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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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and and a serious matter. but i'm afraid so far all the answers are in the hands of her yet because if we are saying that this is a pre-planned killing clepe preplanned murder then there are several questions that needs to be answered first of all we do turkish government and vice president fox i also reach aerated today asking where is the body ok if the body is missing then in riyadh if needs to answer where the body is because this is has been said by saudi officials and took the shellfish of that this is a preplanned. now secondly if this is a preplanned murder who did the x. and the execution who was the decision maker at the highest level is this question that turkey seeks an answer for so with regards to the details that turkish investigators were able to achieve from the investigation at the scene turkey has already done its part i think to
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a very high extent but the remaining of the deposit needs to be sold and answered by riyadh at this point turkey will do its bits and by bits to basically get closer to a more concrete answer with regard to where the body is ok but how much further can turkey actually go because in a recent opinion piece the turkish president wrote this he said that the order to kill herself she came from quote the highest levels of the saudi government but but he didn't believe that king said a man was to blame so how much of a balancing act as i do on really playing here on one hand he's trying to take an aggressive stance or that he's trying to get to the bottom of a fed but on the other hand he's trying to maintain good relations with. well this is a very delicate situation first of all turkey is not seeing this incident as a simple criminal incident and secondly does not also want to turn this into a matter between turkey and saudi arabia so i think the fact that president are gone is handling this very delicately without turning it into an issue between
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turkey and saudi arabia and but instead turkey what true turkey is trying to do is to put this on riyadh's table so that the internet and with by putting international community behind itself i think shows how delicate the turkey is handling this at what's making i think we should do some tendency there's been a strategy is steady stream of leaks including two newspapers such as yours the daily suboxone the latest one saying that a clean up team was sent to the consulate which focused on removing evidence that's the latest leak that we have so this steady stream of leaks is this are the ones way of keeping the story in the international spotlight and controlling the narrative to a certain extent and putting pressure on riyadh. this is not this is that's not the case tookie simply seeking the truth behind the murder of g. and information comes bit by bit if it took you had the all the information that
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was necessary to solve this issue took you would have already. may simply would have already presented it to do international committee but unfortunately this is an investigation that also needs to handle very delicately and sort of does not turn into an issue of bilateral relations between turkey and saudi arabia so this is not something that turkey is using to to put pressure on riyadh but this is this is an issue that turkey expects riyadh to solve because ultimately do what i mean ultimately the decisions was made like president said in riyadh by somebody is sort of this is not something that turkey would need to address but instead whoever it is in riyadh that was behind this decision is responsible ultimately to answer all the questions that turkey's and to turkish government is posing all right reza no not might not want to accuse anybody i'm at my challenge we thank you very much for
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speaking to us on al-jazeera now the u.s. is calling the latest sanctions against iran targeting the oil and financial sector is the toughest so far but iran's president hassan rouhani says it will be business as usual for to run the trumpet ministration is re imposing sanctions that were originally listed as part of the twenty fifty nuclear agreement the move will hit hundreds of businesses including those from countries linked with iran sampras ravi joining us from there how are iranians reacting to the reimposition of sanctions and what does this mean for them zain. well during we've seen a flurry of reaction from officials throughout the day the first person to speak of course president hassan rouhani the iranian leader speaking to his economy team during a meeting a speech that was broadcast live throughout the country on state t.v. he made he struck a very very defiant tone saying that iran will continue to sell its oil and it will
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break these sanctions so there is no mistake on and how iran intends to move forward presidents and rouhani during that speech also lashed out at his american counterpart at the white house of u.s. president donald trump saying that never in the history of the united states had there been an administration the white house that was this supposed to sticking to its international obligations and that was this racist so he's using very harsh terms the temperature certainly is ratcheting up in the halls of power here into iran now it's no coincidence that on the same day or at least it seems like it's no coincidence that on the same day the sanctions kicked back into effect iranian military. officers launched large scale aerial exercises war games that spread across half a million square kilometers of the country from from the west to the north the central parts of iran and they were all designed to sort of test and boost the capacities of iran's air force and associated to its military as well as the air
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assets associated with the iranian revolutionary guard corps and some of the assets that were being tested included the ballistic missiles over which donald trump said he was pulling out of the nuclear deal and re imposing sanctions so no doubt a show of strength by iranians many officials and iranian civilians we've spoken to have said over and over again that the only language that the united states understands is of the language of strength so certainly a show of strength to match these deadlines and these really impose sanctions now we've also heard from the foreign minister zarif the man who helped negotiate the nuclear deal in the first place in an address to partner. and he said that even though the country even though iran and the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal were committed to the nuclear deal iran retains the right to begin nuclear enrichment again and if they do they'll be able to do it better than ever so really restating this idea that even though iran chooses to stick to the deal right now at
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any point. if it feels that the deal is no longer worth it for iran that iran will retain the right to begin reaching nuclear material once again all right thank you scott heiler has more from beijing on what president xi thinks about the u.s. is decision to reimpose sanctions on iran china is the world's largest importer of iranian oil so obviously these sanctions would hit this energy hungry country very hard now earlier on monday a spokeswoman with the ministry of foreign affairs said that the legal trade agreements between iran and china need to be respected she went on to say that the united states and its decision to reimpose these sanctions on iran is regrettable she also said that china stands with those nations who have vowed to uphold the agreement with iran that the united states has backed out of now obviously this comes at a very interesting time when trade frictions between the united states and china are at an all time high but also it comes at a time when the united states needs china's role in its negotiation with north
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korea let's make to remy brazeau he's an economist at the french institute of international strategic affairs he's joining us live from paris thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so the u.s. treasury secretary said that we have advised swift that it must disconnect any iranian financial institution that we designate as soon as technologically feasible to avoid sanctions exposure just for the benefit of our international viewers swift is the system that allows the world's banks to communicate with one another so how big a deal is this for iran what does isolating iran from swift actually mean. well it's very damaging to the arabian economy it prevents iranian banks from from. having transactions with for rain banks and to to. take part in any deal with abroad so that's that's
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a very serious issue many while there have been other signals. some buying start on not have not been designated. by us sanctions could still have some access to to switch system so there's a very bold approach at the moment from the u.s. administration but this seems to be some open to just some exemptions on some particular cases especially when it comes to what is concert to be humanitarian issues food and and of a medicine imports brussels had said that it would look at creating a swift alternative and that's thanks to washington's pressure is how easy and technically feasible would it be for brussels and other european countries to actually do that. well the european institutions have mentioned the possibility to set payment
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mechanics him and pay meant mechanics and would need some kind of messaging system akin to swift so that could be actually switched to some exemptions if it is clear that some iranian banks are loathe to allowed some some access to swift if it's not the case then it would be technically possible to develop some kind of alternative but that doesn't mean that the european institutions and european national governments are really willing to embark on a very broad approach really setting up an entire turn a t.v. spin some times said and this context because the u.s. government has been very much criticized over its supposed vision of swift transactions but european governments not not necessarily to
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disrupt especially in controlling. terrorist groups and financial transactions so we could. envision some some kind of mechanic is them something very. precisely intending to dealing with some iranian institutions about is this really. probably going to remain very limited rights it had been some previous announcements months ago and it's good it's not ready yet. it's supposed to be in place some time later the next year but it's still a very complicated we thank you for joining us from paris. france more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including thousands of certain lengthens march in support of newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa as. political crisis deepens over his nomination. rejecting independence
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a new caledonia but not everyone is happy to remain a french territory. and sport peter will be here with the best of the semifinal action. but first so we're hearing that at least seventy nine students have been kidnapped from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of about mend in western cameroon it's part of the english speaking region with some are fighting for an independent states let's speak to you jeanne. was a freelance journalist in the capital thanks for speaking to us what can you tell us about this kidnapping. thank you very much for having me i could not think took place sometime before dawn today. authorities from the school i've spoken to say gunmen bustin to the dump the trees they too can really
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a number of students the number i'm still going to have to change in depending on who you speak to but it's around a.p.i. as you rightly pointed. to going for long we took you into drive under drive i would take you to a man on the immigration i'm not saying it's no on a good point about you know we're about to. be separate please have not officially i meet any clue who the i believe students that a couple of hours ago a video speculated on social media which was purported to be. the students in captivity be authenticated all right we thank you for giving us that update from cameroon on this developing story. sri lanka parliamentary speaker says he will not accept mahinda rajapaksa as the new prime minister until he sees proof he commands a majority in parliament this development comes as the president ordered m.p.'s to
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reconvene on november the fourteenth last week he fired prime minister run away from a single and replaced him with the former leader rajapaksa bernard smith has more from colombo. really pointed prime minister rajapaksa can certainly pull out a large crowd of supporters many here in the room for an array of a long bow to show that there's a feeling that he's been on stage with the president who gave him the job without the backing of haldeman's and the president says he's not going to recall parliament until november fourteenth but that's prompted a furious backlash from the speaker of sri lanka's parliament. he's accusing the president of consistently misleading him by promising to recall all of it either today or a couple of days and and then not going through with want to be promised him no suggestion is that the president president president seriously you know he's buying time rajapaksa buying time for rajapaksa gangs if you act around peace needs to go
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when parliament is read and you can vote in his favor and so a point of his prime minister and if i'm caught it does vote for him and he will of probably got away with this and will continue as one of his newly appointed going and. all the lawyers for two reuters journalists jailed for seven years and me and maher have appealed their conviction while alone and crossed so who are convicted in september of violating me in mars' state secrets law they argued police planted documents on them while they were investigating the killing or for a hinge on muslims their conviction drew condemnation from rights groups and raise questions about me and mars progress towards democracy. and it's time for a check on the weather and a look at the u.s. in particular rob and i wonder why it's something big is afoot here anyway the weather often affects voting carsley which way some people like it some people
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don't think if you want to vote you're going to anyway but i'll give you the conditions there's a huge massive cloud in the east another one running down through the mountain states in the plains so this is the pictures as it stands at the moment i think the place to focus it is where the tops are white is where there's a cold front showing you might think of the east coast but you'd be wrong to say this is a development area the warmest of the year a most it's been pushed out is not on the southern states it's always where you get the cold war joining the things up and we've talked a little tug of war up in here from texas beyond that's where things will will right i suppose but more than right if i show the position the moment take you through the end of today and overnight till tomorrow i put the state abbreviations on here so you can new u.s. geography but this is missouri that's the darkest greeted them over overnight this dark history to run through illinois indiana kentucky tennessee and that's
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a lie which could induce some pretty big thunderstorms but that is over night by day the last day of voting if you like which is choose day we focus on the northeast corner and here the radio be persistent and it will be there all day by the end of voting it will be offshore but a wet day all the same story rob thank you for the still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour. i'm from either in madagascar where this week's presidential election could be the most expensive ever yet to more than three quarters of the population lives in poverty. and why china's president against u.s. economic policies as he pushes for more open markets coming up in sports keeping it casserole there's an embarrassing moment for manchester city's man. at a football awards dinner that story's coming up a little later. when
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the news breaks on the story there it's the fight against isis it's still continuing in the arm bar desert when people need to be home. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new moon reward winning documentaries and life news on air and online. history has called it the great war in the second that the sims the declining onto an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements that will determine the future world war one through. all knowledge is either new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the un's human rights council has been reviewing the actions of saudi arabia and its record on human rights a saudi delegation in geneva face questions over the murder of the see among other rights issues addressing the council does the allegation restated the kingdom's position that it's investigating the case and will prosecute those responsible for the killing. turkey's vice president has called for an investigation into newspaper reports that these body was disposed off by dissolving it in. speaking to an
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adult who news agency journalists up to you also said investigators are focusing on gave the order of the killing at least seventy nine students have been kidnapped from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of bam and in western cameroon it's part of being we're speaking region in which some are fighting for an independent state . while civil rights groups fear millions of americans are being denied their right to vote in the midterm elections they say states under republican control are unfairly purging voter rolls affecting minorities the trend is a parents in georgia where the white republican candidate faces strong competition from a black democrat john hendren reports from atlanta. daniel known go was puzzled by the government letter the civil servant had voted in georgia for a decade but this time the state told him he'd done it wrong so he phoned the secretary of state's office. the woman on the phone told him he filled out his
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ballot correctly and signed it but he failed to sign the on velo the ballot came in we get it we just can't take it we don't have the only information we need and the option to you know. you know doesn't up doesn't like yelling we don't really have that option we don't have to marry you. this voting rights advocates say is voter suppression in action the man they accuse of leading a campaign to prevent minorities from voting is georgia's secretary of state brian kemp he oversees voting in the state and just happens to be running as a republican for governor he's in a dead heat against democrat stacy abrams who hopes to become georgia's first female black governor. camp has purged one point four million voters from state electoral rolls critics say disproportionately blacks and minorities who tend to vote for democrats georgia is one of several states who knows the state of the confederacy. the civil war has never ended as
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a campaign with many too many ways to continue to try to suppress the vote a lawsuit by the new georgia project and other civil rights groups says three hundred forty thousand in georgia were wrongfully purged most of them minorities it is a conflict of interests on its face. on the scale and impact of this election video camp is strictly enforcing voter id laws in an registering those who have not voted for two elections or have moved this is someone who has to be held accountable to do his basic jobs we have made it easier to vote and hard to cheat and just because miss abrams files a flossy balts lawsuit or the new. georgia project it doesn't mean it's right the lawsuit by civil rights groups is similar voter purges are happening in twenty six republican controlled states across the u.s. many polling stations like this one in atlanta you can vote early but for some voters by the time they found out there was
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a problem with their registration it was already too late one thousand year old linnea gordon was looking forward to voting in her first election for stacy abrams . a letter where i got. no saying that i'm more we break away from our reports and take you live to washington that is the sectors that might bump a zero on the sector treasury stephen incentives with him as well they're holding a news conference on the imposition of sanctions on iran let's listen in world. are all to mccall suggest the regime to abandon its current revolutionary course just look at what happened last week denmark announced it in uncovered iranian regime assassination plot on its own soil. the way regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its outlook course of action is likely to normal country park and see its economy crumble we hope a new agreement with iran is possible but until iran makes changes in the twelve
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ways that i listed in may we will be relentless in exerting pressure on the regime as a reflection of that result today we are imposing all sanctions that were previously lifted under the nuclear deal this includes sanctions on energy banking shipping and ship building industries. since the trump administration came into office we've done one thousand rounds of sanctions targeting one hundred sixty eight iranian entities today sanctions will accelerate the rapid decline of international economic activity in iran since the implementation of our strategy in may. since that time since back in may over one hundred countries have withdrawn from iran or cancel plans to do business there. it should be noted the difficulty evades our sanctions regime and secretly continue sanctionable commerce in the islamic republic the united states will levy severe swift penalties on it including potential sanctions i promise you the doing business with iran in defiance of our sanctions will ultimately be
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a much more painful business decision than pulling out of iran and it being connected to iran entirely. more than twenty importing nations have zeroed out their imports of crude oil already taking more than one million barrels of crude pretty off the market the regime today since may has lost over two and a half billion dollars in oil revenues. we have decided to issue temporary allotments to a handful of countries responsible to the specific circumstances and to ensure a well supplied oil market the us will be granting these exemptions to china india italy greece japan south korea taiwan and turkey. each of those countries has already demonstrated significant reductions of the purchase of a rating crude over the past six months and indeed two of those eight have already completely ended imports of iranian crude and will not resume as long as the sanctions regime remains in place we continue negotiations to get all the nations
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to zero. additionally today one hundred percent of the revenue iraq receives from the sale of oil will be held in foreign account for accounts iraq can only use this money for humanitarian trade or bilateral not saying in bilateral non-sentient goods. speaking of iran's nuclear program we have decided to grant nero and to peru where it was the permit the continuation of three nonproliferation projects currently underway. allowing these activities to continue for the time being will improve ongoing oversight of iran's civil nuclear program and make these facilities less susceptible to illicit illegal nuclear uses rest assured iran will never come close to getting a nuclear weapon on president trumps watch. i will now turn it over to the secretary mentioned. and. thank you today the united states is executing on the final actions to withdraw on the obama
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administration's fatally flawed iran deal this morning we will fully impose sanctions on the iranian regime this is part of a maximum unprecedented economic pressure campaign the united states is waging against the world's largest state sponsor of terror today we sanctioned more than seven hundred individuals and cities aircraft and vessels as part of treasury's largest ever single day action targeting iran over three hundred of those sanctions or new targets in addition we are realistic that hundreds of individuals and entities that were previously sanctioned granted sanctions relief under the j.c. . these powerful sanctions directly target iran's banking anarchy and shipping sutter's the iranian regime has funneled billions of dollars for as the islamic revolutionary guard corpse forced through the banking sector today's designation
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includes fifty are reigning in banks and their foreign and domestic subsidiaries and conduction of iran's regime support for international terrorism proliferation of mass destruction or their means of delivery and human rights. abuses are actions including identification of more than four hundred targets including over two hundred persons in vessels in iran shipping in energy sector iran air the national airline of iran and more than sixty five aircraft the placement of nearly two hundred fifty persons in associate block properties on the specially designated nationals list the atomic energy organization of iran over the last five months treasury has implemented some of the most impactful sanctions ever seen night with the media's actions more than nine hundred iran related targets have been sanctioned under this administration in less than two years marking the highest
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ever level of u.s. economic pressure on iran we are making it abundantly clear to the iranian regime that they will faeries mounting financial isolation until they fundamentally change their destabilizing behavior iran's leader so that is the u.s. treasury secretaries he mentioned speaking in washington d.c. and next to him is the secretary of state my phone play on they were outlining the extent it's often these sanctions that have now come into effect on iran the u.s. calling them the toughest. the toughest sanctions so far on the country let's cross over to rosen georgia who's standing by at the state department in washington d.c. so as i say the two men outlining the extent of the sanctions rosalind and what they think their objectives are going to be. well daryn pompei i made it very plain at the beginning of his remarks he said that the
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trumpet ministrations goal is to try to persuade iran to give up his revolutionary government and to try to prove pursue a democratic form of government whether these new sanctions which are essentially a return to the status quo before the signing of the iran nuclear deal remains to be seen but certainly the administration has been suggesting that it's this kind of full throated economic pressure that ultimately will persuade the government in tel hollande to change its government to respect human rights and to allow for a fuller and freer political process for the iranian people it is worth noting that any oil sales which are perhaps the biggest target of this latest round of sanctions the revenue from those oil sales will be held in knowledge iranian banks and the money can only be used for what the u.s. says will be humanitarian projects of course it's not clear whether the iranians
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are going to try to challenge. taking the side of the money as it were money that it would argue or could argue rightfully belongs in the iranian treasury but the u.s. is trying to make it plain that it's going after the government and not after iranian people themselves jordan thank you. now it's been revealed the lion airplane that crossed into the sea last week had the same fault on four flights before it went down and transport safety committee has downloaded the information from the plane's black box and relatives of one hundred eighty nine people on board once in a why the plane was allowed to keep flying alexy o'brien reports. it was amazing charged with emotion as distraught family members came face to face with investigators and the co-founder of lion air and they never call us or do they express their sympathy they gathered in indonesia's capital jakarta to get the
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latest on the investigation one hundred eighty nine people were on board the boeing seven three seven mechs when it plunged into the java se yamato between hundred ninth just minutes after takeoff. the plane had been grounded just a day earlier after a pilot reported problems with the flight control system it was flying erratically with fluctuations in speed and altitude but lion air said it was fixed and cleared to fly again divers pulled the recorder from the water on thursday and it's revealed an ongoing problem. a malfunction of the is speed indicator was found in the last four months we've asked boeing to take the necessary actions to prevent the same accident from happening again especially on the boeing seven three seven eight. lion has been a frequent target of complaints about poor service and safety issues the president has ordered a review of all flight safety regulations but many relatives are demanding an
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independent investigation and accountability. we can't let this happen so it's within the legal processes that these technicians take full responsibility. the plane slammed into the sea so fast that only fragments of the wreckage of been recovered and that's made identifying victims difficult. i will not give up. we will be out there until the end of the search operation if there is still the possibility of finding victims we will continue the search but. this family at least has a chance to hold a funeral and a place to go to mourn for many others though the agonizing wait continues alexia brian al jazeera or voters in new caledonia is referendum have voted not to break away from france there were celebrations in the capital after a final results from a referendum showed fifty six percent of voters chose to remain
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a french territory but there is concern that the result of rigged night tension between europeans and kind of people who are the original inhabitants.


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