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tv   Khushboos Deadline  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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well trip to currency in the past one year in the past six months many countries many central banks including central bank of iran. have tried to study group to currencies so it means that they are trying to find regulations and they're trying to study more cryptic currencies in order to make transactions are easily have it's still it's it's very difficult to to make transactions while computers because there are lots of unknown's in that field another alternative that the european union has tried to implement or has tried to introduce is called special purpose repo that allows you're wrong to make legitimate. transactions with the european companies or even with many other countries who are trying to make business bureau this kind of mccann ism is not. money transferring it it mostly works like a barter trading system so that if iran explore its to
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a certain country in european union then it can't as much as that import from that country and it's it can work as in part as a kind of accounting mechanic is it so it's not going to work is it wrong to still have trouble be translating mining in addition to that there are lots of regulations in iraq that will not updated and they're not working on it with the international monetary system could speak mattie ghodsee there joining us from vienna thanks. turkish media have been reporting more details on the alleged saudi hit squad of murdered journalist. last month the newspaper saying his body was dismembered and put into five suitcases these were driven to the saudi council's residence near the
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consulate where he was killed some of the suspects have close ties to saudi crown prince mohammed bin men turkish president richard type one has already said he believes the order to kill came from the highest levels of the saudi government to andrew symonds is live for us now in istanbul how significant are these latest details. well they certainly add to the picture that's already being formed by turkish prosecutors this report suggests that three key figures were responsible for the disposable the disposal of the whole body of the body parts what we're hearing is that the men that's my how my three who's always been a key figure identified from the very outset as being involved in the member of the fifteen person hit team salah to by eeg he he is a forensic pathologist on the third person thought. all of them were in the
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consulate engaged in disposing of the body cutting the body into pieces and the suggestion that what happened then five suitcases were used for the body parts and a vehicle number of vehicles in fact was seen then maneuvering from him in the consulate to the consul general's residence two hundred meters away now the timing of this is around fifteen hundred local on october the second and then it was just less than two hours later that a tree was seen on video camera leaving the consul general now this story may have a beginning a middle but it does not have an ending because no one knows exactly what happened to the body parts if they were indeed body parts it does seem that this happened but no one is clear on this despite a suggestion from want to turkish official could have been acid used to dissolve
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the body parts but certainly it would be far fetched to think that that could happen in a two hour process it would seem so they aren't says are really in the hands as far as the turks are concerned with the saudi investigators but there's no corporation that whatsoever. and andrea is there any reaction to president assertion that this murder was ordered at the highest level in saudi arabia well that assertion from president made in the washington post in an op-ed on friday did disk distinguish between king solomon who the president of turkey said he saw no connection with the king and what went on here the suggestion being although he didn't name a name was the crown prince mohammed bin and sound man but no mention of his name but a clear assertion that he was being seen as a main suspect for ordering this operation as far as any reaction goes there has
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been normal not has fueled more and more concern here in turkey amongst government officials that there could be a flat spot in world attention on this crisis and that the in washington d.c. with the midterm elections coming. coming in three days then there is more and more concern that this may distract attention away. a clear assertion from the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o a few days ago that it could take a handful of weeks he said on a local radio station for any action to be taken and that action may amount to just sanctions being taken against certain individuals and not really tracing the responsibility to the very top so a lot of concern in turkey now that there is a cover up underway actively by the saudis they've got no doubt about that as far as the turkish are concerned but what influence will this have on the u.s. and other allies including israel and egypt anderson is live for us in istanbul
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thanks andy. our court in bahrain has sentenced three opposition members to life in prison overturning a previous acquittal on charges of spying for qatar shere ali manhasset jew muscle tahn and ali maddy alia last words were arrested for their involvement in the twenty eleven arab spring protests bahrain accuse them of passing state secrets to a foreign government spreading false news and trying to undermine the kingdom amnesty international says this verdict is a travesty of justice that demonstrates the bahamian authorities relentless and unlawful efforts to silence any form of dissent or record numbers of early voters of cast their ballots in the u.s. midterms pointing to the highest turnout in a midterm poll in decades more than thirty one million people have already voted
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these midterms are seen as a referendum on donald trump's policies democrats are hoping to win back the majority in congress trump and former vice president joe biden a drumming up support before the vote trumps campaign has focused on immigration and jobs he's talked of ending birthright citizenship biden says the election is a chance to reset the country's moral compass. tuesday is almost here and you all know you're. there's something different about this year's election. it's all of the x. this is the most important election he wanted. very good. our country is on the ballot tuesday all right still ahead on i just you know when we come back as the leader of one of mexico's most dangerous cartels awaits trial in the u.s. we look at why our chapels business continues to thrive. and
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has a nice standard line of thunderstorms now from the southern philippines towards thailand as for sumatra and towards west java this is where the rain should be should be going sas at the moment most of the land mass of southeast asia looks dry cation shouting southern parts of vietnam all cambodians to want to in some time but not very much to be honest most is the south including kuala lumpur singapore and jakarta and have been the case the next two days attempt changes once again in the southeast of us rizla cloud over and there are the more than one frontal system here but of course as the wind changes you notice most when this things goes through nice and warm twenty five in melbourne pretty hot twenty nine in sydney and there's a line of thunderstorms some which will contain damaging hail quite likely in past
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history with that one thousand adelaide and we're up to thirty two in city and the line is still there potentially say quite stormy if you're in perth enjoy rather cool about sunny a time of sixteen degrees not to new zealand fine couple of days i expect at least we got on one day christians up to twenty degrees the fog around the coast quite possibly that me take you had one day a small loss in temperature of a guess what the skies are still clear blue. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as her investigations bring her face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women her father's search for a suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true must one overcome the
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other. part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera minder of our top stories this hour thousands of iranians are marking the anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before u.s. sanctions are back in force iran's leadership has played down the u.s. move big commander of the elite revolutionary guard says iran will resist any sanctions turkish media reporting more details on the alleged saudi hit squad of murder journalist jim out of months ago the newspaper says his body was dismembered
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in the consulate and taken in five suitcases in saudi consuls residence nearby early voters of cast their ballots in the u.s. midterms in nearby court numbers more than thirty one million people have already voted with the election on tuesday the vote is seen as a referendum on president donald trump's policies democrats are hoping to win back the majority in congress rob reynolds has more on this now from washington. president donald trump held two campaign rallies one in the state of montana where the democratic incumbent senator holds a thin lead over his republican opponent and the other in florida where both the senate and governor's races are too close to call president trump harped on familiar themes especially immigration border security and fear that criminals coming from abroad would menace americans president trump noted that he has
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recently sent thousands of u.s. troops to the u.s. mexican border we have our military now on the border. and i noticed all that beautiful barbed wire going up today were. used properly can be a beautiful sight were all of this is red meat for trump's base and therefore essential for the candidates that he's promoting but overall trump's approval rating is remarkably low by historical standards it's forty percent according to the most recent gallup poll and no president has had that low approval rating heading into a midterm election since gerald ford in one nine hundred seventy four there are some signs that trump's style and policies have turned off and alienated some formerly loyal republican voters especially women living in suburban areas
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those voters now appear to be moving towards the democrats so that is one of the reasons why the consensus among political analysts pollsters and pundits is that the house of representatives will switch hands to the democratic party on election day with the republican party maintaining its hold over the senate. a voting has ended in the french territory of new caledonia where people had the chance to decide whether to seek independence the last referendum thirty years ago ended in violence the territory is a strategic military foothold for france in the south pacific this time the french government says it wants the process to be peaceful and fair official results are expected on monday andrew thomas has been watching the vote from sydney turnout across new caledonia as islands was very high and more than eighty percent the
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official results will be delivered by france's prime minister who is flying from paris to miami to give it early in the morning new caledonian time although it's expected that we should get a steer as to which way the vote is gone long before that opinion polls going into this independence referendum suggested that mostly caledonians would vote to remain french by about a sixty forty split but the sample sizes for those opinion polls were very small so we shouldn't necessarily take them with more than a pinch of salt very broadly speaking the indigenous cannick people in new caledonia seem to be voting more heavily for independence than the french settlers know perhaps great surprise there the french sees new caledonia back in eighteen fifty three and many of the cannot people have wanted independence ever since because it's not as simple as that some people want to stay french some of the french settlers now feel more caledonian than they feel french and they want independence as well the big concern strategically in all of this is what an independent new caledonia would mean for the region of the whole china is
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increasingly implement thing countries across the pacific having a european power there in the pacific is important not just for france but for countries like australia as well they'll be nervous of an independent you caledonia right now though it looks broadly speaking unlikely that's going to happen with this start. for the first time in more than nine months aid has been delivered to more than fifty thousand people in rock band camp in syria u.n. convoy forty three trucks brought much needed food and supplies the camps in a rebel held area near the border with jordan surrounded by government forces. sandstorm season and rock band we're going blind this boy says our homes are destroyed take us away from here. rick band is the no man's land in more ways than one a desolate camp in the open desert near the jordanian border caught between warring
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sides there's no escape. people came here three years ago fleeing i still fight has u.s. russian and syrian air strikes now there are some fifty thousand.


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