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tv   Between Life and Death  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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actually more details emerging from turkish media on the so-called saudi hit squad but murdered jamal khashoggi a month ago the newspaper is reporting that his body was dismembered in the saudi consulate and then taken in five suitcases to the consul general's residence nearby turkey has been calling for members of that eighteen man team that carried out the operation to be extradited from saudi arabia to face trial let's just check the latest with hashem how bar outside the consulate as ever in istanbul take us through all of these days has again it's that and i know we keep talking about it but that sort of drip feeding of information if it's not coming from the turkish president himself then it's these sources and media leaks which we see. come out of we continue to get more developments on the. case with turkish security sources telling you right after he was killed. three key players in the death squad was scrambling to get hold of his mobile phone
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apparently were looking for some crucial information in his mobile phone and there was some when they couldn't find his mobile find it was revealed later that a hustler before he got into the building he left two mobile phones with his fiance had junkies and when you look with this one together with some of the statements made by some of the activists in different parts of the world particularly one of them called obama i believe as he's based in qatar. he said that he was told his phone was hacked by sandy arabia and that his contacts was copied his phone calls were is jaw and that he was concerned some of the phone conversations he had with jamal khashoggi and some players they had together to help activists is saudi arabia landed in the saudi intelligence of this could explain why the saudis were really desperate for more information from mobile phone or. ok thanks for the
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update. in istanbul always developments in the story on both small and big late in official we bring them all together on this page at al-jazeera dot com jamal khashoggi case all the latest updates this should be your first stop for keeping up to date with what remains a very important story all our on air and online. content is brought together at this page. now many of those who closely watch politics in the us have been calling twenty eighteen the year of the woman and looks like the midterm vote is shaping up to be election of women record numbers of female candidates are running looks like more females are voting than in previous elections many saying their views have been galvanized by sexist comments from the president and the trumps administration attempts to access to abortion more recently the appointment
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of that man supreme court judge brett cavanagh who had been accused of sexual assault so let's just take a look at how trump is polling with women these numbers come from reuters showing that since we break it right down black women in particular are strongly opposed to the u.s. president has got just an eight percent approval rating with them hispanic women more in favor twenty one percent approve of trump white women more evenly split about forty seven forty six between them and white i'm sorry college while college educated women across all races are largely against from thirty six percent approve of what he has been doing as president here is kimberly how gets reporting today from great for virginia hi kimberly those numbers are interesting when you break them down like that but actually it was the last one which is to me the thirty percent of college educated women it sounds like a lot of. right we really have to look at some of these numbers come out
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at all tell you a little bit later in this broadcast why we're standing here in the middle of virginia but it has a lot to do with those numbers and why women are so motivated to vote i think what you can take from those polling numbers is when you hear a third of women support donald trump it seems a little bit surprising given some of the pushback we've seen from women particularly after inauguration day when we saw the women's march on washington and that's because when you look at the racial breakdown eighty six percent of black women disapproving seventy two percent of hispanic women you start to understand these numbers even more essentially what this is is a grassroots effort pushing back at donald trump's agenda particularly by women listen to this report all explain a little bit more why. do solemnly swear one day after donald trump was sworn in as president hundreds of thousands of women gathered in cities across the united states to protest. almost two years have passed but the u.s.
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president has given them little reason to change their original judgment of a man many regard with revulsion his behavior and language at times has hardened their views. after his aide omarosa manigault newman was ousted from the white house called her a crazed crying lowlife and a dog after congresswoman maxine waters encouraged her supporters to harass trump administration officials they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant they're not going to be able to stop at a gas station called waters an extraordinarily low i.q. person. but nothing has polarized the country more along gender lines than the hearings for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh christine blas a ford accused trumps nominee of sexual assault when they were in high school truck cast doubt about her testimony mocking her recollection of the decades old event how did you get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place
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i don't remember how many years ago was it i don't know. toss attacks on women are nothing new and have been dismissed by his supporters ever since the release of a video in two thousand and sixteen threatened to derail his campaign. struck shrugged off the controversy and won the white house even today well a majority of us women still disapprove of trump at least a third still solidly approve of trump's presidency when everybody makes mistakes and they're like nobody's perfect guy. he's made his mistakes that everybody else who's human hands i think the simple way i do but i think you need someone like that in the office conservative women point to donald trump's historically low unemployment numbers that a rise in wages well in office they say his appointment of a female press secretary and a significant number of female filled cabinet posts proves he's supportive of women in the workplace still the battle for the female vote isn't. that's a finding republicans have released the sixty second advert aimed at winning over
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suburban college educated women voters only shows this demographic more than most is where conservative support is waning but notably trump never appears in the advert it's a signal even republicans realize the president remains toxic to many voters and in the fight to hang on for control of congress conservatives can't afford to lose a single female vote. and donald trump is continuing to campaign yes five stops between now and when polling starts on election day he has said himself he sees this as a referendum on his policies and many voters would agree to talk about this i want to bring in longtime democratic supporter and organizer mirrors of veg and mr beck touch me a little bit about why you see this as a referendum on donald trump's policies and why you're inviting people to your house today to phone and get the phone bank out to tell people not to vote for
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a republican candidate but to take control of congress in a democratic way talking about that look first these folks that come out these are patriots they love their country they love their communities and they've been coming out for years they've been coming out for decades in our case we've been doing this for ten years and the folks are coming out they're coming out what more this year versus the previous years because there's real anger is a real anger in the community of because of the divisiveness from the policies that president trump has enacted from the ban and. the muslim ban to as well as the migrant issues that are taking place on the border of the building the wall there's real anger and folks want to make a difference and that's why they're coming out to talk to me about some of the supporters you have coming out to help you and you know we have these numbers we've been talking about the minute jordi of hispanic women black women do not feel the president speaks for them. the folks are coming out to volunteer to get these votes out historically the minority communities have not come out to vote so what you
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have here are folks from all walks of life and we just had a woman that just walked in her son is at west point we have another person who just walked in and he is an attorney a. real state attorney others that work here at their. you know housewives but there are also others are professionals you have frustration at all walks of life with the president's policies and they're coming out and they're trying to get their neighbors to come out to vote and that's their goal right there is a vague we'll be talking to you throughout this program we appreciate you weighing in and telling us a little bit more about this phone bank and we will be following this very closely i can tell you already come out this the early voting is breaking records in terms of just late mid last week there were already twenty million americans that have cast their ballot when you look at the demographic of young people who typically don't bother with congressional elections and that is spiking in many states in some cases up as much as four hundred percent sort appears that americans are motivated and also the democrats they are predicting that there will be
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a blue wave they need to capture twenty three seats the reason we're here in virginia well this is one of those battleground districts and we'll be talking again some more about that here as we continue our election coverage on al-jazeera and we look forward to it nice to see you out of washington as well kimberly how could a white house course want to actually just to build on what kimberly was saying there about early voting rating that's a little bit earlier that in texas the early voter turnout has actually suppost the entire voter turnout the last time there were midterm elections in two thousand and fourteen just think about that only the early votes already more people so galvanized in a place like texas which has been a solid red state for many years the democrat senate candidate better iraq really has galvanized a lot of people there so yes it does look like this building a lot can be with saying that there is a lot of interest in this election. quite low. twitter is involved in everything especially when donald trump on twitter all the time what are they doing specifically with this election well social media platforms of
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recent mob infighting misinformation and also hate speech for two years now and with cheers days midterm elections just around the corner there are signs that some are making progress twitter recently deleted ten thousand accounts it said were fake and this comes after the democratic congressional campaign committee a party group that supports democrats point out misleading tweets that it says appear to discourage americans not to vote in the upcoming election and they set up a system that identifies reports malicious automated accounts it worked with tools available to the public like hoax e and also both a meta these were created by researchers at the university of indiana and this is the kind of thing people kind of thing that people were actually seeing online most of the accounts were also using the hash tag midterms twenty eighteen josh russell is a tech expert who monitored foreign influence campaigns on the site in the past and he shared images of these accounts which he says looks suspicious thoughts of some
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type built to retreat messages supporting republicans all of the accounts were made during the same timeframe with the same name pattern or format with similar profile images tweeting some of the very same topics just says that it looks like the start of an influence campaign. now the company has responded a twitter spokesman has said that twitter has taken action on relevant accounts and activity on the site and this took place in late september and early october now ten thousand is actually quite a modest number twitter has reportedly removed millions of automated accounts in the past that it says took part in spreading misinformation during the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and the network is also taking further steps to improve the platform in general and also to streamline things including a special page dedicated to the latest news and conversations on the midterms it's also added one thousand so-called election labels the profiles of candidates running for political office and that's
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a small government building icon you can see in the gray there is also a new campaign video with the hash tag be a voter. i care about voting i love voting day i'm a teacher at the moment you know which i think it's important to voters because it is our civic duty to go out there and voting is one of your most important rights as an american citizen it's what distinguishes america from so many other places in the world and it's cool more than that it's an obligation so that you can fight for your own voice be ready be heard. let us know what you think of the story or have you spotted any cases of misinformation online is the hash tag aging his great thanks for him and talk more later in the news grid about the female vote the female candidates the female voters as well with a guest joining us from philadelphia you've been getting in touch mostly i would
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say on the issues of sanctions and of course. my advice but live is that sanctions don't work every country has a right to determine its sovereignty and iran needs to be able to just hand on a strong alliance and that's i guess what it is counting on with the other members of the nuclear deal holding together and holding strong on that he has said the saudis doing everything they can to buy time at appropriate for both conclusion and jamal will never get justice it is incredible to think i know we've said this a lot but we're over a month now jamal khashoggi has not been seen his body has not been seen imagine what that is like for his friends and family and those closest to him your comments your questions the hashtags i don't use word this is the news good if you're part of our facebook live audience you've got a bonus story coming up now about how human activity is threatening australia's promise. story from moscow where an ancient christian tradition is entering the information age bypassing the need for these buildings.
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alor for the most part iran is dry at the moment but to the west is a different story that says running up the red sea in the levant as you can see not give you a huge amount of rain but you don't need a huge amount of very significant weather in what is normally a dry place iraq so twenty one to forty millimeters but that preceded by sound storm this is sundry stuff and it's going to be there monday she says sort of circulation to it so anywhere from kuwait up through iraq towards syria and back background into northern egypt is the circulation the green is the potential drifting slowly eastwards that would be flash flooding of course what he felt again that it hits the western side of iran masters area will get some pretty big shout out of that in kuwait as well following through the sun comes back south of it although it's probably
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a quieter time we've seen some pretty big shots recently in western society there are one or two in the case in the red sea area but not many it's a quite a period war thirty one thirty two around the gulf states might be a little bit more humid than of late and again southern africa seen some tremendously big showers recently particularly zimbabwe but also the eastern side of south africa the cloud is still there we could see a repeat performance but it does look rather quieter. in south career around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition take you're not the man you want to when he's depressed a good. friend or. whether someone very very red. meat you think that's how you approach a vigil and after doing it. the out.
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in many countries pregnancy and childbirth a still extremely dangerous for mothers and babies most of the mother dying from the infection rate being they were dying from. al-jazeera travels to maui and looks at how communities a challenging tradition in order to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health save a life is too strong life lines between life and death on al-jazeera. hands. dan.
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headlines from al jazeera dot com and what's trending does latest leaks that we've heard on the street hates the most read story at al-jazeera dot com so i thought about twenty mil stories on bats number four saving m.b.'s muhammad bin someone from himself keith saudi arabia's stability and then remember the u.s. midterms we've talked about more ready we do have a lighter stop that i expect that you can click on to keep run up to the midterm vote coming up on tuesday. it looks like the pacific island territory all of new caledonia has decided to keep its ties with france the
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french president emanuel micron's his initial. show people have voted no in an independence referendum but the official confirmation only comes on monday if you are not familiar with it new caledonia is actually a fairly large pacific island not far from australia new zealand the capital is there noumea a split from france has been controversial for decades twenty years ago another vote sparked protests from the indigenous people who supported breaking away you caledonia one of eleven french overseas territories actually dotted around the south pacific the caribbean and the indian ocean it's important they do not have political independence and sovereignty their citizens receive french citizenship they take part in elections to decide on who runs france and actually we what not all told there are sixty one similarly dependent territories around the world many left over from european colonialism most linked to britain or us or france many of them choosing to keep their links because of course financial assistance provided
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by the ruling country is the reaction to the vote directly from the french president emmanuel macron is that it. voters were allowed to make a sobering choice with full knowledge of the facts on the relationship between new caledonia and france today the majority of them expressed themselves for new caledonia to remain french i have to tell you how proud i am that we have finally passed this historic step together there's a new caledonia not far from australia that surrender thomas is in our bureau in sydney following the story. if as looks likely you caledonians have voted to remain french well that would be a victory for those that said the new caledonia it was much better off economically as parts of france france gives about one of the whole billion dollars a year to its territory as about fifteen percent of new caledonia overall g.d.p. that would have been missed there was concern to an independent new caledonia would quickly fall under the sphere of influence of china china has an increasing
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footprint right across the pacific other countries other pacific island nations have a lot of chinese money in terms of aid projects and infrastructure but in return beijing expects political favors and there was concern that an independent new caledonia well it would become another target throughout all of this front and president macro was determined to stay neutral france would not have an official position it would be neutral in this referendum they did not want a situation as happened thirty years ago where those who were on the independent side of things lost the votes and then resorted to violence that was the last thing president macra wanted he'll be hoping everyone sees this process is fair and if they have lost those on the independent side will take that loss peacefully and this is an interesting historical background on new caledonia from the al-jazeera world team way back in the eight hundred seventy s. i didn't know this actually the island was a penal colony where france deported thousands of algerians who were considered
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rebels this is called exile in new caledonia looks at their untold story and that of their descendants today and you can find that al-jazeera world and many other documentaries from them in the documentary section on the enough at al-jazeera dot com. also looking at a presidential election coming from madagascar a final day of rallies ahead of their vote on weapons day thirty six candidates including three former presidents and prime ministers are vying for the top job but it's been a tough race that seen millions of dollars in campaign spending in a country with three quarters of the population lives on less than two dollars a day farm in a mill or has more now from. thousands of people have turned out that watches the final campaign rally around so really now many of the people here are young as these presidential candidates he's promising increased infrastructure development as well as investment in madagascar many of the people here say that's really
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represents their future. this is the first time the former d.j. and now businessman is running for election after serving as transitional president in two thousand and nine. i'm here to save madagascar i'm not a candidate for the sake of my own businesses or for my own interests or glory i'm a candidate for the malagasy people and to save this country and to develop every piano is running for reelection after winning the twenty thirteen vote for many here he represents stability for madagascar. i want him to stay as president because he did a good job before and i wanted to continue. i will support him until the end because he is many things he posed to purchase and did a good job in education i want him to improve the cost of living also in the
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capital antananarivo former president market obama manana made his final push for the presidency he returned from exile about two years ago after a coup in two thousand and nine if the c.s.a. they want to see return to office this is the city where the former president has a significant support base. or the money issue is interesting isn't as we say in a country that is so poor so many people are poor and selections been just welcome all the elections are actually the most expensive even though the country is considered one of the porous in the world according to a recent study the incumbent president has spent. twenty one dollars and fifty cents for each vote he won beating hillary clinton and donald trump's twenty sixteen costs now though the economy has been struggling it's now showing signs of recovery but there are still some serious challenges about eighty percent of madagascar's population live on less than two dollars
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a day that's according to the world bank and there are main candidates who have all promised to improve the economy thirty three other candidates are on the ballots but they are less likely to have influence i mean all rights groups have been speaking out on human rights abuses just months ahead of the election and then the scenes national calls on the next government to act i quote the deputy regional director for south africa he says this election represents a golden opportunity for whoever emerges as the next leader to end the human rights abuses we have witnessed in recent times now take a look at this video from amnesty international which covers or which appears to show the crowded conditions inside a prison in madagascar. well
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they on line are now calling for change john says it's time for traditional and present for forms and the british ambassador to madagascar has also tweeted saying there is a lot of progress but much more needs to be done about conservation development and also investment well as always if you want to hear from you especially if you are currently in madagascar click the us on twitter use the hashtag age in his grave you can disappear message me directly at him ahmed thank you mohammed back to the u.s. midterms now we were talking earlier about what it looks like to be a high female voter turnout just might have a little bit more context as well before we speak to i guess a bit of data on female representation as well in u.s. politics this is from the center for american women and politics at rutgers university in new jersey so we're looking at the house of representatives first which has four hundred thirty five members at the moment eighty four of them are
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women in the senate you've got one hundred spots there are twenty three women in the senate currently but interestingly only fifty two women have ever serves in the senate and then used to see us a million about this is looking at all across the country governors lieutenant governors mayors. state legislature representatives and i just keep seeing the same sort of number twenty three percent there. twenty five percent there twenty two percent twenty six percent generally representation of women in these elected positions around the twenty to twenty five percent but remember of course females make up half the population. let's talk to joe watkins now republican political strategist formerly an advisor to former president george w. bush live in philadelphia nice to see you. unfortunately we couldn't talk a little bit earlier when we were having a report about female voters has this yet but the crux of it basically and what i want to know from you is should donald trump be worried here given the amount of
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anti trump feeling there is from women do you think there will be that backlash at the polls. well it's hard to tell of course the enthusiasm is running very very high voter turnout is very high as well so american voters men and women are eager to show up at the polls to vote this year which is not always the case in midterm elections but in this midterm election we expect to see a very very high voter turnout and especially among women women voters and so it's very possible that in a state like georgia georgia could elect its fresh woman governor who by all also be the first black governor of the state of georgia if she happens to win on tuesday what should it really be about the you know i mentioned donald trump there we can't ignore him but as you've pointed out people like stacy abrams are people out reseated who are on the ballot. people women voters well you tell me does it resonate with them do they look at their local issues and go yes that
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person is not only a woman she's doing the right thing for me and my constituency. absolutely well this is the this is the year of the woman really in the united states you've had the me too movement which has been very very powerful this year you've seen a number of chief executives in private industry have to give up their jobs because of their past treatment or mistreatment of women and and even in the supreme court case where brett kavanaugh was nominated to the supreme court before he was actually confirmed he had to deal with allegations of. past. mistreatment of a woman so it matters this year and women are paying attention in a big big way so yes i think women are very very primed to get out and vote of support and to support other women so you this could be a cycle where you see more women elected to the congress to the house of representatives into the u.s.
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senate than in past years and also to some of these important governor seats women who would have a big impact this year. in the u.s. national elections joe i'm actually going to play devil's advocate here to my own question which is a little peculiar bots is there a chance that we i say the media i say analysts pollsters who have that can place too much emphasis on singling out women or minorities or diversity or whatever it might be shouldn't it just really be about the policies in the end regardless of who the person is. it ought to always be about about policies or the other way about what the candidate who's running for office can do to to move the country forward to move the state forward to move the district forward but media does have an impact people do listen to the folks that are in the media that are on television certainly that are talking about about the
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candidates they certainly have an influence because what they have to say oftentimes paints a cat one way or the other so it does have an impact but at the end of the day it ought to be about policy about where their personal standards ought to be irrespective of color or even party or gender it ought to be about where they stand on the policies and where and what qualities they have that would make them a great leader for the country joe watkins i'm glad we could talk to you think he had some trouble getting through the streets of philadelphia today so thank you for for making it for us. glad to get here where they get to talk to you thank you while we are talking and we did this yesterday it's great about minority candidates as well it is clearly part of this election there is a good piece on this at al-jazeera dot com black muslim female gay transgender there are a lot of candidates who could make history in these elections if you have a search for mid term candidates history you should find that article and of course the rest of our in-depth midterms coverage well take
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a look now at some of the stories making news around the world and japan has frozen more than a billion dollars in aid due for sri lanka as the country's political crisis deepens last week president mother palace at a senate dismissed prime minister run it would become a singer replacing him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa without the consent of paloma it's rajapaksa now faces a no confidence vote but it is also alleged he is offering money and ministerial posts to opposition lawmakers who back him. the director of the u.n. children's fund has held a news conference and short time ago on the diet humanitarian crisis in yemen four hundred thousand children are at risk of dying because of malnutrition unicef is calling for an end to the war and an immediate removal of all obstacles to deliver food aid floods on the italian island of sicily have killed at least ten people will rain was recorded across the country over the last week landslides have flattened trees in some areas the latest deaths increasing the number of people
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killed nationally to twenty five and a quarter him behind his sentence three opposition members to life in prison overturning a previous acquittal on charges of spying for qatar. on an alley math the aswad were arrested for their involvement in the two thousand and eleven arab spring protests behind accuse them of passing state secrets to a foreign government spreading false news and trying to undermine the kingdom. now workers in many industries fear that improved automation robots basically will put them out of a job already have sectors that manufacturing technology more and more tasks are being completed by machines customer services health and if you chatted with a robot when you're trying to buy something online well you can now add to the list church bell ringing or a challenge reports on how recent expansion of the rotten russian orthodox church has left at relying on machines. a small modern church in a village outside st petersburg and people have gathered for
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a morning service for time immemorial russia's orthodox faithful have been called by bells rung by a person and yukito is not a human ringing it's a computer for a growing number of russian churches this makes a lot of sense. school. but there aren't many schools for bell ringers in russia and not many people study it that's why it's such a rare profession and so difficult to find a decent ring you know every village can afford to have a star this is a good quality ringing in any church even in a small village like. the officially atheist communist years when many churches were closed and bells silenced were followed by the uncertainties of the post soviet era but now the kremlin has settled on reestablishing religious faith as one of the country's principal identities sorry the russian orthodox church has
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been on a huge expansion drive in the past ten years the number of dioceses has doubled and ten thousand churches have been built. it's exacerbated a human resource problem many more churches not enough ballerinas automated systems are an obvious solution but some people say they lack the soul and spirituality of the human touch like at this church.


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