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tv   Express Yourself  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 1:32am-1:57am +03

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of environment to america later the environment for the sale of weaponry the and the n.r.a. together with these companies then try and spread that message throughout the world so the message is not just about the issue of unregulated got own ship being very closely linked to issues of freedom and liberty but also the need for an environment of militarism where military force is the preferred way to resolve conflicts and we see that manifest in all over the world so for instance with a lurch to the father populist right that we have seen in brazil over the last few days part of the agenda of that far right movement in brazil is the deregulation of gun ownership in a society that has problems of gangsterism that has problems of criminals so the n.r.a.
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is affectively spreading the american message of liberty and militarism though that under feinstein thanks so much for your thoughts thank you very much. still to come on counting the cost is the only country in the well to measure success not through g.d.p. but through gross national happiness what does that mean i mean in the mountain kingdom of big time join me later in the program. but first staffa google offices around the world staged walkouts this week that protesting the internet companies lenient treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct rob reynolds reports. in cities around the world employees of google walked off their jobs in protest over the company's policies and practices and workplace sexual misconduct from its headquarters in silicon valley to new york washington and boston employees streamed out denouncing corporate culture they say tolerate
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sclerosis missed letting accused executives quietly walk away with buckets full of cash is standard and it really should not be the employees were angered by a new york times report that andy reuben the creator of google's android mobile phone software received a ninety million dollars severance package in two thousand and fourteen even after the company's own investigation found accusations of sexual harassment against him to be credible employees say sexism is right that google and allege executives acts with impunity setting high standards of beauty but i think to say here at google's european headquarters in dublin employees showed solidarity with victims of harassment protests also took place at the company's offices in singapore and in
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london i'm walking out along with other colleagues in support of all anyone in any workplace has been arrested to ensure that the try to you. no protect and no reward of google c.e.o. should appear co-founder larry page apologized to workers and promised changes in policy protesting employees are also demanding an end to mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts which prevent them from taking harassers to court the republic of seychelles is pointing the way forward when it comes to environmental finance this week it launched the world's first blue bond it's a way for the government to raise money to fund spending the big difference is the cash will be used to protect the island nation from climate change and sustaining marine resources the debt is backed by a guarantee from the world bank now how do you budget for brags that when you don't
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even know what look like well the u.k. government did exactly that this week and it means a stereotype for longer for most britons u.k. chancellor for that hammond spending plan was set out at a time when the e.u. and the u.k. can't reach an agreement on how to break up big spending decisions were deferred meaning austerity is still in place public services apart from health care like schools and police will remain starved of cash despite upgrades to growth forecasts and there could be more pain in store crucially in the event of a no deal break that public spending could be even lower and emergency spring budget might be required mr hammond's message was unless briggs it goes smoothly the prospect for further tax cuts and higher spending is not good hammond said if a deal is agreed you could spend more money next year or that would include the
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fifteen billion dollars set aside as a fiscal buffer. meanwhile the bank of england has kept interest rates steady on thursday and also warned there is no guarantee it would concentra straits to support growth and jobs under a disorderly brags that and all that uncertainty is having an impact in contrast business investment has been weaker than previously anticipated the level of investment fell by more than one percent in the first half of this year and is no almost fifteen percent lower than the m.p.c. had projected just prior to the vote as aggressive deadline looms u.k. companies are now understandably postponing investment until they have greater clarity over the u.k.'s future trading relationship with the e.u. joining me now from london is james not clearly james is the chief international economist at banking group i n g good to have you with us so why does the bank of england decision leave the u.k. economy yes i think the problem is of course is just so much uncertainty
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surrounding the u.k. right now not only is the brics it worry there but also geopolitically there's a lot going on the global trade war as well so the u.k. is looking very vulnerable but at the same time the bank of england believes that there's very little speck of pasty in the u.k. economy employment is at record levels so that sort of backdrop makes it very tricky for the bank of england's to really guide us through this right now and at the moment they're suggesting they're going to wait and see and see what's happens after bret's it which hopefully will happen on march twenty ninth well how appropriate can a u.k. budget be then at this point given the lack of clarity over brags it over the bank of england and its wait and see stance. that's true the bank of england's and the treasury a both telling us that there's a huge amount of uncertainty and i would certainly agree with that but they're trying to provide a calming message to markets as we try and negotiate the final stages of the
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withdrawal agreements and of course both the bank of england and the u.k. treasury which is she the budget this week has suggested that they could do more to support u.k. economy if things don't go well but likewise if things turn out to be relatively smooth and we get a nice transition the bank of england also stands ready to raise interest rates so that flexibility is clearly being signaled by both the treasury and also the bank of england by the bank of england send the signal that it can't say that they would be prepared to cut interest rates going forward i mean that message isn't entirely comforting going forward is that. i think you know he's got to giants trying to calm the situation and not sort of pre-commit to anything central bank is our little bit nervous about preakness and we saw that in the referendum back in two years ago in the u.k. left those lots of words and comments made and people had to backtrack very quickly but i think in terms of why he may not cut interest rates if we do get
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a hard set so disorderly bricks it well he would his point was that it's a massive supply shock if you've got the ports gridlock in britain consing put food in by the way we import forty percent of all the food that we can seem that's going to be a huge issue twenty five basis point interest rate cut is not going to alleviate any of those structural issues do we have any idea how much brags it will cost off the i don't know how long we've had this debate going on. well i mean my simple response that is if you look at what's happened this year you've got a u.s. economy that's growing at three percent you've got a european economy economy that's growing at two percent now historically i would suggest the u.k. should be somewhere between half and three quarters of the way between europe and the us i would say nikkei should be growing about say two and a half to two point eight percent in this global environment this year britain is going to grow just one point three percent so therefore i automatically just state that this year alone because of just the incessant say that has cost britain's
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growth written about a one and a half cents of points of g.d.p. growth now if we get to a hard story bets are off the structural problems about the poor it's about the financial services about all the industries that u.k. is related to but in europe that's just so confusing and so uncertain we just do not know what is going to happen so you would imagine a quite a steep recession would be likely in that terrible heartbreak six nari all right so we don't know what will happen we don't know exactly how much it'll cost doing though who's going to end up paying for it though james. what. i'd imagine is going to be the british citizens were already saying that's through the effects of bricks it so far the big impacts economically is of course been the collapse of the pound in the wake of that referendum outcome that has pushed up imported prices into the u.k. sic consumer price inflation has risen quite rapidly our wages haven't compensated us for those cost increases so there's been
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a big squeeze on household spending power and if we do get since to a situation where this environment is it's pretty pretty dangerous supply chains are going to be can could be could be destroyed basically if you see the gridlock at the ports coming through these just in time production methodology that of course we all involved in these days it simply wouldn't work so you would imagine to be job losses as well so it's going to be the households that will bear the prepare the brunt of it and the government would have to try and step in and provide some sort of stimulus try and offset the pain is a compromise coming together over the irish border is that wishful thinking of not reporting. i think it's probably coming together and it's we hear so much back and forth in terms of the news flow but i would suggest that the e.u. is offering up concessions i mean concessions being basically we extend the transitional period so nothing changes for even longer and the problem is time we've got to get
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this done by march the twenty ninth now britain has made concessions britain has backed down lots remember we didn't say we said that we were going to pay a penny we've now offered thirty nine billion euros as a divorce payments we were going to go for a transitional period we're just going to do a short implementation phase we're now we're doing a full transition period we've basically been backing down quite a lot in terms of the u.k. and i think that sort of pressure is going to build again and therefore concessions will be made but it's not going to come this week or next week it's going to have to be much closer to the deadline for when bracks it really happens james lightly been good talking to you and finally bhutan is the only country in the world to measure the success of the nation not by a comic growth but by gross national happiness they've barco reports from the kingdom of bhutan. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites of bhutan tigers ness monastery seems
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to defy gravity every piece of these is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness. when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow part time to example but how do you measure it. for many brittany's happiness as well when surety that it is quantifiable but ever since it became part of state policy it's been described roughly as good governance the balance between nature and economic growth also between pleasure and work. in the capital to who is the world's only secretariat of happiness and a chief official who takes his job very seriously the gene it indexes formed based on the nine governments and school thirty three indicators.
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education living standard environmental good governance psychological well being the other one is community vitality don't use and cultural diversity. this is one way people find happiness in bhutan through traditional pursuits such as the national sport on shary but the nation's happiness policy sometimes misses the. youth unemployment is soaring twenty four year old mom gave ten's in is restless but new opportunities to become find suitable work is a major problem in bhutan right now. as the unemployment. the completion of graduation. invent a good job neighboring india has been generous with financial support but some think it's time to welcome chinese investment to bhutan has no diplomatic links
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with its northern neighbor. but balancing ties between vs regional rivals will be a challenge it's a risky. the happiness of the nation could depend upon it for me happiness is just like a just what i need is a peace and take a good leadership you know country for me i have been spending quality time with friends and families and visiting beautiful places and taking pictures so there may not be a magical mystical or even spiritual formula when it comes to finding happiness but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has . and that's our show for this week but remember you can cope in touch with answer via twitter or use the hash tag j.c.t. see when you do or drop us an e-mail account of the cast of al-jazeera dot net is our address. there's more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c.
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that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and the entire episode for you to catch up on. that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm sam is a than from the whole team thanks for joining us news and al-jazeera is next. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be merrett as our investigations bring her face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women her father search for
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a suitable husband continues can both their dreams come true almost one overcome the other. deadline and part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. history has called it the great war in the second that the sims the declining ottoman empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes all knowledge is here. defiance from iran as the u.s. reinstate the nuclear deal sanctions need to continue selling its oil.
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i don't welcome to al-jazeera live in my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth also ahead the u.n. examined saudi arabia's human rights record as more questions are raised of the cabinet involvement in the murder. journalist. cameron says men have kidnaps needy eighty schoolchildren and amazonian and a paper trail accusations that millions of americans are being denied the right to vote in the midterm elections. the u.s. is calling the latest sanctions against iran its toughest measures target the oil and financial sectors but iran's president hassan rouhani says it will be business as usual for his country same reports from. one of the reasons president
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donald trump gave to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east. and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranian scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half a million square kilometers across the country. and as the missiles took flight on the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president to have was by only able to go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law and international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as racist as these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out
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a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand. i believe the sunshine was. planned. but they couldn't sanction is not the. sudden need they had some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you give me the supply side . you cannot expect the prize good though it is simple price goes up iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the us dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public
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support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran's trust will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they'll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hawks in teheran and washington saying best ravi olders here at that is going out on diplomatic editor james bays he is following developments and joining us live from washington d.c. but the secretary of state and treasury secretary was speaking about that and there were definitely not the temperature down. now absolutely no more tough talk coming from these two top u.s. officials we've also the last couple of hours from the national security advisor john bolton saying that there will be further sanctions this isn't the end of it
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even tougher sanctions coming on iran the u.s. secretary of state in a news conference i attended explained by they were doing it for jack to visit the start of the iranian regime of the revenue it uses to fund vital to stabilize activities throughout the middle east and indeed around the world. our ultimate goal is to convince the regime to abandon its current revolutionary course it was a regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its outlaw course of action and act like a normal country or can see its economy crumble. so what is the iranian government going to do about this i think they are well aware that economically this is a major challenge for iran the iranians are already suffering even though this is a country that's pretty resilient of having face sanctions many times before since the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution but i think iran knows that it's not just about the colonel mix it's about the political side as well and there the u.s.
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campaign is not going as well as the cannot make one they want to isolate iran and yet all of their key international partners are still sticking with the iran nuclear deal when president trump chaired the u.n. security council in september he found that all the other members they supported the iran nuclear deal and i think in tehran even though this is going to hurt a great deal i think the focus will not only be on what's happened with these sanctions being reintroduced it's going to be what's going to be happening in a matter of hours here in the united states and that's the midterm elections they want to see how republicans fare in matter lection because they want to know will they have the trumpet ministration for just two more years or perhaps for another six years if of course president trump runs for reelection so i think the political signals that they will be watching for are still to come james thank you very much
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for that for now that far diplomatic editor james avery live in washington d.c. thank you. new details now on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi showed the lengths to which saudi arabia has gone to try to cover up what happened the latest reports out of turkey having on that among a saudi team tend to of all to help with their investigation were experts whose mission was instead to every race evidence at the crime scene anderson's reports from istanbul. another leaked to the pro-government newspaper this time implicating two members of the official search and investigation team sent from saudi arabia nine days after jamal khashoggi is murder these men met abdul as easel job bonnie reported to be a chemical expert and how laid out the rani said to be
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a toxicologist are accused of trying to destroy evidence and cover up what happened there reported to have been active in the consulate and the consul general's residence ahead of the turkish investigators being allowed into the buildings to start their own inquiries after these claims the call was made for inquiries into reports of attempts to destroy because shock g.'s body in acid after the been dismembered. the call came from the turkish vice president who said the investigation would reach the highest levels. who gave the order for the murder to be committed on our soil and we are searching for this answer. earlier just two sons had spoken for the first time since their father's death some lives in saudi arabia and had to get permission to fly to the u.s. to be with the rest of his family or what we want. to bring him
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back here with enmity and with his with the rest of his family in saudi arabia yes i talk to talk about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens. but you need to find somebody needs to find his his body yes. i think that this issue is all going. to be hopeful about that a simple request there for an act of humanity after all the lies the attempts of cover ups and the high wire diplomacy jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure but more than one month on there is still no sign of an end to their grieving process under simmons' al-jazeera istanbul a developing story now where separatists in cameroons have kidnapped seventy nine.


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