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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 306  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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the present the opening of good books to commercial flights is instilled in the residents of this. has been used as a military base by american troops since two thousand and three. and kurdish peshmerga forces. are critical of our thought we have overcome many obstacles to make the dream of reopening the airport for commercial flights a reality for the people of her province our province is a symbol of iraq's diversity and it represents the unity of iraq kirkuk is also home to some of iraq's alders the most productive oil fields the province currently perdis us up to four hundred one fifth of. oil and there are plans to truck some of these crude to iran but the road to the border is yet to be sick you would make a fight against. it been margin. the u.s. justice department has charged two former investment bankers in connection with the
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corruption scandal in malaysia one goldman sachs banker admitted to conspiring to launder money and violating the anti bribery law elation business and was also charged investigators say billions of dollars that was stolen from the state development fund one aim to be former prime minister najib razak is facing thirty eight corruption charges russia and china are being blamed for blocking international efforts to create the world's largest marine reserve in antarctica and talk to a commission to conserve marine life couldn't agree on how to make the sea a no go zone for fishing mining and drilling under thomas with this from hobart in australia. the proposal was to create another marine park in antarctica this time five times the size of germany an area of pristine ocean protected from fishing mining drilling almost all human activity. the weather l c is an icy wilderness and one of the world's last marine protection would have kept it that way but in
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hobart delegations from twenty four different countries with an interest and i talked to as well as the european union which led the pot proposal needed to reach consensus where exactly where the parks boundaries be would any fishing be allowed how reliable is the science supporting the need for complete protection how many decades with the protection lost for they couldn't agree after two weeks of talking behind closed doors the head of india's delegation revealed no consensus had been reached. and. the standing is not. unfortunately standing is not that much in twenty six the same delegates in the same building were able to reach agreement to create another marine park and talk to. that one covering the road was supposed to create momentum for more but an attempt to create one in east antarctica last
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year failed the failure on friday to create one in the wood del see the sense of gloom for conservationists and of course extremely disappointed that this meeting was unable to reach consensus it's been a campaign that really engage people and people want to see and talk to give or take it and to see it failing at this meeting is of course very disappointing delegates meet in hobart every year there will be more chances to create marine parks in future for every year that passes means what is ultimately protected will be a little less persisting. in the end i'm told it was a disagreement about the quality of the science behind the need for a new marine protected area that led to the lack of consensus with two countries china and russia refusing to sign up now in a postie those same two countries have come around to proposals that in previous years they'd opposed but only after those proposals had been signed off by the highest level of politics in those countries the president's the hope is that in
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time the same can happen with this proposal and to toss out is there a program australia. more than eight million people. one of the poorest. in the world. will remain. work. through. the pain of.
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i'm waiting for that old boy's story yes of course recalled the birth of the school before that right so the on the bulletins are going there and some are in bottles is that's again she's already secured how spots as the best gymnast in the world but keeps rewriting history every time she competes lawyer harding has more from the world championships and cuts off. it's impossible to cover gymnastics and not talk about simone bias she spent more time at the top of the podium than any gymnast in history male or female the twenty one year old flippin superstar only has to beat herself to break more records she has thirteen world titles to her name . it's kind of insane once you think of it as like that number it's like wow
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she's ancient maybe she needs to stop this for about really i haven't been in the international field too long so that makes me feel better. on ball she opted for an easier routine at least for her after falling an all around the day before this time she hopped on her landing and still came out on top we made by of canada and mexico followed behind. on an even bars and events mon says is her worst she brought home silver. belgium's mina darwell is the first gymnast out of form bio so far and brought home gold a first for her country bars was also the first time simone won a world medal in the apparatus and now has a world medal in every event the first american to do so. i feels really good because during that time. back in the sport i have especially worked really hard on bars so i'm very thrilled and thankful that i have there as
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a coach and. after sweeping the board so far she still has two more shots at gold on saturday as she takes on the balance beam and forward the sport has simply never seen an athlete like she keeps rewriting the judging skills leaving the other gym it's playing catch up. real hard in al-jazeera. the styles of w w e wrestling have taken to the ring in saudi arabia despite outcry over the event going ahead in the wake of the jamal khashoggi killing world wrestling entertainment has been on the pressure to council events in riyadh but merely said they were monitoring the situation after emerge the journalist had been killed in the saudi embassy in istanbul well vince mcmahon's company has come in the far from many fronts calling for crown jewel to be counselled there's a lot of money on the line though this year and to a decade decade long deal to stage events with the saudis reportedly worth four
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hundred fifty million dollars some u.s. politicians have been critical but one of them is actually wrestling bear of knox county tennessee glenn jacobs known to fans as cain is part of the main events the w w e has also gone into this deal knowing that it's women wrestlers are not allowed to perform in saudi the biggest star jones say you know won't be there he refused to work the show according to reports and has been removed from the card other wrestlers though say they need the money. i didn't know he pulled out or i could sue so most of us here still go cup or most of the rest of the world world we're at the airport are we. doing it right you can get a lot of publicity of course because of with the jargon of five q. right we're going to go make that hour we want me i'm sorry i'm going to start to get respect governor all right now have a safe trip take care well earlier we spoke to adam clary the managing editor of
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entertainment and wrestling website what culture dot com he said wrestlers pulling out of events like this was incredibly unusual. john xena's absence from the show is a huge deal but perhaps not so much for the show itself as it is behind the scenes like for the actual show don't we w.-e. of offset his loss with their huge star they got kane the undertaker shawn michaels later expecting whole coping to be on the show so him not being on the show itself is possibly not that damaging for them but behind the scenes i think it speaks to the the huge level of controversy surrounding this restless pulling out of these events is just simply not something the ever tends to happen so the fact that he's seemingly free to do this and daniel bryan as well without any real consequences i think is an acknowledgment from w.-e. that they don't particularly want to force people to do this if they don't feel overly comfortable i think primarily the problem during w e going to have is how far this this disenchantment with the show spreads whether or not you want to go for doing them in the future because once if that precedent for one wrestler not
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going read about is johnson or otherwise all of a sudden it becomes a problem to try and get other people there but i expect going forward if they decide to any more of the shows in saudi arabia that we'll see a lot more of this kind of thing. novak djokovic and roger federer all meet in the paris masters semifinals if they beat their respective opponents in the last state later on friday the quarterfinals got underway with world than before alexander's vera of playing with a shoulder injury as he took on russia's current catch in all this is very house are very patchy formis year the german lost the first set six one well number eighteen catchin of coming through to win the second six two more anticlimax was a very who had reached the french open forty's in the summer. austria dominant team will be catch nobs opponent team has come from a set down against defending champion jack sock in paris four six six four six four the final score our socks saw his title defense come to an end there see.
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goal fund rising star. has made an impression at the l.p.g. a japan classic the japanese teenager hits one of the shots of the day with this superbly pro church on to the eighteenth green inches short of an eagle how to control so young raju of south korea by one shot. the same bolts quest to become a professional footballer has suffered a major setback after his trial with the australian club central coast mariners came to an end the eight time olympic champion join the club in august for an indefinite training period and was hoping to win a contract but talks have failed the jamaican scored two goals in a friendly last month but never played in a league game. columbia's junior have booked their place in the semifinals of the corporate suit americana despite losing to argentina's defense or just this year the side went into the away like of the quarters with
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a two no lead but it was different so who dominated the much in buenos aires scoring three goals to make it well three nil on the night sending the home fans into dreamland but their joy was short lived louis diaz pulling one back making three one julio go through an away goals they will now face fellow colombians santa fe i. pod like he has the spotlight on him and we are all waiting for him to show us his amazing skills he is a fantastic player and we want to enjoy him every day. so that was in the wrong place there but now most people who followed a football team through thick and thin know the pain of relegation but perhaps they haven't quite felt it is keenly as this ball boy in the chinese superbly there is forced to watch as his beloved greens use each and tumbled into the second division at least the disconsolate lot had the players on hand to comfort him proved all too much for fans to this was only going to second season in the top flight.
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very touching i take it seriously don't think paul little got the chinese simply that is open at the new more hundred dollars in london in just a moment. travel often. by tranquil waters and purple forests they provide longboards looks of owning. cities.
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on sun train stands. in the middle of every. system so. i icons landmarks valleys and scotland's. made cliffs of glass. talking to. it's the places you've trained off and what dreams come true. when you live for adventure. and discover hidden chops on your side when it's warm on the outside because movements make memories of following places closer than you think. going on says together with cattle i always. think that is the perfect formula for authoritarianism and near any let me ask you straight up close is the two state solution now that the lights are on and there's nowhere to hide up front for tandems on al-jazeera
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the right to adequate house watch is adequate who decides when she's asked housing is not. just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur lonely for two hours just seeing. the turkey says the saudi hit squad that strangled to death the journalist has carried out similar operations before. i know that i'm going with all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.s. and iran says it's re-imposing sanctions against iran described by the white house
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as the toughest yet protests are called off in pakistan against judges who acquitted a woman of blasphemy. and russia and china are being blamed for blocking international efforts to create the world's largest marine reserve in antarctica. if they're warm welcome to the program turkey's drip feeding more details on the merger of jamal khashoggi a month after he walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul never to be seen again a senior official has told al-jazeera the journalist body was dismembered and disorder said on the saudi hit squad that carried out that killing has done similar operations before reports now from istanbul. the saudi crown prince in riyadh welcoming evangelical christians from the united states a rare gathering in the muslim world most conservative country the kingdom's keen
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to repair its international reputation damaged by the killing of. the saudi journalist disappeared a month ago in istanbul after two weeks of denials saudi leaders eventually admitted the journalist was accidently killed then we pete earley changed their account of what we really happened saudi allies are worried about further repercussions of the international outcry and for the first time israel has commented on the killing voicing its concerned about possible destabilisation of the kingdom and the region what happened. and will consulate was horrendous and should be doing. the same time i say. it's very important for the stability. of the region and of all that saudi arabia
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remain stable and i think that a way must be found to achieve full hushovd just murder has solved relations between turkey and saudi arabia. frustrated over what they're described as evasive. the turks are keeping up the diplomatic pressure on the kingdom. that's a memorial service in washington d.c. . hussars is beyond say is grappling with the loss even though a month has passed since jamal's murder his body has still not been given to his loved ones and his funeral prayer has still not taken place this is the smallest thing that one can do after a loved one has passed in the religion of islam and we still haven't been able to do that and our pain is still as fresh as the first day turkish investigators have brushed aside a saudi offer to fly to riyadh for more concerted ations they blame the saudis for
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stalling the investigation and turning it into a cover up they are also demanding the extradition of eighteen saudi suspects to stand trial in istanbul it's been a month to the day since jamal has just disappeared and every day since then turkish investigators have been trying to piece together what happened to him they say now they know but not where his remains are and saudi officials continue to deny allegations the royal family is involved as of about al jazeera is them both well let's go live now to allan who says had the saudi consulate in istanbul allan in the past few minutes we've had strong words from the turkish president in the washington post. he's published an op ed the day after the one month anniversary since the disappearance of jamal khashoggi he does not put this in diplomatic language he is taking
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a fool aim so dear he said there are outstanding questions that still has to answer where is the body where is the local cooperator as the saudis call them collaborator in president. who helped dispose of the body and who gave the order now he says that he doesn't believe for one minute that king solomon the king in saudi arabia ordered the hit as he calls it but he doesn't specifically mention krohn prince mohammed bin some of the many people believe that is where this trail ends many people here in istanbul believe that's where the trail ends he says it's wrong to see that there is a problem between so do rabia and turkey there is a problem because this murder was commissioned here in istanbul and carried out here in istanbul he says that it was a blatant violation of the believe it from the vienna conventions to carry out such an incident here in istanbul and he said it would be crazy for anyone to think that
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if an action like this happened in another nieto country there wouldn't be replications and he says that's why allies have got to act in this case he talks about the people who are currently being held in saudi arabia in connection with the death of jamal khashoggi and he said but why is the consul general missing here is a man he says who stood in front of the media and lied through his teeth not diplomatic language and then suddenly disappeared why has he not been arrested he says he'll continue to push for the extradition and he says the offer that talked about in his report from the saudi prosecutor for prosecutors to go from here investigators to go to saudi arabia and talk to the people currently being held is nothing more than a desk. deliberate stalling tactic and then he warns don't think that this issue is suddenly going to disappear president is obviously keen in prosecuting this until
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he finds out who ordered the death of jamal khashoggi exactly one month ago and alan we also had more details to know about the investigation how it's progressing and they've come out in the past few hours as well exactly senior figure from the ruling party he's not a member of the government but you remember the key party is the party of government and he's saying that they believe that the saudi hit team so-called team the fifteen people who arrived here and carried out the killing of jamal khashoggi and of course crucially the cover up he said just from what happened it didn't look as if was the first time they had done this sort of thing you'll remember that jamal khashoggi walked in through the door that you see behind me expecting just a very routine meeting and to be out in no more than fifteen to twenty minutes but he was killed as soon as he walked into the building and the cover up immediately
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began there are people part of those fifteen who traveled to saudi arabia who are believed to be enticed with the job of soli covering up the murder so it's clear that this stage turkey still wants this to go ahead they're asking for permission to go back to the consul general residence short walk from where i'm standing where there's already been a search but there is a well there that they want to check out so they're continuing to push ahead to get answers to the three questions that right at the one put out which is where is the body who is the local collaborator and who ordered the death of jamal khashoggi. there live from istanbul allan thank you. the chump administration has announced it's reimposing all the u.s. sanctions on iran which were lifted on to this twenty fifty nuclear deal donald trump put this photograph on his twitter feed to announce those sanctions he went for the program game of throw in that tweets. as you know sanctions are starting on
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iran. you know iran is taking a very big hit but the country is not the same country as when i started. almost two years ago a red is a much different country since i germinated that deal that was one of the most ridiculous deals ever made by any country editing time the iran nuclear deal but sanctions very much are elevated as. you know when there's no. well for more let's go to those jordan and washington d.c. hi there was tell us a bit more about what exactly has been and i. well the secretary of state mike palm peo and treasury secretary steve michonne spoke with reporters on friday morning to preview the sanctions which take effect at five g.m.t. on monday november fifth or at midnight east coast time and basically these tell
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you are going to target iran's oil and financial sectors essentially in a bid to starve the government of cash money which the trumpet ministration argues is being used to one pay for iran's efforts to build a nuclear weapons arsenal and two to support those politicians and otherwise a non-governmental groups that are wreaking havoc around the middle east in particular who the rebels in yemen. the president of syria the trumpet ministration is insisting that it is doing this because the trumpet because the obama administration in the trumpet ministrations view basically allowed iran to continue what trump officials call iran's destabilizing ways and was if you could add the extra context for us what is the trumpet ministrations a kind of chief foreign policy concern here. well essentially
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the u.s. views iran as a very bad actor they view iran's efforts to support bashar al assad as one example as a way of promoting the ongoing carnage in a civil war that will be eight years old come beginning of twenty million teen they look at the support which iran is providing to who the rebels to not just pose a security threat to yemen's northern neighbor saudi arabia but to also add to the suffering of hundreds of thousands of people inside that country which itself is in the middle of a double stating civil war the us is also very concerned that iran is not just trying to build nuclear weapons but it theoretically could try to sell them to other rogue governments down the road jordan their life washington d.c. or thank you for the u.s. reportedly says eight countries including turkey will be allowed to keep importing iranian oil when u.s. sanctions are re-imposed secretary of state mike from pale said that wouldn't face
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the threat of u.s. economic penalties european countries certainly well well the answer was made after turkey and the u.s. lifted sanctions against each of us ministers in a sign of thawing relations between the nato allies and i'm crystal has more now from uncle there are actually two good news for turkey today one of them is lifting the sanctions over imposed over turkish menaces along with the u.s. ministers both sides by later lifted those sanctions plus turkey received a waiver on u.s. sanctions that are targeting iran which means that turkey is exempted from these sanctions as turkish petroleum is trading it with iran in terms of oil these are very good news and this was welcomed by the investors mostly and turkish lira which has been suffering for the last three months is now performing its strongest level against the u.s. dollar.


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