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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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is the real symbol of what greece is. up to take but still staring. at the phone on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. elephant oh how everyone i'm kemal santamaria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera because new prime minister tells us his appointment is legitimate even though there is a mounting political crisis. we're asking for the saudis to cooperate closely the new demand from the turks of. killing off today reveal how he walked into a death trap. plucked from the stivers in indonesia to find the flight data recorder of the lion air crash that killed nearly two hundred people. on pole race
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with the sport including point to series a white so return of the super classic out on the biggest stage yet junior is such a showdown with river plate in the final of the liberty doris. his new prime minister has told al jazeera his appointment is legitimate mahinda rajapaksa says he's not just getting on with the job he's of course the two term for president he was controversially appointed a week ago after his successor sacked the prime minister become a singer but and smith begins our coverage from column. he has all the trappings of prime minister including access to the office for the new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa he's acting unconstitutionally his critics say because he was appointed by president by three policy was sane and not elected by the embers of parliament on a massage. oh you're so i must see you as your of an appointment you think services
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at the institution of this buffet the argument is that parliament should be deciding who's the prime minister not the normal norm as we did in stews in the nude photos and so your immediate one search for a now you're assuming the prime minister's position i have augustine ignore the birth of his daughter who rajapaksa needs the backing of one hundred thirteen m.p.'s to solidify his return to power but the president suspended pollo meant some suspect he did that to give rajapaksa time to get enough support how will you get enough support from parliament how will you get the n.p.c. what we have already got that i'm going to be sure and so why the delay in recalling parliament what are we hanging on for you know because we want to. get ready for the i did rajapakse that was at the prime minister's office to meet academics telling them there's no crisis as far as he's concerned it certainly is a crisis but the ousted prime minister rudd no wickramasinghe or he's refusing to
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leave the official residence of the pm he says he remains prime minister because the power to sack him was stripped from the president two years ago by an amendment to the constitution the whole structure of government in the country is still very strong the executive. and the presumption is that the presidency is the strongest office they were in though the nineteenth amendment has made changes to that and therefore what the presidency has to see goes rajapaksa serve two terms as president defeated thomas separatists in a twenty six year long civil war but was accused of human rights abuses in the process his family and inner circle is under investigation for corruption and you're looking forward to your new positions are you looking forward to being prime minister really much he wanted to play hard to get beyond the rajapaksa is presenting an image of a business as usual but we've run away from
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a single still claiming to be the legitimate prime minister things are far from usual parliament will though now get to have the final say it seems when it's soon recalled and m.p.'s get to vote byrne and al-jazeera colombo only respond to mohamed from a social activist interim anchor who believes the sacking may not be constitutional . really much your concern to the whole it civil society and public in general because it just so since they're wrong proceeded in terms of. appointing a prime minister it's not about who's the prime minister they just buy the right that much already to become a singer but say it's it it's much beyond that it's but it's bigger than that it's about where their what was done is going to do surely or not and if that is not constitutional which is that being which was majority of the people share then that's not the receipt and we need to have that one issue it's not just you know
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proceeds to have such or constitutional court where he came around with off easing at two dollars fifteen and appointed it without thinking generally write it out one of the key promises about it he promises were about fighting corruption which was prevalent at that time and then being the see big freedoms and also of having an agenda for reconciliation to heal that actually triggered my three decade old war i had suddenly although i'm not see that we need not make any progress in the last three and a half years but we did have significant progress in the sequel intangible areas like the freedom of expression a lot the act but nothing happened i certainly what he says is that he can't work we just particular prime minister who he ran for office to be there week in a sense and suddenly appoints the first be the same person he wanted to defeat so which he's human surprise to us and also we are just wondering what happened as
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much as the international community is. the referee in the case of slain journalist jamal khashoggi has taken a new turn the washington post of course the newspaper kushal she wrote for has published a report with more information about a recent phone call that the saudi crown prince mohammed and salman made to washington simply hellcat. me as a white house correspondent with more details kimberly. yeah washington post reporting this and of course this is notable because she was a contributor to the washington post and has continued to follow this case obviously advocating for one of their own now reporting that a senior administration official has revealed to the washington post that there was a telephone call between the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon and in this telephone call that took place with the president's son in law jared kushner
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a white house aide as well as the national security advisor john bolton that in fact muhammad and solomon described enough to show she as a quote dangerous it dangerous islamist and this is important to note because this call was made just days after she won her show she disappeared now this happened also we should point out before the kingdom admitted that the journalist died in their custody what we find notable about this is that the family has also issued a statement the family of show she and they have said very publicly that this characterization made by the crown prince is not only dangerous in accurate but it's also ridiculous deny he was any of the things that are alleged including a member of the muslim brotherhood ok thank you for that update kimberly health that in washington meanwhile turkey's justice minister has demanded saudi arabia cooperate fully with the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal
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khashoggi that's after turkey revealed to show she was strangled to death a soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second saudi arabia yet to respond to those revelations. business the whole world's attention is on this matter so it cannot be kept a secret it's a concern for everyone for the conscience of everyone we'll just calling for an answer we're asking for the saudi side to cooperate closely they need to cooperate and support the inquiry said the magic can be resolved. aligned to hashem a whole bar in istanbul masham a couple of hours ago you were explaining to me or describing to me round two almost or a second round of political negotiations can explain that a little more for us yes come back from now on the words you will see the turkish government working on two particular fronts the political one which is trying to put more political pressure on the saudi political establishment to try to reveal more details about what happened as
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a model and who gave the order and this explains why today the deputy head of the party not monk said basically the saudi arabia would have to face into national isolation and there is also the second front which is the judicial where the turkish government is saying the saudis have broken all the promises when it comes to fully cooperating with with with the turkish counterpart saying that they need to establish facts they need to tell them exactly who gave the order to kids amount of and the identity of the local collaborator who was tasked with this posing of the body and now it was just about this pressure which is being building and wish is an indication of the escalation of the rhetoric between the two countries now for all the statements of we've seen over the last forty eight hours the turkish government is basically saying in a different way they does not trust so do not trust the saudis will in any capacity
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in the near future be forthcoming and come out openly about the circumstances of the of the of the killing. of the same time. the wording of the statement yesterday from the turkish prosecutor the statements for the from the government from the uk party for the justice minister here. give us an indication that we have here some very strong evidence that they will use in the near future they are very confident they know exactly what happened. it's just a matter of time before they can establish the whereabouts of his remains thank you for that update hashem in istanbul in the past hour the eiffel tower in paris went dark on the eve of international day two into punitive for crimes against journalists the landmark lowered its lights to on a press freedom and in protest of crimes against journalists one month almost to
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the day after the killing of jamal khashoggi and of the time when threats against journalists are more widespread than ever one of the two black box flight recorders from the plane crash off the coast of indonesia has been found in the seabed crash experts want to know why though a two month old boeing seven three seven just disappeared shortly after takeoff from jakarta monday killing one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew florence italy reports. three days after indonesia's second worst disaster a vital potential clue to the chorus divers have recovered the flight data recorder buried in the sea bed they had to dig to get it out it logs everything the lion air boeing seven three seven was doing including its speed altitude and heading. we will let the transportation safety committee do their job and we have requested willing to help it amended need it for inspection to find out because of the crash
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. still missing is the flight deck voice recorder of the two pilots investigators will be hoping both black boxes survived the impact intact search teams are also trying to locate the fuselage where the passengers were. investigators from the u.s. national transportation safety board and boeing experts have arrived in jakarta their preliminary report is not expected for weeks the final crash report could take years but pressure is on boeing to pinpoint what happened to two month old boeing seven three seven max. lion air is the launch customer of the latest variant of the best selling airliner the twin jet had technical problems the day before lyon executives' say they were resolved and the plane flew from bali to jakarta hours before its fateful flight at least four employees of the low cost carrier has been suspended pending the investigation. for the families the agonizing wait goes on
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and. we hope the government can find all victims as soon as possible i do hope my husband is still alive that's a wish of mine of our families he is a strong willed and. forensic experts have taken d.n.a. samples from the next of kin to begin matching passenger remains ready for the many funerals to come florence lee. here is what's coming up for you on this news out will tell you what russian space and janeiro's say led to a failed rocket launch. i'm guessing the baldwin airliner in one of europe's war cities for air pollution. and some tumbles their way into history as the first woman to win for all around world titles in gymnastics policy with the sport a little later.
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this president donald trump says he's sending up to fifteen thousand troops to the border with mexico in what would be the largest deployment of its kind in more than a century trumps hardman his stance against a caravan of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in central america if the u.s. does go ahead with this bigger troop deployment along its southern border the numbers of really change quite a pace the pentagon said only seven thousand troops are being sent in to support customs and border protection agents but if it reaches fifteen thousand it would be roughly equivalent to the size of the u.s. military's presence in afghanistan three times the size of the presence in iraq according to reports there are four different caravans travelling through mexico with up to six thousand people will be migrant caravan has become a big campaign platform for next week's u.s. midterm elections as don't trump steps up his anti immigrant tough talk to shore republican votes and reports on that from florida. the first time supporters arrived thirty hours before the president began speaking at the venue in fort my is
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camera mcginty is typical of those who attend make america great again rallies an ardent fan of the president says nothing will stop and showing his support not only am i here to support him for the mid-term election i'm out here to show people that we're not going to be intimidated by people out there that are threatening some supporters that are vandalizing people's vehicles for having decals on it signs are having to be replaced people are stealing them people are destroying them and we will not be intimidated because the spirit of america is back with the mid-term elections approaching the president is keen to get voters out in what is a vital state he hit the usual subjects of a booming economy and tax cuts that continues to push immigrant agenda they want to invite caravan after caravan in to our country which brings crime upon crime. a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders and it's a vote to let math venton all heroin and other deadly drugs for across our borders
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drugs that take the lives of over think of this over seventy thousand americans a year one of the key races in the sunshine state is for the senate florida's governor is hoping to unseat longtime democratic incumbent bill nelson and republicans that a vote for him is a continuation of trump's policies singer bill nelson who's been in office for forty two year. he voted against the trumped tax cuts. here's voted for higher taxes over three hundred times the president also stumped for wrong to santas the republican candidate for governor who shaped himself in trump's image florida remains a vital stay put. and the republican party votes here tend to reflect the mood of
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the entire country between now and election day on november the sixth the president will hold ten more make america great again events will go to the states where it's thought he'll make the biggest difference meticulously in senate races it's an extraordinary final push an indication of just how important these midterms are and gallacher al-jazeera fort myers florida we spoke to evelyn major a little bit earlier president of project hope three sixty she says president trump is using the plight of migrants to rally support for his party this midterm election. these are human beings i mean a lot of these people are families that are coming together and so they're fleeing because there's the this debilitation of their country i mean from a social economic perspective the violence is rising and people just one better future for their children a better future for themselves and their families and so you know it's just the
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political unrest you know the economic instability those are the things that are really driving these people i think that they're very much aware that the president of the united states does not welcome them here but i think that they have probably using this to their advantage in the sense that he has been using this to mislead people during this midterm election and so he has given them a great platform the media and so yeah i think that they do know the opposition that they face but they also know that there is a great america that does embrace them and does welcome them we're talking about over seventy five hundred people that are trying to cross the border for a better tomorrow and so we're not sure what's going to happen we do know that mexico is open to helping the families united states obviously doesn't have the same. attitude or heard the same grace for the families and really the united states but you know this is a you know the president of the united states who is really using this you know to
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make sure that he rallies up his voters in this midterm election for whatever reason you know he's using these scare tactics to make sure that people come out and vote in favor of his politics which we know of course are inhumane i mean they're literally against what america stands for and so you know it is going to be a problem that we're going to be seen for some time and you know we're going to be watching but yeah i you know they they will you know they will be on our radar for quite some time this is you know this is a huge undertaking. talking about seventy five hundred people eight hundred miles away from our borders there's a lot it's going to happen so let's put all of this through the prism of the midterms with robert gucci he's an associate professor at lancaster university in the u.k. nice to have you with us. do you think any of this is making a difference because what donald trump is doing right now with the tough talk on
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immigration and the ad campaign which a lot of people have said it's very racist he's just kind of preaching to the choir here recently well you know the donald trump plays the short game a lot of the time so even though this does really speak this election does speak to the twenty twenty bed he has your as your previous speaker said is excellent they're bringing up their rhetoric i mean a lot of the things that he's speaking to our cultural challenges the american public have been dealing with since before the nine eleven terrorist attacks and there was a lot of movement in conservative cultural change that got sidelined for another sort of racist approach which was the war on terror and what we're finding now is from finding great success in tapping into those salient issues of racism and xenophobia attitudes that have done quite well for him i mean he got his
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supreme court nominees in especially this last one we saw and a lot of that was based on. forms of hatred and so it's a it's a quite successful campaign for him fortunately but it's been successful yet and one of the things i find most intriguing about is that they the caravan is no way near the united states in the moment one but you for well over a month but the way don't trust talking in the way the right wing media is talking in the us you'd swear they were about to come pouring over the border tomorrow. well the the other interesting part relate related to that is i can't quite remember his estimates when the caravan started but it was in the close maybe ten thousand people and seven thousand people and it was much smaller than that when it started and it's grown over the course of time which one would expect and so some of that in his mind i think really comes to validate his his fears and he comes out with these very drastic numbers of people who are pounding down america's doors is
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inaccurate in those numbers but then the numbers actually grow and he comes back and he says look i was right i knew all along this was going to be a huge impact on us and so there's a lot of real mind games that have fortune i don't have a better way to describe with this president that is rooted in fear that the american borders are going to be broken down and american society is going to be forever changed for getting into the really simplistic idea that that country was started on immigrants and but that comment has really been set aside by people who want jobs for themselves but seem to also not want to do certain types of jobs it's a very confusing mentality that trump really good at speaking to just quickly robert what's your feeling on the vote itself the widely held view is that the democrats would probably win back the house maybe not by that much and that the
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senate may well stay in the hands of the republicans but then after the presidential election two years ago i don't know really whether to believe him here . yeah i mean i think that the outcome from the selection despite you know who has more seats where is really the question of how what does this mean for back door negotiations between democrats and republicans moving forward are democrats going to be moving even further to the center and maybe further to the right as they have to just get policies by that they that they need to get by to hold on to a little bit of the same to of their of their party because i think a lot of people are concerned about being the next target for trump and so if they speak too loudly on the democratic side if they speak too loudly against policies of the white house they become just targets for harassment and so there's there's questions here about no matter who wins what what does that mean for the democratic
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party putting forward a nominee that could actually be potentially damaging to donald trump's twenty twenty bid and what does that so what is the democratic party going to look like after this even if they retain some control is it going to make them even more closely resembling republican politicians are good cheap good to talk to about these issues still lots more to come in these next few days thank you. of the government accused of killing eleven jewish worship is that a synagogue in the u.s. has pleaded not guilty to forty four charges as more funerals are held in pittsburgh about was accused of multiple motives hate crimes firearms offenses and obstructing the practice of religion is alleged to have shouted kill all jews about service on saturday the police are investigating the mysterious deaths of two saudi arabian sisters found dead in new york their bodies which were bound to get a washed up on the city's waterfront last week or thirty say it appears they were
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alive when they went into the water or from kristen salumi. new york city police searching the banks of the hudson river looking for clues to help them solve the mystery surrounding the deaths of two sisters from saudi arabia their bodies discovered by a passer by here last week taped together at the waist facing each other wearing black leggings and cords. the young women were identified as twenty two year old rotunda and sixteen year old tala for a police say they went missing from their home in virginia in late august publicly the first priority was identifying the girl's. young ladies and once that was done i think that we've made significant progress see you piecing together pieces of this puzzle to find out what happened the mother of the two young women told police that he had received a call from the saudi arabian and the sea the day before the bodies were discovered she says the family was ordered to leave the united states because the daughters
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had applied for political asylum no comment on that from saudi officials here in new york but the consulate has put out a statement saying that an attorney has been appointed to closely follow the case. according to the saudi consulate general embassy officials in washington have contacted the family and extended its support and aid in this trying time it said the sisters were students accompanying their brother in washington investigators have also visited the fairfax condominium where the family had lived for the last three years as well as george mason university where the older sister had been studying until last spring trying to determine where they were in the two months since they'd been missing i think intactness work has filled in many of the pieces but this still some gaps that we would like to. really get are going to clear picture of what happened in the last two months but there has been. significant progress trying to get to the picture of what ultimately led to the two young
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ladies being discovered reports suggest the girls were alive when their bodies under the water police are appealing to the public for any information in their quest to determine just what led to the deaths kristen salumi al jazeera new york. so for you on this news our change of heart while straightly is government is moving child asylum seekers counterfeits prison on the. pakistan all of the challenge from new zealand's black caps to continue their winning team twenty cricket street hold the view that the rest of the sport like. things are gradually beginning to draw out for many of us in the middle east now it's been fairly disturbed for a while now but now we're only seeing this area of cloud in the east that's been
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giving us some snow still want to flurries out of that as we head through friday and it won't be warm behind this so a maximum just zero now may be getting to the dizzy heights of three degrees as we head through saturday but still rather chilly here towards the west the temperatures are also tumbling for some of us here as well said baghdad no high that around to twenty six and there will be a little bit more in the way of clouds here that could just give us one or two showers that area of cloud would also be affecting us a bit further south you can see it over parts of saudi arabia could you give us one to roll the shop showers during the day and it's still with us as we head through saturday here in doha way to the south of all of that thirty one degrees should be very pleasant maximum temperature of the south will be to around thirty now down towards the southern parts of africa we've seen a fair amount of rain here recently thanks to base area of cloud here and we do need the wet weather so the rain has been very useful some of it there is turn out to be relevant heavy is pushing its way northward across small parts of mozambique there as we head through friday still giving some or all the lively outbreaks of
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rain towards the west it's drawing kate. the right to adequate housing was adequate who decides the housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. of history has called it the great war in the first episode conscription draws hundreds of thousands of our troops into or both sides of the conflict their story
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is rarely toward but had a huge impact on the course of the war world war through our open minds all knowledge is either. man. you're on the news hour here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories because new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa has told al jazeera his appointment is legitimate and he has the support of the majority of m.p.'s they're expected to be recalled to parliament next week to function after the sacking of prime minister running will become a singer. turkey's justice ministers demand that saudi arabia cooperate fully in
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the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkey's chief prosecutor says he was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul. and one of the two black box flight recorders from monday's jet crash off the coast of indonesia has been found on the seabed divers are continuing to search for the other recorder and the fuselage hundred eighty nine people died on that lion air flights. now google employees around the world have walked out in protest against the company's handling of sexual misconduct tensions been building in the weeks since a new york times article alleged the former senior executive andy rubin got a nineteen million dollars severance pay out even though he was accused of sexual misconduct stuff in london tokyo and new york are among those taking part in the protest. super disappointing i think google is a company that's recognized for having really strong values and it's very true of
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the culture at all and so to hear something like this in a space where most employees will tell you they can really say it just like hugely disappointing i don't think google has been an outlier and i don't think that that's a good thing i think if they should strive to be an outlier like letting the accused executives quietly walk away with buckets full of cash is standard and it really should not be out of the hole to enforce the provisions that they already have when to. take seriously claims that people who are harassed don't respond to them appropriately and nice not to take them on the ground. these saudi and amorality led coalition has deployed thousands of troops to yemen's main port city of the data despite growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution the special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with the coalition and the rebels in sweden this month protests continue in pakistan against a court ruling in a landmark blasphemy case despite calls for calm from the prime minister bibi
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a christian woman has been on death row for eighteen years she was acquitted by the supreme court on wednesday from a state run con condemned the demonstrators who have issued death threats to the judges who overturned her sentenced and ordered her release australia is the new home for dozens of child asylum seekers they're being quietly moved from the controversial so-called prison islands in the pacific ocean doctors are concerned for their mental health after spending up to five years with thousands of adult refugees on the on and have now ruined months thomas says more. the consistent message of australia's government is that all refugees who tried to come to its shores by boat would instead be sent to man asylum to papa new guinea ought to know who they would never be settled here but we now know that quietly australian government has been bringing refugees here but securely in recent days and weeks and children who were on the road the pressure has really been growing on
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the government from all sides of politics m.p.'s in their own governing liberal party m.p.'s in the opposition labor party and public opinion polls now suggest that eighty percent of australians want the children brought to australia we now know that they are being brought here there are forty children still on the road to a fifty to a week ago more than a hundred when the current prime minister scott morrison came to office in august and in an interview in london a former minister has said that it is the aim of the australian government to have all the children transferred off the roof by the end of the year so despite the lack of comment by australia's government despite all its talk about needing to maintain the terrence for people trying to come to australia shores by boat in fact the children and their families are being brought here. for refugee help groups of welcome the evacuation of the children to australia but government ministers insist their offshore can policy is correct we certainly and any circumstances don't want
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the boats to start again that is just unimaginable four hundred deaths at sea if we are not going to stand for that but we continue to do the work to make sure those kids treated fairly and humanely and of course we're near down to a very small number of for the thirty eight children who woke up on narrow this morning two months is a long time. doctors have consistently said that this is of mental health crisis and they have one the government to get these children off urgently. a russian space engineers are blaming a damaged sensor for last month's soyuz rocket failure a russian cosmonaut and american astronaut were forced to abandon their mission to the international space station they did land safely and has extern after an emergency descent despite the fairly there were similar rocket has successfully launched a russian military satellite into orbit that fasteners more from moscow it was the
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first failed lounge of a russian spacecraft since one thousand nine hundred eighty three on october eleventh only two minutes after takeoff the emergency system of the so use a mess tent started to work and the lounge was aborted a capsule carrying two crew members one russian and one american landed safely back to earth the state commission has now concluded that there was a technical default at one of the sensors that has to separate the first from the second phase of the lounge the problem most likely occurred during the assembly of the rocket at a cost more drawn in kazakhstan with the commission now suspects that two other soldiers rockets might have to same defect and a thorough investigation has been started russia is the only country that are sending humans into space after the americans had aborted their program in two thousand and eleven well it normally takes months for an investigation to come to an end after failure of a rocket launch this commission has worked very fast because there is
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a lot at stake three crewmembers are still at the international space station and they need to be replaced very soon russia now said wants to send several unmanned flights to space first before it will send another manned spacecraft probably early december. a camp for nigerians made homeless by the war against boko haram has been set on fire by suspected gunmen from the young group a muslim religious leader and his family are among the fifteen killed my degree the capital of borno state several villages were also ransacked and torched despite a government to clearing the defeat of boko haram to support a nine year war to impose islamic law of the world health organization experts in geneva or are holding their first ever conference on air pollution which is linked to seven million premature deaths annually it's a big hazard in cities worldwide including london where
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a mother is convinced her daughter was killed by breathing the capital's toxic air now she's campaigning for change and electric vehicles just to go baldwin has a story. and like to see debra was super sporty besides winning she played football and loved to dance but age seven she developed severe asthma two years later she was dead. ellice mother rosamond is convinced london's unlawfully high pollution killed her daughter and she's campaigning to have the cause of death recognized as air pollution and the suffer greatly makes no bones about this from. just over annoyed she wasn't in a coma three to four times and she was lucky to survive those. long collapses and i have since learned. how agonizing that is. this is the area where ella grew up the traffic on this road that circles the city
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is relevant less and there's a slightly sweet oily smell to the air out which i wonder nurse have but you feel it's only when you leave the city and then return the you notice how bad the air really is beth gardner is the author of choked she says london's pollution is particularly bad due to the diesel taxis buses and delivery trucks clogging the city streets the more closely that scientists study air pollution the more that they are finding it really affects our health in me shocking friday of ways and when you think about it it really makes sense that the air we breathe permeates every part of our bodies the mayor's office says it's working to reduce the city's pollution they've introduced a twenty seven dollars a day charge for the worst polluters coming into the city center but the numbers are graham of the city's nearly thirty thousand black taxis just seven hundred are
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electric london has six hundred seventy five bus routes but only to use electric buses a couple of hours drive south from london buses in the city of southampton have been fitted with air filters on the roof the system cleans particles out of the air blowing clean air behind as it moves through the streets tinkering here and there with filters the odd aleck. class congestion charging is not going to bring the radical change needed. to save the many lives like alice that are lost each year jessica baldwin al-jazeera london or german camel lander and it's a scientist at the world health organisation who respond to earlier he told authorities are still not doing enough to tackle pollution despite evidence of its devastating impact we lose seven million lives every year due to air pollution inside and outside the home pollution increases the risk of respect for
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illness it increases the risk of heart attack an increased risk of stroke it increases the risk of a cancer that is as big a death toll as we have from any other killer that we have it's comparable to two to that from from tobacco but i think the real reason that we're having that this conference is the one that you've you've just heard it really brings it down to the level of the individual when you picture a child who has suffered from asthma throughout their life it has been provoked by air pollution that eventually takes their life if this was anything else that was killing children in that way i have to say we would we would have acted years ago well scientists and conservationists are all to also debating whether or not to turn one of the remotest parts of the planet into the largest protected area on earth the weddell sea in antarctica could bring home to thousands of undiscovered species any of supporting an e.u.
9:42 pm
proposal to make it a no go zone for industrial fishing mining and deep sea drilling this from the croc . then february al-jazeera joined the greenpeace icebreaker the arctic sunrise as she pushed through into the remote waltzes of the weddell sea collecting evidence to support the bid to turn a huge section into an ocean sanctuary it is a vasan known territory few ships venture here almost year around sea ice making it a challenge to fall for most. it's not helping you. yet. after several days of trying we finally broke through and we took a chance in a rare window of weather to take to the air to see what may soon become the largest protected area on a so what we're looking at here is melting yes sea ice and great icebergs to be topped off the glass is sweeping up james ross island at the weddell sea extends
9:43 pm
way to a distance over that proposed area pretty much on touched by human activity almost no scientific research is taking place. it's the realm of the penguin and myriad mirroring species but is not the realm of men and many want to keep it that way the sentry proposal would protect an area five times the size of germany. part of the evidence being assessed by the end top to commission was gathered by the expedition submarine on board with the antarctic specialist suzanne look. it has one hundred percent coverage and the sea floor. has a great three d. structure which allows other organisms to coming in. and a really interesting species composition and all these factors make it really difficult for a community. to step in such as part of the fishing we call these areas vulnerable marine ecosystems and hopefully we can get to this and other areas we come across
9:44 pm
some special protection that we saw firsthand how accessible the outer limits of antarctica have already become and now there's a huge effort to protect vaal swathes of this stunning tonton and the antarctic ocean commission has given itself the mandate to create this law scale network of marine protected areas is given itself a mandate to use the best available science and we believe that the hosel is absolutely fulfilling that monday scientific consensus around the world is that we need to be protecting roughly a third of the world's oceans by twenty thirty we've got to start down here in the most precious waters that we have the e.u. proposal has to be supported by consensus of the twenty five member commission in hope that while there is a great deal of support it would only take one country to disagree and send the whole effort back to the drawing board. al-jazeera. to go back to a story about the migrant caravan thousands of central american migrants including men women and entire families actually walking through southern mexico hoping to reach the united states john home and has joined
9:45 pm
a family of four to look at the challenges they're facing along the journey. when alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake he's system maria is and every step is a small tool it's not just legs a little used to walking a marathon every day she's developed to call. them on half whether it's because we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life of the re is a lie a family durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mexican town of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin a struggling tool can push the stroller in a dorm break he explains why it's that this is that this is the leg it's bad it's this one with paul here it's been seven months mum elin has sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby back home that bennett said out oh he
9:46 pm
would have suffered like the other children they're born into poverty off to for i was she struggling then the family gets a break a ride from a passing truck it revives the flagging children it's set some down before a migration checkpoint one of several in the south from its commercial without papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least erling compressed two hours later the caravan catches up and passes together the type things worked but as mid day approaches the race allies have other problems no food or water no spare clothes. a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the first two and then the third. becomes he said he makes consent been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time at the end
9:47 pm
of their strength. and it makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help when i saw the baby they finally made it two weeks here they can rest but there's no shelter so that we just have these blankets for the children don't sleep on the pier pavement as the rain fools they try and work out their next move so everyone is just settling down now after what's been an exhausting day but they've still got about two thousand the moment says to get to the buddha and that they cover right that's going to take them at least a month and a hall but first there's a lawyer a his family has to try and get through the noise john home and how does he weeks. we will find out why. rosie says. action coming up with colin about.
9:48 pm
a half.
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paul is here to take you through sport on the news hour bill thank you very much kemal santa maria south american football's cup at liberty dora's trophy will be contested for the first time by fierce point to series rivals barca juniors and river plate pocket book their spot in the final on wednesday knocking out palmetto of brazil so helmick has the action. a spot in the biggest match in south american club football of the cup a limited tourist final was on the line in south paulo louis. looking to make a comeback against argentina book
9:50 pm
a genius who despite leading to no from the first leg while without suspended coach . on the touchline. that didn't seem to matter. but one of their side struck first round want to be less than three nil ahead and get even that brazilian opponents with an uphill toss. out mears didn't give up the yuan scored just after half time to come because the donkey. and there was really hope when they were awarded a penalty soon after. the doing the necessary on the hour. us all of a sudden the comeback was on it was short lived though been a detail dashing the hopes of the home side his long range you see the forty act with the wind and the pace of ja continue in the final. we know the value goals
9:51 pm
have when you're a visitor it's a big marriage of the players to have taken control and one has iras and even here in sao paolo a very difficult rival. to team goals and is starting to. medals how small. man was no female gymnast in history has ever done this simone biles
9:52 pm
winning the world all around gold for the fourth time even so biles was not at her best. she fell twice on vault and balance beam and stepped out of bounds on floor exercise she wasn't even able to stick the landing on the movement after. after slipping on the ball table mistakes this big usually cost gymnast the meat but it was the difficulty of her routines that saved her. even with the falls she top japan's my merc cami by nearly two points something unheard of in the gymnastics world. twenty seventeen world champion and american teammate morgan herd came in third when she won the title last year was taking a year off. instead of wearing red white or blue opted for teal the color
9:53 pm
representing sexual abuse survivors files was one of the more than three hundred gemma sexually assaulted by former team doctor larry nascar but she says the dark past is behind them the newly crowned best gymnast in the world has four more shots at gold in the event finals but she's been fighting to compete even off in that. the day before the competition started she was hospitalized because of kidney stones her slips and her health concerns have reminded the crowd in doha that she's only human since everything else she does makes one of the hardest individual sports look so easy. harding al-jazeera. now is if a single bron james on court isn't scary enough he took things to another level head of the l.a. lakers halloween showdown with the dallas mavericks on wednesday he arrived at the staples center dressed as a villain hierarchically it was dallas though that gave l.a. a frights they overturned a thirteen points final quarter deficit and he came away with
9:54 pm
a win but le bron who scored twenty nine on the night reverted to his role as hero sinking a free throw to seal a hundred fourteen to one hundred thirty when. derrick rose put some of the pain of his injury hit past few seasons behind him for the minnesota timberwolves he's got a career high fifty points in one hundred twenty eight hundred twenty five win over the utah jazz rose was the twenty eleven m.v.p. with the chicago bulls but injuries had to rail his career since then he walked off the floor in tears after a stunning performance put a lot of demons to rest the right joke which has reached the quarterfinals of the paris masters us he awaits his coronation as the world number one is damaged sumo was his opponent in the last sixteen on thursday to serve in the first set six one but the most showed plenty of fight in the second the world in the fifty two winning this rally but still going to one down however ended up being his back that
9:55 pm
got the better of him at the arena and bessie the bosnian having to retire hurt not long afterwards jock which is rival for world number one spot ruffle a ball is also withdrawn from paris with an abdominal injury. the pressure on the world anti-doping agency since its reinstatement of russia's drug testing body has been getting increasingly personal with water president craig reedie saying on thursday it's affecting his marriage reidy is resisting demands for his resignation after his opponents among them athletes on the u.s. anti doping agency criticized him at their meeting at the white house the day before they're angry at what they believe is lenient treatment of russia in the wake of a huge state sponsored doping program reidy has denied making a backroom deal with the russians what it was described as a puppet of the international olympic committee by the u.s. anti-doping body at the meeting in washington d.c. on wednesday my wife give me an option of digital resignation of
9:56 pm
devotion. why did she say that i think she was fed up with the world learn to drop in huge interest i don't think it helps in any we if even with the common good luck to walk away from a good thing the world gets better by me not being there and would be the all blacks are preparing for their test match in tokyo a year out from the defense of their world cup title in japan new zealand taking the chance to bring in some new blood against the brave blossoms coach steve hansen wresting some of the players that have just won the southern hemisphere rugby championship well new zealand's cricketers the black caps haven't got quite the outstanding record of their rugby cousins but they took pakistan down to the wire and twenty twenty three zero in abu dhabi the touristed better than most against the best t twenty side in cricket at the moment but pakistan made one hundred forty
9:57 pm
eight for six in the first of this three much series in the u.a.e. new zealand got within three runs a victory before pakistan closed it out and finalised. the boston red sox have been celebrating that world series title back home in massachusetts although that fans haven't been very careful with the trophy the sox clinched the world series a few days ago with a four one win over the los angeles dodgers in l.a. that was but back in boston someone threw a big account at the bus hitting the trophy unbending its famous flag poles the city is perhaps getting careless of championship titles that baseball basketball ice hockey and american football teams have racked up eleven since two thousand and one. that is all your sports and i will have more later paul thank you so much for that thanks for joining us for this new sound from us here in doha lawrence taylor is along in a few moments from london if you like its news there are now to see ron come out santa maria thanks for joining us.
9:58 pm
on november sixth the united states will vote will president donald trump gain or lose ground will be live at the white house here on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of the u.s. big time elections on al-jazeera. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and all the oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we
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bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to do. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news i'm his story say for the bernese people every region news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative black listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter to them and see
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bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. sure lanka's new prime minister tells our jazeera is appointment is legitimate amid a mounting political crisis. on tape says al jazeera live from london also coming up. president trump imposes tough new sanctions on venezuela cuba and nicaragua which is administration has called a troika of terror any. turkey's justice minister demands saudi arabia cooperate fully in the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi saying the whole world's attention is on them. and protecting what lie.


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