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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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and see. what evangelical support means for the future of the country. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha santa maria welcome to the news grid who ordered the hit on jamal to show turkey's president says publicly he doesn't think it was king solomon but still says the order came from the highest levels of the saudi government is also demanding saudi officials reveal the location of the french body also on the grid a return to iran under u.s. sanctions donald trump's signal it in typically bombastic style on social media but what does it really mean for life in the islamic republic and are there enough countries still supporting iran to find a way around them and the u.s.
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midterm elections next week will be some of the most diverse we have ever seen women more ethnic minorities more people of sexual diversity and it's in twenty eighteen how will they fare in the era of donald trump and his base firmly rooted in one's marriage. rights groups are strongly criticizing a politician in tanzania has unveiled a plan to round up citizens suspected of being gay. more on that story you can connect with us over the next hour using the hash tag agent street. with the newsgroups live on their own streaming online through you tube facebook live in a down to zero dot com and the focus in the jamal khashoggi case this saturday is on the turkish president reject type one who is really keeping up the pressure on saudi arabia to come clean about the journalists mota always said he would release more information when the time was right his leg. this move has been an op ed for
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the washington post in it he says he's convinced the order to kill khashoggi came from the highest levels of the saudi government although he explicitly said he did not believe king solomon gave the order he made it very clear both countries continue to have friendly relations and also repeated his demand that saudi officials reveal the location of body and warn the case will not go away he wrote no one should dare to commit such acts on the soil of a nato ally again and that the killing violated the vienna convention on consular relations here's how in istanbul for us part of our team covering the khashoggi murder for the past month now how shim president is in a you might say a strong position he said i'm going to release information when i can what does this latest information tell us is it advancing his case any further. they are aiming now for the top leadership in saudi arabia they say bad to believe
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that. was involved in any in a way or another in the killing of the model hostages but they are not convinced that this is something that could be done by people like i did i see only the deputy intelligence chief or by sir barney the former advisor to the crown prince one hundred and so now they say these are absolutely no way you can fly to commercial flies with a hit squad and carry out an assassination in the building where you can see behind me the subject consulate in istanbul without someone higher up in the chain of command this explains why yesterday in the open to the washington post of a while ago the deputy leader. of the party norman. are saying that. king who is in custody of the two holy sites for the muslim world should stand for the ideals of those two holy sites and should tell the world who
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gave the order so it's quite obvious they are now on the off and civil and saying that there are two things that we need the saudis to deliver on that will the whereabouts of the remains and the man responsible for the killing because we just simply do not believe that the eighteen people detained in saudi arabia are the only culprits. hashim. outside the consulate in istanbul thank you our guest joining us now belinda liza who is the director of the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies he's on skype from washington d.c. this saturday thank you for your time sir tell me your thoughts on president earlier one's position at the moment as i was saying to hashem there he is in a you could say a position of strength he said i'm going to feed this information out over a period of time do you think this is a good strong strategy for him. well i would say the fact that he wrote an op ed for the washington post shows that putting pressure on the trumpet ministration
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. is a way of putting pressure on the highest level subscribe to government as a pretty which identified in the op ed as being responsible for the murtha create the air is to get the trumpet ministration to do what it has not been willing to do so which is you know to actually take measures itself to put sanctions and it's even identify the highest levels of the saudi government which we all assume. that on meant one of the descent of man you know the trump administration even though there was a conversation between president trump and the president added on top of these go and evidence was apparently produced the audiotape was was made available to the cia chief she now has flow when she was in in turkey recently shows no sign of being willing to move on this issue as you say the inference is that it's mohamed
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bin salmond that he's talking about when he explicitly says not king solomon bought the highest levels of the saudi government does president run any sort of risk going toe to toe with mohamed bin someone who we know is a powerful man in the region. well he has identified him by name which is opus the popular strategy and turkey's ability to to pressure riyadh. is limited so that's why the us comes into integration i'm sure that. the. the king and more importantly the crown prince an area of very cognisant all these big if you know the us to put pressure on them. but if the us does not move your rights then there will be the the there will be pressure on the church governments sangria. in response to the pressure that the church though it has been putting on
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on on saudi arabia so it will be a critical juncture in this mota literally as he said in your report one month. they will be the case of the cost of them is that will. bill and hillary's are joining us from washington thank you for that. if you don't already al jazeera has a new podcast series it's called the take hosted by i'm just tired it's a weekly look at one big news story in this week that story is jamal khashoggi the teen speaks to veteran middle east journalist rami hootie and also the director of news here at al jazeera english cell and then him about how we have been covering the story so it's really worth a listen allicin podcasts are in the more menu at al-jazeera dot com of course you can subscribe to the take on apple podcast or google play or if you get your podcasts and comments coming in from you as well hashtag a j news good twitter facebook and want sappers well alina is it still the time isn't right this is a good point about president and as we say drip feeding this information does he
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know is something that's going to be used as a bargaining chip in whatever deal he's been doing a great job so far but this is becoming a bit suspicious says she's watching on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera for the live stream of that number plus one seven four five one triple one four nine on whatsapp and on telegram as well if you are using that messaging app also we are expecting to hear from the turkish president at some point in this hour he is had a visit from the ukrainian president petro poroshenko media waiting there in istanbul for the two leaders to come out we'll bring you that news conference and perhaps any lines on jamal khashoggi as and when it happens. now the hour is approaching us sanctions on iran will come back into force at over five hundred hours g.m.t. on monday three years after they were lifted as part of a landmark twenty fifty nuclear deal many believe they will seriously damage iran's economy the iranian supreme leader is standing defiant as the u.s. has failed for decades to dominate iran and the president trump is facing global
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opposition to his plans this report from. when you look past all the politics what becomes clear is that american sanctions iranian people more than they change iranian government policies american policy some would say trumps brinkmanship has meant economic chaos for iran the value of the iranian ryall has suffered a major fall in the last year adding to high inflation and unemployment concerns all of this hurts low income and working people first and foremost they struggle to feed their families because prices for some basic goods have doubled. people's purchasing power has been reduced they talk about their problems. when a customer wants to buy something you can tell the situation some people used to come here to buy meat once a month now they come once every two months. when it comes to iran u.s.
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presidents have pursued a policy of containment for decades trying to limit iranians economically militarily and politically in their regional and global affairs even the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that president barak obama championed that gave iran back some of its financial freedoms many iranians saw that is just a softer approach to the same containment policy but by turning back the clock on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people here that during his administration there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies but if trumpet hope pushing iranians towards poverty would inspire them to topple their own leaders he'll likely be disappointed previous protests never got big enough all he's apparently done is make people here miserable. do you think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse his involvement in the region and sanctions have made the people hate him i really don't think that he's the one that should be the president of america. maybe good for his own people
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but not as you do think. it's better not to say anything about his personality everyone knows how. everybody knew. what iran's leaders signed the nuclear deal they said it was the thing to fix everyone's financial problems three years later with american promises of more sanctions than ever before the best that people here can hope for is that iran can manage to sell enough oil to survive until donald trump has left the white house. run. interim for us now and most stuff who is a political commentator thank you for your time sir before we look at what could possibly happen with the return of these sanctions tell me what happened when the sanctions were lifted in the first place did you notice did the iranian people really notice. a marked change and
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a quick change when the sanctions were lifted in the first place. hello and thanks for having me well as a matter of fact i should say that when we take a look at people's reactions in social media we just see they are making fun of the u.s. president and his decision and the way he expressed his decision also a bit there and a k. there is this situation in the open market since yesterday the prices have for a foreign exchange rates have gone low contrary to what was expected before there is been a one or two percent reduction in dollar exchange rate in the open market actually in the other markets foreign currency markets there has been no major fluctuation the prices has been have been stable this is because i believe there is
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a misunderstanding of the impact of the sanctions for foreigners this is not been the u.s. sanctions which has been the main cause of economic problems in iran one main reason is been the liquidity flow and the growth of liquidity in the iranian market and the us sanctions especially donald trump's exit from the nuclear deal sparked that liquidity flow to will rush to the foreign exchange foreign currency market as well as other markets so the prices and inflation went high but at the end of the summer when that liquidity volume was was brought under control of the situation came under control by the state and now the decision announced by donald trump made no difference because it has played only role of sparking the problem and it's not it doesn't have the lion's share in the problem itself the problem itself is mostly
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because of domestic deficiencies and problems and not because of the sanctions right and so when the sanctions come back into effect do you think there is enough strong relationships with the other countries the countries who don't want to break ties with iran for that to sort of offset whatever the u.s. does. oh sure you know of these sanctions are nothing new because they are nuclear related second there was sanctions that were developed and imposed on iran by barack obama's administration he had the good international support actually for the sanctions but donald trump it's no secret because of his bad relations with the chinese with the russians europeans turkey and many others the international support for in forcing these sanctions has weakened a lot in the meantime iran developed its own ways at
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a time of obama to bypass the sanctions those ways are already in there and iran doesn't need to reactivate them in the meantime iran has already thought of either of even new ways to you know bypass the sanctions one of them is the s.p.v. mccann ism that you know being presented by the europeans that some believe might soon become a rival of the sweet sift system and might rival with that messaging banking. system and that if this happens then that would be you know a shot in the foot of the americans because they have initiated action to you know create a rival for their swift system all together iran has a better hand compared with the time of obama why donald trump doesn't have the needed support for the force in the sanctions at the supply and demand side in the
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oil market also presents another problem to the u.s. administration we know no opaque or non opaque member who is there to replace all the lost iranian supply of two to two and a half million barrels of oil real pair date if this happens so all together iran is in a better situation compared with you know. the arrow before twenty thirteen even before the nuclear deal was one of the commission i'm using is going to jump on him day i'm sorry incorporation with tehran we've got a lot more news to print but thank you so much for your time and joining us from tehran today now we will almost reluctant to bring this next story out because in the end it is the little main war that's happening online but you would have seen it in some of the pictures there when we were talking to stuff and maybe it's more about the who rather than the what andrew this is to do with game of thrones the t.v. show which i know nothing about so i need you to explain for its place which is shocking
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but i'm over it it's ok well ahead of this next round of sanctions on iran the president of the united states tweeted out an image that in the style of game of thrones to announce this next wave of sanctions and the images you can see here says sanctions are coming if you don't watch the show it's similar to a very well known phrase winter is coming which i think is one of the official mottos of the house starke correct me if i'm wrong anyone in the gallery now it's certainly a surreal moment for everyone who follows the president the white house is feed here to spend a very surreal two years jack in australia is wondering how we might write about this kind of moment in the history books now h.b.o. says that they are not impressed they tweeted out a comment about trademark misuse and they later issued an official statement saying that they would prefer that it's that their trademarks are not misappropriated for political purposes one of the show's stars sophie turner she plays arya stark she had a very informal response to the presidential me simply tweeting out if you while the
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national iranian american council put out a statement calling trump a quote literal white walker fear mongering warmongering and championing division at every opportunity for political gain and quote now this isn't the first time that the show or its characters have been used to draw comparisons to the president or his presidency the show's writer george r.r. martin has. previously referred to trump as a petulant and irrational king joffrey and after seeing trump's tweet in the style of the show's title fun this time martin simply tweeted out the hash tag vote meanwhile this image has been going around the one you see here on instagram in iran it's quoting the iranian revolutionary guard chief again with the game of thrones reference here saying i will stand against you. and the iranians have put on a show of strength of their own today on the eve of sanctions showing these
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pictures on state media of a fighter jet they say it's entirely locally made and has now answered mass production iran and veiled the jet and august with president hassan rouhani saying that tehran's military strength was only designed to deter enemies and aimed at creating a lasting peace so let us know what you think about all of these optics ahead of the sanctions being imposed this next wave on the fifth you can let us know what you think obviously these images these measures will end up affecting regular people more than anyone else but we're curious to see what you think about the optics get in touch with us is a hash tag it is good thank you andrew and now clued up on game of thrones now u.s. midterm elections just days away in today we're looking at the record number of minority candidates on the ballot mostly for the democratic party and they could be some history makers among them stacy abrams first of all standing for governor in georgia if she wins she will be america's first female black governor deb holland from new mexico is hoping to become the first native american woman in congress
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christine is the first openly transgender nominee for many a major party running for governor she is contesting in the months in minnesota as the first somali american to run she could also become one of the first muslim women in congress the other is the palestinian american rashida who is well she's a shoo in really she's running unopposed in a safely democrat district in michigan so she will get there we've got the support now for many gallagher he is an alabama where a record number of african-american women are running for office. in birmingham alabama the annual magic city classic bringing the entire community together it's an american football showdown between the two largest historically black universities as the midterm elections approach politics is never far away. but doug jones this is an important event when he won a special election last year jones became the state's first democratic senator in
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more than two decades a victory sealed with overwhelming support from african-american women voters is when say campaign as his spokes change we believe that that's how we're going to liberate those communities are so you're saying these women step up particularly black women without the black man to say enough is enough we have to take back our power and put that power back to the people. mother of two veronica johnson is one of those determined to challenge the status quo she's just one of the wave of women determined to change alabama's politics so yes i'm unhappy but there's only so much ranting you can do on facebook there's only so much ranting you can do on twitter i can't rant i'm not going to put myself out there to make the time just that need to be times that's the most important thing i think is a referendum on the current president the comics that political science professor angela lewis says the unprecedented number of black female candidates will have
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a lasting impact the women run for office and win office in alabama it come to motivate those women who were sitting on the plane you know but i'm tired of politics as usual let me to fold my head up there and run for office is the way average. alabama remains a deeply conservative state but the sheer number of candidates this year could be a sign of things to come alabama ranks among the bottom six states of female representation but these midterm elections may change that in all there are around seventy female candidates running for various positions many of them african-american and the driving forces behind this are important the election of democrat doug jones being one the b. two movement is also playing a role but there's also an overwhelming desire to change politics as normal and make elected officials more representative of the state. where the candidates like veronica win or lose on november the sixth may not matter
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in the long run it's the example they're setting for others that may send the most powerful message to gallup girl jazeera birmingham alabama so diversity in candidates diversity in the electorate how might it all play out we have got by coincidence to stevens to discuss that with us now in new jersey is steven rogers here's a member of the donald j. trump for president advisory board and in new haven connecticut we've got steve perry a u.s. educator and principal of capital preparatory magnet schools stephens nice to see you both. steve perry let's start with you diversity in the candidates we have definitely seeing a change in twenty eighteen why did it take arguably donald trump's rise for this to happen shouldn't we have been seeing all the devices today for years now but i think that the problem is that we're focusing more on i didn't see them we should be on i then idolater i do allergy sorry about that because we're
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focusing on what the my looks like more than what they care about and i don't think this is just a recent trend this is an ongoing we may forget that we had a black president a couple years ago so this is not a new way that has been inspired by damage trump alone what he has led to it because of his clearly racist and often sexist notions that don't speak much to a particular ideology but more to an identity but identity is important in one sense because i mean even if it's just visually it gives people something to associate with there's a note if someone sees a somali american running for for office or a muslim woman and they say yeah i'm part of that. so that's it that's the root of racism that we can look at someone determine what they think feel and believe when i hear an iranian american i don't know what she thinks i think that she's from iran and i don't know what she believes until i give her the opportunity to be who she is and respect for her for that and
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a lot expressed that the problem is we diminish people into very small boxes that have limited what we see not just what they are seen as but how we see them and we lose the beautiful colors of humanity very good point steven rogers let's bring you in here from new jersey there is no doubt that in twenty sixteen when donald trump won the selection he won it in the in the heartland in quote unquote white america if i put it that way do you think diversity is a big issue going into this election or is it just as we've been discussing there it's almost i want to say it this way because message well diversity is good it strengthens our democracy but the american electorate is very smart i don't believe they're going to go out and vote based on a person's ethnicity or their color they're going to be voting on what this person can offer the american people what can they offer with regard to their quality of life we saw one president obama was elected he did very little to help the minority
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communities across this country and as a result donald trump was able to capture the votes of people from all ethnicities right across the board so as i said it's good it strengthens our democracy but at the end of day i think people are really going to look at what is going to happen to their lives as we move forward and that's what they're going to be voting on steve perry is shaking his head i better let you stay. if you can't make up facts i understand we are in the era of of trump and his his way of presenting information but to say that. captured anything other than the white vote is truly an overstatement and deeply it which the fact is that in order for us to move forward as a country we have to move forward as a country this is a civil war that we're fighting now and this really no reason for their people of every culture and every color of many different ideologies and when we can begin to truly embrace that that is when we as
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a country will stand as shining city on it until such time as that we've fallen down the hill that we once built for ourselves we as americans should be ashamed by the way in which we are participating in politics the same america this is something very very different going steven ragatz. he he captured the african-american vote in michigan and cities across this country and philadelphia in pennsylvania i mean come on the man was elected president of the united states because he had a strong message the minority unemployment rate is the lowest ever he's capturing hispanics he's capturing the african-american community again so you know you could talk all spin you want to get this man but he is the living on his promises and believe me he's going to be delivering much more as we move forward ok these are the facts gentlemen out not from the pollsters or from behind and this i feel we could go back and forth all night i'm going to have to move on to some other news but i've got one final question for you and that is what you think about turnout regardless of who you are and what you look like do you believe will start with you
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steve rogers that there is going to be a strong turnout it feels like the electorate is energized i wonder if you think it really is yes probably the strongest ever i read this morning where three million people have already voted in california with their early voting state or. as long as the republicans don't diminish people's opportunity to vote by putting in place silly notions of voter id and other strategies that typically suppress black and latino vote yeah i think we're going to have a pretty ok it's going to be an interesting few days isn't it steven rogers steve perry thank you so much for joining us on the news grid. thank you andrew i purposely talk to there about turnout about people coming out to vote because you've been looking at the celebrity effect on that yeah and one of the reasons why people are feeling like turnout might be a bit higher in this in this final stretch just like all final stretches of these elections we see some pretty big names on the campaign trail we've seen the
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previous president barack obama and oprah winfrey to actually knocking on doors in the state of georgia some of these really big names on the trail to try and sway voters especially in places like florida and georgia as i mention and now we're used to the quote unquote oprah effect another celebrity and her social media post may tip the scales for democrats in a very red state that's the state of tennessee so last month singer taylor swift declared her support for a democrat running for senate it was significant because she has always avoided politics and the music superstar is one of the most followed celebrities on instagram with get this just gets a number in your head ok one hundred twelve million followers on instagram so if we fast forward to this past week imagine all those people or more people registering to vote taylor swift last week called on her fans to vote early as we've heard in some states early voting is way up in tennessee a million people have already done so now if you check out some of the numbers that
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we're starting to get back or at least some of the people who watch this kind of thing. look at the age bracket from eighteen to twenty nine year olds and compare that to the year two thousand and fourteen so if you look at tennessee there was an increase this year of seven hundred and sixty seven percent this is according to target smart which is a firm that tracks early vote so some people as you might imagine are calling this a swift effect and say that other celebrities must they need to get involved in politics but we should keep in mind that early voting numbers are up in many states across the country so nobody can be quite sure what impact taylor swift has had that something will be interested in in the days ahead in any case if you're in the united states get in touch with us and let us know if you voted early and most importantly tell us why you can tweet us your thoughts tweet me directly i'm and tell you our thank you and here's our latest updates page on the u.s. midterms those developments the reports the tweets they all go up there but also
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just a little further down was there earlier in this good background information and little side menu with the issues and the races to watch and and how the whole system really works if you search for us midterms latest updates at al-jazeera dot com keep an eye on that and thank you for getting in touch with us as well on the hashtag a journey that lots of you pushing support for particularly the female candidates in this upcoming election who was it elizabeth who said good luck to all these women we need to allow you to say more diversity more women in politics is great news i hope they stay strong and don't let any bullying attempts stick to them this is the news great if you with us on facebook live we've got next a story coming up for you know about how an israeli ad featuring a model ripping off base failed schools quite a controversy and then later camps for the internally displaced burnt to the ground tens of thousands in central african republic running for their lives after renewed violence.
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however the rain clouds continue to affect the middle east at the moment we've got rain and snow over towards western side of the himalayas but for the west coast that eastern side of the med some showers some longer spells of rain also coming in here martin see the shower there into cyprus but it's across syria into iraq where we could see the heaviest downpours journals of one or two shells also making their way back into israel so that west of whether that will continue to just ease it where a little further more through it as we go on through monday hopefully not quite as heavy not quite as intense but the showers still there nevertheless with a possibility of some flash flooding then the same areas by monday ten we find in try you could just see wanted to show was just around southern parts of q.a. that west of weather that's continuing then across northern parts of saudi arabia
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fair amount of cloud across a good part of the gulf us and the case here in doha with a top temperature of thirty one celsius not too much sunshine monday the sun comes out with back to the hazy sunshine in the north those showers will continue as you can see into a good part of a saudi arabia we have got some showers along dispose of right in sioux the mozambique channel last you dry for southern africa but cooler for cape town. in the eight hundred seventy s. hundreds of algeria ends were banished to the farthest corner of an empire where their descendants still live today. my grandparents died with a heavy heart they left everything behind. and dotted their limited lame argyria and identity and it's always present inside as this french territory in the pacific prepares to vote on independence al-jazeera world tells the story of exile in new
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dot com and what's trending of. president. which. was telling us about a little bit earlier and also the. plane crash let's not forget that. perhaps from the. have a look it's what's trending today. we looked at this newsgroup a few days ago a young people who seem to be driving the political discussion in. and it looks
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like this next election turning into something of a ok watch that's a rap battle. so that's the original story of video condemning the nation's leadership it's pulled in more than twenty five million views online in just two weeks supporters hoping it will engage young potential voters are this was made by a group called rap against dictatorship and it's created a real target of the general election which is due for early next year. khomeini object maybe we don't have a fixed goal of what we want to see but we want this song to spread like a contagious disease and engage people into expressing their opinions to me this is considered a success but here's the new part of the story because it's no one sided battle the thai government has issued its own wrap response.
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like iraq and government is there one of its agencies publish this track as part of a competition it's about what they're calling the thailand four point zero plan designed to appeal to young people again will it work we will find out when the election is held next year the first vote since the military coup four years ago and in fact this article about zero dot com explains what has been said how to ready for that vote and also just down at the bottom there is an interesting edition of talk to al-jazeera with the former prime minister taksin shinawatra that family name it never quite disappears from time politics does it if you search for thai elections in the asia pacific news section of down to zero dot com that article from early september. now the central african republic is one of the world's poorest countries despite huge diamond and uranium resources but the government only controls a small part the rest that's held by various armed groups meaning life there is
6:38 pm
fraud and now it seems violence is escalating again at least ten thousand people have been forced to flee the fighting and take shelter in a hospital camps set up for those who previously fled their homes have been attacked as well doctors without borders posted these pictures are which appear to show the camps some of them burned to the ground while a peace process collapsed in central african republic back in november twenty twelve after months of fighting seleka rebels overran the capital that was in twenty thirteen and forced out president fronts were busy the violence then displaced more than seven hundred thousand people then a un peacekeeping force was deployed it's been trying to create stability since twenty fourteen but last year a further spike in violence pushed several aid agencies to withdraw leaving those tens of thousands of people without support in january the international committee for the red cross warned the situation is still worsening saying half the population is in need of aid well is the head of mission for doctors without borders in central african republic and he told us the international community
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needs to do much more to protect civilians there. gratian he's going to critique both the cities that are witnessing violence we have received hospital reported by m.s.f. doctors without borders thank god for any man by around twenty more wounded so some of those cases are very critique and we're trying to evacuate and. bombard the situation continues to be serious because he says sporadic fighting ongoing and that our colleagues cannot war cannot move to find out more people he needs equally patients that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not guaranteed fighting ongoing so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for. the suffering violence on the one hand the relation needs to be protected we need to ensure that the reef protection for these
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population when fighting between different groups happens that's really essential and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many you know human factors as possible responding to be for me. back now with the story from ten zinnia that the u.n. human rights chief is watching pretty closely. come all last monday tanzania's regional commissioner for dar es salaam announce the creation of a team that's dedicated to tracking down and detaining people who are or are perceived to be gay as part of a wider drive against prostitution and what authorities have called immorality united nations human rights chief has warned that this official campaign could turn into a witch hunt and could be interpreted as a license to carry out violence intimidation bullying harassment and discrimination against those perceived to be. now african countries have some of the most strict
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laws against homosexuality according to the world economic forum there are seventy three countries on earth where homosexuality is a criminal offense and as you can see by this map here that includes most countries in africa and in mauritania sudan northern nigeria and southern somalia sexual activity between two consenting adults of the same sex is in some cases punishable by death and in some of these countries there are colonial era laws that are a big part of the problem they're still on the books and haven't been removed by politicians so when people like tanzania's president john magaw foully come to power they can be used to target members of the l g b t community tanzania has had a reputation for being more tolerant than other countries in the region but since mega fully came to power three years ago activists say that has changed now members of the community could be facing thirty years in prison and the tanzanian official who started this latest campaign says he's already received more than nineteen
6:42 pm
thousand tips from the public. which was out on the edge of what is so i want to thank the people of daraa salaam for the way they have sacrificed to give us information continue sending messages so that we can get to the stage of wiping completely of this menace of prostitution and homosexuality. he also says that the roundup of gays and lesbians will begin this coming monday using social media to track down and identify potential suspects campaigners have condemned the move and say that the little protection that people have in tanzania is slowly being eroded . but this means is that most likely a series of high profile names are being reported over and over again by members of the public who are now being threatened by the government to purchase a p in this round up a village of eighty people high profile human rights defenders are incredibly terrified that their names are on this list because they are very visible at the local level for the work that they do to protect this community these are the
6:43 pm
activists who accompany people to hospitals to ensure that they don't receive discriminatory treatment these are the people who go to police stations to try to prevent sexual assault after people have been detained these activists are critical for the survival of the o.g.t.t. movement for sex worker rights and yet they are being pushed further and further underground and into hiding in an attempt to survive an amnesty international has said that the idea of this task force must be immediately abandoned as it only serves to incite hatred among members of the public now honesty has applauded some countries for removing many of these colonial era laws from their books in twenty fifteen for example mozambique removed a portuguese colonial era law that criminalized homosexual behavior so we continue to monitor this story out of tanzania in the meantime you can connect with us on twitter using the hash tag it is good. thank you for that andrew we're taking a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world and a u.n. convoy carrying much needed aid has reached the remote rock band camp in northeast
6:44 pm
syria the campus a rebel held area near the border with jordan but it's encircled by the government of people have been stranded there the last received aid in january in the meantime reports say children have been dying due to poor nutrition and sanitation the u.n. says the delivery of aid was postponed because of security concerns. pakistan has remained relatively peaceful after widespread protests were called off on friday there had been demonstrations in a number of cities against the release of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges when a deal was struck between the government and the conservative muslim groups relating to protests after the supreme court overturned her death sentence. alexandria's pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting who says the deal with the protesters was agreed within the constitutional framework where you had successfully been able to defuse the situation you know when you have been
6:45 pm
negotiations i think the biggest challenge for the government was not to use you know the good months or not sit follow that thought there's a link to that but i know you know that some something happens that it's a bad impression but we have been through this use the tensions and diffuse the book that without hurting anyone that's when you negotiate because there are certain things that you have to accept and the other party has to step like we have not good negotiated on outside the constitution what ever the big modern we have up there in the constitution and we are this we have to. get you know the courts of law basically was a myth the reality of the biggest government has not done enough knowledge this government will start a process that will be a little longer that mythical long but ultimately we have to take this issue previously and we have to. bring the country in education as well
6:46 pm
the u.s. president on trump has backtracked on an earlier suggestion that the military could shoot migrants at the mexico border if they were to throw rocks at offices he made the comments on thursday referring to central american refugees trying to reach the united states on force. what they did to the mexican military is that this great they end up with rocks were very seriously injured and they would throw a rock in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested they've got a big problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say shit but they do that with us they're going to be arrested for a long time and then her allegations have surfaced saying politicians are being bribed to switch sides on who should be the country's prime minister running with promising or is still refusing to quit after being fired last week by the president he has been replaced by mahinda rajapaksa the two time former president rajapaksa
6:47 pm
needs another five m.p.'s to get his majority in parliament. i mean i did nations children's fund says the likelihood of widespread famine in yemen will get even higher if efforts to deliver i blocked already millions are going hungry in the phone says but the yemeni government and the who the rebels are making it impossible to deliver and distribute aid unicef is backing u.s. calls for a cease fire within a month to end the conflict. just before we hit the brakes some of your comments actually had a great message from do who's watching from toronto in canada and she's direct message me you can my d.m. . if you want to send me a message directly she's talking about the turkish narrative over the whole story and how it perhaps is change not just the saudi narrative so we will have a little look into that you have to the show and see if we can do it perhaps in tomorrow's news grid but also can i suggest you go and have a listen to that podcast i mentioned earlier the take which you can find it down to
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zero dot com the latest one director of news talks about the way we have covered the story over the past months to have a look at that or just subscribe on the apple podcast a review get your podcasts now once again for the crew on facebook live an extra for you now about an afghan version of the final spine artist charlie chaplin and then some as he would sport we're off to the world gymnastics championships a month going for even more gold medals for she got them already actually first though a quick look at some international weather. in
6:49 pm
south career around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition take you're not the man you want to when he's depressed a good. friend or food on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. at sixteen who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as her investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women fall the search for suitable husband continues and both their dreams come true must one overcome the on a cruise deadline part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera.
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from the domestic from the man with sana but first with the city back on the pitch yes but it's a very sad day for them of course is the first on their back since the owner has passed away were left to sit if it will come up are playing their first game since the death of their own of ha so they have that are prada but they are away at cardiff and the premier league before kick off though is a minute's silence that with all the players coaching staff all a taken part in the center circle leicester also warmed up in t. shirts showing a picture with the boss written on them they saw on the nest
6:51 pm
a squad that will board a plane to thailand for the funeral six year old was killed when his helicopter crashed shortly after i left this game guess where last saturday four other people were killed in the accident. well the funeral has already started at a buddhist temple in bangkok it began on saturday and will be held over seven days as is tradition for shea was the titans fifth richest man and funeral is being sponsored by the thai king in fact the royal family has provided special awards that the golden to be used as part of the traditional a bathing ceremony which is body will be then held for one hundred days before being cremated or is the last day of the world gymnastics championships and doha a similar boss is looking for more gold medals our ports as a whole so hale mallett joins us live from the spire dome in doha. so hell tell us
6:52 pm
it's been a very dramatic day for women's events. well let me tell you something in a few minutes and maybe a few seconds. behind me is the most positive likely to be announced as winning the floor routine ending her campaign with a goal she's in gold medal contention right now she did a tremendous routine in just a little while before she did step up bones once but looks like she's in a window. and that's going to be concerned with any second now when the announce is going to make the announcement and it's going to robson this place unless there's been an absence of them with the final competitor earlier on she did manage to win . let's see it's coming up oh onst immobile you got that wrong simone has it back on the floor into the hands this is a competition with a gold medal of the bronze on the beam a bit earlier today able. to hell did we didn't expect it till much from her. book when it comes to samoa. can you ever expect too much i mean do we expect much
6:53 pm
from so much from three to williams from the bron james a rough film the dog these are the competitors she's brought up that the pinnacle of a sport i just remember simone was one having kidney sleuths just before this commission started then didn't really does there really is no limit to what his goal can achieve and i'm expecting i'm sure the world is to completely. twenty twenty. so how what's the vibe there how popular is simone among the crowd. among the crowd i mean people here from all different parts of the world we're going to britain here we go to europe you don't want to do what you want to i think that can transcend to school she's hugely popular she's got huge following a social media and that's only going to grow more duels with to be having her way she's a big star she's also become a role model after the whole larry nasra sex abuse scandal she said that power to
6:54 pm
create elevate to the status to someone that's not just a small stuff but someone who's going to speak up against you're going to do things even if you just. don't think she is one of the she's going to become. sal how successful would these events considering that the cut is that is going to be busy in the few years time what with the wall cuts happening in twenty twenty two. absolutely despite well we are right now with the shadow of the stadium which is going to host much as they come to twenty twenty two and every time there's no ben to be here. we have to remember. this event is going to make sense to. the welcome he's going to have. for spectators and . slightly different as you can imagine from the kind of crowd this year for gymnastics and it's going to be a far bigger to go great job here at the gymnastics they've done a good job but they're going to try and build on that. next year and the world cup
6:55 pm
is a completely different kettle of fish. out of life and this by a dumb here in doha thank you very much for the. not some interesting though was from david beckham who predicts at that football as it will play for longer longer with the advances and sports science that come hope play the himself until he was thirty eight wasn't thailand to at the youth football clinic for man to say not to the real madrid star helped out and took part in some of the drills with the kids as a news conference on. i'm stressed the importance of looking off these self as an athlete . i was very lucky because i was a generation actually just started with me just started with a group of players that we had so we were able to turn around and you know live a better life and be able to eat the right things and drink the right things and we were more aware of what we would do in. the program that career is and i was very
6:56 pm
lucky i played to i was thirty eight years old i had a long career but obviously players these days they look off to this much more in this so much aware of what they what they need to eat what they need to do to stay fit that hopefully these players will play for a lot longer luckily for me as well i had children very young age so i was able to have my children live my career with me watch what i watch what i trying. called as a football player and that hopefully set the right song for them. now no football fans like it when their team is relegated but few have ever taken it as badly as this bill will hay and the chinese superleague forced to watch as his beloved just sang a tumbled into the second division at least the poor boy had the play is on hand to comfort him it was also a bit too much for many of the fans. crying myself. well leo will be back with
6:57 pm
more at eight hundred g.m.t. before now hundred back to come on a he is going to be so embarrassed of that when he's a teenager just quickly before we go we tell you to get in touch with us with hash tag a.j. news good i do want to tell you though about al jazeera dot com slash tips is well if you need to share something with us there are other ways postal address even the whatsapp and signal of course and even a secure drop website if you need to send us any sensitive information that's an encrypted submission service so if you go and it's in tips at the bottom it there as well before you send of a confidential document so if you've got a big story you need to tell us about it you can do it that way al-jazeera dot com slash tips is that website in the meantime anything for the newsgroup you know how to do it hashtag a j news group that could be on twitter or on facebook or directly to us on our whatsapp number which covers the telegram at this well we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow sunday.
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al-jazeera. turkey's president keeps up the pressure on the sideways over the murder of jamal khashoggi with his most direct accusations yet. hello there like all of this is sal jazeera live from london also coming up more than ten thousand people displaced by fighting in central african republic take shelter at a hospital after their camps or torched the lawyer of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy fees pakistan as a baby has been barred from leaving under a government deal to end the protests against her.


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