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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it's part of the horrors of the happening in our country and everywhere. i think it's impossible to put any logic or any sense to the senseless with the midterm election bringing change on capitol hill gun control will again be on the political agenda brian al jazeera let's get more on this now we're joined by chris brown who's the co president of the brady campaign to prevent gun while she's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so given california is strict relatively strict at least gotten control little's how is something like this able to happen. well we have a national epidemic of gun violence in this country we have about one hundred thousand people being shot every year about thirty five thousand killed incidentally california yesterday which tragically yielded ten people twelve people being murdered and a dozen other shot is the three hundred seventh mass shooting in america and twenty
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eighteen alone we know that there are common sense solutions that will make this epidemic drastically reduce and we need to enact them as soon as possible that's why we have worked so hard at brady to elect gun violence prevention champions in the house of representatives and we finally have a majority in the house of representatives who we hope will tackle commonsense laws and enact them that will make a difference in this kind of shooting and many others that occur in this country what those called balls and solutions. i'll talk about three of them and that are part of brady brady's three point plan the first is we need to expand the background check system in this country the brady law was enacted almost twenty five years ago and one in five sales of guns that occurs today occurs without any background check it out at all because of gaps in the system we need to close those gaps the second thing we need to do is we need to act
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extreme risk laws that allow guns to be removed from at risk individuals across this country we have states that haven't acted them but there's legislation pending in congress that would provide grants to states to enforce those laws and to educate people about them i think we're going to find that there are facts and circumstances with this shooting in which a potential extreme risk could have been very important or an order put in place and the third the thing that we have to do is make sure that we have an honest conversation about the role of assault weapons and far too many mass shootings in this country we need to tighten the sale of assault weapons in this country as a top priority from what we know of this shooting so far do you think any of those changes would have made a difference here and how do you respond to them that this was just a guy with a handgun that gun reform couldn't have actually prevented this incident. i think that is one of the classic lines that we hear all of the time and you know
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at the end of the day among those three things that i just named facts are still coming out but if it's true that this individual had exhibited signs or symptoms of behavioral issues that he was at risk and some of the reports indicate that that is the case then an extreme risk law one that would have removed temporarily guns from him could have had an impact california in fact does have such a law the issue is that not enough localities have appropriate funding to be able to in act educational measures for law enforcement and family members to understand how important those kinds of orders are removing guns from individuals who are at risk but i want to go back to one of their point to your question which is we have an epidemic of gun violence in this country the vast majority of americans regardless of party affiliation believe we must do more so the idea that something
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more should not be done sensible policies that we know will stop some shootings. and i think it's ridiculous we need to take action we need to do it now and we know that we will save at least some lives if we do that it's unexcusable from the american public perspective to hear just thoughts and prayers from elected officials we need to act to save lives miss brown that's great to have your expertise on this we really appreciate your time that is chris brown live in washington d.c. thank you. we have plenty more ahead on the news hour including a refugee. in central african republic crisis that aid per se the world has forgotten about. humanitarian flights or. government faces questions about its program to send haitian. grandmasters chess to a new audience. will be here with more.
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leading members of the us democrat party of warning that the russian investigation is under threat off the attorney general jeff sessions was forced to resign by president donald trump nancy pelosi who leads the democrats in the house of representatives called the move a blatant attempt to end or disrupt special counsel examination he is looking into allegations of collusion between trump's presidential campaign and russian interference and the twenty sixteen vote the democrats won control of the house in the midterm elections they say they would use their majority to support the investigation let's go now to our white house correspondent kimberly how because she is joining us live from washington d.c. to tell us more can be about what the democrats have written in this letter. right will democrats have sent
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a letter to the latest letter they have sent is to white house counsel's formally requesting that the documents any documents e-mails any sort of pen to paper related to jeff sessions firing those documents be preserved why do they want them preserved well when january session of congress begins and democrats are control of committees oversight committees judiciary committees they can begin inquiries and they and say that they intend to do that in fact they say that they believe that the president is obstructing justice that he's attempting to undermine the robert muller investigation into whether or not there was not only russian interference in the twenty six thousand u.s. election but whether or not donald trump's presidential campaign colluded in any way with russia whether he attempted to obstruct justice they certainly are suggesting that the firing of jeff sessions the former attorney general was an attempt to do so they say this is
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a pattern by the president not only this firing or rather forced resignation but also the firing of the former f.b.i. director james comey the threat to fire the special counsel that has been looming and that the president has intimated many times and also an attempt to end the f.b.i. investigation is former national security advisor michael flynn and committee why are democrats sort of worried about matthew washington's appointment about him being acting attorney general and what can they do beyond writing this letter now. well there are a number of things they can do first of all they can raise them have done so the concern that this may not even be legal under u.s. law to appoint somebody that hasn't been confirmed by the senate so certainly they've opened up that for debate as well they have also really put the future of the program question given the fact the. michael whitaker himself penned an
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editorial saying just that and they say that this is a conflict of interest if you will he needs to recuse himself from this oversight house over this investigation right now because here's their fear their fear is right now he has the power to curtail the investigation to cut its budget even to slash or halt lines of questioning and that's what they're concerned about that's why they're not only working to preserve documents but they're also raising this red flag saying that this investigation has been undermined and he needs to step aside from it immediately committee thank you very much for that for now that his committee held good with the nation live in washington d.c. thank you. to cheney now where migrants who arrived seeking jobs and a better life and then going back the first and largest group a haitians more than a thousand have signed up to the repatriation program let's go now to our latin america editor lucien newman she's joining us from the capital santiago there was some controversy surrounding these returns. yes
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there is but one of the important things about this program or rather the fact that the haitians and others have been offered the chance to go home paid for by the chilean government is that it is totally voluntary and that is rather normal chile has become a magnet for migrants from all over the region and even beyond because of its very very stable economy one hundred and fifty thousand haitians twice as many of it as wayland peruvians colombians ecuadorans have been migrated to this country in the last three years and the country is finally a very. difficult to sort of absorb this very very sudden influx of migrants and that is why many and specially the haitians are asking for help from the government to return home. these haitian migrants are leaving chile with a bit more than with what they came but with their dreams shattered. what we thought we were coming to do doesn't exist we came here for
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a better life for decent work but there's nothing there the first one hundred seventy six beneficiaries of a government humanitarian repatriation program for migrants who can't afford to leave they've been given a free flight home in exchange for not returning to chile for at least nine years. since they could not adept well reality in their expectations were not mitt they asked the government's help to return home. the vast majority like they. say it's because they can't survive here. their mom my christened chile two years ago when i came it was easy to find a job but not now another thousand haitians are on the list and an undisclosed number of colombian migrants are also asking for a free flight home it is an unprecedented offer unique in a world where many more migrants are deported against their will but the very fact that this program exists draws attention to the exploitation and abuses that many
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many migrants in chile face. thousands of haitians live in appalling conditions employers often under pay them others complain of racism you know we asked the interior minister what the government is doing to help migrants stayed rather than leave where working to police and control employers and landlords and we've introduced measures to ensure that migrants obtain proper residence documents so they can't be exploited and can access public services too late for these migrants who've given up any hope of making chile their home as they return. to haiti to an uncertain future. and in this and elizabeth many many of those haitians who remain here including the ones who work in the market where i'm standing right now continue to struggle for example many of them are forced to pay almost two thirds of their minimum wage just to find something as basic and as necessary as a place to live just a tiny room or even a mattress in many cases and while the government is of course as you heard
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promising to do something about this it's moving much much too slowly thank you very much for that from latin america editor lucy in human lives and santiago thank you now aid agencies a call in the crisis and central african republic on the world's most neglected conflicts and elected government is now in the violence between armed groups continues it's forced more than twenty thousand people from their homes here like us hark reports from a refugee camp and. it just arrived you leave displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the and then sectarian violence in central african republic. some have their homes burnt to the ground others were chased from their villages by young men with machetes and guns among them are survivors of unspeakable violence. ten year olds his mother is dead her father is
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killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors. she hid in the bush with her uncle then tried to return to her village but the men kept coming back so she had again. there's no hiding from the violence we want the arms to go the violence to stop we just want peace this is celine's do you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups under siege and unable to leave the camp is that they are held hostage protected by a few overstretch u.n. troops celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places and she took the microphone. will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home we put her questions to visiting secretary general of the norwegian refugee council young angle and i hope she will be able to go back to our house but the reality is that you know
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the big forces of the armed groups and the lack of intention from this national community is not go in her direction really in this situation for these people is really desperate outside of the camp and outside of where this small girl is there are three armed groups and they deny people returning to their homes among the people living in this refugee camp are armed men in hiding not only do they target the humanitarian workers that bring them health they also attack the people that live in this camp it seems that there is no safe space for people to skate from the violence. at least them but was searching for food when she was gang raped at gunpoint by men she suspects are part of a christian armed group in the camp. they won't stop hurting girls here they think we're objects for them to take rape is just part of living here despite the trauma
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and the violence committed by adults whether christian or muslim children in this refugee camp sure a brief moment of unity and a country torn and looking for peace nicholas hawk al-jazeera. still ahead on the news out of rocks on the high vet along the syrian border fearing an enemy coming and. rescued business how sudanese traders are gambling on violence the bank branch had to turn a profit. and the miami heat bank of following yet on the wanted for the n.b.a. call it will be here for the details and school. we still got more on settled weather in the forecast across parts of the middle
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a still a fair amount of traps just spilling across some wet weather there still making its way across iraq heading towards iran will see some showers lingering around the eastern side of the medicine go on through friday cyprus could see some showers longest spells of brazen rain that see into lebanon into jordan maybe into northern parts of israel for friday iraq is dry and five twenty five celsius in baghdad twenty six celsius and q eight city wintery show is just i was at western side of the himalayas it was west of sudden rage and just around the levant which also some shastri be that israel wanted to say as they syria lebanon jordan all to see want to shout as is the case to all the parts of saudi arabia to spilling out of kuwait could see the odd shower here in qatar as well as we go through friday i don't see sas day in a bit wet weather certainly a possibility a chance of some showers to just around the gulf of aden and around the coastal fringes of the red sea and a chance of some showers to into the mozambique channel courtesy of this area cloud
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which is making its way towards madagascar on the other side of madagascar we are keeping a close eye on a developing cycle that's making its way next week. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal to hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. a journey of personal discovery about how the soviet rule has shaped the present day georgia issue people who shoot your past you will never have a future and gallant buildings and then monuments they seem to inspire in wars
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always don't mean your own people they are small algis there is time and i've actually meets a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar. good to have you with us on the news hour these are our top stories turkish sources have told alexander about that the search for the body of murdered journalist jamal khashoggi has ended earlier they said traces of hydrochloric acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general and. investigators have suggested that has
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remains could have been destroyed he was in chemical. police in the u.s. state of california have released more details about the man who shot and killed twelve people including a policeman inside a crowded bar twenty eight year old was a former u.s. marine who was lying to authorities and leading democrats have to protect the inquiry into russian meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election after attorney general jeff sessions was sacked by president donald trump is being replaced by matthew what occurred who's been openly critical of the inquiry. iraq's army is keeping a closer eye on its border with syria worried that i still fighters across. it is a reminder of the threat still posed by the armed despite being defeated in almost all the areas it used to control mohammad reports. above very dark sporter with syria security forces are on high alert iraq's military is doing what it can
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to repel any attempts by eisel members to regroup at a briefing the commander of anbar operations command centers as pockets of ice will fighters are located in an area north of the euphrates river. and another part of the border a convoy is on patrol. on the horizon smoke rises the result of out of the forces shelling eisel fighters. recently i salute tacked a stiff positions a move forced to retreat from their location but across the border area between iraq and syria there is no sign of terrorist elements even if they do then they'll be talkative by iraq to force. an optimistic assessment even as it out the military commanders estimate that at least two thousand five hundred eisel fighters remain in dead is during and other syrian towns close to the border brigadier general you hear us who says that office positions have been fortified and the border is being
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secured disability went up where intensifying our intelligence gathering effort as well and we have installed he seeker and thermal surveillance cameras supported by drones were also conducting strikes and shelling and ice. where located on the highest hill overlooking the syrian border the threat posed by ice along the border isn't just worrying it off the forces people living in the nearby town of a caught him are also concerned they've suffered in the past and are still suffering in two thousand and fourteen when a client was still under ice will control the meter how mood lost a leg in an explosion the improvised device had been planted by isis to halt the advance of an alkie forces who were attempting to take back the town like it was with that i started working as a fisherman but the job is difficult i need to feed a large family i call on the government to help us cut these are no thems husband
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was killed by ice will fighters in two thousand and fifteen she tries to support her family by selling milk from her two cows one and i know my children are students and need heat and electricity at home. sadness and desperation seemingly deepening even as a borders defenses are both. mohamed al jazeera. the also good program is planning to double its assistance to yemen hoping to reach fourteen million people and a rest stop it's already up to eight million meanwhile pro-government forces pushed closer to the rebel held port city of how they the where most of. the reports. pro-government forces laid a ground offensive on his data which is being controlled by heathy rebels since twenty footie the supported by a saudi and iraqi coalition which is the bombing positions in the pool city the
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collateral damage has did significant the age group save the children says one of its pharmacies providing lifesaving supplies was damaged by an asteroid pro-government forces have taken control of a major road leading into the city but the leader of the rebels in yemen has vowed not to surrender. i direct a call to all free men of our people to head for the front to defend the port city the battle is not a small one it stretches two thousand kilometers along the red sea coast it's been a year since the saudi amorality coalition imposed an assay and land blockade on yemen the post city of her data was until now a lifeline for the small amount of humanitarian aid the managed to get into the country but is the battle to control her data intensifies it's become almost impossible to get food supplies into yemen about two thousand one hundred people have reportedly fled their homes in the area close to the fighting humanitarian
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agencies have consistently warned their protracted fighting inside her data city or any incident that he drafted poor operations could set off a humanitarian catastrophe. hundreds of thousands of people who live in her day to face being trapped as fighting places in around them the u.s. and u.n. have called for a cease fire we've been urging all parties to come to the table. and to recognize that there is no military victory that can be achieved in yemen and we continue to call for a solution of hostilities but that cool seems to be falling on deaf ears as both sides battle for control of her data the u.n. is warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine putting thirty million people at risk victoria gate and be there. fourteen soldiers have been coded and eight others injured after the taliban
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attacked the afghan national army base in the district of province but no one's claimed responsibility. about a son a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy has been freed from prison the netherlands is now offering temporary asylum her acquittal after eighteen years on death row triggered nationwide protests by hardliners. local media says she's on the way out of the country despite a supreme court ruling that leaving baby was convicted in twenty ten on charges of insulting the prophet muhammad after a dispute with muslim farm workers the has the latest from islamabad. after the court ordered her release. baby was released from a prison in the studio dan boren especially broader to the old benazir international airport islamabad richard mourdock your government is saying that the
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media reports about her leaving the country are totally false and the information minister lashing out against the media saying that this was irresponsible behavior given the fact that the country had come to a word done after a violent protests broke out across pakistan and the government forces forced to make it read the protesters the protesters were now warned gatenby that i share bibi leave the country a difficult predicament indeed for the government why did really be interesting to see where the opposition parties are once again going to try to gain momentum and come back on the street to madagascan our vote counting has begun after the presidential election the african on the nation had said six candidates to choose from three of them former presidents but there are concerns about the low turnout with many people saying that they weren't able to cost their ballot fama the middle has the latest from the capital on top of every vote. results are trickling in here
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at the results into in the capital antananarivo there are about twenty five thousand voting stations around the country where results have to be collated and sent here so far we know that feeley a percentage of those results have come in and they show that two of the main contenders are neck and neck relooking add to marc ravalomanana former president who has about forty two percent of the vote at this stage and his opponent aren't you are to leno has about forty three percent of the vote for of course very early days one of the main concerns for many of the people who have voted here in madagascar they are supposed to be about nine million voters it is what some of the main newspapers are leading with at this point one that there were a number many irregularities in this election and also a low voter turnout to the electoral commission says that about forty percent of
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the people who were supposed to have vote turned out at the polls and of course there will be a concern around the electoral mandate for ever wins this election. irregularities that are on the electoral list there were twelve thousand double copies of the voting records thirty six people and where you just did wrong names when the voting caused all those. according to the rules starting from the fifteenth of may they literally cannot be changed any more so we have to wait until the first of december to really look at the list and all the issues this race is very close if neither of the any of the contenders they don't get more than fifty percent of the vote to madagascar is looking at a runoff in december between the two contenders who get the most votes once these votes are counted that of course will take. anything between twelve days for the
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preliminary results and then up to three weeks for final results to come out to the country people here are very patient it is a very slow process one that millions of madagascar malagasy is rather are going to wait for its completion. so down there and the united states are moving ahead with the gauche ations to remove the country from the list of state sponsors of terrorism saddam has been on the list since one thousand nine hundred three and president omar al bashir his government was accused of sheltering groups including al qaeda leader osama bin laden removal from the list would help revive sudan's economy and improve its international relations last year sanctions were lifted but sudan was kept on the list. well saddam's border with chad as a trading hub for. the border has been a point of tension between the two countries. and out here for more has
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more from west of there for on the border with chad. has been in the trade business in west for more than twenty years he says his business has expanded over the past few years as he no longer city traders. we take our sudanese products to sell some of the things to charity and try to. bring them back to their country. hundreds of creators in sudan. across the sudan chad border for many it's a way to keep their businesses alive but the border isn't always secure. remembers the times when violence plague the border affecting his business.
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when the darfur conflict began in two thousand and three in two thousand and six chad accused of backing a failed rebel attack on the capital. khartoum returned the accusation in two thousand and eight when darfur rebels attacked the sudanese capital security isn't the only issue causing tension at the joint border the border has been shut down several times over the past decade due to the smuggling of weapons and other goods across the two countries. with a history of smuggling and movement of armed groups between the seven hundred fifty kilometer border between sudan and chad securing it's vital for both countries a special joint deployment force has been increased here but while that has reduced the number of armed groups the smuggling continues that's because those joint forces established in two thousand and ten are not present along the whole border with goods worth millions of dollars being. annually local authorities in west are for say securing the border is a pirates with whom we have the joint forces established their directives from the
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presidents of the two countries to protect trade there is an active trade between our country and chad if we want benefits for citizens of both countries so securing the border ensures trade continues in the right way or abdullah says he doesn't know if the child in traitors who buy from him take the goods back to their country illegally but he hopes to continue to trade with him regardless so that his business continues to thrive he will morgan are just there on west are for. now sky high inflation budget deficit unemployment good economic news is hard to come by and argentina while industry is booming bass and as traceable reports from when assad as the government wants to see more of it to the world was this is a leading processing plant in when a site is working nonstop to export before around the globe. it's heading to the middle east europe and china and it is implants like this one where production has
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increased over fifty percent in the last few months. broder the me has been in the beef industry for decades he says argentina has lost years of production because of bad economic policies. the genetics of arjen time cut was unique among the best in the world fortune teller could be exporting much more but because of policies implemented during the previous administration industry was hurt no we're going back slowly but we are ready to sell our beef to every country in the world. the argentine pump out with its mild weather and extensive land is the perfect region to raise high quality cattle that has made the from here famous worldwide. but production had dropped dramatically because of an increase in the growth of the so you have been crop and also because of regulated policies during the previous government to former president cristina fernandez the. depression we lost about
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twenty percent of the cattle it was about twelve million cows that's how big the damage was to this industry that generates jobs and income for the nation the fear was that if we export more beef.


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