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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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on iran that was listed as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the u.k. russia france china germany and the e.u. of all condemn the move particle hain as the latest from washington d.c. . it's probably fair to say u.s. foreign policy has never been announced like this but this is an actual tweet from the u.s. president meant to look like a movie poster warning that sanctions are coming and the president later addressed that on the south lawn sanctions are starting on iran. you know rand is to get a very big get his top aides including treasury secretary steve talking tough as well on a conference call with reporters the treasury department will have more than seven hundred names to our list of blocked answer days this includes hundreds of targets previously granted sanction for leave under the j.c. pos as well as more than three hundred new definitions this is substantially more than we ever have previously done but they are giving waivers to eight countries
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allowing them to continue to buy iranian oil with the promise they will reduce that amount over time the u.s. is breaking the international deal and the rest of the signatories say they want to stay in it proponents of the nuclear deal say this move will isolate the u.s. russia was abiding by it the chinese were abiding by it the europeans were abiding by it and most importantly the iranians were abiding by it's now the united states that is in breach of that agreement and is now actually going so far as to punish countries that are abiding by a u.n. security council resolution you really can't get more pariah than the european union created what they hope will be a work around to still do business in iran u.s. officials are brushing off its potential but are warning allies they could face a actions as well right now talking tough while the world waits to see if it will be more than words petty calling al-jazeera washington. well let's talk to her sane
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askari here's the iran professor of international business and international affairs at george washington university he joins us live via skype from leesburg in virginia so the u.s. is reimposing all sanctions on iran why is trump decided to do this now i mean the americans seem to want to run to completely capitulate well i think that in the end what mr trump wants is regime change in iran and i think this is what israel wants and this is definitely what saudi arabia wants and so america is doing their bidding and it's allowing its foreign policy to be controlled by saudi arabia and by israel and i think in the end it will be very very bad news for the united states so let's talk about the other countries because the european union states which bought their original j.c. pier way say they will protect european firms doing what they call a diplomat business with iran sowed difficult is that going to be and would it work well it is very very difficult to do for iran satisfaction let me explain to you
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what. what america has done and really is the united states is the only country that gets away with this type of action it uses second resound actions in this way that it tells a company that if you do business in iran that you can't do business in the united states it is find some banks for instance in fine b.n.p. probably bought i think ten billion dollars. and said if you want to do business in the united states you have to. do this so as you can imagine most companies and most entities are rather reluctant to sacrifice the u.s. market for iran and so for a company that comes and does business in iran the only way that the europeans can actually protected is to say well we will now sanction american companies and that europe is not going to do because what ok too. yes i was going to say that because
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we just want to start at a time here but let's talk about iran quickly because a reign officials say they're not concerned about the return of sanctions but in truth though this sanctions are going to be pretty painful if iran are they yes. you know every side has to use rhetoric to say this not to do anything of course it's going to have an effect on iran but i think what the u.s. wants to change is not going to change needed the united states once has twelve demands what exactly saudi arabia did and is saying you've got to do these things and there are three on at the top of this one is to say iran has to end its support for terrorism but iran is has not supported terrorism for many many years that is off the table it says iran has to end its missile program well iran is not going to stop that iran faces israel with nuclear war the united states is surrounding iran
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on all sides and you want iran to just say ok we're not going to do anything with that is not going to happen and then the third thing that's very important is they want iran to stop its operations in syria and the iranian view on that is very simple syria was the only country that supported iran during the iran iraq war when the united states and the europeans gave outlawed chemical weapons to iraq to use some iranians and so iran has to does no choice but to study syria has sent us gary thank you very much indeed for talking to al-jazeera thank you for having. well the u.s. and turkey are lifting sanctions on each other's countries are for the release of an american pastor last month under bronson was jailed in turkey accused of being involved in the failed military coup in twenty sixteen years since return to the us . has more from ankara. there are actually two good news for turkey today one of
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them is lifting the sanctions over imposed over turkish ministers along with the u.s. ministers both sides by later lifted those sanctions plus turkey received a waiver on u.s. sanctions that are targeting iran which means that turkey is exempted from these sanctions as turkish petroleum is trading it with iran in terms of oil these are very good news and this was welcomed by the investors mostly and turkish leader which has been suffering for the last three months is now performing its strongest level against the u.s. dollar gaining one point seven percent at least it today of course these are not the only topics that that we can count as a positive development between washington and ancora we have been seeing that these two countries have been exchanging information over jamaal. case in
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a very firmly diplomatic way plus we see that turkey and u.s. has has come to an agreement over. northeastern syria and turkey and u.s. have begun their joint patrols saw this week is actually a gain for ankara in terms of bettering the relations with the united states protests in pakistan against the release of a christian woman have been called off after three days of violence the government's reached a deal with conservative muslim groups on wednesday the supreme court overturned the death sentence of a woman accused of insulting islam come all has more from islamabad. but since i did stand state jordan schools closed. for three days the protests over the r.c.m.p. b.k. shut down parts of several pakistani cities which had mapped the whole city is filled with fear no one is coming out to the situation of unrest mostly roads
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a quiet not much transport is a pile of what i see b.b. is a pakistani christian woman. did eight years ago after an argument where they're muslim neighbor led them to accuse her of insulting islam this new priem court overturned her conviction this week saying there wasn't enough evidence but reaction in some quarters was a few. so what he thought of. we do not accept the supreme court's one sided verdict at least request the supreme court reviews its judge part constitutes a larger bench to hear this case again we're focused on here prime minister emraan khan insisting he were not allow what he calls religious hardliners to cripple the country damaged property and fight with police this goldman has taken a stand and i hope it's just sort of lives that the stand and they take song and
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then to takes effective measures to deal with these miscreants and restores laws because people of pakistan who are peace loving they are really fed up with these people who abuse allision for their own small neural net maybe a sense now it seems the prime minister has succeeded that decision by the ultra conservative group that he can lead. to call off its street protests follow the new order for d.d. being struck with the government. british judge rated their signatures long term reform with focus on blasphemy laws or just a short lived compromise. ordo them all i did. it. because president donald trump has backtracked from suggestions that the military sent to the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they throw rocks at offices he made the comments on thursday referring to a central american migrants who are trying to enter the country without documents
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but now he's backed off from that threat. what they did to the mexican military is it straight they had him with rocks some were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to be a problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say here but they do that with us they're going to be arrested for a long time well immigration on the economy are major issues in the midterm elections four days away it's seen as a referendum of trump's presidency and spending the last weekend before the polls campaigning for republican candidates in six states americans move voting for members of the house of representatives some senators and governors republicans county control both houses of congress former president barack obama is also busy on the campaign hoping to motivate democratic voters he's been speaking to a crowd in florida which is a key swing state he says the future of the country is at stake. oh america is at
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a crossroads. the health care of millions is on the bell. making sure working families get a fair shake is all about. but maybe most of all the character of our country is on the ballot. in the closing weeks of this election and we're seeing that repeated attempts to divide us. with rhetoric. designed to make us angry and make a sphere. when it's working mike hanna who joins us from washington d.c. mike so we've seen former u.s. president barack obama there on the campaign trail for the democrats what impact is he having well he has a major impact he is the democrat heavyweight to sell out there to try and govern eyes voters incidentally very interesting he will never mention president trump by name at these campaign rallies but he makes very clear who he's talking about you
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heard there that particular sound bite about the character of the country this is what his basis of his campaign has been in an attempt to urge voters to go to the polls in effect in protest against the trumpet ministration making very clear his view that the country has become a lot less kind of place in the past two years essentially pitching this election very much as a referendum on the trump presidency he's been joined at meetings as well by former vice president joe biden but conspicuous by their absence of being the clintons both president bill clinton and the former presidential candidate hillary clinton have been featured during this campaign at all but the democrats hitting those swing states a very important fact is that of roughly one third of registered voters are self declared independence these are the people that the democrats are hoping will be galvanized by the tram presidency to go to the polls to swirl that democratic vote
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and might donald trump is also hard on the campaign trail there as we saw we know that immigration has been his big theme but what are the other issues on his agenda . well president trump has attended numerous rallies in recent weeks once again hitting the swing states as well but also hitting states in which he feels most comfortable those states that he took very significantly during the twenty sixteen campaign basically his campaign has been about immigration very much so hitting on the fears of immigration hitting on the dangers of immigration for on example continuing to portray the caravan of would be immigrants moving across mexico as an invasion sending troops to the border his critics contend that this is just fear tactics that is trying to align itself to the election as well scare the public to the polls but president trump has also hit on the economy claiming that the economy
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has been soley his work the burgeoning economy in the u.s. is down to his presidency. this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've unleashed nobody can believe what's happened or whether we left the radical democrats take control of congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. america is now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it that way. so much just talk us through what's at stake here with these midterms. well what's at stake is essentially control of congress the democrats for example would need to flip twenty three republican seats to take control of the house of representatives they'd need to flip to republican seats to take control of the senate now obviously the party that controls congress does have some kind of limit
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brought to bear on the president himself president trump has ruled with complete to republican majorities in both houses basically unafraid of any pressure that may come from congress if this changes there would be more pressure brought to bear on the president opinion polls indicate the democrats may take the house it will be very difficult for them to get a majority in the senate but we all saw what happened with opinion polls back in twenty sixteen so those are being watched with a degree of caution all right to my kind of there in washington d.c. mike thank you all right time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back from crisis to opportunity suggestions of the huge influx of venezuela refugees into colombia may have a silver lining. to. wrapping against amity how young people in thailand are using music to push a political message and in sports a man bottles wins gold again taking her thirteen world title the one else in her
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sport stay with us. hello there we've got lots of wet weather over parts of north america at the moment the satellite picture is showing that area of cloud that's making its way across the eastern parts ahead of it it was dragging in some quite warm weather but behind it it's a lot fresher so a maximum in new york of seventeen degrees there which is sixty three in fahrenheit for washington d.c. we should get to around fifteen which is fifty nine in fahrenheit as a system clears out the way another one is forming behind it and that will gradually works its way eastwards as we head into sunday snow on the northern edge as it hits that cold air but plenty of rain for the south all the way down through texas and as that one works its way away from us another one is making its way in from the pacific so for us there in seattle do expect to see more rain as we head
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further south we can also see some of that weather over north america is affecting us in mexico to you can see his stretching down that area of cloud so turning cooler forth in mexico city a maximum temperature just around eighteen or nineteen degrees over the next few days everywhere to the south of that area of what weather well the sunshine but there's also some showers and do expect some of those showers to be roll the heavy even as we head through sunday as we head down towards south america well it's paragraph of the northern parts of argentina on the southern parts of brazil where we have the heaviest of the rain for saturday. hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent it's anger. in a new series al-jazeera takes an unflinching you know at the end of radicalized organizations to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal
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consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideologies radicalized youth coming soon on al-jazeera. to. foreigners. in us.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera turkey's president says he's convinced that the order to kill came from the highest levels of the saudi government turkish investigator has told al jazeera that the saudi journalist body was dismembered and dissolved the massive after he was killed on october second. ministrations very imposing sanctions on iran that were lifted in the twenty fifty nuclear deal the measures will begin on monday u.k. russia france china germany and the e.u. have all condemned the move. and blasphemy protests in pakistan have been called off after an agreement between the government and conservative muslim groups that began on wednesday when the supreme court overturned the death sentence of a christian woman accused of insulting islam. now the saudi erotic coalition has launched new offensives in yemen it's begun an operation to retake the port city of her data which is out of the control of who the rebels the coalition sent in
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thousands of troops to the area this week and on friday it also attacked some international airport and and an adjoining air base the u.s. and u.n. have called on both sides to stop the fighting and begin talks to end the war well the u.n. is again warning of a humanitarian crisis in yemen sekret general antonio good tedder said a cease fire must be reached and that there are glimmers of hope that a political solution is possible if the u.n. and our partners are already feeding eight million people in yemen we don't urge infection up to fourteen million people feel the health of the population would be out of it three scheme the coming months to avert imminent catastrophe several steps require. first violence must stop everywhere. with an immediate all to round critical infrastructure and densely populated areas and they welcomed
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a strong constructive engagement from many member states in recent days joining their voices to the un's repeated appeals for the suspension of those theses and supporting my special envoys efforts dozens of palestinians have been injured during protests along the border with israel at least two hundred ten people have been killed since the weekly friday of protests began in late march gazans are demanding the right to return to ancestral lands and the lifting of israel's tried the a blockade of the strip i still says it was behind an attack that killed seven coptic christians in egypt gunman fired at two buses on their way to a ministry in the city of minea just two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family resident abdel fattah el-sisi is promising to punish those responsible isolated on several attacks on coptic christians in the last few years. well the arrival of more than a million venezuelan migrants in colombia could generate growth for the country
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that's according to the world bank which has released a report on the impact of the influx millions of venezuelans have been forced to flee their country due to shortages of food medicines and basic services. as more from the border city of kuta in colombia for the world bank calls it an unprecedented exodus in latin america one more akin to a full blown refugee crisis then people searching for a better life it's one conclusion of a report by the international financial institution to assess the impact that the venezuelan exodus is having in neighboring colombia the speed and number of migrants escaping the country coupled with their vulnerable condition makes the venezuelan crisis one of the world's worst yet many believe it's not getting enough attention. people go crazy over the caravan in central americans entering mexico trying to reach the u.s.
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. maybe six thousand migrants that's how many we get every four days. whether french is. a shelter and services for migrants in the border city of. hundreds of been. up for assistance bailey they receive meals for fifteen days and at thirty dollars bonus for three months. at the end of three months they're in the same desperate conditions as they were before hungry lacking a roof in need of medical attention jobs but we can't remove the world bank says the crisis this year alone has already cost colombia one point two billion dollars the report praises columbia's open arms policy and its efforts to register the new arrivals to cope with the emergency yet few manage to find proper jobs. that she bellows been here for eight months with her husband and children there selling on the streets. how my husband and i are trying to get hired but it's difficult
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because we're immigrants foreigners and we're here illegally but there's a silver lining in the report the world bank says that in the long term the arrival of so many young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy if local otari act fast. and needs more young workers legalising the new arrivals in creating jobs could reap benefits in coming years the government says it agrees with the suggestions but implementing them requires money they don't have. monkeys making a huge effort in the middle of major fiscal restrictions we need the international community to understand what's happening and lend a hand. international donors have promised one hundred thirty million dollars for colombia only thirteen million has arrived so far with the crisis expected to continue in likely getting worse the entire continent this threatened with the
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consequences. joins us live now from. there what's been the colombian government response to this world bank report. i mean foreign minister carlos almost a year presenting their report with world bank officials in both that just a few hours ago and he said to colombia and government considers it an invaluable instrument to try and design the best policies to try and transform this major crisis into an opportunity of course he also said that that's going to be quite difficult to do but he believes that if there is more international help and the coordinated effort on a regional level that could be done with the colombian government would like. most of the migrants who are here one point two million at this point and help them
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find formal job while also trying to minimize the negative effects on local communities like the one where we are now here in cook with that where low skilled workers are now. with the decent migrants if that it's possible it's a big ass of course but that one that they're a colombian government to say this is worth pursuing and i said your reports elizondo there's been a big exodus but as women's into colombia tell us what you've been seeing there on the border. the situation here on the border remains pretty much still quite critical with that going number of in this with and crossing on a daily basis every day again every day there are roughly between fifteen to twenty thousand venezuelans that cross illegally on this bridge behind the need this human believe or a bridge to come into colombia and try to find
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a way to work informally on the streets or in some other way to just many cannot do make ends meet and go back to venezuela but there are also hundreds of. into that on a daily basis crossed illegally into colombia wading the catch you know river that divides going on there from venezuela in some cases risking their life to contraband goods and in the sell here on the colombian side for a profit and again according to the report every day there are between thirteen hundred to fifteen hundred venezuelans that they say to stay in colombia or continue their journey through latin america and while most of them are concentrated in border areas like this one in the capital. the report also says that there are now in israel and communities in twenty four of the two thirty two regions the state they're called apartments here in colombia so this is truly
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become a national issue in colombia and this is before we take into account what's happening in the other countries ok in the region who has now more than four hundred thousand venezuelans for example in the same it's happening in ecuador brazil and she. on the describe briefly what do ordinary colombians make of this exodus of venezuelans coming into the country. welcome longer overall as so far had an open arms policy towards the arrival of these venezuelan they see them as their neighbor the cultures are quite similar in many ways so all over all we haven't seen many cases in all four will be a total whereas the arrival of these people that this is where the world bank recommendations are key colombia needs to do more to avoid the death to this staggering number of venezuelans could this turn into
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a social crisis in many cities across the long run petit there on the colombia venezuela border thank you for. now eight million people living in mexico city are looking forward to having their water supply restored on saturday after a three day enforced drought supplies were turned off for maintenance work on one of the world's largest pumping systems bringing water to a city that's more than two thousand meters above sea level and the new republic reports. authorities say that as many as three million of mexico city's eight million residents have already been impacted by water cuts the city's water system director has urged residents who still have water to use it sparingly he said quote take extreme care of the water this means no washing clothes this means taking baths with small buckets and no washing dishes in the sink a lot of the public schools here in mexico city have also shut down for the duration of these water cuts giving families an opportunity to leave town some of the wealthier parts of the city have their own private cisterns but we're talking
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about upscale restaurants upscale hotels and at many of the shopping malls a lot of the the businesses in the city have shut down for the duration of these water cuts and it could be until november eighth that full service is restored but water shortages are not uncommon in mexico authorities have been preparing for this for several weeks now setting up large tankers in parts of the city filling up cisterns with possible water in the event of an emergency but again the water table underneath mexico city has been exploited for many many years so this is not a new problem for authorities in fact it's one of the reasons that many of the historic buildings in mexico city are sinking by an average of about twenty centimeters every year so this maintenance being done is very important it's believed that as much as forty percent of possible water is lost through leaks in these faulty pipes so this is a much anticipated maintenance project by the city of mexico city. now young people in thailand are using music to send a political message several to government movements to get notice between now and
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february that's the planned date for the must in general election since a military coup four years ago still tied to reports from bangkok. but. it's hugely popular and the time military government doesn't want anyone. to blame. but. the video condemning the nation's leadership made by a group called rap against dictatorship has had more than twenty. views in just two weeks. which has created some of the first big waves of political controversy in the run up to the much delayed elections scheduled for friday. the prime minister has said thais who watch share even like the video will share the responsibility of the damage it does to the country like. one of the rappers in the video known as jacoby thinks that the government's reaction to the song is one of the reasons for its popularity. object we don't have
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a fix go on what we want to see but we want the song to spread like a contagious disease and engage people into expressing their opinions for me this is considered as a success. he expects that he is and will continue to be watched by the government intelligence and security agencies a lot of younger people now will be voting for the first eligible. and this is a new voice. activated socialize through the media technology. and so on so we're seeing them taking more action. to tempt walks about here was the leader of the protest movement that shut down bangkok and ultimately led to the coup four years ago now he's leading a more traditional political movement as things ramp up before the planned elections he has publicly denounced the rap video. another group of young artists
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hoping that their voices will be heard. thanks punk band called n r t but die for anarchy. they're worried that the police will shut down their concerts but insist that expressing criticism of the government is a basic right the band members don't reveal their names and cover their faces. we don't intend to incite people at all we are angry with the government we do satirical rants against what the government called returned. happiness when compared to the rap as we all punk and when we could we could we express our hatred . the hope for the band members is that someday soon they can perform their music that carries their message freely without covering their faces. bangkok. the pain of relegation is all too much for the chinese simply stay with us.


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