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tv   Abraham Serfaty Moroccos Mandela  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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for now this is not simply a criminal case and through the murder assassination of a journalist this is a multi layered crisis essentially which involves several regional and super powers and when you're talking about pressure that this puts on what this is this latest briefed by the turkish officials through al-jazeera is essentially throwing the ball back into the international community as court so to speak and specifically the united states by naming or by declaring that gina has will has been privy made privy to all the different details and evidences that the turkish officials were able to gather with regards to the assassination of the late journalist essentially has put the onus on the white house to come out and actually be very clear in terms of what it plans to do in response to this crime a crime that is not only one against free speech that is not only one against an innocent person but also one that strikes at the very heart of international diplomacy the vienna convention and the way in which consular services diplomatic
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missions are dealt with that strikes in the very heart of the much hailed relationship between trump in particular and the people around him and crown prince mohammed bin somebody who the turks and many around the world for that matter believe was the main perpetrator behind this plots and all of this would suggest that something really does has to have to change at least when we're talking about the timing of these revelations that the targets of may they come just a couple of days before trump is expected to meet with presidents are the one in france we understand from sacrificial is that case will be a large hearts all of those bilateral talks that will be taking place on the sidelines of an international summit there and therefore we could probably anticipate that there will be some sort of shifting dynamics with regard to the international response the international relations layer as well as kind of the regional setup that is taking place behind as a result and consequence of the assassination of john malfa tricky in that's
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consulate's by a saudi hit squad all right jim i'll say out thank you. well polls are now open in what's been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns in recent history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with a third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties see the vote as a referendum on trump's presidency well during his final rally in missouri trying to clear the republican agenda is the american dream the democrats want to abolish. they want to abolish. they want america to be a giant sanctuary city for gang members and mass thirteen killers.
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republicans believe america should be a shank sure for law abiding americans not criminals. and gabriel is on those joining us from new york we were just playing some life pictures gabriel of people out voting in the midterm elections in new york just talk us through the turnout and how it's been and how excited people are there for the midterms. yeah it's incredibly exciting a lot of people have come out very early it's a little after nine am here local time we got here before the polls opened at five thirty in the morning and we saw about one hundred people in line and now i want to show you if you can show these pictures that i'm going to pan to now this is the line of people that we have waiting at this polling place here in new york city right now it goes around the block and it's well over five hundred people deep people are waiting well over half an hour just to cast their ballot and in the
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polling place there's several hundred more people inside there as well we're seeing scenes like this all over new york all over really the more than twenty five states that have already started voting a lot of interest in this election a lot of people out to cast their votes and make their voices heard in this critical midterm election and what is it that's making people come out in such numbers. you know donald trump's name is not on the ballot but it really is a referendum on donald trump's presidency and that's why we're seeing so many people come out his supporters and also his detractors we've already had. thirty five million people that have already cast early ballots and voted early that's a seventy five percent increase from two thousand and fourteen so huge numbers now for donald trump and his supporters he's hoping they come out and support his agenda primarily a very strong economy. but then you also have issues that are in such as
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immigration which is a very divisive issue in this country a lot of his supporters like his stance on immigration and the hardline stance on immigration a lot of that it is detractors people who are going to be voting against him say no that they don't like that he's not on the ballot let's make that very clear but he really is really is in so many ways not only a vote for the hundreds and hundreds of people that are running for the house of representatives and governors senate but it's really also a referendum of the last two years donald trump's presidency so many issues at stake it like i said the economy's doing so well a trump himself not very popular leads popularity about forty forty five percent or so which is very low so that's why this midterm election is so so many unknowns on what's going to be happening throughout the day as people vote all right thank you . china as abuse against its weaker muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the u.n.
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human rights council will be conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record beijing has been accused of mass the tension and discrimination if we are muslims in the region this update from geneva. juz day has been the day for china's human rights records to be examined by the united nations and the list of international concerns is one for example if i could there's no independent human rights institution the restrictions on journalists and n.g.o.s the prevalence of corruption the treatment and the lack of protection for children most importantly for these protests at least the plight of the we've got ethnic minority on seven hundred fifty i was one of the panel speakers at the hot sun and i think you're one of the think tanks in washington d.c. and i talk about the concentration camps and the condition and the china as crime against humanity six days later my sister and the mike and they were
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he came by the chinese government china for its part said it strongly supports human rights so long as those human rights have chinese characteristics and are seen through the prism of what it called the national condition but that perspective was not universally shared by the rest of the members of the international community theo chaney the chinese government protected citizens freedom of religious belief of ministers religious affairs in accordance with the law and fosters active and healthy religious relation the so we protect the rights of ethnic minorities in accordance with the laws germany recommends one and all unlawful detention including unconstitutional mass attention of your girls and other muslims and seen young and residential serving inside a designated location to respect the rights of freedom of religion and belief opinion in expression peaceful assembly and culture also for two bit chin's you girls and other minorities as the international diplomats leave the united nations
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and pass by this protest it's an open question as to whether they will see the faces of these missing going to disappeared weakest but the sound and the noise and the sentiments of this protest will certainly be felt in. the building across the road still has on al-jazeera we take a look at the humanitarian situation in yemen a year since the saudi iraq coalition imposed a blockade on its ports. i know that for some of us in china it's pretty wet at the moment the satellite picture is picking up the showers as they work their way through chongqing to hu bay and up through and hwy few heavy showers have in the system will still be lingering if we head through wednesday and then another weather system is following it that will move sweep eastward even into the junk shoop or provence as we head
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through the day on thursday to the south of all of that it's fine and dry but fairly warm for us in hong kong to around twenty eight degrees as we head out towards the west in the far southeast where we've got the wettest of the weather over the southern parts of india and through sri lanka a more wet weather is likely here as we head through the day on wednesday ahead of that a fair amount of cloud maybe the odd shower here and then ahead of that is just fine and dry quite bad visibility at the moment in new delhi because it is that time of year and that's the way it's going to stay even as we head through thursday for the arabian peninsula there's been a lot of heavy downpours recently and still that system is still with us but you can see it's a lot weaker than it has been but do expect want to show it out of this to the south of all of that here in doha should be fine thirty two degrees should be our maximum i'm not quite the whole force in muscat here it will cure made but we should still get up to a pleasant twenty eight degrees which is eighty two in foreign high insulin is hovering at around the same temperature.
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at sixteen who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as her investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women. the search for suitable husband continues and both their dreams come true must one overcome the other. part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera. again the top stories on al-jazeera. turkish sources have told al-jazeera saudi
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arabia was willing to pay blood money to the journalists family and his fiance the sources also revealed that the cia director gina haskell has seen all the evidence related to the murder of journalist john. polls are now open along the u.s. east coast in what's been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns in recent history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with a third of the senate and dozens of state governorships. china as a legitimate use against its weaker muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the u.n. human rights council is conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record exiled we activists are urging the international community to take a harsher line against beijing. more now on our top story about the investigation into the murder of journalist. and he is the director of policy analysis at the
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arab center for research and policy studies is joining us here on set in doha so the latest news that we're getting is sources have told us here at al jazeera that the cia director has seen all the evidence related to the murder and also the evidence seen by her proves that the operation was carried out on the orders from the highest level in saudi arabia and that is something that the turks have said from the very beginning that it was ordered by someone in the high level the question is now that the americans have this information what do they do with it well i think the turks what they want from the news right now is to put the pressure on the united states because you know. this is uncut are two weeks ago and she was presented with all the evidence and this is to accept says that time was the tomboy was silent on the issue so what the are trying to do now
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is to remind americans before of the summit which is due to take place between president and president tom in paris on the sidelines of the. one hundred the end of the first world war that they should take a tough position because you know the facts now or they have the facts no. i think are the gun is. to bush the president of the united states into helping him to achieve what he's seeking from. actually managing the whole issue from the very beginning which is bringing about a strategic shift in the middle east by trying to push muhammad be some man because we all i mean is some nor that he's blending one hundred bits of money . isolate between the man and his father the saudi leadership.
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saying that one hundred percent man is the one who gave the orders of the murder of you know what. was appointed as crown prince i remember what he tweeted at the time as we put our man on top there's very very little noise this is why i ask the right this is why he's increasing the pressure on tom because he knows that is the one that the main force behind mohammed is so much and he's putting extreme pressure on the. president in order to push him to take a position we all know that's not going to happen because one of the president has been protecting one hundred percent man so the very beginning of this issue we have been hearing many times surely defending saudi arabia somehow so now i think the turks are trying to have some sort of negotiation with the americans on how we can move forward from this point but i don't think the turks will be accepting anything
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less than having something really strategic in terms of their national interest in the end. region because they know that the saudis had been actually trying to hurt turkey in many of its security interests including it could this question including supporting the coup of two thousand and sixteen including actually trying to weaken the so i think that they are having a point with the u.s. president and they what they are getting at if you want to keep your man saudi arabia so there is a prize that must be paid this at this point right thank you very much. well more than two hundred mass graves containing the remains of thousands of victims have been discovered in areas formally controlled by ice so in iraq the u.n. says it found the sites in the north and west of the country the smallest grave contains eight bodies while the largest is believed to be south of mosul which may
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contain hundreds if not thousands. u.n. representatives traveled to iraq to gather the harrowing stories of some of those who survived one man escaped a massacre in sin jar in august twenty fourth seen by pretending to be dead. speaking of this thing. coming. between ten to fifteen. minutes i see very good. in two thousand and fourteen my father and i were captured by eisel gunmen i still separated the mean from the women and children i was taken to and i don't know why they took my father it will be very hard for me if i need to see my father again it's been years since the saudi led coalition imposed the blockade on yemen's airports seaports and land borders that decision has made an already dire situation even worse the port city
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of her day is a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid that does manage to get into the country but government troops backed by the so do you eat coalition are trying to do with the rebels who have controlled the city since twenty fourteen the u.s. and u.n. have called for a cease fire and the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine putting thirteen million people the risk and those already weakened by a lack of food and clean water are also facing the spread of disease at least ten thousand suspected cases of cholera reported every week and the international committee for the red cross was forced to pull out seventy want to put stuff in june over security concerns peter mauer the president of the international committee of the red cross explained to us how hard it is to get humanitarian supplies into the country through her data. the military operations around to make the situation even more complicated i just received today reports from my
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colleagues in the fuel to try to respond together with the few other organization which managed to stay in her data but we are running far below capacity of what we should be able to do and the overall situation has been fragile for yemen for quite some time war has made things worse than we have seen before so food insecurity is a critical issue and forces as of course to do the best we can with the infrastructure we have at the present moment but we have said for quite many months now that it's not too many tier an organization which will create conditions which allow us to work at the end of today all depends on whether discreet ical juncture in which we are at the present moment finding eventually the way out of the military operations of ceasefire whether dissuade will be successful because otherwise it just in the content of what we have done in the past the situation will get more dire and we
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will see more food security risks and other risks associated to it in the future as well the emir of qatar has told investors his country's economy has become stronger despite the blockade imposed on it by four arab countries share tamim been hammered unfairly says exports grew by eighteen percent last year but he expressed regret over the continued dispute in the g.c.c. saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt imposed the blockade on cats are in june last year accusing it of supporting terrorism a charge doha has strongly denied. most of us do in or of saudi g.o.r.p. your security and stability of our arab gulf states cannot be achieved by undermining sovereignty of other states of meddling in the domestic of fears but respecting the rules governing our relations. looking to resolve differences through dialogue that serves the interests of all concerned parties history teaches us that crises pass over time but mismanagement of crises leaves behind
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consequences the will last for a long time the u.s. ambassador to sri lanka has weighed in on the constitutional crisis there saying parliament should have a say in who the prime minister is nearly two weeks ago the president fired prime minister. who is refusing to leave his official residence in colombo ernest's about reports. this is the official residence of sri lanka's prime minister temple trees and it's where we're missing has been staying for the last twelve days refusing to leave and it's become essentially a place where his supporters rally to defend the ousted prime minister's position the center of the temple trees compound has become a sort of a headquarters for supporters of the ousted prime minister they've been having press conferences in here every day this one is for a minister who is crossing to support we don't know singa and on the other side of the compound this is like banqueting hall because this is the sort of gathering place for all the people who want to keep from
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a single in the prime minister's job is banqueting hall used to hosting heads of state instead become a sort of a campsite people stay here overnight to show their support for the ousted prime minister. to predict the democracy of the country to put protect the constitution of the country and to take the somewhat i don't the view it does become a good lesson for the whole bird how to safeguard and how to keep the specter i mean democracy that's why you must you must thank everybody on this basis of course who are here they have been trained to democracy. in america. and patiently prime minister prime minister meets his supporters and this is where we promise english have to stay for the last twelve days or so impertinent promising that. major. politician is the support of buddhist monks is the majority. and is important for people to show the politicians to show that as well as
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a parliamentary majority they have put. people in madagascar are preparing to go to the polls on wednesday to choose their next leader out of thirty six candidates competing for president just five are female women have very little representation in the island's government there's been some progress ahead of the vote but as miller reports from the capital many say it's not enough. funny sue or naive is running her presidential campaign from a headquarters in the capital antananarivo she's been a magistrate for almost ten years and is also a consultant on gender issues at the african union she's also a mother and brings her five month old daughter to work she says she does this to show people that they need to change their minds about what women can do. or not is just one of five women candidates competing against the two one men to be president
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for most. women have for years stepped back from political power and so america as a society has become used to that but i work hard to promote women there are minimal i guess a proverb says a woman cackle like chicken they talk too much these ideas have to change. just seven percent of political parties in madagascar have women in leadership roles while madagascar's constitution does protect women there are no specific laws promoting gender equality the southern african development community had called on member states to get hard for all government positions filled by women white twenty fifteen madagascar didn't achieve that target before the country's last election a new law was proposed that with the equal representation of men and women in political leadership a male dominated senate rejected that bull. long after in the build up to this election the national council for malagasy women has been campaigning to get voters
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to support female candidates or candidates who advocate women's rights. are using radio and television to get their message that gender equality matters across to voters even then live have to use a male pop star to appeal to audiences reality. cold there are plenty here i think and our room lydia she pauses sure there are naked. for example for. chief. according to the council some progress was made during madagascar's transitional government in two thousand and nine when a third of parliament was made up by women. but that has now dropped to less than a quarter we are stem will a woman become president it will be short lived. but i'll just
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zero and ten another evil. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera circus sources have told our jazeera the cia director gina haskell has seen all the evidence related to the murder of john street sources also revealed that saudi arabia was willing to pay the journalists family and his fiance polls are now open along the u.s. east coast in what's been one of the most divisive and expensive election campaigns in recent history americans are voting in the crucial midterm elections as you can see in all four hundred thirty five seats are up for election in the house of representatives along with a third of the senate and dozens of state governorships both parties see the vote as a referendum on trump's presidency well during his final rally in missouri trying to clear the republican agenda is the american dream the democrats want to abolish.
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they want to abolish. they want america to be a giant sanctuary city for gang members and mass thirteen killers. republicans believe america should be. for law abiding americans not. all china's alleged abuse against its weaker muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the un human rights council is conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record exiled activists are urging the international community to take a harsher line against beijing more than two hundred mass graves containing the remains of thousands of victims have been discovered in areas formerly controlled by eisel in iraq the u.n. says it found the sites in the north and west of the country the smallest grave contained eight bodies while the largest is believed to be south of mosul and it may contain hundreds if not thousands the emir of qatar has told investors his
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country's economy has become stronger despite the blockade imposed on it by four arab countries shift i mean how much he says exports grew by eighteen percent last year but he expressed regret over the continued dispute in the g.c.c. so to arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar in june last year accusing it of supporting terrorism a charge doha strongly denies those are the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming next then it's the newsgroup but i. hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent it sang . in a new series or it takes an unflinching know at the end of radicalized organizations to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal consequences for those thrown into their extreme ideology radicalized youth coming soon on
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al-jazeera. ok and you're in the stream and i'm only to be allowed today can satire survive in a so called post truth era which out with a panel of noted comedians about the power of political satire while you're leaving your comments and questions and you can chat take a look at this rant by accepting tickle satirise tom for. the left is responsible for this result because the left has now decided to any other opinion any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable we don't debate anymore because the left won the cultural war so if you're on the right you're a freak you're evil you're a racist you're stupid you are a basket of deplorable how do you think people are going to vote if you talk to them like that when is anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or or labeled so now if you're on the right or even against the prevailing view you are attacked
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for raising your opinion that's why people wait until they're in the voting booth no one's watching anymore there's no blame or shame or anything and you can finally say what you really think and that is a powerful thing the tories in charge breaks here and now and all the polls were wrong all of them because when asked people can't admit what they think. looks that was more conflict issues television news reporter jennifer twenty sixteen commenting on the election of u.s. president donald trump was right it's inspired have racked up hundreds of thousands of views online making him a social media sensation while raising the ire of people across the political spectrum on both sides of the pond political satire has been traditionally used as a tool to punch against those in power a way to voice the concerns of marginalized groups who sometimes aren't given access to the public square. so what are the particular challenges of doing political satire right now when what's happening in the real world is sometimes
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more outlandish than any fictional news headline which would in the studio by telephone. tom walk in the sanjay's we have calum in california we have christina wall she's a comedienne a writer and performance artist running for public office and in san francisco francesca freeman t.v. is also a comedian and correspondent. really good to have. the bombs to come free flowing at christina are you could describe what you'll doing right now with political satire can you do that right international audience because right now absolutely specific space and yet assistance my campaign headquarters in chinatown. presented by art salon chinatowns of was presented by the art world and i'm not actually on tomorrow's ballot i'm just campaigning i realized after years of making spectacle on theaters in guerrilla actions that i could no longer outdo the spectacle of real life politics and so i'm just going to
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bring my spectacle to where it's happening which is the political stage so at some point i will file and run for office but currently what i'm doing is giving a campaign speech is shaking babies kissing. trying to stage indorsements i mean yet door smits from white conservatives who normally probably would not endorse me and and just sort of stacking my deck and collecting bribes things like what your slogan. it's the name of my failed reality television pilot. makes it right i actually had pitched a reality t.v. show that tru t.v. picked up just so they paid for a pilot we could start when obama was president and we had to shoot it when trump was president and i started playing that shift for why everything about the persona that i had pitched then about this sort of naive self-centered activist conquering political apathy didn't it made sense when obama was president and then by the time
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we shot it in march. presidency it made no sense and or just everything just flipped upside itself and they turned down the pilot are now buying it for a season and so i mad out of what i really had ironing and they're ready to tell him where he was before running for office shaking hands i had to write that down so that is your platform and i want to introduce our audience in case they're not familiar with your platform tom walker with this piece you're not going to play it because it's for the b.b.c. but i want to show our audience my problem with mansplaining this is jonathan pi this is your character and i bring this up because you got some pretty high praise for this in the form of repeat your face himself noted comedienne and originator of the original office the u.k. version ricky says i just watched your bit on man slinging brilliant brave raul analytical without forgetting to be funny i like to think that i could do something
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that's crafted and detailed if i had the patience and the energy so. happy now and that's my next post to quote thank you very much. yeah i mean that particular bit i mean i must explain the jonathan pollard the character i'm me you know we're lefties we're liberals but what i find with these days is that you know certainly in the u.k. and i've seen a little bit of it here i mean in the u.k. it's not so sure as a whole for now all of. on voters stupid and on trump voters stupid well one that's not true to tactically. not clever and three it's boring you know so what i try to do with pi is because he cares about the left in the liberal ideas he's trying to lie on the left just as much as he does the right by telling them where they're going wrong and they aren't going wrong you can tell that because of who is in the white house at the moment you know something went
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wrong along along the line you know. because john pike has it because. yeah i mean certainly with this thing about left i cared deeply about free speech which isn't very fashionable on the left these days certainly in my country i think in america it's under attack but what's interesting for me is the comedy world i'm very new to the comedy world i started off as an actor of all the art forms i've ever encountered and you wouldn't think it the comedy world is the most sense sorious the most sensitive i mean the attacks i've got from the comedy world just for standing up for the principle of free speech suddenly you're all right you're not so you're not see apologist it's bonkers to me so it makes me double down and go no this is this is you never going to win if you if you keep down that road as far as i'm concerned. cast i just want to play a little clip from your work which is done on some of the al jazeera platforms so you would think that you had quite a conservative audience but then he's the material that nothing happened. geography
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and now americans are learning that the syrian civil war is arguably the seven layer dip of wars you've got your authoritarian your rebels your civilians your foreign superpowers your warring factions your stateless fighters topped off with a whole lot of misinformation in other words an amazing way out of luck syria is about as easy to understand as a third grader trying to give you a synopsis of game of thrones ok so the assads are like the land if there is and the us is like the stars or maybe they're the target putin is randy bolton and the younger a joy is fake. and i'm thinking conservatives will see no to a big city. yes i think well that is i mean that's an interesting thing that you noted there in terms of the way that news broke was born out of al-jazeera right and born out of an online platform that is really targeted at young people and so many so much of the language that young people are speaking i
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think ever since the daily show was going back really is through satire and through comedy they want to be informed but they don't want everything to be so serious i think tom's character speaks to that as well right whenever you break down this buttoned up newscaster i think that especially young people are going to listen much more than they would if you're if you're just over the top sincere so i think news broke set out to do that and i think to a lot we gain new fans i think so major plus people who are used to seeing let's say the syrian civil war only treated through the lens of being that buttoned up newscast which i think afterwards so many years can get we all tune it out there's a way we both tune out. what we think is like distasteful or you know something that is is off color but then also we tune out things that are way too serious and sad so how do we get people to pay attention and i was our first attempt at talking
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about something so so grave christina. i think i just think we i see here which tom is saying about free speech is and their attack and i used to be someone who's like yeah let's just have at it let's just say whatever we want until. until people begin to take alex jones seriously and then act on those things or until someone does like oh man i've got to go shoot up a synagogue. because there's a god is helping these folks are going to go is responsible for his own actions donald trump didn't do that and i'm experienced and do that and also by alex jones now not being allowed a platform that he doesn't go away he goes underground but by suppressing an opinion you don't you don't you don't love alex jones as a performance artist yeah. i mean it's art is give us a performance i was a performance artist yeah i love it but i don't know what's happening because it's shifting culture in a way that like who this is. now i think people civil right people are people don't
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understand how human rights works and are making decisions. based on what they think that alex jones is telling them or showing up at a pizza parlor to to what are people make their own decisions right they go because if you go shoot something up but where they're getting those orders from someone at the top or someone who is position as a story and there's nobody challenging them or their space that's challenging them that's not right and i think that's what has my question what's going on tom i mean i agree with christine and like i definitely here we are coming from i'm someone who believes that you don't have to just punch up i think that people blaming stephen colbert for you know and satirical news for the reason that like trump got elected that's obviously ridiculous i do believe in free speech but all speech actually isn't created equal unfortunately we don't live in a petri dish of life and politics and economics unfortunately the president's words
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have way more meaning and when. it says was it soros i don't know people say soros is paying for migrants to come across the border who knows likely that actually matters more than my little you tube channel saying that you know. like you know bait is the caviar like whatever there is so like i think that in theory just like libertarianism it's all good but in practice you get the koch brothers but it didn't but in practice donald trump is in the white house i mean and on the trail to the white house it seemed impossible when he came up with those those awful remarks you know. makes considering you know all of that sort of stuff where you could i mean there were assholes absolutely absolutely and you go how can he possibly win the white house now and he did so there is a problem here there is that we have somehow donald trump we bred donald trump into
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that white house which perhaps twenty twenty five years ago when political discourse was perhaps a little bit more i mean look at where political discourse is you the left think everyone on the right is an all right nazi and everyone on the right things and from the left is a communist no fly mean that there is a discourse and imo that there isn't really a school but it's just talk attack attack i don't i mean we're here to talk about satire and comedy and i will say we need it to survive authoritarianism we need tom's work we need christina's work hopefully we need my work if we don't have political satire we won't get through this if we don't all and i think on the left and the right take ourselves less seriously while also pointing out the just brings in her pocket of the people in power and by by making fun of them an absurdist ways and smart ways in whatever ways we want to and we're not going to survive so in
11:41 pm
some ways it's more critical than ever and the field is way more crowded. but i always say listen. it's hard to be a political comedy writer in twenty eight hundred because immigrants are not stealing our jobs the president is right on your point about. the performance art. scene that you are you there but i want to bring in our community here because they had so much to say on this topic and on that point you're making about how this can survive i want to bring in this from giordano nonny he's the writer and creator of something called juicy media and he writes it produces a series called honest government ads he impersonates the government and he makes ads about issues with the difference being that they are honest here he is. i think it's you know one of the reasons i created this series on the government is because a lot of the problems that we face today come from our government these are the leaders that we put in place to act and. take action on things from climate change
11:42 pm
to corruption to closing of types of loopholes all the sort of stuff but they don't the people most of the part i'm not anti government person per se i want to see on this government so the series is as much of sound as a wish for you christine i'm wondering what your take on that is especially because you are running for office well i'm running and then i am going to run and what i'm finding in this process is is is as much as you think it's as easy as like just run for dogcatcher it is very expensive to run a campaign and just to file in california you need to pay three percent of the first year's salary to run for governor that's about three thousand five hundred dollars so even if i'm running as a performance art piece that's a significant amount of money and then like someone like gavin newsom i think raise about fifty million dollars up to now so this is not something i can pull off and
11:43 pm
to get that money you got to get a lot of but and it's a very tricky dance that i'm learning just in trying to navigate what am i going to run for how will i do this without getting a sudden stroke at whole foods collecting signatures and you know like dirt and it's again i said i had to national audience gavin newsome is a very well known politician from california please continue. yeah so it's so so i get it's very tricky to figure out how to get indorsements and having to say the right thing to a union or association of nurses it's it's such a weird game. of building this army and that you can't just have this opinion as an artist anymore so a lot of this is me trying to negotiate what i used to believe in as an artist seeing how does it apply to me corteen backers and it's very tricky i mean it's interesting a lot of people often say to me that one i find it really weird when they say oh
11:44 pm
you green with everything jonathan pony says you go well then you're mad but. will you run for office complete run for point five pm and sometimes they're not joking and you go i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't have a clue what to and i would have no desire to do it you know sometimes all satire is to me and i totally understand what you're trying to treat the sun so to me is just about looking at something from a different angle you know shining a mirror on something when you get things wrong to use hyperbole you go over the top the idea of running for office called emotion and then we're off to. yeah it's a nightmare but it's the only way i could figure out how to address that because it would take to even by the time i would get to a stage to address what happened that day twitter got to the point but seriously about. doing it to just yes for all because you know what i mean by that is you doing it to see what it's like to run for office. yeah yeah i mean i would like to run to win and it's
11:45 pm
a process of learning how this works i mean i could be like the thousands of people who run as a joke or just to see their name on a ballot but i but i'm going to run as a performance artist i will bring my crazy paraphernalia with me wherever i speak i will. do you have a political agenda. i do i'm also testing out stump speeches made tender right now is just a finish sewing the set and to get people to show up at my rallies christine and many times when my money best tomorrow. i was not tomorrow i'm not on the ballot tomorrow but i'm thinking that if everyone who listens in california writes me and is governor i can. be a surprise winner yes. let me just share with you some of francesca not francesca's what we sent scenes from texas where some of christina's work because i'm wondering on the any topics political slant on that or two to boot to tackle and there's something going to you tube channel that just jumped out at me it's running. so we
11:46 pm
are now going to christina's radical crime school have a look have a listen hello young comrades. i'm going to show picture this is my way of figuring out if you've been tainted by the patriarchy. let's show you who do you think it is this is me me me me why there's just like this thing about weight people that just makes me in your life they're right there for all that i don't like walking into the pool and they just give me a desk and i'm just like so this guy was in the pool. with the moon walk out and look at this guy or a bad guy. do we think this is make a guess oh i don't know will do or who is he married to. guess.
11:47 pm
what we don't. really know about him as. president. current christina i think there's somebody in political saturates writing there but here's a question i. guess anything gets too touchy too sensitive to make fun of to make a political joke about running out of first. oh alas i want to begin to go the kids in that series this is this is more shot like a documentary of that day of need seeing if we could cram school is a nickname for a tutoring center an asian american community they get the because you're a little like cramming all these subjects and so we thought what if we could cram them with social education in a day. and so. we're not we didn't put any of those reactions in their mouths and a lot of people like your indoctrinating the kids or us we created it because we
11:48 pm
felt like how do we teach kids to deal with the. rhetoric floating around now in the trump era and it's not too young because two of our producers will parents of one of the kids and actually suggested that we do it because they live in ohio where she's one of the few asian girls there and. understanding that people are looking at her weird and she said see how things have changed in a sense the election. i was i'll jump in and say that i mean i think you get doing online content you get a lot of responses i'm sure you guys both know and of course one of the biggest i think the biggest moment of this year in terms of political satire was michelle wolf's white house correspondent yeah speed right and her entire her monologue where she made fun of sarah huckabee sanders. but then you know her makeup right said she will burn lies or burn the truth and then use the like the ash to make a perfect smoky of course the media went absolutely insane and
11:49 pm
a little bit to tom's point about kind of the oversensitivity that and i don't i don't again it's one strand of and in this case it was actually much of mainstream media and liberal media that was like you've gone too far and i would actually say that a lot of mainstream media and specifically liberal media only says you've gone too far when you make fun of all women on the right making fun of women on the right is absolutely a no go zone so right wingers get to go crazy where you can say what hillary clinton ate five babies this morning as she wed her lizard tale like that's a perfectly normal sentence. but if you. like that sentence usually if you listen and it's got great i just say it's only a point of view that i want to weigh in here because our community is doing that so this is the gamer who's writing on you tube live the ability to humiliate the politicians is what makes political satire effective not sure you all would agree
11:50 pm
with that but that's one person's view so in talking about the role and the responsibility that saturates have monster bronnie famed comedian writes in the role of satire is to expose apocryphally and make fun of those in charge when they deserve being made fun of ricky gervais' has another thought on that he says it's only responsibility is not to break the law and cause actual harm the same as anyone and anything else in ideal world. told me that the question was can you go too far as the subject and the simple answer is no i mean number one phone records of. course often says it happens all the time that we mistake the subject of a joke for the target of the joke and that is is often a mistake so i did and the things should be should be out of bounds. yes i accompanied the times phone this fast we have less than one minute left for you to tell us where you are appearing next tom. i'm appearing to.
11:51 pm
have something that's written washington account of what it's called seven to nine in this ticket still available for both christina. i'm doing a show with undocumented immigrants at the dream resource center near macarthur park it's free it's at seven o'clock. i love we have working altis on the show for . the night at the punch line in san francisco pre-election show and also november fifteenth. francesca christine thank you so much for sharing your thoughts your insights on political satire good to have here now before we go we want to leave you with a sneak peek of a new doc from our colleagues at witness takes us into the world of former refugee and current fashion model holly made in i travel to her home state of minnesota on friday for a screening and a discussion of the film that's now streaming at al-jazeera dot com. for a girl who was once a refugee she's now. struck the one way i'm looking for
11:52 pm
a job this cannot be my life. i have never really put into anyone or in group. i've heard it all like you're not a long enough you're not a good most you're not american and. if i had good i was so good. but. i. heard oh god that's really i'm. just going out but i'm just. not in both the days when the world wants to be like one thing or the other. and i think that in all like all groups somebody has to go out and be the first.
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this is al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here down to zero interest in doha on is but on the welcome to the news quiz so the lake's from to. more about the murder of saudi journalist. and the lengths that has come as what to cover it up sources also say that saudi arabia is willing to pay blood money to kushal g.'s family when live in istanbul and ankara to find out what this means. deliver their verdict on donald trump's first two years in office when the white house the u.s. president has enjoyed a largely free hand from a congress controlled by his republican party but that could all change if the democrats get their much harder mood wave in these midterm elections we have reporters in key states and a live panel discussion about the issues that have dominated the contentious
11:56 pm
campaign. and a record number of women are running for office across the united states i mean they're still looking at what's behind what many are calling europe the woman part two. and we're gaining rare access to a remote corner of china where via its groups a ethnic muslim break is being locked up on bass and read to cation camps that and other alleged abuses have dominated a u.n. view of chinese she didn't want to speculate what it means want to exile he says he has no idea if his wife and daughter are safe. here with a news group live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com now ever since the murder of sal the journalist jamal kushal ji there has been a slow but steady drip of information tony pieces of the puzzle which on helping us understand what happened after he went into the cell the consulate in istanbul and
11:57 pm
who may be responsible now to our sources have told al jazeera the saudi arabia is willing to pay blood money or compensation took a short g.'s family they have also told us that cia director gina haskell has seen all of the evidence gathered by tookie evidence which suggests that the murder was ordered by the highest levels of saudis government. is joining us now from outside the consulate and istanbul's the two new key pieces of information that we've got today talk us through the two issues that the saudis are willing to pay what compensation. yes elizabeth crucial developments that can help us piece together. what happened to a mile high city and the diplomatic flurry that followed to try to find out exactly
11:58 pm
what happened now turkish officials telling us is that the sandy chief prosecutor. when he was here in istanbul here has said that his government is willing to pay compensation for the family of jamal khashoggi as well as his fiance had leisure jenkins but when he was asked many times by his turkish counterpart if. about the whereabouts of the remains of about custody his answer was basically i'm sorry i don't have any knowledge about the whereabouts of the remains and they're also saying that when cia director general hospital was here she was given almost all the crucial evidence that the turkish government have and that some of those if it is indicates that the killing of the mile high city comes from the highest levels of the saudi government the according to the sources the there were three teams involved in the killing of some of the. surveillance team one of the by
11:59 pm
their death squads and then the clean up squad that came later with a single target which is basically to trying to. pave the way for a cover up and this explains why the turkish authorities have been speaking speaking over the last few days about the possibility that the body of is about to may have been immersed in it after it was this man in a push by the. those who killed him to destroy any trace that would lead the turkish investigators to the whereabouts of his remains today also the daily newspaper was talking about. a member of the death squad who is trying to come out of the building where you can see behind most of this are the consulate in istanbul and tempeh with one of the turkish government security cameras place outside the building and there the turkish investigators managed to retrieve data from that camera before it was tampered with i think that footage was the moment jamal went
12:00 am
into the building it was so crucial for the turkish government and the investigators to the point that it forced the saudi government later to shift its narrative from absolute denial of the killing was a man has a peek into admitting that he went into the consulate something terribly wrong went and then he was killed by later they also said it was a premeditated killing so the pattern of the steady drip of leaks is quite obvious what it political reason which is to put further political pressure on the saudi government to say who gave the order to give develop and their whereabouts because as you know elizabeth the turkish investigators will have to struggle with the fact of the end of the day which is if they don't have any remains of the body they wouldn't be able to come up with any official indictment to prosecute those culprits responsible for the killing of democracy question thank you very much for that for now the discussion about a live istanbul in.


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