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before the competition started she was hospitalized because of kidney stones her slips and her health concerns have reminded the crowd in doha that she's only human since everything else she does makes one of the hardest individual sports books so . al-jazeera. has reached the quarter finals of the paris moss' ass he awaits his coronation as the world number one. a was his opponent in the last sixteen on the day the serve one of the first six one but more showed plenty of fight and. well number fifty two winning at this rally but still going to one down however it was his bat that got the better of him arena and the boss in having to retire her to not long afterwards djokovic his rival love for the number one that's. also a drawn out from paris with an abdominal injury. and that's it for me like some of
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you be watching as a road user doesn't see much of the four from some of me on the news out seem thanks very much for a time until complete. the
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final. volcano kill way erupted explosively last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill away a it has been spilling lubbock continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs say eruptions reflect the mood of the goddess. as native hawaiians family is always nice to us whether she thinks our home or not we accept this type of event. eighty percent of the visually impaired could be cued without access to treatment. and where there is a will there is a way from a state of the spectrum covering over seventy seven countries how many of these
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patients receive today every vote and to pakistan one man's passion provides free treatment for one million patients and yet the cure revisited because iraq. the u.s. threatened sanctions against saudis linked to the killing of journalists. a lot of this is live from doha also coming up. with protests getting louder schools are now shocked and mobile services suspended after a christian woman is acquitted of blasphemy in pakistan. it's on ice who's blocking
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a plan to create the world's largest marine reserve in antarctica. and walking a marathon every day we follow a family from honduras desperate to get into the u.s. . the u.s. is stepping up the pressure on saudi arabia exactly a month after the murder of john it is threatening sanctions within weeks against individuals linked to the killing turkey says saudi agents strangled the journalist dismembered his body and disposed of it in a premeditated attack castro reports from washington. the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions against saudi arabia for the killing of jamal are likely coming to take us. probably have four more weeks before we have enough
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evidence to actually put those sanctions in place but i think we'll be able to get there we're going to find the fact that a president said we will demand accountability for those who are involved to the commission of this i've described sanctions would not be the only repercussion from the u.s. more than a week ago the state department revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals identified as involved in the operation to kill. secretary michael i'm pale said at the top. time those penalties would not be the last word even as the u.s. continued to gather facts that included cia director gina haskell traveling to turkey and reportedly listening to the audio recording of killing turkey is leading the investigation it says she was strangled almost immediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second. no one will escape responsibility this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by
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everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman spoke with senior trump administration officials prior to the kingdom of knowledge killing in the private call been someone reportedly said he was dangerous and a member of the muslim brotherhood a point the journalist had long denied later in public prince amman would change his tune calling the show he's killing a terrible mistake and not justifiable key questions remain about what exactly happened including what his killers did with his body the u.s. state department says it's calling on saudi arabia to return remains to his family
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as soon as possible heidi jo castro al-jazeera washington over the latest let's go live now to zain a harder in istanbul where are we with the investigation right now. well this has been a difficult investigation from the start it's been a month since the murder of she since the saudi journalist entered the consulate behind me and has been difficult according to turkish officials because of the lack of cooperation on the part of saudi arabia the message from turkey is we will not let this go there will be no cover up to those responsible not just of carrying out the murder but ordering the murder should be held to account turkey also has a number of questions which saudi arabia has still not answered like where is. body parts i say body parts now because it's tumbles chief prosecutor the man leading the investigation to present the details of the murder
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a few days ago where he said that she was strangled to death upon entering the saudi consulate to and that his body was cut into pieces so there is a feeling here of frustration really that saudi arabia has not been cooperative the head of the saudi arabia's top prosecutor was in istanbul in the beginning of this week and instead of helping with the evidence and providing information he wanted to know what evidence turkey had so this is the feeling among turkish officials they're also quite frustrated about the lack of you know action on the part of the trumpet ministration they believe that the trumpet ministration could pressure saudi arabia more to cooperate and to disclose where are where are the body parts the head the deputy head of the ruling party yesterday saying that trump statements really are an indication that he's trying to cover up a cover up this whole case even the fiance of she in an opinion piece you know is asking that question let me do just one sentence she's saying that the trumpet
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ministrations position in this tragedy is devoid of moral foundation and if you read editorials in the pro-government press here in turkey they're saying that the united states needs to pressure saudi arabia or else saudi arabia will claim that they have punished those responsible. so the feeling here is that there can be no fair and transparent trial in saudi arabia and those eighteen men those eighteen suspects should be extradited to turkey where they will face according to turkish officials a fair trial then a thank you say no harder in istanbul. fiancé has written an opinion piece for the guardian newspaper in the u.k. a teacher jenkins says the perpetrators should know that they can never erase his vision for his beloved country they have only him bold and that it is now left to the international community to bring the perpetrators to justice of all nations the united states should be leading the way trumpet ministration has taken a position that is devoid of moral foundation some in washington are hoping this
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matter will be forgotten with simple delaying tactics but we will continue to push the trumpet ministration to help find justice for jamal there will be no cover up or one hour special the murder waiting justice as in less than an hour right here on al-jazeera. i'm peter dalby here in istanbul a little later we'll have a news our special for you exactly a month since the gruesome murder of jamal there are still so many questions so few ounces who murdered him who gave the order and where is his body and use our special from twelve hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera of a saudi led coalition has launched new attacks in yemen it's begun an operation to retake the port city of her day that currently under the control of the rebels the cole coalition sent in thousands of troops to the area this week in the early hours of friday it also attacked sinai international airport and then adjoining airbase
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the un has relaunched peace talks and called on both sides to stop fighting. phone lines in some areas of pakistan have been cut by the government to try and stop today's protests of a blasphemy supreme court judge's sponsor outrage when they acquitted a christian woman sentenced to death for insulting islam eight years ago demonstrators at them on the government overturns the court. is in islamabad tensions are running high across bogaerts on hair in the city of it it may seem to be business as usual but that security forces have already called on golf the red zone which is situated just behind that didn't area which how did the senate supreme court amend radio bogard on august on television and a diplomatic clave the protesters are now trying to merge after friday prayers
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they're continuing to sit at key points in several industrial had been closed in the city of karachi also reports that life is what you're really at a standstill today commuters are also facing problem in the provincial capital of the one job because of the blockade at several key points where the british did that if you were going to buy that security forces have also beefed up the information minister had already shared that the government should not be denied that sign of weakness and progress on the military spokesman has also come out saying that this is a purely legal matter and that the army should not be dragged into such a phase of russia and china being blamed for blocking international efforts to create the world's largest marine reserve in antarctica member countries of the and talk to commission to conserve marine life are wrapping up their two week meeting at hobart australia scientists think the what dell see is home to thousands of
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undiscovered species there's opposition to making it a no go zone for fishing mining and drilling andrew thomas has moved from hobart. it was always a hugely ambitious proposal put forward by the european union to create a protected marine environment five times the size of germany in antarctica pristine waters that most of the countries represented here wanted to preserve the long term it hasn't happened now by convention they want to talk publicly about the discussions inside the building behind me until everything is completely concluded there are still some formalities some administrative matters to be overcome but the head of the indian delegation did come out talk to me here's what he said to some extent i'm disappointed. and i wanted to some kind of fair understanding that understanding is not damaged unfortunately the standing is not in my city at the end of the day. after spending so many days on this in here's issue especially
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understanding as not image now off camera and many others have told me that the marine park proposal is definitely not going to happen this year not necessarily the end of the road throw all the other opportunities in other years to talk about new marine parks potentially game in the way they'll say but the twenty eight team a real sense of disappointment here there is not going to be a very hot created there at least not yet a relatives of the victims of the lion air plane that crashed on monday are calling for more information on what happened one of the two black box flight recorders was found off the coast of indonesia in the seabed on thursday president joe cole we don't know visited jakarta porter's divers continue to search for the other recorder along with the fuselage one hundred eighty nine people died after the plane plunged into the sea shortly after takeoff. please don't only find the black box find my family became victims please. i hope the government can speed up the process of investigating the black box content i want to hear the
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pilot's voice. also ahead on al-jazeera when we come back dirty money on the street how high flying bankers in new york are caught in malaysia's massive corruption scam. i we're on bond i beach but not to go surfing it's festival time in australia that's all there. hello there things are turning cooler for the northern parts of asia at the moment on the satellite picture you can see this area of track here this just sinking its way slowly towards the south and that is the meeting edge of the cooler air so the temperatures below it will begin to drop so what about minus five as that cold day it works its way and still in the warm air for now on saturday in beijing will be up at nineteen but things will get a lot cooler as we head into sunday
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a maximum of twelve and there will be a good deal of cloud around maybe a few outbreaks of rain as well meanwhile for the southeastern part of i'm up here it's fine and dry in japan twenty one as a maximum in tokyo a bit further towards the south and this is the remains of all typhoon you to know a great deal of wind left to it now but you can see plenty of cloud has been working its way across us and it's been incredibly wet for some of us in taiwan recently a few more outbreaks of rain a likely on saturday but the whole system is forty apart so nothing really left to it as we head through sunday and most of us getting away with that dry unsettled day as we head for the south and for the philippines it's also been dry recently by the showers and now beginning to bubble up once more that way a few more as we head through saturday but sunday is working out the what a day but securely across the central belt.
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in the eighteen seventies hundreds of genes were banished to the farthest corner of an empire where their descendants still live today. my grandparents died with a heavy heart they left everything behind. jury and identity it's always present inside as this french territory in the pacific to vote on independence al-jazeera world tells the story of exile in new caledonia. and again you're watching engineer a wind of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions are being prepared against saudis involved in the
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killing of. saudi leaders of so far resisted international pressure to reveal who all of the journalist murder aides to crown prince mohammed bin man are implicated . saudi and any razzi led coalition has launched a new attacks in yemen has begun an operation to retake the port city of the day that currently under the control of the rebels in the early hours of friday the coalition also attacks on our international airport and a nearby air base. of phone lines in some areas of pakistan have been cut by the government to try and stop two days of protests over a blasphemy verdict supreme court judges sparked outrage when they acquitted a christian woman sentenced to death for insulting islam eight years ago. following murder the spotlight has turned to how much money saudi arabia spends in the u.s. trying to buy influence in both politics and education some universities are now considering whether to. ta is with riyadh's atika lang reports from washington.
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this is the university of new haven in the state of connecticut not the most scenic campus or the most well known but it is now drawing nationwide media attention for its relationship to saudi arabia it has a partnership to train saudi arabia security officers executive director of the middle east crisis committee stanley heller says his group protested when the deal was announced two years ago we were appalled that any u.s. college would be helping the saudi regime in any way but especially to help police college. since we know the appalling situation of the of the justice system they were ignored then but are hoping now that saudi arabia has admitted to murdering journalist jamal khashoggi increased pressure will force the university to reconsider the prestigious university the massachusetts institute of technology or mit says it is reconsidering its relationship with saudi arabia now
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but these are just a couple of the dozens of universities the take money from the government and people of saudi arabia this is he the press did an investigation that it found the most saudi money goes here to george washington university in washington d.c. if you look at the database the tracks this information in all over the last decade the government of saudi arabia its citizens and its businesses spent more than six hundred thirteen million dollars in u.s. universities but they're not alone just in the gulf nation of qatar the same timeframe more than a billion dollars the united arab emirates more than two hundred and eleven million . asked about the saudi money much of which goes to research or scholarships for saudi students many university said it would be wrong to deprive deserving students of an education as for george washington university it says it regularly reviews programs with saudi arabia to make sure they are consistent with their educational mission giving no indication that they plan to change the relationship anytime soon
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patty called al-jazeera washington. event jellicoe christians from the united states have made a rare visit to saudi arabia they met senior saudi government ministers and the crown prince mohammed bin son man the kingdom is trying to repair its international reputation after the murder of jamal khashoggi some of the visiting group of storm surely pro israel and call themselves a zionists several are close to u.s. president dan from saudi arabia bans all reason religion's except to slam and doesn't officially recognize israel or tensions may be growing between two key u.s. allies in northern syria turkey and the kurdish led syrian democratic forces american troops have now begun joint patrols with turkish soldiers in man beach the s.d.f. is based nearby it is led by kurdish fighters who turkey considers terrorists the u.s. hopes the joint operations will prevent military confrontations between turkish and
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kurdish fighters two thousand american troops are working alongside the s.d.f. in the fight against isis the u.s. justice department has charged two former investment bankers in connection with the corruption scandal in malaysia one goldman sachs banker admitted to conspiring to launder money and violating anti bribery law as against simulators say billions of dollars was stolen from the state development fund one m d b former prime minister najib razak is facing thirty eight corruption charges involving luxury homes expensive art and jewelry flowers louis has more from kuala lumpur. u.s. prosecutors allege the men conspired to launder money stolen from one m. d.b. through the u.s. financial system and they've also been accused of bribing government officials so that goldman sachs can keep its lucrative contracts advising one m.t.b. on corporate transactions and these men also said to have personally enriched
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themselves now off the three only one has pleaded guilty the second man who's been indicted is a malaysian citizen called raja he's been arrested in malaysia and is expected to be extradited to the u.s. now the third man indicted is a malaysian businessman by the name of lo take joe he also goes by joe lo and he's widely thought to be the mosque to mine behind the scheme to defraud one and to be now he was charged by malaysian prosecutors a couple of months ago in absentia his whereabouts are still not known now he never held any formal position in one m d b but just last week for the malaysian prime minister who himself is facing charges in malaysia in relation to one and he told al jazeera in an exclusive interview last week that he saw at los roll at one end as one of creating value now and there are as many as six countries investigating
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one m.t.b. but the investigations really seem to have gotten the boost since a new administration came into power following a general election in may the malaysian investigators reopened investigations in malaysia prosecutors charge not only not but also his wife ross months or and a top civil servant from the previous administration and not only that malaysian investigators have said that they are extending cooperation and exchanging information with investigators from other jurisdictions. of the united nations has again overwhelmingly condemned the u.s. embargo of cuba just before the u.s. announced more sanctions the u.n. general assembly voted one hundred eighty nine to two cuba's foreign minister says the one nine hundred sixty s. blockade imposed because of communist cuba's ties to the soviet union has held back generations of cubans thousands of workers at the tech giant google voted with their feet to protest workplace harassment it's been criticized
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over and they've been criticized of a multi-million dollar payouts to top executives who faced those accusations. rob reynolds reports. in cities around the world employees of google walked off their jobs in protest over the company's policies and practices on workplace sexual misconduct from its headquarters in silicon valley to new york washington and boston employees streamed out denouncing corporate culture they say tolerate arrests most let any accused executives quietly walk away with buckets full of cash is standard and it really should not be the employees were angered by a new york times report that andy reuben the creator of google's android mobile phone software received a ninety million dollars severance package in two thousand and fourteen even after
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the company's own investigation found accusations of sexual harassment against him to be credible employees say sexism is right that google and allege executives acts with impunity setting high standards of beauty but i think to say here at google's european headquarters in dublin employees showed solidarity with victims of harassment protests also took place at the company's offices in singapore and in london i'm walking out along with other colleagues in support of all thought anyone in any workplace has been harassed to ensure that the pride is yeah no protection and no reward it's a google c.e.o. sundar pichai and co-founder larry page apologized to workers and promised changes in policy protesting employees are also demanding an end to mandatory
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arbitration clauses in their contracts which prevent them from taking harassers to court rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. ending out yet another warning to the migrant caravan in mexico heading north towards the u.s. border the u.s. president says they are an invasion and anyone caught crossing the border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court the siloam is not a program for those living in poverty there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race religion and other protected status or trump has ordered thousands of u.s. troops to the border with mexico he's told them that if they face rock throwing
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migrants they should react as though the rocks were rifles despite the threats warnings and denigration the migrants say they come in peace now not that obama but there are going slowly we're going peacefully we're not aggressive if we go aggressively than will be treated like terrorists we're going peacefully to get a chance to work in the us the only thing we want is to work to take our families forward to get a better life because in honduras you can't get anything you can never get ahead no matter how hard you work there's nothing in honduras president trump let us pass we're going peacefully we're not aggressive and one of the many families in the migrant caravan has been telling our reporter john homan of the struggles they all encounter every step of the way. when alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake his system maria is and every step is a small tool it's not just legs a little used to walking a marathon every day she's developed to call. them or have whether it's because
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we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life of the re is a lie a family home durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mexican town of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin a struggling tool can push the stroller in a dorm break he explains why it is that this is the leg that's bad it's this one with polya it's been seven months mum irlen has sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby back home that bennett let out alone he would have suffered like the other children there born into poverty off the four hour was she struggling then the family gets a break a ride from a passing truck it revives the flagging children it's set some down before a migration checkpoint one of several in the south from its commercial without
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papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least erling compressed two hours later the caravan catches up and passes together the type ticks worked but as mid day approaches the race allies have other problems no food or water no spare clothes. a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the first two and then the third. becomes the mexicans have been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time at the end of their strength. and that makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help when i saw the babies they finally made it two weeks here they can rest but there's no shelter so we just have these blankets for the children don't sleep
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on the pier pavement as the rain foods they try and work out their next move so everyone is just settling down now after what's been an exhausting day but they've still got about two thousand kilometers to get to the border and at their current rate that's going to take them at least a month and a half but first there's a lawyer is family has to try and get through the noise john home and how does it or weeks for a bond i beach in australia is a surface delight but every year almost half a million people from all over the world head to a stretch of sydney's coast for an event called sculpture by the scene this year's lot features one hundred artists and we spoke to the founder who says the exhibition couldn't have a better backdrop. i'm david handley on the founding director of sculpture by the sea in sydney australia in ninety ninety seven the exhibition was just a one day exhibition very quickly sculpture by the sea became what we believe is
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the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world in terms of number of sculptures size the location i fled the corporate world in my mid twenty's i was living in prague and i encountered a sculpture in a wonderful sculpture park where sculpture was juxtaposed cited amongst thirteenth century ruins internationally people didn't really think about australia except for the fact we had a rule iraq on a reef and probably an opera house and i have a bridge but that was about it and i want to create something that project illustrate it both to itself and internationally is a more sophisticated and cultured placed to visit to live but also which was fundamentally relaxed like australia is i thought this is the art form look at how you could contrast sculpture by color by form by scale with something else a sculpture is meant to be exhibited outdoors and this place is perfect it's as if god in the local mayor got together to create the most perfect location for sculpture we could site huge sculptures which we crane on to the edge of the
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straight and continent and just around the corner we can have something nestled among the rocks anyone in the world can apply to be in sculpture by the sea we have a curatorial panel go through some five hundred submissions are only requirement is that the sculpture hasn't been exhibited before in australia i love this exhibition to have an idea that comes out of your head that so many people respond to an artist's around the world respond to is very special the first seven years were very very tough we now have some four hundred twenty five to five hundred thousand visitors a year depending a bit on the weather and this year we've got items from twenty one different countries and one hundred seven sculptures always we have just over one hundred sculptures they are has come together and it feels really special. this is al jazeera it's going to round up of our top stories the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions are being prepared against saudis involved in the
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killing of jamal khashoggi saudi leaders of so far resisted international pressure to reveal who ordered the journalist murder aides to crown prince mohammed bin salamander implicated norway's foreign ministry has summoned the saudi ambassador to talk about the ashanti case saudi led coalition has launched new attacks in yemen to retake the port city of data it's under the control of the rebels on friday the coalition also attacked sinai international airport and a nearby air place phone lines in some parts of pakistan have been cut by the government to try and stop two days of protests over a blasphemy verdict supreme court judges sparked outrage when they acquitted a christian woman sentenced to death for insulting islam eight years ago i don't trumps sending out another warning to the migrant caravan in mexico heading north towards the us border president says they are an invasion and anyone caught crossing the border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court
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the salame is not a program for those living in poverty there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government.


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