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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 307  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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imation relates it to what they think may have happened to body a body so desperately wants it to be returned to his fiance it's a good through with the obviously with the funeral under our wing aspect to this case andrew thank you very much for that for now that is anderson is with all the latest live and thank you there plenty more ahead on the news hour including will they stay with people in new caledonia eighteen thousand kilometers away have voted on independence will be in russia where the ringing of church bells is a moving into the modern age and its board. will see what happened pedagogic met back in paris coming up. of course and behind her sentenced to three opposition members to life in prison overturning a previous question on charges of spying for cop that shake on manhattan. and
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they. were arrested for their involvement in the twenty an eleven arab spring protests and accuse them of passing state secrets to a foreign government spreading false news and trying to undermine the kingdom well let's get more on this we're joined now by sema waffling campaign a reign of amnesty international and she's joining us from beirut very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so your organization has called this verdict a travesty of justice why. well to start with she hardly seven months for us is a prisoner of conscience he's been detained since twenty at the end of twenty three fourteen and he is serving a full year sentence. the new charges. of absurd in the sense that back in twenty eleven when the uprising was happening there was a there were attempts to mediate and to to find
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a solution to to the situation and. chalice and man had found quarrels with the prime minister not the prime minister the minister of foreign of all of affairs of state offense in qatar and these were one exchanges an attempt to to get to mediate in the situation at the time so two six years on for him to be charged with these with to be accused of spying for qatar is totally absurd and today's. sorry so so why do you think that this is happening now six years on. it appears to be linked to the qatar crazy crisis and a nice thing authorities are really. going forward with their crush on dissent any other position opposing voice is being
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pressed this is a clear signal that they will not accept all agree to have anybody criticizing them from within although that and you've said miss watching that the international community silence on the continued crackdown on dissent must come to an end why do you think there has been a silence and what difference do you think international pressure would make here. international pressure would shame behind into that the actions they are taking so far the voices from the international voices have that have not being very loud there are business. economic ties and exchanges between these countries and i think it is you know it is taking. the it is it it is deemed more important it appears than the justice will people
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in bahrain so given that how hopeful are you for the immediate and unconditional release of at least. some that amnesty is calling for at the moment it doesn't seem very likely that he will be released he was due for release at the end of december had he not been. convicted today but will continue to to call for his immediate and unconditional release. there is still the hope of the gas station quote or the turning this sentence but at the moment the future seems bleak as well and thank you very much for your time on this that is amnesty international sima what length warning us live from beirut thank you. thank you now the director of the u.n. children's fund has held a news conference in amman a short while ago on the dire humanitarian crisis in yemen four hundred thousand
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children are at risk of death every day because of malnutrition unicef is calling for an end and an immediate removal of all obstacles to deliver much needed humanitarian aid. to the u.s. now where president trump is trying to drive up turnout among his conservative base just two days before mid-term elections early numbers point to the highest turnout for a midterm poll in decades over thirty one million people have already cast their ballots these midterms are being seen as a referendum on donald trump's policies democrats are hoping to win back the majority in congress will trump and former vice president joe biden are drumming up support before the vote campaign has focused on immigration and jobs he talked about ending birthright citizenship. meanwhile biden says the election is a chance to reset the country's moral compass. do you know most of your you will
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know you're. something different about this year's election. this is the most important election you want to do you will remember. very. well more country is on the ballot. now president trumps policies and rhetoric have inspired record number of minority candidates to run mostly for the democratic party and some of them could be about to make history stacey a standing for governor in georgia and if she wins she'll become america's first. female indian. pollin from new mexico hopes to become the. first native american woman to and to congress christine how crist is the first openly transgender nominee from a major party for governor she is contesting in vermont and minnesota. is the first
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somali american to run and if she wins she'll make history along with palestinian american. lives from michigan as the first muslim american woman and congress one off amanda gallagher and alabama of record number of african-american woman running for office. inventing a mile a bomb of the annual magic city classic brings the entire community together it's an american football showdown between the two largest historically black universities as the midterm elections approach politics is never far away. with doug jones this is an important event when he won a special election last year jones became the state's first democratic senator in movement two decades of victories sealed with overwhelming support from african-american women voters is when say campaign as his spokes change we believe that that's how we're going to liberate those communities are so you're saying
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these women step up particularly black women without but i feel black men to say enough is enough we have to take back our power and put that power back to the people mother of two veronica johnson is one of those determined to challenge the status quo she's just one of the wave of women determined to change alabama's politics so yes i'm unhappy but there's only so much ranting you can do on facebook there's only so much ranting you can do on twitter i can't rant i'm not going to put myself out there to make the time just that need to be times that's the most important thing i think is a referendum on the current president the comics that political science professor angela lewis says the unprecedented number of black female candidates will have a lasting impact see women run for office and win office in alabama. come to motivate those women who were sitting on the train you know that i'm tired of politics is news well let me just throw my head out there i want pop in to see
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what happens. alabama remains a deeply conservative state but the sheer number of candidates this year could be a sign of things to come alabama ranks among the bottom six states of female representation but these midterm elections may change that in all there are around seventy female candidates running for various positions many of them africa. american and the driving forces behind this are important the election of democrat doug jones being one the me too movement is also playing a role but there's also an overwhelming desire to change politics as normal and make elected officials more representative of the state. where the candidates like veronica win or lose on november the sixth may not matter in the long run it's example they're searching for others that may send the most powerful message at a gala girl jazeera birmingham alabama. a few moments we'll have the weather evolve but still ahead on the madagascar out for
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a presidential election the thirty six candidates on the ballot. from dusky sunsets if a sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. however here's a site i shouldn't be able to show you for at least another months it's been snowing up in the kashmir valley now ok i say i could show you this during the winter it wouldn't be a big surprise it is a big surprise to get this early in november i mean is to be honest it's welcomed i mean it's enjoy able to go up into the hills and you can ski course in this part of india or even pakistan however as i say it easily and is being quite notable because the what kind of the represents the rain the snow has been falling all the way i've just gone to tibet and class the plateau now left all the ground in ny a ten cent piece shut the roads once more and similarly the rains have come in
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fairly certain yet from saudi arabia across to the event these are figures from iraq that are huge twenty one to thirty eight millimeters but you know what happens this power of the world when you start to get under storms in this weather changes dust storm first then it rains then you get water flooding and it hasn't gone away there's a proper change of seas now has a lock so obvious over iraq is part of a system that will be there throughout today tomorrow on the next day so they'll be more in the way of thunderstorms and flash flooding the whole lot drifting slowly east was eventually into western iraq. the weather sponsored by cat time race. hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation it's finding new outlets to vent it's anger. in a new series al-jazeera takes an unflinching you know at the end of radicalized organizations
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to young people revealing that in a web things and the often brutal consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideologies radicalized youth coming soon on al-jazeera. requires.
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good to have you with your new sound these are our top stories thousands of iranians are mocking the thirty ninth out of three of the u.s. embassy takeover a day before u.s. sanctions and back and forth iran's leadership has played down the u.s. move the commander of the revolutionary guard says will resist any sanctions turkish government media reporting more details of the saudi hit squad that murdered journalists just a month ago the newspaper says his body was dismembered in the consulate and taken and find suitcases to the saudi consul residence nearby. early voters have cast their ballots in the u.s. mint to elections in the ne of record numbers more than thirty one million people have already voted but the election on tuesday as a referendum on president trumps policies democrats are hoping to win back the majority in congress. voting has ended in the french territory of new caledonia
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where people are the child's to decide whether to seek independence the last referendum thirty years ago and did involve them as the territory is a strategic military foothold for france and the south pacific this time around the french government says it wants the process to be peaceful and fair official results are expected on monday let's go to our cost on them to andrew thomas now he's monitoring developments from sydney so how has gone so far andrew we're hearing that there was a very high turnout. the walls of the turnout of more than eighty percent across the various islands of new caledonia voting finished three hours ago and the counting is very much under way about a third of the votes have been counted so far and what we're hearing from the various ballot boxes that have to claim is that so far on that first of the vote counted it's about a sixty two thirty eight split against independence so if that works in projected
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forward new caledonia it would stay a big if though because of course some parts of the territory are much more heavily in favor of independence than others and we don't yet know which areas have been counted largely the capital in the mia has voted eighty ninety percent so far we hear against independence but then you'd expect that that is the area where lots of people of european descent live the kind that people the indigenous people of new caledonia tend to live more in other parts of the main island and in some of the outlying islands as well and those are the votes that will be counted later nevertheless based on third of the votes so far being so heavily against independence it would seem quite a struggle for them the independence so to bring this back from there and the votes as expected to go in favor of that remaining with france but as we wait for the results to come in on monday i believe and sure. we what we are looking at a vote at a time when there was a perception of waning french or even western influence in the pacific.
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that's quite right elizabeth you've hit the nail on the head really that what we've got here is not just about france and new caledonia it's got much bigger strategic implications the big unmentioned country you're about to mention of course is china china has influence across the pacific garden nations is growing it's an incredible right they're spending money they're investing in aid projects infrastructure projects that fluent saying politics in many pacific island countries and the concern among many countries in this region including australia it has to be said is that an independent new caledonia independent of france would struggle economically france at the moment massively subsidises the territories budget and it would look to find another benevolent power that could give it the money that it needs and show.


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