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is a former french foreign minister. and i worry about nationalism because this addition of nationalism. even in europe and if i may say so many euro. overseas edition of the nationalism are very dangerous because too much a national is and drive will drive us to war president trump arriving in paris on air force one he's one of about eighty leaders gathering here for the commemoration of one hundred years since the end of world war one it's worth remembering that war was then followed by increased nationalism and that the sort of nationalism that foremost a cushion i was talking about there in many parts of europe but particularly in germany and that then the league of nations which was the forerunner to the current united nations failed and that's because the u.s. didn't join that body because of opposition from hardline republicans someone said
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that history doesn't repeat itself but perhaps richelle it rhymes right for us and paris james thank you. so ahead on al-jazeera but it may have been the somali capital after dark and car bomb attacks and mogadishu. violence and them are facing new challenges as they get a taste of peace. how the heavy rain is just about gone through thailand and given the sun's going sighs we've got a variety of rother websites the moments to one hundred thirty five and was reported in sort out tunney but in jakarta has been seventy seven years down here of course i did say we couldn't guarantee jakarta or stay dry for much longer so the rains reach as far south as they go into now if anything we should soon
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disappear from thailand if not in the immediate future than the following weeks or so in the west as well as off towards the bay of bangor but you can see from the green you still got a chance of showers and some talk about more especially malaysia indonesia as far south as jakarta and beyond so so the way seeing bodies that involved an active weather is again on its way to australia you can see from the clouds creeping in from the west nothing of a new south wales but showers are breaking out over queens and the forecast then for sunday twenty in perth further research i believe is the week though some says good news that's these are that there's nothing in the skies twenty nine not like just twenty three in melbourne that if anything tends to warm up as you draw a bit of wind out of the interior there is a cloudy picture come monday but as the show is there not that likely that a few possible most seem to be rather over the water and again from the bite towards hour late.
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own currency the cost u.s. sanctions on iran up back as europe for us to step into line we'll look at how difficult it is to resist the financial markets of the dollar plus china insists it's a call to be is opening up the latest of the trade war with the u.s. currency of the coast on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories they saudi erotic coalition fighting the war in yemen has
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asked the u.s. to stop refueling its aircraft it says it now has the capacity to resupply its own fighter jets and the u.s. says it supports the decision saudi arabia's former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. prince turki al-faisal added that he expects riyadh will fully investigate that and insists there was no cover up saudi arabia is under pressure from many parties including the united nations to allow an independent probe. as president. has it dissolved parliament and declared a snap election on january fifth it comes just hours after his party admitted that it did not have enough argument to a support for its jessica needed prime minister but it will turmoil has been heightened since the president sacking of his prime minister last month. today wildfires in the u.s. state of california have killed at least nine people and left thousands of others homeless five of those who died were found in cars in the northern town of paradise
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which has been completely destroyed and all residents of the southern city of malibu have been ordered to leave their homes a state of emergency has been declared in the state as sixteen wildfires continue to cause widespread destruction. after tomorrow we're expecting another one day event sunday so there's not going to be any relief in relation to this firefight but i can tell you that our foreign fighters and our first responders are doing all they can to protect lives the property the environment region. has this report from ventura county. fire is ripping through southern california with high winds driving columns of flame and smoke from the mountains to the sea. tens of thousands of homes are threatened many have already been destroyed my friend's house is totally bundt i don't know but my you're fearful that your house will burn yes. ok. very.
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residents of the wealthy seaside enclave of malibu are fleeing under a mandatory evacuation order the fires sprang up thursday night the source is still not known but intense wind gusts rapidly spread the blaze through bone dry chaparral and brush into communities you know we got the bag and i said i remember going to sit down when you think you became a good parent a huge tower of smoke rose thousands of meters into the sky and the smoke made air quality hazardous for people with respiratory problems california's acting governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and. evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast
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moving widespread blazes when you have forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. in northern california the town of paradise turned to overnight these incredible pictures show a tornado of fire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old colton person field shot this cell phone video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made it to safety severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury at its worst robert oulds al-jazeera westlake village california so as the fires continue to burn a u.s.
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president is tweeting about this saying there is no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest mismanagement is so poor billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost all because of gross mismanagement of the forests were many now or no more payments at least eleven people have been killed as heavy rains cause flash flooding across the jordan tourists are forced to run for higher ground and petra course has the kingdom's and tent city in one of the most popular tourist destinations almost four thousand visitors had to evacuate the area and dozens of people were injured a tarantula rain began on friday afternoon. israeli soldiers have shot and killed a palestinian man during protests at the gaza israel border he was one of twenty eight people who was shot in iraq a protest backed by gaza's rulers hamas had taken place on fridays along the frontier with israel since march palestinians are calling for an end to the blockade on gaza and the right of return to their ancestral homes occupied by
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israel qatar is donated fifteen million dollars to help pay civil servants and gaza tens of thousands of workers have been struggling to make ends meet since the palestinian authority slashed budgets for the gaza strip they are areas governed by rival faction hamas israel says the money from qatar which will total ninety million dollars over six months will not go to hamas fighters. at least thirty nine people are now known to have been killed when suicide bombers carried out attacks in the somali capital mogadishu gunmen are attempting to take over a hotel in the city when the bombs went off a warning some of the images i'm supporting may be disturbing. the car bombs exploded simultaneously near a hotel and a police department headquarters in the capital mogadishu one of the three bombs ripped apart a minibus victims' bodies were scattered on the street. i pulled many dead bodies from the burning cars one of the cars exploded next to
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a public transportation vehicle and there were many people in ibiza including women and children but the number of casualties is unknown as bodies are still being pulled from the burning cars. witnesses say a gunman tried to storm the sofie hotel by blowing up its security wall security forces reportedly killed the gunman before they managed to enter the hotel because . it was three huge explosions up to now we had am an ambulance carried thirteen wounded people and four dead bodies but we still don't know the exact number of dead it may be more than thirty five percent of the armed group al-shabaab is claiming responsibility for the attack it's been trying to oust the un backed government for over a decade carried out deadly attacks against high profile targets including hotels and checkpoints in the capital and other cities. on al jazeera. and police say the man behind what they're calling a terror incident in melbourne had links to i sall he's been identified as shire crashed a car with gas cylinders in the city center on friday before killing
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a man and wounding two others a small immigrant later died in the hospital after a shot by police investigators say he was known to counter terror officers. this individual does hold radical views on this passport was cancelled in two thousand and fifteen when i was u.s.s. you plan to travel to syria his brother was arrested with terrorism the fences in november two thousand and seventeen by the victorian j.c.t. today and he's currently on remand. for those offenses and since this has been on this individual he was there were a target of the j.c.t. in terms of investigations we undertook this search and it was made that while see how it held rather radical our views he did not pose a threat in relation to the national security environment yes defense secretary says he wants to find ways to reduce tension with china in the south china sea james mattis made the comments after meeting a chinese delegation in washington d.c.
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officials met to discuss military deescalation in a trade dispute that's led to tariffs from both sides and jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. and chinese officials agreed during their second strategic and defense dialogue that it's important to make certain that north korea gives up its nuclear weapons they also agreed it's important to try to check the influence of iran but where they differ is on the chinese military presence in the south china sea china says it has the responsibility to defend its citizens from foreign attacks the u.s. says that it's unnecessarily militarizing the area and that its own vessels are going to fly over the south china sea or sail through them because they are technically international waters the other area where the two countries have a bit of a disagreement the status of taiwan technically the u.s. recognizes beijing as the official capital of the people's republic of china and does not recognize taiwan as a separate independent state however washington's recent decision to sell some
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military equipment to taipei has angered beijing saying that the u.s. is going back in and on an agreement more than forty years old decades of conflicts between manned mars army and ethnic armed groups in the west current state have displaced tens of thousands of people many escape to thailand some refugees have been returning home but now they're facing new difficulties as they resettle for insulin he has more. a taste of peace the law ok call resettlement village near myanmar's border with thailand was built to house mostly ethnic displaced by conflict between ethnic groups and the myanmar military many have let to thailand over the past decades. but since two thousand and sixteen some of them have been returning home driven partly by diddling funding for refugee camps and time and and the prospects for peace in myanmar. those who've gone back however find that life
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is just as difficult. most urgent nice for me now rice and charcoal i would buy food but i have no money now work is hard to come by wall so was one of the first to be resettled here after living as a refugee in time for eight years. prove facilities in expand then the village will be better for jobs it depends on the local government although you will manage it for us a donor organization has set up an agriculture center to train villages and provide employment. we can take care of everything we. have to help themselves to what we already provide housing water and electricity so is the village chief and right now he has his hands full the water pump has broken down and there's not enough drinking water to go around plans for another group of refugees to return this month have been put on hold which is just as well says paul who's been living in
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a refugee camp in thailand for nearly ten years. i don't think i want to go back right now i want to work on the thai site and save more money. but with funding cuts affecting camps in thailand that decision may not be hers to make florence italy al-jazeera and didn't as hunters in bolivia are helping to prevent a rare breed of reptile from going extinct that's a common community has teamed up with conservationist to adopt sustainable hunting practices they came in as a member of the crocodilian family and is sought after for its meat and also its hide extensive hunting of the reptile had driven it to the brink of extinction. it is the biggest date and south america's football calendar the final of the copa libertadores share it's not just another title another class rather is two of the biggest rivals in the game in the double header and final reports i never
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before in the fifty eight year old competition of two teams from the same country mix in the latin america's borders final that has happened this between two of the world's greatest rivals in peak condition is a football fans green. in the last few months riva have improved a lot unbeaten for a long time they've got a well balanced team and must be strong contenders they were better than reeva in the semifinals. the six times witness the first game will be played in the daunting stadium before some of the world's most passionate and expectant fans. every block a fan has dreamt of a final against riva plight and what could be better than an international told went it's a dream come true. here is only the ultimate i'll be in the clouds i'd rather win this in the national championship or see argentina win the world cup at ground ten times the size could not accommodate all of the baucus fans and the frustration is
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tangible oh i mean one side of a divided city a divided country outside the people who don't have club juniors in the working class area of one of cyrus a stark contrast to here just fifteen kilometers a world away river play known as the millionaire set in the affluent pneumonias neighborhoods a clash of styles of culture and history three times with his of the river plate of some catching up to do he's a not the only two clubs in one of cyrus although it sometimes feels that way so why such intense rivalry. as they were neighbors then became big clubs that began to win championships at the same time that's where the rivalry was born then they've always been opposites river the million is for the people but the dreams and expectations this side of when osiris a no that's intense i want i want boca do
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you want to know why i've lived the good and the bad with river relegation when we always be book. i've been coming here for forty years and this would be the best deal in my life i was historic it's what i want more than anything in life hopefully will do it i the phrase it's only football has never resonated in argentina least of all now they calling it the mega final the super super classical they don't know what to call. there. is river plate in the little daughter's final . what more could you want. one of cyrus. headlines now on al-jazeera the saudi a coalition fighting the war in yemen has asked the u.s. to stop refueling its aircraft it says and now has the capacity to resupply those
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fighter jets the u.s. said it supports the decision the top administration has been under pressure to limit its assistance in a war that's created a huge humanitarian crisis. following the story from nearby djibouti this is the main part of the support of the soda the coalition gets from the united states but it has been the most divisive because of the massive civilian casualties witnessed in the call about by the suited in the whole nation now they are six all the support the united states is giving this move coalition including this. as well as. the sharing of intelligence including the positions in various parts of the country which have been targeting saudi arabia's former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. prince turki al-faisal added that he expects riyadh will fully investigate. and insist there was no cover up. under pressure from many parties
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including the united nations to allow an independent probe. president. has dissolved parliament declared a snap election on january fifth it comes just hours after his party admitted that it did not have enough parliamentary support for its just prime minister turmoil has been heightened since the president sacking up his prime minister last month. two big wildfires in the u.s. state of california had killed at least nine people and let thousands of others homeless five of those who died were found in their cars in the northern town of paradise which has been completely destroyed in all residents of the south beach city of malibu have been ordered to evacuate their homes and at least eleven people have been killed as heavy rains cause flash flooding across the jordan tourists are forced to run for higher ground in petra they came to an ancient city and one of its most popular destinations almost four thousand visitors
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a path to evacuate the area and those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera there is much more to come in the meantime counting the cost is up next. target. i'm adrian finighan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week u.s. sanctions on iran are back as europe not to step into line we'll look at how
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difficult it is to resist the financial might of the dollar. also this week putting on a show china insists that its economy is opening up but convincing the rest of the world is proving difficult. struggling to maintain its status as the only negative country in the world. as of this week iran is now effectively shut out from the dollar dominated financial system u.s. sanctions on iran have snapped back into place and then aimed right at the heart of the islamic republic's economy oil they also target shipping banks and financial entity's that enable iran's oil trade the goal is to make iran curb its missile and nuclear program now if you're wondering why the oil market hasn't moved dramatically it's because eight countries got a six month waiver china taiwan india south korea greece italy japan and turkey
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iran's biggest customers so that helped keep a lid on any global oil price disruption for now iran's president has some rouhani has said this country doesn't need american waivers to sell oil al-jazeera same bus ravi reports from tehran one of the reasons president donald trump gave to pull out of the twenty fifty nuclear deal and really impose sanctions on iran was the country's growing military influence in the middle east and their ballistic missiles program. so it was perhaps not a coincidence that iranians scheduled one of their largest military exercises of the year on the same day as u.s. sanctions kicked back in with. multiple air defense units took part in war games spanning half a million square kilometers across the country and as the missiles took flight on the ground the iranian president lobbed insults at the american president for
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having was able to go scout that i don't think any other administration in the history of the united states has been as opposed to the law and international treaties i've not seen any administration in the white house as racist as these people and you cannot expect anything else from them in a speech to his recently shaken up economic team rouhani laid out a broad plan for the future come what may iran will sell oil and will break u.s. sanctions in the face of american threats iranians put their faith in the basic principle of supply and demand i believe the sanction was. but that they couldn't sanction is not the. sudden need. some think in their mind and then put sanctions and you need to supply side you cannot expect the prize good though. simple price goes up iran has used unmarked ships to sell oil in international waters traded oil using the barter
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system and rouhani has also floated the idea of selling oil in alternative currencies to the u.s. dollar iran is also counting on a european bypass to the american banking system but months of promises and public support by the european union have not led to practical solutions behind closed doors some iranians are asking if that was the plan all along despite rouhani is insistence that european support is a big deal for iran keeping iran will not be the only challenge for europe to keep iran in the nuclear deal with american sanctions at full strength and more said to be on the way they'll also have to figure out how to turn the temperature down between hawks and to iran and washington. well the e.u. along with china and russia remain committed to the nuclear deal but fighting the sanctions is proving difficult the bloke is trying to set up a special purpose vehicle to avoid penalties but that plan still lacks practical details in the meantime companies that need access to u.s.
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markets are leaving iran swift the belgium based global financial messaging system also said that it would fall into line with the u.s. restrictions and its disconnecting blacklisted iranian banks as their own sanctions came into force from support for the idea of boosting the role of the euro but challenging the power of the dollar may prove difficult well the dollar is just one of the world's one hundred eighty five currency when it comes to foreign exchange it is the king in ninety percent of global foreign exchange trading involves the us dollar it is the world's official reserve currency and it's mostly because the us is the strongest and most stable economy in the world global assets commodities like oil corn and gold are traded in dollars reserves held in u.s. dollars climbed to sixty two point four eight percent of global allocated reserves in the first quarter of this year the euro introduced in one thousand nine hundred
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nine is the second most commonly held currency but it's far behind the dollar accounting for around twenty percent of global reserves that china would like the you want to replace the dollar as the global currency but it too has a long way to go it accounted for one point eight four percent of global central bank reserves in mid twenty eight hundred seven now the dollar rules joining us now from washington is dr sar of a surety sar is the founder and president of s.t.b. energy international good to have you with us sara what about those waivers we were talking about a few moments ago surely there's a self-defeating for the u.s. on the. it may feel defeated but actually the chess game is not finished so the president trucks administration reach to d.c. our understanding and de sac conclusion that it's better to put the priority for any term election first at the event and the rise of price of gasoline domestically
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inside who are so they groom are forced to be lose the seats and then there is enough time to attempt and the pressure is against iran and also there is that expectation in the market that in the next six months i mean two thousand and nineteen the market is going to face over and over supply due today higher expert capacity from us and also lower demand so the market will be more red at that time if for any pressures iran is needed so is the us using the reserve currency status of the us dollar as a weapon when it comes to iran well i mean there are many different weapons if you want to act and sit there and us is using at against iran but what is more very important is that all of these countries that are importing oil from iran none of them are going to get any types of currency back to iran and iran can only import humanitarian goods or this is very good as those moves that are not subject to sanctions back to iran so they're kind of bartering their oil for food or medicine
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or necessary goods but you said the chess game is is far from complete here all these sanctions from the u.s. point of view go to work or will they they fail iran seems to be fairly confident that it can withstand these sanctions if they do fail from an american point of view does that signal that the dollar can no longer be used as a foreign policy weapon. yes i agree with your question because now we have european union that they are coming up with specific channels of trade with iran banking transaction with iran and if these channels are built for a more formal and more usable ways of working with iran this of course is going to weaken nines and dollar as what and also iraq is now selling its oil in a local currency to these countries so i agree i mean if he pushed this more or if we want to use this as
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a weapon is going to and if he's as losing its influence we cannot also denying the fact that it's all have it's own and sequences on iran's economy obviously any sanctions regime is bad for iran and the iranian economy but who benefits here is it us oil producers is it saudi arabia will iran end up losing market share what is approved a particularly important time for the oil market. well yes in that sense if you look at it especially in two thousand and nineteen that the market expects much higher u.s. oil market both on the production side and an export capacity to pipeline capacity of export is going to raise significantly from united states and obviously not the supply and mostly none of the shell supplier want to have that nowhere in price because it has a. negative impact on the show production so iran's sanctions would definitely benefit major producers not only saudi arabia and the us but also
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helps russia if you want to look at that any major producer would benefit from not having another significant producer in a market to take over their market share but at this point you could well in market expect is that saudi and russia both kind of expect their export as much as they could and they kind of grab the market share as much as they could so we will what we have is the u.s. market share that could expand in the. in the end in the next few months by need to cause in one thousand one final question how long can it runs economy withstand these sanctions what happens if iran basically goes bust and can't provide basic. public services and who bails them out. well the thing is that this is not the first round of sanctions on iran so iran's oil was sanctions out what
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a few years ago when they nationalized their oil so they running government they're so colored youth they are built and living under the sanctions and there are your views and their policies they're always a shaping based on how they can be more resistance i know you want well and that's true if you look at it even though the nuclear sanctions were lifted in two thousand and fifteen iran expanded its domestic condensate processing capacity and i expect. nation a future sanctions which brings us to the day that iraq condensate is also part of this action so they are basing their country and their economy their industrial base them to be resilient day more every day more an end date for iran's economy could use to survive this round of sanctions but what is really hurting iran's economy is the corruption the domestic corruption lack of management so that's what really could hurt humans economy but with the sanction it's critical iran's economy to expand that the whole system will collapse you don't expect it sour really good
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to talk to you many thanks indeed dr sarra surely that in washington. still to come on counting the cost why i have every coast's white gold is now at the center of the u.s. china trade war. but first rethink your budget or face fines that's the message from the european commission to its elite the government in rome has put forward a rule busting spending and tax cut plan the expansionary measures designed to grow the economy but the e.u. says the proposal is an expensive miscalculation it's the first time that a member state's budget has been rejected by the block the italians now have until november thirteenth to resubmit the founder of the world wide web says the internet is broken but that he has a plan to fix it speaking at the web summit tech conference in lisbon this week tim berners lee said that there's been a big change in the web since he invented it nearly thirty years ago his foundation has released
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a new contract for the web with guidelines for companies governments and individuals to protect an open web the contacts will be published in may next year at a moment when whole of the world's population is expected to be online. that's been described as the greenest country on the planet three quarters of butan is covered by thick forests to rare wildlife but as the country continues to develop it's struggling to find new ways to balance economic growth with the protection of the environment needs barco reports it is a window on a time before humans. time is the only carbon negative country in the world producing more oxygen than it consumes. at least sixty percent of the country must be forested is in trying to the constitution but as b. town slowly embraces the modern age keeping it this way is a huge challenge the pristine wilderness is home to one of the rarest animals on
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earth the himalayan snow leopard by careful conservation time successfully managed to maintain numbers the same also goes for another big cat the bengal tiger for a small country like don sandwiched between india and china we are all one of our biggest contributions is being very symbolic of the things that we can do when you have the right leadership you know when you have the right vision and the right commitment from the people there are stories of large predators stalking these ancient forests for generations which is probably what gave rise to the legendary story of the meat or yeti in reality though in addition to the big cats there are also wild boar and black bears here living in close proximity to these creatures is a major concern for farmers worried about keeping their livestock safe. every evening luck pummel keeps watch over her fields while boren deer often devour her
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crops. she resorts to age old techniques to safeguard her livelihood. the government installed an electric fence nearby but it needs repair there's a compensation scheme if livestock a killed but the payout often doesn't cover the price of a new animal killing a large predator will almost certainly lead to a jail sentence despite the challenges boots in the show unlikely levels of tolerance towards wildlife helped by hydropower. twenty five percent of putin's national income comes from selling energy to neighboring india it also allows the government to provide farmers with free electricity. but hydro projects account for harf of the national debt political promises conservationists fear the country may compromise its forests in order to balance its books we all hugh sums
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of money some sums of money we cannot afford sums of money that have been borrowed from international agencies on the world bank and the asian development bank man is such a greedy force and the natural resources are the easiest way to make money. the pace of change is increasing. the country's future depends on preserving a delicate balance between humans and nature. china's president xi jinping vowed to further open up access to the economy for foreign companies he was speaking at a big trade show in shanghai from there are china correspondent reports. it is only from the air that you get the scale of this vast event happening on the edge of shanghai china's commercial hub the expo is part of an effort to rebrand the country's global trading image it was planned long before the united states
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began imposing tariffs on chinese imports many heads of state and prime ministers are here but none from the world's leading economies at the opening ceremony president xi jinping once more presented himself as the guardian of free trade or at least his version of it from where it's going to shoot china is committed to further opening up and promoting free trade china will remain a strong advocate of global openness and will be the main driver of global economic growth he didn't refer to china's trade dispute with the united states but warned against a winner takes all mentality the president also failed to mention some of the complaints that foreign executives have about doing business in this country they complain that the chinese leadership public commitment to free trade often aren't borne out by its actions. u.s. companies are represented here even if their government isn't probably flying the
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flag a salt lake city health products company that arrived in china eighteen months ago but is still waiting for regulatory approval the time and length and costs and uncertainty of approving a get in a blue hat has made it so difficult for all external companies to come in foreign firms often have to enter into a joint venture as a condition for doing business here but that didn't bother this talian furniture designer who actively sought such an arrangement yes on course that because the like a helper from chinese can you know could be a chinese is that we know a lot of the things that we cannot to be a while a poor. shanghai's does aling nighttime skyline is often touted as a symbol of china's openness but some economists warn that if its leaders fail to
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deliver on the promises made at this expo those flashing lights could one day become morning signals joining us now from london is greg swenson gregg's the founding partner of london based brig macedon a finance company which focuses on investments and emerging and from tim markets greg good to have you with us once again. said this week that he was going to reduce tariffs open up his country's markets the world even promised foreign investors to tighten laws to protect intellectual property rights in china what are we to make a bet yet i mean that would be great if if he did all those things you know it's a good sign and i think maybe he's responding and i hope that you are he's responding to that so to the direction of president trump and he's responding to you know obviously trying to mediate or at least make some compromise but but it's clear and i don't think there's any dispute that china is a systematic trade shooter and ip theft is
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a major part of that so i think that his in if he's if he is truthful and he actually means business that's a fantastic sign and i hope i hope that's the case i really do donald trump's party the republicans of course lost control of the house of the u.s. mid terms how is that or is it going to affect u.s. trade policy in any way. well we don't know yet but i don't think that the president will ever you know will ever get into a real dispute with congress on this particular topic because it's one of the few things where where the left and even the progressive left is actually supportive of the president's policies charles schumer for example the senate minority leader has come out in on several occasions supporting the president you know getting into trying to fix the problem of chinese china and chinese trade so it might be the one area where there is some there is some sort of unity between the right in the left between the republicans and the democrats so i don't think this will be an area
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where the where the congress puts up any any great barriers and if and frankly that it's the republicans that would have done that when they were in the majority because there's more you know pro-business pro-trade republicans whereas the democrats i think will have no problem with any sort of you know tariffs and trade barriers but good that support that that cross party support extends. to the president expanding his trade or say for instance if he wanted to. reduce tariffs on the european union or or even withdrawal from the. yeah that's i mean it's a great question and i surely hope that that does not happen you know the a lot of this a lot of this rhetoric at the beginning of the the trade war or at the beginning of this administration you know was i had hoped would be to focus particularly on china and frankly only on china because there are actually the systematic trade cheaters it's you know there it's it's not trust and verify or trust but verify
6:43 pm
it's don't trust and definitely verify so i think that should be the focus the problem is he won out he actually got innocent trade spats with it is our allies and our friends which i thought was a mistake now it worked out with canada and mexico that was a twenty twenty twenty five year old treaty the. needed to some tweaking so that's been done and it worked out the same with the e.u. i mean it came out of the gates with tariffs on steel everybody was upset and and everybody sort of come around and you know even a year or so like i thought i thought in retrospect that it was a mistake i think it was a distraction i think the focus on china is much better and i think you'll get support from both sides of the aisle on greg really good to talk to you as always many thanks indeed for being with us nice to be here thanks. finally this week rubber tree grows in ivory coast are emerging as the latest casualty of the trade war between america and china it's africa's leading exporter of the valuable
6:44 pm
commodity al-jazeera is nicholas hawk reports though from who forest where this white gold is collected. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war it's lead takes in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element of daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you get a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid that's insanity it's a craft passed on from generations it's an art form that keeps us fed and brings us a regular wage unlike cocoa or coffee natural rubber is collected all year round planters sell it to factories that pay them a monthly fixed wage but prices have been slashed by almost half since the
6:45 pm
beginning of the year. trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods. china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war. so a little more are tunneled come we have a lot better you have the labor and the know how to eat eventually the water will come to us to get there obama and. i recoded is africa's biggest producer research is underway to develop more efficient seedlings to produce more and better quality rubber natural rubber has been around for hundreds of years and yet scientists know so little about this it's in its purest form it's stretching in strong and no one yet has been able to reproduce it researchers here are trying to
6:46 pm
protect natural rubber plantations because the world appetites for this substance continues to grow. the quality of synthetic rubber does not match what is found in nature scientists are genetically modifying seedlings to make them resistant to disease discovered deep in the amazon forest and planted across africa in asia by colonizers it was nicknamed the devil's milk because it fueled conflict and destruction unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at calls rubber white gold at least for now. and that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can get in touch with us by following and tweeting me a figure on twitter please use the hash tag c t c when you do or you can drop us a line counting the cost of al-jazeera dot net is our e-mail address there's plenty
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more few online is always our zero dot com slash c.t.c. that takes you straight to our page there you'll find individual reports links even entire episodes for you to catch up on but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian filling in for the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next. after one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power asks whether the flames were found by institutional incompetence the number one responsibility of keeping guard is protecting citizens was not an accident it was a crime for many the fire is the real symbol the book resisting after take but will still still. have the fun on al-jazeera. it is murder when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and mishit name off you know. not
6:48 pm
that it is significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating big government and the fact of policy the dow shall not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. l.o.l. come on peter w. you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s.
6:49 pm
agrees to end its policy of refueling saudi jets as pressure mounts on america to stop aiding the saudi led coalition in yemen plus fearful that your house will burn yes. ok yeah. vary. from paradise to hell tens of thousands are left homeless and at least nine people are killed as the wildfires spread. also. remembering.
6:50 pm
in a significant shift in its approach to the war in yemen the u.s. says it will no longer provide refueling for saudi military planes involved in the conflict the u.s. defense secretary james says he was consulted by who decided u.s. refueling was no longer required it comes before a potentially divisive votes in the u.s. congress next week bipartisan members of congress threaten to take action to end american assistance because of outrage over saudi involvement in the killing of the saudi journalist jamal. the coalition says it has the capability to conduct in-flight refueling by itself but there's increasing international pressure for a cease fire the four year war that's creates the world's worst humanitarian crisis
6:51 pm
the holes in u.s. refueling is like to have little impact on the ground there's been a further escalation in fighting in recent days as the coalition tries to recapture the key port city of the data from the rebels as the story. on the edge of the day the territory is intensive. is a relentless spotlight both sides claiming they are making good. head data is the prize at the center of this nearly seventy percent of yemen's commercial imports pass through the city's poorest practically who un supervised eight pro-government forces backed by saudi arabia say a major offensive is now underway to try to take her data back problem rebel fighters the ones that have remained in order. of food water and sanitation these scarcity of this is goods basic needs like food the prices of basic
6:52 pm
commodities have double. doors million for structurally hospitals and schools have closed because of the war. the who think they say they are also implicating heavy losses on saudi backed is this war which is poor years old began when the point is captured the capital sanaa a coalition led by saudi arabia then launched a major campaign to try to restore the government recognized by the international community since then the country has descended into chaos and in a place where war has become a daily plight pursued libel hunger has become the norm one child under five in yemen dies every ten minutes the diseases which are killing them are entirely preventable half a million people have fled the area around to data since june when government forces try to recapture the city but for many in the poor city there is no escape
6:53 pm
and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining and how dangerous is he is difficult to gauge your own h.c.r. is worried that people needing to flee for safety are unable to do so or their traps by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and cutting off exit routes there are continued calls for ceasefire and a political solution to be found for yemen these so far have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise ever heywood al-jazeera while our correspondent is following that story from nearby djibouti mohammed how significant is this do we think. well. the government pro-government forces who are blocked by this so do you coalition are claiming that off taken. the hospital well fly thing has been going on for the past four to five days outside the four days of goal call the
6:54 pm
authorities. took on. the invading forces using they went on the roof to stop the offensive outside the town it's an all out of frenzy of now something that is keeping more was done so they that in this city they are hearing the shrapnel the three bullets and also the aerial bombardments the pumping going on and with in the aid community things that edge in. is helping the fighting because it is getting nearer and nearer to the city which is home to the port where more than seventy pos fund yemen's exports go through and at least fourteen million people in yemen need aid to survive and this is one of the reasons why the aid community is really warning about the fighting affecting
6:55 pm
their aid to the people who need it most mohammed thanks very much monitor there reporting live from the let's talk now to roger and he's a research fellow at the louis institute for international policy he joins us from sydney on skype what's the calculation as far as the powers that be a concern in riyadh here. well i think it probably seeing each of relations many in. washington and the kind of language sits emanating from washington it seems. there's a greater. sense among the trunk administration officials that we should be looking at pressing more forcefully for a negotiated solution to end this kind of stuff made in yemen it's never been very popular in the us in terms of american support for the saudi led coalition and they're being increasingly strident reports the humanitarian situation in yemen so
6:56 pm
i think in reality star would start and to be looking at what kind of policy formulation is going on in washington ok given the comments from mr matzos does that mean that the u.s. administration is edging towards an explicit change in policy here. we don't know whether that's exactly what's on the table but certainly there's been a change in tone we have really saying they are from. secretary compare and security matters. not necessarily zero a coherent message set and we're talking about cease fires were talking about cease fires proceeding and negotiated political talks saying and the very recent announcement about stopping and refueling for saudi aircraft these are all. white points on a potential change in u.s.
6:57 pm
policy better it is not sitting in concrete from what we know publicly at least ok if we're talking about a cease fire or a cease fire or local little cease fires plural that would be unique surely i mean not only not the only thing that's unique to this this conflict because nobody is winning this particular war nobody is looking like they are going to win usually you get a cease fire when one side has clearly or can clearly claim a victory. certainly and there's two elements to cease fire a cease fire is a lot or a line in the sand where either party might try to gain a tech to advantage up to a point at which cease cease fire is negotiated and met again the kind of increased military activity around political might be indicative that there is an unofficial timeline there is saying but as you pointed out yemen is my at the moment and there
6:58 pm
is no. foreseeable military solution to it so i think exhaustion of the international community is now playing out in washington more harshly than it has in the past in the fact that the democrats have made some advances for the in congress will be mobile may net the trump ministration feels that it needs to be sane to be doing something to resolve the situation before they're forced to go by by congressional pressure raja shannon thank you very much. tonight. where the president turns dissolved parliament and declared a snap election for the fifth of january comes just hours after his party at mrs it did not have enough parliamentary support for its prime ministerial nominee mahinda rajapaksa it's just the latest development in the political crisis triggered last month by the president sacking of the sitting prime minister runnel wickramasinghe
6:59 pm
an elephant understands his life not from colombo manila what repercussions are there in colombo this morning. the ripples from that midnight disillusion parliament by president by three policy reseal are still being felt as the day progresses the loyalist of running the vicar missing her party's affiliated to his united national party met with the vicar missing her earlier on today they were discussing how they should be reacting a group of those parliamentarians went to the elections commission they had a meeting with the chairman of the elections commission where they said they have complained to him about the dissolution of parliament about the elections that have been called for january two thousand and nineteen they said there's no constitutional provision to call an election basically the time when the men mentor
7:00 pm
should lanka's constitution says that it's only after four and a half years of the term of parliament being completed that president seriously and can dissolve parliament he's way earlier than that it's a year and three months before that four and a half. sort of completion of ten you know that he has gone ahead dissolved parliament and called a snap election so there is mixed reactions among people in this country and we'll let you hear from a few of them what they had to say. so. sir . on a little. while.


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