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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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uncertainties of the post soviet era but now the kremlin has settled on reestablishing religious faith as one of the country's principal identities sorry the russian orthodox church has been on a huge expansion drive in the past ten years the number of dioceses has doubled and ten thousand churches being built. it's exacerbated by human resource problem many more churches not enough ballerinas automated systems are an obvious solution but some people say they lack the soul and spirituality of the human touch like at this church school in moscow where featuring is being trained. as robots will never replace a human soul for me it was also discovered that each bringing in past praying glory to father glory to song and when living with prayed the same time as i found out it's certainly something that requires skill. ok i've just been given a brief lesson and what i've been told is my right hand controls the for hire bells
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by the left hand controls the middle bells on my foot down here trolls the boss about so let's give it a go. and if you go and coordination names that's about rhythm as well. but it's not just small churches that automating that same petersburg's huge sin isaac's cathedral they say their mobile phone operated system has been a big help and a labor saver even though familiar technical problems can still occur. here is an example of how it isn't able to reach a network i don't know why let's try again ok you go live example of london. but even at electronic enthusiastic say the ideal is to have more humans not more
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machines to reinforce this village priest father gives the computer a break and let's rip with an energetic one hundred percent gammick church bell jam session a little bit of the miles it. will reach alan's al-jazeera russia it is tremendous fun i've done it once in perth in australia bell ringing and if you ever get a chance it's a. very therapeutic and very enjoyable once again if you are with us on facebook live you're about to see a story about sky should the aftermath of the twenty minutes but in japan how it's still being felt in the seven years later and then joe is here with your sport as unless the city makes an emotional trip to thailand to bid farewell to pitch first though let's have a look at some international weather. november
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on al jazeera radicalized you a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites we'll look at the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera.
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several weeks now since that helicopter crash that left the city that killed the chairman of the football club where are they now what are they doing yakima well it has been understandably a difficult week for the club but the players and the staffa been determined to pay their respects to the man who helped the win a premier league title just two seasons ago and the players officials flew overnight to bangkok off the english premier league match on saturday to be at the
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funeral of thai billionaire. the funeral began on saturday at the temple in the thai capital the team will attend the next two days of what is a weeklong ceremony. body will remain at the temple for one hundred days well a day earlier less to city and opponents cardiff city held a moment's silence ahead of their first game since the accident less to one that much one nil and the manager praised his players composure. we're norway we said it's a good feeling was a big game i powered above above my pay and so in these conditions of course. so the worlds of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling look like they're set to co-write a dream match is moving closer between u.f.c. heavyweight champion daniel courneya a broad cles know who currently performs in world wrestling entertainment as the champion call me a cat the fight on track by successfully defending his u.f.c.
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title on saturday against derek lewis he then called out brock lesnar who confronted him in the ring after his last fight lesnar who is also a former at u.f.c. champion cannot fight until his doping ban expires in january. three to the next challenge which is most likely going to be brought up let's. hear your thoughts on that brock lesnar when you come bring our crew recovery debbie tara truck from likely recovery got the chariot to. prevail over to become the fire out. so it's got people talking online about this story is the title of me belt in theory it's a performance based title but could fans really be about to see the being taken seriously and for tova in the octagon will some certainly think so like brian who
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says that don't you call me i just called brock and the dummy debbie title out free publicity crossover publicist mainstream publicist dollar dollar dollar now jamie's also a fan of the idea i don't even want to hear of see any more since ronda rousey signed a with but i want to see this a double championship legit defended in a real fight with two real fighters make it happen and if it does happen you can expect fight attorney will be in the crowd i love d.c. he's brilliant and if he fights lesnar i'm going one hundred percent because that will be brilliant daniel cormier take a bow you legend all right we spoke to adam clary of what culture dot com which covers u.f.c. and pro wrestling he says the idea of the w.t. of the title being defended in the octagon is not impossible. i don't
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think it's beyond the realms of possibility to see a double double retitle involved in a u.f.c. match and it was certainly going to see it's at least on the table most not being defended bumps in brock's going to want to try and bring in there of to read of will let him see an actual crossover event i think is still some way away but if you just keep a list two years ago it's not the kind of thing u.f.c. would have a ever really gotten for go if the money is there for something that they think will get the sales and then there's no reason why either side wouldn't wouldn't want to do it it's a no lose situation but really because the majority of u.f.c. fans don't really see don't be w a's a legitimate sport or a legitimate athletic contests or if they don't have you a star goes in the u.f.c. and loses there will be really no we lose face by doing a bit of pro can go in there as a reigning w w e champion and upset one of the greatest u.f.c. stars they have for many many years then it makes the company look change the perception of them in the eyes of a huge huge new audience was
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a concert with one hundred percent certainty the match will happen but i can't say for definite is the match that u.f.c. will want to happen brock is the biggest draw they can possibly game at the moment they don't so much go for the most logical much as they can do in regards to people's rankings they go for the biggest money draw they possibly can i was all with. her beeb and brock is a huge huge draw him this call me is arguably the biggest match they can possibly possibly do. well you can of course tweet me at gerri casual scan the rest of the details are all that leah will be back with more at eighteen hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to possibly the nearest fan kemal k. dog center. thank you joe i'm going to be honest i don't think the wrestlings real produces the whales going to hate me for saying this but i'm just not sure they're actually risking currently if i'm wrong tweet me directly out tomorrow a.j. use the hash tag a.j. newsgroup twitter facebook and whatsapp with iraq back in studio four. zero fifteen
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hundred hours g.m.t. again tomorrow or monday. the right to adequate housing water use adequate who decides. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al jazeera. and monday pointed on.
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u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. a journey of personal discovery. more american here and then more air and b.s. algis there is a mirror. highlights the struggles and resourcefulness of one native alaskan people trying to preserve their way of life. on this one a because coco doesn't know if. your mom's from here you can. al-jazeera correspondent we are still here.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. as more grisly details emerge of how saudi agents disposed of jamal khashoggi body the u.s. retreats that will hold the perpetrators accountable. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you're with al jazeera and so coming up aca iranians vent their anger at the u.s. as washington prepares to reimpose sanctions on tehran bahrain jails for life the
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shia opposition leader involved in the arab spring protests on charges of spying for cata also. because its. president micron expresses pride as new caledonians vote against independence from france. a month phone from the murder of john as jamal khashoggi the u.s. is keeping up its pressure on saudi arabia warning those responsible will be held accountable those latest comments from the u.s. secretary of state might come as more details emerge about a saudi hit squad that carried out the killing the newspaper is warning that his is reporting that his body was dismembered inside the saudi consulate and taken in five suitcases of the consul general's residence turkey has been calling for members of the eighteen man team that carried out the operation to be extradited
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from saudi arabia to face trial. the saudis have acknowledged that this was a premeditated attack the facts that we are fighting still are unfolding we're still working diligently on that we talk with folks from turkey and saudi arabia nearly every day to continue those efforts we've begun to hold officials accountable we've revoked visas for sixteen individuals that we have been able to identify so far the war in fact connected to that we'll continue to do that and as i said that day when i return we will hold all of those responsible for the murder of jamal could show you countable and we will do that chris at the same time while ensuring that the strategic relationship between the united states and the kingdom of saudi arabia one that has a great impact on the issue we just spoke about the capacity to deny the world's largest state sponsor of terror the ability to threaten american israel we will continue to work to maintain that important strategic relationship while holding accountable those responsible for this atrocious death let's get more now from
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shabba chance in washington what was the message from the u.s. secretary of state. it seems very much in line with the sort of reporting we've heard over the last several days which is in fact that the white house kind of is hoping this is all going to blow over to be honest yes the white house says they will hold accountable some people who will be connected to the attack that will probably be through that congressional joint congressional white house mechanism that's actually already in play the magnitsky act where there's been an investigation and then some people who have been found to have some responsibility of attack will have some sort of sanctions imposed against them but we've also been hearing that all these deliberations that was sort of being kicked around the white house like for example trying to get king solomon to reduce mom had been solomon's role the crown prince as role these they will been discarded they just think it's impossible it's an absolute is moloch a and b s isn't going to go anywhere saudi arabia's just too important for their geo strategic aims
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particularly as the iranian sanctions are going into play particularly when the u.s. is isolated from its western allies over those iranian sanctions so basically we'll look for those congressional sanctions from the magnitsky act but then it will probably then that all blow over there might be some movement on the war in yemen there is some congressional energy to do something about about yemen if the democrats do well on tuesday in the midterm elections that may move as well but for the moment it seems m.b.'s to us that relationship is going to change a great deal even in the business community by the way we're also hearing just as a postscript i was talking to a business journalist who's familiar with the thinking of some of these companies that have close ties to saudi arabia some of these companies didn't send their c.e.o.'s to davos in the desert event but this drone this was telling me actually the kind of message that they're giving to saudi arabia is look we'll give you a pass this time but don't do this again especially don't kill a dissident with links to the u.s. thank you very much sharon can see in washington that. he was outside the saudi
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consulate in istanbul and what further details have that pain on what happened to jamal khashoggi. we're getting more developments that help us somehow piece piece together the final moments of the turkish security sources tell. the moment the death squad dismembered the body of the model has to say there was scrambling to get a hold of his mobile phone when the couldn't find the mobile phone there was some agitation between all the members of the death squads and they were desperate the want of that mobile phone we don't know whether they were looking for some crucial information in that mobile phone but where would you put it together we we we heard from different saudi activists are living side like all that have been a bit of that as these who lives in canada he said that he was a friend. and that they were working on plans to help human rights activists in
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saudi arabia only to be told by a canadian mobile phone was hacked by saudi arabia and he said it was to serve the baby because of that the saudi the saudis were able to get more details about the mother now. say that she had it over her mobile phone. to the turkish investigators thank you very much and stand by our. now in less than twelve hours the u.s. will reimpose some of its toughest sanctions yet on iran all measures lifted under the two thousand and fifteen dail will be reimposed despite to iran's compliance with the agreement with a spot in iran where thousands of demonstrators chanting down with the u.s. as they mark the thirty ninth anniversary of the university student storming the u.s. embassy in tehran it's a must for all the reports now from town. boys not
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a man of any common ground there may have been between iran and america seems to have been lost at a rally to mark the thirty ninth anniversary of the takeover of the u.s. embassy iranians express their anger and frustration at a country they blame for their continued economic isolation. i was. there was also the familiar contempt that has come to define iran's relationship with the united states the country's top soldier said economic warfare america's last attempt to defeat iran is not going to work and ward us president donald trump not to try anything else. without even i want to say something to america and it's weird president never threaten iran because we can still hear the horrified cries of your soldiers in the desert and you know better
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every day how many of your old soldiers in america commit suicide due to depression and fear that they suffered in battlefield so don't threaten us militarily and don't frighten us with military threats u.s. sanctions meant to punish iran have devastated the country's economy in the last year trump has said it's going to get worse but iranians at this rally seemed more angry than afraid one difference between old sanctions and new ones is that this time these protesters are not alone in condemning the united states in the past iran how do we can recall when it was hit by international sanctions mandated by the united nations now this time of iran has a lot more support. from world leaders as a relatively stronger economy and is only facing would make iran answer probably trumps sex was once a symbol of american influence in the region the old embassy in the heart of the capital is now little more than a relic left standing only as a reminder for iranians to remain vigilant. as my message to america is that many
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of their previous presidents also threatened us a lot in the nantz their options on the table but nothing happens as our supreme leader said we're seeing signs of america's decline for years and i'm just i'm hard friendship with america's impossible it's like a friendship between a sheep and a wolf i think you know you don't i'm telling you even in the era of the shah america was our enemy the shadow didn't realize it and the enemy is always in him and american evil compromises with iran and iran will also never bow down to it diplomats a negotiator spent years paving the way for the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal after a truck came to power the goodwill they built crumbled in a matter of months. even earned him his own side show at this year's rally whether iran chooses to remain committed to the nuclear deal or not the next american president may not be able to fix what donald trump is broken. up to one we just want to take
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a closer look at what's in the sanctions will companies and individuals will be barred from conducting business with iran's ports and state and shipping companies which the government uses to transport its oil around the world the u.s. says that it will sanction anyone who buys oil from iran but eight countries have been given temporary waivers after significantly reducing their crude oil imports and cooperating on other fronts any dealings with iran central bank or other state and financial institutions will be considered a violation by the u.s. government then there's the all important swift code many international financial transactions require this system but it will no longer be available to those who want to deal with iran well despite u.s. withdrawal from the deal the e.u. russia and china are all sticking to the terms of diplomatic editor james bays reports from the united nations on what they might do next. this is being described by the trumpet ministration as the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on iran
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the country's oil exports are being targeted although eight countries have been given temporary waivers to allow them to still importer rein in oil for the time being the administration is now reintroducing all of the sanctions that were frozen under the iran nuclear deal in twenty fifteen the iranian economy is in a bad place there's no question about that inflation is high unemployment is high up in the currencies depreciate significantly but i think it's worth noting that these are not historical anomalies for the iranian government they've been dealing since the revolution with high inflation the trumpet ministrations campaign against iran is both political and economic on the economic track iran is already hurting and these sanctions will make it even worse politically things are much more complicated return in a move the administration is the punisher and isolate iran but that isn't working when president trump chaired the un security council in september the other
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countries including the u.s. his closest allies spoke up in favor of the iran nuclear deal china and importer iranian oil currently holds the security council presidency its ambassador had this stance when i asked him if the latest sanctions were illegal we have passed the intellectual sanctions against any country in up the white house is hoping the new sanctions will send a tough message to iran but experts believe terrans calculations will actually depend more on what happens on choose day night based on how the republicans fare in the midterm elections iran will be determining despite the hardship whether they can wait president trump out james pays out zero at the united nations. bahrain is sent as the head of its main shia opposition movement to life in prison on charges of spying for cats are two other senior figures from the same party
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would jailed for life alongside. protests against the sunni government in two thousand and eleven now it comes off that comes months after the high court acquitted the three men of colluding with the rival gulf state bahrain along with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates severed all ties with cattle in two thousand and seventeen. was the leader of bahrain's largest shia opposition group all with fuck it was outlawed and ordered to be dissolved in two thousand and sixteen as part of a crackdown on dissent in the kingdom bahrain has a shia majority but is ruled by a sunni monocacy rights groups say the charges against him are politically motivated someone is already in jail after being arrested in two thousand and fifteen he's currently serving a four year sentence on charges of inciting hatred and insulting the interior ministry for amnesty international is calling for the immediate release of share some on and all of the prisoners of conscience. well to start with.
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for us is a prisoner of conscience is spending changed since twenty at the end of twenty three fourteen and he is serving a four year sentence. the new charges. absurd in the sense that back in twenty eleven when the uprising was happening there was at their attempts to mediate and to to find a solution to to the situation and. chalice and man had found calls with the prime minister not the prime minister the minister of foreign of of affairs of state affairs in qatar and these were exchanges an attempt to to get to mediate in the situation at the time. six years on for him to be charged with peace with to be accused of spying for qatar is totally
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absurd and a nice thing authorities are really. going forward with a crush on dissent any a position opposing voice is being crushed this is a clear signal that they will not accept or agree to have anybody criticising them from within or with that. still to come for you on the program. why anger at donald trump's asset you towards women could play a large part in the outcome of the u.s. made attempts. and why as sound as all this time is getting a modern helping hand in brushes orthodox churches. how
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they went to college has come to mongolia he's trying to get into in northern china you'll notice a bit of a difference in the feel of things as far south as for how the moment the clouds coming from the west that's brought some rain and that's likely to be in holland so twenty one degrees more than twenty two in shanghai on monday dry to the sides they were down to sixteen so a five degree drop and more rain likely to fall this is winter trying to get it in not quite succeeding but the contrast in temperature is what sets off these sundry rain belts we see a clearing of the skies the most parts are in the good amount of snow up in the kashmir valley and showers of right students trying to run down the south is exactly as you might expect it to be rain wise at least this time of the year the northeast monsoon is in so the test effect. there are still showers wondering about the west coast as well temps on the radar twenty six in new delhi but still thirty three in for example not poor to the west and we have seen multiple big suns told
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recently in saudi arabia there were two still to come i think but most of the rain is to the north there's that green there that's been running through northern iraq and we're not talking about tuesday he's taken rain through kuwait and into western iraq this is proper or tumble wet stuff. insult career around two million dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition taken off the main want to when used investigates korean dogs or food on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here to go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the
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forefront. welcome back quick look at top stories now u.s. secretary of state my point peo is reiterated that the u.s. will hold to account the perpetrators of behind those by the death of a saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi says the u.s. will not damage its relationship with the kingdom. thousands of people in iran of rallied against the upcoming us sanctions chanting down with the us washington is set to reimpose some of its toughest measures in less than twelve hours. in a sentence the head of its main opposition movement shake hands and to all that he does to life in prison on charges of spying the cattle the decision reverses their
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whistle of the charges months. now u.s. president donald trump is trying to drive up turnout among his republican base out of cheese days midterm elections he's been holding several rallies in key states of the last few days early numbers point to the highest turnout for a midterm poll in decades over thirty million people have already cast their ballots in the elections which are being seen as a referendum on trump's policies democrats hoping to win back the majority in the house of representatives. joins us live now from great falls virginia what is the atmosphere like there there ahead of this vote. now you're probably wondering why is kimberly standing out in front of a house in the middle of virginia well this is what the grassroots effort looks like to get out the vote behind me in this house and we will be going in there a little bit later they're setting up a phone bank and this is literally where people do the hard work to get out the vote making the phone calls urging voters to go to the polls on tuesday and we're
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already looking at some of the polling numbers and as you mentioned that the early voting is already breaking records and want what we talk about these voters might be who are feeling so motivated to get out and vote a lot of them are women who feel uncomfortable with the policies in the rhetoric of donald trump in fact well a third do support donald trump when you look at those numbers and break that down when you look at certain different demographics like african-american women they overwhelmingly disapprove of donald trump the same when you look at hispanic female voters but in all of this what is important to understand is that there is motivation particularly among women who could in fact help determine the outcome of this congressional election. one day after donald trump was sworn in as president hundreds of thousands of women gathered in cities across the united states to protest almost two years have passed
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but the u.s. president has given them little reason to change their original judgment of a man many regard with revulsion his behavior and language at times has hardened their views. after his aide omarosa manigault newman was ousted from the white house called her a crazed crying lowlife and a dog after congresswoman maxine waters encouraged her supporters to harass trump administration officials they're not going to be able to go to a restaurant they're not going to be able to stop at a gas station called waters an extraordinarily low i.q. person. but nothing has polarized the country more along gender lines than the hearings for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh christine blas a ford accuse trumps nominee of sexual assault when they were in high school truck cast doubt about her testimony mocking her recollection of the decades old event how did you
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get home i don't remember how did you get there i don't remember where is the place i don't remember how many years ago was it i don't know. toss attacks on women are nothing new and have been dismissed by his supporters ever since the release of a video in two thousand and sixteen threatened to derail his campaign. from shrugged off the controversy and won the white house even today well a majority of us women still disapprove of trump at least a third still solidly approve of trump's presidency but everybody makes mistakes and they're like nobody's perfect but god in he's made his mistakes that everybody else who's human hands i think he's a bully i do but i think you need someone like that in the office conservative women point to donald trump's historically low unemployment numbers that arise and wait. well in office they say his appointment of a female press secretary and a significant number of female filled cabinet posts prove c. supportive of women in the workplace still the battle for the female vote is
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intensifying republicans have released the sixty second advert aimed at winning over suburban college educated women voters clearly shows this demographic more than most is where conservative support is waning but notably trump never appears in the advert it's a signal even republicans realize the president remains toxic to many voters.


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