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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 309  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 10:33am-11:01am +03

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women. would come up with some rain down as man got them home i mean. almost feel this is not cool really if. they gave. this is what sort of was interesting enough. but it. will be as you know this explained to you that there's been a difference between if you're going to go back. and. live in determine if we didn't mean. didn't. really want to devote. to it only took months to go do traditionally people were putting data on the bike or call it to them we it was a bike made seem to help the stump but we know if it were the stump least direct
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entry over jim's into the broad stream so that would end up in. a fixture where the data. had been defaced spoke at a widow who. was being scared is a bit ambiguous and when. we didn't have the right. ok thanks very much i'm going to bring them to. me that we're going to give my son data. in the hospital the commitment that no no woman should die while giving birth is often tested especially when there are delays in getting to the hospital. every death is understood as a systems failure and is often taken personally when the amount of time we have to actually know what happened why did the mother die. where was the mystical where was my rule what they have done to me that who might be alive.
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if a facility is experience the number of maternal death or not or death would produce soup that under the carpet the model as they insured your to leukemia bills women will come later because a third of this development it is not an issue or was not done what is an issue or loudly for much of the prince who had a complete vent another death from mockery and then who can do that the only way we can live is to be able to be honest with ourselves and be harnessed with the way we report that on there we tell people that this is easy and then it can be addressed from there. every month the label would team run to mortality review to better understand the deaths of mothers and newborns in the hospital this mother. the first there would have been no doubt because these were high risk mother who should not have been left in the hands of a mass what would you think would have led to this worked well what would have
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worked and what made it so difficult for the middle to deliver the baby was out of every measure of this world if we did business with this sixty. minutes that chap's just checking. i strongly advocate for one s.d. what is it especially when dealing with with the doctor and because of the dealing with patients it was an issue of life and death you know what could kill somebody or you what could save someone depending on how you put it. a wise woman delivers it in the hospital these are written by the family themselves either a man or
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a woman are born hearing from the chief the messages that do impress to them during the meeting or the messages that they keep wondering getting in their minds. listening from the chiefs you know messages that's when they come under write the music on the wall two or four pass it on to other us this is now the message which says men should get involved in this if mother programs now here it is safe or pregnant women should report hospital i did it in my do it for the delivery these are fairly effective just because from time immemorial most of these messages were just hanging along the roads where just the hanging in the hospital was we have managed to get all those messages now down to their communities under people i just wouldn't quite well. i think ill is on around again. she's visiting margaret who is approaching her eighth month of pregnancy soon
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margaret will leave village for the nearest waiting home eighteen kilometers away. so he's a woman who doesn't think we're going to go from here on all. the living there will be one woman and you know what's in the case. i would see you other than among. those that end assume we're close because then the somebody i was number to my cousin and let them look it up you know when i get the data give this to c.n.n. we're going to go with you guys if you're going to how we there's a little we will get to that. because if. it was a good it worked out well for it i will go with. margaret will spend a month at a maternal home like this one in the grounds of salim a hospital. this way she is sure to deliver in the facility.
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the women here fend for themselves for weeks while they wait to deliver. in one of the poorest countries in the world the government is battling to fulfill its pledge to build one hundred and fifty new waiting homes across the country. i found i should have i do wonder trying to decide if going as a minute is not going to back him up when i'm at doesn't have an organ or you have a lot of a lot of again. and . i don't have that money now if i don't want
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to be something that we. still expect i. just. to be. was i just really i. was not but i don't see you know when i will go. on. i think my lung was on the other one. was when i was you know on my not long i. was. i was both the only one i don't follow the. bus the message the women sing. doing role playing is
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moving around the village is. because for one press song it was not possible for them to deliver the message and also be by the community but because they gathered to give that as a group they were able to go many gets to the masses and there it would have been you say thank you. and i. one of the challenges is the issue for me to do so as my candor we asked our fellow dormouse to provide us with the best who can bless the men purpose of this
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is to transfer their pregnant women to go out daily via. your food no one getting to know the motto know you can get a good. one on one i wouldn't. normally do it is because a win is a put in a good mood i was a visitor and we know where you were. ten years ago when you stand in the. local that there wouldn't have been one would miss him at a time ago saying that he will but some of this was because i would visit him because of what i mean if. i don't as has been this is because of what someone who has a summer looks and i would have. most of the unit from go won't be because of what he did lawfully here before you know woody as a woman with some butter was indeed i would be pretty but end of maclagan of a know what do we know we have and would but who has been busy here with nobody but
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. this week is the. people's life. there with so many. people.
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out of the big. business it is going to save the baby. and maybe just a joy just to be able to see a mother thought of my pregnancy and the baby quailed after it is sort of fresh. because your action on political life your emotion but let's go back. to dave i wonder then to learn a lot of one thing going on with. me now with that in my view and also admitting is a bit it was. in the order of the nail on the video which. is less than twenty seven oliver say feign. death. i am.
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a disease so stigmatized that those suffering are still shunned by society people is drunk on their penley from village did from their wives and then they don't have a place in the whole war what can be done so that they are no longer outcasts in it and community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india like flying ancient enemy.
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some rather lively weather for the voters for the mid-term elections across the eastern side of the us least a fair amount of class sweeping across the midwest through the great lakes pushing for other races lots of clout there already gathering across eastern seaboard just around the mid atlantic states where we are a lot see some of the heaviest rainfall through chews day some heavy rain pushing up through pennsylvania new york right into new england through the course of the into the eastern side of canada as warm right for they say temperatures at around twenty one degrees celsius cold as you make their way to central and western powers that cold enough to some snow over the northern plains central parts of kind of the
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bits and pieces of snow it see over the other mountain states that will clear through as you go through wettest a crisp sunshine coming in behind north of the border a high of minus one celsius there for calgary minus four for when you pack a fair bit of snow into central and eastern parts of kind of the by this days as the scotch wine into ontario into quebec since some of that snow dry weather by where the stay across much of that eastern side of the u.s. still it's also some showers down towards the deep south just as michelle was to into the cabin lots of dry and fine weather you could catch one of two sallis over towards dominican republic. history has called it the great war in the second episode the declining autumn an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements that will determine the future world war one
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through our eyes on al-jazeera. to cope with driving in kabul you need nerves of steel and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say culturally it is wrong that they are better than me and there are lots of men here that the abuse you they block your car not society's right alongside shouting bad things no one helps us when the taliban were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see a woman behind the wheel society is changing albeit slowly but for the women drivers of afghanistan there is a long road ahead before they are fully accepted. this is al jazeera.
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alone so wrong when you're watching the al-jazeera news our lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes last minute rallies in the u.s. ahead of tuesday's high stakes midterm elections that will decide if the republicans can retain the majority in congress. also the u.s. says its latest sanctions against iran are the toughest so far but some of tyrants leading business partners have been exempt. and turkish media is reporting that saudi arabia sent a team to raise evidence up to the killing of journalists. inside its consulate in istanbul. and armed men kidnapped dozens of children from a school in western cameroon. welcome to the news donald trump has warned his supporters that the media is
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treating choose days election as a referendum on his presidency as both republicans and democrats hold last minute rallies on the eve of the vote trump's republican party is trying to protect its majority in the house of representatives and the senate while democrats are hoping to win back control of at least the house to try and thwart trump's agenda for the final two years of his four year term rob reynolds has more from washington d.c. . president trump isn't on the ballot in this midterm election but with polls predicting the democratic party was when control of at least one house of congress could find himself in the center of political fallout once the votes are counted if democrats take control of the house of representatives they would have the power to issue a flurry of subpoenas and launch a slew of investigations one level it's an embarrassment of riches because there are so many. scandals and. so many
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allegations of corruption swirling around the president including criminal investigations i think there's certainly going to be looking at his tax returns and frankly looking at any financial involvement that he has had in russia or financial talks financial deals with russia representative nancy pelosi who would likely become speaker in a democratic controlled house in january has described the trumpet ministration as one of brazen corruption cronyism and incompetence but senior democrats are weary of pushing for the ultimate sanction impeachment. that could change depending on how special counsel robert muller's investigation of russian meddling in two thousand and sixteen and a broad range of other legal issues turns out it really comes down to. how damning if the report is damning are those reports of demi how damning are they and
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what ammunition to democrats have on which to what grounds they have to impeach trump on if democrats control the house legislative gridlock would likely prevail for the remainder of trump's term but trump could continue his unconventional foreign policy ventures and he already plans to hold summit meetings with kim jong il and lattimer putin in twenty nineteen the minute the midterm votes are counted the press and politicians will turn their sights to the next election cycle already democratic presidential hopefuls are testing the waters in places like iowa and new hampshire hoping to be the one to run against trump two years from now and if you thought this election was intense emotional and divisive just wait for twenty twenty rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. that's just one of the topics castro joins me now live from tucson arizona and while rob was speaking now and we spoke
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to john hendren earlier in the day a very different sort of topic seems to be top of the agenda where you are or with geographical consequences for arizona and national repercussions. that's right i'm standing just about one hundred kilometers from the mexican border and in arizona a large group of the population are people of hispanic descent they're either immigrants themselves or only a few generations removed from immigrants but then you throw into this mix many white retirees who moved to arizona because of the milder climate and they tend to lean conservative so when you ask people here about border policies or what to do about undocumented immigrants already living in the country there is no consensus and there is no no there is one thing though they do agree on and that is that immigration here matters. the day of the dead a traditional mexican festival also celebrated here in the u.s.
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state of arizona across the border here amid tokens of the dead and talks of politics is very much alive because of the state of the country. i think that with president unfortunately it's i mean there's people that love him and that's great but there's people that despise him because of his attitude and the way he speaks trump isn't on the ballot but arizona is will choose between congressional candidates who either support or oppose him i wholeheartedly support the president moved the national guard to the border i believe it's our duty to stand up against the present raise doing something wrong trump one arizona in the presidential election outside urban centers support for him remains strong but in this state where one in three voters call themselves independents the midterm elections results are anyone's guess i'm kind of a little bit in both ways and you know so it depends on what that person stands for there's also the question of whether latinos lean democrat will turn out in high
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numbers arizona's pride of its mixed heritage is on display here with latinos making up thirty percent of the state's population the few words. half of registered voters actually cast the ballot in a midterm election so the challenge for the democratic party is to translate very easy out of the streets into action at the core of volunteers with a group me familiar volta have been canvassing hispanic neighborhoods for weeks this is the response has been worrying the vote of a lot of them are scared they're scared to even come out they're scared to even do anything because of everything that's been going on because of what trump in recent weeks trump has stoked fears about an approaching caravan of central american migrants these are bad people coming through there these are big little angels coming into our country the president is sending more than five thousand soldiers
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to the border it's definitely a fear based strategy at the same time i think when you're thinking about arizona is again those practicalities of is that overkill. voters at the day of the dead festival spoke of the dark state of politics in arizona and around the u.s. they say they're ready to move on the question is in which direction. now it is a somber state of politics on the eve of midterm elections but there's also a lot of enthusiasm in fact thirty six million americans have already cast an early voting ballot that is unprecedented for a midterm election here in arizona there has been a late wave of democrats who have been voting early they still though notably come in under the numbers of of republicans but this is a state that has not elected a democrat the senate in thirty years and that could change tomorrow that is because those candidates are in
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a statistic tie in the polls and democrats are hoping to pick up this seat it would be absolutely required if the democrats think they have a chance of winning the majority in the senate so how indeed was asleep what does happen for the moment. in tucson arizona thank you. let's join much grossman he's the director of the institute for public policy and social research at michigan state university joins me now via skype from cambridge in massachusetts good to have you with us on the programming we reported a lot on the sort of numbers of people voting early on in this election can we make any assumptions about early voting considering even the pollsters got it wrong in twenty sixteen. well it confirms there are measures that show a high interest in the election and i think we're going to have any in turnout. midterm elections i wouldn't put too much stock in that relative strength of
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democrats or republicans in that early sense most people that earned it early would have voted out like should anyway ok to talk us through then some of the rather poignant salient points of this particular lecture because what we have to muslim women almost certain to win a record number of women really running for office for the very first time we've got to a transgender can do that and potentially to black governors rather achievement it hasn't happened that often in these sorts of elections. that's right it was actually through ten show african-american candidates but none of them are a sure thing to do when so that would be historic there's certainly going to be an increase in diversity in democratic representation in congress especially a lot more women presented in the congressional delegation so we should see the nurses in diversity after the election is this because of you say more
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diversity in the candidates that are on offer is this a reaction to the current government the current president or is this a trend that we've seen in the united states as second third generation immigrants immigrant children have gone through the education system a want to be more involved in american life more involved in american politics. well there is a secular increase in in minority representation but it has taken a jump in the democratic party this year and the excitement and interest in candidates is overwhelming in unprecedented and especially when a whole bunch of our correctional primaries where it really does seem like women want to representation i want you know that's and they want a bunch of democratic primaries but nothing has happened really on the republican side the republicans are still mostly running white men we do tend to hear in any
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general election or any midterm election across the world the issue of voters being disenfranchised a feeling disenfranchised and we've heard one of our reporters john hendren reporting from georgia about sort of perches particular groups of individuals who have got the opportunity for one reason or another to vote in this how serious is this an issue becoming now and how serious would it become as we head towards the next presidential election well it's a serious issue because the political party. is trying to use the voting rolls to benefit itself and that's certainly a moral issue in terms of how much impact it would have on the election any any and any impact in a close election i could be important but it's not necessarily going to have a huge effect on who's able to vote for the most part people are still going to be
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able to vote tomorrow. no state is averaging away time more than twenty minutes now so it's not the most efficient process in the.


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