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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2018 1:00pm-1:43pm +03

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president has also intensified its hardline stance on immigration ahead of midterm elections he says he wants to end birthright citizenship donald trump made the comments to an american channel saying it's the only country in the world where babies born in the u.s. to norman citizens have a constitutional right to citizenship the fourteenth amendment of the u.s. constitution guarantees the right for all children born in the u.s. drops as it can be implemented through executive order. is executive director of the revolving door project at the center for economic and policy research he says if president transplant is implemented it would be subject to a lot of legal confrontations. the president cannot override the u.s. constitution the u.s. constitution is a riddle originally written included permission of first slavery and was racist document the us fought a civil war in the nineteenth century and after the civil war there were three amendments passed that radically changed the united states for the better they
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ended slavery they made sure that every person would be treated equally and they gave all men later amended to all people the right to vote and that amendment process included saying that anyone born in the united states was a citizen the amendment is quite explicit it is quite clear and is not capable of being overridden by a president who's desperate for political gain and to. increase xenophobia and hatred in america this is not something that has gone through that has been vetted and where we have a lot of details we would basically just have the statement from the president to the media that doesn't mean it's not it's on serious because it's pretty clear that the president wanted to be asked this question and made sure that he would be asked it so he could break this news he's definitely thinking about it but the exact details that he is in visioning are hard to say but i think what the first thing that would happen is the minute that this was published you would see
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a wide variety of legal actions brought in courts across the country by people defending the constitution and i suspect they would get judges to stay to stop the president's action before it would be ever be implemented. at least seven people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack near afghanistan's largest prison in the capital kabul the interior ministry says five others were injured after a prison staff vehicle was targeted there have been similar attacks in other parts of the country of the past two weeks as parliamentary elections were held the taliban and thread to disrupt the vote that began well october the twenty. still ahead here on al-jazeera. the gulf officially becomes a haven for those seeking political asylum.
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hello again it's good have you back well this hour do want to take you up here towards levant we are looking a better conditions out here towards the eastern part of the med you can see some showers entering into istanbul but really for many locations we are looking at fine dry conditions and that is going to stay that way as we go towards wednesday aleppo twenty five jerusalem at twenty two and baghdad really not looking too bad at twenty nine degrees there mostly activities are going to be up here towards the higher elevations where tashkent ten degrees for you down towards kabul it is going to be sixteen in the higher elevations we do expect to see some snow in your forecast here across much of the gulf well but better conditions where we do we had some rain last week some days were quite heavy the potential of rain coming back where you see those clouds we could see a shower or two in the forecast so doha here on wednesday maybe thirty degrees over towards thirty as well and then as we go towards wednesday a lot of heavy rain could be a problem out here towards the west where we could be seeing medina at about twenty
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six degrees and mecca at thirty three degrees and clouds in your forecast as well and then very quickly towards the southern part of africa well rain in the forecast for durban your temperatures are really coming down you are in the high twenty's earlier but we do expect to see a rainy day with a temperature of about seventeen. when they're on line when you're looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the content why would you take me you don't have the set up here experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that community members are going to join the global conversation on now to zero.
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you're watching on. top stories the u.s. defense secretary has strongly backed calls for a cease fire in yemen saying it's time to replace combat with compromise james mattis the u.n. special envoy to yemen will hold talks with the saudi coalition and who threw rebels in sweden in the van but state my players also spoken saying it's time for peace. the u.s. defense secretary has reiterated the president wants answers into the show g.'s. james mattis also maintained that saudi arabia has promised the u.s. that a full investigation will be conducted into the journalists to. the u.s. president donald trump is also visited the scene of a shooting attack on
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a synagogue in pittsburgh eleven people were killed but there have been protests against the visit with calls for trying to denounce white nationalists and. turn to our top story now in saudi arabia has the most one of the largest best funded lobbying operations in the u.s. the kingdom has been millions of dollars to buy influence in washington and in the wake of the show's chief scandal some p.r. firms are. as a client a white house correspondent. for decades congressional support for saudi arabia has been broad and bipartisan but the conflict in yemen has many in congress questioning the u.s. saudi relationship. despite outrage over attacks on civilians death and suffering from a humanitarian crisis there's been no congressional action to end u.s. support for saudi arabia's targeting of who the rebels in yemen here's why the saudis are arguably one of the most influential lobbies in all d.c.
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a new report shows the saudi government spent ten million on lobbying in twenty sixteen. by twenty seventeen year donald trump was sworn in as president that number ballooned to almost twenty seven million contributions to political campaigns were also up and in a dozen cases firms representing saudi arabia met with and made cash contributions to u.s. politicians to buy influence all in a single day it's the thousands of times their lobbyists have contacted members of congress it's the four hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions that we saw going from lobbying firms representing the saudis to members of congress in spite of that sort of spending the killing of. by saudi agents in turkey has lawmakers reevaluating the relationship this puts the white house under tremendous pressure to take action and congress is not going to forget about this the pressure
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will probably increase on congress to take swift action or will it twenty sixteen many argue saudi lobbying led president barack obama to veto a law that would have allowed riyadh to be sued for its alleged role in the nine eleven attacks those working in the white house defended the veto the united states' government u.s. service members u.s. diplomats and even potentially u.s. companies are risk of being hauled into court. in countries all around the world still a top obama official feels the trumpet ministrations relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has gone too far president trump's inexplicable infatuation with prince mohammed must end former national security adviser susan rice wrote in the new york times and he must recalibrate american policy so that it serves our national interests not his personal interests or those of the crown prince the white house says it's weighing its options and has not ruled out
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sanctions against the saudi government at the highest levels for the death of. kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house well in a region where wealthy countries have historically shut their doors to refugees has become the first state to pass a law. offering political asylum human rights watch says the law is a huge step forward but of the still room for improvement mohammed valhall. the new law was decreed last month by the i mean of qatar i mean but hamad and fanny into most foreign migrants to seek asylum in qatar providing the necessary protection for those unable to return to their country due to a fear of execution or torture or that the city religion party affiliation or political beliefs of course has just ratified two international treaties on human rights the un covenant of economic and social and the
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civil and political rights of individuals and within these two covenants there is a lot lot of talk about you know what human rights is now required to. stand by and one of the main things is accepting asylum seekers up to two million for his work and leaving qatar a small gulf nation with a local population of less than half a million of the gulf nations also have similar situations. this demographic imbalance has been a source of concern to them for decades gulf countries refused to introduce reforms that would give certain permanent status rights to expire to your communities but since last year the emir of qatar shift i mean but then he issued a series of decrees that set the stage for more rights for members of the exporting its community just as in the case of the law on foreign workers rights including the abolishing of the exit permit requirement for the majority of them the new law is seen here as a courageous step by which qatar seeks to assume a pioneering role in the gulf region in terms of human rights. human rights watch
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has described the law as the first of its kind in the gulf region but it says the law fallen short of international human rights legal standards and is a very good step forward however. there we still have reservations about these law because it falls short of. international obligations as specially when it comes to freedom of expression and it's important to understand that that is the first country in the agent to provide a. safe haven for this kind of law however it is still very politically sensitive that has been criticized by its neighbors especially the blockading countries for providing this kind of. political dissidents regional context might well be sensitive but qatar is going to host the football world cup within four years from now and aside from the international scrutiny under which the country is placed qatar says it's seizing the opportunity not only to develop its economic infrastructure but also to modernize its social and legal systems how much fun.
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senior indonesian officials believe they may have fuselage of the line a plane that crashed on monday shortly after taking off from jakarta international airport the reuters news agency is reporting that a ping has been heard from the jet's emergency locator beacon from the seabed off the java sea now these are live pictures. coming into us from jakarta a day brief from the crash is being recovered divers will now search out the coordinates as they look to recover the acro boxes so they can establish what caused the crash indonesia's government ordered the inspection of all boeing seven three seven following the accident all one hundred eighty nine people on bald died the united nations says conditions and rakhine state are not yet conducive for refugees to return the warning comes after bangladesh and meanwhile reached a deal to start returning refugees by the middle of next month i mean mandela
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gratian visited the bangladeshi capital dhaka on my way to visit comes in cox's bazar around three quarters of a million in government the military crackdown in rakhine state last year seen the reports of the agreement between the decisions reach by the joint working group between bangladesh and myanmar u.n.h.c.r. which is in the lead on the issues of refugees was not consulted on this matter. i think we can't stress enough that returns cannot be rushed or premature in the decision on whether or not for refugee to return should be determined by the refugees themselves when they feel the time in the circumstances or right. for u.n. h.c.r. the conditions in right kind state are not yet conducive for return to myanmar. and at the same time we're seeing a ring of refugees continue to arrive from rakhine state into myanmar which gives
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should give you an indication of the situation on the ground. from dhaka. both bangladesh and man martin sounded very optimistic they said there is a political will to repatriate the refugees the foreign secretary offered me on my or in a press briefing say they have set up the necessary facilitate to repair their own refugees he also went i had to say that they have trained the police and security personnel to shop against discrimination he also say their own ideas will be repaired that will have the provision to complain and sig justice for any kind of discrimination all repression sound optimistic obviates contradictory to what the u.n. says in its recent investigative report it's a genocide is still continuing in myanmar there are people still coming into buying with their stalls and saw them we spoke to refugees who spoke about atrocities being committed still allow international human rights bodies and u.n.
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agencies are also saying then vironment is still not right or wrong in just a return back to their homeland more importantly their own concern their side then basic without recognition of citizenship and timing them as and without having a third party to assure the security and willing to go under this circumstance back to me and we'll have to see if this is just a diplomatic brinkmanship or they're serious about taking back this refugees by bats starting from made november this year german chancellor angela merkel has businesses not to underestimate africa's huge economic potential she was speaking at an investment attended by several african leaders so mccall's initiative to boost development on the continent in the hope that it could be legal immigration to europe the plan is to help african nations are trying to private investment in return for reforms like fighting corruption. and the race is on for the top job in europe's largest economy the chancellor announced that she'll leave politics at the
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end of her term in twenty twenty one that she's standing down as the head of her center right party later this year that in bombay reports from berlin. in her way out but hoping to guide her country for a few more years chancellor angela merkel remains of course a central figure on the world stage on tuesday she was hosting a g. twenty conference to promote private investment in africa but now she's set to quit as leader of the center right c.d.u. party where does that leave germany. because grand coalition with the social democrats has already been weakened by the success of the far right alternative for germany or e.f.t. party its opponents accuse the d. of exploiting isolated incidents of crime to incite anti immigrant feelings but it's been taking votes from the c.d.u. around the country and is now the official opposition in the german parliament real tough decision. to take next year for example is. whether to form
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coalitions with the. local and the state level or for example. if he is in a very strong position and the left part is also a restaurant position somebody whose vision for germany is further to the right there merkel's is health minister. sharon is popular in the cd use conservative wing it is seen as the most ambitious of the potential leaders he opposes jule citizenship for young foreigners and advocates policies such as banning the burqa in public. but it's an open secret as she was out as party leader merkel has her own favorite to replace her and it could come carabao no company has a cake a is the cd use general secretary and former head of a small regional bizarre land she's earned a reputation as a moderate liberal attitudes really gracious is aligned with merkel's then there's merkel's longstanding rival friedrich amounts the conservative pro-business figure is the first to officially announce he's running for the c.d.u.
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leadership by stepping down as party leader chancellor merkel hopes to give the c.d.u. time to revive its fortunes before the end of her term in twenty twenty one but nobody's ruling out a collapse of her ruling coalition before then and that really could change the dynamic in the race to become the next chancellor the team barbara al-jazeera. of course you can follow all of the stories that we're covering here on al-jazeera by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com. you're watching under their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories u.s. defense secretary james mattis as called on the warring parties in yemen to meet within thirty days speaking at the u.s. institute of peace mattis said all sides need to do more to prevent the deaths of innocent people. we've got to replace combat with compromise and we're working in. speak with mr martin griffin the u.n.
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special envoy met with my shellshocked a pompei i was talking to him frequently as we tried to amass the international court we just met. naaman the unarmored dialogue and this was brought up forcefully not just by my shell but by others as well and it's time to stop. the united nations is asking that international experts be part of the investigation of saudi journalist jamal to show cheese murder the un's human rights chief says there must be full access to evidence and witnesses meanwhile the u.s. secretary of defense has reiterated that president truck wants answers into the journalist's murder james mattis also maintain that saudi arabia has promised the u.s. that a full investigation will be conducted into the show cheese. u.s. president told trump has also visited the scene of a shooting attack on a synagogue in pittsburgh where eleven people were killed but there's been protests against the visit with calls for trump to denounce white nationalism at least seven
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people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack near afghanistan's largest prison in the car pool in the capital kabul the interior ministry says five others were injured after a prison stuff vehicle was targeted there when similar attacks in other parts of the country of the past two weeks as parliamentary elections were held. senior indonesian officials believe they have found fuselage from the line a plane that crashed on monday shortly after takeoff from jakarta the reuters news agency is reporting that a ping sound has been heard from the jet's emergency locator beacon on the seabed of the java sea divers will and search the coordinates to recover the cross black boxes indonesia's government ordered the inspection of all boeing seven three seven following the accident one hundred eighty nine people on board were killed of course you can follow all of those stories by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com is updated throughout the day i'll have more news in half an
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hour here on al-jazeera next it's the stream to stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter the three big challenges facing human prine in the twenty first century they are nuclear war climate change and technological destruction facing realities whatever is there to fear is not in me it is in the people of uganda hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. by a family ok. what's the secret to a happy life it is a question that so many of us would like to know our one of the most asked of the dalai lama but how do we reach that goal so much conflict and turmoil we ask the dalai lama right now on the three. nobel peace prize winner and foremost stream guess kai last so yeah t.
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or once said that the power of youth is the commonwealth for the entire world. hold similar belief about young people are the key to ending global conflict perhaps true when you consider that the world's most violent conflicts are being brought within the most youthful populations and to break the pattern of violence requires strong leadership which is why a group of young peace builders from around the world have converged on the dalai lama's compound in india to learn from each other and the spiritual leader himself he event organized by the united states institute of peace a mystic if the participants practical skills and also personal resilience needed to force the peace in their home countries joining us to talk about this we have his holiness the dalai lama and two new fleet is who are part of the u.s. institute of peace event. for venezuela and the pi steven from south sudan welcome everybody your holiness it is great to see you again i am thinking about how you
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share your wisdom and your thoughts and one of them is from the social media i'm just looking at here what you showed in the piece state challenge we need to engage in dialogue to resolve rather than resorting to the use of force and i'm wondering if we look at our current world right now a current stage of conflict around the world what you are saying is so out of step with how the world's is actually behaving why is there such a big disconnect. still there will be thinking that could essentially that is when they were
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they faced some problem the image of the reaction from their mind is how to jenin how to face this problem by force that tradition she will contain for those who war then will war even you use nuclear weapon and then go to war when a war. these are is a day the two new century saw was really in. everybody you see in our use latin true mileage. you can get some benefit i don't believe that so now twenty century reality even continent to continent heavily in the lead in the debate and therefore now the
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early have to or we have to adopt a new way to deal this problem this problem. not use of violence. and lallans very much based on the concept we and the reality no longer every every nation every continent is a heavily in the dividend so actually reality and china will is part of the. sound now then i will invest some problem we have to face that problem according that reality so the problem the other fight also use
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a part of us how do we sow like a family or. if you see have. to. go home i. do think she should be. are not. i hear what you're saying there and so with that i want to bring in a comment from someone you know someone whose face might be familiar take a look at my screen here this is a man who participated in the same program as the students who are thinking you today his name is ahmed and he is executive director of an in geo that works to promote peace building and conflict resolution and northeastern nigeria he sent us a video comment about resistance in the face of conflict and violence here's what he's asking to do is twenty eighteen and it's one leg sixty years of
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when his holiness started a resistor movement with the support of his people and his good leadership and today if one should start it was just a moment it will be very difficult to get our country our country to post them and show their seventy like india has done for his holiness or sixty years ago so what things does is all of us think that such members of such movement could do to ensure their passes civility and it will weigh in out so there are country be able to push. their idea to achieve what they actually want to achieve so how do you push for your goals when you might have to be in exile. and. the prison. question are you nice. and to some to me too many people including many
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scientist. and in an era just so people rich minded people and including some reason it also i realize the tradition that you meet kelly who originally come from india now indeed now the now the much damage so new living in hindi indian tradition. we kept so the whole. i feel to pattern culture to that and knowledge are is sometimes i express train all the world and at least i can am on the blues i think little bit knowledge is truly a team creation output is knowledge the all is you see use
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analyze even but the whole world live analyzed. if you see two and one and two inhalation even some good teaching our c. shows some contradiction then we have the right to reject so that kind of tradition i really feel treasure of the war and then thought gun control issues. all these messy. beast. well i'm sitting next to you we have two young people we have dinner and we also have a lupine who are sitting there listening to you nodding vigorously let me show our audience some of the pictures of you in conversation with them
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a little bit earlier d.n.a. here is leaning forward just here listening i don't know if the dalai lama was talking about quantum physics at that point but he was getting some serious knowledge bombs again in conversation here and lupine not leaving you out here it looks like you told the best joke ever and the whole room is cracking up i'm just wondering when you're sitting there listening to his holiness what is it that you're learning that you couldn't learn anywhere else gigi you start. yes well your holiness you're like an institution when it comes to inner peace in your great books are trying to understand yourself a little bit better in this term to do the job that you want to do in your back home but somehow when you talk with your holiness the dalai lama you feel that all the answers that you were looking outside he had it so how he helped to find it in
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yourself so you always have that knowledge and you just say something that inside of you and you a star and are standing many things just today he said something really important about their relation of freedom and peace and he saw thought that i always had it in my mind but somehow understanding hearing his story from the time he left that and now now he's here in india in the process that he has to do inside of him first to dentists made to his people and preserve his country i think that was one of the most important things that i ever heard in my life and i thank you very much for the knowledge sharing that you're doing here and you just see the photo that i was laughing a lot because you make a comment about me as a feminist that laila so really into c.s. to hear that he's even willing to. the idea that the next can be
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a woman. now that is a headline that i love with the next that i am a could be a woman what are your thoughts about that is that even possible. yes your holiness. firstly. you. show your money. right. so did hons the ordination. see bijou this uni so buddha i think at that time. or in india i didn't there are there was some kind of a group discrimination and it's a male female you consider below but good to keep right now
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in tibet i think different number or even asian or. a lot i think seven hundred years or so the same be it illegal nation men lamma and a female m a so to that is i think. they hung him on the hardest lamas which lead. up one hundred years and centuries female there. and then. i organise e express in one firstly the law initiation should continue or not and not my business. and early as sister nine officially for all molly i asked this. then the incision odama should continue or not
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a good to the people. if you didn't want to do beers then. not monitor them and then you see no problem sometimes i. don't. know and and. quite. good oh my goodness. this is this could be a start a conversation with with the last dalai lama making you sad really can i want to play another video comment this one is from an activist and child protection officer at crown the woman in south sudan and lou pike i'm actually going to give this one to you she was a former fellow and also a former stream gas a year ago when we hosted the dalai lama on the show and here's what she says today . hi steve this is a i was a participant in this in program last year and i had the privilege to come back as
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a generation change trainer to change this years for discipline that is not just about changing the cute edge of the brick up but the of the stories these young people have i feel energized and really inspired just by sitting in and absorbing all the information we're sharing and receiving from them i was just not enough i still had the opportunity to meet his holiness for the second time and having to sit back and just absorb and listen to him answer this questions this young people are asking him and just here you get to the root cause of the problem and give them sort of lucian's from where bit actually need to start from was really refreshing for me and i feel like because this is an experience we can never find anywhere you cannot quantify or put a price on this experience and i'm really really glad i got the opportunity to be part of this and i hope more young people will still get the same spirit and i mean opportunity to engage with his holiness and get to learn the way his humility and
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the way he does things alone is just enough to get you change your perspective on leadership and you peace building journey so look how you heard her say as i'm there for her time with the fellows and now mentoring them i'm wondering in your case what are you hoping to get out of this mentoring session in this session with the fellows and with the dalai lama yourself. the whole session has been so so exciting one thing i learned from. a lawyer and the rest of the facilitators is the kind of emphasis they try to put in our daily piece building techniques that response to to imply and so i felt it was so nourishing and so encouraging and we we learned a lot of techniques on how we can build peace in our communities but in the dialogue i grew up with my grandmother and hearing stories and experiences of how she lived her life had shipped how i should live mine and so with the dalai lama he
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shared his experiences as a refugee and as a person of growing up growing up as a refugee i really learned a lot and so putting the training session from. from all the facilitators and also the dialogue with his holiness the dalai lama putting all these together i feel it has a really positive impact in the work that i do and in the environment that i grow up in so the whole program is are so amazing i'm just looking at. the first day of your he flew with it and pressed play so we can see some of the pictures that. as you're talking his holiness are you getting a sense that he understands the part of the world that you're coming from saying look i think south sudan does email the issues that why the conflict is still going on and the nitty gritty of it. well i think of conflicts everyone. has that mix and i went when i introduced him.
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what is happening in south sudan myself so he kind of related it to most of the conflicts around and also you give examples like the conflicts in. nigeria and also in afghanistan so most of the conflicts have been going to the same dynamics and so . all the answers and all the kind of wisdom we're trying to get to get from him all relatable. he understands the kind of situation that we are also in in south sudan and so whatever advice he's trying to get for us the youth to have possible our own inner peace is something that that is so general that every other conflict in country the other youth in any other country to country should be here not only south sudan so it relates to south sudan and also to any other conflict the country . will you prefer his holiness what was happening in venezuela
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yes i think one of the most interesting thing about this program is allows you to give. shot of the conflict and the way you live you know the concept because it's way different how other than a stance so i have the opportunity to tell him my story of you know the crisis of food and medicine the missile is getting worse and worse and my question was elated to you know how this problem istar from an idea and you know escalate to a humanitarian crisis so i think he has a very good understanding of the basis as i say of the concept which is basically one leader or one religious idea one political ideas that escalate to you know head and consulate so. he is now let's being in council it all his life like when he was fourteen he lost his freedom and then he came to india i think gave him a pretty going to understand what he asked us use have to leave he has to leave his
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country as the same way i i had to so i think i can relate we have in a lot of things and that can help me a lot to see maybe some practices that he implemented in his leadership skills you know at the end can help his people back into you know it's easy you mentioned you've been discussing how things as going to humanitarian crisis level so i want to bring up to treat status of the dalai lama about two hot button issues right now that are on that humanitarian crisis level a question for you on twitter this person says why is the dalai lama not doing more on the rohingya genocide they call it by me and lars another person writes and what have you done to internationalize the plight of the we in china so to communities that are facing persecution what are your thoughts on.
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the. muslim brothers. in burma. and defines this problem. on one occasion i was in washington and show. from one picture. and describing. i'm an express or those buddhist monks. visualize each muslim brothers sisters on the shoulder. to come on that please. these promises to us aren't. and then later. the only.
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as a nobel laureate i know since many of us so one occasion when we get that noble causes a lot of meeting i mentioned her car bomb a generally brief country and this is such a tough question but this time i really feel this that so she had goose hunting and then she explained to me the difficulties. internal situation very complicated she mentioned to me and then later i wrote letter or so to her then design and of course the bubbly she many kisses i expressed my concern and then.


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