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matter the most is the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories listening posts on al-jazeera. sure lanka's new prime minister tells our jazeera is appointment is legitimate amid a mounting political crisis. on tape says al-jazeera live from london also coming up. president trump imposes tough new sanctions on venezuela cuba and nicaragua which is administration has called a troika of terror any. turkey's justice minister demands saudi arabia cooperate fully in the investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi saying the whole world's attention is on them. and protecting what lies beneath the push to turn
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a remote part of the planet into the walls of the largest country. and i'm sure not because president has climbed down on his decision to suspend parliament calling for a meeting of law makers next week a sacking of prime minister rania which are missing and his replacement with former strongman leader by direct impacts that has caused a political crisis with critics warning it's an unconstitutional move that could lead to a bloodbath speaking to al-jazeera rajapaksa defended his appointment as legitimate but it's missed reports from the capital colombo. he has all the trappings of prime minister including access to the office but the new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is acting unconstitutionally his critics say because he was appointed by president by three policy we say to a not elected by the members of parliament one of mr rajapaksa how useless i must
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see you is your of of the one legitimately think services of the institution of the buffet the argument is that parliament should be deciding who is the prime minister not the normal norm as i read the institution in your reply and so your immediate one sir for i know you are assuming the prime minister's position i who are being ignored or both of these the book rajapaksa needs the backing of one hundred thirteen m.p.'s to solidify his return to power but the president suspended pollo meant some suspect he did that to give rajapaksa time to get enough support how will you get enough support from parliament how do you get the n.p.c. what we have already got that i'm going to be sure and so why the delay in recalling pollen and what are we hanging on for norm because we want to. get ready for the i did rajapakse that was at the prime minister's office to meet academics telling them there's no crisis as far as he's concerned it certainly is
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a crisis for the ousted prime minister rudd no wickramasinghe or he's refusing to leave the official residence of the pm he says he remains prime minister because the power to sack him was stripped from the president two years ago by an amendment to the constitution the whole structure of government in the country is still very strong the executive. and the presumption is that the presidency is the strongest office. it went though the nineteenth amendment has made changes to that and therefore what the president seems to say go yes rajapaksa serve two terms as president defeated thomas separatists in a twenty six year long civil war but was accused of human rights abuses in the process his family and in a circle is under investigation for corruption and you looking forward to your new position so you looking forward to being prime minister really much. behind the
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rajapaksa is presenting an image of business as usual but we've run away from a single still claiming to be the legitimate prime minister things are far from usual parliament will though now get to have the final say it seems when it's soon recalled and m.p.'s get to vote. al-jazeera colombo. to his justice minister has demanded that saudi arabia cooperate fully with the investigation into the murder of sound a journalist. it comes after turkey revealed she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second saudi arabia israel yet to respond to the revelations. the whole world's attention is on this matter so it cannot be kept a secret it's a concern for everyone for the conscience of everyone the world is calling for an
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answer we're asking for the saudi side to cooperate closely they need to cooperate and support the inquiry so the matter can be resolved. and within the last few minutes it's been reported that the u.s. state department has said this saudi arabian reporter remains should be located returned to his family as soon as possible sis and new comments coming out of the state department on this story will bring you more on that as soon as we get it in the meantime let's cross over to our who's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so in the meantime turkey has been keeping up the the political pressure on saudi arabia hasn't it. indeed loring and they're doing this for a purpose but basically they say that they have given the sound the prosecutor three days to come back to them with more details and that will be during the meetings he was not really genuine about delivering on the promises made by the saudi government about sharing information with the turkish government particularly when it comes to who gave the order to kids about and also the whereabouts of his
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remains a dollar to moving towards war political pressure this explains why the arc party deputy head of the. party has said today that the saudi arabia should face further international isolation because they're not showing corp for the turkish government this is what a coup should a crucial moment the need the remains of the metal has to proceed to finalize the indictment but at the same time they would like the saudi government to tell them who exactly killed or gave the order to kill to model house because they don't seem to buy into the narrative that this was someone close to the crown prince they believe this was someone really high up in the saudi political establishment now the hope for the turkish government is to have further international pressure from the e.u. and the u.s. although the general sentiment here is that this scene they think that president
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trump could be trying to pave the way for the political cover up and this is why they are seeing and us collation of the rhetoric from the turkish officials over the last forty eight hours by i thank you very much indeed for that update on the washington post has published a report revealing more information about a recent phone call saudi crown prince made to washington a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more on that. the washington post is reporting that a telephone call between the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon and the president's son in law jared cushion or as well as national security advisor john bolton took place in the days after the disappearance and was notable is what the crown prince said in terms of describing the missing journalist he described him as a dangerous islamist this is important to note that the timing of this happened before the kingdom publicly acknowledged that he had in fact been murdered inside
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their consulate in turkey that in fact he had been killed in their custody now the family of jim on his show she has made public a statement in which they say that the characterizations made about jim are dangerous inaccurate and ridiculous and they deny that he was ever a member of the muslim brotherhood now it's important to know that what we understand from an administration official that has spoken to the washington post is that it doesn't appear that the administration any way embrace the claims that were being made or the accusations that were being made by the saudi crown prince but this certainly does look like a bit of an effort at damage control somewhat two faced if you will given the fact that very publicly the saudi kingdom has in fact called the death of jim show she a terrible mistake and a tragedy now of course as the u.s.
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begins to consider further response it already has taken some action it has revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals connected to this case and it is complex contemplating a more robust response that is in addition to the sort of condemnation of critical concern that's been expressed by u.s. allies including germany britain and france. the washington post has also reported that to egyptian president sisi and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have reached out to senior officials in the trumpet ministration to express support for the crown prince had been sound man arguing that he's an important strategic partner in the region meanwhile in paris the lights of the eiffel tower have been turned off to mark the upcoming international day to end impunity for crimes against journalists the aim is to highlight the rights and freedoms of the press comes nearly one month after the killing of three and a time when threats against journalists are more widespread than ever. sounded
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coalition in yemen has deployed thousands of troops to the main port city of her data that's despite growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says it's backing that the u.s. demand for a political solution a special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with the saudi coalition and toothy rebels in sweden in november this president donald trump has announced tough new sanctions against venezuela cuba and nicaragua as his administration brands them a troika of tyranny they include sanctions on venezuela's gold sector which the u.s. says has been used to finance illicit activities and support criminal groups at the measure prevents u.s. persons from dealing with individuals and networks involved in transactions and exports new sanctions on more than two dozen as ts owned or controlled by the cuban military and intelligence services and sanctions against the nicaraguan government of president daniel ortega which is accused of cracking down on protesters and
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complete eroding democratic institutions which you have the chance is in washington d.c. first why has the trump administration announced the sanctions now. how well actually you may have noticed lauren we are heading towards midterm elections here in the united states next next week and florida in particular is is rather close a lot closer than the republican party the white house would have liked and in fact john bolton don't trump national security adviser was in florida making a big speech to cuban exiles the local venezuela next patrick community many of whom are opposed to both the cuban venezuelan governments and whom the republican body needs to get out and vote next week so that's some circumstantial evidence that this may not just simply be about latin america having said that they don't trump has been consumed by venezuela for some time it was reported just last year that he was mulling the idea of invading venezuela and he had to be talked out of that by some of his advisors we also know the trump administration is in touch with
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rebel military leaders about the possibility of mounting some sort of coup that there's a conspiracy theory going around right now mike pence the vice president just repeated it yesterday that venezuela is funding the caravan of central american migrants making its way through southern mexico so this white house has been consumed with venezuela for some time this one other place group actually international post very quickly this is going to do a lot to affect turkish the turkish economy it would seem because a lot of venezuelan gold is sent to turkey for refining and processing and the u.s. administration thinks top of that gold is being used to evade sanctions not just on venezuela but on iran as well that actually turkey isn't using some of that gold to pay iran for oil given the john bolton has to do with this you know iran is never far behind so that's a just another interesting international postscript to all of this jabatan say thank you very much. still to come on al-jazeera google employees walk out in protest at the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations. were made in
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london mother who says her daughter was killed by the city's toxic air pollution and she wanted officially recognized. how the latest storm system in the western med isn't as violent as the last one is producing a lot of rain you get no idea from the magic that shot by catch or suggest is heavy rain once again he's over italy but the winds aren't as strong so when the something for you anyway we end up with the rain still persisting over italy for another twenty four hours at least and it runs out for the agency to slovenia again southern austria parts of switzerland to the west of it things are rather better is not looking anything like it's cloudy stormy or weds about tension but it could reach eighteen degrees and in london in sunshine only eleven the warmth of eastern
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europe has disappeared to some degree of to about twenty one in bucharest not convinced that will last for much longer would typically teens or below elsewhere and yes it's still raining in western italy come saturday maybe not quite as heavily now that circles having the western med and the extension that means rain in tunisia and algeria seems quite likely less so and utah morocco nineteen in the sunshine in about the day after day we still got rain running into argyria in tunisia but again morocco is in the sunshine that most north africa now is calm down over a capella last two or three days it's to pretty woman places still thirty one for example in cairo. a journey of personal discovery feel more american here and then more of us algis there is a mirror. highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of one native alaskan people
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trying to preserve their way of life. because. your mom's from here you can. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here. among other top stories here on al-jazeera sri lanka's new prime minister and director has defended the legitimacy of his appointment and the growing political crisis because president has lifted his suspension of parliament and called for a meeting of law makers next week. turkey's justice minister has called for saudi
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arabia to cooperate fully with the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi washington post is reporting egyptian and israeli leaders have reached out to the trumpet ministry to express support for the saudi crown prince for in the crisis. and us president donald trump has announced tough new sanctions against venezuela cuba and nick regular state department branded a troika of tyranny. deep sea divers have found one of the two flight recorders from monday's jet crash off the coast of indonesia the search continues for the main fuselage where the one hundred eighty nine people on board the plane were sitting american crash experts arrive to investigate why the brand new boeing airliner went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta louis has this report. three days after indonesia's second worst disaster a vital potential clue to the course divers have recovered the flight data recorder
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buried in the sea bed they had to dig to get it out it logs everything the lion air boeing seven three seven was doing including its speed altitude and heading. out. we will let the transportation safety committee do their job and we have requested willing to help you to mean that you need it for inspection to find out because of the crash. still missing is the flight deck voice recorder of the two pilots investigators will be hoping both black boxes survived the impact intact search teams are also trying to locate the fuselage where the passengers were. investigators from the u.s. national transportation safety board and boeing experts have arrived in jakarta their preliminary report is not expected for weeks the final crash report could take years but pressure is on boeing to pinpoint what happened to two month old boeing seven three seven max. is the launch customer of the latest variant of the
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best selling airline in the twin jet had technical problems the day before lyon executives' say they were resolved and the plane flew from bali to jakarta hours before its fateful flight at least four employees of the low cost carrier has been suspended pending the investigation for the families the agonizing wait goes on. but we hope the government can find all victims as soon as possible i do hope my husband is still alive that's a wish of mine of our families he is a strong willed person and. forensic experts have taken d.n.a. samples from the next of kin to begin matching passenger remains ready for the many funerals to come florence louis al-jazeera. google employees around the world have walked out in protest against the company's handling of sexual misconduct tensions have been building in the weeks since a new york times article alleged former senior google executive andy rubin received
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a nine hundred million dollars severance pay out despite being accused of sexual misconduct stuff in london tokyo and new york are among those taking part. i want google to enforce the provisions of they already have and to take seriously claims of people who are harassed and respond to them appropriately and not sweep them under the rug google is a company that's recognized for having really strong values and it's very true of the culture at all and so to hear something like this in a space where most employees will tell you they feel really safe it's just like hugely disappointing. a pakistani christian woman who had her death sentence for bass for me overturned is now planning to leave the country as bibi spent eighty is on death row before the supreme court decision on wednesday protest by conservative islam groups against a decision and now into a second day with many rage rage built on this to imran khan condemned
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demonstrations you've issued desperate to the judges who have returned to sentence hiders following events in the capital islamabad. relative calm across pakistan although the situation is still tense and the protesters are blocking key points in the city of karachi hall which in the provincial capital of the bun job and head in islamabad the security forces have called on golf the red zone ridge how. the. government installations and the diplomatic all clear now we are toward that the protesters are not as environment as they were yesterday however to morrow it's friday and it really be important to see where this broad gauge gains momentum but the prime minister had a road ready spoken saying that the protested renard be allowed to challenge the rate of the day he stands behind the decision of the supreme court and the situation in pakistan at the moment it appears to be calming down
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a violent day yesterday and rage a number of people were injured but private institution schools colleges and even the stock exchange in the southern port city of karachi are closed today and that people are watching to see if this situation returns back to normal or if that is an escalation. it's the final day of the first ever world health organization global conference on air pollution and health taking place in geneva discussing ways to reduce the estimated seven million deaths a year caused by polluted air the problem is particularly acute in the world's major cities jessica baldwin has been to meet one mother in london who's campaigning for change. elec kissy deborah was super sporty beside swimming she played football and loved to downs but age seven she developed severe asthma two years later she was dead. ellice mother rosamond is convinced london's
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unlawfully high pollution killed her daughter and she's campaigning to have the cause of death recognized as air pollution and the sofa group makes no bones about this from. just over annoyed she wasn't in a coma three to four times and she was lucky to survive those. long haul. and i have since learned. how good that is. this is the area where l. o. grew up the traffic on this road that circles the city is relevant less and there's a slightly sweet oily smell to the air which i wonder nurse have but you feel it's only when you leave the city and then return the you notice how bad the air really is beth gardner is the author of choked she says london's pollution is particularly bad due to the diesel taxis buses and delivery trucks clogging the city streets the
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more closely that scientists study air pollution the more that they are finding it really affects our health in me shocking friday of ways and when you think about it it really makes sense that the air we breathe permeates every part of our bodies the mayor's office says it's working to reduce the city's pollution they've introduced a twenty seven dollars a day charge for the worst polluters coming into the city center but the numbers are graham of the city's nearly thirty thousand black taxis just seven hundred are electric london has six hundred seventy five bus routes but only to use electric buses a couple of hours drive south from london buses in the city of southampton have been fitted with air filters on the roof the system cleans particles out of the air blowing clean air behind as it moves through the streets tinkering here and there with filters the odd aleck. bus congestion charging is not going to bring the
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radical change needed. in the car to save the many lives like alice that are lost each year jessica baldwin al-jazeera london russian space agency engineers a blaming a faulty sensor for last month's soyuz rocket failure a russian cosmonaut and american astronaut were forced to abandon their mission to the international space station after a booster rocket failed to separate properly they landed safely in kazakhstan autumn emergency descent. scientists in switzerland have developed an electronic implant that's not only helping paraplegics walk again but could also repair that damage spinal cord is providing hope for patients years after accidents and next year o'brien reports. he had been told he would never walk again. sebastiaan to was paralyzed from the waist down after a bicycle accident five years ago but now thanks to breakthrough technology he's
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taking tentative steps forward so basically i had no ability to activate single muscles of both legs but we said that the model competes for properly. and nor with some training he's able to read. things are going to feel a extension of his leg so basically you recover a lot of control over the bar lice muscles despite no more than four years of complete paralysis it's all down to a tiny electronic implant placed over the damaged area of the spinal cord it helps boost signals from the brain to his legs giving sebastiaan back some control over his paralyzed limbs and an addict and antibiotics and although it's not easy and has taken months of rehabilitation but it's life changing progress they treat patients involved in the study is the idea that you are repairing the injured spine or goals so you may we don't know the mechanism but many many more that is we have
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clearly seen that we destabilized training and nerve fibers start to be growing we are going to using that's why the brain region concord over the movement of the leg the first such implant was developed in twenty tain and earlier this year two other groups of scientists reported similar success but this research goes one step further targeting the alec tronic pulses to specific locations yak yak risperdal it's really like. like running a marathon and holding. eggs in your hands and you trying not to squeeze them and at the same time you're pushing as hard as you can so you really need to find a good balance of pushing hard and trying to get each and every muscle at the right timing in the right place the three main still mostly rely on wheelchairs and the scientists are warning the treatment won't work for the most severe injuries so room for improvement maybe but definitely room for hope alexia brian al-jazeera
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scientists and conservationists are debating whether to turn one of the most remote parts of the planet into the largest protected area on earth the weddell sea in antarctica could be home to thousands of undiscovered species conservationists are supporting a new proposal to make it a no go zone for industrial fishing mining and deep sea drilling the clock reports be in february al-jazeera joined the greenpeace icebreaker the arctic sunrise as she pushed through into the remote waters of the weddell sea collecting evidence to support the bid turned a huge section into an ocean sanctuary it is a vast on known territory few ships venture here almost year round sea ice making it a challenge to fall for most. it's like helping you. yes . after several days of trying we finally
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broke through and we took a chance in a rare window of weather to take to the air to see what may soon become the largest protected area on a so what we're looking at here is melted yes sea ice and great icebergs to be topped off the glass is sweeping off james ross island at the weddell sea extends way to a distance over that proposed area pretty much on touched by human activity almost no scientific research is taking place. it's the realm of the penguin and myriad mirroring species but is not the realm of men and many want to keep it that way the sentry proposal would protect an area five times the size of germany. part of the evidence being assessed by the antarctic commission was gathered by the expedition submarine on board with the antarctic specialist suzanne look. it has one hundred percent coverage in the sea floor organism has a great three d. structure which allows other organisms to come in and live there and
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a really interesting species composition and all these factors make it really difficult for a community to become potter and to stamp it such as part of the fishing we call these areas vulnerable marine ecosystem and hopefully we can get to this and other areas we come across some special protection that we saw firsthand how accessible the outer limits of antarctica have already become and now there's a huge effort to protect vaal swathes of this stunning continent the antarctic ocean commission has given itself the mandate to create this law scale network of marine protected areas it's given itself a mandate to use the best available science and we believe that the hosel is absolutely fulfilling that mond scientific consensus around the world is that we need to be protecting roughly a third of the world's oceans by twenty thirty we've got to start down here in the most precious water so we have the e.u. proposal has to be supported by consensus of the twenty five member commission in hope that while there is
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a great deal of support it would only take one country to disagree and send the whole effort back to the drawing board. al-jazeera. and a quick reminder you can always catch up with all the stories we are reporting on but check out our website there just for that is al-jazeera dot com. among the top stories are now to syria sri lanka's president has climbed down on his decision to suspend parliament calling for a meeting of law makers next week the sacking of prime minister running to a trauma center and his replacement with former strongman leader mahinda rajapaksa has caused a political crisis with critics warning it's an unconstitutional move that could lead to a bloodbath but much about pakistan has told our jazeera his appointment is legitimate . the washington post is reporting leave gyptian president a defacto sisi and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have reached out to
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the trumpet ministration to express support for the saudi crown prince it follows the crisis caused by the murder of jamal khashoggi at a saudi consulate in istanbul earlier this month turkish authorities have revealed he was strangled to death as soon as he entered the consulate the u.s. state department says his remains should be located and returned to his family turkey's justice minister says saudi arabia must cooperate fully with the investigation. the whole world's attention is on this matter so it cannot be kept a secret it's a concern for everyone for the conscience of everyone the world is calling for an answer we're asking for the saudi side to cooperate closely they need to cooperate and support the inquiry so the matter can be resolved. u.s. president donald trump has announced tough new sanctions against venezuela cuba and nicaragua which his administration has branded quote a troika of tyranny the executive order includes sanctions on venezuela's gold
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sector and two dozen entities owned or controlled by cuba's military nicaraguan government of president daniel ortega has also been targeted following a crackdown on opposition protesters. a pakistani christian woman who had her death sentence for blasphemy overturned is now planning to leave the country assia bibi spent eight years on death row before the supreme court decision on wednesday purchased by conservative islam groups against the decision and now into a second day with many major roads blocked prime minister iran com condemned demonstrators have issued death threats to the judges who overturned her sentence. there's the headlines today with us at the stream is up next on more news for you after that i found out.
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i'm femi oke a and you're in the strain we're now live in how do you say i'm teaching and i'm really could be with a twenty four hour news cycle and perpetual bombardment of information it can sometimes be difficult to dig deeper into a story on this episode of this chain we will dive into three films now streaming on al-jazeera dot com that do just that a church of trump i'm odette the legacy of slavery in the usa and the things we keep first up the church of trump produce for fault lines and this film correspondent joshua.


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