's extreme recklessness and a morality want exposing him as a dangerous and unreliable partner for the united states she adds it should be u.s. policy to sideline the crown prince in order to increase pressure on the royal family to find a steady every placement there's plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including the latest on the deepening political crisis in sri lanka as one of the ousted leaders refuses to leave his official residence plus myanmar sends
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a delegation to bangladesh discuss what will happen to hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees and in sport we'll hear from the man in temporary charge of reanimate trade after they sucked their manager on monday. first indonesia's government has ordered the inspection of all boeing seven three seven max planes following monday's crash of a lion at flight divers are searching for the wreckage and black box recorders after the second worst plane crash in indonesia's history and the accident which killed all one hundred eighty nine people on board as a reserve acted questions about the country's safety records when he reports from the capital jakarta. piece by piece search and rescue teams bring back what the found floating on the java sea id cards passports and other personal items belonging to some of the one hundred eighty nine people on board are being sorted.
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body parts are being taken to a nearby hospital where relatives have the harrowing task of making identifications but that was a bit ahead of the men here our family still hoping she survives we still have a big hope for that but if she did not survive we pray that her remains can quickly be discovered so we can take a home to be buried finding out what happened in the final moments of lion air flight six one zero and why it crashed into the sea soon after takeoff is likely to take a long time. my father was on board but we still don't know we're still hoping for the best because there hasn't been an official statement from lion air so we are still hoping for the best but increasingly speculation is turning to a problem with the instruments in the cockpit giving false readings lion air has confirmed there was a technical problem with the plane before it took off from bali to jakarta on sunday it says the issue was fixed but during that flight the pilot reported
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problems with the flight control system and satellite data collected by independent flight monitoring websites shows unusual fluctuations in speed and altitude soon after it took off from bali the situation stabilized in lyon is says the problem was fixed again when it landed in jakarta and it was cleared to take off on monday morning it crashed some twelve minutes after it left the indonesian capital small pieces of debris being found but the search for the main wreckage continues how the new area today we've adjusted our calculations and widened our search areas to eighteen point five kilometers on the java sea more than eight hundred people are involved in the search for debris bodies and clues to what happened to lion air flight six one zero wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. at the united nations says conditions in myanmar as rakhine state are not yet conducive for refugees to return
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the warning comes after bangladesh and myanmar reach a deal to start returning the refugees by the middle of next month i mean my delegation visited the bangladeshi capital dhaka on their way to the refugee camps in cox's bizarre around three quarters of a million rahane just fled the military crackdown in rakhine state law thea we've seen the reports of the agreement between the decisions reach by the joint working group between bangladesh and myanmar u.n.h.c.r. which is the lead on the issues of refugees was not consulted on this matter. i think we can't stress enough that returns cannot be rushed or premature in the decision on whether or not for refugee to return should be determined by the refugees themselves when they feel the time in the circumstances or right. for u.n. h.c.r. the conditions in right kind state are not yet conducive for return to me and more
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. and at the same time we're seeing a ring of refugees continue to arrive from rakhine state into myanmar which gives you give you an indication of the situation on the ground algis there is tanveer choudhry has more from bangladesh capital dhaka. both bangladesh and man martin sounded very optimistic they said there is a political will now to repatriate the refugees the foreign secretary off me on mar in a press briefing say they have set up the necessary facilitate to repair their own refuges he also went i had to say that they have trained the police and security personnel to workshop against discrimination he also say the rohingya as refugees will be repaired will have the provision to complain and sick justice for any kind of discrimination or repression sound optimistic harvard's contradictory to what the u.n. says in its recent investigative report genocide is still continuing in myanmar
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there are people still coming into bangladesh thousands of them we spoke during the refugees who spoke about atrocities being committed still allow international human rights bodies and un agencies are also saying then vironment is still not right or wrong in just a return back to their homeland more importantly their own themselves are concerned they said then basic without recognition of citizenship and timing them as and without having a third party to assure the security and willing to go under this circumstance back to me and we'll have to see if this is just a diplomatic brinkmanship or they're serious about taking back this referee just by bats starting from made november this year not tunisia as interior minister say as a suicide bombing by a woman in central tunis on monday was an isolated act fifteen offices were among twenty people injured in the blast the first such attack in the city since twenty fifty david change every force from tunis. the scene of the suicide attack in the
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very center of tunis minutes after the explosion the group has yet claimed responsibility. the thirty year old woman who detonated what's thought to be a set of grenades has no known connections with any so-called extremist groups the majority of those injured were policemen manning a checkpoint but five civilians including two children were also caught in the blast tunisia's president shared the shock and dismay of the people in the capital then and in the head i regret to say that security personnel are always paying a heavy toll paying it in blood we thought we had driven terrorism from our cities into caves now it is in the heart of our capital the target of the attack was a street called the shans elisi of junius packed with shops and restaurants is being reopened for the public but with police on every junction tourism is the main
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earner for the country's beleaguered economy struggling with high unemployment and inflation tunisians are afraid the latest attack will once again undermine an industry that was making a recovery most of k.b.'s what happened was terrible carried out by cowards who just want to take over to the senate where all against terrorism because terrorism is a very bad thing if he allows more money on something like this happens in the capital it is the end the country has been in a state of emergency for the last three years since this spate of attacks which killed scores of people in twenty fifteen including many british tourists shot dead at a beach resort the police and security forces now will have to step up their efforts again to remove the threat tunisia is the country where the arab spring started and the only one to successfully establish a stable democracy but this latest attack could undermine those gains and provoke
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political instability already threatened by harsh austerity measures david chaytor al-jazeera shoot us. now the speaker sri lanka's parliament has told president policy to see now he must recall parliament by friday at the latest the president has been accused of violating the constitution after he fired the prime minister and appointment of an appointed every placement by the ousted leader become a singer has refused to leave his official residence as political tensions rise across the capital when a smith reports from colombo. supporters of sri lanka's ousted prime minister oh i'm going to let him go quietly. run away from a single has refused to leave his official residence here in the capital since president might recall a serious a in a fight and i'm suspended almonds and fried i think. the president has gone make the electoral mandate to strengthen democracy by trying to seize more executive
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powers we won't allow it. presidents are saying that the swan in the hindu rajapaksa as prime minister former president rajapaksa lost the election three years ago which was called after he scrapped the two term limit for the presidency . protesters on the parliament speaker say there's been a constitutional coupe the prime minister they say should be chosen by palm and not to the president i think everyone is really surprised by what happened everyone is he shocked but everyone kind of feels like they need to figure out how we can stop this reply and this happened not on our watch we are hoping that a process of protests of this nature by citizens by the people of sri lanka will the right to do all for the government to follow the democratic process while posters of rajapaksa have started appearing nationwide before the president hasn't yet spoken publicly about his new appointment franco's parliament remains closed
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this evening the country's constitution was changed a couple of years ago to take power away from the president and give it to parliament presidents are saying it says he's not breaking the law but his critics will say he's going against the spirit of the constitutional amendment which was made to strengthen his democratic institutions. al-jazeera colomba. still ahead on this al-jazeera news hour than male nurses on trial in germany accused of killing one hundred hospital patients last more than fifty thousand military personnel from thirty one nations show off their might during nato annual walking and coming up in support nest helping out opens a book of condolences for their late owner who was killed in a helicopter crash. hello
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again well i do want to take you over here towards north america because of the next few days we are going to seen quite a change in the weather notice all the clouds coming in from the west as well as up here towards canada the big story over the next few days of what is going to be happening down here towards the south now we're going to be seeing a lot of active weather anywhere from texas towards louisiana plus we have a frontal boundary that is extending all the way up towards tronto now down towards the south that is where the active weather is going to be up here to the north it is mostly going to be rain showers but that is slowly going to make its way along the coast and with that we could be seeing some flooding rains as well down towards miami it's going to be a nice day for you at twenty nine up towards new york it's going to be warm but we do expect those clouds to come in and temperatures there of about twenty degrees well here across the caribbean not looking too bad out here across much of the northeast most of the clouds of the next few days are going to be across central america and we have seen that trend over the last few days particularly down here towards pin him on where paradise city may be twenty nine to greece but a very rainy day for you and then as we go over here towards thursday
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a better day over here towards the yucatan peninsula we do think that cozumel is going to be partly cloudy and very quickly across south america we are going to see is a very heavy rain showers make their way out of argentina but for a sense here on the rains are coming into play and we see a temperature there of thirty two. a career reporting to the world though i did hear one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it when you know you need. to change anyone a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. to. be
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a. little. watching the news on al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories the u.s. secretary of defense has called for a deadline to end the war in yemen james mattis says it's time to replace combat
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with compromise and he says the u.n. envoy for yemen has told the saudi coalition and who feast to hold talks in sweden in the next thirty days and the u.s. defense secretary has reiterated that president trump wants answers into. james mattis also maintain that sound yes promising us that a full investigation will be conducted into the journalist's murder inside the saudi consulate in istanbul the united nations meanwhile says international experts should be part of an investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist that he's president of. a game is being played to protect someone involved in jamal matter. and other world news the u.s. president has intensified his hardline stance on immigration ahead of midterm elections he says he wants to end birthright citizenship donald trump made the comments on a. channel saying it's the only country in the world where babies born in the u.s. to non-citizens had
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a constitutional right to citizenship he says it can be implemented through an executive order the fourteenth amendment of the u.s. constitution guarantees that right for all children born in the u.s. and speaks more about this now to jeff house so who is the executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research he's live from washington thank you very much for being with us on knowledge is there a first of all just explain to our international viewers what the birthright citizenship law is and would it be legal for president trump to end it through an executive order can he unilaterally change an amendment to the constitution no the president cannot override the u.s. constitution the u.s. constitution is a riddle originally written included permission of first slavery and was racist document the u.s. fought a civil war in the nineteenth century and after the civil war there were three amendments passed that radically changed the united states for the better they
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ended slavery they made sure that every person would be treated equally and they gave all men who later amended to all people the right to vote and that amendment process included saying that anyone born in the united states was a citizen the amendment is quite explicit it is quite clear that is not capable of being overridden by a president who is desperate for political gain and to. increase xenophobia and hatred in america is it clear before we get to what's motivating the president is it clear to you whether he would deny citizenship to the babies of any non us citizens or would he be just targeting immigrants who are in the country illegally . so his focus is on what something that there's a horrifying term that right wingers use to describe the children born in the united states to people who do not have full legal status as immigrants in the
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united states and he wants to tell the executive branch of the government to pretend that those children who are very clearly american citizens under settled constitutional law to treat them as if they are not citizens and so that they are subject to deportation and host of other measures by the government the president says the u.s. is the only country in the world where when a person comes in and has a baby sensually a citizen of the u.s. with all the benefits that come with it but we know that that's not true of course because canada and several other countries also have birthright citizenship laws is the u.s. birthright citizenship not different from these other countries who does it benefit what categories of people would it be effected if this norway to be scrapped and what implications. well i mean it's hard to say with precision because this is not something that has gone through that has been vetted and where we have a lot of details that we basically just have the statement from the president to
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the media that doesn't mean it's not it's on serious because it's pretty clear that the president wanted to be asked this question and made sure that he would be asked it so he could break this news he's definitely thinking about it but the exact details that he is in visioning are hard to say but i think the first thing that would happen is the minute that this was published you would see a wide variety of legal actions brought in courts across the country by people defending the constitution and i suspect they would get judges to stay to stop the president's action before it would be ever be implemented do you do you believe that this hard line rhetoric on immigration that we're hearing from the president these past few days whether it's on the by birthright citizenship issue or the caravan that's approaching from mexico for which is deploying troops to the us mexico border is is old an election people think. i think it is but it's not something that will necessarily and on november sixth
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with the midterm elections because. president trump is in a perpetual election mode he is under investigation for any number of different criminal issues and he needs to maintain a very strong connection to his voters his base to make sure that the republican party stands by him in the future especially if democrats can take over the house of representatives and begin to investigate him even more stringently than he is being investigated right now so i think that just because it's an election ploy does not mean it will be forgotten on november seventh i think he is going to continue to run his government as an enemy of immigrants thank you very much for speaking to us jeff houser from the center for economic and policy research in washington thank you very much for your insight. now u.s. president has rived in pittsburgh as the first funerals are held for the victims of
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a shooting attack at a synagogue but is visit has been met with protests and jewish community leaders have written an open letter calling on president trump to denounce white nationalism pittsburgh's man had asked that the president stay away from the funerals on saturday eleven people were killed in what's being described as the deadliest attack on jews in the united states live to gave it his own dough in pittsburgh for escape tell us about what's been happening and why there is opposition to president trump being in pittsburgh today. for the last several hours we've been following the huge protests here in pittsburgh several thousand people they just wrapped up you might see just the last few groups of the people that are still there behind me but for the most part these protests have ended they had a big message and the message was is they did not want president donald trump here in this tight knit jewish community here. they say that the hot rhetoric political
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rhetoric coming from the white house and president trump has been unhelpful and many people here said it simply led to these violent acts that they saw here in their community that killed eleven people so many people here wanting trump to denounce outright white nationalism denounce anti-semitic acts it have been going on before he came here and they just didn't feel satisfied that he did so it was a protest but also very much a protest here in mourning a lot of people's very solemn protest again well over two thousand people took to the streets here this evening and in pittsburgh with a message that president donald trump was not welcome to here and so what message might we hear from the president considering of course that he hasn't any tone down his rhetoric what are his plans what is his message to them. well his message was number one coming here and he did come here with his wife
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melania trump the first lady and his daughter evolve was here as well the family toured the synagogue with the rabbi a very solemn moment to say the least and then he went to a hospital where he met with some of the six. people that are trying to recover from this terrible shooting that was shot and now recovering in the hospital met with some of them so his message basically was i'm here and i'm here to support the people of pittsburgh in this community that was a message that's a message that all presidents would do in a situation like this without a doubt i think the difference here is that we saw some of the victims that said they did not want the president here at this time which is really unheard of for a tragedy such as this once again more than forty thousand people here in pittsburgh signed a letter asking for the president not to come he decided to come here anyway thank you for that gave. birth in the united states. i know region where wealthy
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countries have historically shut their doors to refugees qatar has become the first gulf state to pass. political asylum human rights watch says the law is a huge step forward but that there is for improvements. the new decreed last month by the i mean but how much and then you to most part of migrants to seek asylum in providing the necessary protection for those unable to return to their country due to a fear of execution. over their religion party affiliation or political beliefs. about the fide. international treaties on. the. government. and the civil and political rights of individuals and. within these two covenants there is a lot of talk about you know what kind of human rights is now required to actually
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stand by and one of the main things is accepting asylum seekers up to two million foreigners work and live in qatar a small gulf nation with a local population of less than half a million of the gulf nations also have similar situations this demographic imbalance has been a source of consent to them for decades gulf countries refused to introduce reforms that would give certain permanent state decides to expand to your communities but since last year the emir of qatar shift i mean but haven't and then he issued a series of decrees that set the stage for more rights for members of the exporting its community just as in the case of the law on foreign workers rights including the abolishing of the exit permit requirement for the majority of them the new law is seen as a courageous step by which qatar seeks to assume a pioneering role in the gulf region in terms of human rights. human rights watch has described the law as the first of its kind in the gulf region but it says the law for its sort of international human rights legal standards it is
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a very good step or however. there we still have reservations about this law because it falls short of those international obligations specially when it comes to freedom of expression and it's important to understand that that is the first country in the gym to provide a. safe haven for this kind of flock however it is still very politically sensitive but it has been criticized by neighbors especially the blockading countries for providing this kind of safe. political dissidents regional context might be sensitive but qatar is going to host the football world cup within four years from now and aside from the international scrutiny under which the country is placed qatar says it's seizing the opportunity not only to develop its economic infrastructure but also to modernize its social and legal systems how much fun i just. well one hundred fifty activists have gathered in paris for the human rights
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defenders summit they say activists are increasingly becoming the targets of intimidation violence and censorship attash butler has more it's really apparent the what unites all of a human rights defenders here at this hour is some it is this real sense of moral duty obligation to try and help others even further that means that they often put their own lives at risk because there are governments of openness and critics who want to try to silence them and stop them from doing the work that they do our mission on mission to speak of truth to power and to try to remind everybody with the rule of law we don't per boe or per se but we have our moral authority as the human growth defenders as people who believe in justice and justice for britain we spoke to american egyptian activist i hear jossy now she was released from a cairo jail in twenty seventeen where she spent nearly three years egyptian
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authorities accused her falsely of trying to traffic children and despite her terrible ordeal she still works fighting for people's rights people like me and the very brave activists who are still working inside of egypt and who have families arrested and murdered. very are the roadblock to mort's or any and there's always more syria there isn't there isn't an end to hot evil people are willing to be and so all those who are speaking there they're actually making we are making progress or campaigners say that this is a really valuable forum for them to come together to share ideas and experiences strategies for the future and really send a message to world leaders that more needs to be done to protect the rights of human rights defenders more than fifty thousand troops are taking part in nato as biggest military exercise. since the end of the cold war the event is seen as a show of strength to deter any would be aggressive alex anthopoulos reports. i'm
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here at the media day of the trying junction military exercises being held here in central norway we have static displays set up for distinguished visitors and we'll have more complete b.s. landings and fly by aircraft these exercises a really about are about instilling confidence in the partners nervous due to russian military activity is increased on their borders over the past here and pointing case the russians have just announced that their navy will conduct life missile drills of the course of the next two days the race is on for the top job in europe's largest economy after german chancellor angela merkel announced she will leave politics at the end of her time in twenty twenty one or stumbling. over her way out but hoping to guide her country for a few more years chancellor angela merkel remains of course a central figure on the world stage well she's day she was hosting a g.
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twenty conference to promote private investment in africa but now she's set to quit as leader of the center right c.d.u. party where does that leave germany. because grand coalition with the social democrats has already been we could see by the success of the far right alternative for germany or a.f.d. party. i suppose it's accuse the d. of exploiting isolated incidents of crime to incite anti because the league's but it's been taking votes from the c.d.u. around the country is now the official position of the german parliament real tough decision that the senior party leadership needs to take next year for example is. whether to form coalitions with the. local at the state level for example states. the f.d.a. is in a very strong position and the left part is also a very strong position somebody whose vision for germany is further to the right there merkel's is health minister.


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