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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 177  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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express their sympathy they gathered in indonesia's capital jakarta to get the latest on the investigation one hundred eighty nine people were on board the boeing seven three seven mechs when it plunged into the java se yamato between hundred ninth just minutes after takeoff. the plane had been grounded just a day earlier after a pilot reported problems with the flight control system it was flying erratically with fluctuations in speed and altitude but line it was fixed and cleared to fly again divers pulled the data recorder from the water on thursday and it's revealed an ongoing problem. a malfunction of the is speed indicator was found in the last four flights we've asked boeing to take the necessary actions to prevent the same accident from happening again especially on the boeing seven three seven eight. lyon has been a frequent target of complaints about poor service and safety issues the president has ordered a review of all flight safety regulations but many relatives are demanding an
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independent investigation and accountability. we can't let this happen so it's within the legal processes that these technicians take full responsibility for the plane slammed into the say so fast that only fragments of the wreckage you've been recovered and that's made identifying victims difficult. i will not give up. we will be out there until the end of the search operation if there is still the possibility of finding victims who will continue the search but. this family at least has a chance to hold a funeral and a place to go to mourn the many others though the agonizing wait continues. al-jazeera. well voters in new caledonia as a referendum have voted not to break away from france there were celebrations in the capital after a final results from a referendum showed fifty six percent of voters chose to remain
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a french territory but there is concern that the result could reaganite tension between europeans and canada people who are the original inhabitants of the islands in the pacific most cannot back a split from fronts french presidents of anyone mccullough says new caledonia has voted on a new future. of the voters were allowed to make a sobering choice with full knowledge of the facts on the relationship between new caledonia and friends today the majority of them expressed themselves for new caledonia to remain french i have to tell you how proud i am that we have finally passed this historic step together gas cars gearing up for what could be the most expensive presidential election in its history more than three quarters of the population live in poverty but politicians are spending more than ever on their bid for the top office miller has more from the capital. deep within one town and i
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reveal thousands of people eek out a living in the mounds of rubbish at the rally truck dump one of africa's largest dams it's a mess of a waste flies and stomach turning smells from beneath the dirt these people hunt for what others may consider to be waste but for them potential treasure potential has been working here for twenty years he and his children are looking for any valuable metals all bones which are used to make a local medicine they earn four dollars for every bag of scrap collected. work does not pay very much and the most difficult part of doing it is digging deep into the dirt is so much dust by the time i'm sorry mention what i'm covered in sweat and sand nearly eighty percent of the population lives on less than two dollars a day according to a world bank report one political crisis after another has significantly contributed to madagascar's high level of poverty and the country's done very
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little to improve the wellbeing of its population now is the madagascar hits to the polls critics say far too much money is being spent on electioneering rather than helping the poor. father pedro picker has for decades been working to help the poor in the suburb of a commercial he says while the election is a chance for democracy politicians serve their own interests he needs many of the people he's helped with food housing and education in the sunday mass is simply this. witness to this poverty of being a medical school fifty years i've seen this country descend into hell and here we've shown that with education discipline and respect we can fight poverty this week's presidential elections expected to cost even more than it did five years ago there are more candidates running out. and there are no laws limiting campaign
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spending what we know is that probably election two thousand and thirteen was you know one of the most expensive elections in the history of what i guess can also when you compare my niggas go to other countries there was a study for instance by the european union that came out in two thousand and sixteen and it basically claimed that the budget complain budget of the not in the last present the outgoing president one in two thousand and thirteen was forty three million u.s. dollars that actually means that he has spent you know by voter then present donald trump in the united states as campaigning draws to a close those we spoke to at the rally to try to damp say they will vote they say if it's voting that saves them from life in the dump then it will be worth it i mean al jazeera antananarivo time for the sports news with peter there in thank you very much seems there boxer floyd mayweather has got a taste for fighting mixed martial arts stars just over a year ago he beat khana mcgregor in the ring in boxing's richest fight in history
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now at forty one he's announced another fight against japanese kickboxer attention muscle car they were there is teaming up with japan's rise in fighting federations to face the twenty year old undefeated fighter on new year's eve in japan but organizes still need to decide whether the fight will take place under the rules of boxing mixed martial arts or a combination of the two i can wrestle a little bit. i can back a lot of. words just saying you know. i can do it or you know i can do anything i said mom i want all we have to have rules as rules and regulations to everything that we do our lives so i'm pretty sure when i speak with . the guys from my team we are going to say. so we will do we have to do. not. know that it was this is the biggest event of my entire life i think i would
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like to prove with my own fists what others couldn't do in the past we spoke to daily telegraph boxing writer gareth a davies he expects the rules will be heavily geared in favor of mayweather for yet another big payday. it's just another opportunity for this billion. over a billion dollars remember that rape is a big draw wherever he fights so this is just another massive opportunities that's because i'm defeated twenty flights across a blog piece the pretty boy or flight schools if you like is the rising so all fighting over that may well be twenty pounds heavier than four inches taller it's just going to watch those little legs doc is adult but we don't even know yet whether or not to call be able to kick cloyd may well it may have it all is away and they may say it's just boxing it's maybe don't kick boxing i hope it is because
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that's because i'll be child's i imagine it's going to be to have a go floyd mayweather because of his books again i don't give him a chance so it's playoff season for major league soccer and it was a bad day for the new york teams trying to make it so the eastern conference semifinals new york city f.c. and atlanta face so fat yankee stadium erika's they made the school the first goal in the fifty seventh minute giving atlanta the wind one a no happened so has won eleven of its eighteen road games this season and hosts the second leg next sunday the new york red bulls also lost one zero away to columbus crew chima back from federico i mean set up a winning goal for us and saturday is. making people to thank for keeping them ahead zack steffen with a brilliant save in stoppage time to deny bradley right phillips it was. to the western conference on the point and turn those fourth from behind to beat the
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seattle sounders are already asked support the sound of the head and what's in front of them wasn't long before the timbers came back first through jeremy obese are or who. they were here before have time sebastian blanco with the goal of this time and that's the world stage hogan with a two one lead going into the second leg. perhaps the goal of the day came in the other western conference semifinal albatross left with a great folly to put real salt lake in front against beating kansas city and it was cancer that when subjects goalkeeper nick rimando failed to clear properly and diego rubio made him pay with equaliser it finished one one. fame football coach then go to medics and is now coaching another team in the philippines he's previously coached manchester city england mexico and the ivory coast here he is now at these first news conference in manila.
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full of questions revealing why. why no no i'm doing something. now here's a photo of manchester city manager paper looking very smart in suit but unfortunately no one told him to wear one to an awards dinner on sunday night and to make it worse he had to get on stage to accept an award live with embarrassing him a disaster in a suspect how important it is and then everybody so well in. time i came here with. the limited the know it i promise you next time well should when it's happened will be more properly like this event deserve so i'm so sorry. spare
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a thought for fans of dutch side finals for their match with viv venlo had to be abandoned after less than a minute because of a floodlight failure supporters tried their best to eliminate the pitch with their mobile phones. but as you can see it didn't help much and with the club stuff unable to fix the problem that a few of the king. never talk about is officially back on top of the tennis world rankings but he was shocked in sunday's paris masters final he'd won twenty two matches in a row but went down in straight sets against russia's rising star caught in culture and off it was unseeded chocolates was suffering with flu and had not recovered from his epic semifinal against roger federer takes nothing away from the twenty two year old who beat food top ten players over the week and moves up to a career high ranking of eleven. it means the world to me yeah it's one of the biggest titles in my career so far and i couldn't be happier to finish the season like this you know to the win the last tournament of the season especially masters
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one thousand i guess lower joker's world number one in the world justin rose has reclaimed golf's world number one spot by winning the turkey open title that swim and was lead how tongs to lose and well he lost. china's lead missing a pass on the eighteenth to give rose the chance to win but the englishman missed as well. that forced a play off and lee failed to take advantage of his reprieve shaky on the green again to hand the winter rose on the first playoff hole it's the first time he's ever defended a title it takes over as will the one from american books kept. in the end up ok in the end and obviously my special for how it's always tough way to finish the elvis's had a positive part to try and win and then that that green like i said it is very tough. bryson december is up to first in the world after winning the shriners
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hospitals for children open in las vegas the highlight of his final round was this ego from nearly sixty feet up to sixty will tell you it helped him take victory by one shot it's the shambles fourth win in the last twelve starts. to the n.b.a. now in the minnesota timberwolves will once again without jimmy butler as they took on the portland trail blazers on sunday was rested for a second game in a week but they coach says it had nothing to do with the trade request of the woods certainly missed him as they lost one hundred eleven eighty one to the trailblazers use of new coach top school with nineteen points for the trailblazers damian lillard at eighty. and the philadelphia seventy six they were in the street on the word on sunday the brooklyn nets beating them one hundred twenty two ninety seven the angela russell in the wrong way all of jefferson school twenty one points each for the nets you now have a four game road trip coming up. the new york city marathon was held on sunday with
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mary kay tony of kenya signaling her fourth victory in five years kenya's kate hanni was all alone four minutes ahead of the nearest challenger for the men it was a dead sprint to the finish with ethiopia's minutes that this is coming out on top and finished in two hours five minutes and fifteen i'm sick. and that's all the sport more coming up again later during art will see later on thank you very much and that's it for the news hour but i'm back in just a moment to have much more off the day's news coming up see you in a minute. travel often. by tranquil good news and forests a profitable. safari. city. on sundry incentives. in the middle of everything. is that so.
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why icons bland mobs valleys and scotland's. made police of glass the moon talking to. it's the places you've trained off elementary. when you live for adventure. and discover it in chops when you're warm inside when it's warm on the outside because moments make memories of foreign places closer than the food. going this is together with cattle i always. jog a stone drive with tensions between islamic separatists and pro russian national. culture in the crossfire one man has a vision for the next generation empowering. to
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seek a special way. with the dog a stump speech billboards on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every year. of the un examined saudi arabia's human rights record as more questions are raised
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over the kingdom's involvement in the murder of journalist. and watching all desire a life from headquarters and. also what heads defiance from iran as the u.s. reinstates all pretty nuclear deal sanctions rouhani valis to continue selling its oil a paper tail accusations that millions of americans are being denied their right to vote in the midterm elections and the governor of kama roun says our men have kidnapped nearly eighty schoolchildren in the zone your region. hello the murder of saudi journalism is taking center stage at the u.n. human rights council delegations in geneva have been grilling saudi on human rights
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as part of a regular review of the kingdom's conduct its member states have also been criticizing riyadh for abuses committed by the so the erotic coalition in the war in yemen the president of saudi arabia's human rights commission has addressed the council and. the kingdom of saudi arabia has already expressed its regret and pain for the death of american short was really going on the ninety's as i was already instructed the prosecution to proceed with the investigation into this case according to the pickup laws and preparation to reaching all the facts and bringing more the perpetrators to justice in order to bear the facts to the public while the saudis have come under heavy criticism from the australian delegation a stranger deploys the killing of jamal khashoggi reports that the killing was premeditated a deeply alarming astray recommend saudi arabia fully cooperate with investigations
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related to the killing of krishnaji implements legislation that holds to account government officials who breach the law and takes further measures to guarantee freedom of opinion and expression paul brennan has more from geneva. the timing of this working group on saudi arabia's human rights record could scarcely be more opportune given the context of the germ out how charge america and saudi arabia was put under the intense spotlight but it did give a robust defense of its human rights record issuing a document in advance which detailed the whole variety of royal decree and reforms that have been enacted which it said had empowered women had issued protections against children and against migrant rights and was looking at potentially reforming the guardianship law but again and again the countries were critical of how little in fact saudi arabia had actually achieved countries like australia the u.k. and the united states asked saudi arabia to implement more reforms said it wasn't
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enough what they've done so far for example mexico said the need to be a moratorium on the death penalty in saudi arabia a death penalty by the way which is seen twice as many people executed in twenty fifteen as was executed in twenty thirteen montenegro spoke about the importance of addressing gender based violence and even man mark spoke about the importance of allowing religious freedom within the kingdom of saudi arabia it was a bruising encounter and it will go forward into a report that will be produced later this week and into a full human rights council next year while new details on. murder so the lengths to which saudi arabia has gone in its attempts to cover up what really happened the latest reports out of turkey reveal a saudi team sent to istanbul to help with the investigation were experts his mission was instead to a race evidence at the crime scene and the simmons has more from istanbul. another
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leaked to the pro-government newspaper this time implicating two members of the official search and investigation team sent from saudi arabia nine days after jamal khashoggi is murder these men met abdul as these are just bonny reported to be a chemical expert and how. the rani said to be a toxicologist are accused of trying to destroy evidence and cover up what happened there reported to have been active in the consulate and the consul general's residence ahead of the turkish investigators being allowed into the buildings to start their own inquiries after these claims a call was made for inquiries into reports of attempts to destroy because shock g.'s body in acid after the been dismembered or. the call came from the turkish vice president who said the investigation would reach the highest levels and it will preclude a man who gave the order for the murder to be committed on our soil and we are
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searching for this answer. earlier just two sons had spoken for the first time since their father's death some lives in saudi arabia and had to get permission to fly to the u.s. to be with the rest of his family or what we want right now is to bring him back here with in medina with his with the rest of his family in saudi arabia and saudi arabia yes i talk to that talk about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens. but you need to find somebody needs to find his his body yes. i believe that this issue is only going. to be hopeful about that a simple request for an act of humanity after all the lies the attempts of cover
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ups and the high wire diplomacy jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure but more the war month there is still no sign of an end to their grieving process under simmons al-jazeera to stumble or angry phone separatists in cameroon say they've kidnapped seventy nine high school students and their principal they were taken from a presbyterian boarding school in the city of bam and in the west a man that is part of the english speaking region and with some are fighting for an independent states that's why it's a colbert go away and he's a journalist in demand itself he's joining us via skype what are you hearing about this kidnapping all right i'm afraid we've lost our connection with colbert wayne from cameroon we'll try and speak to him a little later on we might have a mystery can you hear me. colbert can you tell us what you're hearing about this
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latest kidnapping i'm hearing you what. i don't know what information do you have on this kidnapping. earlier this morning we got information from sources close to the president said under school in the spring by amanda that. group of men invented a school in the area. so when they're breaking and then took away some of this the children are the big brick and are. bent out of order whereas in videos of some eleven with and i've been i've been that route by. groups i can then why i have to go to school with another hyping for independence and people are living in the bushes and so on cannot find their parents and that they will have to stay with them in the bushes on. the war and that was an independent before the
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release now the information that we are getting but we're also getting some information that. if you might have been kidnapped and taken away by this group lost the drive and then the principal of the school when you say it is an armed group can you confirm if it is the embassy onya freedom fighters and if so what can you tell us specifically about this group. this group operates in their words with an inveterate. large more prominent article acknowledged that when they were this group of. kidnapping the bombing. openly in the new capital for the group so do not resort to get nothing. more for. economy around some run full of knowledge about and in the law but it will become
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a very interesting. aspect and our schools were not going to open especially in the english speaking area but schools to be really resumed after the presidential elections because the parents thought that there probably were adults about the letters and i thought the president said president our lives and the school were to militarize you know i love larry and up there. all right colbert say going we thank you for giving us that update from cameroon. the toughest sanctions to date that's what the u.s. is calling the latest measures against iran it's targeting the country's oil and financial sectors but iran's president hassan rouhani says it will be business as usual for attack iran trumpet ministration israel promising sanctions that were originally listed as part of the twenty fifth the nuclear agreement the move will have hundreds of businesses including those from countries linked with to her on all the u.s. secretary of state says there will be consequences for any nation that continues business with iran we hope
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a new agreement with iran is possible but until iran makes changes in the twelve ways that i listed in may we will be relentless in exerting pressure on the regime . as a reflection of the result today we are closing our sanctions that were previously listed under the nuclear deal this includes sanctions on energy banking shipping and ship building industries. since the trumpet ministration came into office we've done one thousand rounds of sanctions turkey one hundred sixty eight arabian entities today sanctions will accelerate the rapid decline of international economic activity in iran since the implementation of our strategy in may since that time back in may over one hundred countries have withdrawn from iran or canceled plans to do business there. with more on how iran has reacted to their reimposition enough u.s. sanctions well if you listen to officials you know the first bit of official reaction we got this morning was from president hassan rouhani himself speaking to
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his economic team which is recently been shaken up the minister of the economic ministry the federal minister was replaced president hassan rouhani has gone out of his way to illustrate to his people that he's taking the economic chaos in the country seriously in addressing his relatively new team he put out his sort of forward thinking iran's policy going forward and that would be to continue to sell oil and to break these u.s. sanctions he also said that no white house ever in his estimation has been as opposed to fulfilling its international obligations and its international commitments and he said that no white house has been as racist as this one is taking a shot at his american counterpart president donald trump so very very defiant words coming from president hassan rouhani now we have to say that while the civilian government was doing what they were doing there were large scale military exercises going on.


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