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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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revisited on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and this is the news from al-jazeera one month after the murder of journalists in turkey's president is stepping up the pressure from saudi arabia. government is accused of caving in to conservatives up to making a deal to end protests. a conviction. voluntarily on earth do you think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse is
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a bomb in the region and sanctions have made the people hate and contempt for the growing on the streets of iran just days before new stiff the u.s. sanctions go into place. there's only so much ranting you can do on twitter i can't wait to. put myself out there to make the changes that need to be chinese and i historic number of minority women are running for office in america's midterm elections. and i'm harding all the support coming up as leicester city play for the first time since their thai owner was killed in a helicopter crash at their stadium. a month after journalist jamal khashoggi was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul and turkey's president is still pushing for answers from the kingdom written an article in the washington post reject type one saying he is. convinced
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the order to kill khashoggi came from the highest levels of the saudi government but also says he does not believe that king solomon himself was the one who made the order he stressed both countries continue to have friendly relations once again no one demanded saudi officials reveal the location of his body and warned the case will not go away or one said no one should dare so commit such acts on the soil of a nato ally again adding the killing was also a clear violation and blatant abuse of the vienna convention on consular relations so let's start with. in front of that saudi consulate in istanbul hashim what do you make of the way the president is doing this as we keep pointing out one month after the murder happened and he just keeps putting a bit more pressure on almost on a daily basis. indeed command and each time he's addressing king solomon out there as he's saying that he trusts in his
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trusts him and what he wants him to tell the world who gave the order to kill. over the last few days when the son of the chief prosecutor sir was here there were hopes among in the turkish government that surge would be able to build bridges with his turkish counterpart come together tell the turkish investigators few details particularly about the testimonies of the eighteen suspects detained in saudi arabia who gave the order to kill and then the whereabouts of his remains he left without giving them clarity about those issues this explains why the turkish government now is frustrated disappointed but at the same time of the orphans of a while ago the turkish deputy head of the ruling party said that's being sentiment as the leader of the saudi arabia a country that hosts two of the holy sites of the muslim world should stand up to
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the ideals of those sites and tell the world who gave the order to kill so they're putting pressure on the saudi political leadership to come out openly and tackle these two critical things who gave the order and the whereabouts of the remains because the turkish investigators know that ultimately if they cannot find the remains it won't be easier for them to come up with an indictment and prosecute those responsible for the killing of hasi thank you with that update from istanbul . we turn to other news in the lawyer representing a christian woman in pakistan acquitted of blasphemy has now fled the country fearing for his life saif look since he had to leave so he could continue to represent assy a baby her conviction was overturned on wednesday sparking violent protests you've actually been on death row for eight years officials have now agreed to stop baby from leaving pakistan in order to end the violence over the ruling she was
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convicted in twenty ten of insulting the prophet mohammed tearing around with neighbors will follow a challenger has pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting who he spoke to earlier he told us the deal with the protesters was struck within the constitutional framework where you had successfully been able to diffuse the situation you know when you have a new group. i think the biggest challenge for the government was not to use you know the did much to follow that process. that for now you know. something happens that it's a bad impression but we have been through this use the tensions and diffuse the without hurting anyone that's when you negotiate because there are certain things that you have to accept and the other party has except that we have not good negotiated on outside the constitution what ever the did modern we have popular in
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the constitution and we are we have to. get you know the courts of law basically was amid the reality of the previous government has not done enough knowledge this government will start a process that will be a little longer that me particularly long but ultimately we have to take this issue previously and we have to. you know bring the country in education as well. a u.s. soldier has been killed and another wounded in an attack in the afghan city kabul it is the latest in a series of so-called green on blue attacks that is where afghan troops have killed u.s. or nato coalition forces the top nato commander in afghanistan escaped uninjured when a local governor's guard opened fire on a meeting between u.s. and afghan government officials u.s. sanctions on iran will come back into force five hundred hours g.m.t. on monday three years after they were lifted as part of the landmark twenty fifteen
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nuclear deal and they believe it will seriously damage iran's economy with the oil sector among the industries to be hardest hit however the iranian supreme leader is defiant as the reports from teheran. when you look past all the politics what becomes clear is that american sanctions iranian people more than they change iranian government policies american policy some would say trumps brinkmanship has meant economic chaos for iran the value of the iranian ryall has suffered a major fall in the last year adding to high inflation and unemployment concerns all of this hurts low income and working people first and foremost they struggle to feed their families because prices for some basic goods have doubled. people's purchasing power has been reduced they talk about their problems. when
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a customer wants to buy something you can tell the situation some people used to come here to buy meat once a month now they come once every two months. when it comes to iran u.s. presidents have pursued a policy of containment for decades trying to limit iranians economically militarily and politically in their regional and global affairs even the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that president barack obama championed that gave iran back some of its financial freedoms many iranians saw that is just a softer approach to the same containment policy but by turning back the clock on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people here that during his administration there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies but if trumpet hope pushing iranians towards poverty would inspire them to topple their own leaders he'll likely be disappointed previous protests never got big enough all he's apparently done is make people here miserable. do you think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse his involvement
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in the region and sanctions have made the people hate him i really don't think that he's the one that should be the president of america. maybe good for his own people but not as you do think. it's better not to say anything about his personality everyone knows how. everybody. what iran's leaders signed the nuclear deal they said it was the thing to fix everyone's financial problems three years later with american promises of more sanctions than ever before the best that people here can hope for is that iran can manage to sell enough oil to survive until donald trump has left the white house zain but. with us now a senior iran analyst with the international crisis group he's also worked with the negotiations between the p five plus one and iran nice to have you with us bottom
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line what do you think happens once these sanctions take effect maybe not immediately but what will be the economic effect off them. look without me these sanctions are going to inflict significant harm on the iranian economy already the structure of their snapback has resulted in devaluation of the iranian we all of which has lost two thirds of the value it is likely that iran will lose about fifty percent of its oil exports and the prediction is that as of next year the economy go go into recession and will start shrinking by a rate of the box three to four percent so the economic harm i think there is no doubt about it the question of what happened within sixty and i think for now the iranians want to stay in the deal and see if the you're in the rocks and then the time we can mitigate some of the impact of sanctions and provide them with a lifeline until twenty twenty to see what happens in the u.s. president and what does mitigation of that look like how can the remaining
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signatories to the deal. almost help iran circumvent it i guess. look the europeans are putting in place a mechanism that they're calling a special purpose vehicle which is designed so that the iranians would be able to continue selling their oil production indirectly probably for another member of the few plus one to the europeans and in return have access to the european market it's a barter system that's not necessarily involved in the transactions but it allows the iranians to first of all politically justified remaining in the back home in iran and also by the time until twenty twenty it's certainly not going to mitigate the impact of sanctions entirely and you know after the sanctions given that the eminence of the u.s. and the system are going to be thankful but. the question is whether it will be sufficient to allow them to keep their economy afloat until twenty one i wonder if
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maybe not maybe equally as damaging as the sanctions themselves is the psychological effect of all of this the fact that iranians will once again say well he goes the united states again maybe they'll separate it into donald trump i don't know but he is the united states putting unnecessary pressure on us again. look without any doubt i think this is really damaging for the two countries relations in the long term because i can see any future iranian government dealing with any future american government who always look at this experience of wonder if with the changing winds of u.s. politics that the u.s. would remain committed to its agreements with iran and the problem as every time the us uses sanctions and continues changing the goalposts it also makes the iranians wonder what's the ultimate objective here whether it is really for the cheap the quote demands that secretary has outlined which address iran's nuclear
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issue as well as that's what this that my stars and regional activities whether the objective here is really regime change and i think the iranians believe the. thing that is more dangerous than actually surrendering is the new thanks and it is that it would result in loss of their just a mystery at home and it would result in both of regime change which is in their view of the objective that the white house is very soon right good talking to you from the international crisis group in washington my first meanwhile iran's defense minister made a how to me says the mass production of a locally designed cold solder fighter jet has begun without giving details how to me said the air force will soon have the number of jets that it meets. is what's coming up for you on this news hour. you think. we have the numbers here if refusing to bow out sri lanka's prime minister tells al-jazeera to more pressing is
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under threat as reports emerge of bribes being offered to him taste a change in the agent's. contentious waters will turkey's boil drilling project spark tension with but cyprus and briefs sport brazilian striker and his name is paul lives up to his name oh my goodness can you become a hero in the chinese title rights leaders here with more. now u.n. convoy carrying much needed aid has reached the remote rookie camp in southeast syria it's in a rebel held area near the border with jordan and circled however by government forces thousands of people have been stranded there for months for the last i reaching in january as a report. sandstorm season and rock band we're going blind this boy says our homes are destroyed take us away from him.
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rick band is the no man's land in more ways than one a desolate camp in the open desert near the jordanian border caught between warring sides there's no escape. people came here three years ago fleeing i still fight has us russian and syrian airstrikes now there are some fifty thousand people many of them women and children. i know you're one of those protests began last month after a smuggling route for food and medicine was closed by government forces well you know i don't know what that he's disabled he's also malnourished he's almost a skeleton from starvation officials say u.n. aid convoy expected last week. it was delayed because of security concerns but now it's finally here food hygiene and health supplies to be distributed over the next three to four days. humanitarian convoys here require approval from damascus the
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last time repond received any aid was in january then a cross border delivery from jordan a red distribution after it sealed its border in the aftermath of a twenty sixteen isolette tack that killed seven jordanian soldiers we said we're not going to order it. is syrian people on syrian territory so it is the responsibility of the syrian government and the yuan and the international community but wasn't established national. just. by. circumstance where. the strangely borders. u.s. forces have a military base nearby policing a fifty five square kilometer so-called deescalation zone you know. russia blames the u.s. for the deteriorating situation the u.s.
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says russia and syria using rock band as an excuse to question its presence here and say they really want to help these people or they want to use them as a as a as something to kind of come after us this is not a united states problem started jordan problem these are syrians these syrians are dying and many of these new graves are so very small the red crescent says despite this delivery the situation remains critical no one perhaps knows that better than those burying their children here. and starting a tayo al-jazeera. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in just the last four days camps set up for those who fled earlier violence have been attacked and at least two people are dead doctors without borders posted these pictures appearing to show some of the camps burned to the ground has been violence and instability in the country for years goes back to a peace process which collapsed in november twenty twelve and after months of
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fighting the seleka rebels overran the capital and twenty thirteen forced president francois busy out violence displaced more than seven hundred thousand people a un peacekeeping force was deployed it's been trying to create stability in twenty fourteen but last year a further spike in violence pushed several aid agencies to withdraw leaving tens of thousands of people without support in january international committee of the red cross war the situation is still worsening and says half the population is in need of aid or we heard from abends a little bit earlier head of mission for doctors without borders in central african republic who told us the international community needs to do more to protect civilians from the ongoing fighting. this equation is going to critique in both cities that are witnessing violence we have received hospitals supported by m.s.f. doctors without borders thank god for any man by around twenty more wounded so some
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of those cases are very critique and we're trying to evacuate them. banned by the situation continues to be serious because he says sporadic fighting ongoing and that our colleagues cannot work and not move properly to find out more people he needs equally patients that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not going to be very exciting and going so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for. the palatial very suffering these violence on the one hand the relation need to be protected we need to ensure that there is protection for these populations when fighting between different groups happens that's really essential and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many you know humanitarian act first as possible responding to the before me the united nations children's fund unicef says the likelihood of
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widespread famine in yemen will get even worse if efforts to deliver blocked already millions are going hungry in the fund the yemeni government and the rebels and making it impossible to deliver and distribute aid unicef is backing the u.s. calls for a cease fire within a month to end the conflict. in sri lanka politicians and all being accused of accepting bribes to switch sides on who should be the country's prime minister run to overcome the singer's refusing to quit after being fired last week by the president who has a price by mahinda rajapaksa the votes of another five to get a majority in parliament but speaking to al jazeera commenting it said democracy in sri lanka is on the threat of smith with more from colombia. for the past week run a wickramasinghe has refused to leave the prime minister's official residence here in the capital it's become a symbol of legitimacy he tells me after being fired by the president in what critics are calling a constitutional two day the third democracy in the last presidential election and
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parliament religion we came forward on the basis that parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the. point there nineteen the amendment to the constitution was drafted on that basis now what has happened is the president is trying to override the power of the parliament present my three policy or is say in a swore in mahinda rajapakse as the new prime minister last friday rajapaksa was president for two terms and scrapped term limits and twenty fourteen to try and stay in power but then lost the election he called a year later rajapaksa says he's got enough support in parliament to confirm his position but m.p.'s compote because presidents are saying or a suspended parliament why the delay you think in recalling palm and where they have been the number where the number because parliament initially thought. we have
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the numbers here it. with we hear a lot of talk about persuading m.p.'s to join rajapaksa side how might they be persuaded what are you what are you hearing about what's going on with our funding member ministry sheeps and sometimes money the speaker has warned of the risk of a bloodbath if this is allowed to continue do you share those views of the speaker that there can be an appeal because people are getting the two granted by the rewarded parliament democracy we why we asked for a different set up and all of sudden we find the worth of them two thousand fourteen. defending a principle and the fact that the made during the war. in two thousand and fifteen to a poor democracy and if you lead them down they're close to be i and a singer says it's that desire to uphold democracy that's brought him support from
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the widest section of society than just his traditional support base prime minister witnessing that says he's staying put here at his official residence until parliament is really called it's believed mahinda rajapaksa only needs another five m.p.'s to switch to his side to give him the majority he needs in parliament to take over the prime minister's office the stakes are so high that one m.p. has told reporters he's been offered nearly three million u.s. dollars in cash to switch to rajapaksa signs but it's al-jazeera colombo. now for the first time a turkish ship has begun drilling for oil and gas in a disputed area of the mediterranean a five month long exploration off the coast of cyprus threatens to spark a showdown with neighboring greece simcoe silly reports from untidy. the is soon mediterranean is the new frontier for oil and gas it's home to libya thaw and time are gas fields of the israeli coast the sore fields facing egypt and also aphrodite
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discovered by the greek cypriots and the region's underwater wealth appeals to turkey which is dependent on energy imports all the g. and g. studies and everything is telling us it is the right locations but you never know without doing so ankara is sending its first ship out to drill for natural resources this is the ship that turkey is using to drill for oil and gas she is called fatah which means the concur the first exploration will begin around one hundred thousand kilometers of the mediterranean coast line at a depth of at least twelve thousand meters. but the drilling mission is causing friction with greece and it's set to reawaken tensions with cyprus the island of cyprus was supplied during your turkish military intervention in one thousand nine hundred seventy four triggered by a brief greek inspired coup it forced the mess displacement of people with greek cypriots now living in the south and turkish cypriots in the north turkey and
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international recognize greek cypriot government have overlapping claims of jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research in the eastern mediterranean however experts say political differences could take a back seat when it comes to commercial benefits and even israelis are thinking of joining egypt to develop explore the export yes so between when that is happening then between greece and turkey and the two parts that were sections of the island of cyprus to the problem of cyprus and the turkish republic within cyprus i think they have to resolve their problems turkey stays its goal is energy independence and accelerated exploration is simply part of that plan another drilling vessel is set to be added to its exploration fleet by the end of this year c n n because although al-jazeera on tallia. is old news out.
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for a long time the. chief from the community feels that. more and more. africans could soon have part ownership of one of the largest. also why people in the south pacific island of new caledonia may be saying goodbye to french rule. in their mission to break the stranglehold that event it's time to have. however the rain clouds continue to affect the middle east at the moment we've got rain and snow over towards western side of the himalayas but for the west coast
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that eastern side of the med some showers some longer spells of rain also coming in here martin see the shower there into cyprus but it's across syria into iraq where we could see the heaviest downpours journals of one or two shells also making their way back into israel so that west of weather that will continue to just ease it where little further more which as we go on through monday hopefully not quite as heavy not quite as intense but the showers still there nevertheless for the possibility of some flash flooding then eastern areas by monday ten we find in try you could just see wanted to she was just around southern parts of cuba way that west of whether that's continuing then across northern parts of saudi arabia fair amount of cloud across a good part of the gulf i said of the case here in doha with a top temperature of thirty one celsius not too much sunshine monday the sun comes out with betsy the hazy sunshine here of the north those showers will continue as you can see into a good part of a saudi arabia we have got some showers along dispose of right in sioux the
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mozambique channel largely dry for southern africa but cooler for cape town. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be merrett as her investigations bring her face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women her father's search for suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true and almost one overcome the other. deadline and part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. the right to adequate tells you what is adequate who decides what is actually housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in
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a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al-jazeera. you're in the news here at al-jazeera these are our top stories turkey's president says he is convinced the order to kill journalists came from the highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington post project time thirty one city didn't believe it was king solomon gave the order. the lawyer representing a christian woman in pakistan acquitted of blasphemy has fled the country in fear for his own life. says he had to leave so he could continue to represent i see of
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b.p. his conviction was overturned on the station he had spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet mohammed. and iran's supreme leader ali khamenei says the u.s. has failed to reach its goal of domination teheran he made those comments after the u.s. government said it was restoring sanctions that were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen u.k. deal u.s. measures come back into effect around forty eight ounce. donald trump has backtracked on an earlier suggestion the military could shoot migrants at the mexico border if they were to throw rocks at offices he made the comments on thursday referring to the central american refugees trying to reach the united states on foot. what they did to the mexican military is a disgrace they hit him with rocks some were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested they've got to be
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a problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say shoot but they do that with us they're going to be arrested for a long time the minor refers to the ones currently traveling through southern mexico they have had their hopes dashed of being bused north to mexico city the governor of veracruz state has reversed plans to provide humanitarian assistance and transport manuel republic is in mexico city with more on this one why the u. turn meanwhile well the governor and his eunice did promise buses for as many as five thousand individuals to transport them from bedecked loose here to mexico city but backtracked on that on that promise these five thousand people are part of the migrant caravan that left ponderous several weeks ago in a video post that the governor made online he he cited that the water crisis going on in mexico city is the reason for four backtracking on that promise he said that
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quote the shortage will affect more than seven million people adding that he didn't want to add to the problem here in mexico city but i should i should add we should mention that that water crisis the water shut off ended today service has been almost restored to two to everyone who had been affected by the by the maintenance that took place earlier this week the migrant caravan members of the caravan published an open letter to the governor expressing their disappointment in that decision calling calling that that promise and then and then doing away with that promise quote unacceptable and so what happens now manuel the people who thought they were going to get a bus ride for the north just carry on walking. well that's the big question at this point and that's that's the i know governor units did ask the migrants offering them inviting them passage into a city offering them shelter or giving them an opportunity to seek medical attention and to be given food but these are individuals who have been traveling for weeks now and it's unclear whether or not they're going to take the governor on
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that offer and and make their way way south into a bit of a city or if they're going to simply choose to walk their way here to mexico city they do have the intention of coming to mexico city registering their names with authorities here in this city and then asking for transportation to the southern border that is their ultimate goal is to reach the united states southern border but it could still be weeks before they reach that point on the other apollo with that update from mexico city thank you. u.s. midterms just three days away now in the race since seeing a record number of minorities running many push to campaign by comments made by president donald trump and some of them could be history making the abrams for example standing for governor in georgia or if she wins she becomes america's first female black governor that holland from new mexico is hoping to become the first native american woman to and to congress christine the first openly transgender nominee from many major policy running for governor she's contesting the moms and
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then in minnesota you've got a model for a somali american to run and if she wins should make history along with the palestinian american rashid at slide from michigan as the first muslim american women and congress more in all of this from the gallagher now he's in alabama a record number of african-american women are running for office. in birmingham alabama the annual magic city classic brings the entire community together it's an american football showdown between the two largest historically black universities as the midterm elections approach politics is never far away. with doug jones this is an important event when he. in a special election last year jones became the state's first democratic senator in more than two decades a victory sealed with overwhelming support from african-american women voters is when say campaign is spock's change we believe that that's how we're going to liberate those communities and so you're seeing these women step up particularly
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black women without the black men to say enough is enough we have to take back our power and put that power back to the people. mother of two veronica johnson is one of those determined to challenge the status quo she's just one of the wave of women determined to change alabama's politics so yes i'm unhappy but there's only so much ranting you can do on facebook there's only so much ranting you can do on twitter i can't rant i'm not going to put myself out there to make the time just that need to be times that's the most important thing i think is a referendum on the current president the comics that political science professor angela lewis says the unprecedented number of black female candidates will have a lasting impact see women run for office and win office in alabama. come to motivate those women who were sitting on the train you know but i'm tired of politics as usual let me just throw my head out there and run for office is the
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way abbott. alabama remains a deeply conservative state but the sheer number of candidates this year could be a sign of things to come alabama ranks among the bottom six states of female representation but these midterm elections may change that in all there are around seventy female candidates running for various positions many of them african-american and the driving forces behind this are important the election of democrat doug jones being one the b. two movement is also playing a role but there's also an overwhelming desire to change politics as normal and make elected officials more representative of the state. where the candidates like verona. to win or lose on november the sixth may not matter in the long run it's the example for others that may send the most powerful message and gallacher al-jazeera birmingham alabama. interesting steve perry here runs a company in the us which operates education centers many of those students from
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minority groups he or she tells the focus on race and identity can have different implications. we're focusing on what the my looks like more than what they care about and i don't think this is just a recent trend this is an ongoing we may forget that we had a black president a couple years ago so this is not a new way that has been inspired by donald trump alone what he has led to it because of his clearly racist and often sexist notions that don't speak much to a particular ideology but more to an identity that's the root of racism that we can look at someone determine what they think feel and believe when i hear an iranian american i don't know what she thinks i think that she's from iran and i don't know what she believes until i give her the opportunity to be who she is and respect for her for that and a large brush that the problem is we diminish people into very small boxes that have limited what we see not just what they are seen as but how we see them and we
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lose the beautiful colors of humanity young people in thailand are using music to send bad political message several anti-government movements are working to rally support between now and early next year when the country plans to hold its first general election since a military coup four years ago scotto with more from bangkok. but. it's hugely popular on you tube and the time military government doesn't want anyone. to take the video condemning the nation's leadership made by a group called rap against dictatorship has had more than twenty million views in just two weeks. which has created some of the first big waves of political controversy in the run up to the much delayed elections scheduled for federal. prime minister has said thais who watch share or even like the video will share the
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responsibility of the damage it does to the country they've got blood on him i'm going to send even you down one of the rappers. the video known as jacoby thinks that the government's reaction to the song is one of the reasons for its popularity . object we don't have a fix go on what we want to see but we want the song to spread like a contagious disease and engage people into expressing their opinions for me this is considered as a success. he expects that he is and will continue to be watched by the government intelligence and security agencies the younger people now will be voting for the first eligible close to ten percent of the electorate and this is a new voice. activated socialize through the media technology. and so on so we're seeing them taking more action. to tempt walks about here was the leader of the protest movement that shut down bangkok and
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ultimately led to the coup four years ago now he's leading a more traditional political movement as things ramp up before the planned elections he has publicly denounced the rap video. another group of young artists hoping that their voices will be heard. thanks a punk band called n r t but die for anarchy. they're worried that the police will shut down their concerts but insist that expressing criticism of the government is a basic right the band members don't reveal their names and cover their faces. we don't intend to incite people at all we are angry with the government we do satirical rants against what the government called return to happiness when compared to the rappers we all punk and when we could we could we express our hatred. the hope for the n r t pad thai band members is that someday soon they can perform their music that carries their message freely without covering their faces
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. al-jazeera bangkok. an indonesian diver has died while working to recover bodies from the site of last week's plane crash an educator the body of the forty eight year old volunteer was found floating in the java sea not immediately clear what happened to him under ninety nine people were killed on monday when the lion air boeing seven three seven max crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff where in chao the producer credited with bringing hong kong's films to an international audience has died aged ninety one he played a crucial role in the stardom of kung fu legend bruce lee and then later jackie chan he co-founded the golden harvest studio in nine hundred seventy one and went on to produce more than one hundred seventy films now people of the pacific island territory of new caledonia are preparing to vote on whether to become independent from france the referendum comes just over thirty years after another one ended in political violence this time around though france the organizer of the vote is
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determined the aftermath will be peaceful and the process seen as fair and thomas reports from a veil in new caledonia. new caledonia is nearly twenty thousand kilometers from paris yet the pacific island territory has been since eight hundred fifty three parts of france but after sunday the bones could be broken new caledonians will be asked whether they want their territory to cede full sovereignty and become an independent. opinion polls suggest those of european descent like a vote on this rally in may want to remain french i think played only i'm france is the best that we can have. but the french state and the french president too visited new caledonia earlier this year are officially neutral that has a lot to do with history in that ninety seven people of indigenous quranic dissent boycotted a referendum because they saw the process then as rigged in favor of french
9:43 pm
loyalists the following year on the outlying islands of ear supporters of independents resorted to violence on the twenty second of april night and eighty eight a big group of pro independents cannot command stormed the play station then stood on this site killing for placement inside and taking a group of more than twenty others hostage france sent in a military team in the assault two of that team were killed as were nineteen of the hostage takers some it's now known were executed this time france is determined both sides see the process as fair and accept the result only french settlers with a decades long history new caledonia will be eligible to vote and should the result be no to independence independence supporters will have two further chances with follow up referendum to twenty twenty and twenty twenty three sit and. zoeth this time around political leaders have managed the process well. cannot people
9:44 pm
especially feel independence is long overdue new caledonia was taken by the french one hundred fifty three there was no agreement from the indigenous people no treaty and supporters of independence think my. big nickel deposit will be enough for new caledonia to survive economically but loyalists doubt that about one point five billion dollars a year flows from paris to new caledonia as capital near france accounts for fifteen percent of annual g.d.p. . losing that would be a catastrophe many people would lose their jobs the public service would collapse new caledonians are accustomed to a certain standard of living it would all come down at once unless china stepped in in past decades pacific garden nations have been reliant on european benefactors and neighbors in australia new zealand and the united states but china's spending in influence across the pacific region is growing and you caledonia independent affronts would quickly become
9:45 pm
a target andrew thomas al-jazeera oh via new caledonia one of the world's biggest t.v. been given a new lease of life a farm in south africa closed for years but thanks to a government bailout it's now back in business and providing much needed work in an area struggling with high unemployment. report some. just months ago these tea fields along the wild coast region in the eastern cape were abandoned and overgrown but a government injection of almost eight million dollars into the mob what t. farm means it now has a second chance stretching for more than one thousand eight hundred hc days the management says this is the largest operating t. farm in the southern hemisphere to survey lenders and by the community and the mobile into prosti is a government owned company and release the land from the community and obviously
9:46 pm
trying to as many people from the local community as possible the climate is soil conditions are ideal for growing black t. the farm was first established as a job creation project in the one nine hundred sixty s. and at one time was producing two point seven million tons of tea is season but a drop in the tea price a series of wage disputes and labor strikes as well as looting led to its closure worsening already high levels of rural poverty and unemployment. since it reopened eighteen months ago a farm employs up to one thousand eight hundred people during peak season and processes anywhere between thirty six and one hundred fifty tonnes of teves a day once its eaves of logs they're processed at this factory and packaged in bulk before being sold to grow this farm hopes to eventually package individual teabags retailers which it says will bring in more money and create more jobs while the mob
9:47 pm
or t. farm is entirely government owned the embassy community and workers could potentially own up to forty percent of it at the have to find the money to buy she's been a few. this year is a very important for a long time the community was not part of the chain from but now the community feels that it is consulted more in is more involved they's a lot of development now in numbers and once we get this is we can decide what we want to do with them with few of the jobs in the area the people of unbusy say the success of the farm is vital they are however concerns about a wage and production costs and while the future of mcguire cannot be guaranteed for people here it represents hope for me tamala al-jazeera eastern cape south africa sport coming up on this news hour live will be here to tell us how this move but the skids on the moto g.p. world champions latest success.
9:48 pm
on november sixth the united states will vote will president donald trump gain or lose ground will be live from the white house here on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of the u.s. spectrum elections on al jazeera. in many countries pregnancy and childbirth are still licks. new dangerous for mothers and babies most of the mothers where dying from the infection really being they would die and throw more hybridization al-jazeera travels to my louay and looks at how little communities i challenge and traditions in order to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health anyway i don't see life destroying life like between life and death on al-jazeera.
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the. right to look at sports now with leo thank you come on now two of the greatest players in the history of tennis have been going head to head for a place in the paris masters final and the last few minutes it was novak djokovic who won a real battle against roger federer joke of it took a first set tie break but the swiss hit back in the second the third went to a tie break as well but federer has been denied a one hundredth career title joke of it will now play russia's karen shanor this is his twenty second when
9:50 pm
a row now leicester city have played their first premier league match since the death of their owner and four other passengers in a helicopter crash last saturday which i should've done a prob was killed when the helicopter took off from lester's pitch and crashed in the stadium carpark a silence was held on their return to action at cardiff city tie billionaire strava donna probably old the club to the premier league title in twenty sixty. now earlier on saturday the first day of his week long funeral was held at a buddhist temple in bangkok shivah down a problem was thailand's fifth richest man the funeral is being sponsored by the thai king well a full program of premier league matches has been taking place in england that leicester took a one zero win from their match at cardiff manchester united got a late two one victory at bournemouth liverpool won in zero up against arsenal and are milan went second in the italian series a table with
9:51 pm
a five zero win over general on saturday and are hoping to break juventus as string goal hold on the title in recent years but. got their second taking advantage of some as a tenth defending from the general ease they were up three zero on ninety minutes before scoring twice in injury time goal and capping off the win with a header for his second goal of the season. that result puts above third place napoleon on goal difference have told me able to get a five one win the night before when they beat him paulie belgian striker drifts margins getting. and real madrid have played for the first time in the league since they sacked coach who live in love peggy rather interim coach santiago to laurie saw his team bounce back from the five one defeat to barcelona that caused the downfall of his predecessor a two zero win over dole it courtesy of initiates and captain sergio ramos.
9:52 pm
and a two way race for the title produced a five four thriller in the chinese superleague on saturday some big names on show shanghai with extra zille striker hole in their ranks and goings though coached by italy's world cup winning captain fabio cannavaro hopes corner led to shanghai taking the lead through louis when john in front of around sixty thousand fans and gonzo the lead changed hands several times probably no pulling out three two but it was jane high who broke the game open in the end holds penalty putting them out of reach and the brazilian showing where he gets his name from the wind puts shanghai five points ahead of last year's champions with two games to go. now to the biggest prize in asian club football the asian champions league japanese side. have the advantage over persepolis of a run after the first leg in japan the silva gave them the lead in the second half
9:53 pm
and even got better when another brazilian made it too it got worse for the iranian side though they had a man sent off sam was shown a second yellow card for shoving the second leg in the mix is next saturday into draw on. the coach of argentinian giants river plate could be banned for the team's copa libertarius file final against a fierce local rival boca juniors river plate and boca share one of the greatest rivalries in world football and have never met in the final of south america's top club competition but reversed coach marcelo a lot of the could be suspended for months after he gave his players a team talk during their semifinal against gremio despite already serving a previous ban want their sin me finally defeat overturned by noon on. going going to find out what you want from the sometimes you lose your reason it was an
9:54 pm
undisciplined to my part for not following rules i have apologised but it was not a show of defiance in this is one tomorrow and i mean. you don't know how many more chances you will have in life to play in the final of the capa with a classic rival it's something beautiful that i went through you don't know what to say when you start talking about who wins and who loses who is lacking strength to get into your blood it's in the eyes i want to enjoy such an event. and that's a wrap for the world gymnastics championships in qatar in simone came out very much on top while she wasn't perfect she was still gold and she raked in several gold medals and made it to the podium for every single event she now has more world titles than any gymnast in history and she won by she won worlds by a landslide really far out shine her competition she dominated the podium with four gold one silver and one bronze her teammate morgan heard raked in one gold one
9:55 pm
silver and won bronze and china's lutein taking and japan's my more commie both earned one gold and won bronze a reporter so how malik was there to see bias triumph. we're going to be in a dramatic day here despite the mobo they look like if you want them to finish these companies you know why i one stage come first in the balance and. not really true i was a bit shaky on it but she came in bronze position for that and we thought could she remove herself or you come back strongly on the floor and that's exactly what she did her she did unbelievable before coming out on top beating up a close rival and friend morgan her to take gold in that event but that's not all of them obama has done this with some real hurdles that she's had to get through over the last few years basically we had larry not the sex abuse scandal which has been a huge distraction for everyone involved in usa gymnastics and not only that we have another situation with a chef kidney stones just before the competition i spoke to her mom just on the first day and she told me she didn't even know if first among to be able to
9:56 pm
participate so she's gone through all that and just come here i just take about a whole load of medals with her she's going to take back with four gold medals one silver and one bronze simone performance it's only going to get better. fascinating while world champion mark mike has has been stripped of pole position after he blocked a fellow rider and qualifying for the malaysian moto g.p. the spaniard was faster than anyone else in the rain hit session at sepang but his anger at italian on. mark has raised to love an apology but was still penalize and will start sunday's race in seven of the first that spot has gone to joe on zarko slid off the track as well but was still fastened by amazon. now to the n.b.a. basketball action and rookie alonzo tree or was the star for the new york knicks against the dallas mavericks despite the defeat it was the mavericks who came up with the best move of the game. setting up dorian finney smith but the next had
9:57 pm
some of their own tree with this dunk the knicks took the win one eighteen to one of six. the toronto raptors impressive start of the ten years leonard was the star with nineteen points as they won away to the phoenix suns one of seven ninety eight. so. there you got it well we have football and motorcycle racing but if you mix it you might get moto ball it's literally a blend between the two. they are with players riding motorcycles up and down the pitch picking an oversized ball with their free leg if you haven't heard about it you're behind on the times because it's actually been around since nineteen sixty six. to be honest i hadn't heard about it now that's all for sport more later what could go wrong but about some football right thank you that is it from a new team here in.
9:58 pm
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there. al-jazeera selects express yourself. turkey's president keeps up the pressure on the side he is over the murder of jamal khashoggi with his most direct accusations yet. all of them chilling what all of this says sound just the real live from london also coming up. more than ten thousand people displaced by fighting in central african republic take shelter at a hospital after their camps are torched a u.n. convoy reaches a desolate camp encircled by syrian government forces ten months after thousands stranded their last eight in the war all of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy fees park.


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