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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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it's calls for a ceasefire in yemen and a political solution but on the ground around the pool city of data the opposite is happening. the fighting between pro-government forces and the rebels is intensifying and so despite renewed diplomatic efforts by the united states plans the u.n. brokered talks in sweden in november have been pushed back until the end of the the special envoy for yemen martin griffiths has made clear that any military escalation does not help the ongoing efforts to relaunch the political process we hope to see the first steps for deescalation in yemen as we move forward towards convening political consultations between the parties before the end of the year but the chance of those hopes being realized is slim neither side in her data seems in the mood to compromise. military operations are continuing in the streets of data hutu militias we cleared out god willing we'll then continue to fight beyond two data. these have controlled her data since twenty fourteen suppose his in the
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city say they'll never surrender and the enemy talks about controlling her data but we tell them the data is very far for you with god's help we will be victorious and we are with abdullah malik. the world food program is doubling the amount of food aid it gives to yemen to try and prevent mass starvation it's a very clear already that we're going to have to double our efforts to reach more people with more food assistance but it's even more clear that the conflict that's led to that hardship in the first place absolutely has to end until it does aid agencies say it will be almost impossible to get food supplies into yemen leaving fourteen million people at risk of starvation. victoria gating be algis there. well syrian state media says the army has freed nineteen women and children held by zal since july and killed their kidnappers they were among thirty members of sheers
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minority druze community abducted from the southern so wait of providence still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour in the u.s. democrats raise concerns about the new acting attorney general. and the house of commons in britain female politicians from around the world to celebrate one hundred years of women's suffrage in the united kingdom. will be the millennium grandmasters who are bringing chess to a new audience. president donald trump has beat her did another immigration blow an appeals court in california upheld a ruling that a program that protects younger undocumented immigrants must continue d.s.c. odaka there was created under former president barack obama and shields hundreds of miles of undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s.
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as children before two thousand and seven it protects the group known as dreamers from deportation and gives them work permits the issue is likely to ultimately end up in front of the u.s. supreme court. the top of ministration has moved to restrict claims of four sila by bike routes crossing the us mexico border illegally under regulations issued a short time ago people caught crossing the border at places other than official border posts will not be allowed to present asylum claims she has more from washington d.c. . the department of homeland security and the department of justice have announced what's called an interim final rule that stipulates that certain migrants who cross into the united states at locations other than the designated border crossings will now no longer be able to claim asylum it's still a bit meaningless there because it now it's all contingent on a presidential proclamation that we expect on friday from donald trump himself
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designating exactly which migrants this applies to clearly we're looking at this in the context of the central american asylum seeker migrant caravan that still some one thousand kilometers away and in southern mexico and we're not sure how many of those migrants were intending on even getting to the border or crossing the border with the united states at any locations other than designated entry points nonetheless this is all going to get caught up in the courts for some time time we expect because the american civil liberties union has already said it will sue the government saying that this is clearly illegal as far as they're concerned under both national and international law so this model even in place by the time the caravan arrives to this might have some sort of or might be intended to have some sort of deterrent effect we're not quite sure at what about kids is an immigration attorney. in texas he joins me now from el paso city on the us mexico border good to have you with us live on how legitimate is this order legally.
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it is my professional opinion that this executive order proclamation where president trump is totally illegal by lives on asylum seekers statutory rights if only if the due process clause of the us constitution guarantees that no one need to accuse some seekers of be deprived of life or liberty without due process of lard and also bypasses congress oversight and so i think graham's whole the high court all or turn this executive order. that has also has a badges of racism behind it so at the moment until it reaches the higher courts it's left in the purview of the border guards the immigration officials and lawyers and firms like yourself so who precisely does the old reply to and hugh will you be able to represent sure of this executive order.
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it seems that we've lost that skype connection we're trying to get back to is what a back if we can later in the program but we'll leave it there and move on because the calcium is still going on in some of those closely fought us mid-term election races in arizona the release of over one hundred thousand previously uncounted ballots saw a democrat kirsten sinema move into a nine thousand vote lead early a republican latham externally had been leading by more than seventeen thousand votes they said they were wins it'll be the first time in three decades that the state has elected a democrat tough but the votes are still to be counted across the state. yes democrats have also about the divergence of hearings in the house of representatives to investigate double transfer legal attorney general jeff sessions q strength of tried to abide by but bill as investigation into russian battling in
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the twenty sixteen election it a lot of democrats wrote that trump's decision threatens a rule of law and places that they should be in the throes of a constitutional crisis the white house denies the allegations particle a possible for washington. a day after losing one of the houses of congress the president was a man on the defensive i keep hearing about. investigations now facing investigations on two fronts special counsel robert mueller looking into potential russian collusion and obstruction of justice and in january a democratic controlled u.s. house of representatives looking into pretty much anything it chooses to. with that's a dramatic move his attorney general fired replaced by matthew whitaker a man close to the president in tweets and articles he's made it clear he thinks the moeller probe should be limited whitacre will have tremendous power over the investigation now not just the scope of it but under law he has the ultimate say as
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to what happens to miller's findings he could simply shred his final report but the midterm elections makes that less likely that the democrats will in fact invite. special counsel mauler to testify before the committee and testify in public about what were the findings in other words there are more ways to get the information to be public now that congress is in the hands of the democrats mother and his team have kept remarkably quiet letting their convictions speak in their stead. they've got a lot of people close to the president so far those charged include his former campaign manager his deputy camp. manager his former national security advisor and foreign policy advisor all have pled guilty to federal charges and agreed to cooperate giving every indication that special counsel is making his way up the food chain
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the president has made it clear from the beginning he wants the miller investigation to go away there was no collusion because know anything the midterm results make it much less likely he has the power to do that in the end. al-jazeera washington let's return to our story on illegal immigrants migrants we were unceremoniously sun ceremoniously cut off beckett is in el paso from beckett law firm it's good to have you back with us on skype i'm sure there are just a few gremlins in the system there my second question really at the time that we were cut off was about the fact that this law will most probably always order by the president will go to the higher courts it will have to be seen by those in law areas that will be able to decide whether this is legal or not for the time being the immigration offices. law enforcement offices and legal firms like you will have to deal with the problem on the ground so who precisely will this order apply to
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and who will you actually be representing if it lands in your lap. that it's going to affect the most vulnerable populations of the iron triangle of women and children from what a mile or else someone who understands what's happening on the border we're not being overrun if we were having issues just because this administration is causing issues in fact customs and border protection which is the c.b.p. officers at the ports of entry they are refusing to allow. legitimate moment all populations to come to our ports of entry to intercede asylum and therefore they're forcing them to actually go around the port in injury legally whether that's through the desert or through the river or the harbor means because they're desperate we have people who have been shot people are being deprived of food and medical care people from war zone like conditions and so when you're in a desperate situation you know you're going to get bencher any means necessary and so c.p.s.
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actually encouraging asylum seekers twenty or illegally and then now they want to pass this law to score political points and they're using it bolder populations just to make political points and make their base happy it is a tragedy because we are the ones who live on the border and i can tell you i feel very safe there i'm not being overrun no one's trying to kill me or come to my home there's a process in place in this administration is violating that process there did humanizing. human one thousand deporting denying depriving asylum seekers and so those of the people of that i'm going to represent it's going to make it very hard the laws are already so hard you know it's absolutely very hard mr beckett in his innocence and one can assume and can understand the scenario that many people feel as they head towards the u.s. the u.s. has very strict regulations on who can apply for asylum if they feel they're being
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persecuted or a minority group that's under some sort of pressure in their her. country but we're also seeing the fact that such edicts from washington d.c. such edicts from the white house are having another effect those that are trying to get to the u.s. have decided to go back we're running a story here at al-jazeera where we've got migrants from haiti who happened to be in chile are being flown back to haiti because they really don't see the point of going to the u.s. because they think it is a difficult barrier to cross do you think like grins heading towards the u.s. hearing about these issues that are coming out of the u.s. might think twice and head back and go back to their home countries but it's been my experience that when when you have a choice between being beheaded persecuted you know tortured you know what it was the situation is there they will not think twice because they want to preserve their life so when your life is on the line you'll do whatever it takes if you want
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to save your children you're going to run to the border and we understand that here on the border and we have cases of course you know if someone doesn't have a legitimate claim then they probably would should turn back but if you're running for your life this is not a deterrent this is just political points the border is safe and the problems is being created by this administration user elliptical. mr beckett you say political influence the administration is actually saying that they have to do this because the border crossing points those transit centers where applications are accepted or at least considered near to breaking point there are so many people coming through that the administration has had to do this as a way of preserving the system. yes we you know they created this dismissed people have always come to your door orders raided the new ellis island is that a common you know we don't have ocean here so we say you know if they'll come to
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our shores they come to our border but the cancer is created by the c.b.p. officers themselves by telling people to go back we don't have capacity a lot of those claims are untrue and in fact it's never been a problem until this administration started making it a problem so i think we have to really examine you know right now if you come to this border i had a client come in today and told me there was women and children sleeping you know nighttime on the cement floor in chile it gets pretty cold out here in the desert you know in november without jackets without blankets about food and they're being forced those c.b.p. would a lot of those people to you know come in and process them in a in a in a in a quick manner we wouldn't have such chaos so they're creating chaos and there's always been people they come to our border with it's never been a parliament so the trumpet restriction came to power or see what happens in the
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coming days and weeks so it's good that your insight about it back at that in el paso thanks very much for your time sir thank you so much pleasure. the female politicians from eighty six countries have gathered in the united kingdom's parliament to mark one hundred years since women in britain got the right to vote but apart from celebrating past progress the event also aimed to inspire future generations of female politicians paul brown reports. we are here not because we are law breakers we are here in our efforts to become law makers so wrote the suffragettes a million pankhurst to mark one hundred years since that campaign opened the u.k. parliament to women female parliamentarians from all over the world came to westminster to launch a new push for female political involvement so let us recommit ourselves to inspire a new generation of female social political leaders to end violence against women and girls to grant all women access to family planning and end the barriers of
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girls' education and economically and cowed women those who went before us started a great event for equality less us be the generation that finishes the job yet i. the statues of parliaments masculine history still dominate westminster to get themselves elected many of the women here have to overcome the suspicion and opposition of their male dominated societies people feel then people feel what does she bring you on the table what does she wants to do for us how does she want to take this call that is within the society so it becomes very difficult but all of them are driven by the determination that equality is worth the struggle and that the future requires the effort if you mean well and if you fight well we are here the other women will fight and bring this world to
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a change let's go and contribute together with the men and make aware a better world sometimes i think offs. hoping you're doing this but they relate a member of all these with the woman who i am did years ago sector five their lives and sacrifice their happiness is in everything and the fought for their kids and grandchildren one hundred years after britain elected its first woman member of parliament the message of the suffragettes suffragists still resonates down the decades inspiring new generations of women and girls to take their rightful place in the political process whole brennan al-jazeera parliament square in london. still ahead here. world war one reshaped life in the united states long after the fighting and. devoted to books of floyd mayweather says he was due to see pulls out of a fight days after flying to tokyo to promote it. binny's
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ping skylines by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there the rain has largely cleared now for the southeastern parts of china we've got a bit of a lull in the weather this was the latest system and you can see it breaking up and working our way towards the east as we head through the next few days though we are going to see the rains begin to build once more so later on friday and into saturday we'll see the wet weather begin to pop up again and for some of us in the zhang she province it doesn't fairly wet that rain is expected to be really quite heavy a bit further towards the south and the heaviest of the rains here has been over the southern parts of thailand here's been incredibly wet and that system is now tracking its way towards the west intensifying as it works its way across the bay of bengal vowing to still dragging plenty of showers so expect plenty of wet weather for the southern parts of thailand and actually for some of us in the
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moderates also you can pretty wet to further east there is more in the way of dry weather to be found in between the showers so you. somewhat weather but some good spells of sunshine too as we head across towards sri lanka has been incredibly well hair over the past three or four days and the rains all still with us expected to be wet again as we head through friday and into saturday but i do think the rains will be easing off the saturday so less heavy than they have been but the north staying fine and dry the temperature of the thing in new delhi to twenty eight degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one go hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply
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now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. the latest news as it breaks the saudi's narrative contradicts the information that turkish officials have been giving for the past two weeks with detailed coverage this whole flap their year of mud was shops and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the world the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with me sell robin a reminder of our top stories police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire in a crowded bar in california was a former marine who served in afghanistan but his motive is still unknown in that david long opened fire in a bar in the city of thousand. turkish police have told prosecutors that they have ended their search for the body of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi sources have told al-jazeera the traces of assets were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in that stumbled it's believed that the shell she's body may have been disposed off using chemicals. the world food program says it's doubling the amount of food aid it gives to yemen to try to prevent mass starvation the countries currently suffering the largest food crisis in the world the u.n. agency says is aiming to reach up to forty million people the causes of all those sticks to city to date with the objects of war creating huge economic and food supply problems. china is showing off its military might to arab weapons share with
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the southern province the china international aviation and aerospace exhibition has attracted around seven hundred exhibitors from more than forty countries about the some american companies who are taking a long term view of the ongoing trade war scott hyder reports show hate. on stage in the air china's most advanced stealth fighter jet the j. twenty performing at the ju high air show an impressive display but the goal to make it one hundred percent chinese has not yet been realized. it's still powered by russian made engine delays and issues with the purpose built chinese engine under development. also at the air show the pakistani air force customers of the j.f. seventeen and earlier generation chinese fighter along with ally russia pakistan is the only other foreign military taking part in the aerial displays. and started
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having chinese we have the new sixty's and then we moved on. production. for back funny and forced to have good relations with china. commercial travel demands could see china take over from the u.s. as the world's largest aviation market in the next decade and that means a big need for more airliners for years china has been developing indigenous commercial aircraft as with the stealth fighter they have been delays. but for the first time a life sized model of the wide body c.r. nine tonight a joint project with russia was unveiled at the show a move to break into the market dominated by air bus and boeing but the first version of the plane won't take flight for at least five years and it will be powered by engines from either the u.s. or europe the jew high air show is now in its twenty second year traditionally china has used it as a showcase for its booming aviation industry and advanced weapons but this year is
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much more subdued thanks to budget cuts and an ongoing trade war with the united states but the trade war has not kept american companies away in fact the organizers of the usa pavilion at the expo say they've seen a twenty five percent growth since the last show two years ago aviation companies and suppliers view their business in china in the long term and at least one sees china as a market not a place for manufacturing i think you know it's going to be. challenging in the next tell me two to three years. it's only the beginning of this kind of trade war the model of our company will never have been a base company and you say humble person. but i mean us want to mate. and we've got to keep it this way on the spot of our culture so with the expected rapid growth in the number of chinese passengers taking to the sky over the next ten years some companies are willing to put up with the trade war for now. and
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scott joins me now from let's just develop this conversation about american aviation companies who are sort of pushing ahead with involvement in shows like this in china they do see sort of a long term want to hold some approach to this despite this trade war between the the u.s. and china. absolutely so how and you know as we heard in that story you know that that manufacturer of these really kind of small parts but critical parts for commercial aviation they are going to be dealing with their business as they have been for at least ten years doing business here in china but also powerhouse boeing they are showing their commitment to the chinese market just next month they're going to have a completion plant is what it's called for seven thirty seven aircraft here in china it's expected once it's fully ramped up to turn about one hundred aircraft for specifically the china market moving forward so obviously they're looking long
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term as well some of their aircraft fall under this tariffs in this trade war it's a laugh to be determined what kind of tariffs those aircraft here are going to come under now what's interesting about this new plant that again will come online in december is that the planes that pretty much completed in the united states or shipped over here to china and then they're finished if you will the interiors are put in and the paint screens are put on and those will be specifically for the chinese market so obviously powerhouse boeing is playing the long game when it comes to the market here in china there's just rapidly growing so how about the chinese for the trading that want to trade beyond china into the u.s. i mean where do they stand on the situation at the moment. right now they still are kind of the status quo because there's really nothing they can do at this stage and also when we again we hear heard from the american companies you really have to look at this in kind of the long term now depends on the companies themselves here in china but you know it's about one or two years before the real
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full brunt impact of these tears. but also you have to think how long is this trade war going to go on word coming out from chinese and this is over just in the last couple of days emphasizing the meeting coming up at the end of this month aside in the g. twenty meeting president xi jinping are going to sit down on the sidelines of a bilateral meeting so a lot of hope that there could be progress in this trade war at that meeting itself but right now the word coming out from china they're hopeful there could be progress but so far right now there's been no movement from either side so the trade war continues and of course we just had these midterm elections in the u.s. we've got the house of representatives controlled by the democrats of course the senate is controlled by the republicans there has to be some sort of cooperation between the two in terms of perform policy as well the reaction an attitude towards china issues beyond the aviation industry we're talking north korea.
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yeah i would imagine that you know they're hoping that because there's been this shift to the american political landscape slight shift in the american landscape that could be you know window of opportunity for the trade talks. better diplomacy between these two nations that have. also when it comes to sit here and you know a lot of security issues that the united states and china needs to share specifically north korea so there is hope that because we've seen this shift slight shift in american politics about could play well here in china so help. of course through the day thanks very much. inflation deep budget deficits huge unemployment good economic news is hard to come by and argentina but one industry is booming in the speech and stories by reports on bonus ari's the government wants to see more of it to the world. this is a leading processing plant. working nonstop to exploit before around the globe.
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it's heading to the middle. europe on china and it is implants like this one where production has increased over fifty percent in the last few months. broder brother focused on the me has been in the beef industry for decades he says argentina has lost years of production because of bad economic policies. the genetics of arjen time cut was unique among the best in the world fortune teller could be exporting much more but because of policies implemented during the previous administration industry was hurt no we're going back slowly but we are ready to sell our beef to every country in the world have the argentine pump out with its mild weather and extensive land is the perfect region to raise high quality cattle that has made the from here famous worldwide. but production had dropped dramatically because of an increase in the growth of the so you have been crop and also because of regulated policies during the previous government to former president cristina fernandez the
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very the push into the ring we lost about twenty percent of the cattle it was about twelve million cows that's how big the damage was to this industry that generates jobs and income for the nation the fear was that if we export more beef the internal prices would go up and that's why they regulated exports and in the end people stopped investing fees now despite the continuing economic crisis the beef industry is booming i didn't you know that was a problem with a very high you may feel that if i'm the evaluation of the preparing for that was when i worked in the field probably i was the wife of forty grain but i also believe like this one it was to help the country's economy. and that's why the government has launched a major campaign to sell argentine products around the world.
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it's true many argentine industries are facing difficulties because of a drop in demand locally and there is financial stress but we believe it's only in the short run because we're hoping to export more beef grain shoes lemons we are improving the situation in the ports people are ocracy we had before and this will help us sell faster and more. signs eat an average of fifty eight kilos of feed a year and even though the world health organization may recommend otherwise the plan is to spread the passion for beef that exists here to the rest of the world once again. a source of the wildfires force evacuation of tens of thousands of people in northern california the entire town of paradise with a population of around twenty seven thousand people was emptied as the flames engulfed homes and businesses there are reports from a number of injuries to residents and firefighters dozens of strike teams from
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across the state to be sent to the fire. final preparations are underway in paris to mark one hundred years since the end of world war one on sunday french president will host a world leaders to mark the armistice that officially ended the conflict more than sixteen million people were killed over four years the jordan looks a tile the u.s. got involved and the legacy that it's left of the american people on april second one nine hundred seventeen u.s. president woodrow wilson issued the battle cry the world must be made safe for democracy many americans approved of the decision to go to war against germany and its allies a government that is running amok but despite the headlines and propaganda efforts just as many americans opposed fighting in the so-called great war. the u.s. historian michael kazin described the antiwar movement in his recent book war
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against war it didn't seem like a war that was in the american national interests seem like a war that most europeans had not wanted to fight in the first place so there was a sense that if america got involved the war it would only make guys face more militarist country which is just the fall face saw in the european powers that had gone to war in the first place even so kazan says the impact of the war on us society was far reaching some suffragist leveraged women's performance in the workplace to convince congress they should have the right to vote black soldiers including the harlem hell fighters who fought in france discovered their service did not protect them from racism after the war and that inspired the work of civil rights activists in the.


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