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point institutional incompetence the number one responsibility. is protecting this was not an accident it was a crime but maybe it is the real significant reason speak up the case but he still serves. on al-jazeera. with just days till the midterm elections u.s. president donald trump talks tough on immigration warning people they will not be allowed to stay. on top of live from london also coming up. because new prime minister tells al-jazeera his appointment is legitimate amid a mounting political crisis. turkey's justice minister demands that saudi arabia
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cooperate fully in the investigation into the murder. saying the whole world's attention is on them. and google employees walk out in protest against the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations. and with just five days to go until the crucial midterm elections u.s. president donald trump has again been talking tough on illegal immigration he likened a caravan of central american migrants headed to the u.s. border to an invasion and what they would not be allowed to stay. some people call it an invasion it's like an invasion they are violently overrun the mexican border you saw that two days ago. these are tough people in many cases lot of young men strong men and
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a lot of men that maybe we don't want in our country but again we'll find that out through the legal process but they've overrun the mexican police and they've overrun and hurt badly mexican soldiers so this isn't an innocent group of people and i sense from one issue castro in washington d.c. heidi a lot of rhetoric that was very specific policy announcement. well it was interesting lauren because the big announcement was basically that there will be an announcement in a week that trump will take some sort of executive action in response to this caravan that is now still more than a thousand kilometers away from the u.s. border but notably in a week's time they'll be after the u.s. midterm elections of the timing is interesting which i can come back to but what trump did say in his address today was that he was finalizing these plans that would number one it deny asylum to people who cross the border illegally currently
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people who do that they do break the u.s. law they're in charge of the mist but demeanor and then they are still allowed to move forward with their asylum claim which is saying under u.s. international law trump says he will do away with that and he says it will be totally legal he also says that his administration is in process of building ten cities in which to how's the people who do move forward with an asylum case that can take months if not more than a year and trump is saying that families along with their children would be housed and detained in these ten sites most likely built on military bases now he's saying that he can take these actions unilaterally without the help of congress likely though they will immediately inspire legal challenges similar to what we saw in response to the muslim ban that was initially struck down however the fact that trump is announcing this again today five days before the midterm elections certainly is an attempt to strike up political points with with his base lauren on
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that much of it is immigration playing high and on the agenda during this midterm period. well trump and fellow republicans have said that this caravan of now some three thousand central americans who are fleeing persecution in their home countries is sort of a political gift to the right leading up to the elections and trump has fallen back on immigration as one of his favorite topics to embolden his base and drive them to the polls that did the trick for him in his thinking to win the white house in two thousand and sixteen and we've been seeing that campaign rallies as well as parroted by other republican candidates that again there's they're saying that these immigrants are an invasion that there are criminals out there armed with sticks and stones and trump said today that if they if once they approached the u.s. border of members of the caravan were to throw these stones at u.s.
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soldiers position on the border that they would respond they would respond as if being attacked by firearms or in how does your house or thank you very much. or as we've mentioned several thousand central americans of marching towards the u.s. border as part of the so-called caravan there is john home and joined a family of four from honduras for just one day of the efik trick through mexico. when alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake his sister maria is and every step is a small tool it's not just legs a little used to walking a marathon every day she's developed to call. them on half whether it's because we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life that the re is a lie a family durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mexican town of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin is struggling
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through and can push a stroller in a dorm break he explains why. this is that this is the leg it's bad it's this one with it's been seven months. early in his sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby back home that bennett but out o. he would have suffered like the other children there born into poverty after a four hour was she struggling then the family gets a break a ride from a passing truck it revives the flagging children. it's set some down before a migration checkpoint one of several in the south and it's commercial without papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least erling compressed two hours later the caravan catches up and policies to get the type things worked but his mid day approaches the race allies have other problems no food or water no spare clothes
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a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the two and then the third. become he said look this is the mexicans have been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time at the end of their strength. and it makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help when i saw the baby they finally made it two weeks here they can rest but there's no shelter so that we just have these blankets for the children don't sleep on the pier pavement as the rain follows they try and work out their next move so everyone is just settling down now after what's been an exhausting day but they still go about two thousand settlement says to get to the buddha and if they cover right that's going to take them at least a month and a haul but first there's a lawyer
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a his family has to try and get through the noise down home and how does he had a week's. thank you. trina because president has climbed down on his decision to suspend parliament calling for a meeting of law makers next week the sacking of prime minister running away from a singer and his replacement with former strongman leader mahinda rajapaksa has caused a political crisis with critics warning it's non-constitutional move that could lead to a bloodbath but speaking to our backs a defended his appointment as legitimate but it smith reports from the capital colombo. he has all the trappings of prime minister including access to the office but the new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is acting unconstitutionally his critics say because he was appointed by president by three policy we say to a not elected by the embers of parliament one of mr rajapaksa how useless i must
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see you is your rebuttal of one legitimately think services and the institution of this budget the argument is that parliament should be deciding who's the prime minister not the normal norm as i read that institution in your reply and so your immediate one sir for i know you are assuming the prime minister's position i have long been given or the birth of his daughter who rajapaksa needs the backing of one hundred thirteen m.p.'s to solidify his return to power but the president suspended pollo meant some suspect he did that to give rajapaksa time to get enough support how will you get enough support from parliament how do you get the n.p.c. what we have already got the i'm going to be short and so why the delay in recalling pollen and what are we hanging on for norm because we want to. get ready for the i did rajapakse that was at the prime minister's office to meet academics telling them there's no crisis as far as he's concerned it certainly is
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a crisis but the ousted prime minister running away from a single he's refusing to leave the official residence of the pm he says he remains prime minister because the power to sack him was stripped from the president two years ago by an amendment to the constitution the whole structure of government in the country is still very strong in the executive. and the presumption is that the presidency is the strongest office. it won though the nineteenth amendment has made changes to that and therefore what the presidency has to see go rajapaksa served two terms as president defeated thomas separatists in a twenty six year long civil war but was accused of human rights abuses in the process his family and in a circle is under investigation for corruption and you looking forward to your new positions are you looking forward to being prime minister really much like to a hard bender rajapaksa is presenting an image of business as usual but we've run
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away from a single still claiming to be the legitimate prime minister things are far from usual parliament will though now get to have the final say it seems when it's soon recalled and m.p.'s get to vote bernard smith al-jazeera colombo to his justice minister has demanded that saudi arabia cooperate fully with the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. it comes after turkey revealed she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second saudi arabia is yet to respond to the revelations. you know. the whole world's attention is on this matter so it cannot be kept a secret it's a concern for everyone but the conscience of everyone the world is calling for an answer we're asking for the saudi side to cooperate closely they need to cooperate and support the inquiry so the matter can be resolved. has more from outside the
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saudi consulate in istanbul turkey is keeping up the pressure against saudi arabia saying that the kingdom has not delivered on the promises to give further details about who gave the order to kill zermelo house and the whereabouts of his remains and this explains why the turkish government is now on the offensive saying that saudi arabia must face international isolation and that there would be a political price for the kingdom to pay this sound if the turkish prosecutor the minister of justice and the deputy head of the ruling party here in turkey all say that there needs to be further international of pressure on science. to come out openly about those crucial details that the turkish investigators are looking for to be able to seal the whole case and issue a final indictment they know that they badly need to get hold of the whereabouts of
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the remains of. the for them to identify the circumstances of his death by us follow the turkish government is concerned there is absolutely this push towards further political affiliation and escalation for the rhetoric to push the saudi government into major concessions in the near future. the washington post is reporting the leaders of egypt and israel have reached out to the trumpet ministration to express support for saudi crown prince mohammed bin some on the newspaper has also revealed more information about a recent phone call that the crown prince made to washington a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more. the washington post is reporting new details of a telephone call that took place between the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon and national security adviser john bolton as well as white house aide of course president donald trump's son in law in the call
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a senior official reporting to the post that mohammed bin solomon called shows a dangerous islamist this call taking place of course just days after disappearance the prince went on to urge the united states preserve u.s. saudi relations and accuse me of being a member of the muslim brotherhood in a public statement her family has denied that allegation as well as characterizations of. being dangerous they call these accusations in accurate as well as ridiculous now saudi arabia according to a senior official has denied that mohamed bin someone made any of those claims in the telephone call instead publicly they have called the murder of. terrible mistake and a tragedy it appears these public statements essentially saudi arabia's attempt at to face damage control for its part the united states is already responding to the
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reports of the grisly details of murder with the revoking of twenty one saudi nationals having their visas rescinded as well of course the united states contemplating a more robust response but in the midst of all of this the egyptian president sisi as well as the israeli leader leader benjamin netanyahu have expressed support for the saudi crown prince arguing that he is an important partner in the region particularly given the fact of the administration has pinned much of the foundation of its middle east policy on the cooperation of saudi arabia as it pivots towards aggressively confronting iran as well the u.s. state department on thursday saying that they believe that. these remains should be located and they should be returned to the family as soon as possible. and just one footnote on that story within the last few minutes news agency has reported that
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the u.s. extra state. has said it will be a handful more weeks before the u.s. has enough evidence to impose sanctions in the matter of the killing of a saudi journalist i showed you that was in a radio interview the sector state might pompei oh say a few more weeks until they had enough evidence to impose sanctions now still to come on al-jazeera divers in indonesia recover a black box recorder from the an air flight that crashed monday killing one hundred eighty nine people on board. and protect what lies beneath the push to turn a remote part of the planet into the world's largest century. however it has been unusually hot and unusually early hot in adelaide and in melbourne typically in the science east of australia but with the wind hinting it
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might change in the coming of the bite suggests a cooling trend you've only got one more day of it your forecast temperature in melbourne is thirty friday and twenty seven adelaide it is warming up in perth a twenty four but the big chill is about to reappear well in comparison these were down to seventeen in melbourne the on shore breeze and twenty the adelaide first day with showers likely through south australia back towards the west sunshine otherwise it's quiet in queens and you will notice that with that cloud tends to go in the same sort of direction across the tasman sea so there you got probably a little bit of a passing shower trade overnight it looks like he's going to find a can day fifteen percent in degrees on friday with the rain then creeping in am becoming quite extensive on saturday particularly in south island with walked in there twenty three degrees in christchurch still average weather in japan in the korean peninsula temperatures in the middle to high teens us about right the sun in the sky that is still pretty warm for the west in beijing but already well on the
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tires showing that winter is returning minus one is the max on friday. insult career around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition taken off the main one used to investigate korean dogs. on nov sixth the united states will vote. president donald trump gain or lose ground will be live from the white house here on capitol hill as the results probably join us for special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections on al jazeera.
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and one of the top stories here now to syria president donald trump has described a caravan of central american migrants headed to the u.s. as an invasion he says those caught crossing the border illegally will be held while their solemn claims are investigated. as new prime minister. has defended the just mysie of his appointment amid a growing political crisis because president has lifted his suspension of parliament and called for a meeting of lawmakers next week. turkey's justice minister has called for saudi arabia to cooperate fully with the investigation into the murder of a saudi journalist. state says it will be a handful more weeks before the u.s. has enough evidence to impose sanctions over the killing. google employees around the world have walked out in protest against the company's handling of sexual
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misconduct tensions have been building since it was revealed that a former senior google executive had allegedly received a ninety million dollars severance pay out despite being accused of sexual misconduct reynolds reports from your son trees. in cities around the world employees of google walked off their jobs in protest over the company's policies and practices on workplace sexual misconduct from its headquarters in silicon valley to new york washington and boston employees streamed out denouncing a corporate culture they say tolerate seraphs meant letting accused executives quietly walk away with buckets full of cash is standard and it should not be the employees were angered by a new york times report that andy reuben the creator of google's android mobile phone software received a ninety million dollars severance package in two thousand and fourteen even after
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the company's own investigation found accusations of sexual harassment against him to be credible employees say sexism is right that google and allege executives acts with impunity setting up house tells me. that i'd like to see him here at google's european headquarters in dublin employees showed solidarity with victims of harassment protests also took place at the company's offices in singapore and in london on the lookout along with other colleagues in support of all anyone any workplace has been arrested to ensure that the pride is yeah no protection and no reward it's on google c.e.o. sooner pichai and co-founder larry page apologized to workers and promised changes in policy protesting employees are also demanding an end to mandatory
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arbitration clauses in their contracts which prevent them from taking harassers to court rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. a pakistani christian woman who had her death sentence for blasphemy overturned is now planning to leave the country as you have spent eighteen years on death row before the supreme court decision on wednesday protest by conservative groups against the decision and now into a second day with many major roads blocked from news to imran khan condemned demonstrations who have issued death threats to the judges who have returned to sentence. high days following events in the capital islamabad. a relative calm across pakistan although the situation is still tense and the protesters are blocking key points in the city of karachi hall which in the provincial capital of the bun job and head in islamabad the security forces have called on golf the red
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zone ridge how. the senate government installations and the diplomatic all clear now we are told that the protesters are not as violent as they were yesterday however to morrow it's friday and it will be important to see where this broad gauge gains momentum but the prime minister had a road ready spoken saying that the protest and renard be allowed to challenge their rate of the state he stands behind the decision of the supreme court and the situation and pakistan at the moment it appears to be calming down a violent day yesterday and rage a number of people were injured but private institution schools colleges and even the stock exchange in the southern port city of karachi are closed today and that people are watching to see if the situation returns back to normal or if there is an escalation. the saudi led coalition in yemen has deployed thousands of troops to
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the main port city of the data that's despite growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution a special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with a saudi coalition and he revels in sweden in november russian space agency engineers a blaming a faulty sensor for last month's soyuz rocket failure a russian cosmonaut and american astronauts were forced to abandon their mission to the international space station after booster rocket failed to separate properly they landed safely in kazakhstan after an emergency descent. deep sea divers found one of the two flight recorders from monday's jet crash off the coast of indonesia the search continues for the main fuse large where the one hundred eighty nine people on board the plane was sitting american crash experts arrived to investigate why the brand new boeing airliner went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta florence louis has this report. three days after indonesia's second
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worst disaster a vital potential clue to the course divers have recovered the flight data recorder buried in the sea bed they had to dig to get it out it logs everything the lion air boeing seven three seven was doing including its speed altitude and heading. we will let the dust dish and safety committee do their job and we have requested willing to help it amended need it for inspection to find out because of the crash . still missing is the flight deck voice recorder of the two pilots investigators will be hoping both black boxes survived the impact intact search teams are also trying to locate the fuselage where the passengers were. investigators from the u.s. national transportation safety board and boeing experts have arrived in jakarta their preliminary report is not expected for weeks the final crash report could take
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years but pressure is on boeing to pinpoint what happened to two month old boeing seven three seven max. lion air is the launch customer of the latest variant of the best selling airline at the twin jet had technical problems the day before lyon executives' say they were resolved and the plane flew from bali to jakarta hours before its fateful flight at least four employees of the low cost carrier have been suspended pending the investigation. for the families the agonizing wait goes on. we hope the government can find all victims as soon as possible i do hope my husband is still alive that's a wish of mine of our families he is a strong willed person and. forensic experts have taken d.n.a. samples from the next of kin to begin matching passenger remains ready for the many funerals to come florence louis al-jazeera. the first democratically elected
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president of moldy vhs has returned to the country after two years in exile nasheed was welcomed home by his supporters and president elect mohammed sorely he was sentenced to thirteen years jail in twenty fifteen on terrorism charges ordering the arrest of a top judge as happened during the rule of formally the yemeni of the game and the trial was criticized as being politically motivated and suffered a surprise election defeat last month paving the way from the sheets return scientists and conservationists are debating whether to turn one of the most remote parts of the planet into the largest protected area on earth what i'll see in antarctica could be home to thousands of undiscovered species conservationists as supporting an e.u. proposal to make it a no go zone for industrial fishing mining and deep sea drilling the clock reports . then february al-jazeera joined the greenpeace icebreaker the arctic sunrise as she pushed through into the remote board says of the weddell sea collecting
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evidence to support the bid to turn a huge section into an ocean sanctuary it is a vasan known territory few ships venture here almost year round sea ice making it a challenge to fall for most. looks like helping you. yet. after several days of trying we finally broke through and we took a chance in a rare window of weather to take to the air to see what may soon become the largest protected area on a so what we're looking at here is melting yes sea ice and great icebergs to be up off the glass is sweeping off jane for all sila that the weddell sea extends way to a distance over that proposed area pretty much on touched by human activity almost no scientific research is taking place. it's the realm of the penguin and myriad marrying species but is not the realm of men and many want to keep it that way the
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sentry proposal would protect an area five times the size of germany. part of the evidence being assessed by the antarctic commission was gathered by the expedition submarine on board which the antarctic specialist says on look. it has one hundred percent coverage in the sea floor of organism has a great three d. structure which allows other organisms to come in and leave and a really interesting species composition and all these factors make it really difficult for a community to become potter and to stamp it such as part of the fishing we call these areas fundable marine ecosystems and hopefully we can get to this and other areas we come across some special protection that we saw firsthand how accessible the outer limits of antarctica have already become and now there's a huge effort to protect vaal swathes of this stunning continent the antarctic ocean commission has given itself the mandate to create this law scale network of
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marine protected areas is given the mandate to use the best available science and we believe that the hosel is absolutely fulfilling that scientific consensus around the world as all we need to be protecting roughly a third of the world's oceans by twenty thirty we've got to start down here in the most precious waters that we have the e.u. proposal has to be supported by consensus of the twenty five member commission in hobart while there is a great deal of support it would only take one country to disagree and send the whole effort back to the drawing board the clock al-jazeera and. top stories are not just here with just five days to go to a crucial midterm elections u.s. president donald trump has again been talking tough on immigration iraq and a caravan of central american migrants heading to the u.s. border to an invasion and warned them they would not be allowed to stay some people
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call it an invasion it's like an invasion they are violently overrun the mexican border you saw that two days ago. these are tough people the military says a lot of young men strong men. a lot of men maybe we don't want to our country but again we'll find that out through the legal process but they've overrun the mexican police and they've overrun and hurt badly back sick and soldiers so this isn't an innocent group of people your sexual state might pompei or says it will be a handful more weeks before the u.s. has enough evidence to impose sanctions over the killing of saudi journalist. turkish authorities have revealed he was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier this month egyptian and israeli leaders of call the trumpet mistress to express their support for the saudi crown prince following the crisis but turkey's justice minister says saudi arabia needs to
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cooperate fully with the investigation track because president has climbed down on his decision to suspend parliament calling for a meeting of law makers next week the sacking of prime minister running with christmas singer and his replacement with former strongman leader but in direct attacks or has caused a political crisis with critics warning it's an unconstitutional move that could lead to a bloodbath rajapaksa has told his appointment is legitimate google employees around the world walked out on thursday to protest against the company's handling of sexual misconduct allegations it follows a new york times article which reported former senior google executive andy rubin received a ninety million dollars severance pay out despite being accused of sexual misconduct there's the headlines do stay with us they are not a zero point zero one east is up next i phone after. china could be facing
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a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. and. the. career dog bit on the menu for centuries with around two million dogs eaten every year i made as long as i don't think and i just write our own food in our own
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hands and i get a little baggie cools down see a little. what strict government regulations and a growing animal rights movement are cracking down.


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