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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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find me on al-jazeera. strangled and dismembered as part of a premeditated plan for the first time officially reveals details of jamal. a lot of major interest in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. maybe they've been great the shelf life to see how it all for the u.s. takes a wait and see approach to the jamal khashoggi murder investigation. renewed pressure on yemen this morning sides to return to the negotiating table as washington redirects its policy on the devastating conflict and with
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a week to go ahead of mid-term elections in the u.s. donald trump tries to win votes by keeping the spotlight on migrants. for the first time turkey has officially revealed the gruesome details of what exactly happened to the saudi journalist. so a case chief prosecutor says that she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul turkish investigations are still searching for these remains reports. as the saudi chief prosecutor was on his way to travel back to his country his turkish counterpart released a statement detailing his final moments of the saga consulate. according to the horrifying account. was strangled to death as soon as he got into the
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consulate on the second of october his body dismembered and the blast remains shrouded in mystery turkish investigators are still trying to find out what happened to the remains of hotshot see who gave the order to kill him and the identity of the local corporator tasked with disposing of the body their fantasy dan turkey's chief prosecutor also sat his counterparts. wasn't fully cooperating turkey blames saudi arabia for stalling the investigation. this is not an event that can be done without an order from a high level the organization of this event has been premeditated at the saudi chief prosecutor stated and it has been done in such a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well he was killed as soon
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as he entered and was later dismembered how far in advance has his brutal his advantage been found and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up it will not human. saudi officials initially denied the outspoken journalist was killed but backtracked and international pressure admitting it was pre-meditated the kingdom insists crown prince mohammed bin cell man had no knowledge of a disease fate turkey seems determined to press ahead with this investigation the wording of the general prosecutor's statements that just officials here are confident they have enough strong evidence about what happened when. the subject consulate in istanbul about a month ago. is some. comments by the turkish prosecutor only add to the speculation about the location of jamal has shown she is remains and who disposed
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of his body saudi officials at first denied any involvement in death but two weeks after he disappeared they said he died in a fistfight a day later the story changed again the fist fight now replaced by a choke hold the saudis denied reports that her show she was dismembered saying that his body had been rolled up in a rug and given to a local collaborator that's prompted president her to want to call on any local collaborator to come forward now turkey says the saudis told them the local collaborator doesn't exist instead the prosecutor says the body was cut into pieces and disposed of in a pre-planned operation u.s. president donald trump has for the first time in days spoken about the murder let's go right out of mike hanna who is for us in washington d.c. so mike tell us more about what the president had to say. well it was a week ago that president trump had what he said were critical meetings with his
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director of the cia with the secretary of state it so was then he was waiting for the information about what exactly happened before taking a decision about what to do next well since then there's been silence from the white house just a single statement coming out saying that the matter was still being considered but finally president trump had this to say in the course of today. president trumper of days of silence on jamal khashoggi death after being on asked whether he felt betrayed by the salvi denial of responsibility for it not a great you know i just hope that it all works out we have a lot of back we have a lot of things that we've been with you that there betrayed me maybe they betrayed themselves love to see how it all turned. the national security adviser also having his say as we expect there to be accountability for what happened which was which was criminal without any question and they have promised to do that and they have gone
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a long way already and we'll see what the next steps are and more pressure from congress for tangible action to be taken a group of republican senators to send to letter to the president demanding that civilian nuclear talks with saudi arabia be suspended the senate has already sent the president a formal letter invoking the global magnitsky act this insists that the president investigate the murder and impose sanctions should accountability be established the act gives the president four months in which to act but in a follow up letter a bipartisan group of pos representatives has insisted that the investigation be concluded as quickly as possible. threatened legislation can only come after the midterm elections congress is in recess until then but regardless of the election result president trump will then have to face up to a congress that is angry and it's an anger that in this case is shared across party
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divide by congress have been questioning saudi arabia's accounts of the. murder of a few weeks ago there's talk of maybe possible sanctions against saudi arabia but it seems very little action will there be any kind of sanction on saudi arabia. well the mood in congress is extremely dark and extremely angry on this issue president trump has said time after time that he's reluctant to impose any sanctions that he wants to preserve the working relationship he has with the saudi leadership very critical to his foreign policy and certainly to his economic policy as well but the congress has made very clear and the important fact is that since republicans and democrats in congress that they do not buy the saudi explanations that if the accountability is established sanctions must be found in fact many members of congress both republican and democrat are going even further and saying
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they will pressure the president to impose sanctions to force saudi compliance with the request to give full information now as i said they be in recess but when congress gets back they are going to be moves to move legislation both in the house of representatives and in the senate in an effort to continue to put pressure to bear on president trump to establish some kind of accountability and take some kind of action over there as mike hanna reporting live there from washington like many things in the u.k. there's growing pressure on three's amaze government to stop selling weapons to saudi arabia on wednesday foreign secretary jeremy hunt faced the foreign affairs select committee where he was grueling about sunday's response to the show she's death journal whole reports from london. britain's chief diplomat of course it was a pretty diplomatic encounter but jeremy hunt certainly didn't deny that britain was carefully weighing its options here weighing its response in light of emerging
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new information that new information that we've heard today and that in the process of weighing this response of course it may have an impact on relations between britain and its key middle east ally saudi arabia of course also a key customer for british arms he was pressed in particular at what point in time it might become untenable to have business as usual with saudi arabia take a listen to this exchange between tom tube and the chairman of the committee and jeremy hunt. would you show my concern when your saudi opposite number. from mr baer describes the reaction to us or his murder as fairly hysterical would you would you agree that the saudi government does not appear to be beginning to take this terribly seriously well i don't agree that i agree with you and i don't agree with that characterization a tool i think. you know if these stories are as they have been reported
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it is nothing short of utterly and totally shocking and. and you know. prior to dealing with you know the impact on the relationship with saudi arabia and i've been very open that there will be an impact on the relationship with saudi arabia if this these stories turn out to be true i think it has brought into sharp focus that we cannot take for granted media freedom so he wouldn't be drawn on precisely what sort of impact may follow the conversation did touch on yemen as you mentioned there as well jeremy hunt saying the british government now fully supported the u.s. initiative for a cessation of hostilities in yemen having just until twenty four hours ago declined to get involved in supporting a cease fire he said the two things were distinct a cessation of hostilities would allow for a political track to open up to end the war and he denied that that had anything to do with directly at least the cartridge he murder the response to which he
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emphasized would depend on a credible investigation being undertaken by the authorities of saudi arabia along with judicial process punishing those involved and in so doing reassuring saudi arabia's allies that this sort of thing can never happen again. the saudi m.r.c. led coalition in yemen has sent thousands of troops nears the crucial port city of quick data it follows calls from the us in the un to end hostilities the united nations is backing the resumption of a political process to end the fighting between the who thing rebels and saudi backed forces u.s. led talks with the saudi led coalition and who things will be held in sweden this month. the special envoy will continue to work with all parties to agree on tangible steps to spare all yemenis the disastrous consequences of further conflict and urgently address the political security and humanitarian crisis in yemen he urges all concerned parties to seize this opportunity to engage constructively with
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the current efforts to swiftly resume political consultations to agree on a framework for political negotiations and confidence building measures in particular and had seen the capacities of the central bank of yemen the exchange of prisoners and the reopening of the airport. stopping the war in the acts of aggression from aggressive state supported by the us as necessary we currently are not acting as a graces against any of our neighbors states they are doing so against us and so when the walk stops in the aggression against us we will be for peace which will preserve our independence and protect our independent entity from any interference from any other state whether the neighboring or not. peru's opposition leader has been ordered back to jail over money laundering allegations keiko fujimori has been under investigation of accusations that shakes up to more than a million dollars from brazilian construction firm bricks during her two thousand and eleven presidential election campaign fujimori the daughter of the former
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presidents are better fujimori denies any wrongdoing. president trump says that as many as fifteen thousand troops could be dispatched to the us mexico border it's his latest response to the caravan of asylum seekers making its way to the united states from central america many of them are fleeing poverty and violence at home manuel as more from honduras. this bus arriving in honduras from guatemala is delivering twenty three migrants who have been deported many of those returning were part of a migrant caravan making its way across mexico toward the united states. we're moving backwards now with nothing we're happy because we're going home plans he's going to leak it says he left honduras because there's no work we can't provide for his family he and his wife caravan was their ticket out of poverty. our country is broke and our president doesn't support he's on paper that's why i
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decided to leave with my wife and children. in our town on the hunter inside the border locals say the number of migrants leaving the country isn't anything out of the ordinary cabin the local food vendor tells us the town relies heavily on the constant flow of migrants the. businesses here depend on people leaving the country our only source of work of the migrants that stop here is wheat. increased pressure from the united states to prevent more migrants from leaving has led to an increased police presence in town but the poor is very poor and mostly jungle a local boy showed us just how easy it is for my. to sneak across we're walking along an area of the and would ask what the amount of border that is not being patrolled by authorities we're told many hundred migrants who don't want to be seen by military police will often cross right here this stream is the only thing that separates them from guatemalan soil. at the official border crossing as many as
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fifty migrants travel into guatemala every day just as on buses crowded with deported hondurans filled the local immigration office and sisco says he's glad to be back in honduras but he also says he would try leaving again given the opportunity given. went up and down and luckily and not missing out on the election rally in florida president trump kept up his rhetoric against migrants saying that he'll turn away anyone who's trying to make their way to the u.s. illegally we're getting prepared for the caravan folks here not to worry about that . there was and they got out a lot of rough people in those caravans they are not a general say are not you saw what happened two days ago with the mexican military and the mexican police you so what happened there how tough the opposition is we're
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tougher than anybody were tougher than any for it was probably going to have to be i don't fortunately. i tell them turned back and they're not going to be release. the man accused of killing eleven people at a pittsburgh synagogue on saturday now faces a total of forty four federal charges in addition to that attempted murder is also charged with hate crimes and firearms offenses to appear at a second hearing in federal court on thursday we're going to weather update thanks to zero then a peace process in a country that's only known conflict south sudan's president welcomes home his bitter enemy to celebrate the peace deal. i'm guessing. in one of europe's wars for error.
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by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. alice rather more clouds new been used to the whole of iran turkmenistan right up towards our marty behind it given that this is coming so if you think the every quite cold you'd be right to think that the tension al-mahdi as the sun comes out will be about three degrees is fifteen in kabul plenty of snow up in the foothills of the himalayas as a ground rises going to force now after all and then we're left behind the dropping tension ahmadi down to zero couple hasn't changed very much and we've lost the class of the sun is stood out for most of iran the sheraton is possible and that's by john all the northwest of iran and the clouds rather more obvious in kuwait but look at the time she's everything is below thirty now been quite a big drop with exception maybe karate and the arabian peninsula to see temps is at best probably thirty two quite often below that shouldn't particularly warm for this time of the year as a result of quite
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a few days of showers popping up here and there and there's still potentially there for the usa there are other more obviously so on the western side of society of the high ground and be all folks here medina and mecca not so much further south useful rain i hope it will be is developing in south africa once again the eastern side of the eastern cape or from johannesburg south woods is a wet two days. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. a journey of personal discovery by the great grandfather he was a slave of the lead property algeria's james gannon explores his family's legacy of slave ownership young like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some of us so scar we even scared to speak out because a soprano. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt.
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hello again this is al jazeera our top stories this hour for the first time turkey's chief prosecutor has revealed that saudi journalist. was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul an act of premeditated murder his body was then cut into pieces and disposed of turkey's ruling ak party says that she's murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level in the saudi leadership. the saudi and iraqi coalition has sent troops to givens port city of for data despite growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says that it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution
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a special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with the saudi coalition of hoofy rebels in sweden in november. and the u.s. president says that as many as fifteen thousand troops could be deployed to the border with mexico donald trump warns of sanctions on countries from where migrants are coming this is thousands of central american migrants have arrived in southwest mexico with all the care about school so on whose. into the sea and divers have retrieved a black box from the lion ed jet that crashed into the java sea on monday divers say they found the flight recorder among daybreak in the mud on the sea floor officials say that it could take up to two days download the data from the recorder and weeks to know more details about what caused the crash that killed one hundred eighty nine people on board china is cutting tariffs on over one thousand five hundred products as it looks to increase imports and with the own going trade war with the u.s. the council be applied to goods including textiles paper machinery and construction
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materials the average tariff for those items will be reduced from ten point five percent to seven point eight percent it's the third time since may that china's reduced tariffs items such as medicines consumer goods and composites pauline loom is managing director of asia analytical an analyst of china's political economy she says that it's a smart move by china domestically is straightforward enough they want to ease the pain for exporters in the sense that many of the exporters they have to import goods process them and then export them again so if your import costs are high it jacks up your export costs so by reducing import tariffs jaw helping ironically the exporters as well and there's the other point which is that it helps the domestic prices you do want to go people to feel that you know the minute
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there's a trade dispute with the united states you know everything goes up with china or so so there is that but i think there is one more a spread to just external espec one the pressure on the run and be i expect will continue the downward pressure so. this means that with a trade partners other the us there may be a perception that china is competing with them for thirty markets as well so why do you think china's only import tariffs a thing a window targeting yeah we're happy to buy your goods so we aligned together you know the europe japan so do not do don't worry about the woman be pakistan's prime minister has addressed the nation he criticized protesters
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calling for the death of supreme court judges who overturned a christian woman's blasphemy conviction a landmark case a sponsor years of international criticism. up is that they are inciting you for their political gain you should not get trapped by them for the sake of the country they are doing no service to islam jani you are trying to say that if the supreme court doesn't decide according to they wish they will not accept that judgment that means they would come on roads and stop the country can any country you know run like this u.s. national security adviser john bolton says that washington doesn't want its friends and allies to be hurt by its sanctions against iran they'll come into force on monday after president trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal between turf rand and world powers bolton says he wants to force in iran's crude exports to zero but the u.s. is considering giving waivers to some allies to want to trade with iran. the
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president said unmistakably our goal is maximum pressure and that it would be to drive iranian oil exports to zero we understand obviously a number of countries in the in immediately surrounding iran some which i just visited last week others that have been purchasing oil may not be able to go all the way all the way to zero immediately so we want to we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies either and we're working our way through that iran's president hassan rouhani says the next few months will be difficult once the sanctions kick in iran's currency has collapsed since president trump's withdrawal from the deal and the poor are expected to bear the brunt of the sanctions however president rouhani is vowing to resist any pressure from the u.s. . got going you know if you don't rule america you cannot cut off around the oil sands you cannot reduce around sales to the levels that you i mean desire either
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you are trying to make the people angry people are in fact angry but with you biomed it america and its crimes not big government role and system and around say oh mon been no man no you now people should be certain that the government is not scared of america's three it's the situation has been hard for people in recent months and it may be hard in the nick several months to but the government will utilize that some top capabilities to alleviate their problems. cuba has presented its annual resolution to the united nations calling for an end to the u.s. economic embargo the vote will take place on friday previous resolutions for the past twenty seven years of passed with overwhelming support but it's non-binding and only the u.s. congress can lift the embargo. south sudan's rebel leader. has returned to the capital juba two years after he fled it comes to the rebels and the government
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signed a peace deal in september in ethiopia it's hoped that the agreement will end five years of civil war the show will take part of the peace with president salva kiir. morgan reports now from juba the capital of south sudan. with fun between the government and opposition in sudan capital khartoum in september and. leaders which include president president the president of uganda and the president . of a deal that was fine but perhaps the most noteworthy attendant the opposition leader. who flew into the capital juba to day celebration let's remember that. previously find peace agreement. part of the country. is not mentioned
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in the peace agreement. to. come back home but they have. become a government of. a conflict which has hundreds of people and left more than half of the country's population in need of a five. seven million premature deaths each year pollution according to world health organization. the world health organization is meeting to discuss a plan to tackle the problem at its first ever conference on pollution in geneva jessica baldwin reports now from london where one mother is campaigning for greater awareness of the city's hazardous. she played football and loved to dance but age seven she developed severe asthma two years later she was dead. ellice mother rosamond is convinced london's
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unlawfully high pollution killed her daughter and she's campaigning to have the cause of death recognised as air pollution and the sofa. makes no bones about this from. just over annoyed she wasn't in a coma three to four times and she was lucky to survive those. lungs kept on collapsing and i have since learned. how agonizing that is. this is the area where ella grew up the traffic on this road that circle for the city is relevant less and there's a slightly sweet oily smell to the air out which one you're nervous about you feel it's only when you leave the city and then return the you notice how bad there really is beth gardner is the author of choked she says london's pollution is particularly bad due to the diesel taxis buses and delivery trucks clogging the
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city streets the more closely that scientists study air pollution the more that they are finding it really affects our health in a shocking friday of ways and when you think about it it really makes sense that the air we breathe permeates every part of our bodies the mayor's office says it's working to reduce the city's pollution they've introduced a twenty seven dollars a day charge for the worst polluters coming into the city center but the numbers are graham of the city's nearly thirty thousand black taxis just seven hundred are electric london has six hundred seventy five bus routes but only to use electric buses a couple of hours drive south from london buses in the city of southampton have been fitted with air filters on the roof the system cleans particles out of the air blowing clean air behind as it moves through the streets tinkering here and there with filters the odd aleck. congestion charging is not going to bring the radical
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change needed. to save the many lives like alice that are lost each year jessica baldwin al jazeera london. it is good to have you with us adrian for going to here in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's chief prosecutor has revealed that the saudi journalist was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul an act of premeditated murder his body was then cut into pieces and disposed of turkey's ruling party says that her murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level in the saudi leadership. this is not an event that can be done without an order from a higher level the organization is event has been premeditated that the saudi chief prosecutor stated and it has been done in such
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a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well that he was killed as soon as he entered and i was late this man better how far in advance has its brutal hits event been planned and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up the saudi m.r.c. coalition has sent troops to gaiman's port city of her data despite growing calls to end the fighting the un says that it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution a special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with the saudi coalition and huth the rebels in sweden later this month. pakistan's prime minister has addressed the nation criticizing protesters who are calling for the death of supreme court judges would overturn the christian woman's blasphemy conviction case sparked years of international criticism. they are inciting you for their political gain you
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should not get trapped by them for the sake of the country they are doing no service to islam jani you are trying to say that if the supreme court doesn't decide according to they wish they will not accept that judgement that means they would come on roads and stop the country can any country run like this indonesian divers have retrieved the so-called black box the flight recorder from the lion air jet that crashed into the java sea on monday diver say they found the flight recorder among day breathe in the mud on the sea floor officials say could take up to two days to download the data and weeks before more details on what caused the crash and there's the headlines the news continues after the stream next. i just quit. adequately decides. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special
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rapporteur. talks to our. higher for me a cafe and i'm really could be here in the stream today central american asylum seekers we will discuss why so many people i headed for the u.s. border what they might face when they get back join us with your questions and your comments on the issue of live on you tube or via twitter. a caravan of thousands of central american men women and children it's a making its way through mexico they are tracking hundreds of miles on foot many say they are fleeing the poverty of violence in their home countries to seek asylum in the united states but why.


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