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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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native hawaiians to me is always nice to us whether she takes our home or not we accept this type of event. this is zero. hello i'm hasn't this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. now the mechanics of how they're going to sit down the story the constitution's checks and balances to the. democrats gain control of the u.s. house of representatives in the crucial midterm election. my hope is that texas can help believe the way to bring this country together republicans maintain their hold
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on power in the u.s. senate. voters in madagascar go to the polls to elect a president as the country faces a political and economic crisis. and we are in the greenest country can bhutan protect its forests while embracing the modern age paul race with the sport put prepares to face his old club event on one of the biggest matches in argentina as football history is stressing out the players we build up to the door is final and also aries. welcome to the news hour it is ten g.m.t. that's five am in the u.s. capital washington d.c. americans have voted in midterm elections that have set the stage for the remaining two years of president donald trump's first term in office and it is
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a split decision the democrats have wrestled back control of the house of representatives while republicans retain their hold on the senate u.s. voters have also chosen a much more diverse group of leaders to represent them more women the first muslim women and the first native american women in the house let's take a look at the numbers then democrats have met the threshold for control of the. house with two hundred twenty two seats right now the republicans have lost twenty six seats and are down to one hundred and ninety three still several seats though that are too close to call so those are the final numbers but the republicans have managed to not only retain control of the senate but gain ground there that is the upper chamber of congress to the most competitive races where in texas where ted cruz held his seat and in missouri where longtime democratic senator claire mccaskill lost her seat only thirty five seats though were up for grabs republicans have managed to gain two and are now on fifty one right now with democrats winning
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forty six seats let's go now to she have returned see who is live for us in washington so something for both for both parties to celebrate here she has. yeah i think that is the key point not just not just the parties but the factions within the parties donald trump can now claim victory as you already has been on twitter for increasing the majority in the senate something very rare for an incumbent presidency having said that it's clear he will be facing a more hostile political environment come january when the new congress is seated the democrats expected to use their subpoena power on various committees to aggressively investigate donald trump's business dealings is trying to get hold of his income tax returns perhaps searching for conflicts of interest they'll be the white house where we could very busy it's thought with with congressional appearances before these sorts of committees having said that they the democrats
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buried an interesting position too it's not entirely clear that nancy pelosi we had heard from a few moments ago the current minority leader will become the speaker of the house because there are has been this bubbling civil war in the democratic party about what the democratic party response should be to someone who is perceived to be extreme as donald trump a lot of progressives did very well. in this election and they're saying look the leadership needs to change then you see a much more aggressive vision of a democratic party opposition to the republicans in order for that to be a success in twenty twenty so they may not vote for the male vote for her to become house speaker meanwhile the democratic establishment will say to her but look some of these great progressive rising stars didn't do very well so we should keep on the slow and steady moderate opposition to donald trump and not go completely down a much more progressive vision of america with free health care and so on so that's going to be interesting to watch too as to whether democrats go now go go from here and it yeah i think what we're going to see in next few days is everyone sort of
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claiming a bit of victory and another key question will be does this does this this is donald trump swings a tool or does he ignored this and then start rooting through executive order which is what president obama did after all of his congressional losses that's going to others. to watch world yeah and of course there was an incredible atmosphere of divisiveness in the campaign leading up to this vote have these results just kind of solidified that or is there any potential there for both sides to find any common ground. well there was talk of common ground donald trump did call nancy pelosi earlier in the evening that was a bit of a surprise because sarah sound is the white house press spokesman said why would we call it we don't even know whether she's going to be the next speaker of the house and there was much talk above partisanship particularly on infrastructure spending and so on otherwise no the platies that were in play before the election that i've been in the home strictly with. people in the cities and towns leaning towards the
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democrats those and rule areas as a as a sense by the senate. so they're defying for the republicans there are some interesting things that i mean you talk about the the diversity of this new this new range of candidates but even there there is something interesting white women i always find this very interesting in the u.s. white women to really off i will for donald trump they were key to his victory in the presidential election and they seem to come out in force in very key battleground states for the republicans once again in georgia and elsewhere in texas that ted cruz better old thing white women seem to always be saving the republican party even when even when there's much talk of diversity of need to the need for reproductive rights not to have them have them sort of turned back having the clock turn back i would also just looking at we just got to move poses to what were the main issues amongst elect the electorate twenty six percent according to a.p. said health care was the most important issue immigration twenty three percent so that's sort of indicates donald trump's position that he should just keep on going
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very hard against immigration with his incredible rhetoric sometimes about the danger of the other they all tried and tested right wing strategy that they used to try and create division within the country but then to get a majority of voters in the country said the country was moving in the wrong direction so that's something else that the republicans have to think about moving forward and there were those losses in key states which were key to donald trump's victory in twenty sixteen michigan wisconsin pennsylvania democratic senator and governor that's pretty almost us perhaps for donald trump however they retain the. higher in florida still very important to twenty twenty calculations i guess that's what we're looking at now is how this will affect strategy and potential results in twenty twentieth's we will have a lot of discussion about that now i'm sure indeed remains to be seen for the moment she have a tenancy a life for us there in washington i want to the key issues of this election has been president treatment of women and minorities a patio heinous been talking about that with republican strategist and political
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commentator from the beat tiffany cross. it absolutely will and it's going to change on the left is what's going to happen and then the republicans are going to realize that there was a missed opportunity with women but it goes back to the root and the root cause is that the r n c has never played identity politics they don't see women out of primaries and they particularly don't push women to run in a way because of ideology and the ideology is that you shouldn't give a vote to a woman simply because she's a woman you want to vote for the best and most qualified and this is something i hear on the right a lot most qualified not a phrase i agree with because again if we look at the current occupant of the oval office he's not very qualified in my book but that's what the right ones they want the most qualified person and sometimes that person won't be a woman so they don't play identity politics and that's why you see the huge discrepancy in the number of women in congress that are republican versus the number of women that are democrat just to give our audience an idea there are one hundred eighty five democratic women running there are only fifty two republican
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women running so we are going to see a huge discrepancy but i also want to talk about the racial issue because this campaign more than any i can remember in my lifetime we've seen blatantly racist attacks of people the president himself tweeted out incredibly racist basically saying that immigrants are going to come kill you why is it so am i wrong is it is it is obvious to me you're absolutely correct and let me just say this is nothing new i think in two thousand and sixteen we saw a lot of this this is not the new donald trump everybody should clutch their pearls every time this happens he showed us who he was on the campaign trail so i'm really surprised when i see the media act so out of wits when when something like this happens and you know there are a lot of people trying to attribute his election to the economy but that's actually not true and there's data back this up a study out of u.c.l.a. and princeton show that actually people who switch from democrat to trump supporters the number one issue was race and these people held hostile issues on race and so i think there was a kind of you know miss faith mentality that you couldn't be racist and vote for
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barack obama which this data shows that's not true people. absolutely held hostile views on immigrants race and to a lesser degree women so you had a campaign that was fueled by racism and to a lesser degree sexism and that's playing out at the state local and national level in a lot of the races that trump has endorsed and there haven't been a lot of candidates to distance themselves a lot of these candidates have doubled down on it you see in georgia brian kemp has aligned himself you see in florida the republican nominee the republican nominee in florida rocket francis is basically running as a spawn of this president he has come out and introduce racist language into the into the debate down there so many of these things are surprising it's just surprising how the media pretends that it's surprising ok so how does it change does the selection change if you see the road to seriousness is getting pummeled across the board is that what i do so i know the polls are calling these races for a really tight contest i would actually disagree a lot of pollsters they still use call centers and so when you think about
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a lot of the new electorate coming into the process these are younger people people of color not a lot of us are going to answer unknown phone call from a landline because many of us don't have it i think what donald trump has done is made americans redefine what electability is so too often when you hear electability you think this is a candidate who can appeal to these swing independent white voters and maybe we need to redefine what that means maybe electability means of healing of people of color of healing the younger people of healing to people who don't like this president appealing to people who are concerned about the direction of the country talk about brett kavanaugh he was the choice to be disproven court nominee he was credibly accused of sexual assault and it has all of my liberal women friends were frustrated angry pulp just frustrated but it did something i didn't expect it for republican women who think he was falsely accused explain to me how a supreme court justice that's credibly accused of sexual assault becomes a rallying cry for republican women well it's outward credibly and i think that's
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where i was disappointed on a personal level i believe dr ford i saw it. a man who appeared very courageously in front of cameras and did not know how to act and that's what republican women sort of lost their believability in her they said don't you think she appeared a little unhinged this is the stuff i heard in the aftermath of her testimony i said well when any of us appear on hindraf were in front of a slew of cameras like that for the first time what she did was an act of bravery i do believe her because i think it takes a man's courage to come out and speak truth in front of such a large audience when so much is at stake or let's speak now to ian bond in brussels he is the director of foreign policy of the center for european reform is also former british ambassador to latvia by so much for being with us so i mean losing control of congress or at least one one house of congress can have a significant impact on a president's ability to pass legislation domestically but does it change his
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foreign policy that much particularly with regard to european leaders well i think you put your finger on it the more constrained he is on the domestic front the more likely is to turn to foreign policy because that's an area where the president has a lot of lassitude to do what he wants and what do you think that some european leaders might privately be glad about this because obviously some of them had their run and run ins with president trump over nato and policy towards russia and. and so on i mean is there a sense that he's kind of had his wings clipped a little bit here. no i think those two rather lie of the way that trump does things they will be feeling that he hasn't done too badly. if you're looking at some of the populist policies in europe who have rather
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admired trump's nativist approach than they will probably feel a lot actually he's not done too badly particularly in the in the senate and they're probably expecting that in the foreign policy arena he will carry on with the kind of policies that he's pursued so far i think indeed for for those who are being worried about some of the language that he's used about nato and his approach to trade and so on they may feel that they have even more to worry about day and house russia going to be looking at this just hearing right now a statement from from the kremlin from. the spokesman near president letting a spokesman dmitri peskov saying we we can say with a large amount of confidence that of course no bright prospects for normalizing russian american relations can be seen on the horizon does does russia. want to see a. divided united states is that is that good for them in terms of their form policy
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. yes without question that's good for them and the divisions between the u.s. and europe are good for them so i'm afraid i view those are all the crocodile tears from from mr fisk ulf i think that from a russian point of view trumps approach to europe his willingness to use very divisive language about europeans about nato has been really something of a benefit so so i think from from the russian perspective they weren't expecting relations to improve anyway there are various sets of sanctions winding their way through congress and perhaps this will mean that they make their way through congress a little faster but at the end of the day the divisions in american society and the transatlantic divisions are as deep as ever and that's to the benefit of russia or not to the benefit of the west so from what you're saying it would it would appear
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no change really as far as as far. as foreign policy. well in fact in some ways i worry now that he will feel emboldened to reshuffle his cabinet in ways the europeans will find even more concerning so. jim mattis the defense secretary already seem to be skating on thin ice trump seem to have lost confidence in him whereas i think most europeans would regard him as one of the most stable and reassuring voices in that administration and now with a larger republican majority in in the senate trump probably feels that pretty much any no many that he puts up will get senate confirmation so he may feel emboldened to. some of his cabinet members to resign could this be can you ian gone do
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any stand from a brussels. well as we've just been discussing the outcome of these elections could have an impact on how president trump goes about its foreign policy on diplomatic efforts in jane's base has more on that the world is watching these elections very closely and they'll be watching in iran there were fresh sanctions in the last twenty four hours most of those that were lifted under the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal are now firmly back in place iran's already suffering a great deal of economic damage it's going to get worse they'll need now to make a political decision in tehran and in part it will depend on these elections perhaps they'll get an early indication if trump is going to be a one term or a two term president and whether they can wait him out. the investigation into the death of jamal khashoggi may also be affected by the elections saudi arabia's not cooperating on handing over the suspects or on helping to find the journalist body so they could now be other legal steps if turkey requests it that could perhaps
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even be an international un led investigation in congress watch for efforts to take action against saudi arabia under the magnitsky act or the possibility of new congressional investigations next yemen with saudi arabia under pressure look for congress to take renewed interest in the devastating war there's already a new push for a ceasefire by the trumpet ministration and i can tell you at the u.n. in new york the u.k. is starting efforts to draw up a security council resolution on the ceasefire the plan is all of this would lead to peace talks in sweden at the end of the month highly awaited too is the trump administration's middle east peace plan the u.n. has recently been warning of fresh conflict particularly in gaza but the palestinians have already written off the still to be unveiled plan being devised by trump's son in law jared cushion and i'm also hearing whispers that the international criminal court may soon make a ruling on whether to pursue investigations into israeli actions in syria there
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could be a final military push by the assad regime and its russian allies efforts by the u.n. to get talks going on a new constitution have been making very little progress as a new un special envoy pederson from norway prepares to start work afghanistan is another key priority for the administration and for the new congress after seventeen years of war the taliban has been gaining ground on the battlefield there's a new effort by the u.s. to talk to the taliban being led by top diplomats are made. but there's very little immediate prospect of progress because of afghanistan's own political calendar with presidential elections due in april next year. plenty more ahead on. undeterred the migrant caravan makes a rest stop in mexico city before pushing on to the u.s. border. turkish president. says again the murder. was ordered by the highest levels of the saudi government. and coming up later in sports see what
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happens when a world class motocross ride at teams up with a world class drunk cameraman. still ahead but first another big issue during the midterm elections was of course immigration thousands of asylum seekers and migrants from central america have arrived in mexico city on their way to the united states the caravan of mainly honduras is the first of three large groups moving across mexico manowar appollo reports from mexico city. this is the sound of children laughing and singing. we just arrived in the capital mexico city after traveling with five thousand other central americans for the first time in several weeks they're able to really rest. we want these children to see that mexico is a country that's in solidarity with them so they can take this memory when they
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leave. the. mexican authorities have been preparing for their arrival setting up food stands medical tents as well spaces for a shower and even a haircut. i'm happy with how mexico has treated us we're very thankful to mexico. we met me here while she was waiting in line for don't need to close she says she's bound for the us and has a message for president trump. there are no terrorists here or criminals nobody is here for fun we're all running from poverty in honduras it's not for pleasure that i'm traveling to the united states. walking along the camp we spotted several bald . tears providing legal advice to those looking to claim political asylum either in mexico or the u.s. although at the end as a volunteer attorney says most are planning to stay in mexico despite the rhetoric despite the fear that the trumpet ministration is trying to administer these people
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are intent on carrying out the right that they have to seek asylum in the united states. while it may seem crowded authorities say they're still expecting more people to arrive in the coming days this space at this outdoor sporting arena has been transported to a comedy as many as five thousand people traveling as part of a caravan that left on douras several weeks ago but the stop here is only temporary they're all to make goal is reaching the southern border of the united states. with a fresh change of clothes in hand jimmy led and her daughter head off to get some rest knowing the most difficult part of their journey still lies ahead when we ended up alone and dizzy to mexico city. but first they denied their existence but now china's government is vigorously defending a detention program in the far western province of shin yang it is facing mounting international criticism though over reports up to a million muslim men and women are being held in so-called me education camps our
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china correspondent adrian brown reports from cash. islam is the dominant faith in shin journey but it can it come oscar worshipers are reminded of a higher authority assigned at the entrance proclaims love the party love the country close by photos of president xi jinping are projected onto a giant screen in one he's surrounded by a group of forming local muslim weekers the pictures of more than four years old. the streets are quiet in this ancient oasis city on the old silk road you're closer to baghdad than beijing here but one thing strikes you quickly where are all the young men. invocation or education training state t.v.'s been providing answers some of these men and women are getting an education in what are described as vocational training centers that offer occupational skills language cultural and
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psychological training skills their parents prevented them from learning at school says one political commentator but they cannot find productive employment in the cities and other areas where they would need these basic skills reading writing communication in chinese human rights groups say wearing a veil or growing a beard is enough to get you sent here at first vic of women denied the existence of the camps now it's proudly defending the internment policy. gin is the editor of the global times newspaper a tabloid mouthpiece for the government he says there are more than a thousand violent attacks a year in shin jang there's no independent evidence to support that. through tough control she has avoided the same extremism that has happened in
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a lot of other places in the world. china's leaders argued that these harsh measures are needed to prevent bomb and gun attacks associated with separatism violence that they say has cost the lives of hundreds of han chinese people in the past decade one attack in a room she in two thousand and fourteen happened the day after a visit by president xi jinping it was at about this time the president xi jinping began promoting what was to become a key economic policy the so-called one belt one road initiative the plan to bind china to europe and the middle east through infrastructure trade and investment but for that ambitious plan to work has to work during our time in shin jang our movements were tightly controlled by government minders who later forced us to delete much of our video we were warned not to talk to anyone even about the silk
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road project. this is a replica of cash cars old city the original we were told is still being rebuilt just as it was three years ago when i was last here. and here we were presented with a picture of ethnic harmony an elderly wego man and chinese tourist dancing a spontaneous moment insisted on minders but like the setting it felt contrived adrian brown al jazeera in kashgar. well let's bring in ben rogers in london he is the east asia team leader and christian solidarity worldwide human rights group that advocates freedom of religion so i want to ask you first of all about the chinese government's line on this and they are saying that. they are doing this for the for the protection for security reasons. for the protection of people
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in that region after the the attacks that took place before. well i think obviously that's the chinese government's propaganda and that and it's true the of course those attacks that took place but i think what they are doing is actually making the situation far far worse and potentially radicalizing many more people by the way of treating the entire week of population give us an example of some of the things that you have a problem with in the good that you've heard about this happening in some of these camps. well we've heard from from eyewitnesses and from we get outside the country who are hearing from their families that. least a million people per perhaps as many as three million people have been rounded up held in these camps with guard towers and barbed wire and guards with cattle prods
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people beaten and held in solitary confinement and subjected to all sorts of other . brutal human rights violations and the idea that this is vocational education when people are being held against their will they can't leave the camps also china has dramatically increased its spending on on so-called security in the region that has resulted in some of these abuses so it's an extremely grave situation are you getting any indication at all did did this is making any difference on the international stage there are other nations pay any attention to this and. if they are is it making any difference as far as what china is going to do. yes certainly the international community has been speaking up a lot more certain governments have been very critical of china and rightly so just yesterday china had its universal periodic review at the united nations
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a process that every country has to go through every few years and the situation in changing was the major focus and i think it it's having a difference not in terms of trying his behavior engine junge but in terms of china being forced to respond and that's why we're seeing this propaganda about vocational education at least they are now knowledge in the existence of the camps which of a few months ago they were denying altogether and i hope that international pressure will continue and will cause the chinese government to rethink. for. ben rogers joining us from london our poll servo couldn't madagascar's presidential election where the three front runners are all former heads of state votes taking place though against the backdrop of political turmoil after the current president's attempt to change the electoral laws backfired for me the mirror is live for us from madagascar's capital and in an
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a reversal for me to what is at stake for people there as they go to the polls. well for many of the people here at this point it really is about this choice between old faces people have been promising the same thing will some time but this is also a very contentious election in that we're dealing with a former president who left to madagascar following a coup in two thousand and nine his opponent a contender who then took over the presidency who essentially was installed by the military and then also the most recent president who then came to power after twenty thirteen election but the major issues were people in madagascar are around issues around poverty is it what we hear often is a band of people wanting the cost of living to improve that is
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a big issue for malagasy then what most attracted to them are a current content of candidates who are promising development investment and increased development of infrastructure just to make their lives easier and boost the economy so are people there facing a real choice then in these elections and you mentioned there that it's a lot of the old faces there. it isn't very much a big choice with these people here it really is the same old story for many of them but what we're also hearing is people are trying to figure out which candidates would suit their needs as far as possible and i suppose for many of them who've been disillusioned saying choosing the one who is the least is the one is the least worst of them all the very many people are pessimistic of the outcome that's come up and i think is of a lot of importance in this election is that there are issues around the voters on
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the voters' list prior to the election we had spoken to the electoral commission seventy because they were many complaints around many people not being able to find their names ahead of the election of course questions about what would happen then said he at that point said it wouldn't be a problem in elections would continue we are at are you voting station in i'm personally i'm out in until and are evil and we have spoken to a number of people here who have said that they've not been able to find their names on the register some have voting cards but can't find a name or can't find their names and don't have voting cards and they've been prevented from voting when we spoke to transparency international they had said that this is of course very concerning and estimated that possibly a surge of the nine million voters in madagascar may not vote seine we would speak to the electoral commission later in the day around what to this means for the outcome but again transparency international and civil society organizations say
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this is of course grounds for many of the candidates to possibly object to the final outcome which will only see in preliminary results in about nine days or twelve days rather and the final results in about three weeks. for me to malign first there in and senate or evil. all right in a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead on our desire. when we come back we'll take a look at the impact of the u.s. midterm elections on china and trade tariffs imposed by the u.s. later in sport paul pogba says he's happy in manchester united united as he prepares to face his old club in the champions league albeit with. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello there we've got some very stormy weather in store for new
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zealand over the next couple of days on the satellite picture you can see where all of that catamaran originates from from tropical queensland makes its way across the tasman sea picking up plenty more moisture as it does say and then it's bringing it all towards new zealand now some of the worst of the rain is likely to be in westland on the west of the south island and there we could expect around three hundred millimeters of rain just in the next twenty four hours also said that will give us a problem with flooding probably with some landslips as well meanwhile over the higher ground of the south island we'll likely see some incredibly strong winds they could be up to around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour which could easily drag down trees and power lines as well as that system works its way northwards behind it there's a real change temperature wise as well so ahead of it christchurch is expected to get to around twenty seven degrees a very windy twenty seven degrees but afterwards only eleven so bit of
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a shock for us or can still in the mild day there as we head through into friday that system is already being over us in australia didn't bring it quite as heavy as a very here as we did over new zealand but still it's bringing a change of the temperatures so the temperatures are dropping in sydney well let me get to nineteen on thursday. the weather sponsored by cats are a ways. off to one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a budding tell people empower asks whether the flames were found by institutional incompetence the number one responsibility or could mean god is perfect being pursued this was not an accident it was a crime of ending the fire is the real symbol of what greece is become up to take a bit from the still spirit of the fall on al-jazeera when the news breaks on the story it's the fight against isis is still continuing in the arm bar death or when
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people who need to be helped. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and life moves on and online. well again you're watching idea reminder of our top stories. in the u.s. midterm elections the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight means they'll now have the opportunity to block
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president trump's agenda over the next two years. trump's republican party has maintained control of the senate some democratic some democratic incumbents running in states have been defeated helping the republicans to their current one seat majority. is executive director of the asian trade center she joins us now via skype from singapore thanks so much for being with us so what implications is this going to have been for u.s. trade with china and president ongoing policy of tariffs on chinese goods. well i think that here in asia many people were watching this election very closely like the rest of the world frankly but here in asia the expectation i think was that if the republicans lost control of the congress that their trade policy would shift and i think what is going to be a bit of a surprise for many is that trade policy is unlikely to shift as much as people
1:38 pm
expected which is true because most of the republicans who want to have moved very sharply in favor of donald trump's policies on trade in other words they're much more protectionist and much less free trade then ask republicans and the drum that credit party has always been and why not in favor of free trade so you have now a congress that is pretty solidly opposed to free trade as a principle and that makes it easier actually for donald trump to do what he wants on trade and that that's going to be a very interesting outcome here for asia. and overall how do out of people in asia see president beyond beyond the issue beyond economics be on the issue of trade. well there's always been some confusion bafflement can not certain about how he will behave you know some of course like him for his general strength there is some
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recognition that a policy of standing up to china is helpful but. many people in asia concern over having to make choices that many asians would prefer not to make between the united states and china between which direction do you want to go in the future are the wanker that trump remains in power and continues to do things differently than the u.s. has done in the past more stark those choices get or asian asian governments certainly and even asian companies or asians in a sense how much do you want to follow us how much do you want to follow china or other asian models that it's very hard good to speak in deborah elms in singapore taking ousmane just over a month since gemma hushovd she was killed inside saudi arabia's consulate in
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istanbul still there is no body but new evidence continues to come to light or has more from istanbul more than a month since he was killed his body has yet to be found and there are more questions about his murder but turkish authorities have increased the pressure on the saad to government by slowly leaking vital information according to turkish sources cia director gina hospital was briefed on the murder and had access to crucial evidence suggesting the order came from the highest levels of the saudi government riyadh insists no member of the ruling royal family has a vote in hotshots is death. but during his visit to istanbul last month sandy chief prosecutor said. reportedly told turkish authorities that the king was willing to pay blood money to hush up his family and fiance he also said he had no
1:41 pm
idea about the whereabouts of the slain journalist body. and as the investigation continues turkey's foreign minister. says his country has more information wants to give a name and nobody can stop him to do that so he emphasize in the article that the instruction didn't come from king solomon but it is also always that those fifteen people. didn't come to stumble to murder to themselves so they got instructions from somebody so we have to find out these instructions this is the. simple question that we have put according to the turkish daily news paper staff of the saga consulate tried to
1:42 pm
tamper with security camera outside the consulate but turkish police managed to retrieve the footage providing the now famous image of hotshots you walking into the building on the day he was killed and we're finding out more about the teams that were sent to turkey from saudi arabia al-jazeera learned from its source there were three teams involved in the killing of. a surveillance team the death squads and the cleanup team sent later to cover up the murder for turkish officials this confirms their believe the case was premeditated and ordered by someone senior in the saudi government. is the board group of students abducted from a high school in cameroon on monday have been freed and seventy nine peoples their driver and teaches were taken by armed separatists from a presbyterian boarding school in by many a priest involved in
1:43 pm
a negotiation says the fighters are still holding the school's principal and one teacher amanda is in cameron's angle of region where separatists have been fighting to create an independent state. france's president has hosted mollies leader in the city of green to an african soldiers who fought during world war one emmanuel mccraw and abraham attended the commemoration ceremony the former colonial soldiers were known as the black army of rain and help defend the city in german advances it's just one of many events taking place this week marking a century since the war ended and there are often forgotten but in world war one tens of thousands of africans and asians soldiers died on the western front in europe for decades little attention has been paid to these soldiers but as natasha butler reports now a century on their new efforts to remember their sacrifice. a solemn moment of remembrance as the french marlin presidents pay tribute to the african troops
1:44 pm
who defended the city of pass in world war one west african soldiers help save the city famous cathedral from destruction by german forces where do some nearly two hundred thousand african soldiers fought during the first world war they fought for the empire up hill and down dale day and night more often by night than by day for france they fought for themselves as well full of. faced with manpower shortages france britain and germany recruited troops from their colonies often by force they faced the same brutal battles as european soldiers but rarely the same treatment for decades their sacrifice has been overlooked or forgotten relegated to the footnotes of history but a century after the end of world war one there are those who are determined not to forget. at chaparral in northern france
1:45 pm
a service on it more than one point three million indians who fought for the british this memorial commemorates the more than four thousand seven hundred indian soldiers and laborers who died on the western front and have no known graves their names are on the war is a very moving place and it's really hard to imagine what it must be like for them fighting in a non-civilian landscape and climate so far away from enduring fact in one letter home a soldier writes of the heavy artillery shelling he says it's like the heavy monsoon rains. on which to get caught is really very. dangerous single divorced or thinking of it can do all the ones who laid down their lives for the cause of peace all they need is wrong and they have to stand up for rights so. it's really proud to be proud to be safe and also to make sure that. our kids
1:46 pm
millions of troops fought in world war one fathers sons and brothers many never returned those who did would never the same they fought for peace now their descendants are fighting for their sacrifice to be recognized given its rightful place in history. al-jazeera. france. well it's been described by conservationists as the greenest country on the planet three quarters of bhutan is covered by thick forests home to rare wildlife but as the country continues to develop it is struggling to find new ways to balance economic growth with the protection of the environment barker reports it is a window on a time before humans. return is the only carbon negative country in the world producing more oxygen than it consumes. at least sixty percent of the country must be forested is in trying to the constitution but as we turned slowly embraces the
1:47 pm
modern age keeping it this way is a huge challenge the pristine wilderness is home to one of the rarest animals on earth the himalayan snow leopard by careful conservation be term successfully managed to maintain numbers the same also goes for another big cat the bengal tiger for a small country like dance and was pretty india and china we are also biggest contributions is being very symbolic of the things that we can do when you have the right leadership you know when you have the right vision and the right commitment from the people there are stories of large predators stalking these ancient forests for generations which is probably what gave rise to the legendary story of the meat or yeti in reality though in addition to the big cats there are also wild boar and black bears here living in close proximity to these creatures is a major concern for farmers worried about keeping their livestock safe. every
1:48 pm
evening luck pummel keeps watch over her fields wild boar india often devour her crops. she resource to age old techniques to safeguard her livelihood. the government's installed in the lead for expense nearby but it needs repair there's a compensation scheme if livestock a killed but the payout often doesn't cover the price of a new animal killing a large predator will almost certainly lead to a jail sentence despite the challenges boots in the show unlikely levels of tolerance towards wildlife helped by hydropower. twenty five percent of putin's national income comes from selling energy to neighboring india it also allows the government to provide farmers with free electricity. but hydro projects
1:49 pm
account for harf of the national debt political promises conservationists fear the country may compromise its forests in order to balance its books we all hugh sums of money some sums of money we cannot afford sums of money that have been borrowed from international agencies around the world and the asian development bank man is such a greedy force and the natural resources are the easiest way to make money. the pace of change is increasing. the country's future depends on preserving a delicate balance between humans and nature need al-jazeera boutin now writes good old sport i have four hours thanks very much manchester united take on the event as in the champions league later on wednesday with pol pot but say he was not affected by being stripped of the vice captaincy earlier this season the french world cup winner captain united's first team premier league games but in
1:50 pm
september coast told him he'd never leave the side again their relationship has seemed strained ever since united's much against you venture in seize property go up against his old team. me on to playing in the really happy to play them. the manager is the. is the one who choose who is going to be kept in the mirror for who i was the second one. after. then. if you takes me. there's in change don't see anything for me i just want to play pro from that's my job now there's talk maybe lining up a move back to his old club who not have christiane arnaldo and one of the favorites to win the champions league the man next to an old out head defendant leonardo the new chief knows what it's like to leave and come back he spent one season at ac milan before returning to charge of you get far up your shooting of
1:51 pm
course it's great when top players arrive at your ventus and i say this about many others i had the chance to live this in person and come back to the event but what pulled the sides will depend on him not. united's neighbors manchester city play shutout done yet on wednesday amid claims they've hidden millions of dollars of income to get around your wife is financial fair play rules the claims come from german magazine der spiegel they say they have documents showing the abu dhabi own city football group topped up sponsorship deals with its own money it follows reports that they struck a deal with you effect to avoid a ban over breaching the rules city have said there is an organized and clear attempt to damage their reputation manager pep guardiola says he has faith in the club's owners of course it tries a lot with the club with they have done enough of course we want to follow the rules of the way for the future all the theme is in the premier league. they do
1:52 pm
what they wanted to do so a part of that believe me i am completely honest whether norwood happened because of a manager in focus what happened on the page in the locker room or not to be where they want to be there is about they handle this kind of situation i am completely. but they are part of the club and support of the club. and we want to do what really we have to do in terms of the rules well the big shock of choose the night came in serbia where red star belgrade secured a famous victory over last year's champions league final is liverpool they want to nail in the capital by five goals coming from milan pub called in the first half red star had lost four nil in england two weeks ago and six one to pay s.g. before that liverpool now on their worst run away from home in thirty nine years of european cup football if big if if you score early in the same type of thing you're going to enjoy didn't so we have to admit congratulation root servers are left as
1:53 pm
reports we have nothing club broken of belgium got their first champions league victory in thirteen is they won for military honorees monaco who are now out of the competition monaco have nots one in the five matches since onery took charge last month it was a difficult day all around for the principality side club owner dimitri rebuttal of love was taken into custody by police before the match the russian billionaire on the rights here was to be questioned by a judge regarding a corruption investigation his lawyers said they will appeal over a breach of confidentiality in the case and that there is an essence. what a series is gearing up for one of the biggest matches in argentinian football history river plate and juniors will meet in the cup at liberty doris final on saturday supporters have already been out in force but away fans from both legs of the final due to rising football violence in the country especially between these
1:54 pm
teams. though also won't be allowed into. a stadium on saturday as he is serving a suspension. kept in public as the build up to the biggest moment of his career is stressing him out. i take it very seriously but i'm not enjoying it when the game is over if we have the chance to be champions i will enjoy it now i try to treat it as a world cup final and i'm thinking about the game all the time so that i don't forget the details the truth is i'm not enjoying it very much zlatan abraham of it says he wants to stay at the l.a. galaxy they missed out on the m.l.s. playoffs last week and he is determined to put that right next season also says he's got no interest in being a loan to a european club like david beckham was during his down time at the galaxy if i belong to galaxy my galaxy player i don't. do these things long induce this for me i don't need that i mean. if i belong to one club been a focus on the club in
1:55 pm
a big give all my attention to that club so that is not in my mind i want to be able to challenge for the for the trophy i want to feel i have a chance to be the best in m.l.s. my team me because. for me to return i mean as soon as possible i think everything is work in progress everybody is working so the city depends on we can get from the bank. big for real war news in the last hour or so vietnam is going to host a grand prix from twenty twenty it will be a street race through the capital city of hanoi this is the first additional race to be announced by f one's new owners liberty media who say they're trying to broaden the sport's appeal around the world to n.b.a. basketball and a stunning performance by c.j. mccollum for the portland trailblazers he scored forty points against the milwaukee
1:56 pm
bucks thanks to moves like this the standout play of the game saw him get the better of buck's rookie guard don't take the chens he won't want to see a replay but we'll show you one anyway. the trouble is one comfortably hundred eighteen to one hundred and three. now it's usually a good thing to get your hands on courtside seats but one fan probably regretted getting so close during the hornets hawks game forward omari spellman just couldn't stop. it. and what about those from the hornets miles bridges missing the three pointer but making sure of the two. there was also and i'm pressing of elio up from tony parker to leak monk the hornets went on to win one hundred thirteen two hundred two. england bottom and ben folks has made a century on his test cricket debut he resumed on day two against sri lanka at goal
1:57 pm
thirteen runs short of his hundred but managed to get the twenty five year old eventually out for hundred seven bringing to a close england's first innings at three hundred forty two all out england bowled frank out for two hundred three still one hundred thirty nine behind. i was going to finish with some incredible shots of world champion most across champion tom as he teamed up with drone filming pioneer tom pun as you can see the results were pretty amazing the drone able to stay really close while he performs his stunts sometimes flying within centimeters of his helmet as a french rider and they some x. games gold medalist he performed for tricks all together including a three sixty of vault a double back flip on the bike flip nice way to spend a sunny day in jurors in spain. very nice sport as well missing pictures thanks for that is it for me for this
1:58 pm
news out. of two minutes we will use his. story is of life. and inspiration. oh. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the odds i thought. al-jazeera sent act's express yourself.
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