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tv   Leilani Farha  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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yes came on the scene we wrote the playbook for conservative news we call the t.v. news with a different spirit and all it was was an attempt to insert conservative propaganda into the news i am convinced this is a nation under god in the end right wing news is only a propaganda it's not news and there's no attempt to be unbiased and i think it's gone so far now that the public isn't aware of that but that's still what we create blame me i'm the one who is is saying i don't want to play gotcha journalism i think there's plenty of place in the news space today where you're going to hear that what is missing i think in the landscape is well what is it that they're really trying to say what is that an edited version. last month that on that is had version came from pat roberts well just days after the killing
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of saudi john as. he was only asking not reminding his evangelical viewers of god's commandment thou shalt not kill or defending a fellow journalist i mean he was echoing the president of course you don't owe a prayer mashaal i asked one question i mean robertson has since changed his rhetoric right after the president changed his cos the saudis are telling the truth of my late client lied and lied and we certainly can't well planned to go scot free he's a r.r. he was reaffirming as the the c.b.i. and it's about political relationships and one relationships in particular. that's our especial edition on the american broadcast media on the eve of the midterms so many channels so many voices consumer spoiled for choice but lacking in trust a distinct lack of regulations and a vital institution left abandoned the corporate sector to do with journalism
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information and truth what they will as the late c.b.s. anchor walter cronkite used to say when he signed off each week night that's the way it is we'll see you next time here at the listening post. on line for you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the content well would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on how does iraq. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that's something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often
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working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha on the radio welcome to the newsgroup november fourth it is already a day where iran's fractious relationship with the u.s. is marked by demonstrations tomorrow u.s. sanctions on the iranian economy return and it has brought thousands out into the street to attempt to denounce what is seen as another attempt to punish the iranians. also on the grid the u.s. midterm elections and the power of the female vote between the cabinet here and the
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may to merge but even the president himself much is being made of a backlash from the very things we'll look at how that might play out of politics and thousands of fake accounts ahead on the u.s. and that turns out extending what i am here to the comments that. the hash tag a.j. describes. and in the south pacific the new caledonia will remain a french territory following a referendum look at the relationship such territories have with their own countries and why in this case to return to the independence of failed state. with the news grid live streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com it is as we said november fourth which means a day of celebration in many ways in iran that's when people mock the day thirty nine years ago this year when iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran and took fifty two americans hostage for four hundred forty four
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days this year there is an extra twist because less than twenty four hours after the celebrations american sanctions return to iran sanctions that were lifted three years ago under the landmark nuclear deal. the u.s. wants iran back at the negotiating table trying to force them to scrap their ballistic missile program and to change regional policies that is only served to increase all the anti u.s. sentiment that has been seen on the streets of tehran we begin with he's in tehran . the overrunning of the u.s. embassy in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine few months after the revolution that brought this current government into power was was was a very big moment in history for this country and also for the world university students overtook the u.s. compound they took fifty two americans prisoner and sparked a four hundred forty four day hostage crisis and now that is the longest hostage
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crisis in recorded history but also a seminal moment in the relationship between the united states and america it led to decades of hostility between these two nations and this rally is an annual calendar event now this year and the crowds were bigger than usual and felt like they were angrier than usual and that is likely because the anniversary coincides with the deadline for the really imposition of sanctions by the united states that were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal really imposed by the american president donald trump now what that means is that it just in a matter of hours iran will no longer be able to sell oil freely on the international market now we've spoken to many iranians who say that this deadline is largely meaningless because foreign investors have already pulled out the damage that donald trump wanted to do using economic pressure against iran that damage many iranian people who we spoke to said that damage has already been done and we'll have more from zain and
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a little bit later but we also want to look sat's well the other side of the deal because despite the u.s. withdrawal from the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal you've got the e.u. and russia and china which are all sticking to the terms of diplomatic editor james by his reports in the u.n. in new york on what they might do next. this is being described by the trumpet ministration as the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on iran the country's oil exports are being targeted although eight countries have been given temporary waivers to allow them to still imported raney an oil for the time being the administration is now reintroducing all of the sanctions that were frozen under the iran nuclear deal in twenty fifteen the iranian economy is in a bad place there's no question about that inflation is high unemployment is high and the currency has depreciated significantly but i think it's worth noting that these are not historical anomalies for the iranian government they've been dealing since the revolution with high inflation the triumphant ministrations campaign
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against iran is both political and economic on the economic track iran is already hurting and these sanctions will make it even worse politically things are much more complicated the aim of the administration is to punish and isolate iran but that isn't working when president trump chaired the un security council in september the other countries including the u.s. his closest allies spoke up in favor of the iran nuclear deal china an importer of iranian oil currently holds the security council presidency bastard i had this stance when i asked him if the latest sanctions were illegal we have passed the intellectual sanctions act as any country in of the white house is hoping the new sanctions will send a tough message to iran but experts believe terrans calculations will actually depend more on what happens on choose day night based on how the republicans fare in the midterm elections iran will be determining despite the hardship whether they
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can wait president trump out james bays al-jazeera of the united nations always a pleasure to have the hillary mann leverett with us former white house national security official now c.e.o. of strategic political risk consultancy henry look that we've got a few problems here potential problems here why don't we start with as james is talking about the diplomatic side of things does this now pits the lights of the e.u. and russia and china against the u.s. on an issue which we know donald trump will not back down. yes it does and i think this is a bit counter-intuitive but it's important to understand about this white house the trump white house this is very much intentional the reimposition of sanctions on iran and the us leaving the iran nuclear deal that president obama negotiated or the obama administration negotiated with our allies the trouble ministration is doing this deliberately in order to in a sense break put strain on the u.s.
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relationship with its allies the united states does not want to be part of a multilateral deal it has no interest in keeping president obama's legacy that's very much something that is motivating the white house here is to break apart this multilateral deal negotiated by by trump's predecessor president obama and to put iran in a position where it is in severe pain and is forced to deal with the trump administration on its own by itself in a bilateral arrangement so walsall of the u.s. iran relationship with a terribly good at the best of times and again they are probably as stubborn as the u.s. is about backing down on this and saying that they would be moved by this. i mean can you see any negotiations coming as a result of this. well there certainly is there is a bit of a power struggle within the trump administration you have the trans national security advisor john bolton who has no interest in forcing iran back to the negotiating table into a negotiation his aim is squarely to undermine iranian power to under undermine its
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military its economy its place in the region so that it is not a competitor with the united states and that is not a competitor with us allies saudi arabia and israel so for national security adviser bolton this is just about undermining iran weakening its economic and political power for someone like president trump himself and perhaps secretary of defense mattis and secretary of state pompei o it is more about trying to get iran into a bilateral negotiation so that the united states president trump can come up with the deal of the century a deal that is so much better than his predecessor president obama so you have these two this is basically the spectrum of debate within the white house bolton wanting to undermine the iranians not get another deal trump himself perhaps with secretary of state pompei on secretary of defense mattis trying to force the iranians into a bilateral negotiation where they can claim victory just as they have with north
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korea ultimately how to read this will the iranian people with a retard that's the oil of the banking sector whatever it is there will be a trickle down effect to the iranian people and then adds will only stoke more you feeling well into the type of thing that we see yes we see it every november fourth but the sentiment in iran i mean it just seems to put things on even more of a collision course and perhaps on this assembly. yes though i think there is a there is an intentional aspect of that here it's important to remember that especially national security adviser john bolton is the architect one of the architects of not only the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three but of the more than ten years of sanctions against iraq in the one nine hundred ninety s. that killed half a million children that was very intentional to weaken iraq to weaken iraqi power to get ready for the invasion by the united states in two thousand and three
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national security advisor bolton has wants a similar template for iran he wants to weaken iran and either leave it as a weakened a weak an entity or to have it set up for the united states to go in and overthrow its government that's what that's very very much intentional the other piece of this is that the more humanitarian suffering there is it's not necessarily that american officials want to see human being suffer any iran but it also adds tension to the relationship between the united states and our european allies and again this is counter-intuitive but important to understand about the trump administration that is useful for them they are they want there to be tension between the united states and its european allies in order to weaken the european union and have the united states in more of a position of strength these of each european country separately to have bilateral relationships with each of those countries separately not under the cloak or the strength of the european union was good talking to you hillary mann leverett in
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washington d.c. thank you. now as we countdown to the reimposition of sanctions by the way it is going to be over five hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow and monday the u.s. state department has been delivering its own sort of daily countdown in the form of twitter at red alerts the most recent is actually a couple of hours ago got their twitter page up here. one of a dozen requirements that the u.s. put down ahead of the deadline so this one's about threatening behavior ending threatening behavior against neighbors such as israel saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and then you go back another day and you get another one about ending the kids for support for terrorists and medicine and so on and so forth there's a lot going on on this twitter feed with the well is the sanctions are coming we know that one here's another one the iranian regime must support for the taliban another terrorist so this has been a sort of way that the. state department certainly has been putting this out over the past twelve days with its twelve requirements. also something else to tell you
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about for an in-depth look at this story the inside story team infection and infectiously actually in fact twenty four hours ago. kerry led that discussion exactly who gets hit the worst by the sanctions because as we were discussing there you know the sanctions claim to time that they want to banking sectors but of course that will have a trickle down effect for the iranian people you've heard that from saying as well inside story as ever it is in the show's section at al jazeera dot com. and you can get in touch with us you know the details hash tag on your screen right now i've heard from darren i think it is a done a on facebook live watching it facebook dot com slash al-jazeera who said wait he trumped one sanction saudi arabia for killing a journalist on foreign soil but then he will do this with as you heard from hillary mann leverett it is very much historical thing people like john bolton who have long held this view on iran have been wanting to put this in place as has president trump himself for quite some many as that number plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine that will work on whatsapp and on telegram if you
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like to get in touch with us directly we're moving on her talking about jamal khashoggi actually more details emerging from turkish media on the so-called saudi hit squad that murdered jamal khashoggi a month ago the newspaper is reporting that his body was dismembered in the saudi consulate and then taken in five suitcases to the consul general's residence nearby turkey has been calling for members of that eighteen man team that carried out the operation to be extradited from saudi arabia to face trial let's just check the latest with hashem how bar outside the consulate in istanbul take us through all of these days has again it's that and i know we keep talking about it but that sort of .


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