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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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things have breaking in stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these three voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most see is the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. now democrats and republicans are devoutly storing the constitution jackson valances to the trump. democrats gain control of the u.s. house of representatives in the crucial midterm elections. is that texas. the way to bring this country together republicans maintain their hold on power in
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the senate. and richelle carey this life and also coming up. the murder was ordered by the highest levels of the saudi government. letters in madagascar go to the polls to elect a new president. the democrats have russell back control of the house of representatives and a blow to u.s. president donald trump it is one of the most closely watched midterm elections in u.s. history and widely seen as a referendum on trump's presidency so far u.s. voters have chosen a much more diverse group of politicians more women first time candidates and the first native american woman in the house the house is the lower chamber of congress control of that body enables democrats to block trump's agenda democrats have met
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the threshold for control of the house with two hundred twenty three seats the republicans have lost twenty six seats and they're down to one hundred twenty three at the republicans have managed to gain ground in the senate that is the upper chamber of congress two of the most competitive races were in texas where ted cruz kept his seat and missouri where longtime democratic senator claire mccaskill lost her seat only thirty five are actually up for grabs republicans have managed to gain two seats and are now at fifty one with democrats winning forty six now a record turnout american voters have made their choice also. races are still undecided the most important outcome of the midterm election has become clear a split decision republicans hold the senate that had lost the house of representatives and what seen as a rebuke president trump robert oulds reports. the voters have spoken democrats will control the u.s. house of representatives thank you all for making the future that are already here and thank you. for
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a share some of the string of democratic victories began in suburban virginia where democrat jennifer webster and prevailed one of many women to claim victory you still have a lot of work to do you want to thank you wait till tomorrow deliver. as had been widely predicted republicans retain control of the senate in the high profile texas senate race incumbent republican ted cruz narrowly defeated his democratic opponent representative beto roark this was an election about hope and about the future and the people of texas rendered a verdict that we want to future with more jumps and more security and more freedom . the takeover of the house is a rebuke to president donald trump who held dozens of rallies and explicitly made the mid terms into a referendum on his leadership he campaigned furiously in the final days
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relentlessly stoking fear of a column of bedraggled migrants slowly making their way through mexico to the us border if you want more caravans if you want more crime vote democrat tomorrow that may actually have hurt republican incumbents in more moderate suburban house districts because exit polling showed the most important issue to most voters was health care democrats campaigned heavily on preserving and shoring up the affordable care act turnout was extremely high for a midterm election long lines formed in states from coast to coast often extending blocks from polling stations in some places people waited for hours to cast their votes once they take office in january house democrats will certainly launch a series of investigations into trump has ties with russia his family's business
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dealings his taxes and other issues cabinet members and heads of federal agencies will likely be grilled about alleged ethical lapses the political dynamics in washington shifting under the president's feet robert oulds al-jazeera washington. following the midterms for us and joins us from washington d.c. so the republicans can find that trail lot of things the democrats can find victory and a lot of things so what does that mean what happens al. i think actually on a on a rather shallow level i think a lot of political on this the rather relieved because of the twenty sixty and there was a real lack of confidence in that projections things actually seem to have gone pretty much as we expected they would as a result we kind of know what's going to happen next because the white house already released the strategy or yes we heard from insiders in the white as over the last few days as to what they would do they would talk up the republican gains in the senate don't trouble already tweeting about how rare it is for incumbent to
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gain seats in the senate it's interesting lee donald trump did cool nancy pelosi and the power there was much talk of bipartisanship particularly on infrastructure that was interesting because earlier in the evening sarah sounded stole trump's press secretary had said that it was very unlikely he would go because partly because nancy pelosi isn't isn't very popular amongst the progressive wing of the party so it's not actually a foregone conclusion that she will be the next speaker of the house in january that's another interesting thing to there these are good results for the democrats in the house of representatives there might be a bit of a civil war that's already we've seen a low level civil war so the direction of the democrats in the coming congress that might become even more apparent firstly whether she becomes very good in a speaker but secondly there's that sense amongst many of the progressive candidates many of whom one number a number of seats over the last several hours as to whether it could be business as usual for the democrats or they should be far more aggressive have much wolf
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progressive message for the american people that will then take them into the twenty twenty election so that should be interesting as well that there is little celebrations on the democratic side that maybe some time oh turmoil that but in in the meantime the new congress doesn't sit until saturday i've been told to until january or other and then when that happens when that happens as rob reynolds suggested this would be able hostile environment a more hostile environment for donald trump however there is some comfort to be taken from how the republican party has solidified. in rural areas are in the senate and some go for the ships and governorships or perhaps we'll be hearing a lot about bombs from the white house in the coming hours as well and truly it donald trump campaigned in florida and that may have made the difference in the governor's race there which has been there a winner has been declared georgia still hasn't been declared but he campaigned there as well but the governorship in nevada and a few other states has actually gone to democrats and the democratic senator dean
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heller also lost and of at a so it does seem to be a split decision that if this were a referendum on donald trump. right michigan wisconsin pennsylvania nevada these are worrying places now for donald trump because so you win those governor's races this will affect redistricting as we head into twenty twenty but these are key to doldrums the doldrums of victory in the presidential elections are there will be some concern some concern that you know there's some other interesting statistics i'm just looking at some of the. information about white women white women in the u.s. with key to doldrums victory in the presidential election and we have a lot about diversity in the in these congressional elections how they're going to a record number of women how the record number of diverse ethnicities in congress and so on however look at the statistics of texas for example better rip ted cruz straight for the senate fifty nine percent of white women in texas voted for ted cruz ted cruz a staunch opponent of reproductive rights storm actually in the old from camps to
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the immigrant but white women continued use of support will trump in big numbers in really key battleground states georgia you mentioned seventy six percent of what we've been voted for for kemp the governor the republican governor count the governor all but a total count of the fifty one percent for the scientists white women seem to be this weird well if i will for the little trump in some of these some of these areas very much the same so in a lot of the states that you mentioned in particular texas the disparity between white women and women of color is huge there were there were single digits support for when it comes to black women i think it is maybe in the teens for latino women so yes there's definitely women are not a monolith by any stretch and i think that that election this election actually said it's not like the five percent of ninety five percent of black women voted for a rule against against cruz that which is interesting ninety seven percent voted for stacy abrams in georgia for governor eighty two percent of black women voted for him in florida for the governorship so when we talk about diversity when we
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when we start looking through some of these interesting interesting statistics it is a really fascinating fascinating picture of america that we see so look at as we look ahead to twenty twenty which i think internationally especially that is what we're doing there all these little anomalies which are very interesting to try and mull over and everybody will be drilling down on those for sure thank you very much from washington. in your present trance signature foreign policies are still in development and the outcome of these elections could have an impact on how you proceed on the international stage and if america. the world is watching these elections very closely and they'll be watching in iran there were fresh sanctions in the last twenty four hours most of those that were lifted under the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and now firmly back in place iran's already suffering a great deal of economic damage it's going to get worse they'll need now to make a political decision in tehran and in part it will depend on these elections perhaps they'll get an early indication if trump is going to be a one term or
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a two term president and whether they can wait him out the investigation into the death of jamal khashoggi may also be affected by the elections saudi arabia's not cooperating on handing over the suspects or on helping to find the journalists body so they could now be are the legal steps if turkey requests it that could perhaps even be an international u.n. led investigation in congress watch for efforts to take action against saudi arabia under the magnitsky act or the possibility of new congressional investigations next yemen with saudi arabia under pressure look for congress to take renewed interest in the devastating war there's already a new push for a ceasefire by the trumpet ministration and i can tell you at the u.n. in new york the u.k. is starting efforts to drop a security council resolution on the cease fire the plan is all of this would lead to peace talks in sweden at the end of the month highly awaited too is the trump administration's middle east peace plan the u.n.
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has recently been warning of fresh conflict particularly in gaza but the palestinians have already written off the still to be unveiled plan being devised by trump's son in law jared cushion and i'm also hearing whispers that the international criminal court may soon make a ruling on whether to pursue investigations into israeli actions in syria there could be a final military push by the. regime and its russian allies efforts by the u.n. to get talks going on a new constitution have been making very little progress as a new un special envoy pedersen from norway proposed to start work afghanistan is another key priority for the administration and for the new congress after seventeen years of war the taliban has been gaining ground on the battlefield there's a new effort by the u.s. to talk to the taliban being led by top diplomats. but there's very little immediate prospect of progress because of afghanistan's own political calendar with presidential elections due in april next year put gray is an assistant professor at
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texas a and m. university in the political science faculty here and qatari joins us live from the studio just a moment ago i was talking to our correspondent here baton say about how the women vote is by no means a monolith they're completely different but there's also been a significant amount of women that have run for congress and one also not a monolith it's not all democrat not all republican and different races but is there something about having more women in congress what do they bring to the table what are the issues that are important them is there anything that they all have in common are not necessarily especially going along the political divide. i'm not necessarily sure there may be some areas that the they have some sort of similarity in experience but in terms of how that might translate into policy at least they say judging from difference of say. save a democrat or
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a republican woman who'd be going chances are ideologically or politically it may inform and give a different sort of voice to some of the sort of concerns but probably not see as much in the way of commonalities i would think it's outside of hard you're right you know with. some of the numbers that she was finding out there it seems that. the support for from white women for donald trump has been fairly steady it's gone down a bit but still fairly high compared to other women those that surprise you considering the way he is he is demonstrably said things about women not necessarily i mean my suspicion is probably unfortunately that that women have had to get used to having rather ungentlemanly men working in politics on fortunately and in many ways while it's not right the kind of blow it off in a sense. just because you know he is such a mystic but then usually the response is yeah but there was also ted kennedy or
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bill clinton or people of this type that my suspicion is that but that kind of to me to movement changing any about those who are that was my one goal suspicion is not i mean in some ways i think cavanaugh. hearings actually provide kind of a good divide of where we would see some of these divisions so with me to movement the idea would be looking at kavanagh as an example of of someone speaking from within a credible accusation in terms of what he had done this would be support would be mobilizing. but for many of these other women what they're looking at this is they're saying this is being used for political purposes so they look at the the session and they at the hearings and they say to themselves it's more like a struggle session than a hearing in many ways while looking and saying there's all this attention here versus say someone like. ellison or and then some other individuals with accusations about sexual improprieties with women that the me too movement doesn't seem terribly interested for many of them they kind of categorized me to movement
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as just like black life matter or others groups that may have had a more broader base that effectively just shifted pretty much to the democratic field so. and up until now. the republicans rather how the white house and they had congress and even still with that campaigned on a very divisive message even when they controlled everything now that they're not going to control everything from january forward. what do you see that meaning for the climate and politics into space probably to get a lot more polarized to be honest especially given some of the seats of people who've been lost who have lost seats both democrat or republican side see many of those who lost seats or people who are more moderate so those who are left tend to be those who are still there to be much more hardcore in terms of their ideology whether democrat or republican moreover what i mean to speak is we might see some redux of what we saw after two thousand and ten so when the democrats had control
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of the house and controlled congress and the presidency and then it switches over. what will probably see is increased amounts investigations by the democrats now controlled house what we might see is we might see trump effectively kind of in some ways move in ministration direction of simply using executive orders the pen and phone to circumvent with all the kind of tensions that caused previously we'll probably see that again just much more acrimoniously. thank you very much for much . by their captors. hello there things are looking very very wet for some of us in the southern parts
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of thailand over the next twenty four hours all say so thanks to an area of low pressure that's gradually tracking its way towards the west and as it does so it's going to bring us some fresh downpours they could be around one hundred millimeters of rain in just three hours for some of us so there is likely to be some landslides here so this also south is also some very active weather expected in somalia as we head through into friday so particularly wet for us here for thailand of the west as the weather will eventually begin to move away for the south and we'll have just a handful of showers every part of java and into bali false trail where you can see the front that we've got with us it stretches all the way down towards the southeast eighty's bringing us some wet weather but also a cooler weather as well so soon they will only be getting to around nineteen by the time we get to says day for the west the temperatures are on the up force in perth where at twenty three on the day by the time we get to friday will be a role there are a warm twenty six degrees for new zealand is pretty stormy at the moment and also
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of heavy rain with us and that's going to stick around as we head through into says day as well the worst of it is likely to be west and where they could be up to three hundred millimeters of rain with a which is likely to give us some flooding and maybe landslides. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relies on education and treatment in equal measure on. the employee early you know disability yeah we'll be waiting until three year old for you to be able to have disability great used to it and didn't know wait for the next generation of antibiotics to meet just barely taking at the bottom of the ocean maybe list but you do know that. he will have revisited on al-jazeera.
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ruching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories this hour. party has maintained control of the senate democratic incumbents running and protract states have been defeated by the republicans out of their current one seat majority the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight years this means they will have the opportunity to block president agenda over the next two years and voter turnout has been much higher than normal and midterm elections and could be the highest in our generation anything waited in line for hours to cast their ballot. had a heinous spend discussing the impact from the midterm verdict on foreign policy earlier she was joined by bret ruin a former obama white house official and republican strategist franco. the midterm
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elections are usually all about foreign policy in two thousand and eighteen is really no exception but it is still a factor we've heard many voters say they are voting in order to put a check on u.s. president donald trump and that could have huge consequences for his foreign policy priorities so really take a look at that a little bit of a deeper dive joined right now by brett and he is the former director of global engagement under president barack obama so democrat and franco you're the forward visor the late senator john mccain so the republican have to be fair here a duffel first i want to talk to you about saudi arabia after the killing of jamal khashoggi there was universal bipartisan condemnation the president seemed to be the one dragging his feet for maybe put it that way dragging his feet a little bit and trying to sanction or point blame at the higher highest levels of the saudi government if democrats do take the house as is widely expected does that change the equation knowledge of how the president response to saudi arabia i don't think so and you absolutely right there has been bipartisan outrage to say the
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least but you know recently secretary pompei oh i think expressed the president's views and that is this is a serious serious matter and we will continue to press the saudis on it but not willing to risk the relationship with saudi arabia over this even horrific incident but you hit the nail on the head one chamber is likely to shift but the other chamber is and it takes two to really do anything effectively will be in republican hands in all likelihood in the senate so i don't think that will be much of a change and most importantly of all in the united states of course the conduct of foreign policy the actual conduct not the sort of the appropriation of course of money is in the hands of the president states and not the congress that has evolved that way i don't think the framers expected that to be the case but but let me ask you there's been a lot of reporting especially in the new york times that the treasury ministration has decided that they have to stay with mohammed been some on the crown prince but in exchange. for their support and in
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a way to try and exact some concessions from him they're going to try and force him to either and the war in yemen or the gulf crisis either do you think likely actually it goes beyond that in fact while i'm pay you and trump and me trying to sweep this under the rug and move on i don't know that the congress both sides of capitol hill the house and the senate are going to let saudi arabia off that easily we've also seen clearly how turkey is playing their hands very carefully and skillfully in this i think the consequences are going to go beyond just a slap on the wrist the other that i would point out is there's more agreement not only on saudi arabia but on world issues like russia even you know china on capitol hill and we've seen with the white house so foreign policy while it's traditionally been run by the administration may not continue to be so the thirty six races for
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governors in the u.s. will also affect how the president leads or is extraordinary voter turnout in several states including georgia stacy abrams a democrat has fought a tough battle against republican brian can she's hoping to become america's first black woman governor and it had to concede i'm here tonight to tell you votes remain to be counted there are voices that waiting to be heard across our state folks are opening up the dreams of voters in absentee ballots and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. but we cannot seize it until all voices are heard and i promise you tonight we're going to make sure that every vote is counted. i have. every vote. but her rival republican bryant has told voters that he expects to when that governorship in georgia. what an amazing night that we have had with incredible
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support in all four corners of our state there are votes left to be counted to count but we have a very strong lead and quote. unquote make no mistake the masters own arse to win this election. palestinian american rashida slave and somali american law omar become the first muslim woman elected to the u.s. congress michigan's thirteenth congressional district in a race and which she was the sole major party candidate omar who was forced to flee from civil war in somalia as a teenager one minnesota strongly democratic fifth congressional district after learning of her victory at slate had this message for her relatives in palestine. you. know you guys see i was young i was because i'm a small village you know what your little league was like five five years before
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you got me and i was courting that they're glued to the t.v. my grandmother my aunt my uncle from house and city was there watching there. was no you know i left i left the family in the thirteenth congressional district i'll let them every single game seems to like them as a problem else in the american. a group of students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday have been freed seventy eight high school students and their driver and teachers were taken by armed separatists from a presbyterian boarding school and ammend a priest involved in the negotiations says the fighters were still holding the school's principal and one teacher and then this and cameron's angle phone legion were separatists have been fighting to create an independent state. then just over
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a month with killed inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul still there is no body the new evidence continues to come to light has more from istanbul more than a month since he was killed. body has yet to be found and there are more questions about his murder but turkish authorities have increased the pressure on the saudi government by slowly leaking vital information according to turkish sources cia director general hospital was briefed on the murder and had access to crucial evidence suggesting the order came from the highest levels of the saudi government riyadh insists no member of the ruling royal family has a row in. but during his visit to istanbul last month sandy
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chief prosecutor. reportedly told turkish authorities that the king was willing to pay blood money to hush up his family and fiance he also said he had no idea about the whereabouts of the slain journalist body. and as the investigation continues turkey's foreign minister. says his country has more information wants to give a name and nobody can stop him to do that so we emphasize in the article that the instruction didn't come from king solomon but it is also those fifteen people. didn't come to stumble to murder to themselves so they got instructions from somebody so we have to find out who gave this instructions this is the. simple question that we have put
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according to the turkish daily newspaper staff of the saudi consulate try to tamper with security camera outside the consulate but turkish police managed to retrieve the footage providing the now famous image of hotshots you walking into the building on the day he was killed and we're finding out more about the teams that were sent to turkey from saudi arabia al jazeera learned from the source there were three teams involved in the killing of. a surveillance team the death squads and the cleanup team sent later to cover up the murder for turkish officials this confirms that believe the case was premeditated and ordered by someone senior in the saudi government. is the board. police officers in afghanistan have been killed in a serious attacks by the taliban on police posts and job or district in gaza any
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province five others were injured polls have opened in madagascar presidential election voters got and long lines to cast their ballots at three front runners are former heads of state there are thirty six candidates all of them promising to create jobs and poverty and fight corruption one must take fifty percent of the votes cast or a second round will be held on december nineteenth. to get a moment go to our web site al jazeera dot com there we have comprehensive coverage of news from around the world in particular the mid-term elections in the united states. pick up the headlines for you on al-jazeera the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight years this means they will now have the opportunity to block president agenda over the next two years and nancy
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pelosi who could become the speaker of the house again spoke about her party's whence a short time ago. the new wealthy special interest free reign over washington lured in anything is to them what a new democratic majority will mean in the lives of hardworking americans damn it. went to the. democratic congress that works for the people for the people. and donald trump's republican party has maintained control of the senate democratic incumbents running in pro trump states have been defeated helping the republicans add to their current one seat majority a senior adviser to the president callahan conway spoke about how donald trump's last minute campaigning helped republican candidates. everywhere we go we hear from job creators job holders job seekers they're happy with this economy i think that's reflecting a lot of the results tonight very happy with this president's policies to try to
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deal with their eyes the korean peninsula which helps everyone the remains of our fallen from north korea from korea have been returned this president is sanctioning iran sanctioning russian weenies to pushing back on assad when he gasses his people not once but twice he showed a lot of strength and leadership around the world and many people may not say america first but they say stop apologizing for america else in america laban somali america has become the first muslim woman elected to the u.s. congress so late to michigan's thirteenth congressional district in a race on which she was the sole major party candidate. a group of students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday they had been prayed to seventy eight high school age students their driver and teachers were taken by armed separatists from a presbyterian boarding school in the mend a priest involved in the negotiations says the fighters are still holding these goals principal and also one teacher those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera much more news to come right now the cure revisited is that. in twenty
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twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities when he examines japan's disability shame on al-jazeera. this. live. for the texas.


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