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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm +03

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tries to remain calm go go go go go. people go it's not known what started the fire which was reported at six o'clock in the morning within six hours it had spread across an area of more than sixty eight thousand five hundred square kilometers extremely hazardous lots of smoke dark devastation active burning all throughout the town to me and i lived there for eighteen years and it looks like the fire came from. east enders came straight through town all the way to the west. of boston spreading cloud of smoke filled the sky some people were said to be sheltering in a nearby hardware store so i know i know there was a plan put in place they used the walgreens up in paradise as a temporary refuge area and why we do that is to get civilians or people that are out in the elements meaning the fire in the smoke we try to get him into an area
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that is safe away from the fire and smoke until that fire front pushes through we did have fire personnel with them and so once they deemed it safe we were able to get them out of. the town located on a mountain ridge there were very few escape routes traffic turned to gridlock one woman reportedly went into labor which you can a traffic jam a hospital was among the buildings reportedly completely destroyed firefighting aircraft were unable to fly because winds were too strong and those winds were expected to strengthen further hampering efforts to extinguish the blaze racing across drawing wouldn't slopes. they have been unverified reports of at least one person dying in the. millions of dollars worth of property being burnt to the ground as want to merge as the spokesperson said pretty much the entire community of powered ice is destroyed. just zero.
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people have been killed in a building fire in the south korean capital seoul eleven others were injured and emergency responders say the death toll could rise thought. the dormitory style housing because it was an older structure all right still ahead when we come back how argentina is looking to one of its most famous exports to. a struggling economy. china's biggest show takes off but a trade war with the u.s. is forcing its booming aviation industry to hit the brakes. we've had flooding rains into parts of central and southern thailand recently still lots of cloud showing up here beneath this clutch of storms we may well see
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a tropical sauteeing developing that will push its way out into the adamancy into the single but as you can see hundred twenty one millimeters of rain in twenty four hours here that very heavy rain will continue to go through saturday could part of the mill a potential of seeing some big disturbances singapore and kuala lumpur could see some lively showers michelle as they do actually extend their way down across a good part of indonesia now we go on into sunday it does become a little less widespread in terms of the heavy showers i os do that nevertheless you see some heavy showers long spells afraid to into parts of australia more so i suspect into the western side of the country as we go through the next few days you see this next area cloud which is starting to polish way through a little area of low pressure high pressure dominates into the southeastern corner so a good deal dry and quasi here twenty celsius for melbourne maybe twenty three as we go on into sunday and see the next area right making its way into south australia
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has seen some very heavy rain recently into new zealand eighty eight millimeters in twenty four hours the cloud and the right is now making its way east. in twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games but the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities want to win he examines japan's disability shame on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every.
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again you're watching out is there a minor of up top stories this alec turkish police have told prosecutors they've ended their search for the body of saudi journalist. sources teligent is al jazeera traces of acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul and it's still a shock each body may have been disposed of using chemicals police say one person was killed after stabbing in the australian city of melbourne two others were injured the streets in the center of the city remain under lockdown a lone attacker was eventually shot and arrested by police after trying to stab them two. united nations are brokered talks between the warring sides in yemen have been for spying and until the end of the year the un's warning yemen is just three months away now from a devastating famine of fourteen million people who risk. democrats have demanded
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in my agency hearings in the u.s. house of representatives to investigate the president's firing of attorney general jeff sessions they accuse president trump of trying to undermine the special counsel investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election the white house rejects those allegations is back to calling. a day after losing one of the houses of congress the president was a man on the defensive we keep hearing about. investigations now facing investigations on two fronts special counsel robert mueller looking into potential russian collusion and obstruction of justice and in january a democratic controlled u.s. house of representatives looking into pretty much anything it chooses to. with that a dramatic move his attorney general fired replaced by matthew whitaker a man close to the president in tweets in articles he's made it clear he thinks the
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moeller probe should be limited whitacre will have tremendous power over the investigation now not just the scope of it but under law he has the ultimate say as to what happens to muller's findings he could simply shred his final report but the midterm elections makes that less likely that the democrats will in fact invite. special counsel mauler to testify before the committee and testify in public about what were the findings in other words there are more ways to get the information to be public now that congress is in the hands of the democrats mother and his team have kept remarkably quiet letting their convictions speak in their stead. they've got a lot of people close to the president so far those charged include his former campaign manager his deputy campaign manager his former national security advisor and foreign policy adviser all have pled guilty to federal charges. and agreed to
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cooperate giving every indication that special counsel is making his way up the food chain the president has made it clear from the beginning he wants the miller investigative to go away there was no collusion there was no anything the midterm results make it much less likely he has the power to do that ileana. al-jazeera washington a u.s. federal court judge in montana has blocked construction of the controversial keystone oil pipeline the judge said the government has failed to properly account for the risk of oil spills or the impact low oil prices could have on an environmentalist and native americans had challenge the u.s. canada pipeline new reports looking at the potential environmental impact of the a billion dollar plan must now be submitted to the court police say the gunman who killed twelve people after opening fire inside a crowded bar in california on thursday was
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a former marine in david long's motive is still unknown he took his own life after being confronted by police officers. sky high inflation deep budget deficits huge unemployment good economic news is hard to come by in argentina but one industry is booming beef and as teresa bowl reports from one of saris the government wants to export more of it to the world was this is a leading processing plant in when a site is working nonstop to export before around the globe. it's heading to the middle east europe and china and it is implants like this one will production has increased over fifty percent in the last few months both as a broader global focused on the me has been in the beef industry for decades he says argentina has lost years of production because of bad economic policies in. the genetics of arts and time cut was unique among the best in the world fortune
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teller could be expert in much more but because of policies implemented during the previous administration industry was hurt no we're going back slowly but we are ready to sell our beef to every country in the world. the argentine pump out with its mild weather and extensive land is the perfect region to raise high quality cattle that has made the from here famous worldwide but production has dropped dramatically because of an increase in the growth of the so you have been crop and also because of regulated policies during the previous government to former president cristina fernandez the very appreciated that they really thought we lost about twenty percent of the cattle it was about twelve million cows that's how big the damage was to this industry that generates jobs and income for the nation the fear was that if we export more beef the internal prices would go up and that's why they regulated exports and in the end people stopped investing b. now despite the continuing economic crisis the beef industry is booming i didn't
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you know that was probably in with a very high you may feel that based on the evaluation our. there's no guarantee that the government well i don't know if you feel old really are you know i'm not sure why you warning graeme but i also believe like this one it's crucial to help the country's economy move forward. and that's why the government has launched a major campaign to sell argentine products around the world. it's true many argentine industries are facing difficulties because of a drop in demand locally and there is financial stress but we believe it's only in the short run because we're hoping to export more beef grain shoes lemons we are improving the situation in the ports people are ocracy we had before and this will help us sell faster and more. argentines eat an average of fifty eight kilos of feed a year and even though the world health organization may recommend otherwise the
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plan is to spread the passion for beef that exists here to the rest of the world once again it is several. days i want to school children kidnapped in cameroon this week says their captors want all schools in the region closed the seventy eight children were released on wednesday two days after they were taken the kidnappers are still holding the school principal and a teacher the government says they are separatists from cameroon english speaking minority a central african republic refugees mostly muslims have slowly started to return to their homes but their arrival is causing new tensions in the city of qom no because the homes and businesses they left have been occupied by non muslims the u.n. and aid agencies hope to avoid further violence by building new homes nicholas hawk reports it is easy returned home from
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a two year long exile. gone are the pictures of his son mohamed do in whom are on the wall. so the bed shared with his wife and the so for the family sat around to watch t.v. . only the memories remain. lehman the diamond dealer was looted by friends and neighbors who after a lifetime living side by side in peace chase his family from their home because they are muslim. i have come back because we will only find peace of my friends and neighbors see me again and accept me as their own it's not easy because after come back here for the love of my homeland my house is my country but some of the homes muslims left behind are now occupied by christian families they too are fleeing sectarian violence. this is the last thursday burning our temporary shelters for mostly christian displaced villagers satellite by armed muslim
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militias wanting them out they burned all the site meaning that they left twenty seven thousand internally displaced people with nothing they have been displaced one time. those displacement are also hope and we've now told how do you want people to get into consideration. repeated cease fire agreements are broken fourteen armed groups continue to fight pitting communities a against each other to control a country larger than france rich in minerals diamonds and gold as a result more than a million people whether christian or muslim are on the move searching for a safe place to live on the surface this may appear as a conflict about sectarian violence christians against muslims but take a closer look and you'll find deep inequalities between those that control land and those that don't caught in the middle are the people of central african republic
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trying to rebuild their country brick by brick. holmes for those displaced away from the violence it's an initiative from the norwegian refugee council here both muslims and christians live side by side like how the man who once lived tired of being on the move no longer a refugee in this and then big crisis it is this desire to be part of a community that has brought him back home nicholas hawk al-jazeera cardo central african republic of china is showing off its military might aaron aaron weapons show in the southern province the international aviation aerospace exhibition has attracted around seven hundred exhibitors from more than forty countries and they include some american companies taking a long term view on the current trade war scott harlow reports from july.
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on stage in the air china's most advanced stealth fighter jet the g twenty performing at the jew high air show an impressive display but the goal to make it one hundred percent chinese has not yet been realized. it's still powered by russian made engines delays and issues with a purpose built chinese engine under development. also at the air show the pakistani air force customers of the j.f. seventeen and earlier generation chinese fighter along with ally russia pakistan is the only other foreign military taking part in the aerial displays mimi started having johnny had coffee and the new sixty's and then we moved on to go production but a very important for both funny and forced to have good relations with china. commercial travel demands could see china take over from the u.s. as the world's largest aviation market in the next decade and that means a big need for more airliners for years china has been developing indigenous
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commercial aircraft as with the stealth fighter they have been delays. but for the first time a life sized model of the wide body c.r. nine tonight a joint project with russia was unveiled at the show a move to break into the market dominated by air bus and boeing but the first version of the plane won't take flight for at least five years and it will be powered by engines from either the u.s. or europe the jew hot air show is now in its twenty second year traditionally china has used it as a showcase for its booming aviation industry and advanced weapons but this year is much more subdued thanks to budget cuts and an ongoing trade war with the united states but the trade war has not kept american companies away in fact the organizers of the usa pavilion at the expo say they've seen a twenty five percent growth since the last show two years ago aviation companies and suppliers view their business in china in the long term and at least one sees
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china as a market not a place for manufacturing i think you know it's going to be. challenging in the next call me to just three years. it's only the beginning of this kind of trade war the model of our company we're never going to base company and you know three hundred first. i mean us what i made. and we got to keep it this way i mean this is part of our culture so with the expected rapid growth in the number of chinese passengers taking to the sky over the next ten years some companies are willing to put up with the trade war for now it's going to either al-jazeera you high charter . all right it's going to round up of our top stories on a turkish police have told prosecutors they've ended their search for the body of saudi journalist. and sources tell al-jazeera traces of acid were found at the
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residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul and it's believed that a shock g.'s body may have been disposed of using chemicals police say one person was killed after a stabbing attack in the australian city of melbourne two others were injured the streets in the center of the city remain under lockdown police received reports of a vehicle on far in bourke street nearby police quickly responded to the incident as they got out of the car they were confronted by a mile brandishing a north and threatening them at the same time passes by calling out that members of the public had been stabbed police shot the mile in the chest and he is now in critical condition at the under god at hospital three people have been stabbed unfortunately one is deceased at the thirty two other victims are currently at hospital. a united nations brokered talks between the warring sides in yemen have
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been perspire and until the end of the year the u.s. warning yemen is just three months away from a devastating famine with fourteen million people at risk the world food program says it is doubling the amount of food aid to try and prevent mass starvation a fast moving wildfire has forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes in northern california the entire town of paradise with a population of twenty seven thousand would empty as the flames engulfed homes and businesses before say several people including firefighters were injured a u.s. federal judge in montana has blocked construction of the controversial keystone oil pipeline the judge said the government failed to properly account for the risk of oil spills all the impact low oil prices could have on its environmentalist the native americans have challenge the u.s. canada pipeline it would transport oil to the u.s.
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those are the headlines the news continues after one of. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the price we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. when tokyo hosts the twenty twenty paralympics japan's most talented disabled athletes who get their shocks at banks and glory. but outside the stadiums is a society that still struggles to accept people who are disabled in the past dows and the japanese citizens were forcibly sterilized for having intellectual physical
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disability now big tips are demanding compensation of what. they were i don't know why i was. under embroidered on this episode of one o one a we make the paypal five hundred to overcome japan but of protection. even on a rainy day saga her looks peaceful. but in twenty six day this small town near tokyo was the site of japan's biggest mass killing since world war two. i think. your identity. could. hold. up. to kashi and to kick her own news disabled son was
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badly injured that day in july twenty sixth jane now the best all. access dog and i've saved her that's on tonight by none of it they did something when we did an adult day there not a case on it. in the early hours of the morning with a knife the killer sitar she went nuts or broke into a care home for the disabled. the famous i'm going to. write big book right big who got big quinnell. quinnell on along. a former employee at the care home why not sue knew his way around. as he made his way through the building he stabbed the disabled patients murdering nineteen and injuring twenty seven others. after the attack he surrendered
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himself at a nearby police station reportedly saying it's better that the disciple would just disappear the northern is still named dave who knew that cutting like a mighty still nine to one up close to him and so me and then a man done me so when you do not think i said this in the. military sense. then you can do the utility in rome since you don't and i. did a. month before his killing spree when not super resign from his job at the care home after delivering a letter to japan's palm and. even he wrote the disabled people should be euthanized and offered to kill four hundred seventy of them. he sensed on. more thought since it takes their time. and i stay warm coming out
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skit on the side journal today but we don't know. what it does that isn't in it but not this one and no i was going to get a comment on a state. subsidy there you heard. there was an overall tone of. some of the dignity on the net called the ninety who number stand up among. the owners first heard about the attack through news reports. as the bodies were being taken away and the police gathered evidence from the killer's house to kick or rushed to the hospital to see her son because we are all got along i got there now by my stand. and money. and. before. that it. was. joanne. that a. car or do that's not that or the.
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there at the all there then. you get out a. moral court i was. there won't. see much. in the days after the cash she says the families remained in the dark so i don't know. going out more about the money there. were. none of my cunny thirty i know says i make a hundred it. kazuya has a profound intellectual disability epilepsy and autism he was first institutionalized at sixteen thing i was shown while not the bunny. i was some. pay. them up.
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there doesn't mean. i couldn't say yes i have taken some it's because i can't because. i mean my second to hold a better condition i. state so that the more this can all. two years after the attack has busy clear recovered and lives at another care. but his mother says he is still haunted by what happened call here i am guessing. that. once a month at a makeshift memorial families affected by the massacre lay flowers so that those who died can reach heaven. when a total stranger arrives at the vigil the owners are overjoyed thank all those that
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have received. the visitors says he had nothing to do with the incident but was so affected by what happened that he traveled an hour and a half by bus to pay his respects how long that have been on it and the line any color there when they need. to go to the saloon realigning are they not feel welcome and. the owners are only one of two families to speak publicly about the attack the rest of the victims have never been named. no causal coots even though could the ma do the wants to get shown why did six seats in the right to call the law. i know corey is the matter saw you do him a day you don't need to has any modicum of personal settings and i cut.
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from the institution come to pack up the vigil. was all i go they are the owners farewell and my friend you are. in twenty twenty tokyo will be the first city in the world to host the paralympic games for a second time. the japanese government hopes this event building crease awareness for the more than seven million japanese living with disabilities. at a training camp for the national team i meet long jumper. tokyo will host the next paralympic games your home country those that make you. a little bit more nervous.
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had you started training in high school at the time a does more junior was growing in his right arm and doctors were considering amputation. rational for the. authorship on this kid or. what if i feel guilty. with these tuman no longer spreading. paralympic career is taking off in leaps and bounds. after winning bronze in long jump at the recent asian power of games how do
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you muse ultimate goal is to compete at the summer olympics. japan has a long history of discrimination against the disabled while the country was hosting the paralympics in nineteen sixty four people considered bentley and physically inferior being forcibly sterilized. the eugenic protection law began after world war two when japan was struggling with food shortages and
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a ravaged economy. close to twenty five thousand japanese citizens with sterilized over the next four decades sixty eight thousand of them against their will. the policy only stopped in ninety ninety six. for years victims have suffered in silence and shame only now some demanding compensation but such is the stigma most do so anonymously. in the northern province of her cargo kiku oakridge iemma is the first to speak out publicly on tiny green or in the civil war the net well that's the dream we are in this is joys of the money so regroup can do a new what the on the. over all of us are now my oldest and their story they will restore and they grew up in a more
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a daze she. says his childhood was tough he contract of polio when he was only two and grew up on a farm with a foster family above the noise there while most. other zumaya. mind you all did good us too much stuff so the murder moved out of there with the one i see. so now it's been so really buddy mark o'mara who their buddy. called because of the we're about as you are there you mean are you seeing one of us here are the world. sort of up on the there in there with us. for he. received when we dare not you are in that are not on the in then that are me she in this in my the word you are it on this you. keep left harm and spiraled
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into delinquency and gangs. at nineteen he returned to demand money from his foster father who called the police. since he was arrested and taken to nac i hospital on the losses you. get organized up there on a. barge of a nurses you mean that the one then they see who's they were. supposed to do warm up the rooms are up that amount of them being seen this didn't go on think over and then when they're did the doctors or nurses say anything to you commissar you get others you are seen on the whole you must. get away due. to all of us he. swore you were more.
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there than with the horror. insists he was never formally diagnosed with a mental illness a home the home of the willing to walk by your mother would they get over what years of been a bizarre kicker or says he witnessed other patients being taken to the operating room for forced sterilization surgery some as young as fourteen after a year in the hospital was told that he too would have the procedure or when i did you know causing them what are their way out of god and they're more condoms that general. carnal to. us have. more. how to go and there are no want more no nuggets government i mean i. always come there so when you kind of free kind of a visible sign to the sea or sort of calm or almost all crying this is you can
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you tell me a little bit about what happened on the day of the operation. to them on order to the world and those are the very very last ship are in there and that there was a horn a warning to show that in this room are you dying this is the last singer carole hope dollar mom morals would then when there was no one was to go with you good morning you can go will you come here. soon afterwards managed to flee the hospital he got work as a taxi driver and tried to move on with his life for fifty seven years he kept the operation a secret from everyone including his wife rego. but earlier this year when another forced sterilization case made national headlines. finally revealed what happened. it is. only i get on with the unit
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only i did that and none of that and it's a system. i know you said and i would. like to know when i talked with him. after his lawyers office word prepares his testimony for his civil case against the government in the district course but this is. different. from other temple diplomacy right but. his lawyer has evidence from doctors confirming the scars knew his growing up consistent with the sterilization procedure since it is facing . this is something that i think you know that you know now doesn't say what they skew in the system when it's a good one and then when i was doing that you thought that about the into what he
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thought the same thing that. there are those of all causes it is settled and others know this is one of those who were more crude their knees center of the body i'm. not destroy you're in a good. regime and they were just laying down recently with the. u.s. but it's how they were searching this. today is showing me not hospital it's only thirty minutes from his heart. i think he wants to show off the exit the hospital has changed over the years but the memories of his dramatic escape come flooding back. mino credit iraq boom. so i want to. know how your you are there who are nearby. so when the one of boston the. other mine knew
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about you know you know that that a model would be what was going to. come amid a more you have. in mind the other. one will combine the. mystic and jamie you used to work as a taxi driver how hard was it to drop off patients here who were not right when. you move. through to know their. to live in august or is there still make the west. very happy. with you we don't mourn as a souvenir does my visitor the more i know nothing of the more wrong i'm realizing this to fuel economy with a big covered him
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a hundred. you know i think you mean you know we are out there on the war. the. only difference is a continued status in the. the. the hospital declined to comment on. the government says the lives of the decided against. sterilization stopped in ninety ninety six and employment quote is an anti discrimination laws have been introduced. but this year a scandal revealed a lot about the number of disabled people working in their own ministries only hof the number they claimed were employed. company culture.
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has struggled to get a job despite being a race and graduate of an american community college. he has duchenne muscular dystrophy a progressive genetic disorder that requires constant care. despite severe disability believes he has a lot to offer the workplace. i have. i cannot. know how. of. being wheelchair bound and reliant on a respirator hasn't stopped from traveling the world and with no one willing to
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employ him he started his own business advising other people with disabilities how to study abroad. and. i mean. there the whole you know all the what you do look at them all whenever i. actually. wanted to do something yeah even though. i want to do something much more like war. you know. that. feels as though japan holds him back he gets a carer a facilitator hours a day but the rest of his time must be spent in this welfare center. and while the
6:43 pm
staff you do their best to care for people with a wide range of disabilities shoe high would rather be possible. and this is a ray of hope that the big. you know show me. i don't want to come here. or for. anything. if you could be out of your chair and out of your rest. for one day what would you do. i. have. that question but. you know. that and the want to.
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which. i do believe. it's wednesday and on the other side of town the visiting cousin. it's perfect weather for a picnic. and they want to go. head to board i'm going to all of the. you got to get rid of that. for two hours the couple and his camera. and he in there love. to be done. coming on i've seen this almost over the way it's
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a good one big talk. to you who knew you could live. in your own home alone and go up and no way she. had a c.e.o. who had promised me that. i'm not going to. mr ono says the attack brought them closer together the couple realized they relied too much on institutions to take care of this. they only used to visit him once a month now it's a weekly affair. to go to highest level to unberth to. pay him on what they were under your mythical that made the finished another thing that's going all. out of it all. the couldn't it doesn't occur to me
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because there ha. couldn't be you who need. not done the same calling us fair could the smooth. when the visit comes to an end because you have pops up with the same question again and again we're. going to look at the coalition with. her. good. night. though mona her. good voice and the long drive point zero is tough for the other.
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but causing the noise the only ways have next wednesday i got that. right i. know i'm on my back because i want to play out all. right i think oh my god i mean you're going to make the film on my.
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we committed ourselves to inspire a new generation of female station political leaders the u.k. parliament celebrates the one hundred year anniversary of women getting the right to vote. turkish investigators say they'll continue looking for clues into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi but that's bittersweet news for his fiance who's
6:50 pm
reacted emotionally on twitter a teaching changes has been on twitter saying that she was shocked upon hearing jamal's body may have been dissolved in acid saying it's deprive her and his family of burying him in saudi arabia as he had wished her reaction follows sources telling al-jazeera the traces of acid were found at the residence of the saudi consul general in istanbul it's believed that jamal khashoggi his body may have been disposed of using chemicals the journalist entered the saudi consulate in istanbul over a month ago never to be seen again saudi arabia still hasn't revealed exactly what happened or where any of his remains may be our correspondent andrew symonds is live for us here on the news in istanbul and how significant is this latest development. it would seem very significant indeed pizza just to confirm this that multiple sources are now saying that the search for
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jamal khashoggi body is over and added to that is really a chorus of happenings which of followed on from the revelation from one source in the prosecutor's office to al-jazeera his view that there could be no way anything could be left of hotshot g.'s body because it was a concoction of chemicals used in a in a way that actually dissolved the body and the involved hundred florek acid and other chemicals which was certainly not of the domestic variety it all happened apparently in a room in the consul general's residence five minutes walk away down the road over there. the revelation follows the burra tree analysis of samples taken by turkish investigators more than a fortnight after jamal khashoggi is murder a source of the turkish prosecutor's office has told our jazeera it was here at the
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consul general's residence that traces of hydrofluoric acid and unknown domestic chemical were found the source says the dismembered body parts were dissolved in a chemical process and the source speaks of samples also taken from a well in the garden of the residence and in nearby sewage systems this information follows on from an early arrival ation by the newspaper accusing two saudi men said to be a chemical expert at a toxicologist being involved in the cover up operation even though they've been sent out in an official saudi investigation team. turkish president brigette tell you heard of one appeared in public on thursday but made no comment about the new leak all remarks made by the us president officials in turkey's ruling party say it's stronger action not opinion that's needed from the u.s. soldier was going to was an underneath about turkey's position was made clear from
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the beginning but a stance adopted by president early on we will not allow any person to cover up his inhumane crime committed in this cruel and brutal a manner but even if as the prosecution source says investigators are convinced that georgie's body was totally destroyed here in the consular residence is there enough evidence to convict the suspects in this case turkey believes there will be enough evidence and it wants the united states to pressure the saudis to extradite all of the suspects not only that the turks want saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the killing of a man whose remains appear to have been washed away in the sewage system. and who is getting access to this garden area to the well area is that going to be a problem. well yes it but first of all let's just stress the importance to distinguish between the end of the search for
6:54 pm
a body and the investigation itself which is very much ongoing as is that question is aligned to this business of what's going on in the garden well there is no access given to the turks one must remember this that they've had no access apart from that that allowance from the saudis to enter the residence on the seventeenth of october when they only spent nine hours there which is not a long time in an investigation and they'd had the saudis that had over two weeks to actually go through everything that cover things up as and insists they have done but the back garden was the issue and they were prevented from doing a thorough search of the well shabd within that guard the power would be there was a sample taken it's not clear how that actually took place because you'd be naive to think that everything will be revealed by the prosecutor's office being very selective with their leaks but the point is this that the has been no warrant issued for that to actually search this garden but the south is of still prevented
6:55 pm
them so this is rather remarkable in an investigation like this but that is the point they are still pushing the point that they want to get into that well showoff not necessarily sadly to find body parts but for some polls to see what sort of chemical process took place so if indeed as we've heard as we've been told the body has been totally destroyed then this puts a different complexion on things the whole process now will be looking towards indictments and quite quickly some think but there's a long way to go in procedural terms and there are also other suspects involved as we heard with an early a leak a few days back. no be he is a chemical expert along with howard. ronny who is actually a toxicologist these two men. part of the investigation team who flew in from riyadh on october the eleventh now they are being accused of being
6:56 pm
a part of the disposal operation of the body and they'll certainly be charged it would seem for trying to hide evidence the whole turkish side to this is aimed at making this point that really the saudis were saying that they were engaged in a joint investigation when really they were out to clean up on cover up a murder and this was a state sponsored affair another big aspects of what the turks are into right now which is demanding that the u.s. puts more pressure on saudi arabia to reveal where the order for this murder operation came from because everyone within the turkish government at very high levels from from the president downwards insists that it came from the very top not king sound man but from the very top and that can only point at one person who denies point blank that he had any involvement in its and that's the crown prince under thanks very much. to australia with the city center in melbourne remains on
6:57 pm
lockdown this hour after a person was killed in a stabbing attack two others were injured the lone attacker was eventually shot and arrested by the police after trying to stab them as well as cross live now to sydney and our correspondent andrew thomas andrew just take us through what happened here. well it was just under five hours ago now four ten in the afternoon in the very heart of melbourne on a busy shopping often in a friday take time for people and vehicles and what we now know is that a vehicle parked up and was set on fire this vehicle was on fire a man got out of it wielding a knife and he slashed that knife at various people near him three were very badly injured one of them subsequently has died it's very quickly place were on the scene and this attack of this knife men went off to them with a knife but within about a minute they'd shot him first with a taser and then with a gun and he went to the ground he was taken hostage so in a critical condition he has since died as well so we've got one possible who's died
6:58 pm
who's been attacked by this man and the man himself has died as well in the main saw and the vehicle was on fire burning we now know from a place and said that inside that vehicle were das canisters the sort that you use on gas barbecues lots of those and one can only assume that the attacker intended the call to explode it doesn't seem to explode it was certainly on fire now just in the last half hour police in melbourne have given a press conference and significantly they are calling this a terrorist attack have a listen. what we know so far a bit the individual who we shot to play shots in his daughter's hospital from what we know of that individual we are treating this as a chosen incident. we now know a bit more about the identity of that person the jli that person didn't have any identification on them but we we believe we now have confirmation on the identity of that person for operational reasons we now have the counterterrorism command and
6:59 pm
the homicide squad dealing with this matter he is known to police. he's and he's not to police my only in respect to relatives that he has that are certainly persons of interest to us. and he's someone that accordingly is now into the troika police and the federal intelligence. so andrew given the amount of planning that clearly went into this incident the authorities one assumes will be looking at his social media platform use who he was talking to and also who he is known to and who is related to in the country. that's right we had a bit of that place and they're giving some information about this man and they already know his identity remarkably quickly they've got a lot of information about him out they say he came from somalia to australia in the one nine hundred ninety s. and though he himself was not particularly well known to them that phrase that they use when they're talking about people that by keeping
7:00 pm
a very close eye on because i suspect them of harboring extremist views and the will to carry those views out to express them violently mostly in relation to relatives now they haven't said who those relatives are but they said they were keeping a counterterrorism authorities here keeping a close eye on his relatives and him to a certain extent by extension they say they haven't given his name yet but they say that he did have a minor criminal history kind of misuse and some minor crime but nothing to suggest that he would personally carry out an attack like this be quite right now they will be all over his social media accounts all over those he was known to who associates it with just to make absolutely sure that this was a one man attack and there's nothing bigger out there now the police say at the moment not looking for anybody else they don't believe it is.


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