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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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the newsome has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast moving widespread blazes when you have forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. in northern california the town of paradise turned to hell overnight these incredible pictures show a tornado of fire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old colton person field shot this cell phone video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made it to safety severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since
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october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury at its worst robert oulds al-jazeera westlake village california still ahead on al-jazeera . titled hope to god nobody will send me any more prayers i don't want to control no or give them another humorous mass shooting leads to calls for gun control but it's unclear whether congress is listening people displaced by ethnic violence to mean more face new challenges as they get a taste of. how i once again we still have a few showers in the full cost into the middle east a little bit of clout that just moving out to syria. into iraq is
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a start of the may it wanted to share was a possibility here over the next day or so but the wetter weather will be further inland spec to say a little bit of wet weather never really too far away from southern parts of iraq pushing ever toward secure way more so as you go into sunday pushing into that western side of iran further east it's generate dry sixteen celsius in kabul some wintry showers there on the western side of the himalayas dry and sunny therefore crouchie at around thirty one degrees dry and sunny to cause a good part of the arabian peninsula thirty one celsius to abu dhabi but we've got some wet weather not too far from us here in qatar on that eastern side northeast side of saudi arabia wanted to shop showers possible as we go on through the next couple of days and that could easily lead to some localized flooding as is usually the case temps in doha will struggle to twenty nine celsius on sunday afternoon and hopefully should stay largely trying a lot of dry weather across southern africa chance of one or two showers into the mozambique channel more concerned about the weather making its way towards the
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northeast of madagascar that is for the whole side claudette could bring what we do weather here next week. income. education and treatment. of the disability yet wait until three year old for your disability. and didn't know wait for the next generation of antibiotics just at the bottom of the ocean. revisited.
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the top stories on. coalition fighting the war in. the u.s. to stop bring fueling its aircraft. to resupply its own fighter jets the u.s. says it supports the decision us president donald trump to limit. facing a challenge a civil liberties group has already filed a lawsuit against the order to deny a silent people who enter the u.s. illegally and the state of emergency. that's where raging wildfires are causing widespread destruction at least nine people have died and tens of thousands have been ordered to leave their homes.
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turkish police are officially ending the search for. a body but the criminal investigation into the saudi journalist's murder will continue. that traces of acid were found at the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul near the saudi consulates where. it's believed his killers used chemicals to dispose of his body. has more from. with this latest bits of information from the question or of where is the body of the late journalist amount of casualties there are still several other questions that remain unanswered not least who gave the order for the assassination of the journalist who is implicated in its and why the saudi authorities despite officially claiming that they would cooperate with the turkish counterpart so far have not only refused but possibly even tried to tamper with the ongoing investigation namely sending in chemical experts to destroy evidence but
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also refusing to allow for that cycle sorties to search once again the consul general's home after they had managed to get those samples of chemicals as well as i said in the well in the garden of the consul general of the turks have been requesting for several on several occasions over the past few weeks to be allowed to enter again the saudis have refused another big question is the residents of the home the consul general himself why did the saudis feel the need to whisk him away essentially take him away for extract him from turkey despite the fact that the authorities here in istanbul explicitly said that they would like to speak to him he's not only a witness to what's happened inside he was in contact and in touch with jamal khashoggi prior to the journalist answering the consulate and also you obviously the evidence in terms of the destruct well what is possibly believed to have happened to his body was collected in his home there are questions whether he is allowed to talk whether he is under some sort of controlled or house arrest in
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saudi arabia or even possibly something much worse a lot of people now wondering whether the turkish authorities will be allowed to question him as a key witness to this after two weeks of political turmoil in sri lanka there has been an other twist in the power struggle president matthew policy recenter has dissolved parliament clearing the way for a snap election two years ahead of schedule problems began on alt. with the twenty six when the president fired his prime minister run over committee he replaced him with mahinda rajapaksa an ex-president accused of war crimes since his ousting wickremasinghe has refused to leave his residence saying the move to fire him is unconstitutional and illegal well the move to dissolve parliament came hours after the president's party admitted it could not muster enough votes to nominate rajapaksa and now fernandez has more from colombo. the dissolving of parliament by president my three policy restrain another board out of the blue two weeks after he
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started off this constitutional crisis by sacking his prime minister brown of the commissioner and appointing the former president mind the rajapaksa as his successor now the many people had been saying there should be a floor board parliament should be reconvened because the ousted prime minister claimed that he still held on the parliamentary majority he had the support in parliament and he challenge the appointment of mind rajapaksa which was which he said was against the constitution the president had seemed to bow down to pressure and brought the date forward as to when parliament would sit that being the fourteenth of november next wednesday but in recent days we've heard problems and the government seeming to have problems making up that magic one hundred thirty number which would give them a majority in the two hundred twenty five seat assembly now the nineteenth amendment of this country's constitution brought in by the citizen a government expressly forbids the president from dissolving parliament less than
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four and a half years into its term this dissolution comes way ahead of that it's one year and three months before that number and critics are up in arms they've said this is against a constitution it's antidemocratic the ousted prime minister's party has already decried it and said they will meet the election commission of tomorrow morning and challenge that so we're bound to see this is not the end of this issue investigators in california are trying to determine what motivated a mass shooting on thursday a twenty eight year old former marine walked into a bar and shot twelve people dead the gunman killed himself when police confronted him and reports. another day in the united states another day to learn the names and the stories of the victims of a mass shooting among them a small business owner a police officer a college freshman just eighteen years old a man who took care of disabled children and
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a twenty seven year old who survived the mass shooting in las vegas just over a year ago my name is susan are fine with my son with tell her find out if we lost him last night at the borderline shooting my son was unwell spare us with a lot of his friends and he came home he didn't come on last night and i don't want prayers i don't want thoughts i want gun control and i hope to god nobody will send me any more prayers i want gun control no more. think you it has become a familiar pattern each and every time americans are killed in mass by an armed man the politics break down into two camps for republicans it is about mental health the shooter was trained to be an excellent shot by the u.s. marines he served in afghanistan well he was a war veteran he was a marine he was in the war he served time he saw some pretty bad things and a lot of people say he has the p.t.s.d. and. i just don't feel for democrats it's about guns this is america got to change
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. this doesn't happen anywhere else on planet earth. and we can't let folks forget that you can't lose sight of that can allow this to be normalized it's been a constant conversation with little action while the republicans controlled all branches of government that changes in january and the likely house leader nancy pelosi put out a statement promising house democrats will fight to pass bipartisan commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence in communities across the country. right now it seems much more likely that we'll learn many new names new victims your stories of loss and horror long before congress agrees to act. in. washington. defense secretary says he wants to find ways to reduce tension with china in the china sea james mattis made the comments after meeting
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a chinese delegation officials met to discuss. a trade dispute tariffs from both sides. from washington d.c. . the u.s. and chinese officials agreed during their second strategic and defense dialogue that it's important to make certain that north korea gives up its nuclear weapons they also agreed it's important to try to check the influence of iran but where they differ is on the chinese military presence in the south china sea china says it has the responsibility to defend its citizens from foreign attacks the u.s. says that it's a necessarily militarizing the area and that its own vessels are going to fly over the south china sea or sail through them because they are technically international waters the other area where the two countries have a bit of a disagreement the status of taiwan technically the u.s. recognizes beijing as the official capital of the people's republic of china and does not recognize taiwan as
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a separate independent state however washington's recent decision to sell some military equipment to taipei has angered beijing saying that the u.s. is going back in and on an agreement more than forty years old for vienna and moscow have summoned each other's ambassadors over clean's a retired austrian general worked as a spy for russia for decades the seventy year old allegedly provided russian intelligence information about austria's military and political situation since one thousand nine hundred russia denies the allegations british prime minister it's reason may has joined the french president hollande france to commemorate one hundred years since the end of world war one they met near the french belgian border to honor the missing of the battle of the song my call is due to host around seventy world leaders in paris to mark the end of the great war. meanwhile donald trump has arrived in paris for the commemorations and he didn't hesitate to take a swipe at his hosts
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a man who has suggested that europe should create its own army in an effort to reduce reliance on the u.s. for defense trump it back describing the suggestion as insulting and repeated his calls that europe should pay its fair share of nato. that is not the only area of disagreement between the two leaders trump won't be attending a summit on global cooperation organized by my colleague james bays has more from paris. this is the paris peace forum final preparations are being made at the venue which the french president wants to use to bolster international cooperation at a time when many leaders are putting domestic interests above global ones before him is the idea of president emmanuel merkel but some are not attending it looks like president trump will be among those who'll be in paris but will be skipping the forum when global leaders last met together in new york at the u.n. in september it was pretty clear there are increasingly different visions of the
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way the world should work trump talks of strong independent nations putting their own people first while mark rolls stresses cooperation through multilateral institutions like the un america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination. only sessions we should support those working for peace and humanity unesco the conscience of the united nations the human rights council the international criminal court under water on we are increasing our support bernard kushner is a former french foreign minister. and i worry about nationalism because this edition of nationalism. even in europe and if i may say so many in europe. overseas addition of nationalism are very dangerous because too much a national is and drive will drive us to war. president trump arriving in paris on
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air force one he's one of about eighty leaders gathering here for the commemoration of one hundred years since the end of world war one. that war was followed by increasing nationalism particularly in germany the league of nations forerunner to the united nations failed after the us didn't join it because of opposition from hardline republicans a wiser person to me once said history doesn't repeat itself but it reuters james plays out zero peris or decades of conflict between me and mars army and ethnic armed groups in the western karen state have displaced tens of thousands of people many escape to thailand and some refugees have returned home but they're facing new difficulties as they resettle florence though it has more a taste of peace the law cake or resettlement village near myanmar's border with thailand was built to house mostly ethnic carette displaced by conflict between
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ethnic groups and the myanmar military many have fled to thailand over the past decades. but since two thousand and sixteen some of them have been returning home driven partly by diddling funding for refugee camps in thailand and the prospects for peace in myanmar. those who've gone back however find that life is just as difficult. as urgent needs for me now rice and charcoal i would buy food but i have no money now work is hard to come by wall so was one of the first to be resettled here after living as a refugee in time for eight years. prove facilities in expand then the village will be better as for jobs it depends on the local government although you will manage it for us a donor organization has set up an agriculture center to train villages and provide employment that. we can take care of everything. back have to help themselves to
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what we already provide housing water and electricity. so part i is the village chief and right now he has his hands full the water pump has broken down and there's not enough drinking water to go around plans for another group of refugees to return this month have been put on hold which is just as well says paul who's been living in a refugee camp in thailand for nearly ten years. i don't think i want to go back right now i want to work on the thai site and save more money. but with funding cuts affecting camps in thailand that decision may not be hers to make florence louis al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the saudi emirates a coalition fighting the war any m.n. has asked the u.s. to stop refueling its aircraft its as it now has the capacity to resupply its own
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fighter jets the u.s. says it supports the decision u.s. president donald trump's plan to limit who can claim asylum is facing a legal challenge a civil liberties group has filed a lawsuit against his new order to bar people who enter the u.s. illegally from asylum. people can come in but that the government through the ports of entry. that would be is a very important thing again i reiterate we need democrats vote they have to pass new immigration laws because the flooding our country would not let it go but they're trying to flood our country we need the wall we're building a wall but we need it all built at one time or quickly. very important we need democrats support our new immigration laws to bring us up to date the laws are obsolete and they're incompetent a state of emergency has been declared in california are raging wildfires are causing widespread destruction at least nine people have died tens of thousands
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have been ordered to leave their homes and at least twenty one people have been killed by two car bombs in the capital happened near a hotel in the country see id police headquarters in mogadishu the armed group al-shabaab is claiming responsibility turkish police are officially ending search for a. body but will continue the criminal investigation into the saudi journalist's murder zero has learned that traces of acid were found at the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul it's believed these killers used chemicals to dispose of his body sri lanka's president or a santa has dissolved parliament clearing the way for a snap election in january a political crisis began two weeks ago when the president replaced the prime minister. australian police say the man behind what they're calling a terror incidents in melbourne was inspired by ice so he's been identified as. he crossed a car filled with gas cylinders in the city center on friday before stabbing
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a man to death and wounding two others those are the headlines the cure revisited is that it's. a stone with tension between you some extent protests. in the. one man has a vision for the next generation. seeking the bench away. with the. peaceful warrior. zero.
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health care workers have been trained. for the skin right there when the patient is asked to abort if they can feel. so in some way could be an organism that's producing the next antibody. over the last twenty is more than fourteen million people have been cured of leprosy and the number of new detective cases this fall and dramatically but in the last decade progress is stagnated threatening our chances of completely eradicating the disease. and i'm here in cambodia to see how a new israeli transmission strategy is being used to track down and treat potential
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sufferers in the hope that leprosy can be wiped out. leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria mycobacterium left brain the disease spreads in droplets of nasal mucus between people in close and frequent contact it damages peripheral nerves and as the disease progresses nerves swell hands feet and facial skin become numb and muscles paralyzed leading to deformity. loss of sensation also increases the risk of injury with open wounds often becoming infected leprosy is entirely curable and if treated in the early stages disability can be averted yet it still affects thousands of people around the world. so how big a problem is that in cambodia. program
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. in cambodia. eliminated so. many leprosy in. affective treatment. their activity is limited. so they cannot access to gold roads you know that's why i didn't touch them. over time patients new sensation in their hands and feet meaning that any cuts and so as they develop a painless if these become infected it committal to the loss of fingers and toes as he's left a so big oh so right and also maybe today people can still go to make the show and one can take yes is it painful or you've just had
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your surgery on thursday us and. just a little bit of today getting the eggs and for them to continue my studies their feet though they have to have freeze over open ended to meet me when i make it and we didn't like we can miles and ya. can you tell us what music you're listening to talk about our hip hop. thing go wow you know and so yeah when feelings tried to go to our all required i met thank you very much and good luck feel leg getting on your leg and writing to warm up it was thank you very much. and. i said i said ok. thank you hi option can you show us how to say is affected you there was one kid in the. middle seat chain to me is.
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waving the chain way in favor yet that is affected the long in the in the body is cause the toast become amputated because this area gets nailed and then what happens is people damage it just just doing the daily activities walking around and not want to get someone so the damage it self can actually take off the times the person will be good night as effect the eyes. frankly were chips and. medicines to cure leprosy are available free of charge all around the world these are provided by pharmaceutical company novartis through the world health organization and have been hugely successful in the fight against leprosy but recently progress has stagnated in june twenty thirty experts from around the world met to develop a new strategy to completely halt the transmission of leprosy the last mai-ling
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fighting leprosy proved to be the most difficult one what we now do space look at every patient who is diagnosed specially and look up the look of his contacts persons in his family his household the neighbors his colleagues examine them for their procedure and if they do have signs of the procedure opus see they should be treated fairly with the multi-group terrapins literacy is also very much associated with stigma when you get a diagnosis of leprosy you may be excluded from society completely in some countries or you may lose your job which very often is the case. our plan is to introduce that in several pilot areas in six countries in the world to demonstrate that this is feasible and when we have critical mass of the day we could convince the rest of the world to apply that as well yes and this is what we hope to do. i pay out yearly net to know that means that now but what if you buy it.
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i can write. these guys health workers and they can go into the local communities and how to diagnose a chance you will see a high poverty about it there will be at the end. new for the new on new examination of the labor well i run now which up let me check the numbers on the key under the mat more case in the fifty or so three hundred meters around the house where the person was identified yeah yeah it is reading tracking down that procedure and is the how to go through it of the fish and among them that the second group. to eradicate it i think it's obvious that you don't want to. do that particularly when you're. in a country still recovering from civil war and genocide the basic health care provision available means that knowledge about leprosy is limited
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a key element of the strategy is raising awareness of the disease reducing the stigma surrounding it and informing the communities that the health workers are coming before the contact tracing begins the team put on a festival for the local community so that when it just just getting ready for the field to show where people are going to be told about leprosy and then actually going to announce it and began to speak is going on the next day and i come with you yet really good. to see. that this is. this is not what i was expecting with ecstasy to be driving along in the van but i was with them for all the time on the phone from one of the problems of the fire was all of them are going up how about if i don't know about i don't know kind of caught up in the office felt that i'm about i don't know michael the man but i don't think it's not as easy for me from the bottom of the bottom of the problem obama obama might have. missed the key elements of the stuff to go out into the debates and tell
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people about the show but again that i'm not that person from all of her on the right number one i would call her a little older than i would girl call or five or whatever haha. i'm amazed by how many people arrive for the show. it really demonstrates the power of putting on a show for communities such as this one you would. like to. know what. to. do with these shows telling the fakes about iraq. is as much information as if you met him i didn't know what was the real one who was
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who. the little one who got killed. i got you a little bit more likely than one of the last. night the actors perform parables about leprosy to educate the community about the reality of the disease and also to inform them about the contact tracing that will take place the next day. we come to. ok i have. to check. how many think. about what to actually get. the team doctors at the home of the cured leprosy patient from where they will head out into the surrounding community to trace his contacts to check if anyone has
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been infected. with the person. hello nice to you it diagnosed five years ago. do you have any symptoms from the leprosy still. have been. no not on me i'm one who lives with you at home. why would i do with three children that keep me very busy yes ok. so you have one child affected by let's see. how can we meet your child. oh hello. i am a live rabbit you need him to be legalized to me to how do you. do so and when did you get diagnosed i don't know right now when and how did they diagnose you how did they know that you had leprosy. movement.
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where's that where is the package can you show us. thank you so it's very it's very very subtle. it's the health care workers have been trained how to defend the test with a touch the skin lightly and the patient is asked to report if they can feel it whether leprosy is the coffee that because the area is now no more than the team confirms that germany has been entirely cured of lettuce a thanks to the medication what do you think might have happened had the health care workers not come to find you and i call you do you do you give them yes so this is this is how easy it is to treat leprosy there's no big deal needles there's no drip.


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