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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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when you call home i'll just bring in the news and current of films that matter to you. al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sammy's a dan this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes a month after the murder of journalist. turkey's president steps up pressure for answers from saudi arabia. pakistan government is accused of caving in to conservatives after making a deal to end protests over a blasphemy conviction. camps for internally displaced people burned to the ground
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in the central african republic thousands displaced in the fight. turkey's drilling project in the mediterranean sparks fears of disputes with greece and cyprus region merging as an oil. and i am we are starting with all the sport including a face off in the french capital roger federer and novak djokovic go head to head in the semifinals of the paris masters. turkey's president is continuing to put pressure on saudi arabia for answers a month after journalist amount i showed you was killed in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in an article for the washington post about the one says he's convinced the order to kill her shoji came from the very highest levels of the saudi government but out of the one does not believe king's sound man gave that order. he
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stressed both countries continue to have friendly relations he again demanded saudi officials reveal the location of g.'s body a lot of the one war in the case will not go away saying no one should dare to commit such acts on the soil of a nato ally again he said the killing violated the vienna convention on consular relations. joins us live from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so how should how is the other one. being viewed inside turkey what is turkey perceived to be pushing for. they are definitely heaping the political pressure on assad your government just a while ago the deputy head of the ark party not a man. made some strong statements similar to what don did in the of the washington post norman culture must also say that science arabia
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king solomon is does is the custody end of two holy sites. mecca and medina and therefore i would expect in the saudis not to betray the moral obligations that they stand for and that therefore we need to know exactly who gave the order to kill as a model house and we need also to know the whereabouts of his remains and these are the two things that have been replicated by almost every single senior government official here in turkey from the prosecutor the minister of justice president of the of our daughter and his foreign minister and also the c.m. members of the ruling party of these two to be convinced that saudi arabia is doing its best along with these are lies to stall the investigation and they've lost faith in the annie full cooperation with the saudi government this is why now they're going on the offensive saying there are two things that we need to get some
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clarity about who gave the order. do i made it clear he does not believe it was given by king solomon or the basing so he's hinted that it could be someone else like the crown prince although he's not mentioning did not mention the name of the congress but this saying that they don't believe it is. the deputy chief intelligence chief or source or that got by any senior advisor to. burn center so this explains why we're seeing another turkish government on the offensive saying that we need clarity any time soon or right. in istanbul continue to talk about this because we've got here in the studio sultan bought a cab he's the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute good to have you with us let's pick up on that last point of hashem then does ultimately was toki pushing for accountability to reach the doorstep of the crown prince mohammed bin sandman or m b s's he's no. well the pushing for accountability but i think he's taking his time calling for it and the reason for
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that is that or the gun is trying to achieve as much as possible on the side agendas while this opportunity or window for india continues to exert is the side agenda where he has a lot of issues he has issues with the united states as you know only a few weeks ago. accuse of the united states of launching an economic war against turkey so you took the side of the united states in this it has the issue of. god and his. position leader and he has many other issues with the with the west as as a whole but particularly with the with the u.s. so for him i think he understands it clearly they importance of stability in saudi arabia and the way how the degree to which nice states in particular but also other countries in the region right israel would like to ensure the stability of saudi arabia so that the alliance that they've spent a lot of energy building against iran maintains
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a self today we go into the sanctions against iran and there will definitely be of a fall in the production of oil and saudi arabia is will be required to us is expecting selling fruit fill in the gap you know my gap so to what extent does the future of m.b.a.'s at this point rely on the u.s. position and how that evolves i think it does a great deal i think it does rely on what deal ultimately turkey the u.s. and saudi arabia can reach. i personally doubt that he will be removed as a crown prince because that would reflect badly on the family weaken him there has already not weakened him with his around it's not only been weakened i think but ultimately for this episode to move forward they may have to restrict his powers particularly on the defense and internal security and you could already see that the united states started to push to find a resolution for the war in iraq. and and that would be the beginning of that weakening that they have now pushed him to at least agree on the principle that
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within thirty days there should be some coking about weakening is it weakening saudi arabia's influence in the region in the arab world in the muslim world and increasing turkey's leverage and influence. it's doing just that i think has always seen himself as the leader of the muslim world and there was a competition between him and saudi arabia for some time as to who has the upper moral ground and through this absolute he's gaining quite a lot at the expense of saudi arabia all right thanks so much for coming in talking to us about things or protests in pakistan against the release of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges have been called off under a deal with the government cannot leave the country demonstrators can file an appeal with the supreme court protests began on wednesday when the top court overturned bibi's death sentence on charges of insulting islam. choudary is
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pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting he says the deal with the protesters was struck within the constitutional framework. well you have successfully been able to diffuse the situation you know when you have been the cruciatus i think the biggest challenge for the government was not to use you know the great much or not to follow that path or look to burn or you know the. something happens that it's a bad impression so we have been able to be fused the tensions and diffuse the protests but out hurting anyone that's a success that when you negotiate obviously there are certain things that you have to accept and there's other party at the steps that we have not good negotiated on outside the constitution what ever the day marne we have operated upon fusion and we are we have to. get you know the court of law given them
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is the reality of the previous government has not done enough and now this government will start a process that will be a little long let me take a little long but ultimately we have to take this issue previously and we have to. you know bring certain reforms in education. a u.s. soldier has been killed another wounded in an attack in the afghan capital kabul it's the latest in a series of what is known as green on blue attacks in which afghan forces have killed u.s. or coalition advisors just last month a nato commander in afghanistan escaped an attack in which the bodyguard of a local governor opened fire on u.s. and afghan officials. iran's supreme leader says the u.s. is failed to reach its goal of dominating. the world opposes every decision president trump has made. and i made the comments today after washington said it's restoring sanctions lifted as part of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal the
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measures come into effect on monday iran's oil sector is among industries being targeted. the reports from to iran. when you look past all the politics what becomes clear is that american sanctions hurt iranian people more than a change iranian government policies american policy some would say trump's brinkmanship has meant economic chaos for iran the value of the iranian ryall has suffered a major fall in the last year adding to high inflation and unemployment concerns. all of this hurts low income and working people first and foremost they struggle to feed their families because prices for some basic goods have doubled. people's purchasing power has been reduced they talk about their problems. when a customer wants to buy something you can tell a situation some people used to come here to buy meat once
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a month. to month when it comes to iran u.s. presidents have pursued a policy of containment for decades trying to limit iranians economically militarily and politically in their regional and global affairs even the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that president barack obama championed that gave iran back some of its financial freedoms many iranians saw that is just a softer approach to the same containment policy but by turning back the clock on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people here that during his administration there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies but if hope pushing iranians towards poverty would inspire them to topple their own leaders he'll likely be disappointed previous protests never got big enough all he's apparently done is make people here miserable. do you think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse his involvement in the region and sanctions have made the people hate him i really don't think that
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he's the one that should be the president of america. maybe good for his own people but not as you do. it's better not to say anything about his personality everyone knows how. everybody knew. what iran's leaders signed the nuclear deal they said it was the thing to fix everyone's financial problems three years later with american promises of more sanctions than ever before the best that people here can hope for is that iran can manage to sell enough oil to survive until donald trump has left the white house zain. iran's defense minister amir hard to me says his country has begun mass producing its locally designed fighter jet how to me says the air force will soon have the number of jets it needs plenty more still ahead on the news hour including
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you think you have the numbers here it refusing to bow out trying to sack the prime minister tells al-jazeera democracy is under threat now reports of bribes being offered for m.p.'s to dump him. no water for millions we find out why one of the world's largest cities turned off the taps. and it's called the pain of relegation all too much for a ball boy in the chinese for only. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the central african republic for the last four days camps set up for those who have fled their homes have been attacks and at least two people killed doctors without borders is posted pictures which appear to show camps completely burned to the ground former
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president francois posies a was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in two thousand and thirteen since then more than seven hundred thousand people have been displaced and another half a million left the country. in two thousand and thirteen seller car rebels overran the capital forcing president francois busy to flee since then thousands of people have been displaced last year a rise in violence for several aid agencies to withdraw leaving tens of thousands without support in january the international committee of the red cross warned of a worsening situation with half the population in need of aid. band is head of the mission for doctors without borders in the central african republic he says the international community needs to do more to protect civilians from the fighting the situation is quite critique. witness of violence we have received hospitals reported by m.s.f.
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doctors without borders thank god for any ban by around twenty. so some of those cases are very critical and we're trying to evacuating. banbury the situation continues to be serious because sporadic fighting ongoing and that our colleagues cannot war cannot move properly to find out more people he needs equally agent that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not going to fighting and going so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for. very suffering violence on the one hand the pollution needs to be protected we need to ensure that there is protection for these populations when fighting between different on groups happens that's really essential and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many humanitarian actors as possible responding to the different. new allegations have
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emerged that politicians have been bribed to switch sides after the sacking of sri lanka's prime minister last week run a week from a single is being replaced by mahinda rajapaksa former president rajapaksa needs another five m. he's to get the majority in parliament speaking to outdo sirrah become a single he says democracy in sri lanka is under threat but it smith reports from colombo for the past week run a wickramasinghe has refused to leave the prime minister's official residence here in the capital it's become a symbol of legitimacy he tells me after being fired by the president in what critics are calling a constitutional two day the thirty three lankan democracy in the last presidential election parliament religion we came forward on the basis that parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the parliament there nineteen the amendment to the constitution was drafted on that basis now what has happened is
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the president is trying to override the power of the parliament present my three palace or a say in a swore in mahinda rajapakse as the new prime minister last friday rajapaksa was president for two terms and scrapped term limits and twenty fourteen to try and stay in power but then lost the election he called a year later rajapaksa says he's got enough support in parliament to confirm his position but m.p.'s can't quote because presidents are saying or a suspended parliament why the delay you think in recalling parliament where they haven't the numbers of where the number because parliament initially thought. we have the numbers here it. with we hear a lot of talk about persuading m.p.'s to join rajapaksa side how might they be persuaded what are you what are you hearing about what's going on with our founding member the ministry ships and sometimes money the speaker has warned of
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the risk of a bloodbath if this is allowed to continue do you share those views of the speaker that there can be an appeal because people are getting the two granted by the reward for parliament democracy we why we ask for a different set up and all of sudden we find the worth of them two thousand fourteen. defending a principle and the fact that the made during the war. in two thousand and fifteen to a poor democracy and if you lead them down they're close to be i and a singer says it's that desire to uphold democracy that's brought him support from a wide a section of society than just his traditional support base prime minister witnessing that says he's staying put here at his official residence until parliament is recall it's believed mahinda rajapaksa only needs another five m.p.'s to switch to his side to give him the majority he needs in parliament to take over the prime
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minister's office the stakes are so high that one m.p. has told reporters he's been offered nearly three million u.s. dollars in cash to switch to rajapaksa signs but it's an al-jazeera colomba. millions of people living in mexico city are looking forward to having their water supply restored on sunday after a three day enforced drought supplies were turned off for maintenance work one of the world's largest pumping systems that brings water to a city two thousand meters above sea level over ports. what happens when a city of twenty one million people shuts off the water. here i was worried because we weren't prepared for this. a resident of mexico city says he still has running water but he's been storing as much as he can just in case the faucets run dry we need to take notice water should be protected it's of utmost importance
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a few blocks away done to make a restaurant owner says he's been stocking up too even though the water never stopped running he says the media warnings of a mass water shut off have been blown out of proportion and have even ended up hurting his business vocal bumbles dumbos we purchased watches jugs we stored our water and fortunately we don't have any trouble but i think the problem has been exaggerated many people are not going to restaurants because they heard the news there was no water. faced with crumbling water infrastructure mexico city's water management agency has been working on repairs to the city's water systems an estimated forty percent of the city's portable water is believed to be lost in leaky pipes. this is an important project and the people have taken notice as a precautionary measure the local government set up cisterns in strategic parts of the city and deployed water tankers in the event of an emergency this point in
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central mexico city serves as a water extraction source the water is taken directly from the ground to fill those tanker trucks from here it's sent to areas that are designated as vulnerable such as hospitals or nursing homes. officials warned that as many as three million of the city's residents could be left without water when the repairs began preparations by city officials and residents however were enough to prevent a water emergency. i just read or mexico city a u.n. convoy carrying much needed aid has reached the remote rock band camp in syria the camp is in a rebel held area next to the border with jordan but it's encircled by government forces and thousands of people are stranded at last got eight in january the u.n. says the delivery of aid previously been to spurn jus two security concerns children are reported to have died due to poor sanitary and health care conditions well they'll be worse than expected famine conditions in yemen if efforts of the
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liver a blog that's according to the united nations children's fund it says both the yemeni government and who three rebels are making it impossible to deliver and distribute aid unicef is backing us calls for a ceasefire within a month to end the conflict and indonesian diver has died while working to recover bodies from the site of last week's plane crash near jakarta the body of the forty eight year old volunteer was found floating in the java sea it's not clear how he died hundred eighty nine people were killed when the brand new boeing seven three seven belonging to lion air crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff on monday. venezuela's struggling economy has forced millions of people to leave more than one million of them have gone to neighboring colombia the world bank says that influx comes with its downsides but it could be good for colombia's economy. has more. the
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world bank calls it an unprecedented exodus in latin america one more akin to a full blown refugee crisis than people searching for a better life it's one conclusion of a report by the international financial institution to assess the impact that the venezuelan exodus is having in neighboring colombia the speed and number of migrants escaping the country coupled with their vulnerable condition makes the venezuelan crisis one of the world's worst yet many believe it's not getting enough attention. people go crazy over the caribbean and central americans entering mexico trying to reach the u.s. five maybe six thousand migrants so many week every four days. for the french. a shelter and services for migrants in the border city of. hundreds of minutes up for assistance they receive meals for fifteen days and at thirty dollars bonus for
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three months. at the end of three months they're in the same desperate conditions as they were before hungry lacking a roof in need of medical attention jobs but we can't remove the world bank says the crisis this year alone has already cost colombia one point two billion dollars the report praises columbia's open arms policy and its efforts to register the new arrivals to cope with the emergency yet few manage to find proper jobs. that she bellows been here for eight months with her husband and children there selling on the streets. how my husband and i are trying to get hired but it's difficult because we're emigrants foreigners and we're here illegally but there's a silver lining in the report the world bank says that in the long term the arrival of so many young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy if local otari act fast. colombia's aging and needs more young workers legalising the
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new arrivals in creating jobs could reap benefits in coming years the government says it agrees with the suggestions but implementing them requires money they don't have it will be enough the government is making a huge effort in the middle of major fiscal restrictions we need the international community to understand what's happening and lend a hand. international donors have promised one hundred into the million dollars for colombia only thirteen million has arrived so far with the crisis expected to continue in likely getting worse the entire continent this threatened with the consequences alison them. or it's time to catch up with all the weather and his ever turn yes we are seeing some very heavy rain just making its way across central parts of what is friday of course by extension that's also affected the north of africa take a look at the satellite picture here and you can see that we've had some really
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heavy downpours into. we had forty three millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours and some of that heavy rain has of course also affected parts of northern algeria had a report of eighty one millimeters of rain in the far north of the country hifi things will improve was we go on through the next couple of days that's the picture for sunday so some wet weather just clipping the far north of algeria or northern parts of temperatures struggling to get to a rather eighteen degrees celsius ninety celsius in the sunshine they're for. about make the most of it because as a system as our weather makes its way away the wet weather makes its way away from northern parts of june as you just really clears the way so that another system can make its way through so we will see some very heavy rain making its way into northern parts of iraq with a possibility of flash flooding coming in here as well some shot showers to one the other side of the med could catch one or two showers there and slight press but certainly across syria pushing across into word jordan you could see some wet
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weather out also winter right that what weather on and off over the next couple days and again there's a chance of some flash flooding that's also the case to across the far north of saudi arabia basin pieces of cloud here in canada that brightening up nicely sammy from monday. some odds are with the most still ahead on al-jazeera. to take on life. battling against thailand's military rulers the message from the young people of the country where elections have been repeatedly delight. what's inspired a record number of minority candidates to run in the upcoming u.s. but term elections and in sport federer's on form roger sets up a showdown with another tennis legend the cause moscow's we'll be here with all the details. hate violence revenge and increasingly alienated generation is finding
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new outlets to vent it's anger. in a new series al-jazeera takes an unflinching new at the allure of radicalized organizations to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideologies radicalized youth coming soon on al-jazeera in many countries pregnancy and childbirth are still extremely dangerous for mothers and babies most of the mothers dying from the infection rate being they were dying from all have preparation al-jazeera travels to my louay and looks at how rural communities a challenging tradition and in order to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health anywhere else in life is too strong a lifeline between life and death on al-jazeera.
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you're watching out there ciro time to recap the headlines now turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jim our special came from the very highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington post a bunch of tired old one says he does not believe it was king sal man who gave that order at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes have been attacks in at least two people killed former president francois bozizé was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in two thousand and thirteen since then more than seven hundred thousand people have been displaced. a u.n.
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aid convoy has reached the remote rock band camp in syria the camp is in a rebel held area next to the border with jordan but it's encircled by the government thousands of people are stranded the last eight in january or madeline edwards is an associate editor with the online news website syria direct she joins us on skype from our man good to have you with us first of all has the actually been distributed to people in need on the ground now and think you might have it so from what. camp residents and local officials that said so far today the supplies within the convoy have been yet they can't sell it seems as the currently within the bounds of what hasn't been distributed to people yet what's holding things up. it's not super clear at the moment
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because. first of all information from the rock band can be a little bit difficult to come by and. second of all it appears that people are getting the supplies ready to distribute i don't know if there's anything holding that distribution ok so hopefully they'll get those supplies in soon but when you say it's in the rock band zone does that mean it's actually entered the camp or is it still outside of the camp so that means it's just it's within that fifty five kilometer. rebel held zone that surrounds the camp itself but it's not inside of that keep area right. do you have any idea at this point what conditions are like and what the needs of the people are them. so conditions inside the camp are very bad at the moment and they've gotten worse over the past month after a major smuggling route that used to bring basic food and medical supplies into the
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camp was cut off and so we're seeing a huge shortage of food medicine basic items like baby formula that's the malls and those supplies that do still remain there prices are increasing dramatically so a lot of people can't afford what is there what is stopping regular a deliveries. so. the number and number of sides that are. basically have a stake in the rock bands on they've been essentially placing the blame on one another for not providing aid to the camp rather than facilitating that aid process so you see the jordanian government for example saying not ban is a syrian problem it's syrians and syrian territory who see russian syrian governments and the u.s. led coalition also exchanging blame for allegedly hindering aid convoys so it's an
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issue of basically all sides here not really taking responsibility all right thank you for coming and sharing the information you have about the situation there let's hope people get the relief they need. thank you for having me. a turkish ship has begun drilling for oil and gas in the mediterranean sea for the first time a five month long exploration off the coast of cyprus threatens another showdown in the disputed waters with neighboring greece turkey is energy minister is warning of retaliation if turkish warships are harassed by the greek they be said of course all new reports now from antalya. there is soon mediterranean is the new frontier for oil and gas it's home to libya thought on and to my gas fields of the israeli coast the source field facing egypt and also aphrodite discovered by the greek cypriots and the region's underwater wealth appears to turkey which is dependent on
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energy imports all the g. and g. studies and everything is telling us it is the right location but you never know without doing so ankara is sending its first ship out to drill for natural resources there says the ship that turkey is using to drill for oil and gas she is called party which means the conqueror the first exploration will begin around one hundred ten kilometers of the mediterranean coast line at a depth of at least twelve thousand meters. but the drilling mission is causing friction with greece and it's set to reawaken tensions with cyprus the island of cyprus was supplied during your turkish military intervention in one thousand nine hundred seventy four triggered by a brief greek inspired coup it forced the mess displacement of people with greek cypriots now living in the south and turkish cypriots in the north turkey and international recognize greek cypriot government have overlapping claims of
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jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research in the eastern mediterranean however experts say political differences could take a back seat when it comes to commercial benefits and even israelis are thinking of joining egypt who. develop explorer then export yes so between when that is happening then between greece and turkey and the two parts the two sections of the island of cyprus the republic of cyprus and the turkish public within cyprus i think they have to resolve their problems turkey stays its goal is energy independence and accelerated exploration is simply part of that plan another drilling vessel is set to be added to its exploration fleet by the end of this year because although al-jazeera on saudia. yanis mccullough toss is an independent energy security analyst he joins us live from athens good to have you with us do
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you see what level of friction do you see resulting here between the turkish and greek navies over this. well the level of friction a diplomatic first of all and secondarily military but we cannot take we have to take into account that we have multiple. regional and global powers that are also involved in the drilling process so we will witness our long term. state of alert in the eleven thousand region and the east mitterrand in i think for the forseeable future although i explore the military action by either of either greece or turkey over the disciples of surer our hydrocarbon reserves. will this sort of friction lead to a situation that forces everyone to come to an agreement about resource sharing in the eastern mediterranean or do you expect this kind of i guess you could call it
4:37 pm
tit for tat exploration pattern to go on. well my personal is the mission is that sooner or later there will be. agreement between all the. players involved both the state in the non-state corporate entities when and how this will happen is something that nobody can assess for. but it will take some time maybe we can that happen though before the issue of cyprus is resolved. exactly this is one of the main archly the main issue there have been many rounds of negotiations between the un greece turkey the republic of cyprus the european union was involved and so on. this is something well we have to see there are many initiatives on the diplomatic level by all the countries involved and there are some analysts who are optimists some others who are not but i would say it's fifty
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fifty for the time. they're all those who analyzed his actions and not only to expand its marine resources but also to put pressure on the separate authorities to stop what the turks see as unilateral exploration of resources without the participation of northern cyprus will that strategy work. well we have a multi layer. of fur going on one is is related to the cyprus issue as you point out the other end in a more strategic level is that the european union's future energy security is in peril because the reserves in the north sea i decrease in fast the same is happening in other lands the coal industry is phasing out the nuclear industry is facing great restraints so the reserves in the eastern mediterranean are
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a focus for the european union's energy security for decades to come at this level are countries such as thirty is trying to play a bigger role vis a vis brussels in all the other european countries not necessarily only about the cyprus issue at the same time cyprus as the euro in the union member is trying to leverage its position based on the hydrocarbon reserves so we face a very complicated situation and that involves all major parties in the world those . ok thanks so much for your analysis of the youngest mccalla toss now u.s. president donald trump has backtracked from suggestions soldiers deployed to the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they throw rocks at them he was referring to central american migrants trying to reach the united states on thought what they did to the mexican military is that straight they end up with rocks were
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very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested they're going to be robbed i don't take you i don't say here but they do that when. they're going to be arrested for a long time. but heated immigration rhetoric comes just ahead of the midterm elections on tuesday although president trump is not on the ballot the vote is seen as a referendum on the first two years of his presidency he's spending the weekend before the vote campaigning for republican candidates in six states the midterm elections and trump's policies and rhetoric of inspired a record number of minorities to run mostly for the democratic party and some of them could be about to make history stacey abrams is standing for governor in georgia if she wins sure become america's first female black governor and then there's deb holland from new mexico is hoping to become the first native american woman to enter congress christine how close does the first openly transgender
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nominee for from a major party for governor she is contesting environment in minnesota. is the first somali american to run and if she wins she'll make history along with palestinian american rashid play from michigan as the first muslim american woman in congress. more now from alabama where a record number of african-american women running for office. of the annual magic city classic brings the entire community together it's an american football showdown between the two largest historically black universities as the midterm elections approach politics is never far away. but doug jones this is an important event when he won a special election last year jones became the state's first democratic senator in movement two decades of victories sealed with overwhelming support from african-american women voters is when say campaign as his spokes change we believe
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that that's how we're going to liberate those communities are so you're saying these women particularly black women without the black men to say enough is enough we have to take back our power and put that power back to the people. mother of two veronica johnson is one of those determined to challenge the status quo she's just one of a wave of women determined to change alabama's politics so yes i'm unhappy but there's only so much ranting you can do on facebook there's only so much ranting you can do on twitter i can't rant i'm not going to put myself out there to make the time just need to be timed this the most important thing i think is a referendum on the current president the comics that political science professor angela lewis says the unprecedented number of black female candidates will have a lasting impact the women run for office and win office in alabama. come to motivate those women who were sitting on the plane you know i'm tired of
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politics is news well let me just throw my head out there and went off and that's the way. alabama remains a deeply conservative state but the sheer number of candidates this year could be a sign of things to come alabama ranks among the bottom six states of female representation but these midterm. change that in all there are around seventy female candidates running for various positions many of them african-american and the driving forces behind this are important the election of democrat doug jones being one the b. two movement is also playing a role but there's also an overwhelming desire to change politics as normal and make elected officials more representative of this state. where the candidates like veronica win or lose on november the sixth may not matter in the long run it's example they're searching for others that may send the most powerful message to gallagher all jazeera birmingham alabama. at least thirteen
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people have been killed in a bus crash caused by a fight between the passenger and the driver in southwest china police have released video of the moment a woman hit the driver trying to strike her back and then lost control of the bus which plunged from a bridge into a river two people are still missing raymond child a producer credited with bringing hong kong's films to an international audience has died aged ninety one he played a crucial role in the stardom of kung fu legend bruce lee and later jackie chan he co-founded the golden harvest studio in one nine hundred seventy one went on to produce more than one hundred seventy films. young people in thailand using music to send a political message several anti-government movements are determined to get noticed between now and february that's when the country is holding its first general election since the military coup four years ago. as the story from bangkok.
4:45 pm
it's hugely popular on you tube and the time military government doesn't want anyone. but. the video condemning the nation's leadership made by a group called rap against dictatorship has had more than twenty million views in just two weeks. which has created some of the first big waves of political controversy in the run up to the much delayed elections scheduled for. prime minister has said thais who watch share even like the video will share the responsibility of the damage it does to the country. one of the rappers in the video known as jacoby thinks that the government's reaction to the song is one of the reasons for its popularity. object we don't have a fix go on what we want to see but we want the song to spread like
4:46 pm
a contagious disease and engage people into expressing their opinions for me this is considered as a success. he expects that he is and will continue to be watched by the government intelligence and security agencies a lot of younger people now will be voting for the first eligible ten percent of the electorate and this is a new voice. activated socialize through the new media technology social media and so on so we're seeing them taking more action. to tempt walks about here was the leader of the protest movement that shut down bangkok and ultimately led to the coup four years ago now he's leading a more traditional political move. as things ramp up before the planned elections he has publicly denounced the rap video. another group of young artists hoping that their voices will be heard the song. a punk band called and die
4:47 pm
for anarchy. they're worried that the police will shut down their concerts but insist that expressing criticism of the government is a basic right the band members don't reveal their names and cover their faces. we don't intend to incite people at all we are angry with the government we do satirical rants against what the government called return to happiness when compared to the rap as we all punk and when we could we could we express our hatred . the hope for the n r t pad thai band members is that someday soon they can perform their music that carries their message freely without covering their faces . bangkok. still ahead on al-jazeera all the sports including we go live to the world gymnastics championships see. how a way into the record books.
4:48 pm
fresh perspectives. possibilities. and. debates and discussions how could you trust them how can you work again with a man like that she seems to be saying all of us and we just don't know or care enough. winning programs take you on a journey around that the land. a journey of personal discovery. here and then in the us algis there is a mirror image of highlights the struggles and results. on this one made to the mosque. trying to preserve their way of life. owns one of the unscrupulous and know throws of what would your mileage from here you could be.
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a correspondent we are still here. trying to catch up with old with gold his lawyer thank you sammy now we start with a heavyweight showdown in the world of tennis later on saturday novak djokovic and roger federer will go head to head in the semifinals of the paris masters both with a lot to play for djokovic has already guaranteed world number one spot but survived a scare against mar until it's the croatian took the first set six four but it was a different story in the second djokovic broke his opponents for three one and never looked back taking the set six to the serb held on to take the decider six
4:50 pm
three extending his winning streak to twenty one matches. twenty time grand slam champion federer made quick work of kadisha corey beating the japanese in straight sets six four six four to ease into the last for the when he moves the world number three a step closer to claim what would be his one hundredth career title but his next match won't be as easy federer has failed to be joke of it in their three previous encounters and the serb leads their head to head record twenty four twenty two and he has not lost to the swiss since two thousand and fifty. leicester city will play their first premier league match since the death of their owner and four other passengers and a helicopter crash last saturday their way at cardiff city the early kick off is in the second half a short time ago manchester united were drawing at bournemouth arsenal can go third if they beat second place liverpool later. real madrid are back in the lead to
4:51 pm
action later for the first time since the sacking of coach who then after their five one humiliation to barcelona a lot of attention has been on that gareth bale who some real fans don't think is doing enough to replace christian rinaldo scored a second its last season championship league final victory but has not been on his best form since the summer. but like he has the spotlight on him and we are all waiting for him to show us his amazing skills he is a fantastic player and we want to enjoy him every day. now to the biggest prize in the asian club football the asian champions league final the finals played over two legs and its japanese sides lawyers who have the advantages over persepolis of iran gave them the lead in the second half and they got even better when another brazilian you know made it to and just when you thought it couldn't get worse for
4:52 pm
the iranian side they had a man sent off cmyk them and was shown a second yellow card for the second leg is next saturday and to her on persepolis need to score at least two and trying not to concede any away goals if they were to have any chance of turning it around. the world champion mark marquez has been stripped off the whole position after he blocked a fellow rider in qualifying for the malaysian moto g.p. the spaniard was faster than anyone else in the rain hit session at sepang but his move angered italian andre marquez raise a glove in apology but was still penalize and will start sunday's race in seventh instead of first spot has gone to join the drama wasn't over for marquez though he slid off the track as well but was still fastest by half a second. now it's the final day for the world gymnastics championships and qatar and all eyes are on simone by olds she clenched her thirteenth world title at the
4:53 pm
championship in qatar cementing her spot as the best athlete in the sport she won gold on the vault and silver on the uneven bars after winning the all around title on thursday she has two more chances at gold on saturday. now we have so how moloch live for us at the world championships here in doha so hell you're there surely everyone is really only talking about simone baez today. well i know you're a big fan of the man but this looks like there might be a dramatic upset that. she's just had a routine on the balance maybe that's one of two gold medals she's going to want to and thirteen point six now that could very well will get her to go and the five went on to perform to one of the biggest rivals that would be car equal also of united states who are someone very very good about this being. the board
4:54 pm
biles in the team event so it's possible that car eco might upset some in this event so we're going to watch out if that could happen you know you keep us posted with that but what is it looking like for a floor it's one of simone's favorite of events and we also have china and japan vying for medals on that as well and that's one of the usa strongest suits. well again you have to remember heading into the floor she's come into this event in not the best shape she had kidney stones the night before i just have that one year hiatus going into this event obviously she came back a bit before that obviously but she's now competing in the world's best one of those people very own colleague morgan hood. two thousand and seventeen or around champion now more than he hasn't done as well as by so far when she said i don't think you perform on the floor but we know she's got it you know her and she's a very strong reform a lot of the events that take place around the world just to mobilize could be in
4:55 pm
for a upset also on the floor routine well we've been really focusing a lot on the women's events but the men are competing too as you know what is it looking like for them as far as the pressure on these teams because as you know the top three teams from each of these apparatus will go and get to compete in tokyo in two thousand and twenty. you know we focus so much and sometimes we get there any other women that this event let alone the men and we've got the premier major now in the world over here now one person that's on the pressure is. he is the golden boy of japanese gymnastics and heading into tokyo twenty twenty every move that he makes is monta to scrutinize remembers because this is. gymnastics is the real super bowl of artistic dramatics he had an ankle injury heading into this he hasn't won a gold medal at this event so far he want to finish just on as much of
4:56 pm
a high as possible you know as much as what men think you can possibly do as he had procured ready. thank you we'll come back to you later for more updates. now to the n.b.a. basketball action and rookie alonzo tree or was the star for the new york knicks against the dallas mavericks despite the defeat it was the mavericks who came up with the best move of the game look advantage setting up dorian finney smith for the alley you but the next had some impressive moves of their own tree or with this slam dunk he ended up with twenty three points off the bench as the next took the wind one eighteen two one zero six it's their first away victory of the season. and the toronto raptors impressive start to the season continues with leonard it was the star with nineteen points as they picked up their eighth when away to the phoenix suns one zero seven to ninety eight the raptors go eight and one which is the best nine game start in their history. and in cricket there's no stopping
4:57 pm
pakistan's t twenty team who had just won their eleventh straight series it went down to the wire against new zealand in dubai but mohammed have got the job done with an unbeaten thirty four the world number one side won by six wickets with two balls remaining. and no football fans like it when their team is demoted but few have taken it just as badly as a ball boy in the chinese super league forced to watch as his beloved. chang tumbled to the second division port at lease the boy had the players on hand to comfort him this was only joe's second season in the top division and that's all sport for now we'll have more later. but that's it from me for this news hour but i'm back in the moment with both to stay with us.
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the right to adequate housing was adequate who decides. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al-jazeera. november on al-jazeera radicalized you a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and
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a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment. on. the employee early you know disability yes jail be revealed until three year old four year more he'll have this ability to play east. and a normal weight the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe in this condition as it. revisited on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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a month after the murder of saudi journalist. turkey's president steps up pressure from the kingdom. i'm sorry say that this is al jazeera live from coming up being the only problem is not. understands government is accused of caving into conservatives off to making a deal to end protests over a blasphemy conviction loss and void here only on our view i think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse is a volman the re.


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