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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a dan this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a month after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkey's president steps up the pressure from the kingdom plus. pakistan's government accused of caving into conservatives after making a deal to end protests over a blasphemy conviction plus. they were throwing rocks in their face they do that
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with us they're going to be arrested it's going to be a problem i didn't say shoot. a backtrack from donald trump who says he would order migrants in a caravan headed to the u.s. to be shot and. for a long time the community was not part of the chief but now the community feels that he's consulted more and use more in. how south africans could soon have part ownership of one of the largest tea farms in the country. and montana how much with all the sporting clearing a face off in the french capital roger federer and novak djokovic go head to head in the semifinals of the paris masters. journalist jamal khashoggi was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul just over a month. go but turkey's president continues to pressure the kingdom's leaders for
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answers in an article for the washington post to the un says he's convinced the order to kill her shoji came from the highest levels of the saudi government though the one says he does not believe king salamander was the one who made that order he stressed both countries continue to have friendly relations again demanded saudi officials reveal the location of g.'s body of the one war in the case will not go away saying no one should dare to commit such acts on the soil of a nato ally again adding the killing was also a clear violation of blatant abuse of the vienna convention on consular relations as an a hole that joins us live from istanbul so the pressure continues how is this being seen within turkey how what is turkey perceived to be pushing for is a. well like you mentioned turkey staying on the
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offensive and really telling the world this is not going to go away what turkey wants is saudi arabia to cooperate the feeling here is that saudi arabia has not been cooperating in the investigation it has been using delaying tactics and it has been slowing down the process and really pointing to the visit of the top chief prosecutor in saudi arabia earlier this week to istanbul he held two meetings with the stumbles chief prosecutor and according to the prosecutor he didn't bring anything to add to the investigation what he came to do is to find out what evidence turkey has so there is growing frustration here erdogan even asking why isn't the saudi consul general being questioned the man who was in charge of the mission the man who was inside the consulate when she was murdered so he could be a key witness why isn't he being asked any questions now in the leaks over the past few weeks he really was the pick that as a witness not somebody who had
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a role but the feeling here is that the saudi narrative is it's just not true i mean at the end of the day the evidence that has been put forth by turkey really dismissed saudi arabia maybe as narrative that. she was involved in some sort of a fistfight and and there was an argument and he died by mistake the feeling here is that this was premeditated murder and the central question is where is she is body parts where is his body it's a question that they ask on a daily basis and so far saudi arabia not cooperating and not responding or and saying to her that thanks for that now the calls from around the world for justice of growing louder with every detail but emerges saudi arabia is refusing to extradite the suspects of diplomatic get into james berry's looks of the international options for an investigation. will there be justice for jamal khashoggi the turkish prosecutor wants saudi arabia to reveal the whereabouts of
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the body and hand over the eighteen suspects but the saudi foreign minister has made it clear there will be no extraditions from his country but so are there other legal options experts believe the u.n. could set up an international panel but the secretary general antonio could terrorists who would appoint its members and maria fernanda espinosa the president of the general assembly one of the un bodies that could mandate it a well aware this is a political minefield we will wait to see whether we get a formal request from a government such as the government of turkey but if we get something like that we'll evaluate it and then and then. make a decision based on the requests that we receive the i think we all understand the process sill this is now a matter that sees in the hands of the requests that we receive the request could come from the body she heads the general assembly is she taking soundings of the wider membership of the general assembly or the conversations that she is having
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about this. caps we for her and the counterparts beyond a u.n. inquiry there are a number of other legal options and precedence former chad dictator his send our brain was eventually jailed for war crimes after first being prosecuted in belgium under what's known as universal jurisdiction the concept is controversial and the belgian law has since been repealed but international lawyers say as saudi arabia is a signatory to the un convention against torture it might face calls from other countries for extradition laws passed by congress in the us also might be relevant the magnitsky act passed in twenty twelve after the murder of a russian lawyer working for the american businessman bill browder could be used against saudi arabia there's also the possibility of private prosecute. stephen rapp who served as president obama's pastor at large for war crimes issues says the saudi crown prince mohammed bin soma should watch is stamp it certainly becomes to
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america and tries to go to valley or anywhere or enjoy the company of investors or others you'll find process servers. around the meeting so i don't he's not going to be able to do what he has done before so let me ask that question again will there be justice for jamal khashoggi it's not certain and there's a long road ahead but along that road saudi arabia and key figures in the country face fresh scrutiny bad publicity and reputational damage as well as the possibility of a prosecution. at the united nations well joining me now here in the studio is cathy is director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute good to have you with us so where does turkey want accountability to when what is are the one pushing for by releasing this op ed well i think to understand
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what are the ones trying to get out of the whole affair it's important to look back at where the gun was a month ago his content in the context of his relationship with the united states and with saudi arabia on the united states side he was very much in in a very difficult turbulent relationship over a number of issues including ironically human rights accusations him imprisoning journalists academics going after golan in the united states and many other issues which led to sanctions and led also to the devaluation of the lira now for him that is a very important starting point is trying to make the best use of these to try and restore as much as possible that relationship. with saudi arabia he had lots of conflicts already over a number of regional policies including the war in yemen and they don't agree on syria very important. do not block me on the muslim brotherhood issues and by extension the real issue with egypt emirates. has this crisis empowered turkey's
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influence over saudi arabia in the region and muslim world while it has indirectly and it has also offered organ and excellent platform to be able to voice his concerns internationally two days ago the whole world media was watching him speaking to the parliament and he didn't release much new information but he used it as an opportunity to talk about many other issues today his writing of the in the washington post against a very important problem for him which he would have probably been denied few weeks ago and for him his is trying to not to let. too much information particularly as we have explained maybe in a previous interview here this is part of the intelligence right here in the finger at the highest levels i think with the words used highest levels of saudi arabia but he's exonerated the king is the strategy here to basically without naming him trying to target m.b.'s or we has already been established and accepted i think
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worldwide that this is the state is behind this affair now who was the last november shows his power over this that. it's very unlikely at this moment i think what is likely is that they will curtail his power and he will be reduced in terms of influence within within saudi arabia and the way our dan is approaching sixty me clever in differentiating between the king and his respect of the king and the crown prince is is basically saying the king is definitely above this our relationship with saudi arabia is going to be maintained and this is a message i think the united states will adopt relatively soon the more he releases of the evidence he's holding now he's saying the count prince is is the one behind this and you can really understand better what he's on about when you compare it to what netanyahu said earlier today or yesterday in that he is supporting saudi arabia stability so now the everyone seems to agree on the need for stability of saudi arabia and that could ultimately lead to the sector of us of one individual
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or a thanks so much sultan baraka. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes been attacks and at least two people killed doctors without borders has posted pictures which appear to show camps completely burned to the ground former president francois bose is a was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in two thousand and thirteen since then more than seven hundred thousand people have been displaced and another half a million left the country. in two thousand and thirteen seleka rebels overran the capital forcing president was easy to flee since then thousands of people have been displaced last year a rise in violence for several aid agencies to withdraw leaving tens of thousands without support in january the international committee of the red cross warned of a worsening situation with half the population in need of aid protests in pakistan
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against the release of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges of being called off a deal was struck with two in the government and conservative muslim groups that had been leading the demonstrations protests began on wednesday when the supreme court overruled r.c. a baby's death sentence on charges of insulting islam for a child that he is pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting he says the deal with the protesters was struck within the constitutional framework. well you have successfully been able to diffuse the situation you know when you have been negotiations i think the biggest challenge for the government was not to use you know the state much or not sit for hours and that boss has this occasion lifted pepper no you know the some of the something happened that it's a bad impression but we have been through this little dispute the tensions and diffuse the protests but out hurting anyone that's
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a success then when you negotiate because there are certain things that you have to accept and the other party has except that we have not good negotiated on outside the constitution what ever the did modern we have popular in the constitution and we are today we have to get you know the courts of law given them is the reality of the previous government has not done enough knowledge this government will start a process that will be a little longer that mythical long but ultimately we have to take this issue previously and we have to. you know bring the country form in education and elsewhere all cannot hide the joins us now live from islamabad so come out what exactly is the deal is being reached. well that is the question really what the government has tried to do if you're diffuse
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a spider laying out of control they tried to have maximum restraint and ordered to make sure that there were no a heavy casualties gade which were done after bided out of control and so it went and what the government and done. by what the people of pakistan had to endure and they became hostage a wardrobe to talk to gauge and date on home. buses or to stansted doors and schools closed. for three days the protest over the austerity b.k. shut down parts of several studies cities. the whole city is filled with you know what is coming out of the situation of unrest mostly roads a quiet not much transport is a pile of. bibi is a pakistani christian woman. who did it is a goal after an argument. led them to accuse her of insulting islam
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this new priem court overturned the conviction this week saying there wasn't enough evidence but reaction in some quarters was you. so what he. did not accept the supreme court's one sided verdict at least so we request the supreme court reviews its judge part of constitutional law to hear this case again we're focused on here prime minister emraan khan insists he wouldn't order what he calls religious hardliners to cripple the country damaged property and fight with police. has taken a stand and i hope it's. sort of lives that the stand and he takes on and then to takes effective measures to deal with these miscreants and restores laws because people of pakistan who are peace loving they are really fed up with these people who abuse the illusion for their own small nearly fifty cents now it
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seems the prime minister has exceeded their decision by the ultra conservative group that he could lead beg to call off its street protests for deeds being struck with the government. raided that signal is long term reform of pakistan's blasphemy law or just a short lived compromise to restore order the government richard generally now have to have a theory retaining because some of these extremist groups have been headed by political government and if the government is really about bringing chain change and bringing harmony back in to buy a guitar and read it more tolerant and read the issue of the blasphemy law and indeed dress it will of course be of crucial importance that they move on dates i thought possible back to me thank you so much. while
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staying in pakistan a senior muslim cleric known as the father of taliban has been stabbed to death sami al-haj an ally of prime minister a man khan was attacked in his home in central punjab province on how close a member of parliament and had told some leaders of the taliban. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including the toughest sanctions yet that's what the u.s. government says it's imposing on iran's energy and financial sectors. you think you've got with you we have the numbers here. refusing to bow out sri lanka's sacked prime minister tells al-jazeera democracy is under threat. and in sports simone bienne her way into the record books at the world gymnastics championships in carter and she's not finished yet.
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u.s. president donald trump has backtracked from suggestions the military sent to the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they threw rocks at officers he made the comments on thursday referring to central american migrants trying to reach the united states on foot but now he's backed off that threat. what they did to the mexican military is that straight. with rocks were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested it's going to be a problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say shoot but they do that whether they're going to be arrested for a long time. immigration and the economy are major issues in the mid-term elections in the u.s. four days away it's seen as a referendum on trump's presidency spending the last weekend before the poll campaigning for republican candidates in six states americans will be voting for
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members of the house of representatives some senators and governors mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well president trump is not standing in the selection but he's certainly putting a lot of effort into it he's attended rally after rally his message fear of immigration in particular and labeling the caravan that's crossing across mexico as an invasion sending troops to the border and what his critics contend is merely an election tactic but along with that fear of immigration president trump is also stressed economy economy he claims that his presidency has turned around this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've unleashed nobody can believe what's happened or whether we left the radical democrats take control of congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy or to our future. america is
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now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it that way many observers contend it was under the previous president that the economy started to turn around and president obama's out a nice campaign rallies as well the democrats heavyweight to galvanize the masses to go to the polls to cost their votes were democrats in support of this well by former vice president joe biden but a parochial bomb has been very careful in his language during the campaign very seldom referring to president trump by name but making very clear the implication that under this president the very nature of the society has changed oh america was at a crossroads in. the health care of millions is on the bell. making sure working families get a fair shake it's all about. but maybe most of all the character of our country is
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almost down the look in the closing weeks of this election we're seeing repeated attempts to divide us. with rhetoric. designed to make us angry and make us fearful the democrats need to flip a twenty three republican seats in the house of representatives to achieve a majority that they need to flip to republican seats in the senate to take control of that body for the first time president trump may be facing a congress that isn't entirely republican controlled certainly something he hasn't had to contend with in his first two years as opinion polls indicate the democrats to stand a good chance of taking control of the house of representatives not that good a chance of getting control of the senate however opinion polls back in two thousand and sixteen told us that president trump couldn't possibly win. iran's
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supreme leader says the us has failed to reach its goal of dominating task ron and that the world opposes every decision president trump has made. and i made the comments on a rainy and state television moments ago after the u.s. government said it's restoring stat sanctions that were lifted as part of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal the measures will come into effect on monday at the high end has that isis from washington d.c. . it's probably fair to say u.s. foreign policy has never been announced like this but this is an actual tweet from the u.s. president meant to look like a movie poster warning that sanctions are coming and the president later addressed that on the south lawn sanctions are starting on iran and. you know rand is to get a very big get his top aides including treasury secretary steve minutia and talking tough as well at a conference call with reporters the treasury department will have more than seven hundred names to our list of blocked answer to this includes hundreds of targets
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previously credited sanction firmly under the j c p o as well as more than three hundred new definitions this is substantially more than we ever have previously done but they are giving waivers to eight countries allowing them to continue to remain loyal with the promise they will reduce that amount over time the u.s. is breaking the international deal and the rest of the signatories say they want to stay in it proponents of the nuclear deal say this move will isolate the u.s. russia was abiding by it the chinese were abiding by it the europeans were abiding by it and most importantly the iranians were abiding by it's now the united states that is in breach of that agreement and is now actually going so far as to punish countries that are abiding by a u.n. security council resolution you really can't get more pariah than the european union created what they are. hope will be
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a work around to still do business in iran u.s. officials are brushing off its potential but are warning allies they could face a actions as well right now talking tough while the world waits to see if it will be more than words paddy calling al-jazeera washington. scary is a professor of international business and international affairs at george washington university he says the u.s. can impose sanctions but it cannot stop iran's nuclear ambitions. what america has done and really that the united states is the only country that gets away with this type of action it uses second resign sions in this way that it tells a company that if you do business in iraq that you can't do business in the united states it is find some banks for instance it find b.n.p. pub a bar i think ten billion dollars and said if you want to do business in the united states you have to pass that before you do this so as you can imagine most
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companies and most entities are rather reluctant to sacrifice the u.s. market for iran the united states once has twelve demands what exactly saudi arabia did and is saying you've got to do these things and there are three on at the top of them this one is to say iran has to end its support for terrorism while iran is has not supported terrorism for many many years that is of the table it says iran has to end its missile program iran is not going to stop that iran faces israel with nuclear war that the united states is surrounding iran on all sides and you want iran to just say ok we're not going to do anything with that is not going to happen and then the third thing that's very important is they want iran to stop its operations in syria and the iranian view on that is very simple syria was the only country that supported iran during the iran iraq war when the united states and the
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europeans gave out both chemical weapons to iraq to use some iranians and so iran has two thousand the choice but to say syria. well in a few moments we'll have all the way there without return but still ahead here now does iraq why people in the south pacific island of new caledonia may be saying goodbye to french rule. and contentious waters could turkey's oil drilling project spark tension with neighboring cyprus and greece. and in sport the pain of relegation is all too much for a ball boy in the chinese football the. pink sky by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels.
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there's still no end in sight to the stormy weather rumbling away across central parts of europe to around italy down towards the north of africa but often towards the northwest of europe we've got system based on the weather making its way towards the british isles in the form of what was hurricane that's going to rumble its way through some very wet and windy weather coming on as we go on through the weekend but it is down to central parts of it where we have quite concerns for the time being the heavy rain is set to continue across a good parts of italy rome has had sixty another sixty millimeters of rain in just twenty four hours bear in mind that the average rainfall for the entire month of november hundred fifty millimeters overhaul of the month the average has already come down and that's just what the third of november showers will continue to be very close by as we go on into saturday there's our wet windy weather up towards the northwest there scoff and sings and storms part of olland as well further east
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less to cheer things up a bit brooke arrests are in the nineteen degrees celsius about ten celsius at this time of the year but out of the central part of the maddest we go on sunday those showers continue yet more rain coming into rime follow winds a possibility of some tornadoes and we could also see some large hail for good measure. there with sponsored by qatar and release. the latest news as it breaks the saudis narrative contradicts the information that turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with details coverage this whole flap feria of mud with shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on
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education and treatment. on. him but he early you know disability yet we will be waiting until three year old four year more he will have this ability. and a normal weight the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean. as it. revisited. or come back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jamal khashoggi came
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from the highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington post of the one says he does not believe it was man who gave the order. protests in pakistan against the acquittal of a christian woman who was on death row charged with blasphemy have been called off under a deal with the government. cannot leave the country and demonstrations to file demonstrators rather can file an appeal with the supreme court. u.s. president donald trump is really imposing sanctions on iran that had been lifted under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal sanctions will come into effect on monday with this round focusing on iran's oil sector among other industries. sri lanka's sacked prime minister tells out just zero democracy is under threat. is offering to quit after being fired last week by president. and he's been replaced by mahinda rajapaksa
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a former two time president smith reports from colombo. for the past week run away from a single has refused to leave the prime minister's official residence here in the capital it's become a symbol of legitimacy he tells me after being fired by the president in what critics are calling a constitutional two day the thirty three london democracy in the last presidential election parliament religion we came forward on the basis that parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the. when they're nineteen the amendment to the constitution was drafted on that basis now what has happened is the president is trying to override the power of the parliament present my three policy is say in a swore in mahinda rajapakse as the new prime minister last friday rajapaksa was president for two terms and scrapped term limits and twenty fourteen to try and stay in power but then lost the election he called a year later rajapaksa says he's
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got enough support in parliament to confirm his position but m.p.'s compote because president syria's cena suspended parliament why the delay you think in recalling palm and why they haven't the numbers where the number because of parliament initially thought. we have the numbers here it. with we hear a lot of talk about persuading m.p.'s to join rajapaksa side how might they be persuaded what are you what are you hearing about what's going on with our funding member their ministry ships and sometimes money the speaker has warned of the risk of a bloodbath if this is allowed to continue do you share those views of the speaker that there can be an appeal because people are getting the two granted by the we voted for parliament democracy we why we ask for a different set up and all of that and we find even worse than two thousand
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fourteen. defending a principle and the fact that the made during the war. in two thousand and fifteen to a poor democracy and if you lead them down their gloves to be i and a singer says it's that desire to uphold democracy that's brought him support from a wide a section of society than just his traditional support base. smith joins us live now from the sri lankan capital colombo so do we know where m.p.'s stand currently amid all these reports of defections to one side or another. well we know we believe that so far today mahinda rajapakse that needs another seven stories got seven minutes needed twelve at the end of last week to switch over to given the parliamentary majority he wants it he's done it he's got persuaded seven in the last few days to join in these given the ministries
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basically and with the ministries come influence and power and money so he's got seventy needs five more politics is not unusual for m.p.'s to switch between parties so he's got five more that some five m.p.'s the weather they may be they need to be persuaded to join rajapaksa side before parliament is recall we've had in the last couple of days and one m.p. has given a press conference about it not so long ago saying that he was offered almost three million dollars three million dollars in cash to switch from one opposition party to join rajapaksa that m.p. needless to say says he's resisted the temptation because he held a press conference playing already a recordings of the phone conversations that have been where he says this is when the money is being offered but it gives you an indication of what's at stake and so much money is being offered for warm and b. to switch sides something on bernard the pressure is mounting on the president for
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polman to be reconvened any sign so the senate will buckle. no i mean the president was the president has suspended parliament until november sixteenth there is enormous pressure on him to recall parliament earlier than that but of course the indications are the belief is that he's holding out because he wants is waiting for rajapaksa side to get enough votes that's what people believe is why the president is not recalling parliament the speaker of the parliament put enormous pressure on the president to recall parliament he still resisted if worse comes to worse an extreme situation the speaker himself could go over the president's head speaker is all and recall part of himself is under pressure to do it the u.n. secretary general he antonio gutierrez he has called on the presidents of my three part series senate to recall parliament as soon as possible he's reminded him of
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the sri lankan government's responsibility responsibility to ensure peace security and respect for the rule of law so pressure nationally and internationally on sri lanka's president to recall parliament to allow it to vote on should be prime minister. thanks so much bernard smith. people in the french territory of new caledonia said to vote on whether to become independent from france the referendum comes just over thirty years after another ended in political violence well this time around france is the colonial power and the organizer of the vote is determined the aftermath is peaceful and the process will be fair now to thomas reports from wherever in new caledonia. new caledonia is nearly twenty thousand kilometers from paris yet the pacific island territory has been since eight hundred fifty three parts of france but after sunday the bones could be broken new caledonians will be asked whether they want
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their territory to cede full sovereignty and become independent. opinion polls suggest those of european descent like a vote on this rally in may want to remain french think played only i'm france is the best that we can have. but the french states and the french president too visited new caledonia earlier this year are officially neutral that has a lot to do with history in that ninety seven people of indigenous quranic descent boycotted a referendum because they saw the process then as rigged in favor of french loyalists the following year on the outlying island of ear supporters of independence resorted to violence on the twenty second of april night an eighty eight a big group of pro independence cannot command stormed the play station then stood on this site killing for placement inside and taking a group of more than twenty others hostage france sent in a military team in the assault two of that team were killed as were nineteen of the
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hostage takers some it's now known were executed this time france is determined both sides see the process as fair and accept the result only french settlers with a decades long history new caledonia will be eligible to vote and should the result be no to independence independence supporters will have to further chances with follow up referendum to twenty twenty and twenty twenty three sit and. zoeth this time around political leaders have managed the process well. cannot people especially feel independence is long overdue new caledonia was taken by the french one hundred fifty three there was no agreement from the indigenous people no treaty and supporters of independence think mining. big nickel deposits would be enough for new caledonia to survive economically but loyalists doubt that about one point five billion dollars a year flows from paris to new caledonia the capital near france accounts for
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fifteen percent of annual g.d.p. . of losing that would be a catastrophe many people would lose their jobs the public service would collapse new caledonians are accustomed to a certain standard of living it would all come down at once unless china stepped in in past decades pacific island nations have been reliant on european benefactors and neighbors in australia new zealand and the united states but china's spending in influence across the pacific region is growing and you caledonia independent of france would quickly become a target andrew thomas al-jazeera over here and you caledonia a turkish ship has begun drilling for oil and gas in the mediterranean sea for the first time the five month long exploration off the coast of cyprus threatens another showdown in the disputed waters with neighboring greece turkey's energy minister is warning of retaliation if turkish warships are harassed by the greek
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navy seal of course all reports from antalya. the is soon mediterranean is the new frontier for oil and gas it's home to libya thome and time are gas fields of the israeli coast the source field facing egypt and also aphrodite discovered by the greek cypriots and the region's underwater wealth appeals to turkey which is dependent on energy imports all the g. and g. studies and everything is telling us it is the right locations but you never know without doing so ankara is sending its first ship out to drill for natural resources this is the ship that turkey is using to drill for oil and gas she is called fatah which means the concur the first exploration will begin around one hundred ten kilometers of the mediterranean coast line at a depth of at least twelve thousand meters. but the drilling mission is causing friction with greece and it's set to reawaken tensions with cyprus the island of
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cyprus was supplied during your turkish military intervention in one nine hundred seventy four triggered by a brief greek inspired coup it forced the mass displacement of people with greek cypriots now living in the south and turkish cypriots in the north turkey and international recognize greek cypriot government have overlapping claims of jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research in the eastern mediterranean however experts say political differences could take a back seat when it comes to commercial benefits and even israelis are thinking of joining egypt to develop explored and export yes so between when that is happening then between greece and turkey and the two parts the two sections of the island of cyprus the republic of cyprus and the turkish republic with in cyprus i think they have to resolve their problems turkey stays its call is
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energy independence and accelerated exploration is simply part of that plan another drilling vessel is set to be added to its exploration fleet by the end of this year seen em because although al-jazeera on tahlia or mombasa lama is an analyst in the economics and geopolitics of oil and energy joins us now live from london good to have you with us so first of all will turkey be able to complete the drilling aleck's promotion it plans to do or do you expect conflict with the greek navy. well turkey is determined to defend their rights of the turkish cypriots in the wealth of guys discovered of or cyprus they themselves have vested interest. geopolitical interests and economy interest in looking for of jazz and oil in that area and also
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a two count and the at thames by cyprus to explore for oil and gas and produce them furthermore turkey is a guinness or considers invalid the agri meant demarkation agreement matie time demarcation agreement between us and egypt saw there is a lot of involvements there in terms of geopolitical involvements economy and military environments and we must remember that third p. is sending its naval units to protect the drilling ship which means it could bring get into proximity with the naval ships and we must remember that says nineteen seventy four the two countries have almost come to blows right little if they then have another altimeter you think for turkey
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is the point to develop its resources its position in the gas market or is the point more to pressure the separate authorities away from what they see is unilateral exploration of gas resources without the participation of the north. veta biggest object is to protect their rights of the ten kids cypriots in some of the gods wealth orgasm is discovered of by cyprus saya promise has to allow a certain amount of revenue to agree in principle before it starts the milling and producing the gas and then a key is that testament to the sure that it can fish cypriots with who are intent on the part of cyber as a benefit from the new discoveries of oil and gas reserves and doesn't
1:45 pm
mean the future oil reserves offshore cyprus all right thank you so much from two phenomena. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports federer's song form roger sat sample showdown with another tennis legend at the paris masters so i will be here with all the details. a journey of personal discovery. more american here and then more in the al-jazeera is a mirror image of mara highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of her native alaskan people trying to preserve their way of life. is one of. your mom's from here. al-jazeera correspondent we are
1:46 pm
still here after one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power whether the flames were found point institutional incompetence the number one responsibility for. this project. was not an accident it was a crime for many is the real symbol the respect after take but still still. have the fun on al-jazeera. i want to the world's largest t.v.
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farms has been given a new lease of life the my farm in south africa was closed for years but thanks to a government bailout it's now working to reclaim its former glory and it's providing much needed work in an area of high unemployment and as for me the miller or. south africans will also get the chance to buy stock in the farm. just months ago these tea fields along the wild coast region in the eastern cape were abandoned and overgrown but a government injection of almost eight million dollars into the mob what t. farm means it now has a second chance stretching from more than one thousand eight hundred hecht is the management says this is the largest operating tea farm in the southern hemisphere to survey lenders and by the community and the model into prosti is a government owned company and release the land from the community and obviously tronic through as many people from the local community as possible the climate is
1:48 pm
soil conditions are ideal for growing black t. the farm was first established as a job creation project in the one nine hundred sixty s. and at one time was producing two point seven million tons of ts season but a drop in the tea price a series of wage disputes and labor strikes as well as looting led to its closure worsening already high levels of rural poverty and unemployment. since it reopened eighteen months ago the farm employs up to one thousand eight hundred people during peak season and processes anywhere between thirty six and one hundred fifty tonnes of teves a day once at ease the plugs are processed at this factory and packaged in bulk of it all being sold to grow this at the farm hopes to eventually package individual teabags retailers which it says will bring in more money and create more jobs while the mob or t. farm is entirely government owned the numbers it community and workers could
1:49 pm
potentially own up to forty percent of it at the have to find the money to buy she's been a few to ponder this shares are very important for a long time the committee was not part of the team from but now the community feels that it is consulted more in is more involved they's a lot of development now in numbers and once we get the. says we can decide what we want to do with them with few of the jobs in the area the people of them basi say the success of the farm is vital they are however concerns about wage and production costs and while the future of mogwai cannot be guaranteed for people here it represents hope for me to malaya al-jazeera eastern cape south africa. all right some catch up on all the smalls news with samoa thank you very much a family well let's start with the heavyweight showdown in the world of tennis later on saturday novak djokovic and roger federer will go head to head in the semifinals of the paris masters both with
1:50 pm
a lot to play for just to riches already guaranteed world number one spot to survive a scare against man chill it was rationed it took the first set six four it was a different story in the second djokovic broke his opponent four three one never looked back take in the set six two held on to take the decider six three extending his winning streak to twenty one matches. in contrast twenty time grand slam champion said i made quick work of clinician corey beating the japanese space six four six full to ease into the last full the win moves the wall the number three a step closer to claim what would be his one hundred career title but his next match won't be as easy federer has failed to beat jocko bitch in the three previous encounters and the least a head to head record twenty four to twenty two and he has not lost to the swiss twenty fifteen. focused on in paris at the city's football team p.s.g.
1:51 pm
broke a fifty eight year old wreck ordered by beating lynn in the french league binyam ah got the goals that was secured their twelve straight win to open up the season the previous record of four winning start in europe's top five leagues was set by tottenham with eleven wins back in one thousand nine hundred sixty and bapi has scored thirteen goals in eleven games p.s.g. are now eleven points clear at the top of the league table. well madrid back in legal action later for the first time since the sacking of coach who wins who could take after their five one humiliation to barcelona a lot of attention has been on gus bello who some real fans don't think is doing enough to replace christian or not though scored in last season's champions league final victory but not being on his best form since the summer. he has the
1:52 pm
spotlight on him and we are all waiting for him to show us his amazing skills he is a fantastic player and we want to enjoy him every day. to the biggest prize in the asian club football the asian champions league final is played over two legs and it's japanese side. who have the advantage over us for this of iran it took the lead at home to new silva and the second half and it got even better when another brazilian surgeon your made it to. and just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the iranian side they had the man centavos yeah mcnair matty was shown a second yellow card for solving the second leg is in saturday and ron paul is the need to score at least two and try not to concede any away goals is there to have any chance of turn them around. it's the final day of the world gymnastics championships in doha and rec will break assim all balls can win even more gold on
1:53 pm
a friday as she won the vault to become the first gymnast male or female to unset titles the harding has the option. and it's impossible to cover gymnastics and not talk about some own bias she spent more time at the top of the podium than any gymnast in history male or female the twenty one year old flippin superstar only has to beat herself to break more records she has thirteen world titles to her name . it's kind of insane once you think of it as like that number it's like well she's ancient maybe she needs to stop this for about really i haven't been in the international field too too long so that makes me feel better. on ball she opted for an easier routine at least for her after falling an all around the day before this time she hopped on her landing and still came out on top winning by of canada and mexico followed behind. on an even bars and events mone says is her worst she
1:54 pm
brought home silver. belgium's mina darwell is the first gymnast outperform biol so far and brought home gold a first for her country bars was also the first time simone won a world medal in the apparatus and now has a world medal in every event the first american to do so. feels really good because during that time back in the sport i have especially worked really hard on bars so i'm very thrilled and thankful that i have lauren as a coach and to see as well after sweeping the board so far she still has two more shots at gold on saturday as she takes on the balance beam and floor routine the sport has simply never seen an athlete like her she keeps rewriting the judging skills leaving the other gymnast playing catch up. we're hearty al-jazeera. to cricket and there's no stop in pakistan tuesday went to
1:55 pm
team who have just won their eleven straight series it went down to the wire against new zealand in dubai but mohammad have these that got the job done with an unbeaten set before the world number one side one by six wickets with two goals remaining. people action and rukia long. was the star of the new york knicks against the dallas mavericks well despite the defeats it was the mavericks who came up with the best move all of the game. setting up during finesse method for the alley oop but the next had some impressive moves one of their own with this slam dunk he ended up with twenty three points of the bench to as the knicks took the wind one hundred eighteen two hundred six is their first to a victory this season. it's all interrupted impressive start to the season continues kawi leonard that was the start with nineteen points as they picked up
1:56 pm
their eight when away at the phoenix suns one hundred seven to ninety eight the raptors go eight one which is the best line game start in their history. to golf an american peter you line has put himself in contention to win his first tournament on the p.g.a. tour he birdied five of the last seven holes to lead at this week's tournament in las vegas the former u.s. champion is two shots clear of the field but there are some big names chasing him going into the weekend including dolman spaeth and retief allah. over on the women's a to australia minute she who leads the way hof ways with the l.t.g. age of pan classic she took the lead with a birdie on the thirteenth and then added three more before her rant was finished he is thirteen under par for the tournament three shots clear of everyone else. it's a big day of international rugby and already we've seen a second string
1:57 pm
a new zealand team a thrashing japan sixty nine points to thirty one over in tokyo the all blacks fielded eight d├ębutantes but still ran in ten tries against next year's world cup hosts but it wasn't all bad for japan who scored five themselves and nearly forty four thousand fans was a wreck or the rugby crowd in japan use in play england next week. now no football fans alike if when when their team is relegated but few have ever taken it as badly as this ball boy in the chinese super league forced to watch his beloved. town will go to the second division. the poor boy had the players on hand to comfort him it proved all too much for some of the fans also in the stands. all i had in fact sadly thanks how much is thought out well that's it for me for this news hour back in another moment with another full show that's come out what hasn't.
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in the eight hundred seventy s. hundreds of them genes were banished to the foggiest corner of an empire where their descendants still live today. my grandparents died with a heavy heart they left everything behind. and don't deal with name argyria and identity it's always present inside as this french territory in the pacific prepares to vote on independence al-jazeera world tells the story of exiles in new caledonia. volcano kill way erupted explosively
1:59 pm
last thing boiling clouds of steam and ash and rock high into the atmosphere scientists say it's not unusual for eruptions to stop and start up again later as for kill way it has been spilling love of continually for more than thirty years native hawaiian spiritual beliefs a eruptions reflect the mood so of the goddess pale a. us as native hawaiians to the family is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. in south korea around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition taken off the main want to when east investigates korean dogs. on al-jazeera.
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a month after the murder saudi journalist. turkey's president steps up pressure for answers from the kingdom plus. has him say get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. as long. pakistan's government is accused of caving in to religious conservatives after making a deal to end protests over a blasphemy conviction plus. they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested they've got to be.


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