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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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zero. where every. americans have been voting in the us midterm elections the results will determine who runs congress and define president donald trump's remaining term in office. i'm gonna tell you this is al jazeera live from london also coming up check your sources tell our jazeera saudi arabia is willing to pay blood money to jamal khashoggi family and fiance. china's treatment of its we get muslim minority at its vocational training centers comes under the spotlight in geneva we have
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a special report from the province. and vying for the top job the women in madagascar trying to break barriers in the presidential election. and americans are voting in nationwide elections that will determine the balance of power in the u.s. congress and shape the future of donald trump's presidency early numbers indicate the turnout might be the highest in at least a generation with record numbers casting early vote election is seen as a referendum on trump's leadership one hundred reports from indianapolis. perhaps the most significant u.s. midterm election in recent history is under way this is the single most important off year election in my lifetime and i really think it's more than just about a specific issues think it's about the character of the country. donald trump is
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not on the ballot but it's shaping up as a referendum on his presidency the stakes are too high it has never mattered more if we want to check and balance on the administration the only way to do it is by changing the congress this is everybody's opportunity to do exactly that and take their country back here in indiana and in the midwestern state of missouri president made final stops targeting endangered democrats in hopes of keeping republicans in charge of the u.s. senate he has control of the house where a wave of liberal voters is expected to put democrats in control if democrats gain power on tuesday one of their very first projects will be a socialist takeover of american health care you know what's happening and your taxes are going to triple maybe quadruple you're not going to be happy i know you well in republican leaning texas democrat within striking distance of unseating republican senator ted cruz cast his vote in the midwestern states of illinois
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wisconsin and michigan polls show the states with incumbent republican governors all leaning slightly toward democrats in georgia where stacy abrams is challenging republican camp in hopes of becoming the nation's first african-american woman governor election watchers predict a race so close it will go to a december fourth runoff as critics accuse camp of leading a purge of minority voters there yes as voters cast their ballots the president suggested he might now take a more moderate approach i would say tone i would like to have a much softer tone i feel to a certain extent i have no choice but maybe i do and maybe. could have been softer from that standpoint with hours to go before polls close in who will control congress becomes clearer i do feel like the stream negativeness some of the things that said the ads about me just like. not tethered to reality have turned some people off i've heard that that channel in his been largely absent on the campaign
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trail. which one hundred joins us live now from indianapolis times lost to campaign stops were in the midwest including indiana what's the importance of the region to him. that's right these are the states that would normally go republican and you've got indiana and missouri two of the states where trump made his last two stops and there's good reason for that he's going for what he considers the low hanging fruit he really wants the senate to remain a republican and there are three states in the midwest that have democratic senators probably in the states one of them is heidi i can't oh she is in north dakota she is in serious trouble according to the polls and then in missouri you have claire mccaskill which also facing the probably the race for her life and then you've got joe donnelly here in haiti and he is a democrat very centrist democrat you know he's voted with trump about sixty two
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percent of the time because he is also speaking for his constituency in a truncated here just yesterday in order to try to boost the campaign of his opponent mike braun to go all the polls suggest this is going to be a really tight race but i just talked to the communications secretary for show donnelly and he says in urban areas places like bloomington indiana and the chicago suburbs in indiana he says they've had extraordinarily high turnout in some cases higher turnout than in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election which is unusual in a midterm election and they believe that means more democrats are coming out they believe that will help them but this is just one of the seats that each side needs in order to control the senate and the math simply isn't with the democrats on this there are thirty five senate seats up for election twenty six of them are democrats are held by democrats right now and nine are held by republicans for the republicans just have many more targets joe donnelly will be here in
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a matter of minutes and teachers doesn't want to be one of those detail hendren thank you very much indeed that's going to have to now to an official who's outside capitol hill allan on a nationwide picture what are the polls suggest is going to happen. well we are seeing record early voting we're seeing tonneau that is very high indeed probably going to eclipse the last midterms if you look at the latest polls that have come out there suggesting that the democrats to be twenty three seats in the house to take back control are going to do that they're going to do it by taking around thirty seats according to some polls or if you believe the more optimistic ones anything up to forty five which would be an actual blue wave in the senate as john was saying it's much harder for the democrats to have any real success there and the poor suggest that the republicans may well get a net gain of one there's an independent senator the net gain of one and in the governorships while they're expecting that of all the seats that are up for grabs
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across the country that the democrats are going to do incredibly well no if you go back to two thousand and ten the election there a lot of the host districts were changed they were redistricting the bone druce were changed some would say they were gerrymandered to create what many people thought would be an ongoing republican majority so if there is a blue we've this will really change the face of politics in the united states will get the first indication of whether or not this blue wave is materializing when the polls close and some is called states in the next couple of hours a couple of places we're looking at pennsylvania and also looking at virginia one key seat could well be barbara comstock who is a republican congresswoman she's won three times or or she's in northern virginia she has been branded barbara trump stalked by her opponent jennifer works than if jennifer works then wins that seat which has been in the republican hands quite easily for the last three elections that could give us an indication that in the
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house at least it's going to be a very bad night for the republicans and democrats do win the house how much trouble does it really mean for donald trump. well it immediately increases the oversight of the white house there will be people calling for inquiries not least than to allege russian collusion in the twenty sixteen campaign they'll be looking at donald trump's links to businessmen you'll hear the i'm all humans clause is the president benefiting from links with foreign governments that is going to come up as well and just on the most basic level remember during the election campaign donald trump was asked to produce your tax returns and he said he wasn't going to do it well if the democrats win the next chairman of the ways and means committee can ask the i.r.s. for anyone's types of time so they could get donald donald trump's tax returns within days of taking control of the committee this is going to put donald trump in a bit of legal jeopardy that is why he has been fighting so hard to try and make
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sure that the house stays in the hands of the republicans but as john was saying he seems to have given up that idea over the last few days and is concentrating mainly on the senate and that is why we're hearing from donald trump saying well i might change my tauren well you might have to because the democrats could be in for a very good night if those polls are to build believed and if they are and if it's true this would be a huge rejection of trump ism across the united states and fisher thank you very much. there's been major developments from turkey on the matter of saudi journalist. sources have told al jazeera that saudi arabia is willing to pay blood money to the family of including his fiance t.j. is. following developments from istanbul. more than a month since he was killed. body has yet to be found and there are more
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questions about his murder but turkish authorities have increased the pressure on the saudi government by slowly leaking vital information according to turkish sources cia director general hospital was briefed on the murder and had access to crucial evidence suggesting the order came from the highest levels of the saudi government riyadh insists no member of the ruling royal family had a role in hotshot is death. but during his visit to istanbul last month sandy chief prosecutor. reportedly told turkish authorities that the king was willing to pay blood money to hush up his family and fiance he also said he had no idea about the whereabouts of the slain journalist body. and as the investigation
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continues turkey's foreign minister. says his country has more information wants to give a name and nobody can stop him to do that so we emphasize in the article that the instruction didn't come from king solomon but it is also those fifteen people. didn't come to stumble to murder. themselves so they got instructions from somebody so we have to find out who these instructions this is the. simple question that we have put according to the turkish daily newspaper staff of assad a consulate try to tamper with security camera outside the consulate but turkish police managed to retrieve the footage providing the now famous image of hotshots
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you walking into the building on the day he was killed and we're finding out more about the teams that were sent to turkey from saudi arabia al-jazeera learned from its source there were three teams involved in the killing of. a surveillance team the death squads and the cleanup team sent later to cover up the murder for turkish officials this confirms their belief the case was premeditated and ordered by someone senior in the saudi government. is the board. meanwhile the saudi king has embarked on his first tour of the country since succeeding to train three years ago saudi state media showed images of king solomon. where he was said to be launching health education and infrastructure projects international observers say the tour is likely to be designed to project confidence as criticism of the kingdom outside of the major jamal khashoggi. still to come on al-jazeera
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a grim discovery in areas formerly controlled by i saw in iraq hundreds of mass graves containing thousands of bodies. in the red cross a warning over food insecurity one year after the saudi led coalition imposed its blockade on yemen. and on the melbourne cup was a bit of a wet one heavy running you can see why it is a cloud running certain facts been a very active spring so far and of course you could get a cold front and which means the weather when it goes through city will drop the tempest some degree voted gone down from thirty to twenty three which is the forecast for wednesday the rain still somewhere between sydney and melbourne probably across a city as well with some good shower stretching right into the middle of australia other size doesn't quite this enjoying twenty sunny degrees at the moment i would
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down to eighteen is the front and it will be a thundery one runs through on says he leaving melbourne and adelaide at seventeen but in the sunshine now this is active which means you follow the line across the tasman sea to new zealand is a lot of rain to come into the forecast about is quite tremendous i know new zealand's a wet place but two or three hundred millimeters in south island is the full cost now about this as a lot in anybody's book to be honest then effects to south of as far as christ church prices in north island but be clouded by them but generally far in. now we're running north. to from. there is. for the korean peninsula to japan but not much will actually reach. krissy in cambodia. education and treatment. on. very
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early you know disability yet wait until three year old or year more people have this ability. of this and in no way for the next generation of antibiotics to just be at the bottom of the ocean. as it. revisited. of the top stories. americans are voting in nationwide elections that will determine the balance of power in the u.s. congress and shape the future of donald trump's presidency. sources have told us.
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to pay blood money to the family. including his fiance. was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul more than a month ago. or now in the u.s. midterms let's go to washington d.c. and speak to a columnist at the u.s. news website the daily beast thanks very much for being with us pretty exciting election this one isn't it what's your forecast if you give one for that for how this is going to turn out. well it appears that the democrats are poised to take back the majority control of the house of representatives and the democrats also seem to be well positioned to win a number of critical governorships and states that are key to the twenty twenty lection we're already thinking about that florida michigan illinois ohio and and. wisconsin. and the senate appears to be out of
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reach and president trump has really doubled down on his support for republicans running in a number of states that he won handily two years ago so the republicans are running hard to keep control but it does look like the democrats are going to get back some modicum of power and i think it's an important check on on this president in these midterms are typically a referendum on the party in power and so the losses that this president is likely to suffer are are not that unusual but they are critical in terms of the way as conduct of his presidency in the uneasy has created about some of his authoritarian ways you know not i mean he's talked just in the last day or so about the fact that he might change his tone or might need to change don't you think that's likely you think if there is a democrat victory the house of representatives that might change. well
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the democratic likely speaker nancy pelosi has said she wants to look at campaign and ethics reform and high cost of prescription drugs and in much needed infrastructure those are three areas that republicans should support and so the president if if his party does take some losses he'll be looking at how it affects his own reelection in two years and so he may be willing to adjust and work with the democrats this is a president without any really fixed ideology but he sure can tone it up as he would put it i mean the rhetoric he has used in recent days has really been overtly racist and has made a lot of people uncomfortable and he's saying well maybe he could be softer and he could tone it down well i think the democrats would be ready to work for him if he's with him if he's if he's willing to do that but you can't really take anything
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donald trump says and count on it for more than a few minutes one that has been interesting is that is the turnout seems to be or appears to be high this time and the youth vote seems to really being galvanized how big a change is that for these kind of election is minute. well the midterms typically it's a smaller turnout tends to be older whiter and more republican and so i think this time we're seeing lots of different people show up and in the last midterms in twenty forty eight only one out of five millennialist young people showed up and now the forecast is that one out of three will show up and it could be even more than that and if you you know up the percentages of these critical groups you could change the outcome of an election and so i think americans after the election two years ago there was a lot of complacency there was a feeling that hillary clinton was the inevitable winner people didn't vote now i
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think people more people at least realize the importance of the vote whoever you vote for it's important to get out there and do it and this this election has been hyped and fairly so i think so that it's become an exciting evening and you know young people like something that's exciting i don't want just a boring old election so we've got a nice exciting election that looks like the turnout could be really hard and in a cliff thank you very much indeed thank you china's alleged abuse against its weekend muslim minority is under the spotlight in geneva the un human rights council is conducting its periodic review of the chinese government's human rights record beijing has been accused of mass to tension and discrimination against weak and muslims agent brown has been allowed rare access to change on province and said this report. there are few more difficult places for foreign
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journalists to report from in china than shinji especially in. the provinces vast security and surveillance network is in overdrive as international criticism mounts over china's internment programme for ethnic muslim we goes and other groups officially chinese government officials insist they're providing free vocational training for those deemed vulnerable to islamic extremism. the way but exiled leader activists say these centers are nothing less than reeducation camps were up to a million men and women are being held indefinitely without charge and chinese government is doing that with the international repercussions so i believe that china would accelerate its stat to wipe out the whole we were a nation if the world wouldn't be stronger
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harsher and china tire here a minute believes he'd be in a camp if he returned to shin jang he says a chinese state security agent tried to persuade him to go back after he moved to israel to study early last year leaving his wife and daughter behind in shin jang. the agent also a week telephoned him repeatedly wanting details of a man's contacts in israel sometimes the calls were taunting should you get that gives you that didn't give you your daughter won't turn out to be a scum like you says a voice she'll be useful to the communist party. leader the implication was clear her fate was in their hands he said that one day you will need support. one day you will need assistance from the chinese government if
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you go back to your homeland your family members your wives your daughter still are in her and she before him in left china he lived here a room she the provincial capital of shin jang he used to call his daughter all the time but in february she told him don't call me or my mother again her last words to her father with these you're a bad person. with so many people missing in shin jang including his brother and sister the min is not sure if his wife and daughter are safe he also doesn't know for sure if they're still in a room she his wife divorced him just after he moved to the united states but he understands why marriage to him he says has made her a marked woman adrian brown al jazeera interim chief pull brennan has this update
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from geneva. juz day has been the day for china's human rights records to be examined by the united nations and the list of international concerns is known for example if i could there's no independent human rights institution the restrictions on journalists and n.g.o.s the prevalence of corruption the treatment and the lack of protection for children about sympathy for these protests at least the plight of the we've got ethnic minority on september fifth oh i was one of the panelist speakers at the hot sun and i think you're one of the think tanks in washington d.c. and i talk about the concentration camps and the condition and the china as crime against humanity six days later my sister and the mike and they were he came by the chinese government china for its part said it strongly supports
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human rights so long as those human rights have chinese characteristics and are seen through the prism of what it called the national condition but that perspective was not universally shared by the rest of the members of the international community c.e.o. cheney the chinese government protected citizens freedom of religious belief of ministers religious affairs in accordance with the law and fosters an active and healthy religious relation the we protect the rights of ethnic minorities in accordance with the law germany recommends one and all unlawful detention including unconstitutional mass attention of your girls and other muslims and seen young and residential serving inside a designated location to respect the rights of freedom of religion and belief that opinion and expression peaceful assembly and culture also for two bit chins you girls and other minorities as the international diplomats leave the united nations and passed by this protest it's an open question as to whether they will see the faces of these missing going to disappeared weakest but the sound and the noise and
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the sentiments of this protest will certainly be felt in. the building across the road. on two hundred mass graves containing thousands of bodies have been discovered in areas formerly controlled by are still in iraq the u.n. says it found the graves in the north and western governments of nineveh kirkuk sello dean and anbar smallest graves contained eight bodies or the largest is believed to be the house far sinkhole south of mosul where an estimated four thousand bodies are still controlled large areas of iraq between june twenty fourth and the end of twenty seventeen it's been a year since the saudi led coalition imposed a blockade on yemen's airports seaports and land borders the port city of her data is a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid that does manage to get into the country but the international committee of the red cross says it's becoming increasingly difficult to get in the military operations around make the situation
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even more complicated i just received today reports from my colleagues in the fuel to try to respond together with the few other organization which managed to stay in her data but we are running far below capacity of what we should be able to do in madagascar many are hoping to see more women elected to power when voters go to the polls on wednesday but just five of the thirty six presidential candidates are female and that sparked a debate on representation in the island's government from him in a report from antananarivo. funny sewer naive is running her presidential campaign from a headquarters in the capital antananarivo she's been a magistrate for almost ten years and is also a consultant on gender issues at the african union she's also a mother and brings her five month old daughter to work she says she does this to show people that they need to change their minds about what women can do. or not is
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just one of five women candidates competing against the two one men to be president . or women have for years stepped back from political power and so america as a society has become used to that but i work hard to promote women there are minimal i guess a proverb set a woman cackle like chicken they talk too much these ideas have to change. just seven percent of political parties in madagascar have women in leadership roles while madagascar's constitution does protect women there are no specific laws promoting gender equality the southern african development community had called on member states to get home for all government positions filled by women right twenty fifty madagascar didn't achieve that target before the country's last election a new law was proposed that with the equal representation of men and women in political leadership
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a male dominated senate rejected that bull. long after in the build up to this election the national council for malagasy women has been campaigning to get voters to support female candidates or candidates who advocate women's rights. are using radio and television to get their message that gender equality matters across to voters even then live have to use a male pop star to appeal to audiences reality call for couture of cold there are plenty of here i think and our own group lydia she pauses sure there are good naked. for example for. chief. not. according to the council some progress was made during madagascar's transitional government in two thousand and nine when a third of parliament was made up by women. but that has now dropped to less than
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a quarter we are stem will a woman become president really short. al-jazeera and tenon are evil. and a great monday catch up anytime with our website twenty on the us midterms of course al-jazeera dot com. or mine of the top stories rogers era americans are voting in nationwide elections that will determine the balance of power in the u.s. congress and shape the future donald trump's presidency the midterm elections come half way through trunks four years in office and being seen as a referendum on his leadership early numbers indicate the turnout might be the highest in at least a generation with record numbers casting early votes sources have told our jazeera saudi arabia is willing to pay blood money to the family of jamal his shoji
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including his fiance a teacher jenga is a journalist was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul more than a month ago i'm sure has more from istanbul than it's an acknowledgment of this government of wrongdoing because the way they do it is sad arabia with a basically a draw most of their laws from the sharia law the islamic sharia law the moment you can knowledge that you have. killed an innocent person one of the way out of this is to pay compensation to the his to his family. to his loved ones and to this case the chief prosecutor so the knowledgeable who was inside when here last month he told his. turkish counterpart in front of the investigators the saudi arabia was willing to pay. blood money. china's alleged abuse against its weak muslim minorities under the spotlight in geneva by
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the un human rights council is conducting a periodic review of the chinese government beijing has been accused of mass detention and discrimination against we give muslims the china rejected the allegations calling them politically driven more than two hundred mass graves containing thousands of bodies have been discovered in areas formerly controlled by isolate iraq the u.n. says it found the graves in the north and western governorates of nineveh kirkuk so dean and bar the smallest grave contained eight bodies where the largest is believed to be the house for sinkhole south of mosul where the estimated four thousand bodies are still controlled large areas of iraq between june twenty fourth teen and the end of twenty seventeen there's a top stories do stay with us because there are a cure revisited does coming up next season by. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global trumpet ministration have been insisting towards the saudis and other oil
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producers that they want to have more production to cool down the price we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. i. have been trained to defend the text for the touch of the skin lightly in the patient it just reports of a defeat. so in some way.


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