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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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well it would seem that the turks are maybe putting the final twist in the knife so to speak as to how they're trying to wrap up this case which has gone on for over a month now this latest brief that was given to our jazeera comes on the eve of president traveling to france where he will be meeting with the u.s. presidents donald trump the fact that the turkish authorities felt it's appropriate to time this briefing saying that they have indeed informed gene housefull the head of the cia or all the evidence with regards to this adding to its that they have also briefed all of their main european counterparts and allies with regards to the details of this prior to the meeting that is scheduled to take place in france would appear to be a sign that the turks want to wrap this up one of the international community to actually move forward from the messages of condemnation that's have been expressed
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and sorow that have been articulated over the past few months and moved to the next level which is seeking retribution and punishments for those who are responsible of this crime the fact obviously that it's hard to say that this was ordered at the highest level the fact that many u.s. officials have expressed similar beliefs as well as obviously europeans would mean that maybe that starts are trying to let's say corner at least maybe pers wait maybe forcefully the americans that when this meeting takes place between iran and trump that something strong but more importantly unified comes out in terms of a stance of how to wrap up this case yet so that's what i was going to ask you pertaining to this particular meeting is it really key then for a new one for the u.s. and then to take a much stronger position when it comes to the house of the case. of
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course i mean look in the end of the day not only is the u.s. saudi arabia's strongest ally in terms of the way the international community has been viewing not only this case but also other saudi action led by crown prince mohammed bin son my naïve the war in yemen that has killed thousands and essentially devastated the country the blockade on qatar which has added further turbulence through an unstable region the us has probably been the staunchest supporter of muhammad bin some man and has managed to fend off a lot of criticism to the country whilst turkey may have the moral apart hand in terms of having the evidence in its position with regards to the crime it doesn't possess the clouts the political capital maybe the diplomatic strength to force saudi's hand genuinely does need not only the united states but also the international community maybe it needs the european countries to force the us in
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order to force the saudis but that is the strategy that the turks have been pursuing from the beginning they have tried to use the quiet diplomacy consensus building approach from day one however this is a case that has gone on for more than a month turkey sovereignty is being questioned international law and regulation is under the microscope and therefore it would appear maybe that this meeting in paris as far as turkish officials have told al-jazeera will indeed be crucial in shaping cow we move forward with this case. giving us the update from ankara thank you. well polls are now open in what's been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns in recent history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with
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a third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties see the vote as a referendum on trump's presidency. democrats' immigration policies are extreme danger is reckless and saying they support catch and release they want to free criminal allan's they want no pro-tax for american workers and taxpayers and they want totally open borders which means crime will pour into our country. illegal immigration course our country more than one hundred billion dollars every year and that's border then the butchers of missouri indiana and wisconsin combined the character of this country is on the belt who we are is on the ballot. what kind of politics we expect is on the
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ballot how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot how we treat other people. is on the bell well facebook meanwhile has blocked one hundred fifteen user accounts suspected of interfering with the midterm elections the decision was taken after the social media giant received a tip off from u.s. law enforcement about suspicious behavior linked to a foreign entity some accounts were focused on celebrities while others on political debates and a blog post facebook said it cannot determine at this stage where the accounts originated from in a moment we'll be live to the u.s. state of indiana that's where john hendren is standing by but first gabrielle is on joe is joining us from new york to tell us how voting there is going. it's moving very well quite frankly we got here a little bit before six am when the polls open here local time in new york city the first polls in the nation opened up here and there already about one hundred people
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in line at about five forty five in the morning waiting to vote at this school here you see you see behind me also been open here for a couple hours now we've seen a steady stream of people going into vote several hundred if not more than a thousand or so just in the first two hours at this one polling place this really gives an idea of what we expect throughout the country throughout the day is polls open as the morning progresses here is election has a lot of interest and not only here on election voting day but there's early voting in many states around the country and already about thirty five million americans have already cast their votes in early voting that's about a seventy five percent increase in early voting from two thousand and fourteen those are just incredible numbers and according to one poll eighty percent of people who were polled said that they had either already voted or that they were sure to vote here today so that gives you an idea how how enthusiastic people are
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here on both sides of the political aisle on all sides of the political aisle to really to cast their vote is very critical midterm election here is the thing though new york is known to be one of the more liberal areas in america so what do the democrats need to do to be successful today. that's right they need to do a couple things but primarily democrats need to bring out youth and minorities particularly youth college students these are people that generally have a tendency to vote more democrat than they would vote republican and in the past history has showed they have a tendency not to vote in high numbers youth. a particular in midterm elections democrats are hoping to change that this election they really have a big push to get college students to vote particularly young people all over the country also minorities african-americans latinos these are going to be critical states like florida states like georgia arizona nevada critical that minorities
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get out and vote and not only vote in normal numbers but vote in higher numbers than they've ever seen before and that's what democrats are hoping for and that's what they expect to happen next and that's really the only way that they will probably be able to take both the house of representatives and senate if they get huge numbers of minorities and youth to get out to the polls higher numbers that they've ever seen before we'll see if that happens our i. thank you for the time being let's now take you over to john hendren he's in the home state of the vice president mike pence and so he's joining us from indianapolis indiana a john in indiana we know usually republican voting so how could the race for the senate go today and how are the midterms playing out there generally right across the midwest. well there in this is a dramatic contrast to where gave jess wise that was a reliably democratic state this is a very reliably republican state and nevertheless there is a democratic senator here who is fighting for his political career joe donnelly was
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elected twenty six years ago he was called the accidental senator and the race is really neck and neck he was a couple points ahead in recent polls and so president trump came here last night and he urged republican voters to get out the vote this is all about getting out the vote in these midterm elections because it is the base voters who i'm out millenniums don't tend to come out in large numbers although we have seen him here at this voting place so. what needs to happen for democrats in order to to have any hope of gaining the senate is they've got to have hold on to about ten seats in hostile territory like this including the joe donnelly raids and then they've got to lead to other seats that are in republican hands so that's an uphill battle for them they do hope that they're going to be able to take over the house taking over the senate is a much more difficult prospect and it's because in places like this in the midwest
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this is trump country indiana voted for president donald trump for night by nineteen percentage points and he's become a lot less popular since then but he's popular enough that he was able to come back here last night and then he went on to missouri missouri is another of several states that are reliably republican voting states that have a democratic senator and donald trump is doing all he can to ensure that republicans get elected in those seats because he wants to hold on to that senate majority otherwise the house and senate could end up in democratic hands and that means not only would they investigate him at both houses are required for any potential impeachment ceremony that's obviously something he's a little concerned about with the investigations going on but right now what most analysts believe is going to happen is that this so-called blue wave might well sweep democrats into control of the house be less likely in the senate but this is
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one of those key battlegrounds where that will be decided daryn and what about the race for governor seps. well there are a number of governorships up in the midwest and democrats are actually in a strong position in illinois and wisconsin and in michigan those are all states that have an incumbent republican governor and in all of those races the democrat is ahead in the case of illinois democrat j.b. prince is about ten or so percentage points ahead of the sitting governor bruce rounders so it democrats look to be able to pick up some governorships here in the midwest and that's important because it is a governors who oversee the process of redrawing the electoral map where the districts are and they can gerrymander those to favor their own party the republican or democratic party and that determines who gets elected to congress so that's kind of a big deal they do it every ten years there's a census in the next one is in two thousand and twenty so that is coming up in the
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governors have an awful lot of power when it comes to that but they can also sue the federal government you know also create their own laws in terms of medical marijuana recreational marijuana and that sort of thing so the democrats are hoping to pick up some gubernatorial seats in this region all right john hendren in the time being thank you and that's not speak to carole boyce davies and needs via skype the professor of africana studies and english at cornell university thanks very much for speaking to us so listening to both the reporters john hendren as well as. they were saying that turnout is significantly high right now why do you think that is. that's wonderful news if that's the case because we need to find a way to come to act the tendencies of the dominant party to make itself a single party. democratic party which is the only other major functioning party has been attacked in my line and. you know me and all sorts of during very comments
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were made to us them so as a result one feels like this is the only option to have some sort of balance representation in the united states at this point and it's a problem because just having two parties you have one or the other and there's already a critique of the democratic party internal and external for not being as progressive as it should be because they sometimes vote. along with the dominant party for certain kinds of issues that concerns consume many of us so essentially muslim i'm just saying that he's as i say going outside of this hyper in our favor as either the democrats or the republicans i think it favors it can favor both but in the last election it was well understood that the democratic turnout was much lower than it had been for the obama. vote obama races so it's
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a presidency so one hopes that now with this to an hour before it is record reported to be as strong as it is that we will have democratic votes and i think this is why the president had been sort of cerberus singing to his states when he comes on a base coming out just make sure that they came out as well and they think i'm going to be president it's excellent that you have people really exercising their citizenship rights and speaking of the president and just a moment ago you were talking about some attacks on the democrats let's just listen to what the president had to say in missouri just about twenty four hours ago. the democrats want to abolish. they want to abolish. they want america to be a giant sanctuary city for gang members and mass thirteen killers. republicans believe america should be a shank sure for law abiding americans not criminals. how do you think
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that this sort of message that's being put out this this rhetoric this message of fear how has it played into the midterms does it get people to go out and vote when it gets many people on both sides to vote for different reasons but it's so fencer it's distorted much of the information that he gives out at those rallies is meant to just whip up a certain kind of white during a rally to a nationalist and which throws that he supports but if there's anything different then what are the democrats to do for example i mean obama just in september he said that americans were living in dangerous times he accused republicans of threatening a democracy divide dividing the country so is what doing any different than what some democrats are doing you know i think ironically many people felt obama took too long to come out and speak there was actually no voice major voice but that really since hillary clinton lost the last election there was no major voice that
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was being identified publicly in the media that has come during all of the distortions so i'm pleased that about mccain would probably look too late but hopefully in this period of campaigning it did have an impact and people are very energized by that all right carol boyce davies we thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera thank you so much. went to more head on the al-jazeera news hour including the search is on in cameroon after armed men kidnapped dozens of children and their school principal despite inter-national calls for ceasefire desperation continues in yemen we'll be talking live to the president of the international committee of the red cross in a moment in sports the race that starts the nation peter will be here with the best of the action from the melbourne cup.
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but first china's alleged abuse against its we go muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the un human rights council will be conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record beijing has been accused of mass the tension and discrimination of weaker muslims in the region adrian brown has been allowed rare access to a room and province and sent this reports. there are few more difficult places for foreign journalists to report from in china the job especially in. the provinces vast security and surveillance network is in overdrive as international criticism mounts over china's internment program for ethnic muslim week and other groups officially chinese government officials insist they're providing free vocational training for those deemed vulnerable to islamic extremism
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. but exiled leader activists say these centers are nothing less than reeducation camps were up to a million men and women are being held indefinitely without charge chinese government is doing that with the international repercussions so i believe that. china would accelerate its start to wipe out the whole we were a nation if the world wouldn't be stronger harsher on china time here a minute believes he'd be in a camp if he returned to shin jang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang the agent also a week telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of women's contacts in israel
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sometimes the calls were taunting should you and it gives you that don't give it you or your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. and that. the implication was clear her fate was in their hands he said that one day you will need support. one day you will need assistance from the chinese government if you go back to your homeland your family members your wives your daughter still are in. before him and left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again her last words to her father with these you're a bad person. with so many people missing in shin
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jang including his brother and sister i'm in is not sure if his wife and daughter are safe. he also doesn't know for sure if they're still in a room she his wife divorced in just after he moved to the united states but he understands why marriage to him he says has made her a marked woman adrian brown al-jazeera interim chief of paul brennan has this update from geneva. jews day has been the day for china's human rights record to be examined by the united nations and the list of international concerns is long for example if i could there's no independent human rights institution the restrictions on journalists and n.g.o.s the prevalence of corruption the frequency and the lack of protection for children about simple for these protests at least the plight of
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the weak a minority on september fifth i was one of the panel speakers at the hot sun and i think you're one of the think tanks in washington d.c. and i talk about the concentration camps and the condition and the china as crime against humanity six days later my sister and the mike and they were he came by the chinese government china for its part said it strongly supports human rights so long as those human rights have chinese characteristics and are seen through the prism of what it called the national condition but that perspective was not universally shared by the rest of the members of the international community theo chaney the chinese government protected citizens freedom of religious belief of ministers religious affairs in accordance with the law and fosters active and healthy religious relation the so we protect the rights of ethnic minorities in accordance with the laws germany recommends one and all
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unlawful detention including unconstitutional mass attention of your girls and other muslims and seen young and residential serving inside a designated location to respect the rights of freedom of religion and belief that opinion in expression peaceful assembly and culture also for two bitches your girls and other minorities as the international diplomats leave the united nations and pass by this protest it's an open question as to whether they will see the faces of these missing going to disappeared weakest but the sound and the noise and the sentiments of this protest will certainly be felt in. the building across the road . it's been a year since the saudi led coalition imposed the blockade on yemen's airports seaports and land borders that decision has made an already dire situation even worse the port city of her day is a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid that's does manage to get into the country but government troops backed by the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition are trying to defeat the rebels who have controlled the city since twenty fourteen well the u.s. and u.n. have called for a ceasefire the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine putting thirteen million people at risk and those already weakened by a lack of food and clean water are also facing the spread of diseases at least ten thousand suspected cases of color are reported every week and the international committee of the red cross was forced to pull out seventy one if it's staff in june over security concerns. joining me now here on saturday peter martin is the president of the international committee of the red cross very good to have you with us here and out on al-jazeera thanks for speaking to us so let's just first talk about the situation in the data because as we saw happen over the weekend there was an assault on our day there what are you hearing about the impact that has had on those civilians well it has the impact of
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these placing further civilians which are already have been in securitized we have seen a dire situation around to date of course over the last couple of months old ready . every time the ring fencing around getting closer these forces more people to look for shelter and to look for security in other places because it really is a lifeline isn't it for getting food medicine as well as fuel into the rest of it is a critical lifeline in particular for northern yemen in the south of course we still have the port of aden for the southern territories but in the north data is of critical importance for our humanitarian operation as it is for the united nations and how difficult then does this make the humanitarian operation that you try and carry out in the country this is of course critically difficult it's not running at full speed and full size the port capacity of data the military operations around
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make the situation even more complicated i just received today reports from my colleagues in the fuel to try to respond to gether with. their organization which managed to stay in her data but we are running far below capacity of what we should be able to do we are hearing also the now the latest figure is that twelve million people are left at imminent risk of descending into famine and that's within three months how concerning is that well this is of course concerning because of the overall situation as you mentioned in your introduction has been for. for yemen for quite some time war has made things worse than we have seen before so food insecurity now is a critical issue and forces as of course to do the best we can with the infrastructure we have at the present moment but we have said for quite many months now that the it's not humanitarian organization which will create conditions which
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allow us to work at the end of today all depends on whether discrete ical juncture in which we are at the present moment finding eventually a way out of the military operations a cease fire whether dissuade will be successful because otherwise it just in the content of what we have done in the past the situation will get more dire and we will see more food security risks and other risks associated to it in the future as well while the un in a recent reports concluded this that there were quote reasonable grounds according to the end to believe that a substantial number of violations of international humanitarian law had been committed by all sides of this conflict so whether it's the pro-government forces the coalition as well as the whole thing is what sort of pressure can be applied for international humanitarian law to be respected under these types of circumstances well from the i.c.r.c. side we really try to engage with all the militaries on the ground with those from
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the coalition as well as with the hutus and other militaries. armed actors on the ground to engage with them to teach them international humanitarian law to do what creational reviews with them towards so mobilize communities whoever has an influence also on fighters to nudge them into different behavior so it needs the efforts of many to come out of a situation which i would agree with the assessment that you quoted from all sides we have seen violations of international humanitarian law and under these conditions it's not surprising that we find ourselves with the humanitarian situation we find ourselves in and which is definitely today one of the most concerning your many trn situations worldwide all right so we'll leave it there peter maher we thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera thank you. so how on the news hour they may have missed out on the playoffs earlier. why the denver nuggets could be striking gold. coming up in sports
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a little later. went on the line for you looking at. how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to. join us on sat if you could take me around the content. you don't have to set up your experiment in. the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that community members are going to join the global. possibilities. in this. debate discussion how can you trust them how could you work again with them she seems to be saying it affects all of us and we just don't know or care enough. winning programs take the
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ground the. following the top stories on the. sources have told the cia director. has seen all the evidence related to the murder of. the sources also revealed that saudi arabia was willing to pay the. journalist's family and his fiance polls are now open along the u.s. east coast in what's been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns
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in recent history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with one third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties see the vote as a referendum on trump's presidency. china alleged abuse against its weaker muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the un human rights council is conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record. urging the international community to take a harsher line against. our top story in the investigation into the murder of journalist. he is the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies is joining us here on set so what we're hearing is that the turkish sources of in fact told al-jazeera once again that the american cia director has seen all the evidence related to the
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murder of. a reportedly the evidence seen by her proves that the operation was carried out on the orders from the highest levels in saudi arabia what are the repercussions of this and talk us through how significant this is where i think the saudis are they want to keep the pressure on the actually they want to keep the pressure on this hour with these they don't want this issue to die. they want to keep it alive very much because if. they believe that they can bring about something in the middle east. might be focusing on the. monday out trying to isolate him from the leadership of saudi arabia and keeping keeping him. in the spotlight and seeing. all the evidence points at him that he was the guy who gave the orders of. the ship and i think this
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announcement right now is important because. it's coming actually head of the summit with a meeting between president of the on and the us president when i was president and he knows very well that if he wants to bring about this to start the direction of in the middle east. by actually bringing down the hammer disarmament if he can do that that is not going to happen without the help of the americans without that there's going to be a tough sell for particularly. this is why i believe. in a very difficult position because he needs there is a problem now a conflict between his allies saudi arabia on the one hand and on the other hand and he will be trying to make out something to work out something in fact that can keep these two allies. apart from having this sort of continuing conflict between between them how is it going to do that we're going to
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see in the next actually few days and few few weeks but clearly i believe now. believes that this is a golden opportunity in my opinion. to hold saudi arabia accountable for all the bad deeds this is what the. which have been carried out by saudi arabia against turkey starting with supporting the military coup in two thousand and sixteen to actually trying to bring down. last summer into supporting the could this separatist in syria and iraq as well as in the southeast of dirty so i believe the turks will not let this go without actually having this sort of strategic shift in the policy of power in the middle east. and this is why they are keeping the four because they want to keep this alive very much they don't want actually because the saudis are counting on time they believe that as this saga
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goes on. other news will come up and it will just go away the turks were not allowed.


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