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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 44  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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in order to try to force other aircraft to change course the u.s. navy says the move was unprovoked while russia says it was preventing prevented violation of its airspace it lasted twenty five minutes and happened in international airspace sounds of the ukraine and west of russia the black sea it's now area that has previously seen tensions between both russian and nato forces. jury selection is beginning in new york for the trial of the man accused of being one of mexico's biggest drug lords known as el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement in the u.s. for the last two years gabriel and it's under has more. for the last two years joaquin el chapo guzman has been held in solitary confinement in new york jail after his extradition to the u.s. on an array of drug trafficking charges security for the trial be tape considering guzman famously escaped from prison twice in mexico once through an elaborate
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tunnel in his prison cell. even with guzman in handcuffs prosecutors and the judge worry his associates could still pose a danger to people involved in a trial like operating witnesses and even jurors this former new york city police detective says precautions will be taken and the jury will likely be kept in a secret location that they don't want to get any witness tampering they don't want to have any threats they don't want to put their families in that position too so they're going to be extremely careful with what they do with their witnesses despite this seeming mountain of evidence against guzman this is a trial that will be very complicated and along with dozens if not hundreds of eyewitnesses expected to be called to testify the judge is saying this is a trial that could go on for more than three months. edgardo buscaglia it world renowned expert on organized crime and drug trafficking says many of guzman's crimes took place in the u.s.
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but from ordering killings to trafficking drugs to the signing the money laundering channels into u.s. criminal networks. commercial activities within the u.s. they infiltrated the banking system through a very well known buying stocks around the world so you have an incredible number of. cases who are the criminal network led by chuck was money has being involved in all kinds of crimes within u.s. borders and in many other countries he says the trial will have little impact on the day to day operations of those months in a low a cartel as a message is fine in terms of the actual impact on a criminal network it will not make any impact the prosecutor saying he conviction of guzman will do one thing it will put an infamous drug kingpin away pretty good gabriel's on dough brooklyn. well still had his. liverpool
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law leaving should.
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be. lifted since the government has been trying to rebuild regions where they are receiving investment is the historic port should kid. crumbled buildings the remains of an area where the ottomans ruled sudan and when trade flourished on the country's second largest ports including slave trade but pushing
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the abraham this is the only home he's ever known. i was i was born here and grew up here this place has an amazing history it was one of sudan's first ports for trade and for people people used to travel around the world for centuries so working was built by the ottomans in the sixteenth century it along with several other ports along sudan's eastern coast served as a major gateway to the gulf and the east but since sanctions were imposed on sudan in one thousand nine hundred haven't most of the country supports load in function as straight decelerated. is one of the traders who felt the impact. because you know a lot of goods used to come by of the sea but then it slowed down with the sanctions there were less ships coming in and now we have to go to the capital to bring stocks instead of relying on nearby port. sanctions were lifted last year but i'll try to he says he's yet to feel any positive effect sudan's government with help from foreign countries like turkey have been working to restore still working for
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tourism and trade reviving the historic and economic significance of so i can well take years but it's not just the ports tourism and investment potential that are attracting foreign investors regional park dynamics also seem to have a role just across the red sea is a regional gulf crisis and a worry in yemen involving a saudi led coalition some countries such as egypt and saudi arabia fear that so working will become what is once was a military base local authorities disagree but we are told that what we're trying to do is rebuild the structure for trade and tourism so working is less than twenty square kilometers how could you build a military base here a base could be built further north in port sudan and that's been discussed but not here it's working there i want to see a revival of the port he and his ancestors grew up on so trade can resume instead of the old structures crumbling and becoming marriage symbols of the past people morgan al-jazeera so work in eastern sudan. it's peter now with sport thank you very much seventeen time grand slam champion rafa nadal has pulled out of next
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week's a.t.p. tour finals in london this paves the way for his rival novak djokovic is to be guaranteed the year end tennis world number one ranking now though if there is an injury will keep him from competing the spaniard also withdrew from the paris masters this week he tweeted saying unfortunately i had the abdominal problem in paris last week and i also have an issue in the angle joint that has to be removed in the operating room today this way i hope to be in full condition for next season into milan host barcelona on tuesday in the latest round of the u.a.e. for champions league into coach. said barcelona are what he's team hope to become in the future he is in the second season of a rebuilding job at the club barcelona beat the italian team to know in a groupie match to weeks ago here we are meant every december so right around barcelona are obviously the favorites they are playing very well and they have one of the best squads in the world we have come back and are playing the champions
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league after many years of not we have to be aware where we are and of our qualities and we have to play a great match to get a good result knowing that they are the favorites now police are trained on monday ahead of hosting parasangs a man in a key champions league group match head coach carlos mencia lotty is hoping the italian side will be able to repeat their performance in the two two draw in paris two weeks ago now fully currently set second in the italian city are. when i was there perry st germain was still a club under construction with a great project now this project is happening and i think they don't have much left to get to their main goal which is winning the champions league i guess when i was there the goal was to be among the best clubs in europe and that goal was achieved because right now they definitely are among the best clubs in europe. liverpool have left kiri from their squad to play serbian belgrade in the champions league on tuesday so he really is an ethnic albanian from kosovo and after scoring for
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switzerland against serbia during the world cup security celebrated with a double headed eagle gesture symbolizing the albanian flag he was fine for the celebration and the police say they want to avoid any distractions for the game. to be r. and b. respected with one hundred percent you know it's not sad but still world how it is politics is always influence on life so on the planet i live at least that's how it is but it's not the i'm not here for that we are your problem. it seems that box of floyd mayweather has got a taste for fighting mixed martial arts stars just over a year ago he beat khana mcgregor in the ring in boxing is richest fights in history now at forty one needs announced another fight against japanese kickboxer attention and that's the car mayweather is teaming up with japan's rice and fighting federation to face the twenty year old undefeated fighter on new year's eve in japan but all going to need to decide whether the fight will take place under the rules of boxing mixed martial arts or
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a combination of the two i'm going to wrestle. a lot of. you know. i can do it all you know i can do anything. we have to have rules as rules and regulations to everything that we do our lives so i'm pretty sure when i speak with. the guys from my team we are going to same page so we will walk into we have to do on a large of a not at all not of the this is the biggest event of my entire life i think i would like to prove with my own fists what others couldn't do in the past we spoke to daily telegraph boxing writer gareth a davies he expects the rules will be heavily geared in favor of mayweather who's set for yet another big payday it's just another opportunity for this billionaire books. over a billion dollars remember that rape is
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a big draw wherever he fights so this is just another massive opportunity if that's a cause i'm defeated twenty flights that are problems he's the pretty boy or flight schools if you like to he is the rising star or fighting over there maybe there will be twenty pounds heavier than him four inches taller it's just going to watch those little had knocked his head off but we don't know yet whether nasser caught be able to kick lloyd mayweather he may have it all is over weight and then they say it's just boxing it's maybe not kick boxing i hope it is kick boxing because that's because only chance i imagine is going to be to have a go floyd mayweather because of his books again i don't give him a chance it's so legendary new england patriots quarterback tom brady has added yet another record already impressive list of honors on sunday became the first n.f.l. player to go past eighty thousand total yards for passing rushing and receiving the
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thirty one seventeen victory of the green bay packers is also he's two hundred food regular season victory more than anyone else has managed to achieve playing quarterback that ties in nicely with his five super bowl trophies the patriots are now on a six match winning streak as well brady also has the distinction of having beaten each of the other thirty one n.f.l. teams during his career. these are all team words i certainly can't throw to myself i've got so many great teammates guys block and coaches coaching and is a great team sport so i just see those as all great team team words i'm happy someone from the patriots has it and the fact that i get to play quarterback is. pretty great for me to the n.b.a. now in the minnesota timberwolves but once again without jimmy butler as it's a portland trail blazers on sunday butler was rested for a second game in a week as a coach says it had nothing to do with these trade requests that something will certainly miss them as they lost one hundred eleven eighty one minutes in the
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trailblazers use of new coach school with nineteen points for the trailblazers damien little odd had. the philadelphia seventy six says they win the streak on the road on sunday the brooklyn nets beating them one hundred twenty two ninety seven the next have a four game road trip coming up. and that's all the sport for months from now we'll have another update for you again later on in d.t. well that's the new phenomenon back with more news on the other side of the break do stay with us.
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hard. enough. to cope with driving in kabul you need nerves of steel and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say culturally it is wrong that they are but is that me again there are lots of men here the abuse you they block your column that society is right alongside shouting bad things no one helps us when the taliban were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see
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a woman behind the wheel society is changing albeit slowly but the women drivers of afghanistan there is a long road ahead before they are fully accepted in many countries pregnancy and childbirth a still extremely dangerous for mothers and babies most of the mothers dying from the infection they being there when dying from. algiers even travels to malawi and looks at how rural communities a challenging tradition in order to reduce child in the toilet and improve maternal health. is too strong lifeline between life and death on al-jazeera. last minute rallies in the u.s. ahead of tuesday's high stakes midterm elections that will decide if the
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republicans can retain a majority in congress. when you're watching our zero live my headquarters here in doha coming up turkish media reports suggest that saudi arabia sent a team to raise evidence to the killing of journalists. inside its consulate in istanbul also the u.s. says its latest sanctions against iran are the toughest so far but some of tehran's leading business that's been exempted. and kidnap dozens of children from a school in western cameroon. warders supporters that the media is treating choose days election as a referendum on his presidency as both republicans and democrats called last minute
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rallies on the eve of the vote trump's republican party is trying to protect its majority in the house of representatives and the senate democrats are hoping to win back control of at least the house to try and thwart trump's agenda for the final two years of his four year term our correspondents are in two states with close senate races will speak to highjack castries in tucson arizona shortly but first john hendren joins us from fort wayne indiana where president trump is holding a campaign rally we saw pictures of him john just to the top of the news bulletin what's he been saying. well president around as been rallying the crowd here he's trying to get them to vote for mike braun who is challenging an incumbent democratic senator here and he said if you want the economic expansion to continue vote for me if you want to stop vote for democrats or vote for republicans if you want to continue he said and then he brought up mike
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brawny also brought trump kellyanne conway his communications aid and also sarah huckabee sanders he's been also falsely saying that the big economic were great recession of two thousand and eight and nine which actually began in two thousand december two thousand and seven why is obama is recession when a fact started under president george w. bush and he has been trying to get people here to vote for braun in a very closely aligned race this is part of what he had to say so. when you enter the voting booth on tuesday you will be making a simple choice a vote for republicans is a vote to continue our extraordinary prosperity. a vote for democrats is a vote to bring this economic boom crashing down very rapidly.
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the democratic agenda will deliver a socialist nightmare. the republican agenda is delivering the american dream optimism the american dream. and the president has been cool to see this election is being described as the most contentious insoles of being described as racist in schools as accusations are going to continue i'm sure will cross election day on tuesday. that's why there are civil rights groups that are saying that republicans staged twenty six events had been illegally purging voters and it is most strongly happening at least according to the civil rights advocates in the state of georgia where the secretary of state the man who actually counts the votes decides how the process goes he's also running for governor and there he is persia at least one
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point four million voters and a lot of people are pretty concerned because the majority of those voters are minorities many of them african-american we talked to a couple of them who were in who were confounded by their inability to vote one of them don't mean that he filled out an entire ballot correctly signed it sent it in and it was rejected because he didn't sign the on the outside and when he called up to complain about that they told him your wife's your wife's ballot also will be rejected and will come in the mail this is all happening within days of the election and then of course there was a new advertising by the republicans that essentially links to these migrants who are coming through mexico to apply legally for asylum in the united states with a murderer a man who was an illegal immigrant who murdered two women he appears at the beginning of the end of the ad and of course the migrants appear in the middle and
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the ad asks the question who else will the democrats let in so this is definitely a racially changed election so and that's all part of the republicans get out the vote effort indeed in full swing full of us with you through the day well thanks joe. torre of the cause behind the castro he's live for us in tucson arizona and the theme of race is also a whole topic way you all because the agenda that when the top the top issue. of the geographical reason is wells i was. sort of national repercussions. across the country. that's right because right here in arizona i'm only one hundred kilometers north of the border with mexico and immigration is coming up and again and again in my conversations with voters there are many latino voters here who may be immigrants themselves or just a couple of generations removed from immigrants and then you mix that with the
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white retire rees who flock here to arizona to live out their retirements is enjoying the sunny climate here and what you get is very little consensus on border policies and on what to do with the undocumented immigrants already in the country but what they're all telling me that they agree on is that immigration is a top issue here. the day of the dead a traditional mexican festival also celebrated here in the u.s. state of arizona across the border here amid who couldn't of the dead talks of politics is very much alive because of the state of the country. i think that with president unfortunately it's i mean there's people that love him and that's great but there's people that despise him because of his attitude and the way he speaks trump isn't on the ballot but arizona will choose between congressional candidates who either support or oppose him i wholeheartedly support the president move the
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national guard to the border i believe it's our duty to stand up against the president is doing something wrong trump one arizona in the presidential election outside urban centers support for him remains strong but in this state where one in three voters call themselves independents the midterm elections results are anyone's guess i'm kind of a little bit in both ways you know so it depends on what that person stands for there's also the question of whether latinos lean democrat will turn out in high numbers arizona's pride of its mixed heritage is on the. place here with you know speaking up to thirty percent of the state's population the fewer than half of registered voters actually cast the ballot in a midterm election so the challenge for the democratic party is to translate those easy out of the streets into action at the core volunteers with a group me familia volta have been canvassing hispanic neighborhoods for weeks this
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is the response has been worrying go vote. a lot of them are scared they're scared to even come out they're scared to even do anything because of everything that's been going on because of what trump in recent weeks trump has stoked fears about an approaching caravan of central american migrants these are bad people coming through there these are babies little angels coming into our country the president is sending more than five thousand soldiers to the border it's definitely a fear based strategy at the same time i think when you're thinking about arizona is again those practicalities is that overkill. voters at the day of the dead festival spoke of the dark state of politics in arizona and around the u.s. they say they're ready to move on the question is in which direction. and if you look at the early voting turnout here in arizona there has been
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a late surge among democrats who have already cast a ballot that's really drawn suborn do you see as i'm among the democrats here although notably it's still fall short of total republican turnout now this is a state that has not elected a democrat to the senate for thirty years but it could change now because those candidates are polling at a statistical tie and to decide it will depend on who turns out the vote democrats are hoping that they use that latinos and the independents will decide in their favor so here thanks very much hydrogen of course we'll look. at the results as well through of course thank you. it's middle of the top story now and turkish media have reported that saudi officials sent to istanbul to investigate the disappearance of journalist jamal khashoggi focused instead on removing evidence of his murder among those in the
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saudi team that arrived nine days after the shoji was killed was a chemical expert under toxicologist has more from istanbul another leak to the pro-government newspaper this time implicating two members of the official search and investigation team sent from saudi arabia nine days after his murder these banned a comment i've been as easily general be reported to be a chemical expert and hire me said to be a toxicologist are accused of trying to destroy evidence and cover up what happened they are reported to have been active in the consulate and the consul general's residence had of the turkish investigators being allowed into the buildings to start their own inquiries later a call was made for inquiries into reports of attempts to destroy his body in acid
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after it had been dismembered the call came from the turkish vice president who said the investigation would reach the highest levels. who gave the order for the murder to be committed on our soil we are searching for this answer it was more than a month after his murder his two sons have spoken for the first time salah lives in saudi arabia and has to get permission to fly to the us to be with the rest of his family or what we want. to bring him and ducky. within medina with his with that of his family in saudi arabia conservative yes i talked to that talked about that with. the saudi authorities and. i just hope that it happens or but you need to find somebody needs to find his his body yes. i believe that the search is ongoing
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and really hopeful about that talking officials fear they may never be a.


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