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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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this is the most important election a final push for votes in the u.s. ahead of mid-term elections which are being seen as a referendum on donald trump's presidency. i'm a very unforgiving this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up media reveals more about how saudi agents disposed of the body of the murdered journalist. aid finally arrives for thousands of people driven by war to a remote camp in syria stranded without supplies after months of delay.
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and delay stale will they go people in the french territory of new caledonia vote on whether to cut ties with france and become independent. campaigning in the u.s. midterm elections is ended its final stage both president donald trump and his predecessor barack obama have been drumming up support ahead of tuesday's vote trumps campaign is focused on immigration and jobs he's threatening to change the right to citizenship for anyone born in the u.s. the republicans currently control both houses of congress but democrats hope at least to win back the house of representatives before us vice president and democrat joe biden says this election is a chance to reset the country's moral compass. tuesday is almost here and you all
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know in your gut that there's something different about this year's election. is bigger than politics this is the most important off year election that any one of you will have ever voted and that's not hyperbole the very character of our country is on the ballot with doocey. from outside was rob reynolds in washington. president donald trump held two campaign rallies one in the state of montana where the democratic incumbent senator holds a thin lead over his republican opponent and the other in florida where both the senate and governor's races are too close to call president trump harped on familiar themes especially immigration border security and fear that criminals coming from abroad would menace americans president trump noted that he has recently sent thousands of u.s. troops to the u.s.
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mexican border we have our military now on the border. and i noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today were. used properly could be a beautiful sight were all of this is red meat for trump's base and therefore essential for the candidates that he's promoting but overall trump's approval rating is remarkably low by historical standards it's forty percent according to the most recent gallup poll and no president has had that low approval rating heading into a midterm election since gerald ford in one nine hundred seventy four there are some signs that trump's style and policies have turned off and alienated some formerly loyal republican voters especially women living in suburban areas
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those voters now appear to be moving towards the democrats so that is one of the reasons why the consensus among political analysts pollsters and pundits is that the house of representatives will switch hands to the democratic party on election day with the republican party maintaining its hold over the senate. thousands of central american migrants are walking north towards mexico city after an offer of free bus rides was withdrawn the caravan of mostly hondurans is aiming to reach the united states to seek asylum a mexican state governor revokes free bus passes by saying mexico city was suffering from a water shortage and that it wouldn't be right to take in the migrants. reports. after weeks of walking thousands of honduran migrants in southern mexico have been told they'll have to walk some more they were promised free transportation to
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mexico city by the governor. but the offer was later withdrawn. hiatt well worn down they promised us something and didn't follow through we had faith in them because when mothers with children after hearing the government would no longer provide bus rides to mexico city many migrants grew impatient and started walking hundreds of others crowded atop passing trucks and hitched rides from anyone willing to drive the north. we don't have a choice but to risk our lives dangling from trucks our objective is to get there. in the united states along the soldiers have begun setting up barbed wire there the first wave of as many as fifteen thousand u.s. troops being deployed to the us mexico border under orders by president trump the government of the truce offered migrants an opportunity to stay in city where they would be given food and medical attention most of them however turned down the
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offer coming we going to keep working we have to move forward no steps backwards. despite repeated warnings from the u.s. president that migrants will not be allowed to enter the country most say they have no intention of turning back now the next stop for these five thousand honduran migrants will be mexico city here they are expected to plead their cases to government officials. and transportation to the southern border of the united states although it could still be several weeks before they reach that point. mexico city. government media have been reporting more details on the saudi hit squad the murder of the journalist. month the newspaper reports that his corpse was dismembered and put into five suitcases these were then driven to the saudi council's residence
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near the consulate where she was killed on october second turkey's president richard burton one believes that the order to kill came from the highest levels of the saudi state let's take you live that who istanbul zeros andrew symonds is outside the consulate and it's been some time since turkey's president pointed the finger at the top saudi administration in the mud up what do we make that of this reports to but today. well as things stand these reports there are they are unverified as so many have been so far but these reports from the prosecutor's office sources in the prosecutor's office published in this pro-government newspaper suggest that three key figures were involved in the transportation of body parts from here the consulate to the consul general zz residence two hundred meters away those people my thread he is
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a key intelligence official within the saudi riyadh regime that is to buy the who is a pathologist. these three men are said to have been the only members of the fifteen strong hit squad that were actually in the consul general off as according to the newspaper and of course there is a growing problem over information related to what happened at that residence the saudis have not been cooperative according to all sources within the turkish prosecution teams they have not been cooperative as to what happened in the garden for example a well shaft has been a main part of the investigation apparently and there is a lot of concern about wanting more information as to what may have happened to the body parts of. this is really a key area along with the trail as to whoever ordered this operation
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which has been touched upon in great detail the strongest outburst yet from the turkish president saying that somebody high up within riyadh had ordered this no he the president made it quite clear that he was but had full faith in king solomon himself and so therefore by not naming the crown prince he evidently was pointing a finger in the direction of mohammed bin settlement and now the frustration is. really the united states and saudi arabia are not progressing with any further information on this whole investigation is there a flat spot now this is a question mark over the momentum of this crisis and as to whether or not there is going to be a conclusion or start to a conclusion in the weeks and months to come so president frustrated at the pace of this mid-term elections coming up next we could be what's causing this this fast
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sport as you say how is this going to play out. well it's difficult to really predict obviously the midterm elections are going to be a major distraction potentially from this whole inquiry now you have to look at what mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state said last thursday in fact on radio he said that it could be a handful of weeks before any firm response is made by the united states on in terms of reaction on action against saudi arabia limited sanctions against individuals perhaps on the cards now is that enough to really put kate the concern in the turkish government the answer is no they want more traction they want to see more reaction they want more information coming from saudi arabia that there's no doubt that the visit by the main prosecutor from saudi arabia here in istanbul last
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week did not go well in fact it did very little if anything it raised more questions than it did give any answers so on the one hand you have the forensic inquiry at a stage now where it would seem it's waiting to hear whether or not there is a body or body parts and then politically the stakes are getting higher there's a change in the dynamic it would seem and the key is really the way the united states responds when it does so and whether or not as the turkish fear could be the case there is some attempt at a cover up at the behest of saudi arabia adrian al-jazeera as andrew symonds reporting live there from istanbul i'm sure many thanks indeed. the united nations children's fund is warning that the famine in yemen will get worse if efforts to bring in a are blocked already millions are hungry the fund says the both the. yemeni government the rebels making it impossible to deliver and distribute aid unicef is
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backing the u.s. calls for a cease fire within a month to end the conflict. for the first time in more than nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in the book band camp in syria a convoy of forty three trucks brought much needed food and supplies the camp is in a rebel held area near the border with jordan and is encircled by government forces . reports. sandstorm season and rock band we're going blind this boy says our homes are destroyed take us away from here. rick band is the no man's land in more ways than one a desolate camp in the open desert near the jordanian border caught between warring sides there's no escape. people came here three years ago fleeing i still fighters
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the u.s. russian and syrian air strikes now there are some fifty thousand people many of them women and children. i know you're one of those protests began last month after a smuggling route for food and medicine was closed by government forces. that he's disabled he's also malnourished he's almost a skeleton from starvation officials say a u.n. aid convoy expected last week was delayed because of security concerns but now it's finally here food hygiene and health supplies to be distributed over the next three to four days. humanitarian convoys here require approval from damascus the last time rick bond received any aid was in january then a cross border delivery. from jordan a red distribution after it sealed its border in the aftermath of a twenty sixteen i sell a tack that killed seven jordanian soldiers we said we're not going to order it back as syrian people on syrian territory so it is the responsibility of the syrian
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government and the yuan and the international community but wasn't established national. this is. by. circumstance where. on the stranger the borders of. u.s. forces have a military base nearby policing a fifty five square kilometer so-called deescalation zone you know. russia blames the u.s. for the deteriorating situation the u.s. says russia and syria using rock band as an excuse to question its presence here is that they really want to help these people or do they want to use them as a as a as something to kind of come after us this is not the united states' problem started jordan problem these are syrians these syrians are dying and many of these new graves very small the red crescent says despite this delivery the situation
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remains critical no one perhaps knows that better than those burying their children here. in stasia tayo al-jazeera got a weather update next here on al-jazeera that the legend of el chapo will take a look at the rise and fall of one of the most feared criminals in mexico. and how one of the world's largest tea farms has turned over a new leaf with some much needed government help. we're seeing some rather wet weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean and that is affecting the you'll of anticipation across syria into iraq a lot of cloud in the middle east with a gun usually this once again then so further spells of rain certainly
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a possibility as we go through sunday soffits could see some life if she was to further east that it's all sixty celsius there for kabul getting up to around thirty three in karate on sunday afternoon similar temperatures as because the monday and similar weather was a little bit of cloud just sliding its way into southern areas of the caspian sea maybe northern parts of iran could catch your share i'm afraid the wet weather will continue across syria dial into iraq some heavy downpours that is inevitably likely to lead to some localized flooding in the flooding rains there in place across northern parts of saudi arabia not bad here in constant little bit of cloud yeah as you can see for sunday possibility of a few spits in spots of friday monday should brighten up a warm up as well temperatures getting up to around thirty one degrees but northern sections of the gulf could still see some a wet weather a little bit wet weather moving across southern parts of africa in areas of south africa what's cooler than of late in cape town with a high of around eighteen celsius the recently warming twenty food greece.
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in the united states the religious right is on the march we were always hunting for the guy who would take ours script and read it their goal is to take control of one of the political parties and they've effectively done that full lines examines the trumpet ministration special relationship with the religious right what do you get out of it the presidency and asks what evangelical support means for the future of the country church of trump analogise earring.
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well again this is al-jazeera the way news this hour campaigning in the u.s. midterm elections into its final stage both president donald trump and former vice president joe biden have been drumming up support ahead of tuesday's vote democrats hope to win back control of the house of representatives from the. turkish government media reporting more details on the saudi hit squad the berta journalist jamal khashoggi a month ago the newspaper says that three men dismembered the corpse in the consulate and took the remains in five suitcases to the saudi consul general so nearby and for the first time in more than nine months eight has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in the book camp in syria a u.n. convoy of forty three trucks brought food and supplies in campus in a rebel held area near the border with jordan that is and circled by forces. voters in new caledonia deciding whether or not to break away from france the last vote
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for independence was held thirty years ago and it ended in violence the territory is a strategic military foothold for france in the pacific al-jazeera as andrew thomas reports. new caledonia is nearly twenty thousand kilometers from paris yet the pacific island territory has been since eight hundred fifty three parts of france but after sunday the bones could be broken new caledonians will be asked whether they want their territory to cede full sovereignty and become an independent. opinion polls suggest those of european descent like those on this rally in may want to remain french think played only i'm france is the best that we can have. but the french state and the french president to visit new caledonia earlier this year are officially neutral that has a lot to do with history in that ninety seven people of indigenous quranic descent boycotted a referendum because they saw the process then as rigged in favor of french
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loyalists the following year on the outlying island of ear supporters of independence resorted to violence on the twenty second of april night in eighty eight a big group of pro independence cannot command stormed the play station then stood on this site killing for placement inside and taking a group of more than twenty others hostage france sent in a military team in the assault two of that team were killed as were nineteen of the hostage takers some it's now known were executed this time france is determined both sides see the process as fair and accept the result only french settlers with a decades long history new caledonia will be eligible to vote and should the result be no to independent independence supporters will have to further chances with follow up referendum to twenty twenty and twenty twenty three sit and. zoeth this time around political leaders have managed the process well. cannot people
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especially feel independence is long overdue new caledonia was taken by the french one hundred fifty three there was no agreement from the indigenous people no treaty and supporters of independence think mine. big nickel deposits would be enough a new caledonia to survive economically but loyalists doubt that about one point five billion dollars a year flows from paris to new caledonia is capital near france accounts for fifteen percent of annual g.d.p. so that you get us losing that would be a catastrophe many people would lose their jobs the public service would collapse new caledonia and our customers to a certain standard of living it would all come down at once unless china stepped in in past decades pacific island nations have been reliant on european benefactors and neighbors in australia new zealand and the united states but china's spending in influence across the pacific region is growing and you caledonia independent
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affronts would quickly become a target andrew thomas al-jazeera over here and you caledonia more than seventy british business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second referendum on the u.k.'s exit from the european union it follows a march by more than half a million people in london last month demanding another vote talks have been stalled over the status of the irish border after briggs's a key sticking point to negotiations a spokesman for britain's prime minister to reason they play down media reports that a deal is near on friday island's deputy prime minister said agreement could be achieved by the middle of the month. iran's supreme leader is calling the united states a declining power after washington re imposed sanctions the restrictions on energy shipping and the finance sector had been lifted as part of the twenty fifty nuclear deal with world powers ayatollah ali how many says that the u.s. hasn't been able to defeat iran over the past forty years old that i can only gain
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america's power and many in the world is declining and moving towards destruction it is waning year by year today's united states is much weaker than the united states forty years ago when he ran the islamic revolution happen it america's power is declining and if the important point is that a lawyer representing a christian woman in pakistan who was acquitted of blasphemy has left the country in fear of his life saif says that he had to leave so that he could continue to represent r.c. a baby whose conviction was overturned on wednesday by the supreme court bibi had spent eight years on death row officials of the agreed to prevent her leaving pakistan to end violent protests over the court ruling. protesters of rabbit in india's capital demanding justice for the families of those killed during sectarian riots against sikhs and nine hundred eighty four activists accuse the congress party of ignoring the killings and say some of its leaders helped to orchestrate
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the violence around three thousand people were killed in retaliation for the assassination of the then prime minister indira gandhi her killing followed her decision to flush out sikh separatists from the gold temple in. the man who was considered to be the most powerful criminal and mexico or go on trial in the united states on monday working those month was born into poverty in the mountains of similar through the ranks of organized crime amassing a fortune and overseeing a list of empire with links right around the world john holeman reports now the first of a three part series on the mound known as el chapo this is how the legend of mexico's most powerful criminal chapo ended a tired middle aged man bundled into exile in the us. and this is where it began in one thousand nine hundred full a cartel middleman who was caught on film for the first time walking guzman had
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just been put in a maximum security prison but it wouldn't hold him his first jail break legend has it was in a laundry basket. once he began climbing the criminal ladder to public enemy number one he's seen the lower cartel had links all over the world he even made it on to the forbes rich a list it was a huge leap for someone who in a rolling stone interview said he grown up the poorest of the pool. from the time i was six until now my parents a very humble family very poor my mom made bread to support the family i would sell it i sold oranges soft drinks candy. how did i go from that to miss cruz told criminal we asked someone who'd known him for years. everyone was waiting for him to come home because then there would be a party with ten or twelve bands of musicians it was beautiful and he gave out gifts. someone like an they'll chapel to a mix can robin hood but there's another side to the business he and his in a low
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a cartel dominated on a man and a order to clean out plazas corrupt police and if they don't succeed or someone gets out of line they kill them that happens all over the world so the narcos of sin a lower wouldn't be any different in two thousand and fourteen the authorities caught up with their chapel again but the great escape artist repeated his trick this time disappearing through his so floor into a tunnel complete with electric lighting and a getaway bike mit's cruise government was humiliated ill chappell's legend grew he headed back to the place he knew best these are the mountains where chopper was born and raised they were his center of operations a hideout in a refuge he knew the people here and out of reverence or fear they would never give him up it took chapel himself to do that the reason for to ation with mix can supersede their car steal he invited her to the mountains bizarrely hollywood actor
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sean penn also came along but miss can authorities were tracking their communications once the celebrities left the net tightened finally joaquin guzman was taken in january two thousand and sixteen this time there was no escape and the legend finally became just a man again john homan now does it a sin alone and later on sunday we look at why el chapo is cartel thrives despite his removal as leader one of the biggest he farms in the world the languor farm in south africa was closed for years but it's now back in business thanks to a government bailout in an area of high unemployment from the miller reports from the eastern cape. just months ago these tea fields along the wild coast region in the eastern cape were abandoned and overgrown but a government injection of almost eight million dollars into the mob what t.
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farm means it now has a second chance stretching for more than one thousand eight hundred hecht is the management says this is the largest operating tea farm in the southern hemisphere to survey lenders and by the community and the go into prosti is a government owned company and release the land from the community and obviously tronic through as many people from the local community as possible the climate has soil conditions are ideal for growing black t. the farm was first established as a job creation project in the one nine hundred sixty s. and at one time was producing two point seven million tons of season but a drop in the tea price a series of wage disputes and labor strikes as well as looting led to its closure worsening already high levels of rural poverty and unemployment. since it reopened eighteen months ago a farm employs up to one thousand eight hundred people during peak season and
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processes anywhere between thirty six and one hundred fifty tonnes of teves a day once its ease of plugs are processed at this factory and packaged in bulk before being sold to brokers at the bottom ups to eventually packaging individual tea bags retailers which it says will bring in more money and create more jobs while the mugwort t. farm is entirely government owned the ambassador community and workers could potentially own up to forty percent of it at the have to find the money to buy she's been a few. this shares are very important for a long time the committee was not part of the team from but now the community feels that it is consulted more in is more involved they's a lot of development now in numbers and once we get the. says we can decide what we want to do with them with few of the jobs in the area the people of say the success of the farm is vital they are however concerns about wage and production costs and
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while the future of mclaughlin not be guaranteed for people here it represents hope for. eastern cape south africa take a look at this the streets of toulouse in france have been taken over by a pair of giant mechanical creatures on the spider and a stereo in the minus all the latest creations from the french street theater group la machine twenty meters tall and taking two years to build that controlled by dozens of operators guide through the city's streets. it's good to have you with us hello everyone fit here in doha the top stories this hour al-jazeera campaigning in the u.s. midterm elections entered its final stage both president donald trump and former vice president joe biden have been drumming up support ahead of tuesday's vote democrats hope to win back control of the house of representatives from the
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republicans thousands of central american migrants are walking north towards mexico city after an offer of free bus rides was withdrawn the caravan of mostly hondurans is aiming to reach the united states and to seek asylum a mexican state governor revokes the free buses by saying that mexico city was suffering from a water shortage of that it wouldn't be right to take in the migrants turkish government media reporting more details of the saudi hit squad the murder journalist a month ago the sub out newspaper says the corpse was dismembered in the consulate and taken in five suitcases to the saudi consuls residence there by andrew symonds reports from istanbul. there are also suggestions from the seven newspaper that three key figures in this suspect list involved in this they are said to have been transporting those cases to the consul general office nice man but three who
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is a key figure a main suspect seller baby who is also well known to have had a key part in the whole affair ghalib these three figures associated with that for the first time in more than nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in the rock band camp in syria a u.n. convoy of forty three trucks brought food and supplies the camp is in a rebel held area which is surrounded by government forces more than seventy british business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second referendum on the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. it follows a march by more than half a million people in london last month demanding another vote talks have been stalled over the status of the irish border after break says. those are the headlines we'll have more use for you on al-jazeera after faultlines next. a journey of personal discovery. more american here and then more in the us out
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is there is a mirror image of mara highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of honey to them asking people trying to preserve their way of life. owns one of the unspoken doesn't know if. your mom's from here you can. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here. judge capital is one of the finest people to print court nominee broke out and judge brett kavanaugh is fighting back it's very tough judge brett kavanaugh wasn't telling the judge brett kavanaugh his confirmation would swing the balance of the high court to the right and could lead to a revisiting of fact hot button issues as abortion and gay marriage a woman says the president's u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh assaulted her when she uncovered up or both in high school the u.s. has just gone through its most contentious supreme court nomination in decades.


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