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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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with sounds peaceful morning. on al-jazeera. i have to tell you when. we do. a final push for votes in the us ahead of midterm elections which is being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency. hello i'm down in jordan this is. from doha also coming up turkish media reveals more about how saudi agents disposed of the body of the murdered journalist and often feels more about how saudi agents disposed of the body of the murdered journalist. aid finally arrives to thousands of people driven by you or for most
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companies subarea spawn that without supplies after months of delay. with a staple will they go deep in the french territory of new caledonia vote on whether to cut ties with france and become independent. campaigning in the u.s. mid-term elections ended its final stage both president trump and former u.s. president barack obama drumming up support before the vote on tuesday. focused on immigration and jobs he threatened to change the right to citizenship for anyone born in the u.s. the republicans come to control both houses of congress but the democrats hope at least to win back the house of representatives where robert all joins us live now from washington d.c. robb's the president trump has been crisscrossing the country in the final push ahead of the midterms what effect is he having. well you know daryn you saw
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president trump there in florida at the beginning of our program earlier he was in montana is goal is to really rile up is conservative fans his base if you will in the the as the pundits say and he's hitting on very familiar themes themes that worked well for him in two thousand and sixteen and especially talking about securing the border with mexico making reference to the groups of people who are coming up from central america currently calling many of them criminals and in montana trump said that he had noticed he said we have our military on the border and he said i noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today the president said barbed wire used properly and be a beautiful site so this is red meat for trump's supporters and by extension for
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the republican candidates he is campaigning for but overall the president's popularity his approval rating is quite low it's at forty percent according to the latest gallup poll that is at a historic low no one since gerald ford in one thousand nine hundred seventy four has been president that low facing a midterm and there are some indications as well that the president's. combative confrontational behavior is his is well known controversies have turned off many previously. solid republican voters especially a white women in suburban areas say around pits of philadelphia pennsylvania denver other places like that these are places where incumbent republicans are now finding they're having a hard time in the race of their lives when previously they had been quite secure so it is we're seeing it double edged sword president from. his
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efforts riling up the base but turning off some of the more moderate republicans who had previously been loyal to the party yeah but lots of talk about this blue wave expected by the democrats but the polls have been wrong in the past haven't they saw how the democrats expected to do yeah they sure have we only need to remember this time two years ago in two thousand and sixteen when a lot of pollsters had egg on their face so the sort of. consensus forecast if you will daryn now is that the rip republicans are going to retain the senate that's because many republicans are in safe seats and many democrats are running in states where president from is popular so looks like the republicans will retain control of the upper house of the u.s. congress but in the house it's a different story the democrats are expected to seize thirty or more
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seats they only need twenty three to flip it and that will give them control of that chamber with nancy pelosi the congresswoman from san francisco california as the likely speaker of the house but it all comes down to turnout and as you mentioned let's take all of these polls and gnostic ations with a great big grain of salt air rob thank you well as rob was saying immigration has dominated campaigning for these elections thousands of central american migrants hoping to reach mexico city have had their hopes dashed their so-called care of them as traveling north towards the u.s. and they were supposed to be taken by bus to the mexican capital but the governor of veracruz state rescinded his offer blaming a water shortage in the city by iran or as more from mexico city. the governor of. this had promised as many as five thousand honduran migrants that they would be provided free transportation. to mexico city only to withdraw that offer citing
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concerns over a water crisis here in mexico city now i'll tell you exactly what he said he said quote the shortage will affect more than seven million people adding that he didn't want to add to the problem here in mexico city now we should mention that those water cuts are over the government announced early this morning that water had been restored almost entirely and the migrants wrote an open letter to the governor saying that they were disappointed that the decision was made and called it unacceptable that such a promise would be made only to have that withdrawn the governor of invite migrants to be transferred to a city where they could be provided food shelter as well as as well as medical attention given that many migrants of have reportedly fallen ill but the recent reports that we've heard from sources within the caravan is that they have chosen not to take the government on that offer and instead chosen to walk to mexico city from here they will meet with immigration officials sign their names in
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a registry and request transportation to the u.s. southern border ultimately that is where they're headed but it could still be several weeks before they reach that point. turkish government media reporting that three members of the saudi hit squad that murdered journalist. were responsible for disposing of his body the newspaper says the men dismembered his corpse and put the remains into five suitcases these are driven to the saudi consuls residents near the consulate where he was killed in october the second some of the suspects have close ties to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma on saturday took his president. wrote in the washington post and he believes the orders to kill came from the highest levels. of the saudi government has more from istanbul. turkey is on the offensive putting more political pressure on sunday and brave year to reveal more information about what
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happened to the second of october who gave the order to kill him and the whereabouts of his remains the daily newspaper for example spoke about three key players in the death squads. and other t.v. saying that they were the ones responsible for dismembering the body of. moving parts of the body into the consul's presidency where it was destroyed without further elaborating on what happened but it seems that the. leaks that were drip fed to the local media made quite significant in impact in the past forcing the saudis to change their narrative from denial into admitting that this was a premeditated killing and this explains why the president doesn't believe the deputy head of the party are saying that king solomon but abdul aziz is the one who should tell the world exactly what happened now what's next for turkey i think they
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are their eyes are now on the b. term elections in the us and they are waiting for the upcoming meeting between president abdullah and president trump on the tenth of november in paris and that would decide the next step for turkey but i think they have said in the past they still have strong material that they will use when time comes and this is all part of a bid to force saudis into a cannot as in that they made a mistake and telling the world who was responsible for that but at the same time they would like to rally international support against saudi arabia now for the first time in more than nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in rock band camp in syria a u.n. convoy of forty three trucks brought much needed food supplies the camps in a rebel. the border with jordan and circled by government forces reports.
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sand storm season and rock band we're going blind this boy says our homes are destroyed take us away from him. rick band is a no man's land in more ways than one a desolate camp in the open desert near the jordanian border caught between warring sides there's no escape. people came here three years ago fleeing i still fight has the u.s. russian and syrian air strikes now there are some fifty thousand people many of them women and children. i know like the ones who were protests began last month after a smuggling route for food and medicine was closed by government forces. he's disabled he's also malnourished he's almost a skeleton from starvation officials say a u.n. aid convoy expected last week was delayed because of security concerns but now it's finally here food hygiene and health supplies to be distributed over the next three
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to four days. humanitarian convoys here require approval from damascus the last time rock band received any aid was in january then a cross border delivery from jordan a red distribution after it sealed its border in the aftermath of a twenty sixteen isolette tack that killed seven jordanian soldiers we said we're not going to. is syrian people on syrian territory so it is the responsibility of the syrian government. and the international community but wasn't established national. this is. by. so that's where. the strangely border. u.s. forces have a military base nearby policing a fifty five square kilometer so-called deescalation zone. russia blames the
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u.s. for the deteriorating situation the u.s. says russia and syria using rock band as an excuse to question its presence here so they really want to help these people if you want to use them as a as a as something to kind of come after us this is not the united states' problem started jordan problem these are syrians these syrians are dying and many of these new graves are so very small the red crescent says despite this delivery the situation remains critical no one perhaps knows that better than those burying their children here at. the start of al-jazeera. the united nations children's fund is warning that the famine in yemen will get worse if efforts to bring in aid a blocked already millions are going hungry the fund says both the saudi and u.a.e. bad yemeni government and who the rebels are making it impossible to deliver and distribute aid unicef is backing u.s.
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calls for a cease fire within a month to end the conflict. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes have been attacked on these two people killed doctors without borders has posted pictures which appear to show camps burned to the ground former president. was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in twenty thirteen i'm arbenz as head of the mission for doctors without borders n.c.a.r. is calling for more international help to protect civilians. this equation he's going to critique in both the cities that are business and violence we have received in both hospitals reported by the m.s.f. doctors without borders but thank god for any man by around twenty more wounded so some of those cases are very cryptic and we're trying to evacuate and. bombard to situation continues to be serious because their recess friday fighting ongoing and
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our colleagues cannot war cannot move properly to find out that there's more people he needs equally very patient that would be willing to come to the hospital but access is not guaranteed a very exciting ongoing so we're really concerned about that there's two things that are very important for fifteen be population that the suffering these violent and on the one hand the population needs to be protected we need to ensure that the region protection for these population when fighting between different groups happens that's really key to sensual and on the other hand it is very important that we can have as many you know human factors as possible responding to be for me . time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back turkey heads into choppy waters with an oil project that could increase tensions with cyprus and breeze on one of the world's largest tea farms towns over a new leaf and some much needed government help more on that stainless.
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by the springtime flowering of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. the weather slushy set fire across southern china but we have got some cloud of rain into central areas of disturbed weather seconding in as we go on through the next couple of days is sliding its way from the north a little bit more clout here is you go on through sunday further south with twenty four hong kong similar conditions there for taipei as we go on into monday that cloud things up will be some heavy burst of rain coming in for those central part but to the south again it stays dry and fine the dry and fine weather stretches way down to northern parts of the philippines but for central and southern areas some shop showers in the forecast malaysia since the big downpours we've had some flooding rains recently in southern parts of thailand ordinaries of malaysia the
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heavy rain will continue from time to time in the heat of the day particularly as we go on through the coming days so that sunday is picture a lot of cloud lots of right lots of big showers big showers to just making the way into northern parts of indonesia tended to sink a little further south as we go on through monday come across into the goal that clout that stretches just way over towards southern parts of india north easterly winds of course we're picking up that moisture from the by a single heavy showers force franca and the southern regions of india. the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. history has called it the great war in the first episode conscription draws hundreds of thousands of our route troops into both sides of the conflict their story is rarely tours but had a huge impact on the course of the war world war through robot bodies.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera campaigning in the u.s. midterm elections has entered its final stage both president trump and former vice president joe biden drumming up support before the vote on tuesday democrats are hoping to win back control of the house of representatives from the republicans. took his government media reporting that three members of the saudi hit squad that murdered journalism alpha shell just months ago responsible for disposing of his body seven newspaper says the men cut up the corpse in the consulate and put the
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pieces into five suitcases then taken to the saudi council's residence. of the first of all the nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in a rock band camp in syria a u.n. convoy of forty three trucks book food and supplies camps in a rebel held area near the border with jordan and circled by government forces. well more than seventy british business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second referendum on the u.k.'s exit from the european union it follows a march by more than half a million people in london last month demanding another vote talks have been stalled over the status of irish border after brags that the key sticking point in the go see ations spokesman for british prime minister to resign may play down media reports the deal is near on friday allen's deputy prime minister said agreement could be achieved by the middle of the month iran's supreme leader is calling the united states a declining power a day after washington re impose sanctions the restrictions on energy shipping in
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the finance sector have been lifted as part of the twenty fifth the nuclear deal with world powers ayatollah ali harmonies says the u.s. hasn't been able to defeat iran over the past forty years. america's power and money in the world is declining and moving towards destruction it is waning. today's united states is much weaker than the united states forty years ago when iran's islamic revolution happened it america's power is declining and this is the important point is well the u.s. sanctions on iran will come back into force on monday iranians are trying their best to stay positive as the reports from tehran. when you look past all the politics what becomes clear is that american sanctions hurt iranian people more than a change iranian government policies american policy some would say trump's brinkmanship has meant economic chaos for iran the value of the iranian ryall has suffered
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a major fall in the last year adding to high inflation and unemployment concerns. all of this hurts low income and working people first and foremost they struggle to feed their families because prices for some basic goods have doubled. people's purchasing power has been reduced they talk about their problems. when a customer wants to buy something you can tell the situation some people used to come here to buy meat once a month now they come once every two months. when it comes to iran u.s. presidents have pursued a policy of containment for decades trying to limit iranians economically militarily and politically in their regional and global affairs even the twenty fifty nuclear deal that president barack obama championed that gave iran back some of its financial freedoms many iranians saw that is just a softer approach to the same containment policy but by turning back the clock on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people
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here that during his administration there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies but if trumpet hope pushing iranians towards poverty would inspire them to topple their own leaders he'll likely be disappointed previous protests never got big enough all he's apparently done is make people here miserable. i think mr trump is a crazy man who made the situation in the region drastically worse his involvement in the region and sanctions have made the people hate him i really don't think that he's the one that should be the president of america. maybe good for his own people but not as he took office things got worse it's better not to say anything about his personality everyone knows how. everybody in the world to. what iran's leaders signed the nuclear deal they said it was the thing to fix everyone's financial problems three years later with american promises of more sanctions than
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ever before the best that people here can hope for is that iran can manage to sell enough oil to survive until donald trump has left the white house zain. turkey's move to stop drilling for oil and gas in the mediterranean sea to escalate the dispute with greece energy minister is warning of retaliation if the greek navy warships during the exploration period some call c.n.n. reports from. that is soon mediterranean is the new frontier for oil and gas it's home to libya thumb and time are gas fields of the israeli coast the sore fields facing egypt and also aphrodite discovered by the greek cypriots and the region's underwater wealth appeals to turkey which is dependent on energy imports all the g. and g. studies and everything is telling us it is the right locations but you never know without doing so ankara is sending its first ship out to drill for natural
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resources versus the ship that turkey is using to drill for oil and gas she is called party which means the conqueror the first exploration will begin around one hundred ten kilometers of the mediterranean coast line at a depth of at least twelve thousand meters. but the drilling mission is causing friction with greece and it's set to reawaken tensions with cyprus the island of cyprus will supply it during your turkish military intervention in one thousand nine hundred seventy four triggered by a brief greek inspired coup it forced the mess displacement of people with greek cypriots now living in the south and turkish cypriots in the north turkey and international recognize greek cypriot government have overlapping claims of jurisdiction for offshore oil and gas research in the eastern mediterranean however experts say political differences could take a back seat when it comes to commercial benefits and even israelis are thinking of
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joining egypt to develop explore the export yes so between when that is happening then between greece and turkey and the two parts the two sections of the island of cyprus to the problem of cyprus and the turkish republic . within cyprus i think it helps to resolve the problem turkey says it's goal is energy independence and accelerated exploration is simply part of that plan another drilling vessel is set to be added to its exploration fleet by the end of this year because although al-jazeera on tallia voters in new caledonia are deciding whether or not to break away from france the last vote for independence was hope thirty years ago and that ended in violence the territories a strategic military foothold for france in the pacific thomas reports from a veil in new caledonia. new caledonia is nearly twenty
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thousand kilometers from paris yet the pacific island territory has been since eight hundred fifty three parts of france but after sunday the bones could be broken new caledonians will be asked whether they want their territory to cede full sovereignty and become an independent. opinion polls suggest those of european descent like a vote on this rally in may want to remain french think played only i'm france is the best that we can have. but the french state and the french president to visit new caledonia earlier this year are officially neutral that has a lot to do with history in that ninety seven people of indigenous quranic descent boycotted a referendum because they saw the process then as rigged in favor of french loyalists the following year on the outlying island of ear supporters of independents resorted to violence on the twenty second of april night and eighty eight a big group of pro independents cannot command stormed the play station then stood
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on this site killing for placement inside and taking a group of more than twenty others hostage france sent in a military team in the assault two of that team were killed as were nineteen of the hostage takers some it's now known were executed this time france is determined both sides see the process as fair and accept the result only french settlers with a decades long history new caledonia will be eligible to vote and should the result be no to independence independence supporters will have to further chances with follow up referendum to twenty twenty and twenty twenty three sit and. observe this time around political leaders have managed the process well. cannot people especially feel independence is long overdue new caledonia was taken by the french one hundred fifty three there was no agreement from the indigenous people no treaty and supporters of independence think. finding big nickel deposits would be enough
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for new caledonia to survive economically but loyalists doubt that about one point five billion dollars a year flows from paris to new caledonia as capital near france accounts for fifteen percent of our annual g.d.p. so that you've got us losing that would be a catastrophe many people would lose their jobs the public service would collapse new caledonians are accustomed to a certain standard of living it would all come down at once unless china stepped in in past decades pacific island nations have been reliant on european benefactors and neighbors in australia new zealand and the united states but china's spending in influence across the pacific region is growing and you caledonia independent of france would quickly become a target andrew thomas al-jazeera over here and you caledonia one of the world's biggest tea farms has been given a new lease of life the mongrel farm in south africa was closed for years but thanks to
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a government bailout it's now back in business providing work in an area with high unemployment i mean the media reports what eastern cape. just months ago these tea fields along the wild coast region in the eastern cape were abandoned and overgrown but a government injection of almost eight million dollars into the mob what t. farm means it now has a second chance stretching for more than one thousand eight hundred hecht is the management says this is the largest operating tea farm in the southern hemisphere to seville and is owned by the community and the my go into prosti is a government owned company and release the land from the community and obviously tronic through as many people from the local community as possible the climate has soil conditions are ideal for growing black t. the farm was first established as a job creation project in the one nine hundred sixty s. and at one time was producing two point seven million tons of ts season but
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a drop in the tea price a series of wage disputes and labor strikes as well as looting led to its closure worsening already high levels of rural poverty and unemployment. since it reopened eighteen months ago a farm employs up to one thousand eight hundred people during peak season and processes anywhere between thirty six and one hundred fifty tonnes of teves a day once at ease the plugs are processed at this factory and packaged in bulk before being sold to brokers and evolve hopes to eventually package individual teabags retailers which it says will bring in more money and create more jobs while the mob or t. farm is entirely government owned the numbers it community and workers could potentially own up to forty percent of it at the have to find the money to buy she's been a few. this shares a very important for a long time the committee was not part of the team from but now the community feels
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that it is consulted more in is more involved they's a lot of development now in numbers and. once we get this is we can decide what we want to do with them with a few of the jobs in the area the people of mumbai see say the success of the farm is vital they are however concerns about wage and production costs and while the future of my block cannot be guaranteed for people here it represents hope for me to al-jazeera eastern cape south africa. tartuffe a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera campaigning in the u.s. midterm elections enter its final stage both president trump and former vice president joe biden a drumming up support before the vote on tuesday democrats are hoping to win back control of the house of representatives from the republicans trump's campaign is focused mainly on immigration and jobs. we can talk about the economy but the fact
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is we know how well we're doing with the economy and we have to solve problems i'm looking to sell problems not talking to the fact that we have done a great job and we have done a great job. so we now have the hottest economy anywhere on earth we had the best economy that the united states has ever had in the last month alone we ended the other two hundred and fifty thousand jobs to get the. turkish government media reporting that three members of the saudi hit squad who murdered journalist a month ago were responsible for disposing of his body the newspaper says the men dismembered the corpse in the consulate and put the remains into five suitcases these were then driven to the saudi consuls residence some of these suspects have close ties to saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone for the first time in more than nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in
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a rock band camp in syria. a u.n. convoy of forty three trucks brought food and supplies comes from a rebel held area and circled by government forces. at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fight against central african republic in the last four days sets out for those who fled their homes have been attacked in at least two people killed the former president was overthrown by a coalition of rebel groups in twenty thirteen more than seventeen british business leaders of signed a letter calling for a second referendum on the u.k.'s exit from the european union for the march by more than a half a million people in london last month talks have been stored over the status of the ares border after brics it spokesman for british prime minister to resign may play down media reports that a deal is. all right those are the headlines the news continues here on. inside story on that subject but still.
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keeping his promise poses economic and trade sanctions on iran despite global condemnation the measures are meant to impede tehran's ability to sell oil on the world market because u.s. pressure on the regime end up hurting the iranian people the most this is a story. welcome to the program i'm richelle carey at all the makings of a hollywood thriller the u.s. president teasing is fifty five million twitter followers about sanctions on iran
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but donald trump's top was not.


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