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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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well the old. al jazeera selects express yourself. turkey's president keeps up the pressure on the sidings over the murder of jamal khashoggi is most direct accusations yet. i know them julien macdonald this is obviously we're live from london also coming up with a ten thousand people displaced by fighting in central african republic take shelter at a hospital after their camps are torched for the first time since january aid reaches some fifty thousand civilians trapped in a desolate makeshift camp in syria. a new lease of life have a government bailout has helped to transform the south african farm and the lives of the people who work on.
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a warm welcome to the program it's been over a month since journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul and turkey's president is keeping up the pressure on saudi arabia making his most direct accusations you get over who is responsible for the killing or and says he wants the pop masters his words of the prop to be revealed writing in the washington post he said he believes the orders to kill khashoggi came from the highest levels of society government while he didn't believe king solomon had ordered the hit he didn't say the same for a crime prince muhammad bin solomon has close ties to some of the suspects in the hit squad have been exposed. more now from istanbul. turkey is on the offensive pretty well political pressure. to reveal more lethal mission about what happened to the seconds of the job or who gave the order to kill him about his
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remains the daily newspaper for example spoke about three key players in the death squad. and other t.v. saying that he was the ones responsible for dismembering the body of. moving so the body in. to the consul's residence where it was destroyed without further elaborating on what happened but it seems that the. leaks that were drip fed to the local media made quite significant in impact in the past forcing the saudis to change their narrative from denial into admitting that this was a premeditated killing and this explains why the president doesn't believe the deputy head of the party are saying that king solomon but abdul aziz is the one who should tell the world exactly what happened now what's next for turkey i think they are the eyes are now on the beach in the us and they are waiting for the upcoming
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meeting between president and president trump on the tenth of november in paris and that would decide the next step for turkey but i think they have said in the past they still have strong material that they will use when time comes and this is all part of a bid to force saudis into a canard that they made a mistake and telling the world who was responsible for that but at the same time they would like to rally international support against saudi arabia. more than ten thousand people have taken refuge in a hospital compound in central african republic after fighting broke out near the northern border with chad at least two people were killed in attacks on camps for people already displaced by the violence doctors without borders has posted pictures which appear to show camps completely foreign to the ground c.a.r.
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has been in crisis for the last five years more than seven hundred thousand people displaced and a half million people have left the country when twenty thirty mainly muslim rebel alliance called select seized power in the capital forcing president francois boozy zaid to free armed christian groups called the anti bloc of then moved to confront the muslim fighters hundreds were killed and thousands displaced in the subsequent violence but just a few months later the selec alliance fell apart splintering into several groups and interim government took power in twenty fourteen but failed to stop the spiraling bloodshed two years later forced an arsonist to a day or was elected president but he's also struggled to gain control last year a surge in fighting for several aid agencies to withdraw even tens of thousands without support c.a.r. is now a battleground between various armed groups effectively partition between former miss them select a fight is now calling themselves the f e r c n n t block groups well in january
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the red cross warned that two and a half million people that's more than half the country's population are in need of aid or. is the head of mission for doctors without borders in ca are and he says the international community needs to do more to protect civilians. if you do a chemise going to critique in both the cities that are witnessing violence we have received in both hospitals reported by m.s.f. doctors without borders but thank god for any man by around twenty more wounded so some of those cases are very cryptic and we're trying to evacuate and. bombard to situation continues to be serious because their recess friday fighting ongoing and our colleagues can not or cannot move there be to find out that there's more people he needs equally very patients that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not guaranteed there is fighting on going so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for the population that the
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suffering decided and on that one hand the population needs to be protected we need to ensure that the reef protection for these population when the fighting between different groups happens that's really key to sensual and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many you know human factors as possible responding to the b. for me. unicef is warning that the famine conditions in yemen could accelerate efforts to deliver aid to continue to be blocked the united nations children's agency says both the yemeni government and hutu rebels are making it impossible to deliver and distribute vital supplies from twenty nine million yemenis are food insecure all over one point eight million children are suffering from malnutrition the u.n. is back in calls to the united states for a cease fire to end the conflict. every ten minutes a child is dying in yemen today from brave vendible diseases. a
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childlike couple could use severely malnourished one of the reasons while children are dying in this country i have seen children with diphtheria in this hospital suffering from an illness that could be easily prevented if we could be accessing the children in time with vaccinations. forty three un trucks carrying much needed food rations have reached the remote rock band camp inside syria the campus in a rebel held area near the border with jordan encircled by government forces thousands of people have been stranded there for months last received aid in january. ports. sandstorm season and rock band we're going blind this boy says our homes are destroyed take us away from here. rick band is the
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no man's land in more ways than one a desolate camp in the open desert near the jordanian border caught between warring sides there's no escaping. people came here three years ago fleeing i still fight has us russian and syrian air strikes now there are some fifty thousand people many of them women and children. i know you're one of those protests began last month after a smuggling route for food and medicine was closed by government forces. he's disabled he's also malnourished he's almost a skeleton from starvation. officials say a u.n. aid convoy expected last week was delayed because of security concerns but now it's finally here food hygiene and health supplies to be distributed over the next three to four days. humanitarian convoys here require approval from damascus the last
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time repond received any aid was in january then a cross border delivery from jordan a red distribution after it sealed its border in the aftermath of a twenty sixteen isolette tack that killed seven jordanian soldiers we said we're not going to or. as syrian people on syrian territory so it is the responsibility of the syrian government and the yuan and the international community but wasn't established national. this is. by. circumstance where. the strangely border. u.s. forces have a military base nearby policing a fifty five square kilometer so-called deescalation zone. russia blames the u.s. for the deteriorating situation the u.s. says russia and syria using rock band as an excuse to question its presence here
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and say they really want to help these people or if you want to use them as a as a as something to kind of come after us this is not the united states problem started jordan problem these are syrians these syrians are dying and many of these new graves are so very small the red crescent says despite this delivery the situation remains critical no one perhaps knows that better than those burying their children here. from the start al-jazeera. the husband of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy in pakistan has pleaded for asylum baby's husband asked the u.k. u.s. and canada to step in because he feared for his family's safety bibi's been barred from leaving the country as part of an agreement with the pakistani government struck with conservative muslims have been protesting for three days over her acquittal mother of five a spent eight years on death row but is on the no fly list until the supreme court
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refused the ruling his lawyer has already fled the country saying he feared for his own life come on hyder has more on the slum a bot. what the government has tried to do is to diffuse crayfish by telling out of control they tried their maximum restraint in order to make sure that there were no every casualty gave way to ordinary bided out of control so it went in what the government had done a dime but what the people of budget on had to endure then they became the words you're to talk to gays in their own home the government certainly have to have a theory of retaining because some of the big three main groups have been beheaded by the government and if the government didn't really hear about bringing change and bringing home the need back in dubai get downgraded more on that in and read the issue of the black for me to go into that dress it really got to be of crucial
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importance that day move on days i thought that. he sometimes newspaper here in the u.k. is reporting that prime minister has secured concessions from brussels to keep the whole of britain in a customs union this means the u.k. would avoid a hard for it with ireland which has been stalling negotiations for britain's exit from the european union. should they write an all u.k. clause into the legally binding withdrawal agreement northern irish backstop will be needed may's also reportedly on course to secure a political deal on a future economic partnership with the european union you're watching out to zeerust still ahead patients where it's been amongst the exhausted caravan of migrants moving to mexico after all for transportation is retracted and iran's supreme leader lashes out at the u.s. as washington prepares to be imposed sanctions will look at who they will hit hardest.
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we got plenty of hate across australia at the moment set into central park say over towards the east coast about temperatures well above average for the south there is a little more clout that clapper chasing some outbreaks of rain is sliding its way down towards the southeastern corner they give us some wet weather from south australia down into victoria's we go on into sunday for the race thirty five celsius the full respond over towards the west for topping off at around nineteen degrees in perth on sunday afternoon little cooler as we go on into monday with the winds coming in from a southerly direction cooler analysis well a little bit we get up around forty degrees over the past few days to thirty three degrees represent something of a freshening in conditions and bits and pieces of rain a possibility to the cloud on the right that will make its way back down towards melbourne dry weather comes back in behind ahead of that well twenty nine in sydney
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still pretty warm thirty three there for brisbane the cloud on the right starting is way across towards new zealand as well some fairly wet weather for a time just making its way across the country will see temperatures around eighteen celsius there for christ seventeen for all clint i get this couple of days monday doesn't look too bad it's woman up in christchurch to twenty degrees. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as our investigations bring her face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women her father's search for suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true and almost one overcome the other. deadline and part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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a reminder of our top stories currently here on al-jazeera turkey's president says he believes the orders to kill the journalist jamal khashoggi came from the highest levels of the side to government rage or two and says he doesn't believe king solomon ordered the hit more than ten thousand people have taken refuge in a hospital compound after fighting broke out in central africa public in the northern border with chad these two people have been killed in attacks on camps for displaced people. and a u.n. convoy carrying much needed aid has reached a remote camp in syria where an estimated fifty thousand people are stranded the
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robot in camp is in a rebel held area that's encircled by government forces at last received aid back in january. that thousands of central american migrants have left southern mexico to buses they were promised failed to turn up the governor veracruz offer dozens of buses on friday evening to take the migrants to mexico city but soon after he would try to the office saying it wouldn't be right as maintenance work was expected to leave the capital that was over the weekend migrants are heading towards the united states border where american troops have been deployed to stop them crossing illegally. has more now from mexico city. the governor of. this had promised as many as five thousand honduran migrants said they would be provided free transportation from better crews to mexico city only to withdraw that offer citing concerns over a water crisis here in mexico city now i'll tell you exactly what he said he said quote the shortage will affect more than seven million people adding that he didn't
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want to add to the problem here in mexico city now we should mention that those water cuts are over the government announced early this morning that water had been restored almost entirely and the migrants formed wrote an open letter to the governor saying the. they were disappointed that the decision was made and called it unacceptable that such a promise would be made only to have that withdrawn the governor of that our crews did invite migrants to be transferred to video crew city where they could be provided food shelter is what is as well as medical attention given that many migrants of have reportedly fallen ill but with the recent reports that we've heard from sources within the caravan is that the have chosen not to take the government on that offer and instead chosen to walk to mexico city from here they will meet with immigration officials sign their names in a registry and request transportation to the u.s. southern border ultimately that is where they're headed but it could still be several weeks before they reach that point campaigning has ramped up in the u.s.
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ahead of tuesday's crucial midterm elections the vote is seen as a referendum on trump's presidency immigration and the economy the major talking points to spending the last weekend before the poll campaigning for republican candidates in six states americans will vote for governors new house of representatives and thirty five of the one hundred senate seats while the historic number of women candidates are running in the midterms and from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds there's twenty nine year old alexandria ocasio cortez a democratic socialist from new york's the bronx unseated a long term democrat and is now in charge to becoming the youngest woman ever elected to congress in georgia state burns would be the first black woman governor in the u.s. she's the backing of former president barack obama and television star oprah winfrey i am a present is running opposed to these elections after beating attend turned democrat to cement hard place as massachusetts first black congresswoman christine how quits resigned from her role as c.e.o.
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of vermont electric co-operative to become to campaign to be governor of vermont and could be the first openly transgender governor in the united states single mother a member of the i'm going to play bill tribe dave holland is one of three native american women hoping to secure a congressional seat and then there's an issue. kinzer she just played and minnesota's is a walk both democrats who are poised to make history when they become the first muslim american women in congress let's get more on those midterm several randall's in washington d.c. hi there were up so just days away really and of course a lot of forces have cast their vote so ready do we have any idea of where things are headed. well that's right julie for twenty million american voters the election is is over at or at least their part in it they've already cast their ballots and in many states fourteen states to be exact the number of early voting ballots that have been cast exceed the total number of all ballots that were
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cast in the last midterm election in two thousand and fourteen one of those states is texas where there is a very tense and. why they covered senate race between the incumbent republican. ted cruz and his challenger better or roark immigration is a major issue there president trump has been talking nonstop about the group of air of migrants coming from central america as we saw in men will repeal the very vivid report he's been harping on that theme and sending soldiers to the border in texas and elsewhere we have pictures of u.s. servicemen setting up barbed wire along the border and otherwise preparing on trump's orders for what he terms an invasion of these people
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from central america most of whom are fleeing from poverty gang violence and poor government now getting back to the early voting there are some indications some analyses that indicate that many of the early voters are young people some first time voters millenniums people who have just turned legal age for voting which is eighteen and that wouldn't be in the normal course of events be good news for democrats because these young voters tend to vote democratic on the other hand there are a lot of indications that this is just the continuation of a trend. towards more and more people voting early that we've seen over the past several elections either way you look at it it is a sign i think that the electorate in many places is very energized very enthusiastic and very committed to getting out and going to the polls and look
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there have been some concerns have been there and certainly the of been raised about voter suppression what do we know about that. well you mentioned stacy abrams julie the woman in georgia who is trying to be the first black woman to be the governor of any state in the country in in its more than two hundred years of existence and she's running against a republican secretary of state in georgia and a brian camp part of brian kemp's job as secretary of state is to oversee rules for voting and to maintain the role the the the voter rolls or the lists of voters that is he's come under criticism from abrams for purging the rolls of some fifty three thousand voters many of whom most of whom are african-american some of them purge for things like their signatures didn't exactly match the last time they had voted when they signed their their own registration forms and so forth and also the
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system in the state of georgia was not set up to accommodate new citizens so there are seven thousand people who are now eligible to vote in georgia who just in the past year or so became citizens took the oath of citizenship and are american citizens and they were not going to be able to vote but a judge last week ordered georgia to allow them to vote so those are some of the the latest. developments in the voter suppression piece it's underway in other states as well lots of controversies and this georgia race that we've been talking about this is very very close and a lot of heavy hitters like president obama and oprah winfrey going down there to root for stacy abrams club reynolds that live from washington d.c. we're up as always thank you. iran's supreme leader has dismissed for new day u.s. sanctions on the islamic republic that are due to take effect on monday i told
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a comment he says president obama charm as disgraced the yes forty years of washington trying to dominate iran have failed same bus rafi reports now from tehran. when you look past all the politics what becomes clear is that american sanctions iranian people more than they change iranian government policies american policy some would say trumps brinkmanship has meant economic chaos for iran the value of the iranian ryall has suffered a major fall in the last year adding to high inflation and unemployment concerns. all of this hurts low income and working people first and foremost they struggle to feed their families because prices for some basic goods have doubled. people's purchasing power has been reduced they talk about their problems when a customer wants to buy something you can tell the situation some people used to come here to buy meat once
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a month now they come once every two months when it comes to iran u.s. presidents have pursued a policy of containment for decades trying to limit iranians economically militarily and politically in their regional and global affairs even the twenty fifteen nuclear deal that president barack obama championed that gave iran back some of its financial freedoms many iranians saw that is just a softer approach to the same containment policy but by turning back the clock on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people here that during his administration there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies but if trumpet hope pushing iranians towards poverty would inspire them to topple their old leaders he'll likely be disappointed previous protests never got big enough all he's apparently done is make people here miserable. i think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse his involvement in the region and sanctions have made the people hate him i really don't think that
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he's the one that should be the president of america. maybe good for his own people but not for us as you do think. it's better not to say anything about his personality everyone knows how. everybody will take a loss. when iran's leaders signed the nuclear deal they said it was the thing to fix everyone's financial problems three years later with american promises of more sanctions than ever before the best that people here can hope for is that iran can manage to sell enough oil to survive until donald trump has left the white house. protesters have rallied in india's capital demanding justice for the families of those killed during the one nine hundred eighty four and t c gras it's around three thousand people were killed in retaliation for the assassination of the prime minister at the time indira gandhi she was killed by her sikh bodyguards who were
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angry at her decisions of sikh separatists from the tools of the temple in a marriage so activists accuse the opposition congress party of ignoring the killings say so much he just helped orchestrate the riots. because i was to prime minister is warning of a potential bloodbath ahead of next week's confidence vote in parliament as more allegations of marja politicians being brave to switch sides run a whitman sing at has been replaced as premier by former president mahinda rajapaksa in a controversial move which critics have branded unconstitutional rajapakse and i face is an old confidence for this being alleged these offering money and ministerial pull still position lawmakers to back him. one of the world's largest tea farms have been given a new lease of life the michael farm in south africa stopped production more than six years ago and nothing so government bailout it's working to rebuild its reputation and employing thousands of locals in the process de mello reports from lewsey could see. just months ago these tea fields along the wild coast region in
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the eastern cape were abandoned and overgrown but a government injection of almost eight million dollars into the mob what t. farm means it now has a second chance stretching for more than one thousand eight hundred hc days the management says this is the largest operating tea farm in the southern hemisphere to survey land is owned by the community and the go into prosti is a government owned company and release the land from the community and obviously tronic through as many people from the local community as possible the climate has soil conditions are ideal for growing black t. the farm was first established as a job creation project in the one nine hundred sixty s. and at one time was producing two point seven million tons of tea is season but a drop in the tea price a series of wage disputes and labor strikes as well as looting led to its closure
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worsening already high levels of rural poverty and unemployment. since it reopened eighteen months ago a farm employs up to one thousand eight hundred people during peak season and processes anywhere between thirty six and one hundred fifty tonnes of teves a day once its ease the plugs are processed at this factory and packaged in bulk before being sold to brokers and evolve ups to eventually package individual teabags retailers which it says will bring in more money and create more jobs while the mob or t. farm is entirely government owned the numbers it community and workers could potentially own up to forty percent of it at the have to find the money to buy she's been a few. this shares a very important for a long time the committee was not part of the team from but now the community feels that it is consulted more in is more involved they's a lot of development now in numbers and once we get the. says we can decide what we
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want to do with them with few of the jobs in the area the people of them basi say the success of the farm is vital they are however concerns about wage and production costs and while the future of mcguire cannot be guaranteed for people here it represents hope for me tamala of zero eastern cape south africa. a quick reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera turkey's president says he believes the orders to kill the journalist jamal khashoggi came from the highest levels of society government writing in the washington post surgery and says he wants the as he put it up at masses of the prop to be revealed while he didn't believe king solomon ordered the hit he didn't say the same for a crime prince mohammad has close ties to some of the suspects in the hit squad an alleged has more now on how turkey is piling on the press. there are trying to say they're not naming they're not mentioning brings one hundred percent but they
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don't trust the saudi now to this explains why they are now all the offensive. putting all this political pressure on the saudi government to try to give them more details about what happened and they seem to be willing of this particular moment to get some help when it comes to the remains of jamal khashoggi because that's the only element that could consolidate the qasam for them to be able to come up with an indictment where than ten thousand people have taken refuge in a hospital compound after fighting broke out in central african republic near the northern border with chad these two people have been killed in attacks on camps for displaced people doctors without borders has posted pictures which appear to show camps completely burned to the ground c.a.r. has been in crisis for the last five years more than seven hundred thousand people displaced in january the right course one the two two and a half million people are in need of aid. the sunday times newspaper is reporting
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the prime minister to resign me has secured concessions from brussels to keep the whole of britain in a customs union this means the u.k. would avoid a hard border with ireland an issue which has been stalling negotiations for britain's exit from the european union the e.u. will reportedly write an older u.k. calls into the legally binding withdrawal agreement with northern irish won't be needed the prime minister's spokesman says the sunday times story is just speculation at the u.k. cabinet is due to meet on choose to discuss may's breaks it. those are current headlines you are firmly up to date stay with us the next up finding asia and of course you can turn to our website. lots of video on demand an expert views right there thanks for your company. after one of greece's deadliest. people in power with. institutional.
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was not an accident it was a crime. is the real symbol of greece is going up to take a big difference. on al-jazeera. through the lens of local filmmakers.


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