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french position is that the e.u. working together is a good thing because that convention to be a component of nato forces and i think that now perhaps is being persuaded has been explained to president trump because they seem to be on the same page in those comments that were made a short time ago just to let you know we're just showing you a few pictures now of what's happening behind me because this is the first lady malani a trump arriving here at the elise a palace and i think you'll see pictures of the of the president of france and his wife and the president of united states and his wife having lunch a short time from now which i think is showing the good relations between these two countries after what was certainly a hick up with that tweet just as air force one arrived so has a knock on is going to be having his formal donald trump be attending that no donald trump is not attending that donald trump will be here for the event on
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sunday the commemoration of the end of world war one the idea is not only to look at what happened in the appalling things that happened a hundred years ago but look to the future and pace and certainly this is part of the theme of president met coal which is promoting international cooperation and multilateralism and that's the idea of the summit that he's having me often in here on sunday president trump will not be attending that summit he'll be going to a cemetery he's going to a cemetery also the softer noone near paris to pay. his respects that to those u.s. servicemen that died but he's not going to that piece four of these are two leaders who seem to get along very very well in their personal relationship but don't really agree on the way the the world should work in the future i live for us and parents. still ahead on al-jazeera people displaced by ethnic violence
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and mayhem are face new challenges as they get a taste of peace. hello if we were to play i spy winter we would spot it there's a clue and i was running series in siberia another arc coming down through mongolia so that's where you want to be and certainly the snow showing a long way and also as you can see not very populated here the temperature is still two degrees in a bottle down to vote it down to six in front of austar but we're not back cold to the south the cloud that's coming up through the yellow sea isn't with strong the opposite to be honest so you still got a sherry picture in the teens for most of honshu and back in the sunshine twelve or thirteen in the korean peninsula is anything but saws warmed up a little bit in the sunshine but the snow is at least visible so we know where
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winter is looking a bit more rain in central china once again thunderstorms seem likely so big poses a little bit of flash flooding is a possibility as late in the year for the rain but it's there all the same and it's heading on its way slowly sucks then we meet the gap before we pick up water rather cool calm and rains that are running sas with the sunshine still quite surprising the sherry in malaysia and southern thailand but those shots have also reached further south into indonesia so it's been west jakarta and it will be again it's still wet in so the way sea and you run eastwards you picture out of all the way. history has counted the great war in the second of the summer and the declining onto an empire for jews its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war
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one through our own knowledge. watching al-jazeera and these are the top stories and a significant shift in its approach to the war in yemen the u.s. says it will no longer provide refueling first saudi iranian military planes involved in the conflict defense secretary james mattis says the decision was made in riyadh after he was consulted it comes before a potentially divisive vote in the u.s. congress scheduled for next week. because president mother paula serves sensor has
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dissolved parliament and declared a snap election to happen on january fifth it comes just hours after his party admitted it did not have enough parliamentary support for it stressing the prime minister. leader some seventy countries are gathering in the french capital paris to mark the end of the first or more u.s. president as the latest to arrive was met with french president. for landing donald trump sparked controversy by criticizing the level of european funding for nato. and more now on our top story the war and yemen for yourself as left at least ten thousand people dead air strikes and artillery attacks have left many more with life changing entering. also are struggling to live having lost lens a situation maybe worse due to the lack of basic medical facility. or have reports . us when mohammed says a mortar hit her family's house two years ago she lost both legs in the attack but
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she has not lost hope she says she's grateful to the yemeni doctors who have helped her overcome her injuries but something that i didn't know i was the time with my mom getting ready to go to school when a motor rocket hit i woke up and realized i was in the hospital according to the red cross thousands of people have lost limbs in yemen since the conflict started in twenty fifteen. that's largely as a result of bomb blasts mines or gunshot wants the immorality coalition that has been fighting alongside him many government forces has been conducting campaigns to remove landmines it accuses the healthy rebels of planting them but the coolish and forces are accused of targeting areas with air strikes and killing many civilians at this rehabilitation center in the port city of aden
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civil of the able people are receiving artificial limbs as the work continues to create more victims officials here say the center is short of a staff and equipment in the america's cup before the war we used to receive up to a thousand cases now we receive up to two thousand cases a month the center's capacity is not sufficient and we don't receive aid from any organizations except the red cross and unicef. is a victim of another war. he lost both legs in a land mine explosion in aden during the one nine hundred ninety four civil war he also lost one of his fingers but he says that does not stop him from making artificial limbs for other this abel the people i run a lot and i later i'm calling on those who have been disabled by the war to hold on
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to hope also calling on the state institutions to stand by the disabled people and the other victims of the war. as the war continues so does the misery in what the united nations has described the worst humanitarian crisis in the world yemenis are facing famine disease and a lack of health care. us one's experience is shared by thousands like her and their suffering is unlikely to end anytime soon without their head. to big fires in the u.s. state of california have killed at least nine people and left thousands of others homeless one of the fires is in the northern part of the state that has forced twenty seven thousand homes to be evacuated five of those who died were found in cars having tried to escape the flames are bridles has the support from the entire county. fire is ripping through southern california with high winds
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driving columns of flame and smoke from the mountains to the sea. tens of thousands of homes are threatened many have already been destroyed my friend's house is totally bundt i don't know but mine you're fearful that your house will burn yes. ok. yeah. very. residents of the wealthy seaside enclave of malibu are fleeing under a mandatory evacuation order the fires sprang up thursday night the source is still not known but intense wind gusts rapidly spread the blaze through bone dry chaparral and brush into communities and we got the bag and i said i'm not going to remember going to sit down but you think you became a good parent a huge tower of smoke rose thousands of meters into the sky and the smoke made air
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quality hazardous for people with respiratory problems california's acting governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast moving widespread blazes when you have forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. weather in california the town of paradise turned to overnight these incredible pictures show a tornado will fire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old holton person field shot this video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made
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it to safety severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury at its worst robert oulds al-jazeera westlake village california heavy rains have caused flash flooding across jordan leaving twelve people dead terser forced to run for high ground and petrol the kingdom's ancient city and one of its popular tourist destinations almost four thousand people fled the area and dozens of people were injured by torrential rain began on friday afternoon australian police say the man behind what they're calling a terror incident in melbourne had links to all is that identified as. it crashed a car filled with gas ellen douras in the city center on friday before killing a man and wounding two others charlie and later died and the hospital after being shot. this individual does hold radical views on this pos point was cancelled
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in two thousand and fifteen when i was u.s.s. he planned to travel to syria his brother was arrested was terrorism offenses in november two thousand and seventeen bothered to fix. and he's currently on ramond. for those offenses and since the assessment on this individual he was there were targets of the j.c.t. in terms of investigations we undertook assessment was made that while see how it held rhotic radicalized views he did not pose a threat or a license to the national security environment. boy at the last hour turkey's president won has been speaking about the case this is what he said that he has provided the audio recordings linked to the death of the journalists in the saudi consulate in istanbul to saudi arabia the u.s. and european countries so now all of those countries have these tapes he says that
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riyadh stalling the investigation into the case needs to end he says that he will meet with the u.s. president in paris where donald trump is right now if the opportunity arises will do so on the sidelines of course everyone is there to mark the end of world war one so that is the latest the or it's a type one has to say about. now also saudi arabia's former spy chief says that the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi prince turki al-faisal made the comments while addressing the international peace and stitch added that he expects saudi arabia will fully investigate these death and insist there was no cover up or got us under pressure from many parties including the united nations to allow an independent probe. the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it would never accept. foreign interference in that system as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to to base your gate horrific acts that have happened
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either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens so the kingdom. is not going to accept an international tribunals to look into. something that is saudi and the saudi judicial system is sound it is up it's running and. it will take its course three million venezuelans have escaped the country's economic and political crisis sense two thousand and fifteen since the last count by the united nations in september it's estimated another four hundred thousand people have joined the exodus many walked for thousands of kilometers to colombia crossing the andes mountain range in search of a better life all sons are up yet able parts. wrapped in a blanket in four months pregnant leon i mean those has been walking for eight hours after school and in mountain known as the ice box. this has been the hottest
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two of our companions pos dowse the freezing air makes each step harder and this dangerous pass just one hundred kilometers from the border with many swear. yet she says she needs to keep going. i'm doing this for my other children a five year old girl and a two and a half i'm a single mother and things in venezuela get worse every day no food no medicine no life. left for three days ago hoping to reach her sister in the colombian city of out of mania seven hundred kilometers away along the route she joined other migrants all poorly equipped for this weather carrying the few belongings they have in a. jacket her knee hurts but she keeps limping along. for me i'm also here for my son he got me when giantess in venezuela and i didn't even
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have the money for the vaccine more than three million venezuelans have fled poverty hunger in crime in their country since two thousand and fifteen in one of the biggest migrations in the world today hundreds of thousands are still walking through the continent it's a dangerous journey and its toll remains largely invisible. for an office as registered. to migrants from the cold but it's unclear just how many might have died because nobody is really keeping track of the death or the missing along these routes. and there's little formal help along the way. the colombian red cross set up an assistance point at the start of the trick here migrants receive help in health services but the most important thing is information but of course. they don't know what they have to face or where to go
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most have never crossed the border. by the end of the day and her group reached the top of the mountain there's no where to temperatures are dropping by the minute. soldiers helped lead again in haiti get a lift to the closest city the race the site to continue on foot that's a good thing you must have faith that will work group along the road. where do the sleep tonight they don't know but with no other option they can only pray so on i listen that i'm. going to be a lean. soldiers have shot and killed a palestinian man during protests at the gaza israel border he was one of twenty eight people who were shot you know rough a protest backed by gaza's rulers hamas have taken place on fridays along the frontier with israel since march palestinians are calling for an end to the blockade on gaza and the right of return to their ancestral homes occupied by israel and didn't as hunters in bolivia are helping to prevent
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a rare breed of reptile from going extinct the chicana community has teamed up with conservationist to adopt sustainable hunting practices your card came in as a member of the crocodilian family and is sought after for its meat and hide extensive hunting of the tile had driven it to the brink of extinction. they world's first artificial intelligence news anchor has gone live in china hello everyone i'm an english artificial intelligence this is my it was developed to speak mandarin an english through a machine and that learn tunes the middle eight the voice movements and gestures of real life broadcasters the new anchor learns from my videos and is able to work twenty four hours a day. when you get a moment visit our web site al jazeera dot com al jazeera dot com.
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this is al-jazeera and these are the top stories in the last hour the president of turkey. burdwan has been speaking about the killing of that saudi journalist jamal khashoggi saying that he has provided audiard recordings about what happened in the consulate. to the u.s. saudi arabia and european countries as well let's go now to andrew simmons who is live for us in istanbul and. yes president thirty one was speaking just before getting on the plane to paris he'll be having a meeting with the u.s. president obama left meeting with the u.s. president donald trump on sunday and he did reveal that he had passed on that the state had passed on the wiretapping as the recordings inside the consulate on november the second which would be the second should i say which would prove
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without any doubt whatsoever. was murdered murdered by saudi hit team he said these had been passed on these recordings have been passed on to the united states also to european states and indeed saudi arabia he also insisted that without any shadow of doubt whatsoever the eighteen people named by saudi arabia in that spot suspect list of the murderers were amongst those eighteen the fifteen that were listed here in turkey it has to be said it's been eighteen listed by saudi but the murderers were amongst that list he said it was down to saudi arabia to give full details of exactly what happened to jamal he wanted the united states to to pressure the saudis to do so so there is no doubt that he will set out to pass that message on distinctly to the u.s.
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president in france and we will absolutely follow from where you are and from paris as well as thank you for the latest on that date out of. turkey's president is saying about the killing of jamal khashoggi those are the headlines that will continue to follow that story and all the day's news on al-jazeera and side story as that next there. one hundred years after the end of world war one there is another war one of world vision's ideologies of the french and u.s. presidents clashes leaders gather in paris for imitate events how dangerous are these differences and how close are we to another global conflict this is inside
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story. of the program i'm richelle carey it was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and became a pivotal moment in world history and marked the armistice agreement that officially ended world war one and this weekend one hundred years later we are some more than fifty countries are gathering in france for commemorative events but the solemn occasion is being overshadowed by deep divisions between transatlantic allies this week the french president call for a european army to defend itself from potential threats from nations such as russia china and markedly the united states and global philosophy is at odds with the u.s. president on a nationalist america first agenda how stark are the divisions between those ideologies of trump and mccrone there's
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a lot to discuss with our guests. jordan on how the u.s. got involved in the first world war. on april second one nine hundred seventeen u.s. president woodrow wilson issued the battle cry the world must be made safe for democracy many americans approved of the decision to go to war against germany and its allies a government that is running amok but despite the headlines and propaganda efforts just as many americans opposed fighting in the so-called great war the u.s. historian michael kazin described the antiwar movement in his recent book war against war it did seem like a war that was in the american national interests seem like a war that most europeans had not wanted to fight in the first place so there was a sense that if america got involved the war it would only make guys face more militarist country which is just the fall face so in the european powers that had
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gone to war in the first place even so kazan says the impact of the war on us society was far reaching some suffragist leveraged women's performance in the workplace to convince congress they should have the right to vote black soldiers including the harlem hell fighters who fought in france discovered their service did not protect them from racism after the war and that inspired the work of civil rights activists in the decades ahead and the us started a long running debate about what it means to be a global power economically militarily and diplomatically. wilson had resisted calls to enter the war since it began in one nine hundred fourteen but after a german u. boat torpedo the cargo ship aztec on april first getting congress to declare war was easy by the time the armistice was signed on november eleventh one thousand nine hundred eighteen one hundred sixteen thousand u.s. troops had died either in combat or because of the flu pandemic kazan says that
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does not mean the antiwar movement had failed what the story there to we're moving doing what one can teach us is that it's crucial for americans for people for the nation to force their politicians and their media. and their businesses those of other businesses to. think very carefully about this decision because once you decide to go to war there's no going back an important insight one hundred years on especially given that americans still don't agree on when and why the u.s. should go to war rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. joining us now from coventry via skype david lisi is lecturer in french that he set warrick university and coeditor of contemporary france and in berlin thorston
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inventor director of the global public policy and to welcome to the program gentlemen we appreciate it so there's been a a lot of late up to that this commemoration this anniversary events and paris and over the past few days french president mandela made a call for a new or european force to defend europe specifically naming russia china and the u.s. i want to start with you david how did those remarks strike you. well in many ways i think this is this is nothing new it in some ways the macro he he's positioning himself as a kind of dominant leader of the french nation and of course richard is perceived to be a threat by many european powers including germany in the u.k. but the difference here there of course is the image to the u.s. a theme of the central challenge now this comes in the context of donald trump threatening to withdraw u.s. pending from nato and micro is a real he's a real fun of the the so-called supranational bodies so particular the european
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union and also nato he sees the french role in both of those organizations being significant so for micro in some ways this is an opportunity this isn't self as being a leader of those two organizations and say france be pushed to the world stage i think he's research jostling for position here today many ways i think we need to draw a line between the rhetoric of macro and the reality is a situation a chronic trump appeared to enjoy a very close personal relationship whereby here in the rhetoric around what micron is saying this appears to be sort of more of a challenge in a position of trying to force france to the top of the national agenda so i wouldn't i wouldn't read too much into this and are are your parents even on on the same page with that crawl when it comes to that day that i'll get to in just a moment or sense i wouldn't say so no i think macro is if he has his own political agenda to try and raise of course this is a man here is actually very in popular moments domestically in france he's somebody
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you need. popularity in in france and he's concerned i think it's secular about his domestic economic agenda his came to power promising economic reforms to the french state nobody's been seen yet and so really there are people in france wondering what exactly is going to do now whenever a french president look to try and position himself as a kind of key of eda oversees this year and their popularity and a challenge to so macro. so it's that left wing away from its lack of popularity when you look at the u.k. that is i'm going to go for example in threes may in the u.k. there's clearly a sense that actually european defense agents are you know i mean it's not going to happen it's not something which is a priority and in particular because of the u.k.'s contacts to break this that's playing on the number one priority the moment so micro in some ways is an outlier ready enough and either say it's every day every this year around rhetoric around political domestic agenda and anything else that's and how did it strike you when.
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that way. i mean that the context seemed pretty reasonable it was a speech or remarks he gave leading up to the anniversary of the end of the first world war where he warned against the poison of aggressive nationalism that is spreading in europe again and across the world he warned against the aggressive author of terrorism of china and russia and against the division that europe for the internal division that europe divisions that europe needs overcome those are all very reasonable remarks what he said with this kind of real european army that he wanted and also this off hand remark that it's partly put possibly also directed against the u.s. that struck me as somewhat odd i mean it's it's partly in tradition with some of the some of the previous rhetoric but it overshoots the previous rhetoric i think quite considerably and i'm not sure why charles that it wasn't embedded in
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a broader policy initiative that hasn't there hasn't been any follow up and the u.s. and france are allies does it concern you that this is what the rhetoric has become between two countries that are supposed to be allies david i'll let you take that first i do think this way it's kind of a matter of positioning himself as it hearing to be in this kind of long tradition of anti-americanism in france this is something which goes back at city one thousand nine hundred twenty and beyond and more recently after the second world war it was a significant level nancy americanism which is of course encouraged by charles to go numb up krum see themselves as being a call at least in some way seen as kind of directly heritage some of charles de gaulle policy solutions to those ideas around france's role in the world stage so i'd say in some ways moment for us doing here is kind of a ping goes language but in a context where there is no more cold war it's a very different political economic landscape from the one nine hundred sixty one to go in power so we want to bring someone else into the conversation now from
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brussels theresa fallon's going to join the conversation director of center for russia your. asia studies we appreciate your time and i want to bring you into the conversation and ask you the same question that i put to the gentleman that in the last few days france for france's president mad men while macro and pardon me made reference to wanting a european force to defend europe specifically against threats in russia china that's not surprising but he made the united states as well i'd be curious to know your thoughts your reaction to those remarks well we saw donald tusk say the same thing several months ago i think this is a worrying narrative especially since transplanted relations have been very strong for the last seventy years and this is not helpful i think this is in response to the trumpet ministration. way the pulling out of iran agreement also climate change pulling out of that agreement and also the tariff or so instead of working with the europeans the trumpet ministration has unfortunately had the approach of upsetting
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everyone at the same time allies as well as adversaries and instead of working together with them they've actually turn them against the u.s. now this new program that. the crown has mentioned i mean i wonder how this will work sitting as they do in brussels how this will work with pascoe because pascoe is made up of twenty five members and this is kind of a coalition of the willing it also pulls in the u.k. which is traditionally not interested in some sort of european armies of this is an interesting creation of a coalition of the willing and how this will affect nato will it help or will it compete with nato in the future is also problematic i think everyone would be happy if europe did more heavy lifting the u.s. is involved in three theaters right now and if your did more heavy lifting in its own region i think that would be very much appreciated and i want to bring bring up something to eat a good point that she said that there maybe it is a fair critique that europe could do more of the heavy lifting and some would say that that's what donald trump has been trying to get to it's just maybe not perhaps
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the most. a diplomatic way that he says things and less is honest he's actually insulted a lot of allies bit and said things that just weren't actually true about you know they owed the us money etc etc having said that do you think he has a fair critique of course i mean he does have a point to europeans are not doing their share to collective security within nato and. european allies or everybody agreed to a two percent spending goal in terms of g.d.p. and many countries including germany are not moving closer toward that goal at least not fast enough and saw all too many americans including donald trump for european allies come across as needy whiney allies and free riders and he ticklers this in a pretty crass kind of way but i think he does.


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