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tv   Khushboos Deadline  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 1:33am-2:01am +03

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of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power whether the flames were found by institutional incompetence the number one responsibility of coming up is protecting the citizens was not an accident it was a crime of ending the fire is the real symbol the greases become up to eight days but will still stare at all of the fun on al-jazeera the you find fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers so a. lot
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of planning not gonna answer the part of me that. a lot and i don't know my family about it but ok and yet we're not there then and don't let me get you to comment on that you know in your life but those are the big man that they're going to hear from a. group. of . pneumonia. and we're going to end up being far to the right button here. mark and doug are aren't. ok
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a very sad irony. this is floating in the tang a window into where someone say oh we're becoming young again the work of us is getting it economical. under leveling my you know those over the long run that you are not particularly. fond says eleven thousand really even give a company. only said i made them go that is on the set on the war and saddam a sort of gotten out and media and the media. were paid a little more for here were some of them very severe one by levy sort but i. guess what i don't think what they took it would take more than a hurry up a thing it ought to be a secret you take away the execs just so when they are here they will take.
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their home and they have never forgotten what it must be scripted to get what he did do you know when you get to them and you don't have to see some i move out now we had to see the beauty of the secret here if it comes we're going to have you beside the b.b.c. side of you so how did you lose your body why did you go. to see pretty rotten is beside the good of the got that you read about some new order disorder we call the credit for child. pursuits are you sorry to promote didn't leave you get on the go between little you know how different he took a millisecond. if. she doesn't remember certain parts to fifty dollars i'm going to get everybody to. savage if i learn puerto rico was when they get. out of the.
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canal like every toward pretty even then can i get out of these get out and meet about him and. buy a little of the ashes where i was never discussed with the family but secretly thinking team keeping confidence in myself and the sad fact that here with more on then i'll give you one other thing we can all feel like thanking god for going. it would lead to a seriously bad people making her marriage wonder how my run very sadly could. have not. been sometimes correct mangled by the infallible some i'm sure. he's got the right i gotta listen he's going to get. you dressed and ready. for that. then he
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will have been in your prayers i think it was a senior nuclear plant clear in the abundance you came. years ago with a little of it. on my t.v. i'm going a little further. really but those are what i was the only thing. stable with i'm going with this he was a little puzzled i said. for. a. minute i think we're going to see people maybe he's the one who was guys are they were hired that he's gotten kind of a little but it's good that the. you see them looked at i guess. you could
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go home again with. the of the. the good thing being winning with the so he had me telling a lieutenant so how is. the other me but the guy clearly. ok i'm not making it and my grandmother he goes there's a button you get if i'm going to. be i'm going to look you know you really. got no money because. no one looked at a lot of people i was that big only like we need people a lot of government love someone that is going to work move who want to get in there in the summer i was going to pull that because the normally people on the low down there has to call.
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mom down who. haven't called me. back who. live in. that kind of a learning many of. them are no doubt in a lot of. bad light. lot of. room to move. ok. oh no not going to hurt the world but confess god in the. name. of the little garbled out.
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minded who will get. the. who can who will go. good job in. the world by being. that well who. were going with who are over there were. yeah so many. people would probably think that that. was the opening basket is not nearly enough for the old folks of my youth i would do. that as long as you know. that i myself never thought of it and you probably thought that i mean i don't over the fact we have not got out of it is going to make the ride i got a mark on your i do not know. what is the deal they don't like oh about me i mean i know when i.
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don't have seen the future is doing a good deal so let's get bob our fuss about clearly again only if you have found out his case i stand alone look up folks resign if you do. all those could not be significant here for me i have only recently left. to begin with. he was going to get they going to war now he would let them get all the story but it was a b o o o o o o o o o. f and i was going to quote him enough. to do so but then i'm a little. worse in the
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heart of another these you will want to. go out of here when you get. you can go there. or he was a little miss but that was a good. show. and he said i'm going to learn how to here's a little bit and then he gives a little. low very low he goes i guess i was a. little done with that. i get a little difficult. so that is what they're going to do the beginning getting going to sleep because what is it that you were doing to get those who are
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a. little fun to be you could change you look this was something and i'm like ok ok suzanne thank you so i'm going to cut taxes this is what the police to six to six to six months up. to say. you. were explaining things to see. you. to say you are a very you
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sick. i. i i i i i i i i i i am little less sense that most of my fam of the. don't give us a. little ahead of you thank you say all that i see if. you don't talk to me you did something hostile i've never. said that someone i know but then you got to. that evening that. i would send a letter saying yeah i'm going to get caught if i get on to. my grandmother but you
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know i said that if i said i'm going to be married i got one no no better. on. the line or a bunch of us are going to know this so that's another. one to one and. it's not for the summer yet he has you know with us i think if i know i hate this and with with that you see here who are defending the president have done so well so there's no no you see you go there for what's to happen in connecticut it was playing with there that her. i'm looking i'm i'm so that's one of the most of my money was up my photos on your shoulders i look obviously like you know. like no no. no i'm not going to. push those those i love about the money we're going to do you
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how many groups have really made you give me you said that he wouldn't. now i said look at the super bowl but he's going to tell you because. you. would be kidding when i say you couldn't. do something about. the look inside because i think not i'm going to get nothing out of you. thanking me yet but i'll be glad it did. take a second to go build a little. not that good looking. good in gold because. everybody thinks i don't let's have a bigger hand but we have had everybody. knowing what we really think it's not good . for the public thank you mark you are out there you go. oh well sure.
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i would. love for you. to give up yet because i was like oh but what i'm what i was going to go. to i go to vocalise i go pretty much you're going to go. on the balcony the book publishers are going to run for the very. very very very well but for her i've got i've got to marry him. right now up to that effect i know that but i'm going to want to order for him to do it by a well i don't write this because i would rather go to the i don't know if this would lead us out of it at that. very point and we go back. to what. we.
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thought the cooler. because it is something with a. brewery her. comment. hi in the film. the phone number let's all do our. best to be done the way progress. there was looking good in brazil. but. then you put people pick the parts to pick up errors and hit him was good good even more about up near
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fifty good little thinking ok i think not only about movie when lessons are they going to give but there's no one last time i've seen people get no new idea that might. offend someone so you can make those who come and do we have is not mystical but. can a lot of good artists that have lots of us out there need us so that if you know when so much has happened i basically take advantage of it i turned out i mean i think we're going to yes have even is one made about this but it's not the first to me unless i say i have a ready family is there one hundred five in a half a hundred stuff first without a one hundred yard discover the because of the all the muslims are certainly are telling me to have looking to discover the they're not at all what i thought it was a result of doubt that i had to still close to a. lot of if you think of your life a lot of people thought you knew then you. look you. know you.
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don't know how they're going. to have that they have a scam on the people who go. after the night he's going to close the. show. you can't idea that i want to you. know. have a good. media course in. making believe. you know. i really. rather.
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need a lot. of energy when. you know yourself. even. if you. are. a bucket with a good. job nuclear fuel but anybody can repeal europe if you ask a little he said he. did think of that levin guy was to me. that yes i'm a little too quickly mikala. to getting a local hit by lightning or my life but he bought me in poverty so. we've got this little.
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beast anybody had made your body thank our chances. you are the one who doesn't look you're going to have been profoundly conquer here. but look they're good to work with a good movie up to. one in los angeles to live or we're going to be. i wouldn't go look up and get out and would someone of equal school coming up to the know what i see rather. than a big one. or. just the look don't
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do some of this. and they're developing and i get going to call it he had to learn the whole mess again when we're going on my duty they are noble you have the education you had the guy had nearly all gathered in the going it's something that they feel in the course of skeletal edwardsville of the guy will lead them i mean i totally. got on the look of the others and i thought they were the surgeon to give you an excellent allowed me to have one exam with so many of them. some of you unless i missed. it so we did a mandolin with skins. mommy where the. leg and it is cool and it's a little bit. because. i've been with young. my
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hope. two. thousand only going to the moon inviting going to go to the ukraine who know me i wouldn't have. to live with. you. yet. oh now are you know maybe in the. spirit of the. wolf. oh you know nothing was. said but he. was on with i'm making. i mean you would be my son says
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that in the home of the open letter. yes in the middle city sit. on the donkey and let us celebrate us so did everybody uncle felix but i love little kids getting immediately getting looking at sadiki very. old a little better. just up and a little sad of the letter. of my step mom but now she. may disappear hussam one day in the evening to me here looking up. becoming boston again that.
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i'm no good out here not only that i know my daddy can't have. look at underneath. the media and. let. your story go. i mean look at the. life you have. coming out maybe you don't have. a man in new york or i love the. look. of this in our. family on my honeymoon if he had not have all of them here are. you serious. and yes. i know. i was. yes.
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yes. on november sixth the united states will vote will president donald trump gain or lose ground will be live from the white house and pier on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of the u.s. midterm elections on al-jazeera.
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history is so often told through the eyes of leaders but in amritsar india just thirty kilometers from the border with pakistan this old building is being transformed into a new museum malika a world here is the driving force behind sars partition museum it's really shocking because if you think about the fact that within a few years of nine eleven happening nine eleven museum was there and they are now numerous holocaust museum this is not beautiful museum so countries around the world have walked a memorial lives these events that have shaped them by dition is not about the
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political events that led up to partition it's about the impact on each person who went through it it's really important that we highlight the stories of humanity hopefully one outcome on this would be that we remember our shared humanity and the shared history. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. this is the most important election a final push for votes in the u.s. ahead of midterm elections which are being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency. as calls grow for saudi arabia to reveal where the body of murdered germany is new information emerges about who was in
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charge of getting rid of his remains. for internally displaced people of burnt to the ground in central up.


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