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tv   Khushboos Deadline  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 6:33am-7:00am +03

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all of this front and present micro was determined to stay neutral france would not have an official position it would be neutral in this referendum they did not want a situation as happened thirty years ago where those who were in the independent side of things lost the votes and then resorted to violence that was the last thing president macro wanted will be hoping everyone sees this process is there and if they have lost those all the independent side will take that loss peacefully severe flooding on the italian island of sicily has killed at least twelve people nine of them from the same family violent winds and strong rains across italy killed at least twenty others this week many of them in the north and around venice italy civil protection agency has described the weather is one of the most complex meteorological situations the country has faced in over fifty years. now one of mexico's most notorious drug lords will go on trial in the u.s. on monday is the arrest of joaquin guzman also known as el chapo fighting has broken over who will take control of his drug empire john heilemann has the second
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part of a three part series on a chapel and takes a look at the sinhala drug cartel. the impending trial of blocking guzman the former king of mexico's criminal underworld might be stopping traffic in new york but back in his home state sin a lower things have simply moved all these camps proclaiming the wealth and fame of the man they called el chapo used to be top sellers now they're almost gone so to the protests that called for his release. even in his organization the sin aloa cartel it's more or less business as usual after a vicious succession battle there are still tensions between his brother and sons they've gone back to doing what they could producing and distributing vast amounts of drugs. we asked a similar low a police chief why detaining top criminal hasn't led to a cartel implosion. one of. the structure of the organization is linear it's
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not completely vertical the leadership of the chopper was already declining and he delegated functions to his lieutenants and they always he dealt with certain things . this in a low a cartel is made up of several factions and there's always have more than one leader and chappell himself once told rolling stone magazine that the business is far bigger than just here my drug trafficking doesn't depend on one person it depends on a lot of people. the fact the cartels business continues doesn't mean that all chappell's heartland is free from violence the police remain on alert the homicide rate in sin a lower house full and but we're still talking about will them five murders a day and police tell us they specially and chapels home when they see pilot. though there are still problems. here some still remember him as robin hood like figure who help the local economy they're pulling for him in his upcoming trial. or
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how do i get that hopefully they can help him hopefully he gets out he hasn't done anything wrong. he just worked on what he could do he's a good man now chopper but others didn't even realize he was going on trial to be honest i didn't know i hear them kind of the bowtie reminded that even for the rich and powerful the wheel of fortune turns john home and i would does it a sin or lower. well in the third and final installment of our series on el chapo we'll look at how security has been ramped up out of his trial given this man's history of escaping from prisons that's coming up on monday here on al-jazeera. still ahead for this hour ten years mary kay tani wins our fourth new york city marathon in five years we will have more on that with. fresh perspectives. possibilities. fairness
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journalism. debates and discussions how could you trust a man like that how could it work again with a man like that she seems to be saying it affects all of us and we just don't know or care enough algeciras award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. only on al-jazeera. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as our investigations bring a face to face with the ill fate of some of india's young women her father search for suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true almost one overcome the other. deadline and part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera.
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i from this boy now with. thank you marion novak djokovic has twenty two match winning run has finally come to an end with the serb beaten to the paris masters title by karen catching off and while the unseated russian was a surprise winner on sunday he does house form against the top players all research reports. to. leave before he would officially be named world number one most of which seem to have the perfect opponent and current catch and runs a team from the top with just three minor titles to his name. and at first there
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was little deviation from a script that had seen joke which go on a winning streak of twenty two matches including an epic victory over roger federer the night before the serb during a break up first. but caption off had already late and three top ten players in paris this week i was at his best against i getting back to take the set seven five i think the twenty two year old russian broke down joke which is we're now on the princes again in the second. and when the biggest moment of his career arrived. he wasn't wanted. i beat the man from moscow wrapping up a seven five six four win the first masters title now in the back to camp a great season. here mean since means the world so it's one of the biggest titles in my career so far and i'm going to be happy so fingers
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a season like this you know the win the last tournament of the season especially the masters one thousand i guess lower joker's world number one in the world so that's all exponential i one day sees catching. installed as the new world number eleven his highest position yet the thirty one when is he hated paris jokes which can be beaten during the race i'll just say i'm. a great way to end the season for catching off but it still is not over for joke of it we'll head to london now for the a.t.p. finals between the top eight players and world tennis i'm satisfied of course i'm going to be number one tomorrow surely in what more can i ask for i mean i want twenty plus matches in a row and i had the most amazing last five months of the year so i'm getting into season finale with a lot of confidence and feeling good about my game. hopefully healthwise physically i'll be i'll be fine in
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a week's time when when it all starts in london the new york city marathon was held on sunday with mary kay tani of kenya stealing her fourth victory in five years fifty thousand runners started the forty two k. event but kenya's a tiny was all alone four minutes ahead of her nearest challenger for the men. there it was a dead sprint to the finish with ethiopia's decease are coming out on top he finished in two hours five minutes and fifty nine seconds beating fellow ethiopian sure to touch out by two seconds to see says time the second fastest ever on this course. leicester city's footballer flu footballers flew straight from their english premier league win over cardiff to attend the funeral of their owner steve but had a problem in thailand on sunday players such as jamie vardy paid their respects with the owner's son io watts and the rest of his family in bangkok iow what's father was killed when his helicopter took off as usual from the leicester pitch
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last saturday but crashed in the stadium carpark four others also died the billionaire owner had helped luster to the premier league title in two thousand and sixteen one of the most unlikely achievements in european sports history. this year's defending champions manchester city extended their lead at the top of the premier league on sunday they improve their goal difference as well beating southampton six one and chelsea move above liverpool into second by winning their match against crystal palace three one now the central coast mariners might be wishing they had kept you same goal in their squad if only to put him in goal bowl had trained as a striker but may have done better between the sticks with goalkeeper ben kennedy not covering himself in glory here on sunday olympic sprint legend bolt was not able to sit or cure a contract with the australian club as he tries to switch to football could be time for him to invest in a pair of gloves though the mariners lost three male. justin rose has reclaimed the
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world number one spot after winning golf's turkey open title the tournaments was. to lose and well he lost it. china's li messina putt on the eighteenth to give rose the chance to win but the englishman fluffed his lines as well. that force a play off and we failed to take advantage of his reprieve shaky on the green again to hand the winter rose on the first playoff hole it's the first time he's ever defended a title he takes over world number one from american brooks kept. you know i end up ok in the end. still for how it's always tough way to finish the season a positive part to try and win and then that that green like i said is very tough there's no stopping moto g.p. world champion mark marquez not even with a grid penalty the spaniard was given a six place punishment for blocking another rider in qualifying for the malaysian
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grand prix but by the end of the fifth lap marquez had stationed himself behind leader valentino rossi but with four laps to go rossi slid out and marquez climbed into the lead to clinch his knife point ninth one of the season. pakistan's cricketers have completed a three mail series win over new zealand in the u.a.e. they're now they've now won nine consecutive twenty twenty matches in a row the zealand lost eight wickets for just twenty three runs as they fell forty seven short of pakistan's total and by. and was back to business men who denies links to organized crime has been elected president of amateur boxing federation aida the us treasury says reckon mav is one of his country's leading criminals with links to the global heroin trade his appointment has put in conflict with the international olympic committee who previously threatened the future of boxing as an olympic sport if it rocked him off was put in charge. the
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houston rockets are starting to get their season back on track after what's been a disastrous start they recorded their second win in a row beating the chicago bulls ninety six to eighty eight james harden scoring twenty five points it's only their third win overall they've already lost five games and have the third worst record in the western conference it's. not good to see some of the world's best cyclists are in japan for a race that pits riders from the tour de france against japan cycling elite the site to mark crude tarion is a fifty eight kilometer ride a one hundred they won this year's edition. beating go right thomas who finished second but the whole trip to japan did not start well for thomas. at a promotional event the defending tour de france champion dressed up as a baseball player and accidently hit a fan in the face with a ball all was forgiven though when he invited the fan up to the stage to apologize
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and pose for photos. that's all for your sport now more later the painful but she like good sport anyway that wraps up a new sound but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with a full but a series for you a round up of all the day's top stories coming up very shortly stay with us. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories
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i'll just. read every your. we will hold all of those responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi accountable . the u.s. says it's keeping the pressure on riyadh as more gruesome details emerge of how saudi agents disposed of balti.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming out akram. iranians vent their anger at the u.s. as washington prepares to reimpose sanctions on terror wrong bahrain jailed for life ish position leader involved in the arab spring protest on charges of spying for cattle and also. why anger at donald trump's assett you towards women could have a major impact on the u.s. midterms. the u.s. has reiterated that those responsible for the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi will be held accountable but secretary of state says washington is not willing to jeopardize its relationship with saudi arabia while they're working together to counter iran it comes as more details emerge about the saudi hit squad
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that carried out the killing newspaper says his body was dismembered inside the saudi consulate and taken in five suitcases to the consul general residence near by turkey has been calling for members of the eighteen man team that carried out the operation to be extradited from saudi arabia to face trial. we will hold all of those responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi accountable and we will do that chris at the same time while ensuring that the strategic relationship between the united states and the kingdom of saudi arabia one that has a great impact on the issue we just spoke about the capacity to deny the world's largest state sponsor of terror the ability to threaten american israel we will continue to work to maintain that important strategic relationship while holding accountable those responsible for this atrocious death. let's get more now from rob reynolds who is in washington we hear secretary of state might. trying to try to find a line between saying that there needs to be accountability for the murder of jamal
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khashoggi but also we need to preserve the relationship between washington and riyadh. that's right sort of a mixed message mara it's unclear how the secretary of state or the united states government as a whole would pursue accountability presumably he's talking about the people implicated in this killing being turned over to turkish authorities for justice to be administered but he wasn't specific on that it was specific that he wants to maintain the strategic relation business really business as usual in the relationship between the saudis and the united states in order to maintain a counterweight to iran but there are already some analysts who are saying that the intense focus in the case on saudi behavior is impeding the united states and trump administration's ability. to get other countries to go
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along with it in imposing sanctions reimposing sanctions on iran over its nuclear program now scuse me also on the same program that pump a appeared on this morning was a prince i will lead been to law one of the richest men in the world a very prominent saudi investor who said that as far as he was concerned the murder of could show g was carried out not by the highest echelons in the saudi state but by sort of rogue elements or people who botched the operation here's some of what prince will lead had to say. whenever there's an opposition to saudi arabia by any human being outside saudi arabia the standing orders that i said i disagree with was doing gauge with them talk to them and tried to commit them to come so that it got so i think some people intelligence. did
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follow that these orders and said the group of people. to engage with. something went wrong over there whereby he was murdered so. let us not to lee anticipate what's going to happen in the in the in the in the investigation the thought that i think i. now it's interesting when you look at the u.s. saudi relationship it's more than just a strategic relationship more than just oil more than just military bases and military sales it's also a massive amount of saudi investment and princella lead is kind of a symbol of that he owns major stakes in citibank in lift in time warner media twitter other con companies the saudi sovereign wealth fund invests cans scores of billions of dollars in. silicon valley alone not to mention real estate
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deals all around the united states so there's a lot more at stake here and the countries are more intertwined than many people believe mario thank you very much from washington with the latest. in istanbul with the developments. turkish security sources telling al-jazeera that when the body of the hotshots there was dismembered inside of the consulate the key members of the death squad were scrambling to get a hold of his mobile phone because you'll find there was a as you inside the consulate the death squad was not aware of these that was that he had handed over his mobile phones to his fiance had. changed his apparently they were trying to get hold force of some crucial information in the mobile phone over the last two years the saudi government has been reaching out to the dissidents who live in exile all over the world convincing them with incentives to go back to
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saudi arabia sometimes they were sending family members to those dissidents warning them that if they don't go back home their relatives will be. detained and one of them based now in canada said that he had a close relationship with hostilities name is abdul aziz and he was trying along with. z. to help. heal rights activists in saudi arabia bravia and. says that he's concerned some of the phone conversations that he had with. were eavesdropped by the saudi government now why the turkish government is continuing those. leaks basically for one simple reason that would like to put more pressure on the saudi government particular king so members abdulaziz to provide them two crucial answers who gave the order to kids about and the whereabouts of
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the remains although they seem to be saying now that the body could have the remains could have been destroyed in the consuls of residence. in less than seven hours the u.s. will reimpose some of its toughest sanctions yet on iran well measures lifted under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal will be reimposed despite to iran's compliance with the agreement the move sparked anger in iran where thousands of demonstrators chanted down with the u.s. as they mark the thirty ninth anniversary of university students storming the u.s. embassy in tehran say mr avi reports from the iranian capital. but i saw not having any common ground there may have been between iran and america seems to have been lost at a rally to mark the thirty ninth anniversary of the takeover of the us embassy iranians express their anger and frustration at
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a country they blame for their continued economic isolation i. was if i. knew there was also the familiar contempt that has come to define iran's relationship with the united states the country's top soldier said economic warfare america's last attempt to defeat iran is not going to work and warned us president donald trump not to try anything else. without even on i want to say something to america and it's weird president never threaten iran because we can still hear the horrified cries of your soldiers in the desert and you know better every day how many of your old soldiers in america commit suicide due to depression and fear that they suffered in battle so don't threaten us militarily and don't frighten us with military threats u.s. sanctions meant to punish iran have devastated the country's economy in the last year trump has said it's going to get worse but iranians at this rally seemed more
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angry than afraid one difference between old sanctions and new ones is that this time these protesters are not alone in condemning the united states in the past iran had a weaker economy when it was hit by international sanctions mandated by the united nations now this time it all iran has a lot more support from world leaders was a relatively stronger economy and is only facing what many iranians are calling trump's sanctions i once a symbol of american influence in the region the old embassy in the heart of the capital is now little more than a relic left standing only as a reminder for iranians to remain vigilant. as my message to america is that many of their previous presidents all say a lot in the nantz their own. sions on the table but nothing happens as our supreme leader said we're seeing signs of america's decline for the modern friendship with america's impossible it's like a friendship between a sheep and a wolf i don't even know you don't want telling you even in the era of the shah
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america was our enemy the shadow didn't realize it and the enemy is always in him an american if a compromise is with iran and iran will also never bow down to it diplomats and negotiators spent years paving the way for the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal after trouble came to power the goodwill they built crumbled in a matter of months even earn his own side show at this year's rally whether iran chooses to remain committed to the nuclear deal or not the next american president may not be able to fix what donald trump has broken. bahrain has sentenced the head of the country's main shia opposition movement to life in prison on charges of spying for cattle two other senior figures from the same party will also jailed for life alongside shaikh ali salmond who led protests against the sunni government in two thousand and eleven. it comes months after the
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high court acquitted the three men of colluding with the rival gulf state right along with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. several ties with count are in two thousand and seventeen schakowsky selman was leader of bahrain's largest opposition group fuck it was outlawed and ordered to be dissolved in two thousand and sixteen as part of a crackdown on dissent in the kingdom bahrain has a shia majority but is ruled by a sunni monarchy rights group say the charges against him a politically motivated someone is already in jail after being arrested in two thousand and fifteen is currently serving a four year sentence on charges of inciting hatred and insulting the interior ministry rights activists say it. says shaikh life sentence is part of the ongoing crackdown on dissent in bahrain but says it's was a clear i mean since all of the political leaders are imprisoned old or so you.


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