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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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a month after the murder of a saudi journalist. turkey's president steps up pressure for answers from the kingdom plus. has him say get this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. as a lot of. pakistan's government is accused of caving in to religious conservatives after making a deal to end protests over a blasphemy conviction plus. they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to be a problem i did say shoot
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a backtrack from donald trump after he suggested u.s. soldiers might shoot migrants headed to the u.s. . we look back at the notorious life of mexican drug lord el chapo he goes on trial in the u.s. on monday. i'm. fellow turkish president is continuing to pressure saudi arabia on says a month. was killed in their consulate in istanbul in an article for the washington post red chip ty byrd one says he's convinced the order to kill journalists came from the highest levels of the saudi government but earlier when does not believe king salmen gave the order he stressed both countries continued to have friendly relations he again demanded saudi officials revealed the location of forty one
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warned the case will not go away saying no one should dare to commit acts like acts like this on the soil of a nato ally again he said the killing violated the vienna convention on consular relations. we're going to joins us live now from istanbul susanna where does this leave the current investigation and the continuing efforts to apply pressure on the saudis. well turkey wants saudi arabia to cooperate in order for this investigation to move forward the question that turkey has been asking over the past two weeks is where is the body of. a question that saudi arabia is not answering the president really highlighting the lack of cooperation in mentioning the visit of saudi arabia's top prosecutor to istanbul earlier this week and really a visit that did not produce any tangible outcome and what turkey wants as well as for these saudi suspects to be extradited to turkey to face trial here because
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turkey really has little faith in in saudi arabia and its intention really to hold those responsible to account so are to go on saying he believes the order was given by someone high up in the government he's not naming who but people close to the government have named that person and they believe mohamed bin salmen the de facto ruler of saudi arabia he gave the order at least or at least he knew about this order because the saudi narrative that. the aim was to convince him to return to saudi arabia well here they've dismissed this narrative they've presented evidence that proves otherwise evidence that shows that this was a free meditated murder so there is really an impasse i mean turkish investigators want to search the well in the consul general's residence and saudi arabia's not giving them any access we have to remember it took them two weeks to give them access to the crime scene so a lot of frustration in turkey as well the message from here is they would also like the u.s. administration to take
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a tougher position. saying and thanks for that. joining me now is syria is director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute welcome again and so we're seeing that turkish president sort of stepping things up a notch again in terms of applying pressure on the saudi government but he stopped short of. you know naming names so to speak is is this is this is he still keeping his cards close to the vest or clearly he is i think he's in a very difficult position on the one hand if he does. little to everything he knows he would really make his source's public and will compromise his own intelligence and the way that information was gathered which is clearly by now has been part of an it dropping on the on the consulate on the other hand for him it has provided him with a great opportunity to try and rectify his position both within the region and
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global you particularly relationship to the united states for him this is a great opportunity to try and prolong the issue as much as possible and to gain concessions one after the other if you recall just a few weeks ago he was in real trouble with united states impact he was fighting back you know what he termed as an economic war against the turkish lira some sanctions coming in from the from the united states saudi arabia took a very controversial position vis a vis the economy in turkey today all of that is recovering the euro's doing very well as had a steady recovery ever since the culture she affair he himself has been able to gain incredible president. platforms internationally with a lot of focus on him which he has used to advocate for example or see to try and divert attention also from some of the difficulties he faces internally including similar accusations of abuse of human rights and imprisonment of journalists and
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academics and others so for him i think he's trying to play this as as long. possible and gain. concessions particular from the from the united states and then by extension from the region and saudi arabia and what effect of this is this likely to have inside saudi arabia because up to now they have been shielding the crown prince mohammed it's a man from from any blame for this i think right now the prosecutors are to pursue cuter knows the type of evidence the turks are holding and probably they started to debate very seriously what should our reaction look like the fact that the order gun is keeping the king above this is a very smart move he's basically saying we have we're not going to go for the whole stability of saudi arabia we're not challenging king sound or his wisdom and so on but i'd like to find out who below him has been responsible for this and by implication his kind of referring to the crown prince i suspect that this could
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lead the saudis to think in a different context to try and limit the powers of been so much to remove them altogether would reflect badly on the saudis because he by now would it would be the third crown prince to be removed in as many years and that does give us a message of instability whether they like it or not so he may stay as the crown prince there may look into limiting his powers which frankly is probably the right thing to do because far too much power has been centralized in the younger of the hands of young and very experienced man all right so tom balakot thank you think least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days the camps set up for those who fled their homes have been attacked and at least two people killed doctors without borders has posted pictures which appear to show camps completely burned to the ground former president francois posies a was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in two thousand and thirteen since then more than seven
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hundred thousand people have been displaced and another half a million left the country. in twenty thirteen seneca rebels overran the capital forcing president francois it was easy to flee since then thousands of people have been displaced last year a rise in violence for several aid agencies to withdraw leaving tens of thousands without support in january the international committee of the red cross warned of a was sitting situation with half the population needing a wal-mart abends a is head of mission for doctors without borders in the central african republic he says the international community needs to do more to protect civilians from the ongoing fighting the situation is going to critique in both the cities that are witnessing violence we have received in both hospitals reported by m.s.f. doctors without borders but thank god for any band by around twenty more were good so some of those cases are very critical we're trying to evacuating. bombard the
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situation continues to be serious because it's very sad sporadic fighting ongoing and our colleagues cannot war cannot move properly to find out the more people he needs because the very patient that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not guaranteed the very fighting and going so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for the population very suffering these violence on the one hand the population needs to be protected we need to ensure that there is protection for these populations when the fighting between different armed groups happens that's really key to censure and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many you know human factors as possible responding to be for me. a protest in pakistan against the release of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges have been called off a deal was struck between the government and conservative muslim groups that had
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been leading the demonstrations protests began on wednesday when the supreme court overturned a c.b.s. death sentence on charges of insulting his plan why chaldees pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting he says the deal with the protesters was struck within the constitutional framework where you had successfully been able to disprove the situation you know when you have in the groups you chose i think the biggest challenge for the government was not to use you know the great much you're not fit follow that thought because you're elected pepper no you know the some of the something happens that it's a bad impression but we have been through this little disputes that tension and diffuse the protests without hurting anyone that's a success that when you negotiate because there are certain things that you have to accept and the other party has picked up like we have not good negotiated on outside the constitution what ever the big modern we have up in the constitution
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and we are then we have to get you know the courts of law basically was a myth the reality of the previous government had not been enough knowledge of government will start a process that will be a little longer that mythical long but ultimately we have to pick the if you've previously had we have to be thickly you know bring the country in education as. well correspondent come out high to has more on this from islamabad. what the government has tried to do it. right a spider laying out of control they tried maximum restraint in order to make sure that there were no every casual deed which were done there bided out of control in what the government and done. but what the people of done had to endure ben-david game words you're the doctor gave. the government. have to have
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a theory retained because some of the extremist groups have been beheaded by their government and if the government didn't really hear about bringing change and bringing khomeini back into dated more drawn it in and read the issue of the black for me to go into that dress it really got to be of crucial importance that they move on dates i thought that. a senior muslim cleric known as the father of the taliban has been stabbed to death in pakistan sami a hawk an ally of prime minister was attacked in his home in central point just province hauke was a member of parliament and a told some leaders of the taliban all right still ahead on the us government brings back sanctions on iran's energy and financial sector plus. we have the numbers here. diffusing to bow out sri lanka sank prime minister tells
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edges in a democracy is under threat. hello the weather will be far in try for japan over the next couple of days high pressure in charge is keeping things a settled further north we got this week weather system just trailing its way across the region pushing down towards beijing still the cool side full beijing will see temperatures struggling to get to thirteen degrees celsius and sunday off new further north weather system could produce some outbreaks of a wintry weather for the korean peninsula and for japan temperatures here getting up around the nine hundred twenty degree mark over the next couple days staying fine and dry but staying cold in beijing temperatures no higher than about eleven degrees celsius have a little drier as we go on through monday come further south into china central
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southern parts of china that is here it is dry it is five and it is last sunday temperatures in hong kong getting up to twenty eight celsius as we go through into monday stays the same here central areas will see some of that what's the weather just nudging its way in so we could see some rather heavy downpours from time to time and heavy downpours will return to central and southern parts of the philippines over the next say that wet weather stretching its way across southern parts of vietnam cambodia could see a little bit of wet weather more big downpours for a good parts of southern thailand. history has called it the great war in the first episode conscription draws hundreds of thousands of our root troops into both sides of the conflict their story is rarely told but had a huge impact on the course of the. world knew more through our. own knowledge is
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either. alone again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jim our flesh l.g. came from the highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington post type one says he did he does not believe it was king sound man who gave that order. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes
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have been attacked at least two people killed former president francois boise's a was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups and since then more than seven hundred thousand people have been displaced. protests in pakistan against the acquittal of a christian woman who was on death row charged with blasphemy have been called off under a deal with the government cannot leave the country and demonstrators can file an appeal with the supreme court. a new allegations have emerged the politicians were bribed to switch sides after the sacking of sri lanka's prime minister and i nearly a is refusing to quit the president fired him last week. has been replaced by mahinda rajapaksa a former president he needs another five m.p.'s to get a majority in parliament bernard smith as more honest now from colombo we believe that so far today mahinda rajapakse that needs another seven stories
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got seven minutes needed twelve at the end of last week to switch over to given the parliamentary majority he wanted he's done it he's got persuaded seven in the last few days to join him he's given the ministries basically and with the ministries come influence and power and money so he's got seventy five more kampala six is not unusual for m.p.'s to switch between parties so he's got five more that some five m.p.'s whoever they may be they need to be persuaded to join rajapaksa side before parliament is recall we've had in the last couple of days and the one m.p. has given a press conference about it not so long ago saying that he was offered almost three million dollars three million dollars in cash to to to switch from one opposition party to join rajapaksa that m.p. needless to say says he's resisted the temptation because he held a press conference playing already a recordings of the phone conversations that have been hard where he says this is
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where the money is being offered but it gives you give you an indication of what's at stake when so much money is being offered for warm m.p. to switch sides a turkish ship has begun drilling for oil and gas in the mediterranean sea. for the first time a five month long exploration of the coast of cyprus threatens another showdown in the disputed waters with neighboring greece turkey's energy minister is warning it will retaliate if turkish warships are harassed by the greek navy simcoe solo reports. that is soon mediterranean is the new frontier for oil and gas it's home to libya thumb and time are gas fields of the israeli coast the source field facing egypt and also aphrodite discovered by the greek cypriots and the region's underwater wealth appears to turkey which is dependent on energy imports all the g. and g. studies and everything is telling us it is the right locations but you never know without doing so ankara is sending its first ship out to drill for natural
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resources versus the ship that turkey is using to drill for oil and gas she is called party which means the conqueror the first exploration will begin around one hundred ten kilometers of the mediterranean coast line at a depth of at least twelve thousand meters. but the drilling mission is causing friction with greece and it's set to reawaken tensions with cyprus the island of cyprus will supply it during your turkish military intervention in one thousand nine hundred seventy four triggered by a brief greek inspired coup it forced the mess displacement of people with greek cypriots now living in the south and turkish cypriots in the north turkey and international recognize greek cypriot government have overlapping claims of jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research in the eastern mediterranean however experts say political differences could take a back seat when it comes to commercial benefits and even israelis are thinking of
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joining egypt to develop exploring the export yes so between when that is happening then between greece and turkey and the two parts the two sections of the island of cyprus the republic of cyprus and the turkish republic within cyprus i think it helps to resolve the problem turkey stays its goal is energy independence and accelerated exploration is simply part of. the plan another drilling vessel is set to be added to its exploration fleet by dnd of this year c n n because all the elders who are on saudia ice will says it was behind the attack that killed seven coptic christians in egypt on friday gunmen fired two buses on their way to a monastery near the city of minya two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family president of the fatah has sisi is promising to punish those responsible. iran supremely to says the u.s.
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has failed in its efforts to dominate them and the world opposes every decision president trump has made. in a made the comments on iranian state t.v. that's after the u.s. government said it is restoring sanctions that were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the measure is going to effect on monday had to go in has more from washington. it's probably fair to say u.s. foreign policy has never been announced like this but this is an actual tweet from the u.s. president meant to look like a movie poster warning that sanctions are coming and the president later addressed that on the south lawn sanctions are starting on iran. you know rand is to get a very big get his top aides including treasury secretary steve talking tough as well at a conference call with reporters the treasury department will have more than seven hundred names to our list of blocked answer to this includes hundreds of targets
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previously granted sanction firmly under the j c p o as well as more than three hundred new designations this is substantially more than we ever have previously done but they are giving waivers to eight countries allowing them to continue to remain loyal with the promise they will reduce that amount over time the u.s. is breaking the international deal and the rest of the signatories say they want to stay in it proponents of the nuclear deal say this move will isolate the u.s. russia was abiding by it the chinese were abiding by it the europeans were abiding by it and most importantly the iranians were abiding by its now the united states that is in breach of that agreement and is now actually going so far as to countries that are abiding by a u.n. security council resolution you really can't get more pariah than the european union created what they hope will be a workaround to still do business in iran u.s.
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officials are brushing off its potential but are warning allies they could face a actions as well right now talking tough while the world waits to see if it will be more than words petty calling al-jazeera washington. and president trump has backtracked from suggestions u.s. soldiers deployed to the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they throw rocks at them he was referring to central american migrants trying to enter the country without documents what they did to the mexican military is that straight they end up with rocks some were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to be a problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say show but they do that whether they're going to be arrested for a long time. or the iran sanctions and heated immigration rhetoric come just ahead of midterm elections on tuesday in the u.s. although donald trump is not on the ballot the vote to seen as
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a referendum on the first two years of his presidency he's spending the weekend before the vote campaigning for republican candidates in six states mike hanna has more from washington. well president trump is not standing in the selection but he's certainly putting a lot of effort into it he's attended rally after rally his message fear of immigration in particular labeling the caravan that's crossing across mexico as an invasion sending troops to the border in what his critics contend is merely an election tactic but along with that fear of immigration president trump is also stressed economy economy he claims that his presidency has turned around this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've unleashed nobody can believe what's happened or whether we left the radical democrats take control of congress and take
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a giant wrecking ball to our economy or to our future. america is now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it that way many observers contend it was under the previous president that the economy started to turn around and president obama is out to nice campaign rallies as well the democrats heavyweight to galvanize the masses to go to the polls to cost their votes with democrats in support of this well by former vice president joe biden but a parochial bomb has been very careful in his language during the campaign very seldom referring to president trump by name but making very clear the implication that under this president the very nature of the society has changed america was at a crossroads. the health care of millions is on the bell.
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making sure working families get a fair shake it's all about. but maybe most of all the character of our country is on the way the book in the closing weeks of this election we have seen repeated attempts to divide us. with rhetoric. designed to make us angry and make us fearful the democrats need to flip twenty three republican seats in the house of representatives to achieve a majority that they need to flip to republican seats in the senate to take control of that body for the first time president trump may be facing a congress that isn't entirely republican controlled certainly something he hasn't had to contend with in his first two years opinion polls indicate the democrats do stand a good chance of taking control of the house of representatives not that good a chance of getting control of the senate however opinion polls back in two
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thousand and sixteen told us that president trump couldn't possibly win all the drug lord once considered the most powerful criminal in mexico will go on trial in the united states on monday born into poverty in the mountains of sin alone. rose through the ranks of organized crime in mass to fortune and oversaw an illicit empire with links around the globe joan homan reports in the first of a three part series on the man known as el chapo. this is how the legend of mexico's most powerful criminal chapo ended a tired middle aged man bundled into exile in the us. and this is where it began in one thousand nine hundred two a cartel middleman who was caught on film for the first time walking gruesome and it's just been put in a maximum security prison but it wouldn't hold him his first jail break legend has it was in a laundry basket. once he began climbing the criminal ladder to public enemy number
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one he's seen a low a cartel had links all over the world he even made it on to the forbes rich a list it was a huge leap for someone who in a rolling stone interview said he'd grown up the poorest of the pool. from the time i was six until now my parents are very humble family very poor my mom made bread to support the family i would sell it i sold oranges soft drinks candy. how did i go from that to miss cruz told criminal we asked someone who'd known him for years. everyone was waiting for him to come home because then there would be a party with ten or twelve bands of musicians it was beautiful and he gave out gifts someone like condell chapel to a mix can rub in hood but there's another side to the business he and his sin aloa kut-o. dominated. by order to clean up plazas corrupt police and if they don't succeed or someone gets out of line they killed him that happens all over the world so the
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narcos of santa lower wouldn't be any different in two thousand and fourteen the authorities caught up with again but the great escape artist repeated his trick this time disappearing through his so floor into a tunnel complete with electric lighting and a getaway bike. miscues government was humiliated and chappals legend grew he headed back to the place he knew best these are the mountains where chopper was born and raised they were his center of operations a hideout and a refuge he knew the people here and out of reverence or fear they would never give him up it took a chapel himself to do that through his infatuation with mitt's consume their cost to you he invited her to the mountains bizarrely hollywood actor sean penn also came along but miss can authorities were tracking their communications once the celebrities left the tights and finally joaquin guzman was taken in january two
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thousand and sixteen this time there was no escape and the legend finally became just a moment ago. john homan. seen a low and you can find much more on our website at c.n.n. dot com get the latest on all the stories. this is al-jazeera is going to round up at the top stories turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jim our special g came from the highest levels of the saudi government a wretched type of one says he does not believe king sound man gave the order more from. clearly the turkish president staying on the offensive keeping up the pressure and telling the world really that turkey will not stop until it reveals the whole truth and hold those responsible for the murder to account and saying
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like you mentioned the order to kill she was made from the highest the highest level of the saudi government he doesn't name who he believes is responsible but he does say who he doesn't believe us responsible and that is king sound man. iran's supreme leader ali herman a says the u.s. has failed to reach its goal of trying to dominate tehran he made the comments after the u.s. government said it's restoring sanctions that were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal this comes as the iranian defense minister said production of iran's car sar fighter jet has begun our president trump has backtracked from suggestions u.s. soldiers deployed to the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they throw rocks at them he was referring to central american migrants trying to enter the country without documents what they did to the mexican military is a disgrace here with rocks were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks and they're very they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to
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be a problem i don't say sure i didn't say sure but they do that whether they're going to be arrested for a long time at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes have been attacked and at least two people killed more than seven hundred thousand have been displaced since former president francois was overthrown in two thousand and thirteen protests in pakistan against be acquittal of a christian woman who was on death row charged with blasphemy have been called off . those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on ages zero it's inside story.
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exactly a month ago came to istanbul he was killed in istanbul. turkey and saudi arabia are now at loggerheads investigation into his death is going no place this is inside story. hello and welcome from turkey today inside story coming to you from istanbul exactly a month ago today. the saudi journalist walked into that building behind me to collect some paperwork he was just about to get remarried instead of getting a stamp on a form and walking out of the build.


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