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tv   Dagestans Peaceful Warriors  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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al-jazeera correspondent is soviet scar. alamosa the showers are dying away or have gone from iran you can see from the satellite picture this is historic of course irving is moving in this general direction there's active weather there now towards turkmenistan and beyond and winter's thinking about it but the skies should clear for daytime on thursday that's not the case further west whilst i say most of iran is looking fine the likelihood of seeing yet more showers and big ones in the north of saudi arabia sudden iraq or kuwait is still there and it's don't lead just for thursday into friday i think is a persistent likelihood for the next three four or five days there are more showers coming off the eastern mediterranean for israel and quite possibly for lebanon as well and jordan so it has jumped down to us arabian peninsula and see how far south these shows get there's
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a line of risk from medina through riyadh up towards bahrain probably and to the north of that to the sysfs at the moment the risk is minimal but you know cities green spots here saturday sunday monday expect the green to extend across qatar and down towards the south of that it looks fine how are we doing in south africa well the forecast for thursday is a presently dry one after all that rain of light. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international networks months to be able to do with united nations peacekeepers out there going i'm tired and old. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is
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going. in twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities want to win used examines japan's disability shame on al-jazeera. donald trump fires the man in charge of the russia and best acacia attorney general jeff sessions submits his resignation at their presidents request. on the russian vest occasion are you concerned that that you made i'm not going to turn about anything with me are shite investigation because it's a hoax or you that's enough put down the mike. it was announced just after trump
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held a combative news conference following a night of mixed results for his party in the midterm elections. i'm richelle carey the saudis are live from doha also coming up for fighting as reporters around the many city of new data as the international community calls for peace talks thousands of people forced from their homes find they are trapped by the sectarian violence in the central african republic. as president has fired attorney general jeff sessions the announcement comes just a day after his republican party lost control of the house of representatives in this week's new term elections although it increased its majority in the senate and really helped asked more on a contentious day at the white house worried i should know that's another reason
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why it was supposed to be a news conference about the outcome. of the midterm election sit down but it quickly turned into a testy exchange with reporters which included questions about the future of president donald trump's cabinet and the fate of his embattled attorney general jeff sessions and i'm very happy with most of my cabinet will look into that different people for different positions shortly after the president tweeted that his attorney general was out sessions writing in a letter to the president at your request i am submitting my resignation trumpets muse publicly about getting rid of sessions ever since the attorney general recused himself from the investigation into alleged ties between the truck campaign and the kremlin during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign sessions is replaced by matthew whitaker who will serve as acting attorney general whitaker is viewed as a trump loyalist and penned an op ed last year arguing the moeller pro was going
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too far he is now officially overseeing that same investigation over any attorney general whether this one or another one. should not be able to interfere with the mall or investigation in any way they should not be able to end it they should not be able to limit it right one of the noted army on monday trump said he wanted to take a softer tone but his post mid term news conference was his longest and arguably the most contentious in his press duration at times boiled over as he railed yet again at the media after he was asked repeatedly about the muller probe c.n.n. should be ashamed of itself having you working for them you are a rude terrible person for me i don't know how are you at once without a white house aide tried to take a microphone from a reporter another reporter asked about concerns over the rise of white nationalism that such a racist question the sessions firing in the fall of from the u.s.
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midterms comes as donald trump prepares to head to paris where he'll attend an event along with russian president vladimir putin on wednesday trying once again declined to directly criticize putin for his twenty fourteen addicks ation of crimea instead blaming it on former president barack obama can really help at al-jazeera the white house earlier we spoke with claire think from the university of pennsylvania about the firing. it was rather extraordinary that the president said he would never have hired jeff sessions for the position if he had thought that session's was going to recuse himself from managing the moeller probe because it shows that it is a criterion for president trump in an attorney general that he be willing to fight to damp down the mother investigation or simply be willing to fire robert muller on the president's bid and obviously that is
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a deeply problematic result for the rule of law. as president donald trump says he will have a much stronger opinion on the case. next week the saudi journalist was murdered in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last month one that the matter of more than a month since the death of mr to show you know journalists are a sad thing very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having to murder and if so i want to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working very closely with congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinions and summonses life for us and as tom cole said that moment fair and where he said that he is working with turkey the u.s.
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and turkey working together and what regard what what do we think that means. well just before i get into that i mean that the tone of his voice he was asked a fairly generic question but he was asked you know was this a case of murder that the saudi arabians murder. and this response was i wasn't ready go at it this this reference to a very strong opinion and he asserted that twice strong opinion on what's he still leaving everyone guessing it doesn't get as much further that's the general atmosphere here that would not move forward it's already apart from a different tone from the u.s. president in terms of this cooperation well hard to see a lot of cooperation right now between saudi arabia and turkey because he is accusing saudi arabia of a state sponsored attack within its territory in the consulate here is talking about a sequence of events that was that started with murder on october the second and
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then moved on to a clean up operation which was disguised as something else and then on from there according to the turks a cover up and something of a lash up of a cover up an unsuccessful cover up in another attempt at a cover up so that is one dynamic and then you have the other dynamic of the u.s. president in a position where he's dealing with congress and both sides of congress both both colors republican democrats want sanctions what form of those sanctions take that's another big debates let's look at the timeline going back now more than five weeks october the twenty third we had gina hospital here in turkey in ankara listening to the tapes reportedly actually going through the evidence that was three weeks after the murder she went back to washington d.c. and brief the president's brief the white house though really on what the evidence was now there was a change in tone from the u.s.
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from that moment on words because the realisation of the potency of the evidence it would seem. and we're hearing from the turks that they are just not happy with the americans beat of response all indeed the content of that response because of this this this dilemma between keeping a relationship going with saudi arabia for commercial and political interests versus justice now it's evident according to the turks according to most observers in the west and in indeed in all parts of the world that the saudis are not intent on following a full procedure of justice by their actions so far so we have a situation where everything rests with the next stage which will be in france this coming weekend and that is an event or world leaders are attending the scent teener e of armistice day that's the last day of the world war war and there are meetings
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taking place with world leaders and it's expected the turkish president one will be meeting donald trump that major events what will be said what will be to be decided we're not clear but then you did hear the u.s. president saying next week he would have a strong opinion so there you have it right now in terms of the politics but in terms of the criminal investigation that's another story entirely and her sentence live for us in istanbul andrew thank you. our government forces and. vans closer to the rebel held city of her data more than one hundred fifty people had been killed in the last three days as a military offensive against the intensifies later in the who the rebels has vowed never to surrender the reports. that pro-government forces laid a ground offensive on his data which is being controlled by heathy rebels since twenty footie the supported by a saudi amorality coalition which is the bombing positions in the pool city the
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collateral damage has did significant the age group save the children says one of its pharmacies providing lifesaving supplies was damaged by an asteroid pro-government forces have taken control of a major road leading into the city but the leader of the rebels in yemen has vowed not to surrender. i direct a call to all free men of our people to head for the front to defend the port city the battle is not a small one it stretches two thousand kilometers along the red sea coast it's been a year since the saudi emira coalition imposed an assay and land blockade on yemen the post city of her data was until now a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid the managed to get into the country but is the battle to control her data intensifies it's become almost impossible to get food supplies into yemen about two thousand one hundred people have reportedly fled their homes in the area close to the fighting humanitarian
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agencies have consistently warned their protracted fighting inside her data city or any incident that he drafted poor operations could set off a humanitarian catastrophe. hundreds of thousands of people who live in her day to face being trapped as fighting places in around them the u.s. and u.n. have called for a cease fire we've been urging all parties to come to the table. and that there is no military victory that can be achieved in yemen and we continue to call for a suspicion of hostilities but that cool seems to be fully known death is is both sides battle for control of her data the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine thirteen million people adrift victoria gate and be there a pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison.
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acquittal after eight years on death row sparked a nationwide protest by hardliners local media say she's on the way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that would bar her from leaving pakistan if he was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet muhammad after a dispute with muslim fellow farm workers. fourteen soldiers have been killed and eight others injured after the taliban attack the afghan national army base and the car district after a car province aid agencies are calling the crisis in central african republic one of the world's most eclectic conflicts and elected government is now in power however the violence between armed groups that continues it has forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes this year so far. this report from a refugee camp in kaga. was. it just arrived ulead displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sick tarion violence in
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central african republic. some have their homes burnt to the ground others were chased from their villages by young men with machetes and guns among them are survivors of unspeakable violence. ten year olds to the his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors. she hid in the bush with her uncle then tried to return to her village but the men kept coming back so she had again. there's no hiding from the violence we want the arms to go the violence to stop we just want peace this is celine's do you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups under siege and unable to leave the camp is that they are held hostage protected by a few overstretched u.n. troops celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places and she took the microphone. will we find peace how can we make the
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violence stop when will i be able to return home. we put her questions to visiting secretary general of the norwegian refugee council young angle and i hope she will be able to go back soon to our house but the reality is that you know the big forces of the armed groups and the lack of intention from this national community is not go in her direction really in this situation for these people is really desperate outside of the camp and outside of where this small girl is there are three armed groups and they deny people returning to their homes among the people living in this refugee camp are armed men in hiding not only do they target the humanitarian workers that bring them health they also attack the people that live in this camp it seems that there is no safe space for people to skate from the
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violence. was searching for food when she was gang raped at gunpoint by men she suspects are part of a christian armed group in the camp what just so they won't stop hurting girls here they think we're objects for them to take rape is just part of living here despite the trauma and the violence committed by adults whether christian or muslim children in this refugee camp sure a brief moment of unity and a country torn and looking for peace nicholas hawk al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera seeking justice thousands of victims call for an apology over a dark area and japan sistering. government is offering migrants free plane tickets back home.
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hello the paten pretty repetitive the moment in europe no clouds here lots of cloud behind me moving from west to east skirting through portugal all more especially northern spain and then sudden france and switzerland and these the figures we get in twenty four hours typically fifty sixty a bit less i have to say in southern france but that's how it was overnights the rain would die away were left during daylight hours on thursday just a few showers still around the pope valley where the river itself is in flood in places and with the next system already working into northwestern state that will come across and probably twenty four hours hence will develop into something of a system in the western med wet and windy once again significant rate of the already southern areas possibly strong winds and only time nothing much has happened in eastern europe has cooled down a bit only thirty in bucharest but still twelve in berlin is still seven in
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stockholm or a bit warmer than you might expect now given what's happening here you think what's going on in north west africa nothing the time being nice and fine warm and dry for the most part from morocco to tunisia but in the eastern med from greece through crete and cyprus and done tools the north coast of egypt showers are likely. dug a stone drunk with tensions between islamic separatists and pro russian. culture in the crossfire one man has a vision for the next generation empowering. to seek a special way. with doug a stump speech filled morning. on al-jazeera. rochon
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out to zero let's recap the top stories right now u.s. president trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions will be replaced by his chief of staff matthew whitaker who has been highly critical of the moller investigation critics i would occur must immediately recuse himself from overseeing the probe it looks into also interference by russia and the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the leader of the who the rebels has vowed never to surrender to saudi backed forces in yemen more than one hundred fifty people have been killed in days of fighting as pro-government troops advanced on the rebel help port city of the data international aid groups have appealed for the safe passage
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of civilians as the military offensive intensifies pakistani christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been free from curzon asa baby's acquittal after eight years on death row sparked a nationwide protest by hardliners local media say she's on the way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that would bar her from leaving pakistan. and had a press conference on wednesday night president talked up as republican party's gains in the senate from tuesday's midterm elections. it was unusually high across the country and the night off for good news for both of them a political parties the democrats have claimed two hundred twenty two seats so far in the u.s. house of representatives handing them control there or as the republicans have picked up seats and the senate there's hallandale stance of fifty one it could be several weeks before we know the final numbers for both houses of congress seventeen races and house races that is in two senate races are still too close to call there will be a senate runoff in mississippi later this month the result set the stage for what
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promises to be a very different washington both politically and in terms of who serves in congress all but also reports there was a big day yesterday white house spin zone despite the midterm loss of the house to the democrats president donald trump declared victory citing republican gains in the senate they did focus on the senate and we had tremendous success with the senate democratic house leader nancy pelosi said the democrats victory was an opportunity to work together with drum who will strive for bipartisanship we believe that we have a responsibility to seek common ground where we can but we cannot we must stand out from our control of the house gives democrats power to block much of the republican legislative agenda and launch investigations into trump's russian business dealings taxes and other ethical issues dogging several senior officials
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we as democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be a rubber stamp for president shop. many democratic voters believe the house should begin impeachment proceedings against trump but the senate republican leader had a warning for democrats drawn from republicans only experience i remember when we tried in the late ninety's. we impeach president clinton his numbers one often are going down and we underperform in the next election so the democrats on the house will have to decide just how much presidential harassments they think is good strategy i'm not so sure it will work for them. when it's sworn in early next year the new congress will include more women than any in history among them will be the first female muslim representatives including russia to t.m.
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who is also the first palestinian american ever elected a black and latino women one including alexandria cortez who will be the youngest person in the house and the first ever native american women will take their seats in the senate some races are still too close to call and may be headed for recounts but republican control of that body is a certainty there's not very much common ground between the parties on major issues like immigration and health care so the forecast for the next two years is lots of talk but little action robert oulds al-jazeera washington. and still a migrants who arrived seeking a job in a better life are now going back and the slain government is free patriot in them for free the first and largest group of migrants are haitians more than a thousand have signed up for this program a lot america will see in him and explains why the government is flying them home.
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these haitian migrants are leaving chile with a bit more than with what they came but with their dreams shattered. what we thought we were coming to do doesn't exist we came here for a better life for decent work but there's nothing there the first one hundred seventy six beneficiaries of a government humanitarian repatriation program for my goods who can't afford to leave they've been given a free flight home in exchange for not returning to chile for at least nine years. since they could not adept well reality in their expectational were not mitt they asked the government's help to return home. the vast majority like they. say it's because they can't survive here. their mom i christened chile two years ago when i came it was easy to find a job but not now another thousand haitians are on the list and an undisclosed number of colombian migrants are also asking for a free flight home it is an unprecedented offer unique in
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a world where many more migrants are deported against their will but the very fact that this program exists draws attention to the exploitation and abuses that many many migrants in chile face. thousands of haitians live in appalling conditions employers often under pay them others complain of racism you know we asked the interior minister what the government is doing to help migrants stayed rather than leave where working to police and control employers and landlords and we've introduced measures to ensure that migrants obtain proper residence documents so that tom be exploited and can access public services here too late for. these migrants have given up any hope of making chile their home as they return to haiti to an uncertain future you see in human al-jazeera santiago. the vote counting house started to madagascar after the presidential election the african island nation had no less than thirty six candidates to choose from three of them former
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presidents are concerns about the low turnout with any people saying they weren't able to cast their ballot ballot that is the minimal. spoke to voters in the capital. a steady stream of people at polling stations across the capital. john is trying to cost a ballot. but without any luck she can't find a name on the voters' roll she says she'll continue searching but that means looking to dozens of lists. of course it is frustrating but i will keep searching but if i do it by my name i would just have to wait to vote next time but many others are not as accepting one woman says she's angry because no one in a family or fool can find their names really really there are many problems people have cards without their address listed people are on the list but don't have voter cards and people who have voter cards are not on the list. before the election
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twenty five political parties had formed a coalition to have electoral this reformed but the electoral commission refused and said the election would continue as planned. officials at the voting station say they haven't received all the electoral material they leave civil society organizations say they were similar problems in previous elections and they made recommendations to the electoral commission on how to fix them the stime round but say they were ignored. transparency international says this is worrying for madagascar's nine million voters but i will say one third of the people there live on the electoral list you should be on the electoral list have been dropped in some ways so it's really difficult for people to handle these. voters that have to choose between thirty six candidates but the race is really between just three of them all former presidents haiti. who won the twenty thirteen election
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marc ravalomanana returned from exile after two thousand and nine coup ousted him and angry about celine who was appointed as transitional president after that ticks an hour when you voting is important to me because i want to see the work that has been done continue and when are you going to answer if the political leaders follow the rules it will be ok but there are too many candidates. the electoral commission says it will release final results in three weeks but it's possible they could be contested for me develop al-jazeera antenna not evil. for more than four decades to hand sterilized about twenty pounds thousand of its own people who are suspected of having disabilities or mental illnesses after years of silence victims of the controversial program are demanding an apology and they also want condensation on the government tramper us reports from tokyo. as a boy jamie was regularly abused by his foster parents because of his polio. in
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nineteen sixty aged eighteen he was admitted to a psychiatric ward at naca hospital in sapporo where he was begun given electric shocks and forcibly sterilized. i remember what the nurse said clearly mr kadima you have schizophrenia you have a disability so people like you should not have children. as lawyer has medical evidence showing his scars are consistent with the sterilization and that he does not have schizophrenia but not a hospital says few old records of sterilisations exist and they can't confirm if kick oh i was a patient. really is the government's fault i just didn't know that they were to blame and they stripped us of this right to live. is just one of nearly twenty five thousand japanese citizens sterilized in a poll see that i'm to eradicate disabled and mentally ill people. and that after
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world war two the government justified its so-called eugenic protection law because the nation was struggling with food shortages and people like you i was seen as a burden on the economy. clinics across japan advertise their ability to perform sterilizations under the law but the majority were performed against the patients will until very recently thought was like this one where one of the few reminders for sterilization now victims of speaking up and demanding compensation. japan's top sterilizations in ninety ninety six but you mcculloch probably yeah she says those with mental illnesses still face social stigma today persinger helps them find jobs despite introducing quotas for disabled workers japan's government it be said this year they had dramatically inflation their own employee numbers much about hong kong lost in government itself it is not following the regulations
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there are some people who get extremely angry about this disabled people will think they can't work if they see this. in a country preparing to host the next paralympic games in twenty twenty the prejudice continues for the seven million japanese living with disabilities drew ambrose al-jazeera tokyo. and you can watch duran purses poor puerto japan's disability shame on want to one east programmers thursday at twenty two thirty g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera. the headlines for you now al-jazeera president donald trump has fired attorney general jeff sessions and he will be replaced by sessions chief of staff matthew whitaker who has been highly critical of the moller investigation critics say would occur most immediately were kids themselves from there we're seeing the probe that looks into possible interference by russia at the two thousand and sixteen presidential
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election and u.s. president trump says he still has will have rather a much stronger opinion on the case such as next week cited journalist was murdered and saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last month. on that the quiz show you mattered more than a month since the death of mr show you know journalist thing very terrible thing do you think saudi arabia is guilty of of having to murder and if so we're going to marshal your opinion on that subject over the next week and i'm working group closely with congress we're working together some very talented people and we're working with congress we're working with turkey and we're working with saudi arabia and i'm forming a very strong opinion soldiers from the u.s. have started installing razor wire at a bridge connecting part of the country's border with mexico the donna rio bravo international bridge and it's from donna and texas to the city of rio bravo and northern mexico as president trump recently ordered the deployment of an additional five thousand troops to the border the move comes as thousands of migrants flee
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several south american countries to make their way north through mexico towards the united states the leader of the hippie rebels has vowed never to surrender to saudi backed forces in yemen more than one hundred fifty people have been killed in days of fighting as pro-government troops advanced on the rebel help or the city of new data international aid groups have appealed for the safe passage of civilians as this military offensive and tense of eyes. backs on a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison babies acquittal after eight years on death row sparked a nationwide protest by hardliners local media say she's on her way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that would bar her from leaving pakistan. fourteen soldiers have been killed and eight others injured after the taliban attacked the afghan national army base in the guard district a takar province will continue to bring you updates on that story. those are the
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headlines keep it here inside story next.


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