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tv   Abraham Serfaty Moroccos Mandela  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 9:00am-10:00am +03

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and why we're going to you know regardless of what the analysis determines we it's very clear already that we're going to have to double our efforts to reach more people with more food assistance but it's even more clear that the conflict that's led to that hardship in the first place absolutely has to and the guns have to fall silent the parties to that conflict every one of them every one of them claims that they care about the people of yemen and that they're concerned about the welfare of civilians but the actions that they've taken in pursuing that conflict have made a mockery of those claims and it's absolutely vital that they end the conflict as soon as possible so that humanitarian agencies like mine can do our job and can get the assistance to people to try to keep a famine from happening or turn it around if in fact we are already looking at one well still ahead here a risky business suit to be straight is a little clients with a pretty child just at a profit. plus i want you to go to one of its most famous exports to. the
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struggling you called to be. from the sky dome morning. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city. hello there the rain has largely cleared now for the southeastern parts of china we've got a bit of a lull in the weather this was the latest system and you can see it breaking up and work your way towards the east as we head through the next few days though we are going to see the rains begin to build once more so later on friday and into saturday we'll see the wet weather begin to pop up again and for some of us in the zhang she province it doesn't fairly wet that rain is expected to be really quite heavy a bit further towards the south and the heaviest of the rains here has been over the southern parts of thailand here's been incredibly wet and that system is now tracking its way towards the west intensifying as it works its way across the bay
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of bengal vowing it is still dragging plenty of showers so expect plenty of wet weather for the southern parts of thailand and actually for some of us in samoa it's also pretty wet too for the east there's more in the way of dry weather to be found in between the showers so yes they'll be some wet weather but some good spells of sunshine too as we head across towards sri lanka has been incredibly were here over the past three or four days and the rains are still with us expected to be wet again as we head through friday and into saturday but i do think the rains will be easing off the saturday so less heavy than they have been further north staying fine and dry temperatures easing in new delhi to twenty eight degrees. the weather sponsored by cats on a base. dog a stone drive with tensions between islamic separatists and pro russian national. calls in the crossfire one man has a vision for the next generation empowering. back
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to seek a special way. with this dog astounds peaceful mores on al-jazeera. book about killed watching of sarah by double our top stories police say they got but who killed twelve people after a big fire in a crowded bar in california was a form of the raid that served in afghanistan but his motive is still unknown here david long gave the fire in a bar in the city of thousand oaks turkish police have told prosecutors that they have added that search the body of saudi german structure chief sources have told
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that traces of acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul it's believed the country's body may have be disposed off using chemicals . at the world food program says the about the food aid it gives together to try to prevent us starvation the country's colony suffered the largest food costs the world you know agency says samy to reach up to fourteen million people the costs are almost exclusively by date with the go example war creating huge economic and food supply problems. syrian state media says the obvious for were the children held by i sold since july and killed they kept up as they were about thirty members of syria's by dorothy trees community abducted from the southern so weight of profits it doctors thought thousands of hardliners protested against the acquittal of a christian woman who spent eight years on death row on charges of blasphemy.
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the graci where protesters to did the court's decision be reversed bibi was released from jail a wednesday a week after her death said just it was overturned by the supreme court she was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet muhammad after a dispute with fellow farm workers. sudar of the united states are big head with the gate agents to the countries of the list of states obs of terrorism so dan has been on the list since nine hundred ninety three of president bush's government was accused of sheltering armed groups including the al qaeda leader a suburb. removal from the list would help provide cigars the quality of the previous relations last year sanctions were lifted but the dog was kept out of the list. border with china it is trading before birch of the dark falls state the borders be
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the point of tension between the two but it's also a route for smuggling goods out of a ball has more for west starfall on the border with chad. i believe how much has been in the trade business in west are for for more than twenty years he says his business has expanded over the past few years as he no longer sells his goods to sydney's traders or indeed. we take our sudanese products to sell some of the things to charity and try to secure our border they bring them back to their country. hundreds of traders in sudan's west are for buy and sell goods across the sudan chad border for many it's a way to keep their businesses alive but the border isn't always secure a book at remembers the times when violence plagued the border affecting his business. sometimes clashes with long order traders we had a fear that we had to close the shops.
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border tensions rose when the darfur conflict began in two thousand and three in two thousand and six chad it usedn't of backing a failed rebel attack on the capital. khartoum returned the accusation in two thousand and eight when darfur rebels attacked the sudanese capital in security isn't the only issue causing tension at the joint border the border has been shut down several times over the past decade due to the smuggling of weapons cars and other goods across the two countries. with a history of smuggling and movement of armed groups between the seven hundred fifty kilometer border between sudan and chad securing it's vital for both countries a special joint deployment force has been increased here but while that has reduced the number of armed groups the smuggling continues that's because those joint forces established in two thousand and ten are not present along the whole border with goods worth millions of dollars being smuggled annually local authorities in west are for say securing the border is a pirates and. we have the joint forces established their directives from the
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presidents of the two countries to protect trade there is an active trade between our country and chad if we want benefits for citizens of both countries so securing the border ensure. trade continues in the right way or abdullah says he doesn't know if they had him traders who buy from him take the goods back to their country legally but he hopes they continue to trade with him regardless so that his business continues to thrive he will morgan argues they are janina west are for. the trouble destruction is move to restrict claims of asylum for those who try to cross the us mexico border illegally a direct elations issued a short time ago asylum seekers called crossing the border at places other than official border posts will not be allowed to present asylum claims that victim comes at a time when care of the thousands of people from central america are currently breaking their way towards the u.s. border activists of did the move say good fire existing u.s. law. ship has will force you to d.c.
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. the department of homeland security and the department of justice have announced what's called an interim final rule that stipulates that certain migrants who cross into the united states at locations other than designated border crossings will now no longer be able to claim asylum it's still a bit meaningless there because it now it's all contingent on a presidential proclamation that we expect on friday from donald trump himself designating exactly which migrants this applies to clearly we're looking at this in the context of the central american asylum seeker migrant caravan that still some one thousand kilometers away and in southern mexico and we're not sure how many of those migrants were intending on even getting to the border or crossing the border with the united states at any locations other than designated entry points nonetheless this is all going to get caught up in the courts for some time time we expect because the american civil liberties union has already said it will sue the
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government saying that this is clearly illegal as far as they're concerned under both national and international law so this might be even in place by the time the caravan arrives so this might have some sort of or might be intended to have some sort of deterrent effect we're not quite sure. the democrats have demanded emergency hearings in the house of representatives to investigate doubletons removal of the attorney general jeff sessions they accused of trying to undermine robot mode its investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election in a letter democrats wrote that trump's decision threatens the rule of law places the nation in the throes of a constitutional crisis the white house denies the allegations particle haint how small from d.c. . a day after losing one of the houses of congress the president was a man on the defensive we keep hearing about. investigations now facing investigations on two from special counsel robert mueller looking into potential russian collusion and obstruction of justice and in january
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a democratic controlled u.s. house of representatives looking into pretty much anything it chooses to. with that a dramatic move his attorney general fired replaced by matthew whitaker a man close to the president in tweets and articles he's made it clear he thinks the moeller probe should be limited whitacre will have tremendous power over the investigation now not just the scope of it but under law he has the ultimate say as to what happens to miller's findings he could simply shred his final report but the midterm elections makes that less likely that the democrats will in fact invite. special counsel mauler to testify before the committee and testify in public about what were the findings in other words there are more ways to get the information to be public now that congress is in the hands of the democrats mother and his team
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have kept remarkably quiet letting their convictions speak in their stead. they've got a lot of people close to the president so far those charged include his former campaign his manager. deputy campaign manager his former national security advisor and foreign policy advisor all have pled guilty to federal charges and agreed to cooperate giving every indication that special counsel is making his way up the food chain the president has made it clear from the beginning he wants the miller investigation to go away there was no collusion there was no anything the midterm results make it much less likely he has the power to do that in the end. al-jazeera washington. because of the way and other guns because presidential election the african island nation had thirty six candidates to choose from to them both former presidents seem to be leading in the early stages and roger alina. both have
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more than forty percent of the early vote still short of the fifty percent lead is for me to miller has the latest from capitol until the reverse. the results are trickling in here at the results into in the capital antananarivo there are about twenty five thousand voting stations around the country where results have to be collated and sent here so far we know that feeley a percentage of those results have come in and they show that two of the main contenders are neck and neck relooking add to marc ravalomanana former president who has about forty two percent of the vote at this stage and his opponent and you were to leno has about forty three percent of the vote but of course very early days one of the main concerns of many of the people who have voted here in madagascar they're supposed to be about nine million voters it is what some of the main newspapers are leading with at this point one that there were
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a number many irregularities in this election and also a low voter turnout to the electoral commission says that about forty percent of the people who were supposed to have vote turned out at the polls and of course there will be a concern around the electoral mandate who ever wins this election. there are obviously irregularities out there on the electoral list there were twelve thousand double copies of the voting records thirty six people and where you just did wrong names when the voting caused all those technical issues according to the rules starting from the fifteenth of may they literally cannot be changed in the morning so we have to wait until the first of december to really look at the list and fix all the issues this race is very close if neither of the if any of the contenders they don't get more than fifty percent of the vote to madagascar is
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looking at a runoff in december between the two contenders who get the most votes once these votes are counted that of course will take. anything between twelve days for the preliminary results and then up to three weeks for final results to come out to the country for people here very patient it is a very slow process one that millions of madagascar is well i guess is rather going to wait for its completion. deep budget deficits huge unemployment go to equal when news is hard to come by a large and team but one industry is booming and speaks other stories about reports on what as always the governor wants to warp it to the world i this is a leading processing plant in when a site is working nonstop to export before around the globe. it's heading to the
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middle east europe and china and it is implants like this one where production has increased over fifty percent in the last few months but broder brother focused on the me has been in the beef industry for decades he says argentina has lost years of production because of bad economic policies in. the genetics of origin time cut was unique among the best in the world fortune teller could be expert in much more but because of policies implemented during the previous administration industry was hurt no we're going back slowly but we are ready to sell our beef to every country in the world. the argentine pump out with its mild weather and extensive land is the perfect region to raise high quality cattle that has made the from here famous worldwide. but production had dropped dramatically because of an increase in the growth of the so you have been crop and also because of regulated policies during the previous government to former president cristina fernandez the very the push
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into the wood we lost about twenty percent of the cattle it was about twelve million cows that's how big the damage was to this industry that generates jobs and income for the nation the fear was that if we export more beef the internal prices would go up and that's why they regulated exports and in the end people stopped investing fees now despite the continuing economic crisis the beef industry is booming i didn't you know that was a problem with a very high you may feel that figure from the evaluation of the preparing for that was before and i worked in the field probably i was on the wife of forty graeme but i believe like this one it was to help the country's economy. and that's why the government has launched a major campaign to sell argentine products around the world. it's true many argentine industries are facing difficulties because of
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a drop in demand locally and there is financial stress but we believe it's only in the short run because we're hoping to export more beef grain shoes lemons we are improving the situation in the ports people are ocracy we had before and this will help us sell faster and more. argentines eat an average of fifty eight kilos of feed a year and even though the world health organization may recommend otherwise the plan is to spread that passion for beef that exists here to the rest of the world once again. you're just there i'm still robin these are all top news stories turkish police have told prosecutors that they have ended the search for the body of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi so says told al jazeera that traces of acid with the
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residents of these articles in general in the stumble it's believe the casualties body may have been disposed of using acid police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire inside a crowded bar in california it was a former marine in david loans motive is still unknown. the f.b.i. los angeles evidence response team is processing the crime scene here behind me as well as the subjects vehicle and the home on newbury park we're going to pursue the leads that are developed from matt evidence wherever they take us to identify any possible motivation. paint a picture of the frame of mind of the subject identify any. potential radicalization or any associates at this point we do not have any indicators. other associates or. there are no other threats to los angeles area. the
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world food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid it gives yemen to try to prevent less starvation the countries currently suffering the largest food crisis in the world the united states the says aiming to reach up to fourteen million people at risk. the hardliners who protested against the acquittal of a christian would lose but eighty years on death row on charges of blasphemy b.b. was released from jail on wednesday a week after her death sentence was overturned by the supreme court she was convicted in two thousand and ten of charges of insulting me prophet mohammed after a dispute with fellow farm workers. the top administration has moved to restrict claims of asylum by those who tried to cross the us mexico border illegally a direct relation to shoot a short time ago asylum seekers called crossing the border places other than official border posts will not be allowed to present asylum claims or you could follow those stories on the website of calls that dot com back with would use it
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all for the. inside story to stay with us. mixed results in the u.s. midterm elections the republicans tighten their grip on the senate while the democrats capture the house of representatives what does this mean for president trump's remaining two years in office and how will it affect his foreign policy this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm homage the midterm result set the stage for what promises to be a very different washington for the second half of the president's first term in office and there could be consequences for his foreign policies the democrats will have more power to influence decisions from russia and saudi arabia to the israel palestine issue will have an expert panel to discuss this shortly but first robert oulds reports on the shape of things to come. who is a big day yesterday in white house spin zone despite the mid-term loss of the house to the democrats president donald trump declared victory citing republican gains in the senate i did focus on the senate and we had tremendous success with the senate democratic house leader nancy pelosi said the democrats victory was an opportunity to work together with drum who will strive for bipartisanship and believe that we are home sponsibility to seek common ground where we can but we cannot we
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must stand on it from our control of the house gives democrats power to block much of the republican legislative agenda and launch investigations into trump's russian business dealings taxes and other ethical issues dogging several senior officials b.s. democrats are here to strengthen the institution in which we serve and not to have it be a rubber stamp for president chom. many democratic voters believe the house should begin impeachment proceedings against trump but the senate republican leader had a warning for democrats drawn from republicans own experience i remember when we tried in the late ninety's. we impeach president clinton his numbers one often are going down and we underperform in a national election so the democrats in the house will have to decide just how much
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presidential harassments they think is a good strategy i'm not so sure it will work or there's not very much common ground between the parties on major issues like immigration and health care so the forecast for the next two years is lots of talk but little action robert oulds al-jazeera washington. all right let's bring in our guests here with us in the studio is carl wider quist political philosopher and associate professor at georgetown university in new york eli clifton fellow at nation institute and contributing editor at low blog and in boston rami hooty senior fellow at harvard kennedy school welcome to the program so carl let me start with you now that jeff sessions has been fired not really a surprise but how much do you think that could impact robert muller's investigation well it depends what trump has planned he's already whitacre the
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replacement is somebody who's very anti the investigation whether they're going to follow through and try to fire sessions or not remains to be seen that's a strong possibility but we don't know what's in trump's mind rami let me ask you what about russia overall i mean do you think now that the democrats have taken control of the house of representatives and have much more power to investigate do you think that we're going to be seeing a lot more investigations as far as trump's possible ties to russia. for sure we're going to see vesta geishas we're going to see requests for classified or private material like bank accounts or tax returns and things of that nature which the the committees intelligence and other committees in the house have the authority to do without necessarily seeking senate approval there will definitely be a probing going on now in the next month or so as people try to figure out what's
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the most effective way to push back against the many many things that trump has done that the democrats don't like but not to push too far when they might trigger a counter reaction both in the congress and also among the public some for instance that there isn't really a majority in the population for impeachment of trump but many democrats would like that so that's probably not going to happen but yes there's going to be investigations and there's going to be a lot of pressure using the constitutional system the new bills and passing new motions and new initiatives new investigations new hearings all kinds of things are going to be done russia is going to be one of them syria probably will be one iran possibly certainly saudi arabia and yemen and the fallout of the high sugary situation all of these things will be will be will be on the agenda the question is where they're going to prioritize things arab israeli issues will be pretty minor
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right now but they'll eventually emerge later. if you could expand a bit on what rami was saying there because he he brought up saudi arabia so if we could pivot a bit more to to the region when it comes to saudi arabia of course we know that the president donald trump is you know very close with the saudi regime but with growing outrage over the murder. and with democrats in control of the house. is that relationship going to be affected. i think the relationship with saudi arabia's probably is a great example of the two competing and perhaps aspects now of the president's foreign policy decision making at one level members of his administration who work on foreign policy matters such as the secretary of state my pompei o national security advisor john bolton they're almost certainly going to be spending a lot more time on capitol hill testifying before congressional committees explaining the president's foreign policy decisions so in that sense it's going to be
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a lot more oversight is going to be a lot more pressure coming down on them to confront the challenges such as the murder of jamal khashoggi and the and many other of the of the inconsistent. aspects of the united states as a relationship with saudi arabia extending to the war in yemen in particular where there is a large scale opposition within the democratic party to the u.s. is ongoing role in helping to facilitate that through refueling as well as arms sales but you know there's another side of this which is that the president's legislative agenda is almost certainly stalled at this point his ability to get anything through this democratically controlled congress is going to be severely hampered and on for and foreign policy might be one of the few areas where he can act out where he can provide distractions something he is not above doing as he showed with the migrant trying to fan racist fears about the migrant caravan coming up through mexico and in that regard it's quite possible he'll double down on the
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relationship with saudi arabia and the backing of m.b.'s. i think one of the key words that i was mentioning there is oversight the fact that the democrats have the house are they going to hold trump's feet to the fire on a number of issues now one of them i want to ask you about is yemen of course one of the things that's come out of the growing outrage that we mentioned in the murder of samantha shows he is the fact that there is this moment in seemingly in washington to try to hold the saudis accountable for what's going on in yemen and to perhaps try to stop us his relationship with saudi arabia when it comes to the war in yemen do you see that being impacted at this point. yes and there are going to be able to shine a light on what's going on what's going on that's one of the roles of of an opposition in the way the u.s. system works you can control the house of congress and still essentially be the opposition they'll be able to sign to shine a light on some of the stuff and they can block
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a lot of legislation that would have gone through the other what otherwise that's all they can do and it's true they face the big tradeoff of how much of this can they do without without going too far i think in the past republicans have been very willing a very unafraid of going too far when they're doing things like this and democrats have been a little more maybe a lower afraid about going too far and maybe they need to go a little farther this time around what do you think about you know when it comes to this issue of yemen i mean do you think that we're at a stage now that u.s. lawmakers will effectively be able to block the u.s. is participation with saudi arabia in the war in yemen in some way it's the low hanging fruit in the american saudi relationship and it's the easiest thing for the united states to do to send a message to saudi arabia that comes out of the widespread anger and revulsion in the u.s. about the murder and not just the murder of her children but the repeated lying and
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incompetent explanations coming out of the government of saudi arabia and the crown prince's office they keep coming up with different stories so there's really a strong offense and anger in the united states and they want to do something to just send a message to saudi arabia and the easiest way to do this is yemen partly because there's also incredible information now with photos on the front page of the new york times and other places about the terrible human catastrophe there i mean i mean it's in the u.s. right now you're seeing a hand in there is about the humanitarian catastrophe in yemen really playing out in the media in a way that it wasn't before correct. that's right and it's not you know people don't vote because of foreign policy we know that but at the same time polls show that americans want their government to be even handed to be decent to have integrity to promote international law and fair fair handedness to both sides in
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the conflict including the arab israeli conflict but so there can be public opinion pressure possibly pushing some of the members of congress to to at least get the united states to stop directly being a mall in this war and then maybe they'll move on to other things like delaying weapons sales to sort of arabia renegotiating issues like that that the american soda relationship is so big and so significant that they don't want to bring it question down obviously but they also want to send a message because it is possible that the democrats in the house will completely ignore saudi in yemen because they might decide that they will they will get more attention focusing on the rush into vet investigation and some of his donald trump's financial dealings or his past sexual harassment issues they might decide that we can only focus on so many things and they might make the clock elation that those are the things that they can the most of focus on maybe they'll
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drop some of those and spend more time on saudi and yemen it remains to be seen if we're talking about saudi arabia and we're talking about yemen we should of course bring iran into the conversation now that the u.s. is reimposing sanctions against iran where it is this relationship go you know there have been so many reports in the past year that perhaps donald trump wants to reopen negotiations with iran it from your vantage point does that happen what happens next exactly i would find it to be an extremely unlikely outcome because in that there's one actor in this midterm that we haven't really given any attention to it and when i say we i mean the me. in general and that is the republican party's biggest donor sheldon adelson alongside his wife miriam adelson and you know they put over one hundred million dollars into this election cycle you could argue that they made a blunder and that it was a huge loss for them because of the outcome for the house but they did ok in the
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senate and more importantly i might argue that actually their investment into republican house races still couldn't pay a dividend to them because their number one concern is foreign policy it's keeping a hawkish u.s. stance toward iran they're very close with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and by all accounts that is their primary motivation for their political giving has to do with maintaining this close relationship between the republican party and the liquid party in israel and sheldon adelson arguably has more influence here this is a party that is more deeply indebted to him any republican member of congress and a republican member of the senate and donald trump himself all over arguably their positions to sheldon a very model for the largess in helping to fund them now adelson this has proposed in the past that the u.s. to go shooting strategy toward iran should be to drop a nuclear weapon in as he put it in the iranian desert and tell the iranians that the next nuclear weapon will be landing on terror on this is not somebody who wants
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to see any sort of the goshi ation or diplomacy he he helped fund the opposition to the negotiation of the joint comprehensive plan of action under the previous administration and by all accounts he's played he played a major role in pushing for john bolton thorough a thorough iran hawks who nobody would doubt his intention of trying to spark some sort of a conflict as being appointed as national security advisor if you will sort of i thought the interest on iran it's hard to imagine the u.s. already interrupt you because i see croll once you're going to make a point or going out of this way and don't forget i'm spending one hundred million dollars an election. it is not just an investment on the outcome of that particular election but it is buying continuing influence with that party i'm sure i'm sure that's obvious to you but i want to make sure i point that out it's not just about in a short term investment if even if they lose a lot of seats here and that by spending all that money they buy influence with
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republicans for the next two years the i go ahead you want to say something precisely. i think that's absolutely right and that is the key takeaway we should be making is that the children marry an adult and have increased their investment into the republican party and the republican party's ties to their biggest donors have now been deepened so i think on foreign policy matters in particular there's going to be very little daylight between any republicans and where sheldon merriam adelson want them to be exactly so let me ask you then of course you heard eli and he brought israel into the conversation and you and i have on this show in the past spoken about this suppose it deal of the century that donald trump jared cushier and others were going to bring to in the israeli palestinian conflict peace for the region that has not materialized most analysts don't think it will where is all of that where has that gone. well the deal of the century was really the fantasy of
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the century i mean this has been a catastrophic century for much of the arab world certainly for the palestinians and it started with balfour ninety in one thousand seventeen and and now it's we have question are in two thousand and seventeen eighteen and two figures who have absolutely no interest in giving any kind of human rights or national rights or respect to palestinians and and what we've seen over the century is total disdain by most western powers other than lip service to a genuinely equitable resolution of the israeli palestinian conflict and it's this deal of the century is built on a fantasy of the saudis and the israelis and moderate arabs on the americans and others making a front against iran and it's just not not going to work now i would just like to add to what my two colleagues said before that we really have two contradictory forces at work here one is this incredible impact of fatal. sheldon
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adelson and and then of course jared questioner and his links to the likud and his total control in many ways or heavy control of policy in the middle east in the white house and the christian fundamentalists are just out of delegation of the christian fundamentalists meeting with howard been so man the crown prince and saudi arabia that triumvirate really creates a very powerful bloc that is driving much of the policies in the middle east against that is the tradition the current of the last ten fifteen years which is especially seen in the house of representatives and we've saw it in this election with elections of many progressives the first palestinian american somali american a lot of woman and. people three arab americans but many progressives many leftist progressives and and what we saw in two thousand and sixteen with bernie sanders is you can take a fair position on israel palestine in public as a presidential candidate and not get destroyed liked. had been the case in the past
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so i expect to see within the democratic party in the congress more lobbying for even handedness that's all we're asking for that's all they're asking for and this is going to push back a little sun and question around the christian fundamentalist it's going to create a really fascinating dynamic the question is is this a porton up for them to make a priority or are they more going to be focused on russia and syria and yemen iran human rights or other issues we'll just have to wait and see but clearly there's two contradictory forces at work here and this election brought out the progressive leftist forces karl i mean trump has been all about america first do you see him now after the midterm elections actually focusing more on foreign policy yes that's a traditional thing for presidents to do when they lose control of congress is the one thing that they have most control over is is foreign policy so it's going to be
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it's going to be a big of a concert for him and when he says america first he says the same thing putin means when when he when he when he talks about russia it's not really about america russia it's about me first it's about showing what a what a dominant great guy he is and he's got a lot of opportunities to bully people around in the foreign policy theater and he'll do that he also has an opportunity with the senate so most of he lost the house and he lost the senate and kept the house he wouldn't be able to to appoint judges that's going to be a big thing in this in this that's going to be his main domestic thing in the next two years is appointing every conceivable judge he can if the in all levels you lie president trumps you know if. he has severely altered some would say harmed america's relationship with the european allies so you know leaders in europe what are they taking what is their take away from democrats remain in the house are they
9:41 am
are they happy about it. well as i think karl just pointed out that typically the president who's just lost midterm elections turns to foreign policy in the second half of their of their term and in this case you're i doubt you're going to see a different donald trump you're not going to see a different mike pump a oh you're not going to see a different john bolton if anything i would warn anyone who's dealing with them that there's a highly or a likelihood that in some ways they're going to feel like the leash has been taken off they no longer have the midterm elections hanging over them they no longer have many of the more moderate voices in their own party trying to pull them back from from whatever they were trying to accomplish and in terms of what their agenda will be going forward i think as you just raise well iran is a good example they're moving forwards with trying to unilaterally reimpose sanctions including on or getting other countries who had signed on to the joint comprehensive plan of action to now follow this this unilateral move by the united states to or to reset action entities that engage in trade with iran there will be
9:42 am
an effort by the europeans to try to create a non dollar based exchange so to continue some degree of trade with iran and hopefully maintain some of the constraints from the joint comprehensive plan of action on iran's nuclear program and but this is all going on in the context of john bolton as national security advisor who hasn't seen a multilateral or international treaty they haven't want to tear hasn't wanted to tear up though the intermediate nuclear forces treaty is almost certainly on the chopping block at this point and i'm sure that there will be heightened tensions as europe tries to salvage what they can of the joint comprehensive plan of action and as we do this as the united states does this it reaches a point where it overplays its influence of the united states leadership or acting like it's still one hundred forty five and we're still the only intact industrial economy the world and that and that we can unilaterally sanction people in that. it
9:43 am
will hurt them it's hurting less and less unilateral sanctions come united states is hurting less and less especially with a rand now with with europe trying to undermine the u.s. then has to try to pressure european companies and chinese companies into making a choice between doing business with the united states and doing business with iran and that weakens the united states influence around the world some of these companies going to say ok i won't use the united states and then that a little bit or roads us influence in this is this is this actually what seems like a strengthening of u.s. power is actually in is actually over the medium and long term just weakening just to jump in quickly that to follow that there's now an actively organized effort among big powers all over the world russia china turkey europe to organize a pushback against the american sanctions on iran to figure out a way where the world can keep trading with iran so the united states is dealing
9:44 am
with opposition within the u.s. and then big opposition in the world this is not a bunch of small little countries but the biggest powers are saying to the u.s. openly what you're doing is unacceptable and we're going to push back against that the last point i make is that there are many democrats who support the trunk position on iran for instance or palestine and the new chairman of the foreign or foreign relations committee in the house eliot engel is is a liquid nick ron hawk as as hawkish as they come so that's not all in the democratic party not everybody is against what the trumpet ministrations doing and this is part of the struggle called if you want to do that yes and this this effort to this this this effort of trying to get where he thinks are better deals are if he doesn't know what these deals are for yes the u.s. has always paid more for nato than everybody else in nato has and that is because.
9:45 am
the deal has the tacit deal has always been the united states pays the most and the united states makes most of the decisions many of our trade deals are similar to that and trump trying to get what he thinks are more equal terms is actually spending america's influence and is weakening america's all right gentlemen we have run out of times we're going to have to leave it there thanks to all our guests carl white request clifton and rami hooty and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here bye for now.
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a journey of personal discovery about how the soviet rule has shaped the present day georgia and shoot people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and then mourn humans they seem to inspire you know wars always been in your own people they are small algis there is time an aversion to me it's a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades
9:47 am
a multitude of nearby and out it forces. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old sala does has of survived them as like the t.t.s. home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would hope is that a company. went on line for you looking at you know the wild life and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to have long term success or if you join us on sound if you could take me around the content what would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment and for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that some of our community members are going to join the global conversation amount is iraq. a
9:48 am
moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled. we were isolated by our extremist views. he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera well tells the story of the dissident abraham serfaty morocco's mandela. they were charges their arms the whole robin and all these were all top news stories turkish police have told prosecutors that they're ending the search for the body of murdered journalist jamal khashoggi sources have told al jazeera that traces of. the residence of a saudi consul general in istanbul it's believed the body may have been disposed of
9:49 am
using chemicals lot of laundry symons in istanbul. the revelation follows the poetry analysis of samples taken by turkish investigators more than a fortnight after jamal khashoggi is murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told our jazeera it was here at the consul general residence that traces of hydrofluoric acid and a non-domestic chemical were found the source says the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process and the source speaks of samples also taken from a well in the garden of the residence and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the cover up operation even though they've been sent out in an official saudi investigation team i took is present brigette tell
9:50 am
you heard one appeared in public on thursday that made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an underneath about turkey's position was made clear from the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up his inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be enough evidence and it wants the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects not only that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system andrew
9:51 am
symonds al jazeera istanbul. police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire inside a crowded bar in california was a former marine in david long's motive is still unknown you know he took his own life after being confronted by police officers. yes the i was and also evidence response team is processing the crime scene here behind me as well as the subject's vehicle and the home on newbury park we're going to pursue the leads that are developed from that evidence wherever they take us to identify any possible motivation. paint a picture of the frame of mind of the subject and identify any. potential radicalization or any associates at this point we do not have any indicators. other associates or. there are no other threats to the los angeles area. the world
9:52 am
food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid it gives to yemen to try to prevent mass starvation the countries currently suffering the largest food crisis in the world the u.n. agency says aiming to reach up to fourteen million people at risk. was in pakistan thousands of hardliners protested against the acquittal of a christian woman who spent eight years on death row on charges of blasphemy bibi was released from jail on wednesday a week after her death sentence was overturned by the supreme court she was convicted in two thousand and ten on charges of insulting the prophet mohammed after a dispute with other farm workers the trumpet ministration has moved to restrict claims for asylum seekers those that cross the u.s. border illegally under regulations issued a short time ago asylum seekers called crossing the border at places other than official border posts will not be allowed to present asylum claims those were the
9:53 am
headlines of a lot more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera it's witness to stay with us.
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a foot of news we should pull forward it's an appropriate. i never. knew she couldn't have been you see it was at social security literature in which you build a new church on the floor but it does not start means that you must be nuts. liberal. the bull person and deal with both to undo it. if you're bothered by the court rule the obvious to show your mother by martha is by much but note it would talk with. some thirty poker you're both good. some of them are the one with the consequence of but not that one third one what more do. clears see if you think the whole did not deliver the poker so well that the guild
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what sort of diversity of it was like you know i'm good at. this movie spoke with. such a kurdish state that you will work with will go misty but it isn't the war through the british civil. service through the. years but just the really with by those she polish publisher was never. the couple to me the last of us not to take with them gold is mostly social with a parcel in the port. of the fact when the market.
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